For us at MONTANA-CANS, it is immeasurably important to have a close connection to our friends and partners who use our tools. This need for a close correlation has led us to support and sponsor an amazing amount of incredible events and projects, and helped us to establish collaborations with numerous artists, brands and partners. We are grateful to be in a position to be able to provide this kind of support, and thankful for the abundance of inspirations and ideas that artists and collaboration partners from all across the world share with us. We make it a point to feature these projects and collaborations on our blog and and social media channels, but because of the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the internet, we have decided it was time to create a printed collection which contains merely a small fraction of the creative work we have been involved in over the past years. WWW.MONTANA-CANS.COM

For us at MONTANA-CANS, it is immeasurably important to have a close connection to our friends and partners who use our tools. This need for a close correlation has led us to support and sponsor an amazing amount of incredible events and projects, and helped us to establish collaborations with numerous artists, brands and partners. We are grateful to be in a position to be able to provide this kind of support, and thankful for the abundance of inspirations and ideas that artists and collaboration partners from all across the world share with us. We make it a point to feature these projects and collaborations on our blog and and social media channels, but because of the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the internet, we have decided it was time to create a printed collection which contains merely a small fraction of the creative work we have been involved in over the past years.


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<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

EDITION # 01<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM<br />






a concept that allows the<br />

artist to put their personal<br />

touch on the can<br />

street art has taken<br />

over the community of<br />

Kaka’ako<br />

the Berlin based foundation<br />

focusses on bringing together<br />

urban artists<br />

to honor those who have<br />

contributed significantly<br />

to the culture.<br />

the largest art fair<br />

for contemporary art<br />

in the world<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> / ISSUE # 01 / <strong>2016</strong>


<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> - HIGHEST QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY

<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> <strong>2016</strong> | printed in Germany

Content<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong> <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> / EDITORIAL 06<br />

The close connection to our friends and partners led us to support and sponsor an amazing<br />

amount of events and projects. Numerous collaborations with artists, brands and partners came<br />

into existence.<br />

making the can the canvas / Montana Black 08<br />

We like to think that our design is one feature on a list of many aspects that sets us apart from<br />

other can manufacturers. For the creation of our sleek litho design, the can became our canvas...<br />

Pow! wow! / sunshine, beaches & Art 18<br />

Gallery shows, lectures, schools for art and music, mural projects, concerts and art installations<br />

– street art has taken over the community of Kaka’ako.<br />

From the scene for the scene / HafenDampf 34<br />

Graffiti and abandoned industrial buildings have always been a perfect match, like paint<br />

to a canvas or ducks and water...<br />

Gallery art for Berlin’s pedestrians / URBAN NATION GALLERY 40<br />

Since its formation in late 2013, URBAN NATION is a foundation based in Berlin that focusses on<br />

bringing together urban artists to form and enrich neighborhoods, particularly in Berlin, but also all<br />

over the world.<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> Iconic series 54<br />

As a well-established brand and a integral component in the graffiti scene, it is our great privilege to<br />

be able to honor those who have contributed significantly to the development of our culture. Our way<br />

of doing this is to dedicate a limited edition can to him or her in our ICONIC SERIES...<br />

The sounds of the streets of istanbul 60<br />

The Pera Museum, located in Istanbul, the metropolis for art, music, theatre and architecture, is an<br />

invaluable pillar of support to political tensions and religious facets. So, the “Language of the Wall”<br />

exhibition was called to our attention...<br />

Herakut & Aptart Giving Syria’s children a voice 68<br />

AptArt founder Samantha Robinson as well as the artist duo Herakut belong to <strong>MONTANA</strong>’s<br />

tight-knit group of trusted and valued collaboration partners. For this exceptional project, in these<br />

exceptional circumstances, <strong>MONTANA</strong> went to great lengths to support the workshops and creative<br />

workings with cans and other supplies...<br />

Art Basel Miami 80<br />

Art Basel is deemed to be one of the largest and most important art fairs for contemporary art in the<br />

world. The fact that the 46th annual art show was staged in Basel in the spring of 2015, gives<br />

evidence to its long standing success...


More information on <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong> and its<br />

products can be found at:<br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM<br />

Latest news on products, collabos, exhibitions and<br />

artists can be found on:<br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM/blog<br />

For us at <strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>, it is immeasurably<br />

important to have a close connection to our<br />

friends and partners who use our tools. This<br />

need for a close correlation has led us to<br />

support and sponsor an amazing amount of<br />

incredible events and projects, and helped us<br />

to establish collaborations with numerous<br />

artists, brands and partners.<br />

We are grateful to be in a position to be able<br />

to provide this kind of support, and thankful<br />

for the abundance of inspirations and ideas<br />

that artists and collaboration partners from all<br />

across the world share with us. We make it a<br />

point to feature these projects and collaborations<br />

on our blog and and social media<br />

channels, but because of the fast-paced hustle<br />

and bustle of the internet, we have decided it<br />

was time to create a printed collection which<br />

contains merely a small fraction of the creative<br />

work we have been involved in over the past<br />

years.<br />

After combing through our past collaborations<br />

and sponsorships, and selecting the projects<br />

that are especially memorable to us, we have<br />

created this Lookbook in an effort to give back<br />

some of the extraordinary experiences we’ve<br />

had promoting this art form.<br />

For us, cultural sponsorship and social<br />

commitment are equally important. Being truly<br />

committed to these two precepts requires a<br />

continuous and ongoing investment - one we<br />

happily make.<br />

Combining the two axioms in projects and<br />

event sponsorships is a crowning achievement<br />

we take great pride in. At the same time it is<br />

also a matter of the heart to us.<br />

In this regard, we are very grateful to have been<br />

able to launch into various collaborations with<br />

organizations which have similar goals and<br />

views as we do.<br />

On the following pages, we’d like to share a few<br />

special projects we have sponsored, and report<br />

on artists with whom we have had the privilege<br />

of working together.<br />

© <strong>2016</strong>, Montana-Cans, Heidelberg, Germany<br />

Since our founding, our products and brand<br />

have influenced, been influenced by, and played<br />

a significant role in the urban art movement,<br />

which is exactly what we believe in - keeping<br />

the movement moving.<br />


Topsprayer in corporate colors on freight<br />


8<br />

making the can<br />

the canvas

We like to think that our design is one feature on a<br />

list of many aspects that sets us apart from other<br />

can manufacturers. For the creation of our sleek<br />

litho design, the can became our canvas. And<br />

even though we take great pride in the value of<br />

brand recognition we have created, we wanted to<br />

invite artists to use our can as their canvas and<br />

create a special edition series for artists, our fans,<br />

collectors and us. The Montana BLACK artist edi-<br />

tion was brought to life. Each quarter, a new can<br />

is released which features world renowned artists<br />

of our choosing. The artist gets to pick his or her<br />

favorite color out of the 187 shades in the BLACK<br />

range, and create their design, which reflects their<br />

interpretation of the name of this shade for the<br />

lithographed can. This design will then be implemented<br />

for a limited time in the production of the<br />

artist’s chosen color, making the can not only<br />

functional but an exclusive limited-edition-collectable.<br />

Our goal was to create a concept which<br />

would allow the artist to put their personal touch<br />

and creativity on the can, knowing that it will be<br />

distributed all around the world and would also<br />

reward us with a personalized design of renown<br />

artists. So, we were faced with an agonizing<br />

choice, finally zeroing in on the first artist to<br />

launch our Montana BLACK artist edition series.<br />

BLA<br />

CK<br />

ART<br />

IST<br />

LIN<br />

E<br />


GOLD<br />

EN<br />

GRE<br />

EN<br />

For our first BLACK artist can, we chose internationally renowned<br />

artist Golden Green who is known for his unique graffiti aesthetics.<br />

In contradiction with his name, Golden Green chose our<br />

BLK 4060 „Galaxy“, a luscious purple, stating that he likes the<br />

color and the room for imagination the word „galaxy“ possesses.<br />

The Hamburg-based artist scrambles the graffiti-style elements<br />

in a type of hybrid design, creating a futuristic universe full of<br />

surreal characters, cunningly-constructed letters and swirling<br />

silhouettes in bright and loud colors. In addition to his love for<br />

large-sized sprayed pictures on walls and facades, GG’s works<br />

include canvases, print, papercut, and now, a can. The „Galaxy“<br />

design - with its trendy colors, galactic milky way and comic planets<br />

- might remind you of „the Jetsons“ an old school cartoon<br />

from the 60’s. We know for sure GG has picked the perfect color<br />

to correspond with his artistic style and we are grateful for his<br />

contribution in starting our BLACK artist edition with a Bang.<br />


THE<br />

GRI<br />

FTE<br />

RS<br />

After being asked to design a BLACK can, the journalist and<br />

photographer Good Guy Boris, founder of „The Grifters“ - one of<br />

the Internet’s most outstanding graffiti lifestyle blogs - chose<br />

our BLK 2093 „Code Red“. Born and raised in the heartlands of<br />

Eastern Europe, Boris portraits his young adulthood as a collection<br />

of ridiculous ventures in which he was surrounded by<br />

extraordinary characters. After his first attempt at sharing his<br />

archives with mainstream and alternative medias was met with<br />

refusal, Boris created his own photojournalistic blog named „The<br />

Grifters“, which reveals a hidden but sincere beauty in the local<br />

underworld, with its hustling, corruption, and stereotypes, labeled<br />

by society as rejects. After relocating to Paris he pursued his<br />

dream of creating a multimedia project that would both entertain<br />

and educate young people who were lost in the destructive habits<br />

Boris witnessed while growing up. His dream matches the<br />

bold statement he chose for the design of the „Code Red“ litho:<br />

„Freedom is not defined by safety“. The striking lettering reduces<br />

the design to it’s core statement. No clarification necessary.<br />


NY<br />

C<br />

HOS<br />

There isn’t an artist in the world we would rather have had design<br />

the can for our BLK 4230 „Kidney“. Combining Nychos and his<br />

anatomically inclined designs to this organ-inspired color was a<br />

predestined match. True to the age old saying „no guts, no glory“,<br />

the Vienna-based artist creates a fusion between a comic character<br />

and the anatomic functions of the body. Growing up in an<br />

Austrian family with a fondness for hunting, his early confrontation<br />

with the anatomy of dead animals sparked his interest in the<br />

science of anatomy and dissection. This fascination and his personal,<br />

hands-on experience with the intensely realistic colors of<br />

anatomy are strongly reflected in his artworks. The true-to-life interpretation<br />

of dissected motifs in conjunction with said intense<br />

color schemes are regarded as Nychos’ trademark. This unique<br />

signature style was exactly what we had in mind for this BLACK<br />

artist edition collaboration, and of course, Nychos exceeded our<br />

expectations: The can is embellished with all the guts and glory<br />

that any kidney could have ever hoped for.<br />


SO<br />

BEK<br />

CIS<br />

The final can of 2014 was designed by artist duo Sobekcis. The<br />

twin brothers, Sobek and Kcis from Belgrade, Serbia, chose our<br />

BLK 5125 „Dove“ for their BLACK artist edition can for two reasons:<br />

one - because of the name of the color and their passion<br />

for the incorporation of the bird image into their artwork; and<br />

two - because of the overall topic of the design being based on<br />

a symbol of peace. The most distinctive feature of the Sobekcis-style<br />

is the overload of brightly colored geometric patterns,<br />

which recur in all of their works of art. This gives their artworks<br />

an unparalleled sense of intensity. For their BLACK artist edition<br />

can they chose a more stripped-down, vertical approach in<br />

comparison to their usual graffiti and studio work. This more<br />

minimalistic concept was used to complement the packaging<br />

design context, creating is a shadowy, dark, carbon appearance<br />

which integrates the can’s name „Montana BLACK“. The design<br />

is an artistic combination of geometric shapes and symbolism<br />

with tribal imagery and an overall minimalistic, ethnic feel.<br />


FO<br />

RM<br />

UL<br />

A76<br />

The first can of 2015 has been designed by Formula 76, aptly<br />

featuring his favorite color BLK 6080 „Mescaline“, which is also<br />

the name of a hallucinogen that is found naturally in the Peyote-<br />

Kakus. Benjamin Tibbs, AKA Formula76, is a Hamburg-based<br />

style-writer and designer who is best known for his logos and designs<br />

for popular German rappers, such as Jan Delay, Samy Deluxe,<br />

Beginner, and more. His interest in graffiti was first sparked<br />

in 1990 at the age of 14. In 2000 he became a member of the elite<br />

TYPOHOLICS design committee as a freelance graphic designer.<br />

He made his personal breakthrough in 2009 when he exhibited<br />

some of his free works for the first time. Since then he has<br />

displayed his work in group and singular exhibitions. His color of<br />

choice not only emulates his street name on a chemical basis,<br />

it is also strongly reflected in the design itself. The hallucinatory<br />

swirls, drips and drops combined with geometric shapes portrait<br />

his artistic style and the name of the color all at once. This type<br />

of minimalistic dual color scheme is also found in many of his<br />

other artworks. The NC-Formula lettering is cleverly merged to<br />

become dual purposed, for the can labelling and the spelling of<br />

his name. The overall feel of the design mimic a soaring trip.<br />


BLACK artist edition can #6 was designed by our favorite Stockholm-based<br />

artist, KAOS. After thorough consideration of our<br />

broad assortment of colors, KAOS selected our BLK 3145 „Punk<br />

Pink“ as his color of choice. Growing up in Uppsala Sweden,<br />

KAOS was captured by the allure of graffiti writing in the early<br />

80’s, when the art form began to unfold locally. Once he had<br />

moved to Stockholm 1987, his career as an artist really took off.<br />

His artwork was valued across the borders of his homeland and<br />

he became a key activist in Stockholm’s graffiti-writing scene.<br />

Over the years he has played a crucial role at nearly every major<br />

juncture in the development of the Swedish graffiti scene, which<br />

explains his significant impact on Swedish and European graffiti.<br />

KAOS’ entire story can be relived through his book „Vandals in<br />

motion“. So, it was to be expected that his strong influence on<br />

the scene writers worldwide would be reflected in the design of<br />

the litho. Remaining true to the theme of his favorite color, KAOS<br />

gave our BLACK logo some punk-style of its own. The white<br />

anarchy-symbol on the black and pink colored can adds the final<br />

touch to its otherwise raw and authentic design. The can itself<br />

almost represents an ode to graffiti writers all over the world.<br />

KAOS<br />


AS<br />

KE<br />

The start of ASKE’s career was more than jaw-dropping. The<br />

Moscow-based artist went from zero to being an internationally<br />

renowned graffiti-writer, graphic designer and illustrator within<br />

less than a decade. In 2010, the New York print magazine – magazine<br />

– placed him among the Top 20 rising, international, fine<br />

artists. Obviously we were psyched when he agreed to design<br />

a BLACK artist edition can for us. After lengthy deliberation, he<br />

picked our BLK 9100 „Snow White“. The fact that so many writers<br />

use and cherish this can really sealed the deal.<br />

During the creation of the design, ASKE focused foremost on incorporating<br />

the existing BLACK can design into his own special<br />

can design. He decided to emphasize the name of his color by<br />

capturing the atmosphere of a snowy winter day, mainly in white<br />

and grey with a few red accents. Even the urban feel of the traffic<br />

lights and pigeons really give you the sense of the BLACK can<br />

style. Of course he stayed true to his artistic style as well. After<br />

starting his artistic career in 2000, he was rapidly known for his<br />

comic-like motifs, which he constructs using single isolated geometric<br />

shapes defined by straight lines. This gives his figures a<br />

kind of sterile, robotic-like appearance, while at the same time, his<br />

pieces are very dynamic and strikingly colorful. All in all, we think<br />

ASKE has achieved his goal: his design fits the can perfectly.<br />



POW! WOW!<br />

sunshine beac<br />

spray cans the<br />

graffiti luau<br />

known to ma<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

hes and<br />

biggest<br />

n<br />


Gallery shows, lectures, schools for art and music, mural projects,<br />

concerts and art installations – Thanks to the “POW! WOW! Hawaii”<br />

festival, street art has taken over the community Kaka’ako.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

Street art has taken over the community of Kaka’ako in Hawaii,<br />

thanks to an incredible urban art festival. The „POW! WOW! Hawaii“<br />

festival is an annual event with an amazing line-up representing fantastic<br />

quality. The collective of artists responsible for the festival form<br />

a global network organizing street art events across the globe in other<br />

locations, such as Taiwan, Long Beach, Israel, Singapore, Jamaica,<br />

Washington D.C., Guam, New Zealand, Germany and more.<br />

The festival is made up of a diverse spectrum of events, such as, gallery<br />

shows, lectures, schools for art and music, mural projects, concerts<br />

and live art installations, pool party gatherings, live paintings and<br />

additional talks. Co-founders Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar claim<br />

that „POW! WOW!“ has become synonymous with „a gathering that<br />

celebrates culture, music and art“.<br />


Faith47 / Akut<br />

Case and Smithe<br />

Hueman / Alexis Diaz<br />

Tristan Eaton<br />

and Matt Eaton<br />

Sever / Maya Hayuk<br />

Swoon<br />

Roa / Vhils<br />

Ernest Zacharevic<br />

Saber and Kevin Ancell<br />

Cryptik<br />

Fafi / Aaron Kai<br />

Chad Hasegawa<br />

Defer and Ckaweeks<br />

Kamea Hadar<br />

Vincent Di Nguyen<br />

Secret Walls / Nychos<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

The event, which lasts one week and is held during the week of<br />

Valentine’s Day, takes place in Kaka’ako a district of Honolulu, where<br />

more than 80 international and local artists come together to create<br />

murals or other forms of art. Interesting collaborations are formed,<br />

some of which are planned ahead of time, and others occur spontaneously.<br />

Recognizable names from all different parts of the art<br />

world, like James Jean, Tristan Eaton, Saber MSK, Doze Green, Case,<br />

Akut and Maya Hayuk, delivered their signature style to the walls of<br />

Kaka’ako, generating lots of commotion around their creations. This<br />

year - for a change - the representation of female artists was refreshingly<br />

awesome. Natalia Rak, Olek, Tatiana Suarez, Fafi and Hueman<br />

shook the boys up a bit. Another attraction were the amazing installations,<br />

such as Kozyndan’s wooden photo prop, and Fafi’s flowery fence<br />

installation.<br />

A week’s worth of action and an abundance of energy lead to the culmination<br />

on Friday evening: an exciting Secret Walls 90-minute live<br />

painting battle, including the involvement of some of the off-roster<br />

artists like Cara Toes, Lauren YS and Boy Kong. After this climactic<br />

end to the week, a few artists were still not quite finished with their<br />

projects and prolonged their efforts throughout the weekend. The<br />

continued endeavor was evidence of the energetic magnitude of the<br />

event, nearly bursting at the seams due to the united power and devotion<br />

of its line-up of recognized talent.<br />

more images and videos<br />

can be found on:<br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM/<br />

montana-blog<br />


The biggest<br />

graffiti<br />

luau<br />

known to<br />

man.<br />


My Real Challenges Were<br />

Outside The Ring.<br />

mural as part of herakut‘s “SAINTS”<br />

projects. Don‘t miss the the video:<br />

bitly.com/powwowakut<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

For Jasper Wong, the idea begann as an excuse to get all his friends<br />

together to paint and hang out. It took off from there. But in the beginning,<br />

the response from the people in Kaka’ako wasn’t so positive.<br />

People were afraid of the consequences the festival might bring with<br />

it; a phenomenon what Wong refers to as the „the broken window<br />

theory“; the presumption that public artwork and murals would<br />

bring crime to the area. But, over the years, this notion was proven<br />

to be completely wrong. On the contrary, Pow! Wow! brought a lot<br />

of people to the area, which has made the neighborhood more safer,<br />

more colorful and more fun. It has changed the entire perception of<br />

Kaka’ako from having been a forgotten district, to now being seen a<br />

beautiful area with a ton of art everywhere. Wong is proud to know<br />

that his initiative has contributed to this occurrence. The focus of the<br />

festival’s development is not to increase so much in size, but rather to<br />

strengthen all the individual elements.<br />

Other than the murals that are being created, Pow! Wow! has added<br />

by a ton of other disciplines, broadening the artistic horizon of the<br />

entire festival. As of this year’s festival in 2015, this has also been noticeably<br />

enhanced by a close cooperation with the Honolulu Museum<br />

of Art. This new collaboration has also helped achieve Wong’s second<br />

goal,<br />

aside from creating a get-together-platform: the ability to educate<br />

people about art and create a wider perception of the art which is<br />

being created worldwide, by showing the people of Hawaii exactly<br />

what kind of art is happening around the world - and vice versa,<br />

showing people outside of Hawaii what people in Hawaii are doing.<br />

Due to the unique setting of the Pow! Wow! festival it is clear that<br />

culture and traditions would play a role in the event. The artists John<br />

„Prime“ Hina takes the lead through the first get-together. After the<br />

artists arrive - but before they go out and paint - there is a gathering<br />

where all artists „take home all these excursions all these holoholos<br />

to the pali lookout“. Holoholo like Aloha is a Hawaiian word which<br />

means a journey without a destination. For Pow! Wow!, Prime wants<br />

to give the artists the full experience of what Hawaii is all about from<br />

a cultural perspective. When they leave Hawaii, Prime wants them<br />

to take aloha with them and take the mana, a spiritual energy, which<br />

came from Hawaii, out into the world.<br />

bitly.com/akut-for-herakut<br />


26<br />

Long Beach, Florida is another unique location where the POW! WOW!<br />

festival will take place annually, as mentioned above. From the 21st to<br />

the 28th of June 2015, the POW! WOW! festival was held there for the<br />

very first time, which triggered an amazing response from the public.<br />

Some artists were thanked for their work in random coffee shops and<br />

even recognized on the street. Jasper Wong claims it has been the<br />

most supportive reaction that POW! WOW! has received anywhere.<br />

With a range of events packed to the brim - including mural painting,<br />

exhibitions, talks and screenings - this eight-day festival was host<br />

to artists such as Aaron de la Cruz, Fafi, Cryptik, Hueman, Jeff Soto,<br />

James Jean, Tristan Eaton, Jeff McMillan, Push, Bumblebee, Low<br />

Bros and Madsteez, who literally captured the city in an outbreak of<br />

spray paint and creative energy. However, the mural-painting activity<br />

which dominated the urban scene, wasn’t the only thing going on.

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />


For instance, the explosive opening party with DJ Neil Armstrong was<br />

a major success, the talk hosted by jeffstaple featuring Fafi offered<br />

fantastic insight into her working process, and of course the “Verve<br />

and Vitality: Transforming the Urban Landscape” exhibition at the<br />

Long Beach Museum of Art became an important stop for anyone<br />

wanting to catch the full POW! WOW! experience. Finally POW! WOW!<br />

Long Beach finished off with a concert by the POW! WOW! School of<br />

Music.<br />

From the inception of the festival concept, <strong>MONTANA</strong> has followed<br />

its progress and expansion. In 2015 the size of the festival outgrew the<br />

capacity of their previous sponsor. After multiple recommendations<br />

made by the artists, Jasper approached us, and asked whether we<br />

might be interested in sponsoring the festival. It was a no-brainer, we<br />

agreed immediately!<br />

Jasper Wong (Founder POW! WOW!)<br />

and Kamea (co-lead director of POW! WOW!)<br />

more images and videos can be found on:<br />

WWW.<strong>MONTANA</strong>-<strong>CANS</strong>.COM/montana-BLOG<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />


more images and films can be found on our blog<br />

www.montana-cans.com/montana-blog<br />

make sure to follow the event on<br />

www.powwowhawaii.com<br />

watch all videos on<br />

vimeo.com/powwowhawaii<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />


<strong>MONTANA</strong> X MIZU<br />


When you think of giveaways, things like lighters, pens and maybe a nice USB stick come to<br />

mind, but <strong>MONTANA</strong> decided to go with something more practical this year. Since Mizu action<br />

sports water bottles are the latest rave among our peeps, we decided to design some of our<br />

own. „Mizu“ is the Japanese word for water. The company’s goal is to focus on and raise awareness<br />

of the waste produced by plastic water bottles, and then in turn, create reusable containers<br />

that will help remedy that problem. Environmental protection is their highest priority.<br />

For instance, did you know that the amount of oil used to produce the quantity of non-recycled<br />

plastic bottles in the world can fuel 1 million cars for one year? These are the issues Mizu<br />

has taken to heart, and the reason they produce stainless steel water bottles from nothing<br />

but 18/8 food grade stainless steel, which is not only durable, easy to sanitize and corrosion<br />

resistant, but also will deter chemicals from migrating into your fresh water. The high quality<br />

Mizu bottles come with a lifetime warranty. This bargain seemed to be the perfect gift for our<br />

closest customers and friends, not only giving them a cool container with their favorite logo<br />

on the side and a chance to be environmentally-conscious, but also a way to save some real<br />

money compared to plastic bottled water.<br />




literal translates to „harbor’s<br />

steam“ – Ahoy!<br />

Graffiti and abandoned industrial buildings<br />

have always been a perfect match,<br />

like paint to a canvas or ducks and water.<br />

The Ruhr Valley is a conurbation for<br />

people and industry, but it is also known<br />

for being „grey“.<br />


The concept of<br />

planing a jam in<br />

the heart of the<br />

Ruhr district was<br />

born – for one –<br />

out of necessity,<br />

and for another<br />

and foremost<br />

out of passion for<br />

graffiti. From the<br />

scene, for the<br />

scene.//<br />


„Hafendampf“ has sure put an end to<br />

that rumor: Thanks to the bounty of<br />

industries, the graffiti scene in the Ruhr<br />

Valley is quite notable. The great quality<br />

and the high volume of graffiti output<br />

made it obvious that the Ruhr Valley’s<br />

metropolis Essen needed to take advantage<br />

of this talent. In the summer of<br />

2013, the first „Hafendampf“ was held.<br />



literal translates to „harbor’s<br />

steam“ – Ahoy!<br />

A graffiti gallery on concrete pillars was<br />

created in the cities harbor-hood right<br />

below the Autobahn A42. Many fantastic<br />

local sprayers came to participate, and<br />


there were a few acclaimed German<br />

artists who travelled to take part, including<br />

Flying Förtress, JBCB, 463, Blues<br />

and GBR. This crowd of creative minds<br />

made „Hafendampf“ the largest graffiti<br />

jam in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since<br />

the 90’s, there haven’t been any graffiti<br />

related events or get-togethers in the<br />

area of the Ruhr Valley. This fact, and<br />

the volition to offer the graffiti scene a<br />

platform to come together and exchange<br />

experiences and project ideas, was the<br />

reason for the first „Hafendampf“, and<br />

continues to be the axiom of this event.<br />

This passionate commitment to act on<br />

their maxim was one of the most important<br />

reasons for us at Montana to get<br />

involved. We know our sponsored cans<br />

have been put<br />

to good use giving Essen a face-lift in<br />

graffiti-style. Initially, the „Hafendampf“<br />

was created as a graffiti happening with<br />

the a deliberately chosen emphasis on<br />

writers and sprayers from Ruhr Valley. A<br />

wider more international crowd would<br />

be welcome to join in in the future.<br />

// I DREAM<br />



WERE AND<br />

ASK WHY<br />

NOT?//<br />


Sneaker<br />

Freaker<br />

x<br />

Montana<br />

Keeping laces lose and caps fat<br />

If you find yourself looking through tumblr galleries of graffiti artists or fans, there is one seemingly<br />

unrelated item that will almost always pop up: a sweet pair of sneakers, or 10. This heavy romance<br />

between cleats and street art has been going strong since the 70’s. We thought it was time for a celebration:<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong> teamed up with Aussie footwear aficionados Sneaker Freaker in the summer<br />

of 2014 and created a special can in honor of this special bond. So, we got out our color pallets and<br />

a winner was chosen: a classic Infra-Red, commemorating the „Radiant Red“ shade by Nike. Next,<br />

the design needed to be created. Sneaker Freaker came up with an awesome head-to-toe print of<br />

the Sneaker Freaker logo in a barrier tape look. Our production plant went straight to work printing<br />

our matte finished lithos with the SF design and filling our cans with the hue of choice. To literally<br />

cap off the project, we chose a slick red nozzle, and there you have it. Sneaker Freaker’s very own<br />

Montana issued can. Some loves never die.<br />






URBAN<br />

NATION<br />


Berlin is but a canvas to Urban Nation’s imagination<br />

In nearly all the major cities across the globe,<br />

the observant pedestrian will encounter and<br />

enjoy Urban Art. Their reward is taking in<br />

artworks of all dimensions, flaunted on walls,<br />

bridges, pillars or signs, using a variety of tools<br />

such as brushes, glue or spray cans. But you<br />

will rarely find a higher concentration than<br />

what can now be seen in Berlin’s Buelowstrasse,<br />

where suddenly, every pedestrian becomes<br />

a gallery visitor.<br />

Since its formation in late 2013, URBAN<br />

NATION is a foundation based in Berlin that<br />

focusses on bringing together urban artists to<br />

form and enrich neighborhoods, particularly<br />

in Berlin, but also all over the world. They hold<br />

many different kinds of workshops, events and<br />

exhibitions in non-profit public spaces with one<br />

goal: bringing community and artists alike together<br />

to beautify their surroundings. Their priorities<br />

are what makes this foundation unique,<br />

promoting equal support for upcoming as well<br />

as renowned artists, and communities, cities<br />

and their inhabitants. And the reactions they<br />

have received, especially in Berlin, have been<br />

their reward: full support from the community,<br />

people coming to take pictures and attracting<br />

positive attention. The „One Wall“ project series<br />

they have organized, has generated much interest<br />

from the locals, ultimately achieving their<br />

goal of boosting community, participation and<br />

creative exchange.<br />

Their focus on redesigning urban spaces, and<br />

consequently making art more accessible to<br />

the public, has already made a large impact on<br />

the street-life in Berlin, Kietz. Prettifying a few<br />

seriously ugly buildings has also required the<br />

help from some neighborhood kids, for whom<br />

a workshop was held to impart the values of<br />

street art and especially the impact our surroundings<br />

have on our everyday life.<br />

Another ongoing project is „Project M/“.<br />

URBAN NATION’s director Yasha Young chooses<br />

a curator, who then invites a group of internationally<br />

acclaimed artists to transform the<br />

windows and facade of a prominent building in<br />

Berlin, which is currently undergoing change.<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>’s support for URBAN NATION hasn’t<br />

wavered since the foundation has taken its<br />

first steps. Our team was fortunate enough to<br />

be in Berlin during „Project M/5“, curated by Roland<br />

Henry and VNA Magazine. The lineup was<br />

quite swank including Mark Lyken, Ben Frost,<br />

Pam Glew, Will Barras, Eine, Steff Plaetz, Nick<br />

Walker, O. Two, Sickboy, Xenz and Sheone. Eine<br />

refers to M/5 as being „the first urban contemporary<br />

museum solely dedicated to stuff that<br />

we do“, reflecting the respect and recognition<br />

project M has yielded for the impressive urban<br />

art scene. On that level Berlin is flourishing<br />

with the help of URBAN NATION, which is<br />

a cause, that we simply had to be actively<br />

involved in.<br />

The gallery is open: Berlin’s Buelowstrasse offers a gallery-style view urban art to every pedestrian. „The movement of this particular art form is spreading so big, that<br />

there is a confidence that comes from it.“ says URBAN NATION director Yasha Young.<br />



The gallery is open: Berlin’s Buelowstrasse offers a gallery-style view urban art to every pedestrian. „The movement of this particular art form is spreading so big, that<br />

there is a confidence that comes from it.“ says URBAN NATION director Yasha Young. www.urban-nation.net<br />




48<br />

2014, Steffen Seger, Berlin Moabit, Lehrter Siebzehn

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />



Watching Steffen Seeger create his<br />

artworks is mesmerizing. His quirky<br />

self-made tools and swift smooth strokes<br />

seem to come so naturally, almost<br />

effortless. The Berlin-based artist has his<br />

roots in graffiti street art and has evolved<br />

over the years by disengaging himself,<br />

and reducing and abstracting his work.<br />

Today Seeger belongs to the most<br />

wanted illustrators in the world, creating<br />

and performing for major brands such<br />

as HUGO BOSS, or Absolute Vodka. One<br />

sure thing about the Seeger-style is that<br />

it’s unbelievably distinguishable: his<br />

minimalistic, black-and-white, „one line<br />

technique“ and multiple line projects are<br />

incomparable to any other artist.<br />

><br />


50<br />

Minimalism at its finest<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />


Ghett0blaster<br />

in y0uR<br />

design<br />

www.berlinboombox.com/montana<br />






Montana-Cans Iconic Series<br />



One day in 1981, Martha Cooper was riding on the subway of<br />

New York holding a camera, which considering the crime rate at<br />

that time, was not a recommended move.<br />

The low ISO of her Kodachrome 64 film was going to make it<br />

impossible to take any pictures while the car was underground<br />

anyhow. But, when the subway hit daylight, the motif of the police<br />

men standing in a frame of graffiti tags was irresistible. Was<br />

she going to dare to ask the officers for a photograph? Since<br />

taking pictures on the subway was illegal, that wasn’t advisable,<br />

so, she’d just go for it. But she would have to stand up to take<br />

it. „Luckily I got the shot. Mission accomplished.“ says Martha<br />

Cooper today.<br />

The photo-journalist is best known for her investment in the documentation<br />

of the explosion of the New York graffiti culture<br />

scene, beginning in the late 70’s. Cooper gathered and compiled<br />

her experiences and encounters to create a collaborative book<br />

that has become something like the holy writ of graffiti writing,<br />

titled, „Subway Art“. Which in turn inspired young artists all over<br />

the world to spread this urban art movement.<br />

In the course of the cultural insurgencies of the 1960s, Cooper<br />

earned an art degree from Grinell College Iowa, taught English<br />

as a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Thailand and traveled from<br />

Bangkok to London by motorcycle to receive a diploma at Oxford.<br />

Upon her return to New York she secured a position at the<br />

New York Post in 1977 using her commute to scout for pictures.<br />

Longing for adventure, she’d explore the neighborhoods, taking<br />

pictures of kids playing makeshift games on the streets. This<br />

was when she came across graffiti and some members of it’s<br />

community. Foremost a young kid, who showed her to some<br />

art around the neighborhood, explained a few pieces, their artistic<br />

values and some lingo, finally asking her if she wanted to<br />

meet „the King“. Soon after, she was introduced to world class<br />

sprayer Dondi, the first artist Cooper decided to shadow, taking<br />

pictures of him tagging New York. Cooper quickly understood<br />

that she had stumbled upon a vivid street culture and became<br />

an eager student of the writers she befriended.<br />

After many early mornings of waiting for hours to get the right<br />

shot of moving trains, and many more acquaintances with graffiti<br />

legends such as Zephyr, Seen, Kase2 and Lady Pink, Cooper<br />

and fellow photographer Henry Chalfant published „Subway<br />

Art“ in 1984. Many have claimed on numerous occasions that<br />

this book has changed the course of art history in our world.<br />

Following this book, Cooper has authored several more collections<br />

documenting the urban art developments in New York including<br />

„Hip Hop Files: Photographs 1979-1984“ and „New York<br />

State of Mind“.<br />

Keeping up with the tags, walls and trains of New York and the<br />

street art scene all around the world still continues to be her<br />

endeavor, whether she is documenting the Wynwood Walls project<br />

in Miami as their official photographer, working with graffiti<br />

artists in collaborational exhibitions or just plain instagraming<br />

her daily encounters with this passion. The times have changed<br />

and street art is ever-evolving. Many artists all around the<br />

world are now taking parts of Coopers photographs and basing<br />

their art on them. Sections of different shots are being cut out<br />

and incorporated into other pieces of art. This kind of synergy<br />

has led to many successful exhibitions including the „Martha<br />

Cooper:Remix“ exhibition in the Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles.<br />

The Wynwood Walls project in Miami has been a treat for<br />

Cooper since it began in 2009. Documenting the metamorphosis<br />

of this warehouse district is what she refers to as a „dream<br />

assignment“. Her pictures provide an invaluable view behind<br />

the scenes of the making of urban graffiti murals.<br />

Martha Cooper has been inseparable from the street art scenes<br />

of the world for more than thirty years and her work has been<br />

seminal to the development in urban art. She has seen it grow<br />

from an underground burgeoning movement, to the largest art<br />

movement in the world - always taking shots along the way.<br />

instagram.com/marthacoopergram<br />


Montana-Cans Iconic Series<br />

Futura<br />


As a well-established brand and a integral component in the<br />

graffiti scene, it is our great privilege to be able to honor those<br />

who have contributed significantly to the development of our<br />

culture. Our way of doing this is to dedicate a limited edition can<br />

to him or her in our ICONIC SERIES.<br />

The most recent icon to have been featured is FUTURA. We<br />

teamed up with renowned exclusive fashion design-brand AC-<br />

RONYM® and Berlin-based curator and art-blogger BEINGHUN-<br />

TED to put on a worthy celebration of his 60th birthday and decades<br />

of abundant artistic output. Our contribution to the event<br />

was to create the ICONIC SERIES FUTURA2000 Black – a black<br />

hue based on our Montana GOLD highest quality NC-ACRYLIC<br />

paint – especially for the occasion. This special limited edition<br />

can will not be available for purchase.<br />

When looking closely at Futura’s amazing contribution to the<br />

graffiti scene, it seems virtually endless. Starting out during the<br />

underground graffiti movement of the 70’s, tagging New York’s<br />

subways, Futura made a name for himself which then led to<br />

collaborations with many others, such as ALI. His exhibition at<br />

New York’s Fun Gallery in 1981 connected him to<br />

the British punk rock band ‚The Clash‘, with whom he toured<br />

that year, painting their backdrop live, on-stage during their concerts.<br />

Today, Futura owns his own fashion label with a store in<br />

Fukuoka, Japan. He has worked with many popular brands such<br />

as Nike, Recon, The North Face, Supreme and Hennessy, and his<br />

numerous exhibitions reach all across the globe. Yet, he is still<br />

best known for his original abstract graffiti style and artwork.<br />

As a part of the festivities, the ICONIC SERIES FUTURA2000 can<br />

was revealed and there was a display of ACRONYM®’s special<br />

clothing line at the BEINGHUNTED.Space. The master himself<br />

travelled to Berlin to take part, and of course, to create some<br />

very exclusive artworks. During the course of the evening celebration,<br />

cans were signed, canvases were admired, attire was<br />

ogled and fun was had by all. That’s a very successful birthday<br />

celebration, to our way of thinking.<br />

instagram.com/futuradosmil<br />



»The sound<br />

of the<br />

streets of<br />

Istanbul«<br />



62<br />

Reunion of the greats<br />

at the Pera Museum

The 2014 „Language of the Wall“ exhibition,<br />

which was held in the Pera Museum<br />

in Istanbul, was called to our attention by<br />

a featured artist-duo who have deep ties<br />

to the <strong>MONTANA</strong> brand. Turkey has been<br />

rattled by political tension and a religious<br />

imbalance causing unrest and strain on<br />

the society. Promises of civil right improvements<br />

have been put on hold and the<br />

conditions for freedom of speech have been<br />

changed for the worse under the current<br />

administration, developing a deep seated<br />

frustration in the pro-western population in<br />

Turkey. Istanbul, which was elected the European<br />

Capital of Culture in 2010, is a metropolis<br />

for art, music, theatre and architecture<br />

- the Pera Museum being a invaluable<br />

pillar of support to these facets.<br />




1. JonOne painting a wall inside the museum<br />

2. installation by evol<br />

3. wall painting by cope2 inside the museum<br />

4. interior painting by Mist<br />




AT PERA"<br />

Bringing the urban street flair to the inside<br />

of the museum walls really acknowledged<br />

this special art form and brought it into a focused<br />

light and setting. The Pera Museum’s<br />

appreciation for graffiti, and their desire to<br />

promote and educate people on the roots<br />

and evolvement of the art form, is what<br />

Cope 2 calls a „blessing and a home run for<br />

graffiti art“.<br />

For this exhibition, many artists specifically<br />

requested <strong>MONTANA</strong> cans. Because of the<br />

high demand and our loyalty towards our<br />

sprayers, we chose to support this awesome<br />

event for the sake of the art.<br />


Syria<br />

Herakut & AptART<br />

68<br />

Colors of a Warzone

Forgotten Childhood<br />

Forever Waiting<br />

herakUt & apTaRt<br />

Giving Syria’s children<br />

a voice through art<br />

fingerpainting, freedom<br />

and other treasures.<br />

© Photography, Falk Lehmann<br />

Relief for Desperation<br />



Forgotten Childhood<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

01/16<br />

HERAKUT/aptART<br />

CollaboRATION<br />

Since early 2011, the Syrian conflict has been<br />

frequently covered by news stations all over the<br />

word. The civil war has pushed millions of Syrians<br />

from their homes, forcing them to flee their<br />

country. Jordan has provided shelter for many of<br />

the displaced, resulting in large refugee camps<br />

such as Zaatari.<br />

AptART - Awareness & Prevention Through Art -<br />

an organization founded by Samantha Robinson<br />

which aims to give vulnerable children an artistic<br />

experience, and promote an awareness about<br />

the issues that affect their lives - carried out an<br />

8-week street art project in the camps in Northern<br />

Jordan. One of the artists they invited to join<br />

the project were Herakut, an artistic duo made<br />

up of colleagues Jasmin Siddiqui, aka „Hera“, and<br />

Falk Lehmann, aka „Akut“.<br />

Samantha Robinson and Herakut belong to<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong>’s tight-knit group of trusted and valued<br />

collaboration partners. For this exceptional<br />

project, in these exceptional circumstances,<br />

<strong>MONTANA</strong> went to great lengths to support the<br />

workshops and creative workings with cans and<br />

other supplies.<br />

><br />

Relief for Desperation<br />


Herakut & aptART<br />

72<br />

Colors of a Warzone

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

01/16<br />

Street art by herakut as part<br />

of a an aptaRT project with<br />

children in the Syrian Refugee<br />

Camp Zaatari and children in<br />

north Jordan.<br />

During their three weeks of their stay, Herakut<br />

created 8 walls, 6 of which enlisted the help of<br />

children. They used topics such as „home“, „peace“<br />

and „I am the future“, each giving the children<br />

an opportunity to participate in the creating and<br />

expressing of things that affect and move them.<br />

Everything from painting with paintbrushes, finger<br />

painting and making birds out of the tent canvas,<br />

specifically turning a symbol of their loss into a<br />

sign of freedom, peace and hope. In the face of<br />

all the destruction, sacrifice and fear, the kids still<br />

chose life-affirming colors, still laughed and took<br />

part in the workshops provided for them. In fact,<br />

the workshops were overrun, which lead to an<br />

unexpected extension of the „home“ mural, which<br />

is the written word „home“, made out of many little<br />

building blocks. Each building block was decorated<br />

by a child with their most treasured associations<br />

with the word. The main goal of this project was<br />

to nurture the perception that each child is worthy<br />

of appreciation as an individual building block. In<br />

Zaatari, Herakut created two murals on containers<br />

emphasizing the importance and value of water<br />

and how vital it is to keep it clean and share it with<br />

others. Much of their time was also spent interacting,<br />

eating and talking to the families. Herakut<br />

describes the lingering feeling in the camps as<br />

being similar to that at a train station: Everyone<br />

is waiting for the train to take them home, which<br />

never arrives.<br />

The idea for curating an exhibition occurred to Herakut<br />

while in the field. The exhibition titled „Colours<br />

of Resilience“, which was staged in the AusstellungsHalle1A<br />

in Frankfurt, offers a sobering insight<br />

into the world of the refugee camps. The event<br />

line up includes talks from Hera and Samantha<br />

Robinson and live music.<br />

www.herakut.de / www.aptart.org<br />

/<br />

In partnership with Acted, supported by Echo and<br />

UNICEF, © herakut & aptArt, Jordania<br />




Line is a rich<br />

metaphor for<br />

the artist. It<br />

denotes not only<br />

boundary, edge<br />

or contour, but<br />

is an agent for<br />

location, energy,<br />

and growth.<br />

It is literally<br />

movement and<br />

change<br />

– Lance Esplund –<br />



78<br />



ncformula.tumblr.com<br />




www.artbasel.com<br />



Make sure to watch the video:<br />

„Between Street and Art | Miami Art Basel 2014“<br />

www.bitly.com/steetandart<br />


Many varying opinions are represented, but we’d like to express our view using the words of<br />

Shepard Fairey: „Some people pander to the fine-art-world and they don’t care about the streetart-world;<br />

some care about the rules of the street art world and they are scared of the fine-artworld.<br />

My favorite people aren’t scared to break down all these barriers in between, „call bullshit<br />

on all of it“ and just do what they want to do.“<br />



„For his works the German Artist Jan Paul Müller (26) uses primarily Montana SKETCHLINERs as well as ACRYLIC markers and inks.<br />

The simplicity of the black graphics on the white booth are Jan Paul’s signature feature, adding his personal character to the objects he designs.“<br />

//www.janpaulmueller.de/<br />



Just about the only thing that is better that having a can in one hand,<br />

is having a can in one and a nice cold beer in the other. Choosing your<br />

beer is much like choosing your collaboration-partner; a decision that<br />

deserves careful consideration. After a deliberate process of pondering<br />

and tasting, we at Montana have come to the conclusion: Heineken<br />

is our beer of choice. To make the verdict even more worthwhile,<br />

we decided to get involved in a collaboration as well, which led to the<br />

idea for a one-of-a-kind beer-tasting and spray-painting happening only<br />

to be experienced in Miami, Florida, which we call the Heineken Mobile<br />

Art Experience.<br />

Throughout December 2015, this live art truck travelled from Wynwood<br />

to South Beach, stopping at walls and pop-up events all along<br />

the way. The truck itself is equipped with rotating canvases on the<br />

outside and is home to a gallery on the inside. Live-sessions with artists<br />

such as Greg Mike, Kamea Hadar, Felipe Pantone and 2Alas, and<br />

getting to watch them<br />

www.heinekenxmontana.com<br />


90<br />

Because we know how much our fans love our limited edition cans, we decided to<br />

create a collectable model for this special experience. Our commemorative<br />

Heineken X Montana can doesn‘t just sport both logos and Miami’s<br />

beloved palm trees, it also contains Heineken’s favorite green<br />

color. Since the cans are not available for normal purchase,<br />

they belong to our special collectable can editions.



Vienna based artist Nychos, painting a larger than life eagle during the<br />

2015 Art Basel in Miami. Characteristic of this Montana-Cans supported<br />

artist, Nychos fuses illustration, comic art and the anatomy of the body<br />

into one powerful image.<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />


Level Up for the Streets of Mannheim<br />

Creating an urban gallery for the<br />

everyday spectator<br />

We really love what we do. This isn’t news to anyone affiliated with<br />

our brand, but there is a special satisfaction in seeing the fruits of our<br />

labors locally. We are very proud to be supporting the project ‚Stadt.<br />

Wand.Kunst‘, which translates as: ‚City.Wall.Art‘. These are, in our<br />

opinion, the essential ingredients for awesome graffiti. The four initiators<br />

– the GBG housing association of Mannheim, Montana-Cans,<br />

the Agency for Urban Cultural Development and the Alte Feuerwache<br />

cultural arts center - have made it their goal to create a public gallery<br />

on grey city walls - to design large-scale murals on blank house fronts<br />

in the central districts of Mannheim.<br />

But, one essential ingredient for awesome graffiti is still missing in<br />

this list of factors. Yes, the artist creating it. Fortunately we have a<br />

fantastic pool of fabulous artists to choose from. In 2015, we invited<br />

prominent national and international artists, namely SOBEKCIS from<br />

Belgrade, STOHEAD from Berlin and SatOne from Munich, in addition<br />

to local artists like Hombre, Boogie, Sweetuno and Meiner.<br />

SOBEKCIS’ „Motion“ and SatOne’s „Insomnia“ murals are located in<br />

Mannheim’s city district of Neckarstadt. These works are large-scale,<br />

colorful and their impressive designs convey the artists‘ styles and<br />

preferences. STOHEAD‘s „RHYTHM“ mural can be found directly in<br />

Mannheim’s city center. The graffiti-style writing in the mainly black<br />

and white design really captures your attention and corresponds wonderfully<br />

with the city’s new status as the „city of music“ since 2014.<br />


<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />



<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

016<br />

As a result of our endeavor, graffiti, as a contemporary art form, gets<br />

high public exposure in prominent places in the cityscape, as well as<br />

being a substantial improvement in its appearance. The public at large<br />

can enjoy the growing number of artworks any time and can even<br />

enjoy following the process of creating these monumental artworks<br />

free of charge.<br />

Our efforts began in 2013, with the idea of inviting HERAKUT to create<br />

a mural for their storybook project on one of Mannheim’s facades.<br />

The idea was received with much enthusiasm by our partners at the<br />

Alte Feuerwache, the GBG housing association - the owner of the<br />

facade we chose for the project - and the agency for Urban Cultural<br />

Development - an agency which shares our goals. These include<br />

promoting young talent and strengthening the local street art scene.<br />

Young, local artists are provided the opportunity to gather experience<br />

with large scale art and refine their technique on the walls of condemned<br />

buildings.<br />

We want to support Mannheim’s capacity for promoting the street art<br />

scene and help maximize its potential. In the future, local artists, and<br />

national and international artists alike will have their works displayed<br />

on predominant walls of Mannheim’s downtown area.<br />

www.stadt-wand-kunst.de<br />



open urban art gallery mannheim<br />



Montana x Marsimoto<br />

When a German Rapper receives a platinum record for an album,<br />

we tend to notice. It is not only the music of this specific<br />

HipHop star that is so impressive, but also his interesting career<br />

path. First he starting off playing soccer as a member of the<br />

U-17 squad of the German national soccer team, then he was<br />

discovered by a model scout in New York. After he got bored<br />

with modeling for brands such as Diesel and Hugo Boss, he moved<br />

back to Germany in 2003 and studied acting, and then – to<br />

our pleasure – decided to dive into his music career.<br />

We are talking – of course – about Materia or more precisely<br />

his alter-ego MARSIMOTO, who has created a design for his very<br />

own signature color: Green! To be specific, our very own, brand<br />

new hue: <strong>MONTANA</strong> MARSIGREEN. If MARSIMOTO had his<br />

way, the entire world would be green. <strong>MONTANA</strong> MARSIGREEN<br />

stands for hope, calm, safety, inspiration, freshness, nature and<br />

life. Marsigreen rooms can have a calming, balancing and even<br />

noise-dampening effect. It gives your eyes a sense of restfulness,<br />

since the sight of green is never strenuous. The simple design<br />

of the green can depicts the MARSIMOTO logo on the front<br />

and center of the litho, making the design simple yet effective.<br />

As a result of fooling around with some effects in a recording<br />

program, Materia created his alter-ego MARSIMOTO, paying<br />

homage to Madlib’s alter-ego Quasimoto. Both alter-egos are<br />

known for their high-pitched voices. He released his debut album<br />

as MARSIMOTO in 2006 and started soaring in the German<br />

charts from there. MARSIMOTO just released his newest album<br />

in 2015 titled „Ring der Nebelungen“, literally „Ring of Fog“, which<br />

is actually a play on words referring to „The Ring of the Nibelung“<br />

a cycle of operatic dramas by composer Richard Wagner. We<br />

definitely prefer MARSIMOTO’s version rather than the worn out,<br />

ancient tale.<br />





Media owner and publisher:<br />

Montana-Cans<br />

Graphic design | Art direction:<br />

RB02 Design Raum & Montana-Cans<br />

Texts:<br />

Lydia Scott<br />

Photography:<br />

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DRAW A LINE p. 74, 75, 76, 77, 82, 85<br />

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Manuel Wagner p. 97, 98, 100, 101<br />

Calvin Nakamaru, Jok Sauer, Jan Pecht<br />

© <strong>2016</strong>, Montana-Cans<br />

All rights reserved.<br />

Reprinting, even in part, only with the approval of the<br />

publisher. No liability can be accepted for unsolicited<br />

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<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> / EDITION # 01 / <strong>2016</strong><br />


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