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Grazing Decision Tree D EVC condition class: 3 Vegetation condition objective: Manage vegetation for significant fauna habitat Overview EVCs in condition class 3 are moderately modified or in moderate condition (see Table 2). As the purpose of the decision framework is to identify grazing options that will protect and improve wetland condition, maintaining vegetation in a substantially modified condition is not considered acceptable unless this is required to support significant fauna habitat. If significant fauna or significant fauna habitat is present, then managing vegetation condition for fauna habitat is considered acceptable and Grazing Decision Tree D overleaf should be used. If significant fauna or significant fauna habitat is not present at the wetland, it is desirable to improve the condition of the vegetation and Grazing Decision Tree C on page39 should be used. Grazing management considerations Vegetation that has been moderately modified presents a challenge for decision-making. For example, grazing-sensitive species may co-occur with serious environmental weeds, in which case successful maintenance or improvement of vegetation condition and fauna habitat values may require very high-level skills in ecological management. Where a highly invasive palatable grass is present that presents a risk to fauna habitat, a grazing regime may be far better than none, even if it also compromises some of the remnant species, because the invasion may pose a greater threat. If it is not realistic to treat the weed invasion using physical or chemical methods, then the optimal management action may be to use a controlled livestock-grazing regime to manage these weeds to protect fauna habitat. Where it is realistic to selectively treat weed invasions with physical or chemical methods, then removing stock will generally favour any potential recovery of the vegetation, even if in the short term this may result in increased abundance of the less serious weed species. Ongoing monitoring of fauna habitat responses to the selected grazing management option (i.e. outcomes) will best guide adjustments to the implemented grazing regime. 44


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