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Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!

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Are you lacking in

a relationchip this

Valentine’s Day? All

the single ladies (and

gentlemen) here is how

to be the best single

pringle you can be in the

season of love.

1) Identify yourself

as a single pringle. The

first step to being happy

as a single person is

acknowledging the fact

that you are single. Most

people are ashamed or

embarrassed to admit

that they’re alone.

The Best Way to be a Single Pringle

For when you’re not in a Relationchip

By Grace Duckworth, Kayla Hilado, and Jane Pierce

Even people like senior

Reuben Levin and

sophomore Alex Regan

are hesitant to embrace

the title. It will be better

in the long run to accept

your relationship status

and learn to love your

single lifestyle.

2) Find other single

people in your area.

It’s easier for single

people to be date-less

when they have another

like-minded person to

relate to. Levin says

that on Valentine’s Day

he reaches out to other

friends that aren’t in

relationships and hang

out. Keep in mind that

this step isn’t about

seeking a relationship,

but a friendship. You

don’t need a significant

other to be happy.

3) Take up ‘single’

hobbies. A great way

for someone to get

passed the negatives

of being single is to

distract yourself.

“I like to watch

movies and cry, and

cry, and cry,” junior

Elisa Valesquez says

jokingly. It’s also

great to learn to like

being independent, don’t

be ashamed to be alone.

Try knitting, watching

Friends reruns, and

taking in multiple cats.

Whatever you do, make

Teachers’ love advice

sure it’s enjoyable for


4) Accept and

love the single life. A

romantic relationship

isn’t always the best for

everyone. Sometimes

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you just need to

recognize that your value

and personal worth isn’t

dependent on whether

or not you’re dating

someone. Eventually.

Paws-itively in (Puppy) Love

By Colleen Parker and Shelby Baird

Dear Most Beloved Pet,

You’re the greatest companion that anyone could hope to have. You’re loving and

fun and oh so comforting in my time of need - all the things I wish were in

my past relationships. Pet, I truly believe you’re my one true soul mate. Stay with

me forever, so we can watch Netflix.


Your Sappy Human Friend

Gabe Rouse (10) and his dog, Kai, like

to go on long walks at Government

Island and ocassionally share a

peanut butter. From the same spoon.

George Yuschak (9) is shown

here with his cat. Yuschak and his

feline friend, Tealva, like to share

intimate kisses on their couch.

photos from,

Will Macecevic

“Don’t let drama consume your

relationship. If there’s a lot of

drama in your relationship

then it’s probably not a good

relationship to be in.”

“I started dating my husband in

high school, so I think I would

know about love. Love is about

the way that you treat people, not

about the things you say or buy

for them. It’s about respecting

them and enjoying being with

them. It’s not about needing them

but wanting to be with them.”

Jason Liebel

“Don’t take it all so seriously.

There’s a lot of life to live. Just

go out and live it.”

“DON’T! DO NOT! Buddha,

in essence said, there is nothing

good in women. Ladies,

gentlemen will break your

heart. Gentlemen, ladies will

break your heart. And this

is coming from a man that’s

been married twice, but I love

my wife. My current wife.”

photos taken by Grace Duckworth

Drake Kennedy (10), and his

cats Hagus, and Noah. “They do

whatever they want, wheather

you wan’t them to or not.”

Amara Bottlesom (11) loves her cat,


Laurie Cooke


Akula. Akula loves to sit on Bottlesom’s

lap, preventing her from doing homework

or from completing her artwork.


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