275 Times. February 2016

Mangere Community News

Mangere Community News


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Edition #16<br />

february <strong>2016</strong><br />

Free!<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

times<br />

Our stories, our people, our Māngere<br />

Kōrero paki ō tatou, Tāngata ō tatou, Ngā Hau Māngere ō tatou<br />


Faith, family and a famous brother<br />

teachers a hard time I got to a point where I realised<br />

have all played a role in Ema<br />

I did want something more in life.”<br />

After high school Ema did an admin course at a<br />

Piutau’s rise to her prestigious<br />

training organisation and was able to get a job<br />

role as a Public Defence lawyer<br />

in the Department of Corrections. Despite not<br />

at the Manukau District Court.<br />

having the relevant qualifications she was<br />

The ex-Mangere College student might<br />

able to work her way up from office girl to a<br />

have left high school with only the bare<br />

probation officer and she was even helping<br />

minimum required to enter university,<br />

with prosecutions before she completed her<br />

but a desire to make a difference has<br />

law degree. Her time working for Corrections<br />

seen her secure a coveted job and set<br />

made her realise so many people weren’t<br />

herself up for a successful career in the<br />

getting justice and it inspired her to return to<br />

criminal justice system.<br />

university in her late 20s to become a lawyer.<br />

Ema says she’s probably the last person<br />

She says working with criminals might be<br />

you would expect to have made it in<br />

daunting for some, but for her it’s like a<br />

the high-flying world of lawyers and<br />

calling.<br />

judges.<br />

“It’s really rewarding knowing you’re making<br />

“So often people who knew me<br />

a difference. I may lose a case, but you can<br />

at high school are surprised to<br />

still have a positive influence on someone<br />

see me as a lawyer but even<br />

through getting them to shift the way<br />

though I did hang out with<br />

they think and perceive life.”<br />

the wrong crowd and gave<br />


Inorganics is back<br />

It’s been a while since we had an<br />

inorganic rubbish collection in<br />

Mangere/Otahuhu, but one is on its<br />

way! The Auckland Council rates-funded<br />

annual collection is starting up again<br />

from mid-<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>, but there are<br />

going to be some big changes. Residents<br />

will receive a flyer from Council three<br />

weeks before their collection. The<br />

flyer will ask you to contact the Council<br />

(either online or by phone) to book your<br />

collection. But if you don’t book, your<br />

stuff won’t be picked up. Once your<br />

booking has been made, you’ll be given<br />

a collection date. On collection day,<br />

you’ll need to put your inorganic rubbish<br />

(old furniture, appliances, outdoor<br />

equipment, electronics and renovation<br />

items) inside your property, not on the<br />

verge. If you don’t have space, let the<br />

Council know when you book and<br />

they’ll come up with a solution.<br />

Only 1m3 will be picked up, about<br />

the size of a small trailer load. Two<br />

trucks will collect the rubbish- the<br />

first taking the reusable goods to the<br />

Community Recycling Network centre<br />

in Penrose, which distributes items to<br />

community groups. The rest will go<br />

into landfill. ME Family Service’s Talking<br />

Rubbish team is out and about on our<br />

streets at the moment letting people<br />

know about the changes. ME Family<br />

Services CEO Peter Sykes says the<br />

Council’s new inorganic collection policy<br />

means Mangere residents need to look<br />

for alternative ways to recycle or dispose<br />

of their unwanted stuff.<br />

“We need to be looking towards other<br />

ways of using resources and preventing<br />

illegal dumping,” he says.<br />

For more info contact the Talking<br />

Rubbish team: koia@mefsc.org.nz<br />

& justine@mefsc.org.nz. And check<br />


2<br />

Summer holiday programme fun!<br />

Māngere<br />

East<br />

Community<br />

Centre<br />

Holiday<br />

Learning the wonders of Ihumatao Stonefields<br />

Programme<br />

Local high school making big impact<br />

IMPACT PROJECTS: Southern Cross students taking part in a number of projects around<br />

the school designed to beautify and bless the school and local community.<br />

New Dialysis Unit brings hope<br />

The Diaverum Haemodialysis Unit was opened and a blessing was given<br />

by Kaumatua on the 29th of January. The Unit was opened by Phillip Balmer,<br />

Director of Hospital Services, CMDHB and Esteban Harper Cox, Managing<br />

director, Diaverum. It is located above the Mangere Community Health Centre,<br />

10 Waddon Place. The new service is set to further enhance medical services of<br />

Mangere and provide a much needed resource to the many patients with kidney<br />

problems living in the area<br />


Words: Justin Latif Design: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: ME Family Services<br />

<strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com | www.<strong>275</strong>times.com<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

Checking out the entertainment at Christmas @ Centre Park, Mangere<br />

Southern Cross Campus is<br />

a school on the up and get<br />

set to see more of their<br />

amazing students out and<br />

about in the community<br />

looking for ways to make a<br />

difference.<br />

Deputy Director Natasha Hemara<br />

spoke to <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> at their launch<br />

of the school’s Impact Project week<br />

in late December. The Impact Project<br />

week is a way for students to give<br />

back, doing beautification projects<br />

around the school and community.<br />

Ms Hemara says the students will<br />

be given further opportunities to<br />

undertake projects in the community<br />

this year focused on giving back and<br />

showcasing the awesome students<br />

coming out of the school.<br />

“We’re trying to build skills of<br />

resilience and responsibility so they<br />

can be proud of who they are.<br />

“We’ll be going out and giving to<br />

local charities, churches and beyond<br />

that, forming partnerships with local<br />

businesses."<br />

Ms Hemara says the school is on the<br />

cutting edge of educational practices<br />

and has recently received a very<br />

positive endorsement of its work in<br />

the latest ERO review.<br />

“We’re a different school now.<br />

We’ve really developed and come<br />

a long way. We’re producing some<br />

phenomenal and amazing achievers.<br />

And it’s important the community<br />

knows that we’re here for it.”<br />

Contact: Tuhin Choudhury


3<br />

FOR JUSTICE cont...<br />

The immense pressures that come with the job mean her faith<br />

and family are a huge source of encouragement.<br />

“My faith is one of the only things that keeps me going. It<br />

teaches me to treat people fairly and with respect, regardless<br />

of whether I’m being sworn at or abused and it allows me to<br />

handle the pressure and the stress.”<br />

Another source of inspiration has been seeing her brother<br />

Charles break into the All Blacks, and continue to follow his<br />

dreams despite the setbacks he’s faced.<br />

“Seeing Charles make the All Blacks has encouraged me to<br />

keep going and chase my goals. We sort of understand the<br />

pressures we each face and we’ve been able to help each<br />

other. Growing up we didn’t have a whole lot of people who<br />

had gone down professional careers - so we really just had to<br />

work it out on our own and the key factor was our faith.”<br />

Ema Piutau's church Breakthrough Centre is holding<br />

their annual Omega Family Day at David Lange Park<br />

on Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 27. It's set to be an awesome<br />

event with heaps of fun games, activities and sports<br />

for the whole family. Check out the poster (right) for<br />

more details.<br />

editorial<br />

For many in our community, the excitment of a new year<br />

has been tempered by the sad news of the passing of Eden<br />

Nathan (at the time of printing the other teenage girl injured<br />

in the car accident was still on life support at Auckland City<br />

Hospital). As the tributes have filtered through, we've heard<br />

of her beauty, her intelligence and her courageous spirit.<br />

Every life counts, whether it's long or shortened by tragedy<br />

and as we were reminded by a Pastor at the tangi, Eden<br />

was a person of great value and dignity in God's eyes, knit<br />

together by His fingers, and made only a little lower than<br />

the angels (Psalm 8). Whilst the manner of her passing has<br />

us questioning why and how, there need be no questions<br />

about what she meant to her Creator.<br />

Our local Member of Parliament Su'a<br />

William Sio regularly states that Mangere<br />

is the home of the young, gifted and<br />

beautiful. So let us remember Eden<br />

as someone who embodied those<br />

same traits, like so many others across<br />

Mangere. On that note let us remind<br />

all our youth that they are loved, valued<br />

and have so much potential to fulfil.<br />

And if we can really inspire that next<br />

generation to achieve what they're truly<br />

capable of then this community will shine<br />

just as brightly as Eden Nathan's sparkling<br />

smile.<br />

Jo and Justin Latif<br />

VERSE OF THE MONTH: What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?<br />

You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honour. Ps 8:4-5<br />

(Sponsored by Bill & Bridie Keenan)

Community Notices<br />

MANUKAU MaGPies' Hosting Origin legends<br />

State of Origin Legends of League event on Thursday <strong>February</strong> 4, at<br />

5pm at Moyle Park. Mal Meninga, Laurie Daley, Petero Civoniceva,<br />

Kevin Walters and Brent Tate are all scheduled to visit.<br />


Mangere East Rugby League Club has its muster day on Thursday<br />

<strong>February</strong> 4, and on the same day at 7pm the club will be receiving a<br />

visit from the South Sydney Rabbitohs.<br />


The Warm Up New Zealand Programme which provides free<br />

insulation in homes with a Community Services Card or Super Gold<br />

CSC is running out in June! Ring 0800 777 111 to find out more.<br />


Free basic computer skills lessons at Mangere Town Centre Library<br />

every Wednesday, 9.30am - 12pm. The Mangere Town Centre<br />

Library is also hosting CV writing workshops every Friday.<br />


The Talking Rubbish team from ME Family Services will be running a<br />

free workshop on how to minimise your waste plus present info on<br />

the changes to the inorganic collections. Wednesday, <strong>February</strong> 10,<br />

10.30 - 11.30am at Mangere Bridge Library.<br />


The Living Wage Movement Aotearoa and the Manukau Rugby<br />

League Club warmly invite you to attend the announcement of the<br />

<strong>2016</strong>/2017 New Zealand Living Wage Rate on <strong>February</strong> 29, 6pm at<br />

the clubroom at Moyle Park, Bader Drive.<br />


The Respect Our Community Campaign was set up in 2013,<br />

in opposition to the East West Link. Now we are exploring the<br />

possibility of putting candidates forward for the <strong>2016</strong> local body<br />

council elections. ROCC is really open to your input. If you think it’s a<br />

good one – let ROCC know and show your support on <strong>February</strong> 11,<br />

7pm, Mangere East Community Centre, 372 Massey Road, Mangere<br />

East.<br />

Mangere East Community Centre<br />

FREE and low cost classes in: Drivers Licensing, English, Samoan, Te<br />

Reo Maori, Cook Island Maori, Niuen, Parenting Courses, Korowai<br />

and much more! Ring 09 <strong>275</strong> 6161 or go to www.mangereeast.org<br />

Young creatives<br />

apply here!<br />

Welding +<br />

Panel beating<br />


AND<br />


Recreation<br />

& Sport<br />

Automotive<br />

Joinery<br />

& Cabinet<br />

making<br />

Forces<br />

Pre-Entry<br />

Hospitality<br />

Don’t<br />

just dream it.<br />

Barista<br />

Warehousing<br />

& Forklift<br />

Operations<br />

BECOME IT!<br />

Lincoln Jefferson from the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust<br />

Brand It Competition launches for new<br />

environmental initiative. A branding competition is<br />

inviting creative students to find a cutting edge name and logo<br />

that represents South Auckland youth and the environment.<br />

Entries for the Brand It competition open on 15 December<br />

2015, with students to submit their branding concept entry<br />

to the website http://www.beautifulmanukau.org.nz/Brandit-competition.html<br />

either as a 30 second video clip or a<br />

letter. Closing date is 15 <strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>, and finalists will<br />

be announced on 29 April <strong>2016</strong> on the MBCT website and<br />

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/beautifulmanukau.<br />

TWR000569 HP<br />

ZERO FEES &<br />


FOR 16-19YRS<br />



20+ YEAR OLDS<br />

FREE<br />

Learners or<br />

Restricted Licence<br />

(conditions apply)<br />

HANDS ON<br />


Conditions apply.<br />


(09) 257-5732 | 59 TIDAL RD

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