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December 2015


JNE is Creating

New Opportunities...

JNE's 23rd Papa John's Opens!

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The 2015 JNE Top 10

Incentive Cruise

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Showtime! Meet the Tampa Triumph Team!

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Message from Jordan

Seasons Greetings Team JNE.

President of Jordan Nicholas Elliott Inc.

Every year seems to go by faster and faster. That must be why its been said "the days go slow but the

years go fast." I want to thank all of the operating teams at Mojo’s, Genghis Grill, Fun Bike Center,

Tampa Triumph, and Papa John's for a truly special year. Your hard work these past 6.5 years* laid

the groundwork for a year where all operating entities will have a positive finish. This validates that

we have focused on the right priorities: the customer experience, quality products, and sincere

appreciation for the sales our customers provide to us.

The JNE family has experienced some new additions this year. Congratulations to Elliott Dorsch,

David Dorsch, Shawn Rodel, and Dave Zink for the opening of Tampa Triumph in late September.

Congratulations to Bruce Ogle, Marc Murray, and Michael Kolnicky for the opening of our

newest Papa John's Pizza in Brandenton, Fl - Lakewood Ranch in mid October. We look forward to

the new opportunities these businesses will provide to our team.

This year we also intensified our focus on developing, defining, and living our company values in

order to fulfill our mission statement.. These values guide the way we operate and influence our

culture for outstanding outcomes. I'd like to share those values with you in case you are not familiar

with them.

At JNE we believe in the following values:

• Integrity - "Do the right thing" even when no one is looking

• Initiative - Ready to take action and do what must be done to ensure a positive result

• Enthusiasm - Positive energy is contagious

• Accountability - Do what you say you will do in all aspects with no surprises

• Perseverance - The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of

strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

In coming issues of The Works! Newsletter, I will be sharing stories of our values in action,

supporting the JNE mission statement with the people who make up our special team. For now, have

a safe and prosperous holiday season!

We appreciate your contributions to our collective successes!

– Jordan Dorsch

President of Jordan, Nicholas, Elliott, Inc


Here and There with JNE

Samer Fidy, FBC's Finance

Manager, was recently

featured in the Honda Finance

Magazine and shared insights

on building customer loyalty.

The Lakeland Ledger's magazine Polk Life

featured Jordan, Nicholas, Elliott, and

David Dorsch in June, as the four of them

spoke about family value's and the

motorcycle business.

Nathan Giammatteo GM PJ #375,

James Gibson, and Marc Murray

at State College of Florida's

Vendor Day.

Jeremy Beath, GM PJ #972, at

Florida Southern College in

Lakeland, Fl.

Mojo Ladies Kimberly Bevacqua

and Jessica Knowles represented

Mojo's at Florids Southern College

back to school event.

Kyle Blackwell, FBC Sales, teaches

local coeds about scooters.

Andy Elting GM store #665, held

a ribbon cutting to commemorate

the store's new membership into the

Chamber of Commerce!

Nick Dorsch, VP Marketing appears

live on CBS "Studio 10".

Genghis Grill Brandon's Cheyanne

Malcom, GM Robert Delgoff and

James Gibson, at Taste of


Andrew Dimalanta, Video

Production/JNE Marketing, in

action during Stunt Wars in


The Fun Bike Center team including Marc Murray, dresses for the

Kaitlyn Strickland, Kiera Hidle, Dina blizzard during JNE Supervisor

Gomez, Nick Dorsch, and Kyle retreat Fishing Tournament.

Blackwell pose at Plant City Bike Fest.


Here and There with JNE

Andy Elting, GM PJ #665, promotes Papa John's on

AM Talk Radio.

Jordan Dorsch, gives a thumbs

up to Mojo's coldest beer in


Cris Rodgers puts the finishing

touches on Mojo's to get it

"white glove" clean!

Perry Dimalanta, lands a snook on

the 2015 supervisors planning


Behind the scenes with Bruce Ogle

and Andrew Dimalanta from the set

of the Mojo's Beer Story.

Rodney Harden, PJ #3193 teaches

Wesley Chapel Elementary

Studentds to make pizza!

Mojo's GM, Cris Rodgers, PJ #972

GM, Jeremy Beath, pose with race car

driver Dylan Martin, at Mojo's.

Jordan Dorsh, poses on the new

Triumph Thruxton at Tampa


The JNE Supervisor Retreat was a

success as the team caught tons of

fish and made plans for the

upcoming year!

Gary Stout together with Joel

Brown, PJI Operations

Specialist on a recent JNE store



Team Tampa Triumph and Team

Genghis Grill Carrollwood bring the

FIRE at CABA After 5!

Samer Fidy and his team including

Kiera Hidle and Dina Gomez with

the Honda Council of Excellence

Trophy. That FBC won for the 4th

year in a row.

JNE Celebrates on the High Seas!

The 2015 JNE Incentive Cruise was an absolute blast!

JNE’s top achievers came together to celebrate the successes

we’ve all enjoyed over the past year! Like many cruises

we’ve enjoyed over the years, the agenda was action packed

with plenty of rest, relaxation, recreation, leadership training

sessions, and most importantly PAARRRRRTY TIME (Just

ask Nathan Gimmateo and Larese White…)!

Our group of 40 set sail on the Carnival Conquest with stops

in Grand Turk in the islands of Turks & Caicos, Half Moon

Cay a private island in the Bahamas, and finally Nassau, one of the largest cities in the Bahamas. In

between seeing the sights, trips to the casino, and pickup games of basketball, I most enjoyed getting

to know my fellow cruisers on a much deeper level in a fun and casual atmosphere.

The entire celebration culminated on the night of JNE’s Top Ten Awards ceremony, where we

celebrated and cheered each other on. The event kicked off with a special rendition of “The Whip

Nae Nae” featuring me, Rich Hessner, Marc Murray, Bruce Ogle, Perry Dimalanta, and Gary

Stout and let’s just say our dance was worth the price of admission! Jordan Dorsch was our emcee

and delivered an emotionally charged program filled with energy, drama, fun, excitement, celebration

and even some tears of joy. Thank you all for letting loose with us on the high seas and making this

such an awesome event and thank you to Grace Dimalanta for organizing such a memorable

agenda. See you all on the next one!

– Nicholas Dorsch,

VP Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Counsel



The Top Ten Cruise

2015 JNE Top Ten Awards

#10 Papa John’s General Manager – Jan Harmon

#9 Papa John’s General Manager – Marvin Barner

#8 Papa John’s General Manager – Brandon Ogle

#7 Papa John’s General Manager – Chris Herrington

#6 Papa John’s General Manager – Alex Paulin

#5 Papa John’s General Manager – Xiomara Andrickson

#4 Papa John’s General Manager – Ben Shepperd

#3 Papa John’s General Manager – Nathan Giammatteo

#2 Papa John’s General Manager – Chris Contreras

#1 Papa John’s General Manager – Barry Earl

#2 Papa John’s Market Manager – Rich Hessner

#1 Papa John’s Market Manager – Perry Dimalanta

Papa John’s Core Value Award – Brandon Ogle, Chris Contreras

This award is given annually to the employee that best demonstrates the Core Values through their

performance, attitude, and contributions to Papa John's Pizza. This award will go to a General Manager

voted on by the leadership team.

JNE Attitude Award – Samer Fidy

This award is given annually to the employee that best demonstrates the JNE core value of Enthusiasm

through a positive attitude. They display a "whatever it takes" mentality and invite more on their already

full plate. A genuinely kind individual who extends her/himself without thought of recompense or


JNE Rainmaker Award – Nick Dorsch

This award recognizes commitment to upholding the ideals of the JNE culture and enthusiastically

MAKING IT HAPPEN every day through their sheer desire and perseverance. "Can't" is not in their


JNE Grit Award – Marc Murray

This award is presented to the employee who embodies the JNE core value of perseverance by

overcoming adversity, displaying courage in the face of hardship and still rising to the occasion by

delivering superior performance.

10 Year Anniversary Award – Marc Murray

10 Year Anniversary Award – Elliott Dorsch

JNE Ring Winner – Robert Delgoff

JNE Ring Winner – Cris Rodgers


Papa John's store #4650 Opens in Lakewood Ranch

On September 13 th , I brought all of my GM’s to the

site of what would become Papa John’s store #4650

at Lakewood Ranch. We all witnessed a gutted

building without ceiling with only half of its floor

left. This did not worry me at all as I had the help of

our JNE team from the office staff, supervisors,

Johnie Lewis, Bruce Ogle, and especially from my

managers at #2753 and #4650.. We were all

committed to the project and wanted to ensure that

the store and team did what it took to overcome all

of the challenges we were facing with construction

delays and training our new team.

Opening a restaurant is not easy; it takes a person

with the right values and well-matched team to get it done. Assistant manager Shannon Herrington

told me that her involvement in this project has been challenging and rewarding. It was with a sense

of accomplishment and store excitement that we walked through the doors of the newly completed

Lakewood Ranch. I speak for Michael Kolnicky GM PJ #4650 and our entire team when I say that

we took on the challenge, and rose to the occasion.. Store #4650 is no longer just four walls but a

team working hard to achieve our goals. We are proud to be part of the JNE family and cannot wait

to see what 2016 has in store for us at store #4650!

- Marc Murray,

Operations Director Bradenton/Sarasota


TAMPA TRIUMPH Opens its Doors

On September 29 th we opened Tampa Triumph, at

7000 N Dale Mabry Highway, the first and only

Triumph flagship store in Florida.

The Tampa Triumph project represents a significant

and major investment in the future by our company

and a strong belief in the continuing growth of Dorsch

Inc. Tampa Triumph features Triumph’s new premium

modern retail design and includes a full lineup of new

Triumph motorcycles, accessories, parts, and clothing,

as well as preowned motorcycles of all makes and

models. Additionally, the service department includes

state of the art equipment for all motorcycle makes and


Our greatest strength at Tampa Triumph is the experienced team of high performers. Our lead

technician, Matt Brewer, is fully certified and experienced in Triumph motorcycle maintenance and

repairs, and holds certifications in Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda.

Parts and service manager, Dave Zink, brings over 19 years of industry experience to the store and

our sales manager, Shawn Rodel, has been selling and managing in this industry for over 25 years,

and is a true guru of all things Triumph. Rounding off our sales staff are the five-star Google-rated

Mark Consiglio and JNE ringholder Amber Dimalanta. Our goal at Tampa Triumph is simple, to

provide a premium sales and service retail experience that properly represents the unique heritage of

the Triumph Motorcycles brand while executing our mission statement at Dorsch Inc.

– Elliott Dorsch,

President FBC & President / GM Tampa Triumph

Meet the Tampa Triumph Team

Elliott Dorsch

President & GM

Shawn Rodel

Sales Manager

Dave Zink

Parts &

Service Manager

Mark Consiglio


Matt Brewer

Service Technician

Brad Mack

Service Support

Amber Dimalanta

Sales Support


Jennifer Bingham, Kristian

Rodriguez, & Alex Ogle

recently hosted the

Carrollwood Area Business

Association, Business After

Hours Event

GG Carrollwood's Jennifer

Bingham, and James Gibson

provided Mongolian spice to

YMCA's Sierra Fest

There was a ton of excitment at GG, Brandon,

as hundreds of people gathered for one of our

Hot 101.5 FM Ticket Drops!

Genghis Grill Carrollwood

Tailgating with Gaither

High School before a

football game!

Kayla Collins, Ninoshka

Rivera, and Kaylie

Vargas at Genghis Grill


JNE Mongolian Visits Dallas

Bruce Ogle, Robert Delgof, and myself, Alex Ogle, had the opportunity to

go to the national Genghis Mongolian Grill Business Meeting in Dallas,

Texas. The two days were packed of activities ranging from training, to

discussing Genghis Grill's future. The meeting became an important tool for

everyone that attended as all of us started to bounce ideas back and forth, one

GM to another. It gave me some ideas that I will work on in the future!

The trip was in my opinion successful as we all learned a lot and became

more energized to go and shape the future of Genghis Mongolian Grill! I

truly enjoyed the event and I thought the best part of it was the casino night

as it gave everyone a chance to let loose, have fun, and get to know everyone

on a personal level. Lastly, I want to mention that I am extremely grateful for

the opportunity to attend the meeting!

– Alex Ogle,

GM Genghis Grill Carrollwood

Alex Ogle in a selfie

with a Mongolian



The Triumph Motorcycles Global Dealer

Conference in London, England

Elliott Dorsch, Ana Dorsch and myself had the great opportunity to go

to London for the Triumph Global conference at the end of October.

Dealers from around the world came to London to see the unveiling of all

of the cool new models of the Triumph brand. We met the owners of

Triumph UK, spent time with the entire team of Triumph America, and

dealers from around the world. We experienced the Triumph brand

image because it is the same as the British lifestyle in London, the way

people dress and act.

After the Triumph convention, Ana and I took the train over to Paris. Our

hotel was located in the Saint Germain-des-pres area, it was very central

to many attractions. In the few days we were there we visited the Eiffel

Tower, Notre Dame, The Arc De Triomphe, and the Louvre, where we

saw the Mona Lisa painting and many other great collections of paintings

and sculptors dated back to the 13th century, we spent five hours at the Ana & David Dorsch

Louvre. While we were in Paris we dined at several of the famous Cafes, and

enjoyed great cuisines from the French chefs, paired with great French wines. On our last night in Paris,

Ana and I went to the Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show, it was amazing.

We had a great time in Europe, and have great memories.

-David Dorsch,

V.P., G.M. Fun Bike Center


Mojo's Wings Burger & Beer

Have you seen Mojo’s new paint job? It’s a bright and vibrant

neon green to match the excitement and enthusiasm of Cris

Rodgers and his team of superstars! Mojo’s continues to

experience explosive sales growth by focusing on exciting

promotions and top-notch customer experience. The Neon

Mojo Green makes the restaurant really stand out, just as the

restaurant itself does with delicious burgers, award winning

wings, and the coldest beer in town!

Jordan and Nick Dorsch along

with the Mojo's Team at the

Lakeland Chamber's King of the


Mojo Ladies Jennifer Dyal, Kelli

McKenzie, Shannon Roelofs, Cori


The lovely Mojo girls Melina Prada

and Stephanie Demarais represented

Mojo's during Plant City Bike Fest

Shannon Roelofs, in a recent

Mojo's photo shoot.

Emile Geiger, in a recent

Mojo's photo shoot.

Melina Prada, in a recent

Mojo's photo shoot.

Meet the Mojo's Management Team

Cris Rodgers Amanda Richards Quinn O'Neal

General Manager Bar Manager Assistant Manager


David Guest

Kitchen Manager

Ernest Grayer

Assistant Kitchen


Anthony Riviera

FOH Manager

Kelli McKenzie

FOH Manager

Fun Bike Center's Classic

Rock Jingle is a Hit!

"Let's have some fun" isn’t just a motto at

Fun Bike Center Motorsports, it is

something we truly stand for as it is

reflected each and everyday in the

dealership. Just take a look at Fun Bike

Center's Facebook page or YouTube channel

and you will see it yourself! Our new classic

rock jingle exemplifies the fun we have in

all our advertising. This new jingle has

customers rocking their way through our

doors to visit Dave Dorsch and his team at

FBC. Tune in to 97 Country, Bubba 98.7, or

turn on your TV in Polk County and see for

yourself! The team at Fun Bike Center

simply never stops selling fun!

A recent ride hosted by Fun

Bike Center to benefit the

Alzheimer's Association

Uncle Dave is a tough

negotiatior, just ask this

customer that attended the Fun

Bike Center Garage Sale!

Dina Gomez, Kiera Hidle,

and Kaitlin Strickland

represented FBC at Plant

City Bike Fest

Fun Bike Centers display at

the 2015 Big Buck Expo

Gentlemen's Ride for Prostate

Cancer Research Alicia

Millwood and Ryan Davis

Ryan Adams from the

Gentlemens Ride

FBC recently hosted several

hundred attendees at the

Lakeland Business Leaders

"Meet and Greet" Event.

Santa's helpers Dina Gomez

& Kiera Hidle brought

holiday cheer to FBC's

holiday open house

Rocker Kyle Blackwell,

bringing back the long



Happy Customers Everywhere


In the News

Congratulations to

Jennifer Bingham at GG

Carrollwood on her

engagement to Kevin Guy

on June 7th 2015!

Congratulations to intern

Niklas Davidsson as he

graduates from Florida

Southern College in


Congratulation to James

Gibson, on his promotion

from Marketing Intern to

Marketing Coordinator!

Welcome back and

Congratulations to Kurt

Jung on his new role as

JNE Controller, VP

Financial Planing & Analysis

Destiny O'Brien,

Congratulations on your

promotion to GM at PJ

store #970

Brandon Johnston,

Congratulations on your

promotion to GM at PJ

store #971

Jeremy Beath,

Congratulations on your

promotion to GM at

PJ store #972

Alex Paulin,

Congratulations on your

new store PJ #2195

Cynthia Vazquez,

Congratulations on your

and new store #3193

Brandon Carpia,

Congratulations on

your promotion to GM

at store #3570

Brie Walls,

Congratulations on your

promotion to GM at

PJ store #4183

Micheal Kolnicky,

Congratulations on your

new PJ store #4650

Congratulations to Jordan

& Meagan Dorsch on the

birth of their second son,

Leo Daniel Dorsch born on


Congratulations to Barry

Earl and team at PJ store

#3193 for earning #1 GM

3 years in a row!

Welcome to the team

Jimmy Harrell, FBC's

new Parts & Service


Good Luck to Mojo's

Jennifer Dyal on her

move to Texas!


Join our growing team!

We have locations all over Central Florida!

Contact Us Today! (863)583-9192 or

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