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Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!

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Article and Photos by

Mason Russell

It is still a new year and new school for many

of our proud freshmen here at Brooke Point. They

have reached the moment in their lives when they

must start working hard to do the best they can to

reach future career goals. Many current freshmen

at Brooke Point have enjoyed their first semesters

here. Freshman Jordan Pitt said, “I have really

enjoyed my time in high school so far. Meeting

new people and attending new classes has been

an enjoyable experience.” He’s not the only one.

When asked about favorite class, Freshman

Kaylan Aldner said, “NJROTC is one class I enjoy

the most because of how active and patriotic the

class can be.” There are many freshmen here who

are extremely excited for the new classes they’ll be

attending. Not only that, they’re also ecstatic about

sports and extracurricular activities. Freshman

Jake Mendoza, a member of the Brooke Point

football team, said, “If you want something, go for

it. Don’t be afraid to try.” Many freshmen are here

not only to learn, but to find out what their

futures will hold on the long road ahead.


Snow Storm Survival Guide...... 9

Winter Wipe Out &

Seasonal Slipups...... 10

Holiday Film review...... 11

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Kaylan Aldner(Left), Jordan Pitt(Top Right), Jake Mendoza(Bottom Right)

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By Nathaniel Bowman and Virginia Lusker

Many of Brooke Point’s students

have given various reports on the

school’s standards for homework

over break. When being asked if

homework over the holiday break was

common, majority of students said

yes; this includes students in AP and

IB courses. It was evident that AP and

IB classes were assigned much more

homework than your average class,

but nonetheless, almost every student

admitted to receiving homework over

the holidays.

We then asked students if they

thought homework over the break

was necessary. When asked, freshman

Gaby Hernandez replied, “Yes, because

we need to remember the information

we’ve learned.” On the other hand,

junior Tiavonte McLaughlin told us,

“No, because break should be a break

from school, and all work should be

left at school.”

To support both sides, as well as

state his own opinion, sophomore Alex

Regan said, “If you’re in an advanced

class then yes, but if not, then no.” After

asking senior Teagan Sullivan, she

agreed with Regan and shared with us,

“I feel that for some classes it is, just so

you don’t forget the material.”

Photo by Nathaniel Bowman

We then decided to ask the same

four students whether or not they’d

assign homework, and why, if they

were teachers themselves. Both

Regan and Sullivan agree that they

wouldn’t for the sole purpose that

they understand how stressing it is,

especially when you would like to



spend time with family. Hernandez

states, “It depends on how long break

is, just to make sure they wouldn’t

forget what they learned.” McLaughlin

also agrees he’d most likely assign

homework as well, and when asked

why, he admits, “I’d do it just to be


It also appeared that teachers had

different opinions on homework

during the holiday. When asked

if assigning homework seemed

necessary for their classes, AP World

History teacher Joseph Bailey told

the Hawkeye, “Yes, because there’s so

much information and we can’t take

Photo by Virginia Lusker

any time off before the big test.”

On the other hand, Earth Science

teacher Ginger Beach stated, “No, I do

not [give homework] because I need

a break, and they [the students] need

a break as well. I can’t speak for other

teachers, but for me, no.”

To switch roles once more, we asked

both teachers how they felt every time

they received homework over their

holidays. Beach automatically tells us,

“I hated it!” As for Bailey, he explains,

“With regular classes- no, but with my

AP classes, it gave me more time to

catch up.”

With what

you know now, do you

still feel homework over break is

all that unnecessary?

Tell us via social media!


Question of the Moment

What did you do

over winter break?


Jacinta Sanchez:

“Every year I go

to Connecticut

to visit my


Senior Alicia


“I went to the

Bahamas where

my stepdad was



Grace Nelson:


from school.”

Junior Tim


“I went to Busch


Teacher Mrs.


“I visited my

family, and

did not do any

school work!”


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