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When we can in the moment stop and listen to our

justifications, or at the ...


This scientific knowledge was popular at varies times

on this Earth, but fell out of popularity for ...


Things get more complicated with those who use

romance to fill the void of childhood ...


Pittsburgh retired engineer, CMU grad- Larry Coudriet

was interviewed in the article.


Having read it, I can say it provides many insights into

the vast array of legal and technical issues ...


Everyone has unconditional love deep within their

heart. We have covered it up with walls, ...


People ask me if UFO’s are ready to give it up. I

wonder if UFO’s are going to disclose their ...


2016 will be decisive in that people will either let fear

take them over, or love.


Be aware that peace is within each and every one of

you, simply to be unfolded as the flower blossoms ...


He is considered the most influential physicist of the

20th century. Einstein would qualify as a pretty ...


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Self-denial or


By Reverend Patti Perhacs

Unity Center of Pittsburgh


Recently I was reviewing a transcript from

a class I had taken many years ago with my

teacher, Reverend Ralph D. Jordan, who is

now in the world of spirit A student asked,

“how does one avoid becoming angry?” Ralph

responded, “by not denying to yourself when

you are angry”. “Now logically I can say that,

but it doesn’t alter the fact that I still get

angry, but its effect is less because I recognize

it more readily”. (And here, for me, was the

kicker) “We are to be in the process of selfrealization

instead of being in the process of

self-denial”. In my own current personal place

of self-realization, I could laugh heartily at

this statement, and thought, this is a fabulous

clarification – and a great reminder!

As humans we tend to deny ourselves

when we are angry by placing blame on

another individual rather than looking

at what was the cause of our reaction to

the situation in anger. We move through

self-denial, thinking, it’s not my fault, and move

through other self-justifications and excuses for not

taking ownership of our own reaction and at that

moment, our inability to control what is likely our

disappointment or bruised ego. When we can in the

moment stop and listen to our justifications, or at

the very least realize we have stepped out of our

higher self, we begin our transformation. How to

avoid or discipline anger, frustration, or denial is not

to be afraid of confronting it, head on. Once we quit

making excuses, we can begin to peel back the veil

to our own understanding. When we are caught up in

the physical and emotional realms of our existence,

we are kept from our true, spiritual self.

We tend to avoid the microscopic view of ourselves

and can be quick to dismiss our behavior. It’s just so

much easier to blame others. This behavior impedes

our spiritual progression. So, how do we minimize

anger or other emotional outbursts? By creating

honest self-awareness of the cause. As you work with

acceptance and forgiveness, you will find you are

able to release the reaction. Progress continues as

you resolve to practice loving patience in the future.

You can then apply loving compassion and strength,

(two of our 12 inherent spiritual capacities as taught

by Unity) to accept, reframe and change your future

response. You’ll evolve and move forward on your

path to self-realization. Take this into meditation

and as Paramahansaji teaches, “prayerfully demand

as your own heart’s outburst” for dominion over your

emotional body, in times of trial. “Know that God

stands listening”, he teaches, “to the silent words of

your soul”. “Then go about your duties”. “Unceasingly

meditate on God, and when you feel Him, you will

acquire dominion over all things”.

Namaste dear ones. Peace be with you.

You can hear Reverend Patty and other new

thought practitioners speak on Sunday’s at 10:30

a.m. at the Unity Center of Pittsburgh, located on

the Waldorf School Campus on the east end.



What does “Free”

Energy Have To Do

With Spirituality?

By Sandy Esch

Let’s first make sure we are all

on the same page when we

take about the word “energy”.

The word ENERGY has basically 3


1. The power used for physical or

mental activity

2. The power used for running of

motors or creating heat and


3. The power released as

molecules interact.

With the new science coming

through there’s a 4 th added:

4. The power released as ‘fields’

interact. The Sun and light

is an example of this type of

energy – not lighting but light

from the Sun itself.

When this power reaches

certain strength in certain

conditions it can lead to:

- The forming of different

atoms. The energy that

enables protons, neutrons

and electrons to be.

- The forming of different

emotions. The energy that

enables thoughts, intuition,

and the soul to be.

- The forming of different

masses. The energy that

enables planets, galaxies

and universes to be.

In #4 you see that EVERYTHING

comes from energy that creates

and gives purpose. #4 is the basis

for the first three.

This scientific knowledge was

popular at varies times on this

Earth, but fell out of popularity

for some reason. Therefore the

scientific community generally

doesn’t regarded #4. By not

considering the effect of #4 energy

they can only understand the

relationship by how things work

on Earth. Unfortunately, the true

field intention that was the source

is not recognize because it started

in the universe.

Now in 2016 we are seeing

this knowledge re-entering. In

hopefully the very near future, all

humanity will have the knowledge

of how different ‘field’ interactions

create different emotions, matters

and beings. And how not only

does our body (actions) affect

different fields, thereby influencing

creation around us, but also how

our emotions (thoughts) also do.

Some of the scientists who are

now working with this level of

energy are:

Mehran T Keshe - Keshe

Foundation and Space Ship

Institute, Nassim Haramein

– The Resonance Project

Foundation, Marko Rodin –

Vortex Based Mathematics. I

a d v i s e e v e r y o n e t o l o o k t h e m u p !

M. T. Keshe is now releasing

products designed for space

living that are also useable here

on Earth. These produces work

with the universal energy source;

the same energy source that our

galaxy/solar system came from.

This technology allows for the

converting of Universal radiant

energy into useable energy for

anything…for electric, heat, food

– any material you can think of.

Everything on the Earth came from

the energy source of our SUN –

EVERYTHING! And now humanity

will be able to access these fields

of energy.

Another use for this new

technology will be on how to heal

our bodies and balance our minds.



Reiki practitioners, as well as

other energy workers understand

about using this energy. Now

tools are being made that actually

help those who do not have the


There will be tools that will allow

man to see the aura of the body,

as well as the energy grid that

holds our body material together

and the inner energy flow of

our organs and every cell of our

body. Healthy, active living - for

hundred of years, is expected. The

saying use to be “Without health

you have nothing.” Now health

will be easily taken care of, so the

saying will be “Without peace you

have nothing.”

This new science, called “Plasmatic

Science” by M. T. Keshe is the

unified theory, where science

meets our Creator (God). Our

Prime Creator is not a thing

or being, but a field of total

possibilities, total knowledge,

total wisdom and the emanating

field that our Creator gives to

us – our source – is the field of

Love. The new science shows

point blank how when we have our

state of mind in the state of Love,

we effect the fields around us in

such a way that possibilities are


Our essence is made of Love –

which is a Free Energy. As John

Lennon said “All we need is Love.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Editor’s note: The article is by Sandy Esch, who lives east of Pittsburgh. She and her husband

Bill Esch are currently in Italy studying free energy with worldwide scholars. Below photos are of Sandy’s experiments

and her husband giving demonstrations at their home and laboratory in Murraysville.


Recovery from



the past. In mediumship readings, with evidence of

their existence, I’ve brought through enough of these

parents in spirit to tell you that their child’s pattern

continues after the perpetrator’s death. Many of them

express regret of their behavior, and hope that the

son/daughter will stop repeating history. Since I’m not

a therapist, I recommend that the client sees one.

Sara Sachs is an Evidentiary Medium

in Pittsburgh with national and

international clientele.


As Valentines Day approaches, do you

feel sad to be single? Or, like me in the

past, view it as a day with the contempt

it deserves? Through self-searching, I’ve

realized the second reaction is a defense

mechanism for the first! As a psychic medium, many

of the issues around this day come up in readings.

There’s nothing like this holiday to bring up

ghosts of relationships past, or the sadness of

being in a bad one now! This is the shadow side

of a day others experience as romantic. People

who have a string of dysfunctional relationships

usually come from that kind of a family. For

example, someone who grew up with an abusive

alcoholic parent, is likely to be drawn to partners

who are the same! It’s his/her deep desire to

change that person in an attempt to go back to fix

Things get more complicated with those who use

romance to fill the void of childhood abandonment

issues. They often choose partners who won’t

commit. Ironically, this is how they try to ease the

pain of being ignored by the parent(s). This parental

unavailability comes in the form of addictions,

workaholism, etc. Again, partners are chosen on

that basis. Competition and jealousy come into the

picture with history of a sibling receiving a large

amount of attention over another, be it good or

bad! Friends, coworkers are seen as threats! They

are seen as that brother/sister. Again, in my work,

many of these deceased parents come through in

sittings. The sad thing is that, in most instances,

these neglectful, oblivious people don’t realize until

after death the harm they’ve done. They express their

amazement and remorse in their message. Again,

therapy is recommended. My job is to reveal, through

spirit, what’s happening. The sitter then chooses the

resolution. A suggestion for single people is to make

a partner manifestation diary, where qualities of the

ideal mate are written. It’s useful to give oneself

permission to make changes in this exercise over


This could used in therapy to gain insights. I firmly

believe that the universe will produce that special

person in due time, if this project is done seriously.

A profile emerges as someone totally different from

former attractions. That’s where transformation occurs.

The older adrenaline choices no longer work.

The ultimate celebration of Valentine’s Day is

self-love. With that, the rest falls in place. Happy

Valentine’s Day, everyone!



Pittsburgh Metaphysics Meetup group

This is an open forum without

any attachment to a specific

thought philosophy, belief

structure, orientation, or


Everyone is welcome. Please

join our group if you are

not already a member. It is

free and a wonderful way to

spend time with like-minded

people in order to network

and to explore the mysteries

of the universe. Meetings are

held at the Squirrel Hill Library

For more information please

email marike.vuga@gmail.



Can we bring LOVE to the 2016 Election?

“Think of hate as fire and love as water. Just

as you can’t successfully fight fire with fire, nor

can you successfully fight hate with hate. It

is the water of love

that can extinguish

the fire of hate –

nothing else. Your

prayers can be the

fountain from which

that water flows.

This may sound like

wishful thinking but

it really is true – with

experience you

will discover this for

yourself. But love is

much more than a

way to extinguish

hate. It is a force for

healing, inspiration

and transmutation.

Just as life as we

know it on Earth could not exist without water,

nothing in the universe could exist without



Gotta “love:


By: Larry Coudriet

In January of 2015 Dr.

Steven Greer led an

expedition to Vero Beach FL

to make ET contact using

the CE5 consciousness


This video clip Vero Beach

Jan 2015 shows twin orbs

suspended over the water.

Apparently this caused quite a

stir amongst South FL residents

according to John Thomason,

Editor of Boca Magazine who

decided to write an article on this


(See Boca Magazine: Part 1

and Part 2). Pittsburgh retired

engineer, CMU grad- Larry

Coudriet was interviewed in the


Editors note: If you are looking for local mediation groups with a focus on the highest ET awareness…. Larry leads a

CE-5 (Close Encounter of the 5 th kind- human initiated) contact group in Pittsburgh PA. Persons wishing to make contact

must first go through a training session. Email at for more information, and check out the

CE5 Facebook Group.

If you would like to read this tantalizingly

presumptuous short article, it is available online in

its entirety. The message was brought through by

a Pittsburgh Women’s Spirituality group in the mid

90’s and is still relevant today. (The Silver Sisters) It

was inspired by the Goddess, through a meditative

process called Drawing Down the Moon.

If you like this message from the Goddess, and

would like to read more, check out

“It will be the glory of the universe. Souls will travel

here to see how we did it!”



Our government is getting us ready for

Disclosure through leakage of factual

Details about Mars

By Larry Coudriet

In the 2015 Movie “The Martian” Director Ridley Scott depicts a

Martian atmosphere dense enough to allow catastrophic wind

storms. He even show by implication that the atmospheric

density is suitable for breathing. (Hmmm... they used to tell us

Mars had no atmosphere...).NASA’s Press Release:

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

For those of an academic

bent, you might consider

the following read.

“After Disclosure” by

Richard Dolan and Bryce

Zabel is recommended by the

ET’s themselves. Having read it, I

can say it provides many insights

into the vast array of legal and

technical issues we earthlings will

need to deal with as we become

part of the Galactic Community.


So why has disclosure been so

difficult to put in effect? Simply

stated, there are powerful interests

who believe that disclosure will

hurt them. The list includes

our government (who controls

us through ignorance), energy

companies (who don’t want us

to know that ET space craft don’t

require ExxonMobil JetA fossil fuel),

and many religions (who will be

faced with difficult explanations or

revisions to their stated beliefs).

I suspect that complete disclosure

will be very difficult for the

general population to accept and

assimilate. I anticipate angst,

confusion and general disbelief.

As one committed to the postdisclosure

world, I continue to

offer my meager skills to assist

the Pittsburgh community through

this transition. Unfortunately, this

transition is without precedent.

In closing, I again was offered a

beautiful message provided by the

ET’s just the day before I began

writing this article. (I am blessed

to have a close friend who is an

adept channel). The following

message was delivered just in

time. I would loosely paraphrase

their message as: “We are to know

that even though we have taken

and used many of Gaia’s resources,

she will always grow and provide

for our needs. We have failed

to see that there are sufficient

resources on the planet for all.

Free energy (which has been

available to us since the 1920’s)

other advanced technologies have

been hidden from the general

public. These technologies

will relieve much inequality

and environmental stress when

everyone permits their use

knowing there are adequate

resources for all.”

They began their channeled

message to us with words of

Love. “If we all loved each other

without reservation, none of this

would have happened”. Alas,

the main task for us as we usher

in Disclosure and approach

Valentine’s Day, is to meditate,

raise your consciousness level,

and take the daring step to not

just practice Love, but rather, Be





South Hills and Washington PA

The Beatles sing “Love, Love, love… Love, love,

love… Love is all there is.”

They are correct, love is all there is when you release

all that you don’t truly need only unconditional love


Everyone has unconditional love deep within their

heart. We have covered it up with walls, shields, boxes,

etc. from past hurts or disappointments. We feel we

need to protect our hearts so that doesn’t happen

again. We place a further level of protection from hurt

by putting distance between ourselves and our hearts.

Only this being cut off from our feelings may numb our

ability to feel pain, it’s so far from joy they are not even

on the same field.

So what’s the answer?

First realizing that unconditional love that you already

have deep inside you is the most powerful force


It was put there by God itself (I say it, because God has

no gender, but is the pure spirit of unconditional and

the energy that animates your body is an extension

of that love) as this unconditional love was placed in

you by God it is timeless, eternal, you have an endless

supply of this unconditional love that no person or

situation can ever take away.

I help my clients to experience their truth. When they

do all walls, shields, boxes and distance from their

heart is no longer necessary. They because to truly

experience the true joy and peace of who they are

beyond their EGO story.

No longer is there a fear of hurt in any type of

relationship. For they know they are whole and

complete just as they are. No voids to fill, just love to

extend as the kingdom of God is built on the extension

of this unconditional love.

They know that they will meet many people who are

not operating on this unconditional love yet. They

know as they are who they are, they are allowing these

other people to catch a glimpse of this unconditional

love inside themselves. They begin to know they

don’t need a relationship with someone to make them

temporarily happy.

They know that if and when they choose to share

time with someone it will be with someone who is

awakened to living this unconditional love and the

relationship will always be up lifting.

Unconditional love is a journey within. It is a journey that

heals all emotional and physical issues that we have. It is

a place where our DNA blueprint begins to be read for

health in each and every way.

It is a journey that I take every client on who truly

seeks the ultimate truth…For those who want to truly

discover the divine, we begin this journey and it is

an eternal smile that awaits them at the end of this


For the end is really the eternal beginning… Namaste



Freedom from


By Rick DiClementi

We keep getting fooled. We’re used to

it. It’s a hypnotic dream.

“My, a storm is brewing.” “I wonder

what Iran will do next?” “What if I run

out of money?” “I wonder if I’ll lose my

job” “How can I keep my utilities on?”

People ask me if UFO’s are ready to give

it up. I wonder if UFO’s are going to

disclose their existence now? The great

Carl Jung came to the conclusion that

UFOs were examples of the phenomena

of synchronicity where external events

mirror internal psychic states. As usual,

he saw the UFO situation in a broader

perspective than most. For Jung the UFO

images had much to do with the ending

of an era in history and the beginning of

a new one. In his introductory remarks

to Flying Saucers he writes about the

UFO events:

“As we know from ancient Egyptian

history, they are manifestations of

psychic changes which always appear

at the end of one Platonic month and

at the beginning of another. Apparently

they are changes in the constellation of

psychic dominants, of the archetypes,

or ‘gods’ as they used to be called,

which bring about, or accompany,

long-lasting transformations of the

collective psyche. We are now nearing

that great change which may be

expected when the spring point enters

Aquarius. (the Age of Aquarius)”

Quantum mechanics holds the answers

and is here to stay and will probably

take us a very long time to grok. There

is no “outside.” There is no “inside.”

It sure sounds confusing, and that’s

because it’s really so simple.” We’re

all one thing”. That must be only for

books, right? And poems? Well, if there

is no inside or outside, what is there?

There just is ISness, that’s what. We

need to start noticing EVERYTHING

that happens “outside” of ourselves

is merely a reflection of what’s going

on inside. And that is why, if UFO’s

disclose their existence, it’s a symbol

of us learning from another layer of

knowledge that is becoming available

from within – we are ready. That’s

what astrology shows us.

What’s really going on now, amidst

other sub-cycles, is that we are being

liberated from within. How? By whom?

By us, silly! There is only one Mind. The

collective mind.

It is TIME we liberate ourselves or else

we will perish.

This does not mean that everything

will be hunky-dory. Far from it.

We have to get out of this ancient,

extremely antiquated mindset that God

is up “there” somewhere making things

happen down here on “earth.” And,

if we BEHAVE according to someone

else’s laws, it will all be okay. We now

see how much we have been taken

by our churches and their ownership

mentality. Enjoying camaraderie is one

thing but to allow these “ministers and

leaders” to turn our own minds off is

quite another. It really is time that we

all grow up and face what really is, and

that is no simple task.

The more and more I look around the

last half of 2015, what I have been

seeing, CLEARLY, is that the Age of Mea

Culpa is over and dying. That means

the L-O-N-G age of blaming ourselves

is passing and dying. “Oh it must be my

fault, I didn’t BEHAVE RIGHT!” Needing

to sacrifice sheep or ourselves upon the

altar in order to keep the gods happy

does not work and is 100% fear-based.

We don’t need that paradigm anymore.

I mean, C’mon. Enough movies. Enough

crosses to bear.

I don’t have much more to say except

that it’s just so obvious. We have been


the church-state for so long and THAT

IS OVER NOW. It was all so easy to

surrender so we didn’t have to own our

own thoughts and ideas, eh? There is

no need to be frightened now, really.

The door to the birdcage has opened and

really, honestly, it is okay that we fly.

It’s happening on all levels. Do not wait

for a UFO to come free you. Do not

wait for Obama or Bernie to liberate

your life. As we trade in the chains of

old-comfort we get new liberation and

that means we need one thing, really:

an inner guidance system. Many call it

the Holy Spirit. You will have your own

name for it, such as Grace, God, “The

Universe”, etc.

We already have one. We always have

had it. Don’t look to me; I have my own.

You have yours and it is wonderful.

Don’t crash and burn worrying about

“what’s going to happen in America?”

What will happen is exactly what we

choose, nothing more or less.

Celebrate; it is real, it is just starting

and lets dump many truckloads of

thanks upon all those tremendous

souls that did all the heavy lifting in

order to get us to this point in our

evolution. Thank you. Thank you.

Don’t listen to anything by anybody

unless the sounds of your own wings

are included in their song.




Suzanne Bishop

The Bodhi Tree editor asked for

predictions for 2016. I have always been

intuitive/psychic since birth, and currently

as a professional psychic stay away

from predicting anything. Despite this, I

feel differently about 2016 predictions

because we are living in deciding times.

There is something about the energies

coming from what I think is the collective

unconscious/conscious that is huge.

2016 will be decisive in that people will

either let fear take them over, or love.

Many shakeups occur and have already

started to materialize. An example is

the hold that Bernie Sanders has on

a growing section of voters. Info that

was once hidden is coming to light.

Companies and governments are laid

bare and people are reacting with spirit

and a newfound knowing they are worth

more than what the status quo has to

offer. Will we rise to begin to make the

changes in our lives that guarantee the

saving of our planet from climate change,

war and overpopulation?

Our world in 2016 is full of circumstances

that seem out of control. I don’t see

the problems in Middle East getting

better, I see more domestic violence and

terrorism, and violence around the world

in general, more species dying, more

disclosure from whistle blowers, and an

increasing divide between the lovers and

the haters. If the movement continues

with people standing up for their own

self-interests based on self-love, I am

very hopeful for the future. As that

connection to the collective grows closer

home for many, an opportunity opens to

live more authentically.

The connection to the collective is a

heart connection and those that choose

love choose a victory for all. 2016 is a

deciding year, the collective is calling.

Know you are loved, you are perfect, live

to serve others and the world and learn

to thrive.

Lets all rise to make 2016 better than

ever imagined.



When we learn to cultivate inner peace,

we create peace with our spirit. Once

we obtain peace within our spirit, we are

able to raise the energetic vibrations of

universal consciousness.

Be aware that peace is within each and

every one of you, simply to be unfolded

as the flower blossoms welcome the

morning sun. We are one with the

Universe, just as we are one tree with

intertwined roots connected to the

neighboring tree, sharing the same sun

by day and the moon by night. That is

why there is no need to seek peace, for

it is already imbedded within your spirit,

ready and waiting to be nurtured. Just

as you bathe your body every day, when

you are mindful of your inner peace with

every breath you take, you cleanse your

spirit and your mind.

Many of you already seek inner peace

through various meditation methods and

breathing techniques, but when you’re

out and about and someone interrupts

your tranquility, you need a quick fix

to bring you back to the well within

yourself in order to bring forth your inner

peace once again. One easy breathing

exercise by Zen Master, Thich Nat Hahn,

can be recited anytime your inner peace

is threatened to bring you back to your

present moment:

Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing

out, I smile.

Dwelling in the present moment, I know

that this is a wonderful moment!

The message is a simple one: as

you follow your journey’s path of

being mindful of your inner peace, it

is necessary to recognize and release

your feelings of fear and anger in order

to give birth to your peace. Only with

a calm mind is it possible for you to

examine, and then accept, release,

and move-on from the root of your

fear and anger. By acknowledging and

taking ownership of your feelings,

you are able to truly be free from

the incorrect perceptions of the

influences that are not your own, such

as inherited opinions of your parents,

well-intentioned friends, or even the

most minor events that contributed

to these feelings. Once you have an

understanding of your fears and anger,

you are able to cultivate compassion

and forgiveness. It is only through

the ingredients of forgiveness and

compassion that you are able to release

any suffering and make room in your

heart to breathe in and breathe out

peace during your daily routine.

By nurturing the seeds of peace, you

have taken the first step on your journey

to integrating the true nature of what

the word, ‘peace,’ truly means and thus

end the suffering around you, one breath

at a time. Peace be with you. My peace,

I give to you.



Spiritual Stuff to Do When…

You see terrorism, poverty and corruption...

It may seem that love is

in short supply. Most of

us have had our hearts

broken more times than

we would like to admit

(even to ourselves). With

Valentine’s Day coming

soon, I wanted to take a

moment to propose that

love really could be the

answer for what ails us

as a human race.

I will pull in some assistance from

thought leaders to hypothesize my

conclusion. Let me begin with the

problem. “What problem” you say?

Any problem, if we could keep it

that simple. Problems that require

a solution.

Einstein said “No problem can

be solved from the same level of

consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein was a physicist

who developed the general

theory of relativity, among other

feats. He is considered the most

influential physicist of the 20th

century. Einstein would qualify

as a pretty smart guy right? Who

hasn’t heard a thing or two about

his brilliance? So if the level of

consciousness has something to

do with the problem, what are

levels of consciousness? According

to Deepak Chopra at www., there are three

levels of awareness:

Level 1: Contracted awareness

This is the level of problems,

obstacles, and struggle. Answers

are limited. If you are at this

level, you will be frustrated and


An ongoing column by Rev (Chi chi) Rivera

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Level 2: Expanded awareness

This is the level where solutions

begin to appear. There is less

struggle. Obstacles are easier to

overcome. Your vision extends

beyond the conflict, giving you

more clarity. Negative energies are

confronted realistically.

Level 3: Pure awareness

This is the level where no

problems exist. Every challenge

is a creative opportunity. You feel

completely aligned with the forces

of nature.

If Einstein was correct in saying

that we cannot solve problems at

the same level of consciousness

that created it, we must learn

how to transcend in awareness.

Whether that transcendence is at

the personal level, or humanity’s

level. An interesting book written

some years ago by psychiatrist Dr.

David R. Hawkins called Power vs.

Force, talks about the frequency

vibration of various emotions. He

created a tone scale from 1 to a

1000 and rated them using muscle

testing and thousands of volunteer

test subjects.Feelings like fear and

shame were on the low end of

the spectrum, while love, joy and

gratitude occupied the coveted

500 and above spots. If we want

our species to survive, if we are to

find meaning in life, if we want to

save the world and every sentient

being that inhabits it, love is the

answer. It’s vibrational frequency

is very high. Expressing love, or

gratitude would help you raise

your level of awareness and open

you to solutions.

When we learn to give and receive

love, we will have affirmed

that love conquers all, is able to

transcend everything and anything,

because love is the quintessence

of life. Happy Valentine’s Day, give

love...not gifts.


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