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Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!



By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller, & Cody Ferdinand

Photos By Faith Jasso

LAST SEASON- overall record 9-15.

All-Conference Honors: Reggie Collins (Honorable

Mention), Kobe Butler (2nd Team), Marquis Wooten (2nd


NAIL BITING 2015 HOMEOPENER- On Friday, December

4th, the Brooke Point Varsity Basketball team hosted the

Garfield Indians. The game was close, but Brooke Point

came up with a win. The final score of the matchup was 52-

48 after Senior Marquis Wooten had the go-ahead bucket.

While the offense was productive, so was the defense.

Senior Kalyn Bentley had 6 of 17 steals for BP.

WHAT’S TO COME- “As a returning Blackhawk, we have

to win this year,” said Senior Kobe Butler. Butler knows

that Brooke Point did not have the winning season

they wanted last season, but he understands that a

new season comes with new breakthroughs. Butler

said, “The key to team bonding is winning, and when

we start winning, basketball becomes more fun.”

Joe Kania, who has been coaching the blackhawks

since 1993, was a coach at West Virginia University

Institute of Technology for 12 years before Brooke

Point. While Kania was a new addition to the team

22 years ago, Sophomore Zavien Pressley is a new

addition this season. Pressley, who is the youngest

person on the team, said, “I’m looking forward to playing

in front of everyone. It feels good to play a varsity sport

for our school.”

Do Tell About: AJ Deutel

By Faith Jasso, Gwen Keller, & Cody


Photos By Faith Jasso

Although knee problems have

been an issue for freshman AJ Deutel,

his teammates and

coach have high

expectations for

him this wrestling

season. “I expect

him to be one of the

best,” Sophomore

pushes everyone in the room,” Johnson


While Deutel performs well as

a motivating teammate, his skills as a

wrestler are without

a doubt amazing. “He

has great athletic

abilities, pretty much

the same as upper

classmen,” Pierce,

who also wrestled

varsity as freshman,

his meniscus a bit, and he’s working

extremely hard to get back,” Kaiser

said. “I do expect him to be one of the

best as well because though there are

challenges, he has had that experience

in the past and that will definitely help

during his high school career.”

Despite his past experience,

Deutel himself doesn’t think he’s hit the

peak of his career quite yet. He shares,

“I’m only a freshman, and my goal

for the future is to be a multiple time

Paul Pierce said,

said. Because Pierce state champion and maybe to wrestle

“He’s had a lot

“Work hard and be

in college.” Deutel

of wrestling


also admits that his



motivation comes

dedicated to what

Deutel, who is a seven time it feels to wrestle as a

from the people

state champion for elementary and freshman, he knows

around him, including

middle school, is highly praised by

you set your mind

AJ will face challenges

his brother, Cody, his

fellow teammates and his coach. “AJ along the way. “He’ll be

coaches, partners and

impresses me on and off the mat. He’s facing older and more


his parents. Deutel

a great student and athlete,” Coach

Jake Johnson said who is impressed by

Deutel’s capability to perform at a high

level. “There’s never a moment that I’m

not proud of him, seeing him involved

as an athlete and as a person. His work

ethic makes him a great teammate. He

developed people than

him which most of the time is hard,”

Pierce said.

Fellow freshman Jason Kaiser

also understands the challenges Deutel

will face in his first high school season.

“His knee will be a challenge. He tore

explains, “My advice

to anyone wanting to be a wrestler is to

listen to those coaches and teammates

around you. Most importantly, work

hard and be dedicated to what you set

your mind to.”


Hannah Phillips

By Regan Flieg

Photo by Julie Gazzoli

Academic achievement is a

major value at Brooke Point

High School. BP is the home of

many outstanding scholars, and

one of these stellar students is

junior Hannah Phillips, a full IB


At only 16-years-old, Phillips

already has an impressive

résumé. With a GPA of 4.486,

she is ranked 2nd in her class.

“Right now, I’m in all IB

classes except Physics. In the

past, I’ve taken AP and honors,”

Phillips said.

Additionally, she is an active

participant in extracurriculars.

She is a member of the National

Honor Society, FBLA, and the

Academic Team. Phillips is also

president of the Key Club and

Junior Concul of the Latin Club.

She then finds time to play

varsity lacrosse and golf.

According to Phillips, “honors

classes…are pretty easy, but

IB is very extraneous.” She

says that the IB program

provides “a different

approach to learning.”

This approach better

prepares students

for college by exposing

to them to the style and

structure of college courses.

However, the IB program is

a lot of work. Phillips says she

definitely spends a few hours

on homework daily. Despite the

amount of work she has to do,

Phillips is “glad to be IB.”

Addressing her fellow

students that aspire to achieve

academic success, Phillips

says, “Time management is

very important… If you’re an

underclassman, really focus

on your grades… It only gets


Academic success is no

easy feat, but, as Phillips has

demonstrated, it is attainable.

How to ace your

AP exams:





1. Eat a nutritious meal

2. Get a good nights sleep

the night before

3. wear comfortable clothes

4. Don’t cram the night




1.Several sharpened pencils

and a good eraser

2. A black or blue pen

3. A clear water bottle (no


4. A jacket

5. A positive attitude!

What BP Black-Hawks

suggest for AP success:

. . .

. .

Quick Review


Rest Exams






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