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Report Description

Cell-free fetal DNA is an extension of prenatal testing in a safe and non-invasive method.

Prenatal tests are used to find any irregularities in a fetus. The two predominant prenatal

tests are chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis, both are invasive and could

possess harm to the developing fetus, in some cases it can cause miscarriage. Cell-free

fetal DNA is a new alternative of prenatal tests. Fetal DNA is found in mother’s blood

stream, cell-free fetal DNA enters into the blood stream through the placenta, placenta is

a flattened organ in the uterus where maternal blood and fetal blood. The fetal DNA can

be split into very acute fragments, less than 200 base pairs on an average. Maternal DNA

fragments are also present in the blood. Fetal DNA is first noticed after 22-25 days of

fertilization and its concentrations increase as the time period of pregnancy increases.

Diagnostic tests for pregnancy using fetal DNA is possible in seventh week of pregnancy.

Fetal DNA can be rarely distinguished from the maternal DNA through diagnostic

practice. Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling prenatal test is possible within 14-

20 weeks and 10-13 weeks of pregnancy respectively. Cell-free fetal DNA non-invasive

test is used to detect aneuploidy syndromes, fetal Down syndrome and signals a major

shift in diagnostic practice and prenatal screening.

Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing Market: Drivers and Restraints

The primary factor for the growth of global cell-free fetal DNA testing market is growing

awareness in the people and requirement of safe or low risk obstetric procedures for

prenatal testing. The technology which is used in cell-free DNA analysis and its

application to prenatal screening for aneuploidy is rapidly changing.

Report Description

The growth of cell-free fetal DNA testing market is primarily attributed to accurate and

effective results for aneuploidy screening. Major factor which limits the growth of the

global cell-free fetal DNA testing market is high cost of cell-free fetal DNA tests.

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Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing Market: Segmentation

Global cell-free fetal DNA testing market is classified on the basis of types of cell-free

fetal DNA tests and geography

Based on test types, the global cell-free fetal DNA testing market is segmented into the


Detection of Abnormal Chromosome Number

Gender Testing

Paternally Inherited Disorders

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Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing Market: Overview

The cell-free fetal DNA testing enables the parents to get information about general

survivable fetal aneuploidies with a high accuracy and without any diagnostic procedure

Report Description

In comparison with other screening method of aneuploidy, cell-free fetal DNA testing

offers various advantages such as lower false-positive results of cell-free fetal DNA test as

compared to other screening method. Aneuploidy is an unusual number of chromosome,

typically characterized by the absence of one copy of a single chromosome or by the

increase in the amount of chromosomes. The presence of an extra copy of chromosome

21 is called trisomy 21, which causes Down syndrome.

Cell-Free Fetal DNA Testing Market: Region-wise Outlook

The global cell-free fetal DNA testing market is expected to register a healthy CAGR for

the forecast period. Depending on geographic region, global cell-free fetal DNA testing

market is segmented into seven key regions: North America, South America, Eastern

Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. North America

held largest share in the global market of cell-free fetal DNA testing followed by Europe,

Japan and Asia Pacific owing to high occurrence of several diseases and increasing

number of aneuploidies, great advancement in field of aneuploidy screening and

developed healthcare infrastructure. The developing nations in Asia Pacific, Middle East

and Africa hold huge potential for growth in the global cell-free fetal DNA testing market,

due to its quick and accurate result without any risk to developing fetus.

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Cell-Free Fetal DNA testing Market: Key Players

Some of the key participating global players in cell-free fetal DNA testing global market

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