The Hawkeye - Issue II


Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!

As the season for winter activities

continues, basketball is not the

only activity preparing for a VHSL

competition. The Brooke Point Theatre

Company, under the guidance of

Directors Lisa Cover-Tucci and Mary

Southall, is rehearsing a one-act play

to perform in hopes of bringing a new

award back to the Hawks’ Nest.

Although this competition is one of

the most rigorous ordeals the theatre

company will face, many students are

unaware of the impact that the theatre

company itself can have on the school.

Sophomore Keegan Pursley, who

recently moved to the area, says that

the club was intrumental in helping

him find new friends. Southall agrees

that the theatre company is one of the

most welcoming and diverse clubs in

the school. She says, “Everyone just

comes in and is welcomed. It’s nice

because people you’d never expect to

see working together are doing just


However the welcoming atmosphere

is not the only attraction for the theatre

company. Assistant Principal Laura

Sullivan says, “The theatre company is

a huge part of our community outreach

as far as their perceptions of who we

are. They can see that we’re proud of

who we are.”

Photo by Michele Jahimczuk


Setting the Stage

For Victory:


prepares for


By Grace Rolle

Anyone following the productions

closely this year might recognize

that the theme “Be Proud” is highly

prevalent throughout the plays that

have been chosen. Pursley agreed

that “The Adding Machine,” this year’s

competition piece, also aligned with

that theme. He added, “I think [it] helps

people learn to look past differences

and accept others for who they are.”

Sullivan remarked on the school’s

theme when she said, “The best way for

it to become a way of life is to integrate

it into every part of the building we

can.” She adds, “It’s inspiring to see

how all the talent in the building shines

through.”.... “It’s great to see students

doing something they feel successful


Each of the actors expresses

personal pride being associated with

the theatre company and seem excited

about its future. After the competition,

which will hopefully result in

the theatre company gaining the

recognition they’ve worked hard for

and deserve, the directors, actors and

crews will turn their attention toward

the spring play, where they hope to

express their pride in the earth through

innovative means. Interested? You’ll

just have to go see for yourself.




of the Moment

By Jasmine Sutton-Banks

How do you prepare for

your auditions?

Senior Travis Morgan: “I

print out my monologue and

I highlight and underline

the words that I want to

emphasize. Then I tape

my monologue to the wall,

stand back, and practice my

script because it helps me

memorize my lines.”

When did you decide you wanted to act? How

did you get into it?

Junior Calie Bain: “I think I was watching the

Oscars in middle school and I decided that I

wanted to be up on that stage. So, my freshman

year, I auditioned for my first play and I’ve been

a part of every play


How many plays

have you been in?

Travis: “I have been

in ten plays. The

crane wife where I

played the neighbor,

In the play 1984,

I played O’Brien

who is tough and

aggressive, and in

Canterbury Tales, I

played the Reeve.”

How do you get

over stage fright?

Calie: “I take some

deep breaths. When Travis

I’m not in character

I’m nervous, but Morgan

when I start performing, the scary feeling goes

away after a while.”

What do you do to prepare before you go on

stage? Rituals? If

so, what do you


Travis: “Usually I

do a prayer group

with the other

cast members

and I do a shake

down to calm the

nerves. I also do a

prayer to myself.

I pray instantly

before I go on


Burning Up the Dance Floor

By Kiara Neely

Photos by Giselle Namata

The Brooke Point Dance Team has made

its mark throughout the years and once more

they plan on making our school proud. The

school dance team is best known for its fun

and energetic dances. From hip hop to jazz,

the dance team makes the crowd get involved

in Brooke Point spirit. This year the dancers

are mostly looking foward to Nationals.

Senior Riley Ritchie said, “Well we start our

competition season this weekend and I’m really

excited to compete because we have a really

strong team this year.”

Through dance, the team has grown

closer as a family. Many girls on the team are

returning members who enjoy encouragement

from their fellow dancers. Some girls have been

dancing since they were younger, which is one

of the reasons they joined the team.

Every team has its struggles and the

dance team is no different. Sophomore Itzabella

Santana said, “The practices are kind of

hard, but it’s worth it in the end. Like during

Nationals, it shows how hard we work.” To

other dancers, the trouble is time management

between school and home.

A closer look at BP Dance

Through the long practices and the tough

dances, the dance team still remains one big

family. Coach Amanda Baker-Foley said, “These

girls are like kids to me. I love them, I see them

all the time. They drive me crazy, but we work

together and accomplish things.”

Junior Cassie Nector explains, “The dance

team has taught me perseverance definitely

because I know that sometimes during practice

I feel like leaving but you can’t do that. You have

to keep going.”

The dance team learns more than just

dancing. Some dancers take life lessons, from

their years of dancing with the team. Junior

Ahne Folwaczny said, “[Dance has] taught me

leadership, patience, and just overall how to

work with other people.” while Senior Natalie

Malstrom said she learned “how to work in

teams, handling pressure.” In a sport known for

individuals, dance has brought a group of girls,

who are very different dancers, together. In the

end, Brooke Point is proud of our dance team

and the hard work they do to entertain our

school. Brooke Point wishes our dance team

good luck at Nationals this year!




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