Day 15 The Workers and Their Ministries

15 Days of Prayer for


during the Tibetan New Year

Prayer for the Workers

God has called many people to colabour

with Him and see His kingdom

extended throughout the areas

in which Tibetan people live. Many

nations, ethnicities and denominations

are represented in this effort,

each bringing something unique

to the tapestry. Amongst Tibetans

themselves there is a huge variety in

the expressions of culture, religion

and values they hold. This is hardly

surprising when one considers

what a vast area they dwell in, from

Western China, to Northern India

and Nepal with multiple sub-groups

in each nation.

Pray then that organisations and individuals

would value the diversity

found in the multi-faceted body of

Christ and that as ambassadors of

Christ they would strive to maintain

unity and no division would

be found among them. Pray that

the desire to see God’s kingdom

extended in the power of the Spirit

would take precedence over sectarian


Pray for boldness for every worker:

that each one would make the most

of every opportunity and never

succumb to the “fear of man”. On

the other hand pray that all workers

would have such an understanding

of the cultural context they

are serving in that no unnecessary

stumbling block would be placed

before a single Tibetan (Acts

15:12-19). May each one be as “one

approved” before God, rightly handling

the word of truth and strong in

character (2 Tim 2:14-26).

As these messengers may live in

exotic towns, travel on dangerous

roads, at times eat unidentifiable

foods, and sometimes lack easy

access to good care and medical

services, pray for their health and

their safety at all times (2 Cor 1:8-

11). Pray also for financial provision

to enable them to study effectively,

pay their bills, travel to remote

places and care for their children.

May they not have to worry about

daily provision, and let the focus of

their prayers be on their ministries

and the people with whom they

have contact.

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