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Welcome to the official news magazine for Brooke Point High School. This is the full, online, completely colored version of the second issue of the 2015-2016 publication. Within this issue, you will find articles about our students, the community, the winter weather, the upcoming Valentine's Day season, and much more!

Summer bummer

By Shelby Baird and Colleen Parker

Think about it: are you happier in summer

or winter?! Why is this? Lack of school? Warmer

weather? The Hawkeye Staff asked people around

school what seasons they fancy. Of course, most

people love the warmer weather. You’re out of

school, pools are open, and the possibilities of

summer are endless. Winter is pretty dreary

compared to the summer’s heat and awesome

waves. But its

important to

remember that

winter has its

perks, such

as snow days,

hot chocolate

and building


See what BP

students have

to say about

which they


Would you want a luau in December? Would it

go along with the

it seem even

snowy weather or make

colder? We asked,

Senior Austin Miller

seems to think it

would not be so

great. He explains ,“You

do not wear many clothes during

Luaus, I don’t think you would be ready

for winter if you had one.” Miller may be correct

in saying this. However, Sophomore Shane Butler

disagrees, “I think wearing a coconut bra and grass

skirt would be fun in winter.” Megan Kleinshans

exclaims, “Sure why not? It might be fun.” Perhaps

BP should have a winter luau next year!

What would you bring from summer to winter?

Kleinshnas responded, “I would bring the summer

flowers.” Butler enthused, “I wish that the pools

would stay open because that would be really cool,

you could slide down the slides, and it would be

great!” It would be pretty amazing to slip down


It’s no

slides in the snow ,

although you might


get frostbite! Miller

said, “The heat and the

freedom you


get during the

summer are

some things

I would

the sun



to the

winter.” People do have more freedom in summer to go

to pools and summer barbeques. Winter you can keep

you stuck inside with a

sudden blizzard giving

you time for a nice

movie and hot chocolate.

Summer’s heat is like

no other here in

Virginia, winter can

be very chilly! It

makes people miss

the summer’s rays and

beautiful rivers and

streams. Kleinshnas

stated, “I miss summer

during winter because

I miss all of the beautiful colors. In the winter the colors

are dull.” Butler said, “You have more free time during

summer than winter.” With school, after school activities,

and family during winter, it does

seem that you have more time in summer to do whatever it

is you really want to do.

Miller stated, “I was originally raised in Texas, so the

winter here makes me miss the winter I used to have over

there in Texas.”

Whether you revel in the heat or cringe in the snow,

extreme weather tends to displease most.

With winter still in full swing,

the BP community

is dying for a little

bit of sunshine in the

cold corner of Stafford,


Photos from and

BP’s Declassified

Winter Survival Guide

By Grace Duckworth, Kayla Hilado, and Jane Pierce

Winter is coming.

Which means snow, cold,

and snow days. Even

though this happens

every year, it still comes

as a shock. So, how

can you survive when

winter comes and

smacks you in the

face? Relax; we

have your


Just like Adele’s

newest album, the

temperature is dropping,

so it’s

Sophomore Brook


winter essentials

“My Scooby Doo

blanket, hot chocolate,

and my TV…but it has

to be a Charlie Brown


important to

keep warm.

“I have

to have


and warm clothes,”

explained junior Brenna

Rodgers. Wearing layers

and scarves is an easy

way to staying stylish

and cozy. Though they

may not be fashionable,

fuzzy socks and slippers

are a must have for cold


With the cold,

comes dry air, which

sucks all the moisture

out of you. Keeping your

skin hydrated is really

important to staying

comfortable and

looking good. “I use

chapstick and lotion,”

freshman Tori Del

Toro commented

when asked how

she combats winter

air. Not only does

lotion work as

a moisturizer, it

also doubles as a static

neutralizer for hair.

Then come snow

days, a gift from the gods.

They are a surprising

break from school when

you get to relax, but what

is there to do besides

just sitting around? You

could make the best of

your time and catch

up on homework or

sleep. Many students

including Del Toro,

Rodgers, and Brook

Atteberry mentioned

that they like to

watch movies or play

videogames on their

days off. It might also

be fun to put down the

screens and just

head outside and

enjoy the snow. Try to

get outside and enjoy

the snow, maybe have a

snowball fight with some


One of Virginia’s

biggest snowstorm

was the knickerbocker

storm on January 27

and 28 in 1922. It

snowed as much as



winter is a struggle.

Luckily for you, you have

these tips that ensure

that you will make it



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