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3 The availability of

3 The availability of pre-existing 4K/UHD content. So far, there aren’t too many 4K/UHD content options available and 4K Blu-ray isn’t slated to arrive until late 2015. Meanwhile, content providers are quietly sketching out delivery roadmaps and 4K content they are planning. There have been experiments with all types of 4K delivery, from over-the-air to over-the-top, and the general consensus seems to be that it’s all doable.

4 Don’t delay to buy 4K/UHD monitors and HDTVs now. If you are holding off on buying a 4K/UHD monitor or HDTV because you are waiting for more content to be available, you should know that they will upscale 1080P content to 4K by interpolating the missing pixels. Of course, native 4K/UHD content will always look better than upscaled content, but it shouldn’t hold you back on making a purchase. A good 4K/UHD display will upscale 1080P content beautifully and is future-proof for the fast developing world of 4K.

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