Brochure Activ8You Costa Tropical, Spain

Throughout the summer and on weekends in winter, we organize different tours, excursions and events on a daily basis, where anyone can join. Just call, whatsapp or email to reserve and enjoy. No matter if you are a group of students, friends or families who want to spend an fun and active vacation, or if you are a company / club that offers seminars, courses, special training or thematic workshops to your customers, or a large company that wants to make a business event or incentives for their employees.

Throughout the summer and on weekends in winter, we organize different tours, excursions and events on a daily basis, where anyone can join. Just call, whatsapp or email to reserve and enjoy.
No matter if you are a group of students, friends or families who want to spend an fun and active vacation, or if you are a company / club that offers seminars, courses, special training or thematic workshops to your customers, or a large company that wants to make a business event or incentives for their employees.


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Premier Active Tourism &<br />

Event organizer in<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>’s <strong>Costa</strong> <strong>Tropical</strong><br />

All-Year-Round<br />

a unique experience<br />





This is the real <strong>Spain</strong>, tantalizingly tempting for<br />

those who don’t want the over-development of<br />

other parts of the coast. But at the same time<br />

it is modern up-to-date, low-rise hotels and<br />

accommodations, friendly bars with contemporary<br />

or traditional menus with a tropical touch and<br />

sparkling, pristine sports, leisure and meeting<br />

facilities.<br />

The area is also well known for its culture &<br />

tradition, with the world famous Alhambra nearby,<br />

ancient castles, Roman aqueducts and the Nerja<br />

Caves.<br />

Here on the <strong>Costa</strong> <strong>Tropical</strong> we have an unique<br />

subtropical climate in the European Mainland.<br />

There are +320 days of sun a year and mainland<br />

Europe’s best climate - an average annual temperature of 20ºC - where subtropical fruits<br />

like mango and avocado grow lusciously.<br />


This authentic village provides modern facilities<br />

alongside Mediterranean cultural tradition. When<br />

you are whisked along the ‘<strong>Costa</strong> <strong>Tropical</strong>’ along<br />

the fast A7 motorway in just 45 minutes from<br />

Malaga International Airport, catching panoramic<br />

glimpses of the shimmering sea alongside, the first<br />

thing you will notice as you drop into town is just<br />

how lovely and unspoiled it is. Sitting between sea<br />

and mountains, providing the best possible outdoor holiday experience all year round.<br />

This idyllic bay is perfect for all sorts of water sports, including the number 1 dive spot on<br />

the Andalusian coast. The bay is surrounded by amazing hills and mountains, just 70 mins.<br />

away from the ski resort of Sierra Nevada.<br />


COAST & SEA<br />

We are fortunate to<br />

have 19 kilometers of<br />

beaches, crystal clear<br />

coves and the protected<br />

nature park known as<br />

the “Acantilados de<br />

Cerro Gordo y Maro”<br />

HILLS &<br />


Lots of magnificent trails<br />

with breathtaking views<br />

for trekking, hiking and<br />

mountain biking.<br />

RIVERS &<br />


Rivers to practice all<br />

levels of canyoning and<br />

beautiful walking paths<br />

along rivers and valleys.<br />


Sierra Nevada is Europe’s<br />

southernmost ski station,<br />

and the highest in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

With its high elevation,<br />

the skiing season can<br />

last from late November<br />

until early May.<br />


Festivals & Events: Music,<br />

Theatre, Dance Festivals &<br />

Live music all year round.<br />

Historical Monuments:<br />

Spectacular castles, ancient<br />

monuments and historical<br />

places to visit with our<br />

guides.<br />

Old Towns & Villages:<br />

Cultural, tapas and shopping<br />

tour through picturesque<br />

streets of Old Towns as<br />

Granada, Malaga, Almuñecar<br />

& Frigiliana..<br />

Gastronomy: Restaurants &<br />

bars on the beach or old town<br />

with traditional Andalusian<br />

food & tapas with a tropical<br />

touch.<br />


THE TEAM<br />

WHAT WE DO<br />

Our Company & Team.<br />

We are international: our owners and many of our service team are from different<br />

European countries and speak Spanish, English and several other languages fluently.<br />

Expert, friendly professionals, trained to give you their best help & support with an<br />

amazing range of activities from relaxing, cultural to energetic and sporty!<br />

Our managing director, Sophie Bruinsma was born in the<br />

Netherlands and has lived in <strong>Spain</strong> for 16 years. Her inspiring<br />

journey in organizing relaxing and high energy group<br />

activities for children, youth and adults, has shaped her vision<br />

of the world.<br />

Sophie has worked among other things as an instructor in<br />

camps for troubled children in the US, ski and snow instructor in France, Andora,<br />

diving instructor in the Caribbean, she even ran her own diving club in Curacao (The<br />

Caribbean).<br />

An accomplished sports person, Sophie seeks out balance in her life between activity<br />

and relaxation, striving to make sure everyone feels involved and valued in what they<br />

do, whatever their ability or interests.<br />

Sophie selects and trains her team of guides, monitors<br />

and leaders to be the best, instilling in them her values.<br />

Whatever event or activity Activ8you is going to organize<br />

for you, whether a wine tasting or an olive press visit, or a<br />

company games tournament on the beach, you can be sure<br />

that every detail is being watched by the team. Chosen for<br />

their friendliness, common sense and ability to get things<br />

done, they are the icing on the cake of your Mediterranean<br />

active holiday experience.<br />

Daily<br />

Excursions &<br />

Events<br />

Scheduled daily<br />

departures during<br />

Summer time and<br />

weekends on winter.<br />

Do something cool &<br />

different each time.<br />

Your Choice<br />

Customize your<br />

own experience<br />

with our activities,<br />

food & choice of<br />

accommodation.<br />

We schedule your<br />

stay to suit you.<br />

Day time<br />

Camps<br />

Keep your kids<br />

busy with fun and<br />

learning new exciting<br />

experiences.<br />

For one day,<br />

a week or<br />

the whole month.<br />

3-13 years of age.<br />

Special<br />

For<br />

Groups<br />

Expert group<br />

activity organizers<br />

for international &<br />

national clients.<br />

Friends & Families,<br />

Clubs & Associations<br />

School trips,<br />

Companies...<br />

Services,<br />

Facilities &<br />

Accommodations<br />

Our team will advise<br />

and help you not<br />

only with activities &<br />

entertainments but<br />

also the logistics.<br />

Languages<br />

Do some adventures,<br />

sports & culture<br />

trips, On top of your<br />

language course.<br />

English Cambridge,<br />

Alliance Francaise &<br />

Spanish Cervantes<br />



daily EXCURSIONS & eVENTS<br />


Scheduled Excursions & Events<br />

Throughout the summer and on weekends in winter,<br />

we organize different tours, excursions and events<br />

on a daily basis, where anyone<br />

can join. Just call, whatsapp or<br />

email to reserve and enjoy.<br />

See our schedule of weekly<br />

activities on our website or<br />

in our office and choose the<br />

activities that suits your level,<br />

age, likes and wants.<br />

We try to alternate<br />

between culture, sports,<br />

leisure, relaxing and health<br />

activities as much as we<br />

can. While excursions<br />

and nature sports in sea,<br />

rivers and mountains in<br />

our amazing environment<br />

are those that are usually<br />

preferred among our<br />

customers.<br />

Friends, Families, Clubs or Companies<br />

No matter if you are a group of students, friends or<br />

families who want to spend an fun and active vacation,<br />

or if you are a company / club that offers seminars,<br />

courses, special training or thematic workshops to your<br />

customers, or a large company that wants to make a<br />

business event or incentives for their employees.<br />

We will help you with the<br />

logistics, airport transfers, the<br />

choice of accommodation,<br />

excellent facilities as sports<br />

stadiums & courts, conference rooms,<br />

auditorium and professionals who<br />

help you out at all times, and a great<br />

selection of activities and excursions<br />

to complement your stay.<br />

<strong>Activ8You</strong> will do everything possible to make your<br />

program memorable and successful with great added value.<br />





Day-Time Summer Camps for Kids<br />

During the summer we have the great pleasure to offer<br />

you real bilingual camps for children between 3 to 13<br />

years of age.<br />

Sign them up for just a day, a week<br />

or the hole month if you like.<br />

We have a very exciting and fun program. The children will enjoy a<br />

wide range of activities such as :<br />

• Sports (Karate, Swimming, Badminton, Football, Paddle, Rugby,<br />

Hockey, Archery etc ...)<br />

• Arts and Culture (Crafts, Drama, Dance, Painting, Cultural &<br />

Thematic excursions ...)<br />

• Beach / Pool (Kayak, beach volleyball, sand castles, Snorkeling,<br />

Petanque, beach Soccer) ...<br />

• Games and Learning (Games, Gymkhana, splash pool,<br />

traditional games) ...<br />

• Summer Study support, Language Courses and games in<br />

both English and Spanish.<br />

Language courses with +Activities<br />

In our language program you<br />

start learning English or Spanish<br />

in the morning, followed by<br />

exciting and fun activities in the<br />

afternoon, such as Kayaking,<br />

Snorkeling, Scuba Diving,<br />

Flamenco dancing courses,<br />

Sailing, Paddle-surf, zip lines,<br />

and excursions to aquatic parks, Adventure sports and visiting<br />

beautiful and picturesque villages of the Alpujarras located in<br />

the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Visit the city of Granada and<br />

Alhambra, and much more.<br />

We work with a language academy with native highly prepared<br />

teachers for your classes in English, French, German and Spanish<br />

for foreigners, with the homologation in order to provide<br />

preparation courses for official Cambridge, Alliance Française,<br />

Goethe and Instituto Cervantes exams.<br />

The majority of our guides / monitors and instructors<br />

speak several languages fluently, so most of our<br />

activities are held in at least English and Spanish.<br />

The great thing is that meanwhile you can<br />

also enjoy an active holiday or simply relax<br />

while your kids are busy acquiring new<br />

exciting experiences.<br />




Great variety of Activities<br />

If you want to plan your own activity program or events for your stay, we’re happy to<br />

help – do things at your own pace and the way you like.<br />

Maybe you want something active and energetic in the morning and then something<br />

more relaxing or free-time after lunch? Perhaps you have different age groups: some<br />

may be happy with a cultural stroll & to see the charm of our Spanish village & local life,<br />

while others would like some excitement & sports on water or in the hills?<br />

And in the evening, it could be you want to meet up at just the right dining venue to<br />

suit all your demanding friends or colleagues!<br />

Here you have a summary of activities that we can among others offer, if you miss<br />

something just contact us.<br />

SEA & BEACH: Kayaking, Standup<br />

Surf, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving,<br />

Yacht tour, Sailing, Windsurf,<br />

Beach Volley,..<br />

MOUNTAINS & RIVERS: Skiing,<br />

Snowboard, Hiking, River Walks,<br />

Trekking, Canyoning, Via Ferrata,<br />

Zip Lines, Climbing & Rapel, Horse<br />

back riding, Mountainbike..<br />

STADIUMS & COURTS: Rugby,<br />

Football, Hockey, Handball,<br />

Basket, Karate, Paddle-Tennis,..<br />

LEISURE: Flamenco dancing,<br />

Music festivals & shows, <strong>Tropical</strong><br />

fruits farm visit,..<br />

GASTRONOMY: Healthy Smoothies<br />

Workshop, Visit Rom & Vine<br />

Bodegas, Tapas tours,..<br />

CULTURE: Visit old town of<br />

Granada, Malaga or Almuñecar.<br />

Visit Alhambra, Caves of Nerja, Art<br />

museums,..<br />

HEALTH & RELAX: Naturopath<br />

workshop Health at Home, SPA,<br />

Yoga, Meditation..<br />

LANGUAGES: Spanish for<br />

foreigners, Exam preparation for<br />

Cambridge, Alliance Francaise,<br />

Cervantes,..<br />



Excellent sports & business facilities<br />

The astonishing natural environment around us, together with the combination of<br />

subtropical and alpine climates are our greatest asset, but if we add on top of this, our<br />

excellent facilities just a stone’s throw from the beach, you really got an unbeatable<br />

destination for your events.<br />

The city council of Almuñecar and La Herradura enables us the use of many of its<br />

outstanding well maintained facilities such as:<br />

CIVIC CENTER (newly built modern facilities)<br />

Auditorium / Theater / Film (+300 people),<br />

Showroom, Multipurpose rooms, Dance hall.<br />

Castle-fortress of La Herradura (Carlos III - 1764)<br />

Presentation rooms, meetings and workshops, that takes us to a<br />

fascinating golden era of <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

Municipal Sports Pavilion of La Herradura:<br />

For indoor sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton<br />

and football.<br />

Municipal Stadium of La Herradura:<br />

For outdoor team sports such as football, rugby, softball, field<br />

hockey,.. on artificial grass.<br />

Newly built Paddle Tennis courts in La Herradura:<br />

for practicing the most booming racket sport in the world at this<br />

moment..<br />

Municipal Stadium of Almuñecar:<br />

In addition to a natural grass football field, it has athletic tracks and<br />

field facilities.<br />

Among others..<br />


EXCURSIONS Example 1<br />

EXCURSIONS Example 2<br />

Nautical & Team Sports activities are a<br />

combination of different types of sailing and<br />

team sports which you<br />

have the opportunity to<br />

practice for 3 hours, being<br />

the choices Catamaran,<br />

Dinghy Sailing, Paddle surf,<br />

Kayaking and Windsurf<br />

combined with 1 or 2 hours<br />

of team sports such as Beach<br />

Volleyball, Rugby, Softball or<br />

Football (in our artificial grass<br />

stadium just 1 minute from the<br />

beach).<br />

You can experience the joy and<br />

thrill of gliding on the surface of<br />

the sea with a catamaran or the proximity to the crystal clear water<br />

and nature with a kayak or paddle surf, this can also be combined<br />

with entertaining team games with our qualified instructors.<br />

Catamarans: The Hobie Cat 13 and 15. Due to its size and design<br />

it provides the security and stability needed for beginners and<br />

inexperienced sailors without scarifying speed and feelings.<br />

Dinghy: Laser, 350, Vaurien or Galleon.<br />

Windsurfing and Paddle Surf: Modern boards and materials for all<br />

levels in hands of highly qualified instructors, which will help you<br />

learn and perfect your surfing.<br />

Natural Park Hiking &<br />

Healthy Smoothie Workshop<br />

Enjoy hiking in the most beautiful coast of southern<br />

<strong>Spain</strong> with stunning sea views and surrounding<br />

countryside, a real charm to discover.<br />

We begin this route from Cantarijan Beach, located in<br />

the natural park of the Cliffs of Cerro Gordo - Maro.<br />

The park contains a high environmental value both<br />

for its geological formations and great biodiversity<br />

which housed both in land and a mile in to the sea.<br />

For example, the presence of two Andalusian endemic plants in danger of extinction,<br />

such as the Malaga evergreen rosemary and<br />

white; and two of western Mediterranean, the<br />

Balearic boxwood and hawthorn buckthorn.<br />

Also abundant Mediterranean scrub with the<br />

presence of juniper, oxicedro, canadillo, oak,<br />

mastic, Kermes oak, carob and palm olivilla.<br />

After the hike we will do a practical<br />

workshop of healthy smoothies on the<br />

beach, with the naturopath Tina Hausser explaining and<br />

showing the beneficial effects of vegetables and fruits<br />

corresponding to its color and nutrients. She relates the<br />

food with its color, its energy effect, functional quality and<br />

its link to the 4 elements (water, electricity, fire, earth),<br />

as did the ancient western and eastern Naturopaths. Well<br />

known in this aspect is until today nutrition through the<br />

5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This<br />

issue is similar but with our food and familiar elements in<br />

traditional naturopathy in the West.<br />



EXCURSIONS Example 3<br />

Nerja Caves &<br />

Sightseeing - Tapas tour in Frigiliana<br />

The Nerja Caves are located in Maro a small town<br />

just beside Nerja (Malaga) with a total area of<br />

35484 square meters they provide a breathtaking<br />

experience.<br />

The exclusive guided tour of Nerja caves, out<br />

of opening hours, offers a new way to see this<br />

magnificent natural wonder and takes you thousands<br />

of years back, to the formation of the immense caverns allowing you to see the beautiful<br />

and strange figures formed by limestone and water through the ages.<br />

La Cueva de Nerja, located at 158 meters above sea level is 4823 meters in length<br />

making it one of the largest caves of Andalusia.<br />

The cavity has a substantially horizontal development, with<br />

about 750 meters in length measured along its major axis<br />

and a vertical drop of about 68 meters. The Tourist Galleries,<br />

with a volume of 106,286 m3 and a surface area of 9,371 m2,<br />

corresponding approximately to a third of the cave. The<br />

enormous rich heritage of the Nerja Caves, caused it to be<br />

declared a Historical Monument.<br />

In 2012 some associated organic remains and some paintings of seals could be the first<br />

work of art known in the history of mankind, have been dated at 42,000 years old. If<br />

confirmed, they might be the oldest paintings of mankind, also made by Neanderthals.<br />

Frigiliana is located about 20 minutes from Nerja. Most<br />

characteristic of Frigiliana, apart from being a typical Andalusian<br />

white village, is that it preserves the streets, houses and water<br />

ways as they were during the sixteenth century.<br />

Even today a sugar cane and honey factory built in the sixteenth<br />

century is preserved.<br />

The best way to appreciate the architecture of this lovely town is<br />

stroll through its streets.<br />


Visit tropical fruit cultivation,<br />

a unique agriculture in Europe.<br />

It was the avocado and cherimoya which started<br />

the production of subtropical fruits in Andalusia,<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>. The most important subtropical fruit, by<br />

surface and turnover are avocado, cherimoya and<br />

mango, but other productions such as loquat,<br />

papaya, persimmon, lychee and lots more, which<br />

are increasing their presence in recent years. These<br />

crops are concentrated on the tropical coast of<br />

Granada and Malaga, due to the micro-climate there is in this part of the coastline.<br />

The Finca San Ramon, is a farm that welcomes and introduces<br />

visitors to the gastronomic culture of subtropical fruits of the <strong>Costa</strong><br />

<strong>Tropical</strong>.<br />

Visitors can enjoy the more than 12 hectares of crops and its<br />

unbeatable views of the beautiful bay of La Herradura.<br />

You will taste freshly picked fruits, such as carambola, guava,<br />

papaya, dragon fruit, granada, babaco, kumquats, lychees,<br />

avocados, nispora, mango, cherimoya, depending on the time of<br />

year. The intention is not only to enjoy the tasting, but also learn<br />

recipes, tips and all the properties of these fruits, as well as to show<br />

their culture media and processes through which they pass.<br />

EXCURSIONS Example 4<br />


EXCURSIONS Example 5<br />

EXCURSIONS Example 6<br />

Flamenco dancing Workshop Learn the<br />

basics of flamenco dancing with a professional<br />

flamenco dancer.<br />

In this dance workshop you will through a simple<br />

choreography familiarize with flamenco rhythms and<br />

gradually incorporating the movement of hands, feet<br />

and steps to flamenco style.<br />

You’ll spend a fun and dynamic time and in an easy<br />

way learn more about this so complete dance, with the<br />

teaching of real professionals in this art.<br />

Flamenco is made up of four elements, Cante-Voice, Baile-Dance,<br />

Toque-Guitar, and the Jaleo, which roughly translated means “hell<br />

raising” and involves the hand-clapping, foot stomping, and shouts<br />

of encouragement.<br />

It whichever way jaleo presents itself, it is performed by the<br />

audience as well as the artiste and anyone else who feels the urge<br />

to participate.<br />

The hand-clapping or Palmas is an art in itself, and although it may look easy, it is not,<br />

and the palmeros will weave intricate rhythms around the bases of the song, and in the<br />

tablaos this is used in conjunction with the zapateado.<br />

The zapateado is the tap dance style of footwork, the dancers show piece where he will<br />

demonstrate his skill with his feet, and the noise created by this and the palmeros will<br />

be ringing in your ears long after you have left the tablao.<br />

Scuba Try Dive<br />

La Herradura is considered one of the best<br />

places in <strong>Spain</strong> for scuba diving.<br />

If you would like to find out, but are not yet<br />

prepared to make the leap to a certified<br />

course, the Try Dive will allow you to try<br />

scuba diving to see if you like it..<br />

It is a safe activity,<br />

but presenting specific risks that require knowledge and<br />

responsibility on the part of its practitioners. Adequate<br />

preparation, familiarity with the equipment used, the<br />

knowledge and application of security measures, a<br />

minimum of technical and physiological knowledge,<br />

and respect for aquatic organisms are the minimum<br />

requirements to successfully perform these activities. .<br />

A fascinating experience giving you close contact with<br />

the beauty of the seabed, led by an instructor. It consists<br />

of a theoretical explanation on the basics of scuba<br />

diving, followed by a dive into the sea, at a shallow depth<br />

(maximum 10 meters, duration 20/25 minutes) controlled<br />

by the instructor.<br />



EXCURSIONS Example 7<br />

Kayak & Snorkeling in Natural Park<br />

Sea kayaking is a very safe and rewarding<br />

discipline that can be done with family or friends,<br />

from practically any age with minimal training.<br />

The Cerro Gordo-Maro Natural Park is located<br />

in between Nerja and La Herradura on the<br />

Mediterranean coast; it has a great diversity<br />

of flora and fauna, both terrestrial and<br />

aquatic. Mostly accessible only from the sea<br />

you can enjoy its many cliffs, caves, beaches,<br />

coves, waterfalls, rocky areas and corners of<br />

extraordinary beauty.<br />

In this excursion we combine kayaking with Snorkeling<br />

(diving with lightweight equipment).<br />

Practically everyone can practice it. To beginners we will<br />

give a initiation course of the basic, enough to start enjoying<br />

this sport.<br />

The coastal strip of the park has<br />

a lot of diversity, where caves and craggy funds give rise<br />

to numerous species of flora and fauna that populate the<br />

seabed. The most significant, sea grasses is eelgrass and<br />

sea-grass nodosa, forming meadows with great biological<br />

diversity and complexity, vital for spawning and nursery for<br />

many fish species.<br />


+34 678846995<br />

info@activ8you.com<br />

facebook/activ8you<br />

@activ8you_tweet<br />

Paseo Andrés Segovia 12, 18697 La Herradura, Granada, <strong>Spain</strong><br />



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