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“Beyond My Own Imagination”

Four Walls... A Dark Room... Bended Knees... Folded Hands... Flowing Tears... Pure Silence...

and Depression...It was more than just words, it meant something BIG!!!

For so long I’ve lived it, so I grew accustomed to believing it; as a result I began to physically

feel it.

It became a part of my daily routine. I became a Creature of Habit. And although it was silently

tearing me internally apart, I had no clue on how to stop it from permanently settling on my heart.

All the while, there was still something in me that helped me to remain faithful, encouraged and I

managed to press through every single day - doing my best by continuously ignoring it in hopes

of finding a better way.

Then one day, there was a noise, a firm, but soothing noise. It was a positive, motivating,

encouraging and very uplifting, but silent noise.

A joyful noise that bought overwhelming peace to my spirit. A sound that I could actually feel and

instantaneously, I knew it was Him!

See, GOD hears what is not spoken, & understands what is not explained. For His love doesn’t

work from the lips or from the mind, but directly from out HEARTS.

The most difficult task about going through rough times is that; You become aware that YOU are

no longer controlling the situation, and you are now forced to question yourself about ever really

being in control.

You are then forced to make major changes before you’re ready

or suddenly question what you thought you

always knew.

Even though, there’s always a possibility to

turn what you may believe to be some of the

most negative situations, into really great opportunities

for you to grow from.

But that can only happen if you can dig deep enough to

find the willingness, trust, faith, patience and strength to

surrender your situation & yourself... Which I did.

That very same day, EVERYTHING about me (including

my perception & attitude of people and things)

completely changed.

*Once I came to the realization of how our; “Society is

seemingly structured and driven by insecure individuals

who live their lives to make you feel inferior, and force

you to feel that you should be content with mediocrity.

They pride themselves on coming up with different ways

on how to intimidate you. They try to use their titles,

positions, authority or the power that they’ve been given

(most of the time unearned & by default); forcing you to

lower your values, standards, morals & principals so that

they themselves will feel better about who they really

are...or lack there of.

People will always judge you. They’ll pretend to understand who you are and what you’re going through;

only to get up close and personal enough to take advantage of your disadvantages. They set out to make

you feel less so they can feel as if they are more; or simply brainwash you into believing that you don’t blend

in and you’ll never make it. Nelson Mandela once said, “Our deepest fear is NOT that we are inadequate,

our deepest fear is that we are all powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most

frightens us.”

You electing to decrease in size does not & will never serve the world; as there is nothing enlightening about

dumbing yourself down, so that others will feel less insecure about themselves. We are all meant to shine

as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it’s instilled within ALL of us - purposely. Once we choose to shine

our own lights, we give other people permission to do the same. Because as we become liberated from our

own fears, our presence will automatically liberate others.

What profits you to gain the world, only to lose your very own soul? Absolutely NOTHING!!!

Stop consuming your yourself with the opinions of society and focus more on becoming a better YOU.

While everyone else is running around in circles emulating what the world views as “Idols”, why NOT take a

step outside of that circle and create yourself a square?!?

Never allow ANY individual to devalue you. Know that you are exceptionally valuable and created worthy.

Go out and seek self-contentment, even if you have to use a flashlight in the daylight. Take pride in being

the BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE; Because realistically everyone else is already taken. When YOU learn

to LOVE YOU... Everyone else will follow suit!!!

I’d like to congratulate the entire staff & volunteers of Circle Of One Marketing, AEG Live (and their affiliated

teams), Mayor Oliver Gilbert & The City Of Miami Gardens for their phenomenal work in Executing The

10th Annual Jazz In The Gardens & All of the associated events that took place at the Sun Life Stadium.

Special Thanks to:

Comedians and Nationally-Syndicated radio personalities D.L. Hughley and Rickey Smiley who co-hosted

the festival and our local artists like: Valerie Tyson and Karina Iglesias of “The Voice” who joined A Rated

Artists such as Maxwell, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Erykah Badu, Run-D.M.C., Sheila E., Brian Culbertson, Men

of Soul’s, Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, and Freddie Jackson, and Jazz in the Gardens All Stars Ronnie

Laws, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Tom Browne; who made this “Without a doubt, our most exciting

lineup yet,” said City of Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert, and by the reports on ticket sales, there was

no denying it.”

We hope you enjoy our Recap & Photos of Jazz In The Gardens 2015 “Picture The

Legacy” and look forward to seeing you at next years festivities with even more

surprises than this year.

For more information about 2015’s 10th Anniversary Edition of Jazz In The

Gardens Visit www.jazzinthegardens.com Facebook: jazzinthegardens Twitter:

jazzgardens and Instagram: jitg10

This issue of Frosty’s Flava Magazine is dedicated

to Dyron Romer and my cousin Kevin Boujoly who

passed and all of our friends, followers and fan

who may also have lost a loved one this year already -

Remain Encouraged!!!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to

share us, support us, patronize us, our advertisers and the

promoted emerging artists & designers. We are honored to

have been awarded the privilege and opportunity to share

with you on our very 1st LOCAL ISSUE EVER.

Thanks To Our Front Cover Features:

“The Game Changers” Photos by JLove

Analogy, LaVie, Larry Dogg, Butterfly and our very own

Mustafa On Sax as they grace our cover with poise &


We decided to switch things up and get Up Close and Very

Personal with these 5 Exceptional Individuals and asked

them to share a little about their journey with you. They are

all very talented, diverse, driven, passionate, saavy and oh

so AMAZING at what they do. They are also available for

booking for various entertainment purposes.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoy

collaborating with others and sharing it with you. Until Our

Next Issue - Take Care Of Yourselves & Each Other!!!

From her




to her




La’Vie is a


example of

living life to

the fullest!

With such a becoming name, “La Vie,”

which in French means “The Life,” uses her

eclectic contemporary sound as a vehicle to

encourage and empower all people to seek out

and experience “the life” that God intends for

all to have!

Charline Murphy, (LaVie’s real name),

realized the potential in her gift of singing in

the seventh grade, yet didn’t begin pursuing

gospel music until the age of 17.

Since then, she has been awarded the opportunity

to sing and travel with many local

artists, as well as National and International

Recording Artists, such as: Joe Pace, Martha

Munizzi, Nigel Lewis, Papa San, and Kymani


La Vie has also recently re-released her first solo album, entitled “Life

Music,” and is presently working her second. Now, employing her

sensational collaboration of Soul, R&B, and Neo-Soul musical styles.

LaVie’s ministry breaks through the

barriers of traditional gospel platforms

while expressing her lifelong message: to

show the world what God has shown her,

that each and every person is not only

uniquely designed, but is wonderfully

created with vision…with purpose!

It’s time to embrace your greatness! It’s

time to live “THE LIFE!”



Email: Booklavie@gmail.com

As a musician,

Mustafa has studied

and performed all

over the United States.

Performing with with

groups like: The

Melton Mustafa

Orchestra (A 17 piece

jazz big Band ala Count

Basie), Rock With You

Ent., Ike and Val Woods

(Blues Band), Betty Padgett

(Blues/Funk Vocalist), The

New Vision Sax Ensemble

(Sax Quartet), Barabas

and “The New Tribe” in the


Melton Mustafa Jr. is a two time Grammy Music Educator Quarter-Finalist who was recently featured at The Jazz

In The Gardens Festival in Miami. Mustafa is also the son of International Jazz trumpeter and composer Melton S.

Mustafa. Growing up with a father who played in Duke Ellington’s and Count Basie’s Band was a great honor and

set the bar extremely high for young Mustafa. Melton Mustafa was born in Atlanta, GA. and raised in Miami, Fl.

where he started playing music in high school under the direction of Mr. Frank Neal at Miami Carol City HS. Mustafa

received a Bachelor of Science in Music Ed from Florida A&M University where he served as Section leader of the

saxophone section and head of the Dance Routine and Show Planning Committee for the Legendary Marching

“100”. While at FAMU, Mustafa performed with the FAMU “Strikers” at the Apollo theatre and traveled the world

with the Marching “100”. Mustafa received a Master’s Degree in Education from FIU and is working on his Doctoral

Degree in

Educational Leadership. Mustafa currently works as Professional Music Educator at Parkway School

of the Arts where he has developed a superior rated music program. Mustafa is also Music Professor

at Florida Memorial University and a Florida Band Master Association Music Adjudicator

for the state.

As a musician, Mustafa has studied and performed all over the United States. Performing

with groups like: The Melton Mustafa Orchestra (A 17 piece jazz big Band ala

Count Basie), Raheem Devaughn, Jaguar Wright, Betty Wright, Talib Kweli, James

Carter, Rosario

Guiliani, Teedra Mosley, Rock With You Ent., Ike and Val Woods (Blues Band), Betty

Padgett (Blues/Funk Vocalist), The New Vision Sax Ensemble (Sax Quartet), Barabas and

“The New Tribe” in the Bahamas. As a director, Mustafa has conducted the “Star Spangled

Banner” for the Junior Olympics, directed the Broward County Public Schools All-County

Honors Jazz Band, directed the South Florida Precision Camp Jazz Band in

Overtown at the famous Lyric Theater, written and directed a show for the

Super Bowl

entitled “Global Rhythms Local Beat”, served as the Musical Director

for the Show “From the Porch” featuring Danny Glover,

musical director for the show “Sisters”, directed and choreographed

the marching band for Master “P” and Little Romeo’s

music video, “Two Way”(which was featured on the show TV

Show Access Granted- the making of the video). A couple

of years ago, Melton Mustafa wrote and received a grant to

start a community band at the African Heritage Cultural Arts

Center. The grant was written to allow a venue for anyone

in the community who plays jazz or classical music and

wants to play and perform. Mustafa also wrote a grant for

the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. This grant was entitled

“Girls Be Aware” and was developed to teach young ladies

proper etiquette and appropriate male/female relations.

In 2012 Melton Mustafa was honored as one of South

Florida’s 40 Under 40 Most Influential Black Leaders of

Today and Tomorrow. Melton has been featured on the

following: “Butterfly” CD “Mr. Sax”, Love Letter (Bertrand

Boyd), “St. Louis Blues” CD (Big Band), “Sea B Marrah” Yes

Its Time and Space Music CD (Reggae), Betty Pageant CD

(Blues sax), Ike and Val Woods CD “Live at Tobacco Road”,

Guest Artist for the show “By Kids for Kids (channel 10), acted in

Tom Dowd (Film), Acted in “The Buddy Holly Story” Actor’s Play

House”(off Broadway), danced at the Apollo Theater (Striker

dance troupe). As a producer, Melton Mustafa just released

“Scenes from Miami” Vol. 1 “The Softer Side” CD (featuring International

trumpeter and recording artist Melton Mustafa Sr.)

Rebecca “Butterfly”

Vaughns is beyond

buzz-worthy. She

blazes pages, stages

and ciphers.

cover story


Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns is a Miami native. She is a

force to reckon with in the arena of poetry. Her ability to

freestyle poetry on the spot for any occasion leaves listeners

in awe. She’s been penning poetry since the age of

10(43). She stepped out on to the poetry scene in 1997

and in 2002 became a full-time poet. She’s the author of

3 self published books of poetry, a recording artist with

12 albums to date as of April 2015, and the producer and

director of 9 stage productions. Her work is appreciated by the likes of Ms.

Betty Wright, Nikki Giovanni, Robert Townsend, Kim Coles, Fantasia,

Lenny Williams, Florida Memorial University first woman president in

135 years Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis and Rick Party just to name a few.

“Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns is beyond buzz-worthy.

She blazes pages, stages and ciphers.”- Bruce George,

Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam

“I’m thinking they should have named you Phoenix

because you just keep rising.”-Nikki Giovanni,


“Thank you soooo much for your words, work, and who

you are in the world.”-Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

“Oh! Talented One!”-MC Lyte, Recording Artist~Actress

“Thank you for being my poet.”-Robert Townsend, Actor~Director

“I think Rebecca Vaughns is a superb writer. I consider it an

honor to read her poetry in print form. I will never forget

her professionalism or her graciousness. I respect her spirit.”-Ralph

Carter, Actor ~Michael on Good Times

“Words that u can ‘see’ and feel, that’s what Butterfly does!”-

Shang, Comedian

He screams out to the croud

“my mind is free”, but the

language he releases from

that mind is secured and

bound like a well melded

alloy, and he hands his audience

nothing less than

poetry – solid and weighty.

He calls himself


Analogy: A Movement In The Making

By Chester Robards

South Florida has its own Analogy. But, it is not a complicated, linguistic cacophony of

words. He, Analogy, is a simple man with poetry that braids life, experiences and observations

into smooth, flowing strands of spoken word.

Analogy and his craft have come along way since hitting the stage on the B-Side more than

ten years ago. It was in the Art District of Miami that he began to hone his stage presence,

where he met a mentor, Will ‘The Real One’ Bell, and where he grew his listenership.

He has matured much since his days of do-rags and Marc Ecko, and his anthology has

grown along with him. He has headlined events in Miami and the Bahamas, and has been

invited on more than one occasion to his old alma mater, Miami Carol City Senior High, to

speak to the student body. At a school pageant Analogy regaled the young beauty queens

with his ‘Vision of a Black Woman’:

•My vision of a Black woman is a Queen of noble and Nubian character, the way she ages

so gracefully, exhibiting that essence of electrical, vivaciousness through her womb, her

style, her strength / the way she moves the way she smiles, the way thinks.

The knowledge he imparts comes from the catchment of his years. His poetry from then

to now tells not only of his struggles and fears, but of his belief systems - especially of his

blackness as an American male.

“I’ve taken those experiences and shared them with my paper before I shared them with the

world,” said Analogy. “I think the best way to illustrate how my poetry has matured would

be to delve into my life experiences; my going through depression, through restoration,

through plummeting and to ascending. That’s how it has matured.”

Analogy’s sense of business eventually

bloomed out of his gift. Three years ago

he found a spot in Hollywood, Florida

to house his own poetry review. It

was called ‘Verbal Calligraphy’, named

after his second independent album

of spoken word. He packed the house

every week, with an open mic show to

rival any. Unfortunately, business between

owner and lessee turn sour and

he was forced to close up shop. But,

that experience revealed to him what he

wanted to do, and where he wanted to

take his poetry.

“From a shallow perspective, I want a

Grammy (Award)” Analogy said. “But,

right now, I want to be able to grant

reciprocity to every individual who has

guided me along the way, and I would

like to have a staple, monumental place

in the city I grew up in. My dream is to

have my own spot that is there all the

time, for anyone who wants to enjoy


Analogy believes his craft can be a

powerful tool for positive change in

communities and, on a more personal

level, in people’s individual lives. “Poetry

is my salvation”, he begins one of

his Poems, going on to explain how the craft has changed his life. Much of his poetry

nowadays exudes such transformative messages. One of his more recent writings explains his

passion for individual metamorphosis:

Splash colors all over your canvas

this is your life, take the bandages off

and let your wounds collide with the air

build a garden out of despair

create amusement parks out of your obstacles

from this day forth, acquiring your

dreams will no longer be optional.

Analogy sees his poetry, and poetry in general, as a tool for movements. His movements are

often social. His musings are often black life, his daughter and suffrage. But, he pulls passion

from the ether and draws in his audience when he performs his ‘cunnilinguistic’ pieces.

His third and fourth indi albums ‘Jesus is a Capricorn’ and SIOLM (Symbolic Images of Love

Making) respectively, are sultry examples of his poetic prowess in the love department.

You name it, he

does it all on one stage – he’ll

make you cry in laughter and

he’ll take you on a trip down

memory lane grooving with his

live performance

and 6-piece band.

While his range of work is wide, he always comes back to his centre with his inspirational

poems. It is where he started, and it is where he finds his best voice.

He wants to see poetry infiltrate all sectors of media and society, and for the youth to use it as

medium for their own upward mobility.

“I really want poetry to have more of a voice, not just an underground voice,” he said. “I want

what we do to change the dynamic of radio and television, of what we see, what we hear, and

how that is generated to the youth.”

Three things are certain in the world of the ‘Analogous One’: Change, death and poetry.

How bad do you want it?

Do you have the tenacity to push up on it,

turn spark to flame & set it off

or are you just getting your rocks off

are you willing to take the road less traveled

are you willing to give your all to one listener

when everyone else has turned the channel.

Analogy can be found online at:




To Contact or Book Melton Mustafa




Photos By LB Smooth Photography & Frosty’s Flava Magazine

Larry Gordon is a multi-talented comedian and singer born and raised

in Miami Florida.

You name it, he does it all on one stage – he’ll make you cry in laughter and

he’ll take you on a trip down memory lane grooving with his live performance

and 6-piece band. Triple Threat barely scratches the surface when

describing of the phenomenal talent of Comedian, Crooner and Band

Leader LARRY GORDON A.K.A LARRY DOGG. This standup comedian

found his voice one day while telling a joke about The Isley Brothers. “I

Love Ron Isley and would mimic him all the time.” After a show one night,

this guy said, “Hey I want you to put a band together and do my party”.

He’s been booking gigs as a Front man and Band Leader ever since. Larry

Dogg’s appearances on B.E.T’s COMIC VIEW and P.DIDDY’s BAD BOYS

OF COMEDY brought him to the attention of a national audience but

he still calls Miami home. Making the transition back and forth between

comedian and musician is no easy feat but ask anyone who’s booked him.

Larry Dogg’s never met a stranger he couldn’t make laugh and Larry Gordon

never fails to get audiences on their feet! In these tough times, we all

could use feel good tunes and a good laugh. Larry Dogg’s motto “Love Life

and Love People”.

For more information on booking contact:

Nikki at bignik2@aol.com or call 786-366-3477

If you would like your event featured in our upcoming issue call of email us

to inquire:954 678-8102 or frosty.flava@gmail.com

Beautii started in the hair industry at the

young age of 12, where she worked as a

shampoo assistant at her aunt’s salon. As

a middle school student shewas shampooing

clients, braiding, and mixing color.

Beautii’s mother quickly recognized the

talent her young daughter possessed and enrolled

her into a highschool that offered a cosmetology

program. She excelled in her academics and was able

to pass the state board cosmetology exam, awarded her

cosmetology license and her high school diploma at the

same time. Her accomplishments made both her mother

and aunt very proud of her hard work and dedication.

Beautii quickly took the professional hair care industry

by storm with her ambition and gifted skills. She has

always been dedicated to her craft and in the early years

of her career she was juggling both college courses and

heavy clientele. Some days she would have 15-30 clients

a day, leaving the salon after 3am and still having

to complete homework assignments. Beautii welcomed

the challenges because she was confident that her hard

work would help to lay the foundation for a successful

career for both herself and her family. At the young age

of 20, Beautii became a mother. Motherhood hit her

like a ton of bricks but was hopeful on how she would

manage being a new mom, student, and professional.

She decided to switch gears and relocate to Philadelphia,

PA to attend The Art Institute of Fashion. During

her matriculation, she opened Spoiled Boutique and salon

where she performed professional hair care services

and sold high fashion apparel to assist her with tuition

costs. After graduation, Beautii decided that she wanted

to pursue a career in fashion and only perform hair services

on the weekends. She became a fashion designer

Beautii J is a celebrity stylist, educator, mentor,

humanitarian, and salon owner currently residing

in Atlanta, GA. She is well-known and respected for

her natural talent to create flawless versatile styles for

the everyday confident woman. Beautii is a Miami

native and has been conquering the world of beauty

and fashion for over 20 years.

She is also the star of WEtv’s new hit reality show

“Cutting it in the ATL” a platform that gives the world

a glimpse into the life of a successful salon owner in

Atlanta. Beautii is also the brand ambassador for

her premiere beauty line of professional hair care

products, hair accessories, and apparel. Beautii is an

industry leader in her profession and attributes her

success to her life testimony, family, and faith.

for one of Philadelphia’s leading fashion brands.

After working with assignments. Beautii welcomed

the challenges because she was confident that her

hard work would help to lay the foundation for a

successful career for both herself and her family.

At the young age of 20, Beautii became

a mother. Motherhood hit her like a ton of

bricks but was hopeful on how she would

manage being a new mom, student, and


IG, Facebook,





to switch gears

and relocate to Philadelphia, PA to attend


The Art Institute of Fashion.


Email: Bookingbeautiij@gmail.com

During her matriculation, she

opened Spoiled Boutique

Hashtags: #Teambeautiij #Beautiij #Cuttingit

and salon

where she performed professional hair care services and sold high fashion apparel

to assist her with tuition costs. After graduation, Beautii decided that she wanted

to pursue a career in fashion and only perform hair services on the weekends. She

became a fashion designer for one of Philadelphia’s leading fashion brands.

Beautii is also the star and creator of WEtv’s new hit reality TV show “Cutting it in

the ATL”. The show is about successful salon owners building their beauty empires

in Atlanta.

As a celebrity stylist Beautii has provided services to songstress diva Regina

Bell and creating her signature bob hairstyle on model Cynthia Bailey, Beautii

continues to reinvent herself as an artist. She has worked with a high profile list of

celebrity clients, featured in beauty publications, partnered with premier fashion

hair companies, and worked with artist and photographers all over the world.

Beautii has paved her way as the “Beautiologist of Hair” and she continues to

create versatile techniques that provide a unique experience to her clients. She

is an innovator and is looking forward to the new and exciting projects God has

lined up for her future.




By Mickey Rallens

What distinguishes Persona as a luxury brand?

Aside from the nature and price points of the goods that we

offer, it’s the level of quality, craftsmanship, and service that’s

poured into our finished products which helps define us a luxury

brand. There are no short cuts taken and the thought process

behind each creation is very purposeful. We never create for

the sake of just having something to show. We feel that our

work is comparable to most designer labels found in the higher

end stores.

What would you say is your

signature or niche?

We think PERSONA is most

recognized because of our artistic

approach to design and styling.

Perhaps, it’s our heavy use color

or the way we play with patterns.

Whatever that Midas touch might

be, it’s definitely noticeable when


Who are some of your style/fashion influencers?

We don’t pattern ourselves after any particular designer, nor do

we look to other’s for a “fashion” blueprint. We simply create

what we feel is unique to our customers’ individual tastes and

desires. I think we’ve mastered the art of being flashy, yet classy

where others find it difficult to walk that line.

Share one of your greatest achievements

or milestones with Persona?

Being relatively new and able

to endure in such a competitive

market is an achievement

within itself. When you’re self

employed, there is no guaranteed

pay check security blanket. This is an eat what you kill

game and we’re not trying to go hungry.

Was Persona a dream that you both had?

Yes. We both started our ventures into retail about 6 years

ago while living in Memphis. Jara had opened The Stiletto Bar

which catered to upscale fashion forward pieces for women

and I’d opened a men’s store called Bespoke Fine Clothing.

Both stores were extremely nice and offered the public something

that they’d not been accustomed to getting.

What advice would you give other couples starting a business?

Plan, Protect, and Pray. Every business should always start

with some some of plan. It’s not wise to

just jump out there as many of do. By

protect- I’m saying that you should guard

your brand. Never allow anyone or anything

to compromise it’s value.

Who would you love to dress (dream client)?

We’d have to say Obama. His

charisma is already on another

level as far as government officials

are concerned. I think we

could sprinkle a little PERSONA

on him, so that he’ll become as

recognized as Michelle for her

fashion sense.

Who takes longer

to get dressed for

a night out?

You already know the answer to that- she

does! I might have my moments, but she

definitely spends more time getting ready

than me.

Valencia Gunder or as

most recognize her,

Valencia G. is a very

reputable, enthusiastic,

self-motivated, driven and

extremely inspiring young

lady in our community

who is turning ripples into

waves, who has also officially

been branded as;

“A voice for the People.”

What’s next? What else can we expect to see?

Currently, we’re working to develop our brand into what it

was actually conceived to become- a lifestyle brand. We’re

expanding into areas of ladies fashion/footwear and

home decor, as well. We’re artists and visionaries,

so there’s no telling

what we might think of next.

All you really need to remember

is You Define It. We

Design It.


persona custom clothiers



She is also known to some as Vee, “The Community Advocate and

Community Event Planner”. Her community events offers a sense of

hope, peace and advocacy while providing resources to those who are

in need.

As a Miami Native, born and raised; Valencia also gained all of her education

here in Miami and graduated from Miami Central Senior High.

She then decided to further her education and later on moved to North

Florida where she attended Florida’s A & M University, where she graduated

with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Agricultural Business.

Valencia grasped and truly understood the meaning of redemption and

change at a very early age. This was the realization that sparked her

innate compassion for others. Which lead to her volunteering starting

her journey at the tender age of seven with the Camillus House and

Toys for Tots.

Growing extremely fond of this newly discovered passion, Valencia has

accepted and allowed it to over-take her life-style and without a doubt it

has become a major part of her Defined-Divine Purpose as she matures

into womanhood.

As Valencia continues to mature in life and better understands her unfulfilled

purpose; she is also inspired by many people, ventures, quotes

and proverbs such as one of her favorite African Proverbs which states;

“I am, because we are”.

Having gained such a passion for the Success of Women; Valencia plans

and organizes an Annual Women’s Expo which features a variety of eccentric

elements such as: Local and Distance Vendors - who offer a day

of relaxation... Networking & Small Business Marketing... and Socializing

for Women- which allows women from all walks of life to share

their Business/ Family & Financial Strategies - on How to Become a

Better You... Inspirational Stories and even Life-Lessons which may

help another in various ways.

In the past, her Women’s Expo has included: Fitness Classes, Mammogram

Exams, Clothing and Accessory Boutiques, Hair and Beauty

Product Shops and even a Nutritionist.

Valencia is the initial Founder of the organization, “Make the Homeless Smile Miami” in

2014 & “Make the Homeless Smile Atlanta” in 2015; in which she along with a group of

phenomenal humanitarians such as herself, set out every 3rd Sunday of every Month to:

Feed, Provide resources and guidance to transition to 2000+ Homeless and the Working

Poor Class Citizens a better way of life.

Valencia also helps with assisting many Community Based Organizations with a variety of

events around South Florida and Partners with many Grass roots to assure that there is

REAL change being executed.

Coming up in August 2015, Vee in conjunction with The Belafonte Tacolcy Center will host

their 1st annual Hood Week Miami 15’.

Hood Week is an organized weekend of events during which Community Leaders, Organizers

and Professionals come together to Empower the Local Constituents of our neighborhood

through a series of Interactive Workshops.

The title “Hood Week” derives from Occupying The Hood, which is an Autonomous National

Grassroots Movement comprised of Activists, Organizers and Community Members

- working with like-minded individuals and organizations across the US, standing in solidarity

with any progressive organizations or movements who desires and works towards the

advancement of the community.

“I want to be remembered for giving back,” says Valencia. “Every event that I organize, I am

constantly thinking of different ways on how to become a more effective and resourceful tool

to be a greater help to our communities.”

“If there is no enemy within, then the enemy outside can do us no harm” – African Proverb

This is Valencia’s expression of giving women what they need to Live,

Lead and Learn about Professionalism, Beauty and Loving the Skin,

they’re in.

Socially you can find me:

Iam Vinfinite

Make The Homeless Smile Miami

Make The Homeless Smile Atlanta



By Brandt Edwards

In the court of public opinion,

the verdict is crystal clear.

The jury doesn’t take long to render a decision. There isn’t a

need for the twelve (12) to be sequestered; no threat of a mistrial

or the jury being hung. From a room adjacent to the proceedings,

the bailiff escorts the jurors back to their seats as the crowd

anxiously awaits the outcome. The court reporter is patient, yet

precisely accurate with the diction being used. The judge has

returned from his chambers and grows weary of the litigation

before him. On trial yet again is the “Black” male. His crime:

accused of being a “deadbeat dad”, an “absentee father”, merely

a sperm donor. After enduring the kidnappings from his native

lands; surviving the rigors of the middle passage during the

Trans Atlantic Slave Trade; being stripped of his name, culture

and dignity – forced into a lifetime of servitude; scratching and

clawing to be considered equal, once more he stands before his

peers to defend his honor. The plaintiffs: The “Black” female, the

mainstream media, movies, television and record executives; all

of who has contributed to his demise. How did we get here? Can

the “Black” male ever be exonerated and forgiven for his transgressions?

It’s our job as men to correct these acts and ensure the

story is told correctly; show that the evidence is unyielding on our

behalf. Prove that the images and data being relayed to the public

are the exception, not the rule. We’ll proceed as follows:

When people discuss fatherhood, they assume that African-American

men aren’t part of the equation. The media presents figures that

show an overwhelming number of men are absent from their children’s

lives. For every James Evans from the television show “Good

Times” you have Stevie J of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”; for every

Cliff Huxtable of “Cosby Show” fame, you have Peter Gunz of “Love

and Hip Hop New York”. The graphs and pie charts are nothing short of

damning when reports, studies, statistics and other data are presented.

The imagery contributes to the public’s perception that “we” would

rather have a harem of women, father children by each of them,

of them, then return to a lifestyle of dysfunction, as opposed to taking care of our responsibilities

and being a pillar in a family structure. The negative illustrations supersede

the achievements of the men that play active roles in the children’s lives.

There isn’t a need to put “Desperately Seeking Daddy” with a picture of the alleged father

on the side of a milk carton. No need for the unfair generalizations that proclaim Black

fathers as being shiftless, selfish and the ones who abandon their children. We’re here for

our children just as much as any other race. What about the fathers who have been driven

away by angry mothers? Or the family law system which does little to defend fathers’

bond with their children? When making their arguments to demonized the Black male,

is divorce ever considered? What about the breakups of unmarried couples? It’s bigger

than what can be explained in a thirty minute exposé; it’s economic, sociological, psychological,

cultural and political. These explanations should be regarded when having

this discussion.

“When seeing a father taking care of his children,

it shouldn’t be

considered an abnormality.”

When seeing a father taking care of his children, it shouldn’t be considered an abnormality.

Data published by the Center for Disease Control revealed that Black fathers spend more

time in their children’s day-to-day lives than fathers from other racial groups. If a couple

doesn’t get married, that shouldn’t be perceived as the man being absent or he doesn’t support

his children financially. Just because he doesn’t marry the child’s mother doesn’t mean

he loves his children any less. Commitment to the bearer of the child isn’t necessary to

take care of one’s responsibilities. A father is their daughter’s first love, their son’s first hero.

What isn’t shown is the encouragement given during the birthing process; the diapers being

changed or late night feedings; tip-toeing in the dark to leave money as the Tooth Fairy or

the glow of pride a father has from being present during their child’s milestone accomplishments.

There won’t be much fanfare or advertisements honoring the father’s role in a child’s

development. Social media posts run rampant on Father’s Day with quotes such as “Happy

Father’s Day to the real men who take care of their kids”; or, “Happy Father’s Day to all the

single mothers playing the role of both mom and dad.” Both of these quotes are shots at the

Black males’ supposed inability to care for their seeds. Even Hallmark, with their Mahogany

Brand specifically designed for people of color, has capitalized on the situation. Starting

back in 2011, they created designs celebrating Black mothers supposedly carrying the distinction

with their “To Mom on Father’s Day” selection. And because of this, the Black male

has been placed in a position to defend himself from the atrocities of the world’s view of him

as it relates to fatherhood.

The bailiff addresses the courtroom by stating, “All Rise!” And with palms sweating and a

nervousness that can be felt in the pit of his stomach, the defendant anxiously awaits the

jury’s verdict to be read. “We the people of the United States and society at large, find the

Black father guilty of the charges brought against you for being absent from your children’s

lives. Until further evidence is shown to reverse and dismiss this verdict, the conviction will


You are hereby sentenced to a lifetime of ridicule and shame. The media will continue

to have the ability to exploit this phenomenon and will depict you as being an unfit,

unwilling caregiver to your children. We will continue to drive a wedge between you

and your children’s mother, have you tied up in child support hearings, suspend your

driver’s license for nonpayment or any arrears owed and have you disgruntled. You

have the remainder of your lifetime to appeal this verdict and change society’s perception

of you. I encourage you do so but feel at this point, with the media at our beckoning,

we can continue perpetuating this charade until the end of time!” The judge then

strikes his gavel to conclude the proceedings. Being

a father is no

different than acquiring and maintaining a

job. There will be pitfalls, unforeseen obstacles,

trials and tribulations. However, the

joy that comes from succeeding and raising

your child to be a productive individual

is an achievement sought by all men who

father children. Fathers I implore you, remain

involved in your kids’ lives despite

the circumstances. Be sure to nurture, love

and groom them. Being a dad is many

times a thankless job that often goes

unappreciated; and that comes with

the territory. More positive stories

of Black fathers involvement can

render any judge’s decision null

and void, and in future hearings

the court would have to deliver an

outcome of Nolle Prosequi (Latin

for unwilling to pursue; do not

prosecute). “We Are The Change!”

I’m gone! (b)




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To place your classified ad

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The City of Miami Gardens’ 10th Annual Jazz In The

Gardens Music Festival Breaks Records with 73,000

In Attendance

Maxwell, Erykah Badu, R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, Run D.M.C., Brian Culbertson, Sheila E.

Headline Weekend Event; “Empire” Stars Made Cameo Appearances Source: PRNewswire

More than 73,000 attended the Jazz in the Gardens (JITG) Music Festival as the City of Miami

Gardens celebrated the festival’s 10th Anniversary on March 21 and 22. Approximately

42,000 festival-goers attended Saturday’s show, the first SOLD-OUT day in the history of the

event.A-list musical talent continues to attract more and more attendees every year. Once a

festival of roughly 1,800 patrons in a corner of Sun Life Stadium’s parking lot, JITG is now the

fastest growing jazz and R&B music festival in the nation.

This year’s lineup featured Maxwell, Erykah Badu, R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, Run D.M.C., Brian

Culbertson, Sheila E., Men of Soul’s Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, and Freddie Jackson, and

Jazz in the Gardens All Stars Ronnie Laws, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Tom Browne.

Comedians and nationally-syndicated radio personalities D.L. Hughley and Rickey Smiley

co-hosted the festival.

“This year’s attendance was unprecedented, and our lineup of musical talent was second to

none, a fitting tribute to our 10th year of producing an incredible festival experience,” said

City of Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert. “This is our signature event and we are so proud

that people from all over the world look forward to attending every year.”

The event also drew celebrities including actors Bryshere Y. Gray and Jussie Smollett, who star

as Hakeem and Jamal, respectively, on the new, red-hot, Fox television series “Empire.” They

were among several notables who made on-stage cameo appearances; including reality TV

star Angela Simmons, J. Anthony Brown, co-host of “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” and

Sybrina Fulton, founder of the Trayvon Martin Foundation and mother of Trayvon Martin.

JITG also featured local artists, soul singer Valerie Tyson, saxophonist John Erinosho and

Karina Iglesias of NBC’s “The Voice,” along with more than 40 exotic food vendors, a Vendor

Marketplace, and the most anticipated lineup for the City’s milestone 10th year celebration.

The City of Miami Gardens was born in 2003 and the then City Council sought to create

a signature event for the largest predominantly African-American municipality in Florida,

which is also the third largest in the United States. In 2006, the City of Miami Gardens presented

the inaugural Jazz in the Gardens, an intimate jazz-only festival featuring food and

music, setting the foundation for the decade-long, signature experience that followed, adding

R&B to the lineup.

In response to the popularity of the festival, the City of Miami Gardens has added two events

to the JITG Weekend: The Women’s Impact Conference & Luncheon (WICL) which kicked

off the Weekend Friday morning and included an Author’s Lounge and keynote address by

Omarosa Manigault; On Friday night, the Opening Night Party gave a preview of the city’s

two-day fest and featured the D.M.C. Band and a comedy show hosted by “The Rickey Smiley

Morning Show” crew.

JITG is unlike any other festival in the nation. From the lineup, to the food, to the weather, the

JITG weekend is an unparalleled experience.

By its explosive growth in just 10 years, it is certain that JITG is an experience that has earned

its stripes, while its guests have earned their tan lines and enjoyed the camaraderie and first class

performances year after glorious year.





jitg10 recap

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If you would like your event featured in

our upcoming issue call of email us to

inquire:954 678-8102

or frosty.flava@gmail.com

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If you would like your event featured in our

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magnet program in grade school, it surely hyped her popularity as a performer as well

amongst her peers. As she continued to strive to become a hot commodity to any and

every one in South Florida, LaLah became a professional back up dancer for International

Pop Star “Flo-Rida” shortly after graduating, along with several other artist while perfecting

her craft as a Recording Artist herself. This tells you that she definitely can “Do It All!”.

Once in a while, a musical prodigy comes along and

disrupts the flow of the music industry. That prodigy can

be found anywhere across the world wherever music can

be heard. In this instance, that “diamond in the ruff ” can

be found in the heart of Miami, Fl. An

artist that has reached a level of stardom

that only an artist can fathom this early

in their career. Still at the tender age of

25 and only being a Music Recording

Artist for a bit short of 8 years, she definitely

portrays the talent to exceed beyond

where others dream. With her vocal

singing talent, that was inherited from her

mother, along with her lyrical rap skills she

is destine to dominate the Music Industry

and leave everyone in awe. LaLah is one of

many female lyricist who writes all of her own

music, that you will have nothing else to do but

feel her music every time you press play.

Without knowing which direction she would

take, she touched it all. Starting with Gymnastics,

to technical dance classes, to being a Professional

Back Up Dancer for several well renown

Recording Artist and now her debut, as a young

melodic rapper, you’ll never know what’s next.

Always cheerful with a humble attitude and

style completely different from most, she is

setting the scene for being unique compared

to others of her caliber with a persona and

work ethic that many young artist must be

taught. Not in this instance; LaLah is a true

natural. Establishing this, she struck into the

music industry in September of 2008 and started

off developing a large Fan Base at one of Miami’s

most elite Magnet High Schools, Dr. Michael M.

Krop Senior High, where she attended for all of her

high school years. Though being a dancer, perfecting

Ballet and Modern techniques within the S.T.A.R

That’s right!! There’s no limit to what God has given her. Her genres range from Hip Hop,

Urban Pop all the way to a hint of Rock. You name it, LaLah does it! Definitely a “outside

of the box” artist. She has the professionalism, performance and sexy “tom-boyish” styles

to keep up with the “big dogs”. Such as opening for Flo Rida, Mario, Elijah King, City of

God to Rick Ross and many other acts within their caliber. Her name is more like a musical

tone that you sing with rhythm and melody, her style, her attitude, her talents and her

ability to make you rewind her track a second time is unquestionably the reason why this

talented lyricist is headed to the very top.

And, check this! She’s all clean! No vulgarity or profane language but still gets around to

keeping it tasteful for all her audiences. With the buzz she’s creating right now and with

the local fan base that she has, there is no stopping her reign. With her mind blowing

stage presence, she has the ability to captivate the audience by her look alone. So, maybe

with her voice, her moves, charm or look, LaLah’s going to share every gift that God has

given her to entertain you. Entertainment with a purpose to gain support and favor of

anyone who witnesses her talents, while she naturally and gracefully puts on her famous

“LaLah Show”.










Instagram: @LaLahMusic

Performance History:

Be You Back To School Jam Concert - Fort Lauderdale,

Fl. (2015)

Bryant McKinney’s: Entertainment Mondays Artist

Showcase - Davie, Fl. (2015)

“Prettier On The Other Side” The EP Artist Showcase

& Mixer: Powered by LaLah - Miami, Fl. (2015)

Best In Florida Awards - Miami, Fl. (2014)

“A Great Influence” Concert Headliner: North Miami

Senior High School - North Miami, Fl. (2013)

Dynamic Beauty Exposition - Miami Beach, Fl. (2012)

Alonzo Mourning’s “Zo’s Summer Groove” Concert

- Miami, Fl. (2011 & 2012)

Inner Beauty Hair & Fashion Show - Fort Lauderdale,

Fl, (2011)

Monie Love’s “Ladies First” Artist Showcase - Miami

Beach, Fl. (2010)

Coast To Coast Music Conference: *First Place Winner*

- Miami Beach. Fl. (2010)

Rick Ross’ “Hip Hop Grub Spot” Grand Opening -

Miami, Fl. (2009)

And several other live performances for Miami’s #1

Hip-Hop & RnB Radio Station, WEDR 99-Jamz events.


Nominated for “Best Female R&B Artist in Florida” for

the Best In Florida Awards (2014)

Nominated for “Best Female Lyricist in Florida” for

the Best In Florida Awards (2013)

Tikiya Wadley, also known

as Ms. Puff, born and raised

in Miami, Florida, has always

had a keen eye for beauty, fashion,

and bazaar creativity. As

an adolescent Tikiya began the

artistry of make-up by using

lipsticks as her eye shadow and

different shades of blush on her

face just for fun. Tikiya would

often volunteer to do make-up

for her younger cousins for various

events and would be praised

for her

make-up artistry.

Tikiya grew an extreme passion

for make-up during a life changing

experience that was

developed by her cousin. She

was overwhelmed by emotions

yet very humbled when she realized

that she made a young teen

feel more beautiful and confident

by enhancing their natural

This experience created passion for the field and she became excited about learning and

growing within the industry.

As a young adult, Tikiya began to model and was exposed to castings, video sets, photo

shoots, and the behind the scene process of the industry. Paying close attention to the hair

and makeup techniques of the professional artist, Tikiya knew she could accomplish those

same techniques. Tikiya then began to research and invested in an assortment of brands/

makeup products to stock up her caboodle and became educated of their purpose and appropriate

placement. Tikiya then used her knowledge and supplies, and began to perfect her

craft by applying a variety of techniques on her friends and family to achieve looks that are

worn by every day working class women as well as in magazines, on television, and movies.

Embarking into her professional career in 2010, Tikiya increased her knowledge by working

as a make-up consultant at Sephora and taking freelance classes at local beauty schools. She

partnered with local businesses - Mocha Shic Events and Lights Camera Action Studio and

Events, where she was able to take on a professional role as their in-house makeup artist.

She continued to study beauty and editorial to refresh and refine her artistry by becoming a

MAC Cosmetics Pro member. With proficient training and hands on experience, she began

to brand herself as Eye’deas by Ms. Puff.

Tikiya is known for her personable positive attitude and energy in both business and personal

relationships; while maintaining professionalism and peace as one of her top qualities.

Tikiya’s motto is PEACE Positive Energy Always Creates Excellence!

786.444.8309 info@eyedeasbymspuff.com eyedeasbymspuff EyedeasByMsPuff

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