Multilayer Wooden Flooring - Silbergasser

Multilayer Wooden Flooring - Silbergasser

Wooden Flooring

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Multilayer wooden flooring

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Wooden Flooring

P 01

Solid Wood Flooring

PMA 01

Solid Wood Flooring

PMA 02

PMA 03

Meeting high demands

Solid wood flooring is well suited for use in both commercial areas and private

homes. This particularly sturdy flooring will withstand intensive wear for many years.

PMA 04

Optical illusion of length

The wooden flooring in this walk-in

closet was laid using a free laying technique.

Flooring, lighting, shelving and

the organisation of the clothing storage

system complement each other perfectly.

Additional LED track lighting was

integrated into the flooring for orientation.

Getting dressed and undressed

was never so much fun.

Even the spatial dimensions of the room

can be altered visually depending on

the lines of the parquet flooring.

PMA 06

PMA 05

Multilayer Wooden Flooring

PME 01

Multilayer Wooden Flooring

PME 02

PME 03

PME 04

Sturdy flooring

Entryways that have to hold up under

demanding conditions, such as dirt and

moisture are the ideal spots for multilayer

wooden flooring.

Most of these floors have a finished

surface and can be used as early as the

day after installation. Hotel lobbies are

but one example of the abundant possibilities

afforded by this kind of excellent

wooden flooring.

Combining materials, such as wooden

flooring with mirror glass tiling, creates

a very special eye-catching effect.

Harmonious colours

We offer a wide selection of over 100

different varieties of wood, allowing us

to match the furnishings perfectly to the

flooring. Leather flooring is also often

used as a decorative element.

The colour of the flooring continues

seamlessly up the wooden stairs, creating

the visual effect of elongated space.

PME 06

PME 05


Industrial Wooden Flooring

PIN 01


PIN 02

Meeting every demand

Thanks to its two-centimetre thick wear layer, industrial wooden flooring is ideally

suited to use in areas subject to extreme demands, be it shopping carts, strollers

or simply high traffic.

Even tables, barstools, product consoles, racks or shelf constructions can do very

little damage to this thick flooring.


PST 01

PST 02 PST 03

Fine artisanship

A variety of star parquet flooring was

installed for a 800 m 2 “bel étage” whose

patterns were inspired by the parquetry

in both the Globenmuseum and the

Vienna Hofburg palace.

The inlay designs were inserted by

hand in an elaborate process. The variations

of hue in the wood make it the

main visual element without overdoing

it, giving each room its own unique and

aristocratic flair.

PST 04

Coloured Wooden Flooring

PFA 01

PFA 02 PFA 03

Wood in every colour

The reason coloured wooden flooring is

so popular these days is that the treatment

and colouring processes make

the wood very UV resistant. Coloured

parquet flooring is like adding a layer of

sunscreen to light-filled rooms.

A wide variety of colours are available to

enhance the interior design of any room.

PFA 04

Bathroom Wooden Flooring

PBA 01


PBA 02 PBA 03

Bathrooms with atmosphere

Cutting edge surface treatment, the best wood and advancements in glue technology

make it possible for wooden flooring to be installed in bathrooms as well. In

addition to the warmth and elegance they exude, these floors are also sturdy and

easy to care for.

Antique Wooden Flooring

PAN 01

PAN 02

Ageing gracefully


When developing “new” antique floorboards,

a great deal of thought is given

in advance to the ageing process the

wood will likely undergo. The flooring is

then prepared accordingly. After installation

this kind of flooring creates an

antique visual effect, giving the room a

cosy, homey feel.

Upholding valued traditions

This coffered flooring featuring aged

varieties of wood was installed by our

experts to underscore the elegant

ambiance of the restaurant.

The wood is purchased from demolition

sites and undergoes extensive treatment

before the flooring is installed and

the pores are sealed. This technique

allows many such wooden floors to

withstand the centuries.

PAN 03

Wooden Terraces

PTE 01


PTE 02

PTE 04

Like a vacation at home

PTE 03

Teak is a very sturdy wood and ideally suited for use outdoors, as proven by its use

in building ships and footbridges over the centuries. Installing the outdoor wood in

the same direction as the interior wooden flooring blurs the boundaries between

comfort in the great outdoors and comfort in your own home. Thanks to our new

seamless installation system, nothing will get lost in the cracks any more.

Wooden Floor Refinishing

PSA 01

Service by experts

Sanding and refinishing wooden flooring

requires absolute precision. Only the

thinnest of coatings can be applied to

prevent damage to the flooring and

allow it to be refinished later on if necessary.

This is definitely a job for wooden

flooring experts.

Painstaking detail work

When renovating parquet flooring you

frequently come across small parts of

the flooring that have come out, become

loose or need reworking in order

to be refitted into their original space.

Wooden elements have to be fashioned

by hand and re-laid by eye.

This is artisanry that our parquet flooring

professionals have mastered.

PSA 02

PSA 03

Wooden Staircases

PHO 01

Strict form

Ensuring that the line of the wood grain is

continuous over the entire length of the

staircase is a rare sight. The wood was

cut from a single tree trunk selected particularly

for this special purpose in order

to achieve this unique visual effect.

PHO 02

PHO 03

“Stairway to heaven”

The combination of wooden tread overlays

and the washable coat of paint on

the risers create a floating effect. The

stairway to heaven conveys an incomparable

lightness that blends in harmoniously

with the room’s ambiance.

15 m Jumbo Planks

PJU 01

15 m Jumbo Planks

PJU 02

Exquisite wood

We offer jumbo planks measuring up to

15 metres in length and up to 80 cm in

width. Wood of this size is in high

demand and has been available for

years on international timber markets.

Jumbo planks are ideally suited for

underpinning the perception of space in

a generously proportioned room.

Cutting the wooden flooring in a curved

pattern along the natural grain of the

wood, for example, creates a very special

visual effect.

PJU 04

PJU 03

Seamlessly joined

Extremely sturdy and resistant, largesurface

floorboards are especially popular

in kitchen areas, as they allow for a

seamless transition to other rooms in

the house.

Simply multifaceted

Creating the visual effect of space,

jumbo planks work very well in both

modern and more traditional areas.

Depending on the kind of wood chosen,

its grade and how the surface of the

flooring has been processed, jumbo

planks can be used for any purpose.

You can come and see Austria’s largest

wooden floorboard measuring seven

meters in length and 80 cm in width for

yourself in our showroom.

PJU 06

PJU 05

Wooden Flooring Combinations

PKO 01

Exquisitely from nature

Wooden flooring has two excellent

properties: it is made of wood and can

be combined with innumerable other

materials. Paired with sturdy leather, the

combination of these two natural elements

strikes the eye, thanks not only to

its earthiness, but also to its timeless

elegance. Leather or wood applied in

thin layers to walls and ceilings make a

statement in any room and create an

incomparably unique ambiance.

PKO 03

PKO 02

Our Products and Services

Solid wood flooring

Strip wooden flooring

Herringbone flooring

French herringbone flooring


One-strip wooden flooring

Wooden floor refinishing

Over 100 kinds of wood

Floor lighting systems

Multilayer wooden flooring

Flooring boards

One-strip wooden flooring

One-strip wooden flooring up to 15 m in length

Strip wooden flooring


French herringbone flooring

Wooden floor refinishing

Over 100 kinds of wood

Floor lighting systems

Industrial parquet

Solid wood short-strip flooring

Solid wood long-strip flooring

Multilayer short-strip wooden flooring

Multilayer long-strip wooden flooring

Resin-coated industrial wooden flooring

Mosaic wooden flooring

Wooden floor refinishing

Over 100 kinds of wood

Floor lighting systems

Design parquet

Panel parquet flooring

Star parquet flooring

Intarsed parquet

Intarsed frieze

Special designs

Inlay work

Parquet refinishing

Parquet restoration

Over 100 kinds of wood

Floor lighting systems

Our Products and Services

Coloured wooden flooring

Surface-coloured wooden flooring

Through-coloured wooden flooring

Stained wooden flooring

Glazed wooden flooring

Multicoloured wooden flooring

Gold and silver wooden flooring

Special colours designs also available

Wooden floor refinishing

Over 100 kinds of wood

Floor lighting systems

Bathroom parquet

Strip wooden flooring

Flooring boards

One-strip wooden flooring

Ship’s deck wooden flooring

Wooden slatted frames for showers

Floor lighting systems

Antique flooring

Antique parquet

New wooden flooring made from recycled wood

Antiqued flooring

Wooden floor refinishing

Wooden floor restoration

Floor lighting systems

Wooden terraces

Terrace flooring in 10 different kinds of wood

Terrace flooring with parquetry look

Pool decks

Prefabricated elements

Wooden terrace refurbishment

Floor lighting systems

Our Products and Services

Parquet refinishing


Securing floor elements and expanding

Sanding and sealing

Sanding and oiling

Sanding and colouring

Wooden staircases

Tread overlays

Self-supporting staircases

Staircase constructions

15 m Jumbo Planks

Jumbo planks up to 15 m in length

Jumbo planks up to 80 cm in width

Jumbo planks in natural shapes

Exquisite parquet combinations

Leather parquet

Parquet wall covering

Metal parquet



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