Smoke in the Wires Jan 2016


Here is the long-anticipated January Smoke in the Wires in snazzy e-magazine format. Enjoy!

We started the Smoke in the Wires digital magazine with two

goals in mind: to promote Brits on the Bay attendance and to

increase participation within the club. With the arrival of the

New Year, we are fully into the show planning season. This is

our 24th year and we continue to strengthen and improve

each year. We would like to expand our Friday events but

can only do so if there is participation from PBCA members.

For once I’m not just asking for volunteers to work, I want

you to make time to play on Friday too. Please welcome our

guests by joining in on the tours and events. This year we’ve

also placed an emphasis on the goody bags and you will see

interesting and useful items in them. I’m actually serious

about that. This year’s bags will enlighten and entertain, and

I personally guarantee the opportunity to injure yourself with

at least one of the items provided.

Later in these pages, you will find the volunteer list. I started

with last year’s list and started confirming the volunteers at

the January meeting. If you missed the meeting, please find

your name on the list and contact me ( or

(520) 237-0285) to let me know if you can do that job again.

If you didn’t volunteer last year, look over the list and see

what jobs you might like to help with. Contact me and I’ll

make it happen! It would really make the show committee’s

job easier if you take the time to tell us you can help rather than for me to track you down to confirm you are

willing to serve again.

As always, sponsorship is the

watchword for the months leading

up to the show. Proceeds from

Brits on the Bay fund our entire

year of activities. Did you enjoy

the Christmas party? Are you

aware that the club subsidized

each ticket to the tune of $37?

The club underwrites countless

events throughout the year from

The cheap seats at the Cavallino Classic

the show proceeds and will need a

healthy seed fund from this show to start our 25th anniversary celebration next year. Please visit the businesses

you patronize and ask them to sponsor our show. Or, if you think our annual dues are ridiculously low for what

you get, take on a sponsorship yourself as several members did last year.

Hope you enjoy this Smoke in the Wires. Mike Japp’s Spitfire appears as this issue’s Feature Car. We have a

guest columnist for the Tool of the Month feature in addition to other great content. See you at the next event!

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