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Content is king, but distribution is

queen and she wears the pants.

Jonathan Perelman

New Modeling Techniques

Due to the diametrical properties of the systems of

record and systems of engagement, the business objects

are modeled in different manners. The traditional modeling

techniques of service oriented architecture (SOA),

business process modeling (BPM) and relational modeling

are used for the systems of record. While for the systems

of engagement, mainly newer modeling techniques

are used, such as domain-driven design 6 , microservice

orchestration 7 and techniques for non-relational data.

The different modeling techniques must be taken into

consideration when designing the business architecture.

architecture. For example, when a partner offers existing

services on the Internet and those services must be

considered when designing the own business processes

and services.


The result of the business architecture is a business

blueprint describing the functional requirements for the

application, with the distribution of the business objects

to the different applications and the use of external services

forming key components of the blueprint.

Business Technology

Technologies have a major influence on the design of the

business architecture and the use of new technological

trends enhances that influence considerably. The technological

connection of the business models, especially

with customers, but also with new partners and companies,

creates another major influence on the business

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