Community Dialogue Results Report

February 17, 2016

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Community Dialogue Results Report

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2/17/2016 1

Community Dialogue Results Report


On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, a Community Dialogue was held to obtain input and feedback on

boundary options.

A questionnaire was distributed to obtain input from the community regarding three different boundary

options. There were a total of 25 group respondents and 731 individual respondents [151 paper and 580

web]. The pages that follow outline the responses to the questionnaire as well as all applicable


On behalf of DeJONG-RICHTER, we would like to extend our appreciation to the Shenandoah County

Public Schools for the opportunity to work with the community in the short-term facilities study that will

help define the districts’ short-term facility-strategy.

Shenandoah County Public Schools


Dr. Jeremy J. Raley

Board of Education

Karen S. Whetzel, Chairman, District 1

Richard L. Koontz, Jr., Vice Chairman, District 2

Cynthia D. Walsh, District 3

Katheryn A. Freakley, District 4

Irving L. Getz, District 5

Sonya Williams-Giersch, District 6



Tracy Richter, REFP, CEO

Matt Sachs, GIS Analyst

Ann Hoffsis, REFP, Director of Enrollment Projection Services

2/17/2016 2

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Did you attend the community dialogue meeting?

Web (all)

Web (attended



Web (did not




Yes 164 164 0

No 416 0 416


(paper only)

Web +



Please rate your level of support for Option A. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.

Web (all) Web (did not

Web (attended

attend Individual Web +


Community (paper only) Individual




1 194 71 123 69 263 2

2 20 7 13 4 24 2

3 30 4 26 4 34 4

4 17 2 15 1 18 1

5 77 12 65 11 88 0

6 22 5 17 5 27 1

7 15 4 11 3 18 0

8 24 5 19 3 27 0

9 24 6 18 7 31 1

10 133 43 90 39 172 2

No Consensus 12

Please rate your level of support for Option B. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.


Web (all)

Web (did not

Web (attended

attend Individual Web +


Community (paper only) Individual




1 229 85 144 62 291 1

2 21 3 18 6 27 0

3 20 6 14 1 21 0

4 10 1 9 2 12 0

5 56 10 46 10 66 2

6 21 4 17 2 23 2

7 13 3 10 3 16 0

8 31 2 29 2 33 1

9 21 4 17 7 28 0

10 137 43 94 52 189 4

No Consensus 13

2/17/2016 3

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please rate your level of support for Option C. Ten (10) being the highest level of support and one (1)

being the lowest.

Web (all)

Web (attended



Web (did not





(paper only)

Web +


1 206 67 139 91 297 7

2 16 6 10 3 19 1

3 13 4 9 1 14 1

4 8 1 7 4 12 1

5 68 15 53 12 80 1

6 16 3 13 2 18 0

7 14 4 10 1 15 0

8 30 5 25 2 32 1

9 37 13 24 2 39 0

10 145 40 105 27 172 1

No Consensus 11

Please rank the options in order of preference

Web (all)

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

Option A 196 135 162

Option B 168 198 150

Option C 161 160 174

Web (attended Community Dialogue)

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

Option A 58 41 38

Option B 52 41 57

Option C 43 54 41

Web (did not attend Community Dialogue)

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

Option A 138 94 124

Option B 116 157 93

Option C 118 106 133

Individual (paper only)

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

Option A 53 30 26

Option B 51 39 34

Option C 19 34 58

Web + Individual

1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice

Option A 249 165 188

Option B 219 237 184

Option C 180 194 232



1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice No Consensus

Option A 4 3 3 11

Option B 6 1 2 13

Option C 0 4 5 13


2/17/2016 4

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please choose your preferred option as they are compared to one another.

Option A vs Option B

Option A vs. Option C

Option B vs. Option C

Web (all)

Web (attended



Web (did not





(paper only)

Web +


Option A 248 79 169 61 309 4

Option B 271 69 202 62 333 8

No Consensus 12

Option A 269 76 193 71 340 9

Option C 227 62 165 34 261 5

No Consensus 9

Option B 252 70 182 71 323 9

Option C 264 79 185 52 316 3

No Consensus 13

Please rate your level of agreement that the following groups of students should be granted exemption

from attending the school in the attendance boundary in which they reside.

Web (all)



Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Children of Employees 116 38 88 70 241

2015-16 9th Graders 127 56 92 91 192

2015-16 10th Graders 108 45 71 98 236

2015-16 11th Graders 44 10 46 103 360

Web (attended Community Dialogue)



Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Children of Employees 52 10 24 22 49

2015-16 9th Graders 31 12 28 32 58

2015-16 10th Graders 25 13 20 31 72

2015-16 11th Graders 13 5 15 28 101

Web (did not attend Community Dialogue)



Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Children of Employees 64 28 64 48 192

2015-16 9th Graders 96 44 64 59 134

2015-16 10th Graders 83 32 51 67 164

2015-16 11th Graders 31 5 31 75 259


Individual (paper only)



Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Children of Employees 44 3 31 10 52

2015-16 9th Graders 30 8 20 10 65

2015-16 10th Graders 27 6 14 9 84

2015-16 11th Graders 17 2 4 10 106

Web + Individual



Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

Children of Employees 160 41 119 80 293

2015-16 9th Graders 157 64 112 101 257

2015-16 10th Graders 135 51 85 107 320

2015-16 11th Graders 61 12 50 113 466




Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree No Consensus

Children of Employees 3 0 4 3 7 7

2015-16 9th Graders 4 1 3 2 10 5

2015-16 10th Graders 2 1 2 2 13 4

2015-16 11th Graders 1 1 1 5 12 4


2/17/2016 5

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


1. Grandfathering of high school children should take place 2. Families with children that could possibly be placed in different

campuses need to be allowed a waiver 3. Need to consider children who are in high school athletics who are working

toward scholarships and records and if their statistics would transfer to another campus should grandfathering not occur. 4.

Need to consider children who could possibly be moved to another campus and would be playing sports against a parent

who is a coach at another campus. Coaches should get same consideration as teachers. 5. Upcoming Seniors should be

allowed to graduate from the high school in which they have attended for the last 3 years, unless they opt change campuses.

6. I am a single mother of 4 children, one of which graduates from CHS, 2 children currently at CHS and one child at

PMMS. I live 10 minutes from the school and work in the same town as the school. I stayed employed in the same location so

that I was close to my children in case of emergencies, practices, etc. I would be 30 mins away from the northern campus

1. I am only supporting Option B because it is the option that continues to allow my children to attend the Central district. My

husband and I just purchased our new home in December 2015 (less than 2 months ago). We did not look outside of the

Central district when purchasing a home because that is where we want our children to attend school. We live on Ridge

Hollow Road, less than 10 minutes to drive to WWR. I can't imagine what the bus ride time would be for my children (assuming

they would have to ride out Rt. 42, to Rt. 263, to Rt. 11, and then to ALES - this not including bus stops). 2. I fully support teachers

being able to take their children to work with them to attend on the campus where they teach. I feel this is a perk that

teachers should be allowed. I also feel that all current high school students should be grandfathered in. 3. I feel this process is

being rushed. Should our focus be to correct the 238 students who are not attending within their current school boundary? I

realize that this will still have SHES and WWR overcrowded, but I think we should make that our first focus, and then re-evaluate

next year. Would it be possible, at the Elementary Orientations/Open Houses in August, to have parents bring 2 proofs of residency

when filling out their children's emergency forms? That could help to find those who are not being honest. 4. I feel that

boundary adjustments are not really even a short term fix with the overcrowding at SHES and WWR. Is it going to reduced

class sizes? Not by much. Is it going to free up classroom space so that teaching is not forced to happen in closets, hallways,

etc.? No. Will it allow lunchtimes to not have to start at 10:30 a.m.? No. Is it going to tear families apart and create huge

problems for families whose livelihood is centered around a particular campus? Yes.

1. My daughter has a speaking problem and since she has been in school she has been in speech. Ms. Davis has done a

wonderful job these past 3 years but it took my daughter time to warm up. I would really like for her to continue with Ms. Davis

to continue with all the hard work they both have put into this. My daughter has came a long way in a short period of time. 2.

Central campus is 6 minutes away from our house , its a 15 minute bus ride. If something is wrong I can be at school in no time.

Now you want to move her to the Mt. Jackson school which is 22 minutes away and probably at least 45 minute bus route.

Might not sound that bad to you but once she is off the bus in the evening and does her homework she will be too tired to

eat! Please think about this! We live in Edinburg, nothing against the Mt. Jackson school, but my husband and I both went to

central and that’s where we want our kids to go.


11th graders shouldn't have to be moved but every grade below that should

A few things must be taken into consideration. The Mt Jackson area is looking to add a mega site in, just behind the southern

campus. What will happen when this goes in, creating more jobs, and increasing the population in the southern end of the

county? Whatever decision is made, PLEASE consider the future. In regards to employee's children, there should be no exemption.

I am currently right on an existing boundary line; I work north, my children's daycare is north, and the after school

program I plan to enroll them in is north. However with all options presented, I will have to send them south. I do not find any

fairness in SCPS staff being able to have the rules changed for them, making it more convenient. I work a full-time job, pay my

taxes, everything the same as them. All three options create a major logistical nightmare for me in two years; does this mean I

can have an exception made for me then? However of everything, here is my largest complaint: checking residency accuracy.

Members of the committee, please open your eyes and see that people are already planning to use family addresses,

the address for property in which one owns in a different district, even buying property and having it as a part time residence

so their children may go to a particular school. Our taxes are going towards the consulting firm finding us the best possible

solution for now and the future; no solution will do if not upheld. A colleague of mine asked about this at the community

dialogue meeting and was told "it is not of importance right now" by the committee member at their table. Please imagine

the following scenario: 50 kids from WWR use their grandparents or other family addresses, ensuring they don't have to move

to ALE. No check is done. Right there, you have 50 kids that are altering your desired capacity at WWR, overpopulating that

school, but more importantly getting by with breaking the rules. Bottom line - we are teaching our children how to follow the

rules at home and at school, but what kind of example is being set when SCPS, the ones who makes the rules, don't even

make sure they are enforced? It will be time consuming to request proof of residency for all students but it is not cost efficient

2/17/2016 6

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


to pay a consulting firm over 100k and then not enforce what we paid them to tell us.

A move is always hard but it must be done. I do not want my taxes raise to build a new school when there are schools with


A, B and C options all seem similar. The one that lowers the number the best at the overcrowded schools should be selected.

Teachers kids should be exempted - to not do so will cause teachers to either request transfer to another campus, or in some

cases will cause teachers to leave the county entirely. Juniors should be allowed to graduate at the school of their choice.

With only one year left it would be cruel to make them graduate with students not in their class. However, they should have

to find their own transportation. Most of them drive or ride to school with a friend at that point anyhow.

After a certain point, it becomes more difficult for social acceptance and that will be least likely seen at a younger level.

While all students need the opportunity for adequate instruction, a move at the middle school and high school ages, unless

given as an option for the first few years, may cause unexpected behavioral and academic issues that we may not be able

to handle. That said, once these rules have been made and decided on, guidelines NEED TO BE FOLLOWED. A student in the

district for the central campus SHOULD NOT be allowed to attend the northern or southern campus once the decision to

switch to this campus has been made. As for teacher's kids, while it had been a regularity for their youth to go to the same

campus as their parent's teach at, there can be unfair advantages/disadvantages as seen by peers that the student's parent

gives the student. In order to avoid this, it could be fair to expect the same districting rules to apply, meaning that unless the

teacher lives in the same district that they teach at, their student should not be able to commute. A standard is a standard

and favorites should not apply, which may be suggested if this is allowed to stay the same.

After studying all options, C seems to be the fix, not a bandage, yes it affects the greatest amount of children but it also balanced

the middle and high schools so that hopefully this won't need to be done again for 8 to 10 years, and hopefully we

can get the funds needed to build the schools that are so badly needed. If the supervisors would just look at all the other

counties around us and look at the difference in our schools compared to their schools, its just a sad situation that needs to be

addressed sooner than later!

All boundary options are not fair to these kids who have invested so much time, energy, money, heart and devotion to their

clubs and sports. It is not fair for parents who drive their kids to school before going to work, or to babysitters to get on the

bus, some will have to get other babysitters or lose their jobs... how is that for helping the community. Class rings? Letterman

jackets? FFA Jackets? These kids NEED to be with the clubs they joined!

All of our children come from an overcrowded school district. We came from a district that had 30 children to each class. I

feel that the children have established themselves in their schools. My daughters are both active in programs. This would be

taking away from them!!! Now I do not disagree with moving the 8th graders to Central. I think this would be great!!!

All of the students should have equal programs. Transfers should cease unless for disabilities or teacher's children. It is ridiculous

that it got as bad as it has become.....

Allowing children of employees an exemption to the boundary policy is an important incentive to many SCPS employees and

should not be taken away by this new policy. I fear the county may lose many exceptional staff members if their children

were not allowed to attend the campus where they were employed.

Also children with severe anxiety disorders and other medical conditions that will affect them physically due to a school


Also take into consideration that some special ed kids may be more comfortable in their current school.

Although my family lives inside its home boundary, I strongly agree as a teacher, that those families should be granted that

option of going to school either at their home school or the school of their workplace. I believe that this is a perk for working

for our school system.

Although there have been several negative comments about children of employees being able to "follow" them to their work

campuses, the school board's willingness to allow the children to follow their parents make it much easier for the employers to

be certain about staying in their positions.


Although, I understand that allowing employees to take their children to the campus where they work is a perk and one that

almost all school divisions provide to their employees, I think allowing this practice to continue after the boundary adjustment

would send a "bad" message to other parents within our community. In my mind, the message is that the convenience of

school personnel is more important than the familial, and potentially financial, considerations existing within the households of

other county residents. All of us pay the same taxes and should be treated in the same manner, regardless of who your employer

is. This places a value on certain individuals and their professions more than others which I believe is unfair. From the

2/17/2016 7

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


posts I've seen on Facebook, Twitter, and comments to articles in the newspaper, I believe the boundary adjustment will impact

families, all types of families without regard to income, profession, family composition, etc. and consequently, employee's

families should not be exempted from the impact this boundary adjustment will have. I think others in the community that

are impacted by the adjustment would be more likely to accept the changes if it was equally applied to county residents,

not picking and choosing certain families that are exempted from the situation. In addition, if children of employees were not

granted an exemption, I believe the level of support for the boundary adjustment would be significantly impacted. Teachers

are the biggest advocates for the boundary adjustment, and I believe their support would be significantly reduced if the

teachers felt their own families would be impacted by the adjustment. It should be noted, that I am a school employee with

a child attending school within the division. Fortunately, my child is not impacted by the adjustment in terms of moving to

another school, but a number of her friends live in the areas that are impacted. This has caused a great deal of stress in our

household even though my child is not being moved. I can only imagine the turmoil of what other families may be dealing

with at this time. However, I do believe an exemption should apply for high school students. At this point, current 9th grade

students have been affiliated with their current high school (potentially) for 2 years depending on the campus they attend,

the courses they take (i.e. took Geometry at the high school as an 8th grader), and what sports they play (i.e. 8th graders can

start playing on high school teams).

Always hard to except change. But it is needed. Children adjust better then parents. It is time for the community to be a Shen-

andoah county community instead of so territorial.

Any option requires overcrowding Southern Campus which isn't fair to students already attending...

Any student that goes to a school that is not within their boundaries should have to provide their own transportation. Students

should not be made to change high schools if they are currently in the 11th or 12th grade. They can drive themselves to

school and not rely on buses. Stop using certain schools as the "catch all" for the discipline problem students.

Are classes given at the Central Campus going to be offered at the other two campuses?? Are all Campuses Fully Accredited??

State Law states if schools are not accredited we don't have to send our kids there but we must provide transportation,

will this still be acceptable??? Do you as a group really understand what you are doing to these children??? Vote No!!! All

options Leave it alone

As a parent of a student in High School as they have spent the last 11 years together to separate them within the last 2 years

of what is to be the greatest time before heading out into the real world so to say would be the wrong decision. As they have

already ordered class Rings & have lettered in Sports . We live just 6.2 miles from the Central Campus if we have to move that

would double or almost triple the distance for her travel to school. I urge you to putting yourself in our shoes how would this

effect your child? In the past few weeks since these meeting have begun & the social media comments there are a lot of

unhappy parents & they are just the ones that are affected by the move the ones that are not affected have not a care in

the world to say only because it does not affect them.


As a SCPS employee myself and a mom, I feel that we should continue to allow children of employees to attend the school

where the parent works. We know all to well about the overcrowded conditions at our schools. We come to work everyday

and do our best to teach with the space we have. As you know we don't get many perks and this is about the only one we

receive compared to other counties. I have also watched our turnover rate and know how hard it is to retain good teachers

due to this. We need to keep this incentive not only for our current teachers and employees but also to insure we can attract

other good teachers to come to our county. Our kids in SCPS deserve the same opportunities as other counties and we need

good people to do this. My input on the boundary adjustments when it comes to high school is they should be exempt as

well. High school students have been with their peers and friends since grade school. They should be able to graduate with

their peers and friends. Thank you for allowing the input of the community and for all of your hard work.

As an employee that did not choose which campus I was placed at to work I feel I should be able to have my kids where I

was placed to work. How ever if there are employees that do not live in shenandoah county and are bringing their kids to

shenandoah county schools without paying tuition I feel that is wrong and one of the reasons our budget is messed up. If they

don't pay taxes in our county they should pay tuition.

As far as employees' children, I feel they should either go to their assigned school or the school in which their parent works. I

don't feel they should have a choice of all 3 campuses. I also feel incoming seniors (current juniors) should have their choice

of where they would like to graduate, either the current school they attend or the school they will be assigned under the new

boundaries. However, I also feel that those students that I just mentioned be provided transportation if they do not have the

means to do so.

As long as our Juniors and Seniors can provide their own transportation they should be allowed to stay at their current high

2/17/2016 8

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.



Based on commentary provided in the research these changes will not SOLVE the overcrowding issue. Just because this is a

quick fix, does not make it the right fix. Take the time to find the proper long term solution before jumping in to a quick fix.

Options A& C will turn my 6 year olds 30/45 minute bus ride in to a 2 hour bus ride. Buses from both Central Campus & Stonewall

Campus would come down our road (Stoneburner) but because our driveway is on the southern side of the road it would

force him to go to Stonewall. I don't see how it's efficient to have both buses running that route and do not expect my young

child to be able to sit on the bus for such an extended period of time.

Because our county is growing at a higher rate on the Northern end, I think it is important that we adjust the boundaries at the

highest percentage of redistricting. If we do not, we may face this again within the next five to ten years. Many of the arguments

against redistricting sadden me. Some are suggesting that the Southern Campus is lacking in educational opportunities.

I checked the high school course offerings book. From what I can see, the Central campus has approx. nine dualenrollment

classes; the Southern campus has ten. The Central campus has seven AP courses; the Southern campus has eight.

They seem to be offering equal educational opportunities. My children graduated from the Southern Campus. They are both

successful college graduates, and both are pursuing their post-graduate degrees. They in no way suffered from attending

the Southern campus. In fact, I believe the smaller class sizes and more intimate environment helped them in their academic

successes. I feel that the educational opportunities are equal and should not be used as an argument against the redistricting


Beside the upcoming Seniors at each high school, everyone else should go to the campus area they reside in.

Boundaries are not the issue; funding is. Raise taxes, pay teachers, and provide a world class education. Jobs and prosperity

will follow.

Catchment 46 and catchment 48 should be combined

Children with IEP's & 504 Plans should be given the Option to be grandfathered as well. A change for some of them could be

quite devastating and take months or a year or two to get them back on track & that would be quite detrimental to their

ability to learn & it could also be a hindrance for the other kids around them. Siblings of these kids should also be allowed to

attend the division that their brother/sister is in as well.

Current 11th grade students have had their whole education at one campus and should remain where they have invested

their talents, friendships and graduation options (advanced diploma and college dual enrollment)

Current 8th graders soon to be Freshman should be grandfathered in. Majority of the kids have participated in a JV sport at

their current high school. (ex: PMMS 8th graders have participated in Centrals JV sports.) * Siblings of current Central students

should be grandfathered in. (Oldest child in high school (10th grade) youngest is in middle school (8th grade) . (They both

should be able to attend Central) *You have to provide transportation to all students attending the school in their "zone". If

the grandfathering is only approved for current high school students I will have TWO buses coming to my house and going to

TWO different campuses (Central and Stonewall) How is that cost effective??? It is not!! * How will you handle continued


growth in the county? You need to build another school. What about the land that was given to the school board in Woodstock??

How about a campus in Toms Brook. (the land where the new county jail was possibly to be built) * Have students

pay a "tuition" to stay in the same "zone" to attend the same school they are attending now. Use that money towards a new

school or campus. * Teachers should NOT be allowed to bring their children to the school they work in. The goal is to get the

attendance numbers in line with building capacity numbers. To me if you let the teachers take their children with them to

work that is defeating the purpose and will cause a lot of disgruntled parents. It is showing favoritism.

Current high school students have, for the most part already mapped out their course to graduation. This process started with

them entering 9th grade, course selection, and curriculum concentration to prepare them for their life as adults after school

be it entering the work force, or moving on to higher education.

Current high school students should be exempt from boundary changes. They can change if they want. HS is hard enough

(socially, physically, mentally) without having another huge change thrust upon them. This would help out to keep friends

with friends and not create bitter rivalries. It would also allow the schools to have a chance to adjust. HS's seem to have the

capacity to allow this for 3 years. All new and incoming students should follow their boundary assignments. Students should

also be allowed to have some flexibility of where they based off of where their parents work or where they attend afterschool

care for ease of childcare. This might work by a petition to make sure there is room and only where the boundary adjustment

effected them. No one should have to ride a bus for over 2 hrs and preferably not over 1.5 hrs

Disrupting a student's high school career by relocating him/her could be detrimental to their education. There are many pres-

2/17/2016 9

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


sures and stresses for this group of young people to deal with already. Uprooting them from familiar surroundings, friends, and

teachers could potentially impact their college career as well if the relocation causes adverse effects to their grades and

their emotional/social well-being. It does seem reasonable to expect parents to provide transportation to the school outside

their district if they are given the choice to stay at their current high school based on the new proposal so as to not burden

the school system with increased transportation costs.

Does employees mean teachers only or lunch helpers, custodians, and bus drivers? If this only applies to teachers I'm not for

it, it has to be equal

Don't move anyone!!!!

Due to the fact that current projections expect countywide enrollment to decline over the next 10 years, I recommend the

absolute minimal boundary line change. If it is necessary to construct a few module buildings to accommodate students for

a few years then this should be done. Myself and many other parents believe that module buildings are a viable option. I

believe that Ashby Lee is already too crowded and adding more students will diminish that school also. I question the logic

of the entire biomedical academy... and I further question the logic of placing it at an overcrowded campus. Also this program

is costing our school system far too many dollars and other high quality medical programs (such as nursing and health

care science) are grossly under supported. The entire program at Triplett needs to receive better support and be promoted

equitably. A plumbing and HVAC program should be offered at Triplett. Triplett should have enough support to construct at

least one house per year.

Employees children should go to the school by their address, especially employee children from outside the county.

Employee's children: * I do not feel that students of full-time employees should be the only ones allowed to attend the campus

where they work. Should be all or none. I also feel that this should apply to only the campuses - where the schools are

located and not the school board offices or ancillary offices of the SCPS. They do not work on a campus. Proof of Residency

: * Should be required for all students in Shenandoah County for the school year of September 2016. All students should be

required to show 3 proofs of residency prior to August 2016. These proofs should be scanned and attached to the student's

record. This should also be required for each year to follow. These proof should come from a very specific list. The Little

League's proof of residency is very strict and that is to play baseball or softball. I would be happy to provide that list for you

to look over. It is an easy way to ensure that your child is playing in the correct boundary. Otherwise.... - How will this proof

of residency be enforced? Grandfathered Issues: * Feel that all past papers granted should be null and void with the

boundary changes. After the final decision on the boundary has been made. If a parent feels the need to ask for an exception,

those should be heard on a case by case basis. Ex: Medical, Psychological, etc... * I do strongly feel that students who

will be Juniors and Seniors in the 2016-2017 year be allowed to finish High School where they currently are attending. But if not

in their boundary, must provide their own transportation. All others should attend the school they will be zoned to attend.

Transitions/Equality in Course Offerings: * What changes will be put in place to ensure that students are transitioned for the

start of the new school year? This applied to both the students who are being moved and the ones who will see numbers at

their schools grow? * Academics and the divide that currently exists between the schools is widespread. What measures will

be put in place to ensure that the same classes will be offered across the board at all schools? If any of my comments need

to be explained or elaborated on, please contact me. I hope you choose wisely and make policy changes that are strict to

avoid any room for loop holes. Many will use them. Best wishes and much patience to you all. Respectfully, Denise Silvious-


Employees deserve the perk or FREE BENEFIT of taking their children to school with them. If not, kids won't be the only thing

you'll lose.

Employees should NOT receive special treatment or exemption from their children to attend the school in the attendance

area in which they reside or to which they are assigned. It sends a clear message that everyone is treated the same.

Equal opportunities need to be a must!!!!!!!!! Also, address verification needs to be mandatory with current year information. I

feel there will be a lot of relatives address being submitted.... Addresses need to be up to date and verified. 90 percent is not

good enough.


Exemptions should be made for employees and current 11th grade students. This would only be fair to the students.

Exemptions will lead to more exemptions and eventually there will be little to no point in the whole thing. I can understand, to

some degree, the plausibility of making an exemption for children of employees. However, there are plenty of cases where

parents/guardians work in a different district already, and their children still attend school in their home district. So the exemption

for children of employees feels like more of a cop out than a real excuse.

2/17/2016 10

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


Failure to provide an exemption for children of employees would be a slap in the face of our employees who work hard for

our county schools. If we are truly concerned about our high turnover rates among our staff and faculty we will grant this


Feel whatever option is chosen there will be turmoil and distress for someone. Feel other considerations have not been taken

into thought like daycare, sports teams, Ffa FCLa, art, and all the other activities and learning opportunities that make our

kids well rounded individuals. Some choices parents make are based on strength of programs and teachers with great abilities

at certain schools At different campuses and this still should be a choice that families have to place kids where they have

the best opportunity to grow and learn for the needs of that individual. To change a high school student mid stream is detrimental

to their ability to grow in those activities, for they will be unknown to. The new peer group and no longer be able to

strive for leadership positions that they have worked up to in their current peer group through participation at the different


First off.. I do not agree with any of the boundaries being moved!!! When I got home the other evening from that meeting, my

14 year old asked me if he had to move schools, my comment was I don't know what's going to happen, but then he got very

upset and said he has had these friends since kindergarten and didn't want to not graduate with them! There are enough

challenges for these children to face without having to be thrown in a new environment and having to go through a life

changing event such as this.. and to any teenager.. this is a major devastation, their friends, their sports, their extracurricular

activities, their routine. To some this may look good on paper, but forget about the kids as numbers and start looking at them

as people. As an adult, how would you feel about being MADE to attend another place of employment or attend functions

without your friends? Granted, adults can adapt better because it's usually our choice to do those things, but these kids are

not given a choice. Do the right thing and DO NOT disrupt any of these children, this is their life you are changing, this is the

parents lives you are affecting.. some of us base where we work as to how close we are to our kids if they need us, or being

able to get to their sporting events on time... I'm one of those parents. I currently work 2 minutes from school for those reasons.

What about the parents that have daycare and the kids can ride the bus to the babysitter.. moving those kids, changes more

than just making new friends in a new school.. it is changing their life. The uproar in which all of this has caused among parents,

students, and the entire county was not worth it. Please reconsider this plan and do what's best, take the time to hear

the students affected by it, listen to the parents.. believe it or not, we do know what's best for them!

First, I am concerned with those that are right on the boundary lines, if there could possibly be an option for those to choose

an option. I understand that the line has to be drawn somewhere, however if the option does cause us to change school

there will be a bus picking up kids at the neighbors house across the street. My thoughts are that since we are 6.5 miles from

WWR and 15.5 miles from ALES and have a bus passing our house if we could possibly have the option to choose since we are

right on the line? Next, I still continue to be concerned about the length of the bus ride for those that are on some of the

boundary line adjustments. Last, I am strongly concerned regarding the fact that although I am not a Shenandoah County

School Employee that I still work at WWR full time providing services to a group of selected students at this school and would

be unable to have my child at the school with me. I specifically requested to be moved to this school after a placement 5

years elsewhere, so that I could be at the school where my child was attending. However, I have not been informed that my

child will possibly be relocated to another campus causing great anxiety for my child. I was wondering if there is any way

that these types of cases could be taken into consideration as I do serve the school system and it's students full time.

I would like to go with Option B because I feel like it will be the best on bus ride times. Taking catchment 37, they can shoot

right up 11 without winding the back roads of Edinburg.


Forcing children to change schools is absolutely ridiculous. Ever think about what it will do to the younger ones & how it may

affect their education??? You will see a lot of people pull the kids and home school and then what will you do?

High school 9-12 should be grandfathered to their current school if they desire to stay.. If a student desires to attend another

school in Shenandoah County and provides their own transportation, they should be allowed to attend the school of their

choice. Not just school employees, but all students. We bought homes in the school district where we went so our children

could attend the same school we did..

High school children should be grandfathered in, these children have established academics and athletics at their current

school, some have already ordered class rings, lettermans jackets etc, these children deserve to stay put.

High school should not be grandfathered in except seniors. This will split up families and I don't think the school system is interested

in splitting up families. Especially it will be very hard for families to cope with 2 campuses. Also hope boundaries policies

are completely enforced, only allowing special ed and seniors. Also, is it teachers kids allowed or is it any school employee

kids allowed to go with their parent? Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, school board employee etc… are these kids exempt too??

2/17/2016 11

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


And another situation, teacher lives in Strasburg dropped off her kids at Woodstock campus then travels to Southern campus

to teach. Are these employees allowed to drop off their children at any campus? I thought the Woodstock campus was over

filled... while the rest of us will be told what school. They have no rules?? I hope she does the right thing...be a good community

member. Also, I would like to see all students verify their address. I'm aware of a family that lied 7 years ago and is still lying

to avoid out of county tuition.

High school students currently in the high schools now should be exempt. Most are involved in sports, FFA and other clubs that

they've already paid into. Are the schools going to reimburse the parents that already paid for jackets, rings, etc? I'm glad

my son only has 2 more years and will not be affected because we are un the south end but I do have family and friends

children that have already invested in their kids school activities.

How many kindergartners will register for the next school term? Won't there be at least 300? Why not start the new boundary

lines with this new group of students coming into the system, but leave high school students where they are. These students

have been with their friends since kindergarten, have been in activities with them and the high school years should be there

best years. They are getting ready for college and chosen their courses and are comfortable in their present surroundings. It

seems unfair to me to even upset the middle schoolers. It doesn't seem like 300 plus students is worth all this distress.

How will this affect kids playing sports in high school?

I agree that children of employees should be allowed to attend the campus where their parent(s) work. This will help us to

retain quality teachers. I know several teachers who have no one to put their children on the bus if they must attend school

at a different campus. After speaking to several teachers, they have expressed concerns and have stated that they will seek

employment elsewhere if they cannot transport their child(ren) to the campus where they are employed. These teachers are

quality teachers who have been in this county no less than 7 years. We need to do everything we can to keep quality teachers.

Their pay already cannot compete with other counties. This small perk for them is essential.

I also believe that students with disabilities such as autism and such should also be able to stay where they are at if you make

such a dramatic change to them there will be a lot more issues with them trying to adjust not just at school but home life also

parents will have a fight on there hands tying to get everything to settle down because kids like this are use to patterns and a

set schedule and knowing the people if you change this you could put them back a year in there development

I also think 8th graders should be considered in the grandfathering. In many cases they have started high school activities

such as music and athletic programs. I would also suggest giving families who have grandfathered older children and also

younger siblings the opportunity to allow the younger siblings to also remain at that school campus. Maybe one way to offset

this would be to limit transportation. Grandfathered students might not get door-door bus service and be required to go to

a bus stop to catch their bus.

I am concerned for the policy decision regarding grandfathering. I am a school employee and my children will not move

boundaries due to any of the options, thus I feel rather neutral. I am concerned for the feedback that I received from other

SCPS staff who currently bring their children to school with them. If this benefit is taken away, those employees have said they

will leave. The feedback so far is for 5 very qualified strong teachers. If our SCPS goals state that we want to attract and retain

high quality teachers and staff, then we need to do our best to allow them to bring their child to school with them.

I am not in favor of any of the options because they do not change the situations in our schools. What this county and school

district has done, has upset our child and families lives.

I am very concerned about families going to a different campus. I am really concerned for the middle school students who

have been excited about going to their present campus high school then have to move. Not good. We are losing community

support when you live closer to one school but go to another. We are upsetting a lot of people. Make the ones who are

not going to their home school campus because they go to a baby sitter or parents work in the area which is not their home

school. There are folks "fudging their addresses." Some are using their grandparents. I believe that the change should be in

moving the elementary students instead of cross the board. Leave the middle and high school students were they are presently

going to school.


I believe children of employees should be able to go to the school where their parent works, for convenience. I could see

how middle and elementary schoolers could be moved more easily, but the high school students are starting to work with

counselors and faculty toward their post-secondary plans, whether they join the work force, enlist in the military, or go college

or technical school. I worry that switching counselors and leaving programs with which they are familiar (athletics, fine arts,

FFA, etc.) could cause them to have to start all over again building those relationships. There would need to be a strong system

in place to make sure students move is as smooth as possible, and that they work with their counselors beforehand.

2/17/2016 12

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


I believe that by 9th grade most students have significantly bonded with other students in their current schools, and to separate

these students from their friends could have a lasting impact on their emotional well being. I also believe that having

such a high influx of students coming into the southern campus at once (especially at the high school level) could negatively

impact the current students on the Southern Campus. While I understand this transition is necessary I think precautions need

to be taken where our current southern campus students are concerned. School admin at the Southern Campus should

begin to think about and begin a dialogue with the current students about their concerns, and things they may not even

think about to prepare them for this transition. Many of these students have been at the southern campus since Kindergarten

and have become accustomed to the atmosphere and "quiet" that schools with low attendance rates offer them. As the

parent of a high school student who suffers from anxiety and a middle school student who's anxiety significantly impacts his

ability to function in school, I know that just the extra "traffic" in the hallways between class can and most probably will affect

my children's ability to focus on learning for a time. Again, I understand this is necessary to provide what is best for all Shenandoah

county students, but don't forget the negative impact this could have on our current southern campus students.

I believe the changes should be implemented gradually, with only ninth graders moved the first year, ninth and tenth the second,

and ninth, tenth, and eleventh the third year. It isn't fair to move high school students after ninth grade.

I believe we need to defer this decision until we have all the information we need to make an informed decision. Many unanswered

questions - Number of students in each option, how can they be accurate if they have not been run through transportation

software? Boundary enforcement - They are not doing this now. How do we have confidence the new boundary

lines will be enforced? Total cost including transportation, unknown at this time. Program equality between school campus'

will not be fixed with boundary changes. If you do not have enough students for a particular class or program than it will not

be offered. School superintendent should enforce current boundary lines and correct bus routes so students are attending

school in the district they live. This would be more effective and efficient in balancing student capacity in our schools.

I cannot stress enough the need for high school students, especially ones with learning disabilities and IEPs, to be allowed to

remain at the school at which they have established strong and effective links with staff, faculty, and classmates. Continuity

and stability are critical in such cases. Consequently, my wife and I support Option A.

I can't imagine being moved in H.S. I think this would be extremely difficult. My child is in first grade so this does not affect us

but please give special thought to H.S. Also, those with extreme special needs like autism. The best program for them may

not be the school right down the road.

I didn't answer questions 5 and 7 because I don't like any of the options because they all move me away from Central.

I do feel if an 11 grader wants to fill out his senior year at the campus he has been going to thats fine with me long as they

dont use school transportation. I feel children of teachers should be able to move to campus they teach at, but if teacher

gets moved to another campus they should go back to their assigned campus. I feel there needs to be some kind of proof of

residency and have it enforced, because there are so may parents cheating the system now.

I do not feel like the boundary adjustment is needed, since the projected school enrollment (based on the study paid for by

the school board) shows that total enrollment is to be DOWN or decreasing. I think a voluntary, "choose your own school"

method would be more beneficial.

I do not feel staff children should get special treatment by being allowed to go to school where their patent is. They need to

follow the guidelines like any other child. As a nurse I can not bring my child to work. I have to make accommodations to

make sure they get to their assigned school.

I do not see the need to make any adjustments for just 30 some pulpils. What does attendance figures look like for next year?

Need to look at how many children of employees taken out of assigned area. That is not fair to rest of the public, if they can

we should be able to do the same.

I don't agree with any of the choices and I feel that this decision is being pushed through unfairly. How can we as a community

sacrifice our children for such a short term solution?


I don't feel like teachers or other employees children should be exempt, as we are trying to solve an over crowding problem,

and it helps nothing letting them stay put, while making other children move to other schools

I dont like this idea ............

I don't think it's fair to adjust the schedule of children that have spent their adolescence years in a particular school or area.

It's a huge change for kids in the high school setting that have created and made friendships in their current school. These

children have grown with their peers and look forward to playing sports and participating in extra curricular activities for the

school they currently attend. I feel it would be a huge emotional and physical change for these kids.

2/17/2016 13

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


I don't think moving 395 students either direction really helps solve the overcrowding issue. I think that we seriously need to

think about building another school in the Maurertown/Toms Brook area. It can be a stand alone school where the students

then go to either PMMS or SKMS. I also feel that everyone is putting down the South Campus by saying that it's not up to par

with the other two High Schools. I think that people bought houses in certain school campuses and now they are having to

decide if moving or homeschooling is a viable option for their family. We need to look further down the road not just for three

or four years. We need to accept that growth in Shenandoah County is going to happen and not be caught off guard. We

should have started thinking about this 10 years ago and not wait until it's almost impossible to fix the problem.

I don't think these boundaries are going to change anything. People will just move to the area they want their kids to go to. If

the kids would go to the school they should be going to now it would free up some space. We have so many parents that

drive their kids to school that should be going to another school. I also think if we did away with the preschool classes if would

free up a lot of space.

I don't think this is a permanent "fix" for the overcrowding problems. I do not support the boundary adjustment. I LOVE that

the southern campuses are smaller---and do not want to see that change.

I feel as though none of these options is a long term solution. I really hope you're not planning to adjust the boundaries again

when the schools over crowd again as they will. I feel the only solution to this problem is to build. Build a K-3 put it in the middle

of central campus and northern campus. The elementary schools need to be relieved and this is not a permanent solution at

all. Looking at our neighboring systems. They are all building, Frederick, Warren, Loudon, etc. if they aren't building they are

remodeling old buildings. We should seriously look at these options for a long term solution.

I feel as though substitute kids should go to the schools assigned & not be grandfathered in

I feel like none of these options solves the elementary school problems.

I feel like the high school kids should have the option to go within their boundaries and if they chose to stay at their current

school they should provide own transportation. There would not be a cost associated with this and if they cannot provide

their ow. Transportation then they can have transportation by attending the school within their boundaries. At least they have

a little bit of an option. No matter what since you have chosen to disrupt these kids lives there should be equality among ALL

three schools! I have recently found out that central offers 20 more classes than Strasburg high school?? Why is this being allowed

to happen they all deserve the same options and opportunities!! You advised this boundary adjustment would only

disrupt current students one time and then turned around and requested a change to be reviewed every 5 years you just

cannot move these kids around every five years! Where is the stability for them? Also have you all reviewed and thought

about parents that can make a true legal address change if necessary such as divorced parents. Is it enough children this

little number will not affect or impact the schools how they are intended?


I feel none of the above options adequately addresses the problem, overcrowding, especially when compared to the

amount of community turmoil it has caused. I didn't speak to a single person that was for this that was not on the Board or

highly influenced by them. Do not be confused by the results because we were forced to pick one option, none of the

above was not an option. The community would likely accept this more readily if ALL students, with the exception of special

needs, were returned to their original schools as well as a concerted effort to determine students fraudulently attending

schools. Then with this new number evaluate student population. The solution needs to alleviate overcrowding, ie students

meeting in closets and hallways, not make some utilization number more acceptable. Example, moving 50-60 students from

WW will not alleviate the crowding issue, the 60 or so students doesn't take into consideration of school employee children,

likely to add 10-15 more children back into WW. This policy I strongly disagree with as it is in no way fair to everyone else, especially

to those that are moved because of the line adjustment. Maybe an alternative to overcrowding would be to find a

facility to house the preschoolers and if possible the special needs children. Most pre schoolers are taught in churches and in

homes so the requirements to house them should not be as rigorous. Maybe the money for modulars could be used to build a

permanent structure for these children. That would clear up maybe 4-5 classrooms at WW. That may be a better option to

address the overcrowding issue. The school owns a large parcel of land beside PMMS and busses are already coming there

and it would be permanent and able to handle even more preschoolers so you could grab some more state and federal

dollars. You had a chance at the Christian school north of Woodstock, what an ideal location that would have been. With

the projection of dwindling numbers the problem may well solve itself. It can't be all bad because WW feeds to CHS which

just won a Blue Ribbon award for academics so children are learning somewhere.

I feel that ALES is already at capacity and therefore students should not be added. Also, the recent population survey conducted

by the school board showed that population projections for the county school was scheduled to decrease over the

next ten years county-wide. Therefore the county-wide boundary adjustment is not needed. If a temporary classroom ex-

2/17/2016 14

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


pansion is needed then modular buildings on the central and northern campus would be appropriate. Also, we need to

better utilize the resources we already have at the southern campus such as TT. The Triplett programs are grossly under supported

and under promoted among all three campuses, while specialized programs are developed at already overly crowded


I feel that all currently enrolled should get to stay at their current school and only new enrollments be bound by any new


I feel that boundary adjustments are necessary to maximize school resources. I think that this will need to be looked at again

as we will inevitably need new schools built. This boundary adjustment is simply the first step. I appreciate that you are addressing

this and implore you to see it thru. This will help many more students than it will inconvenience. I feel that grandfathering

should be minimized. Only rising seniors and perhaps juniors should be allowed to stay at their schools. The expectation

should be that they need to provide their own transportation if they choose to do this. This will allow the Southern campus to

offer more programs. The other schools will have a little more breathing room as we begin to push for a capital project with

the Board of Supervisors. I have heard crazy ramblings from parents who are more concerned about travel time and having

to buy a new letter men's jacket than any valid point concerning education. I respect the job you doing and know it will not

be easy. Please see this thru.

I feel that if they have entered high school that they should be able to stay and graduate from there. They have come so far

and have achieved so much for getting there and have all their friends they grew up with through the years that they should

not be broken up! It's like a second home to them!

I feel that if you do not allow teachers to bring their kids with them to their schools you are taking away their only perk of being

a teacher in this county and it will make our county look unfavorable for new teachers. It would be difficult to hire new

teachers without this perk, and you will also lose a lot of current teachers. These teachers are not paid enough as is, and due

to budget cuts are spending their own money to provide for their children in the classroom. They will not be able to do this if

they cannot take their kids with them because they already can't afford after school care. And if the teachers are having to

leave to get their kids this takes away time from meetings after school with parents and to further help their students.

I feel that if you grandfather in all high school kids the cost of the transportation will increase tremendously. However, at the

same time I don't feel that students from the same family should be separated. For example, a high school student in Central

and a middle school student in the northern or southern campus from the same family. This creates too much for the families

to have to deal with in case of an emergency. I feel that all of the students from the same family should attend the same


I feel that it would place an undue burden on employees if their children were not allowed to attend school at the campus

where they work. This would be counter productive to providing the best possible education to the children of Shenandoah


I feel that option A is best due to affect less children.

I feel that Rising 9th graders and above should not have to change schools. There are too many variables in how to integrate

the high school students. There are issues of letterman's jackets and class rings that have been purchased. FFA officers and

athletic teams whose leaders and starting positions have been established. I also feel that middle school children should not

have to move either as the 6th graders just transitioned to a new school in September and you are forcing them to change

again. Taking them from their friends and the teachers they have grown attached to. This could adversely affect their grades

at the beginning of the school year as they adjust to a new environment which will reflect poorly on Shenandoah County

Public Schools. Are their plans in place to handle these situations and make sure these students grade point averages are not

affected or have you all not thought that far ahead?


I feel that since all 3 options do not fix the original issues of overcrowding at WWRE and ALES, the study, and subsequently, the

proposed changes are a waste of time and money. Instead of wasting funds now on something that doesn't fix the problem,

wastes funds, and will cause a great deal of discontent, the county should be focusing their efforts on finding a long term

solution. The school system has gone this long without an overhaul. Another couple of years will not will not make a difference,

especially with the projected drop in numbers. Yes, we need to fix the problem of overcrowding in our schools. However,

the proposed options are not the solution.

I feel that the boundary options are not drawn out to the best of the ability of the school board but I have been unable to

come to the meetings, due to my schedule, to give my input. I also feel that it is less important to have teachers needs met for

their children and more important, as this greatly affects our children and parents in our OWN community. We have a lot of

2/17/2016 15

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


school rivalry whether you would like to admit it or not, and changing these boundaries doesn't seem fair. Since it must happen,

I feel that you should be concerned more about the children it will affect and be making these decisions accordingly.

The less children it will upset, the better our chances of success with this major change. Lacey Sager

I feel that you should be addressing those grades where the overcrowding exists. Why would one expect a high schooler to

change schools after they have ordered or purchased their school rings and or their school annuals and after developing a

strong bonding with fellow classmates as well as teachers.

I feel these decisions are being made with too much haste which is probably by design so that parents do not have chance

to complain too much. There is a general feeling amongst many parents that there is very little point in expressing opinions as

most of the decisions have already been made and the meetings and survey may be just a formality. I hope we are wrong.

I feel very strongly that this proposal will cause problems in our community. I don't think this was well thought out. Have we

considered the cost that our children and teachers will be put through to administer these changes? Special Education

could spend that time more wisely working directly with students disabilities, rather than have to put out fires that WILL come

about as a result of boundary changes. Have we talked with principals and teachers that have concerns about merging

students from different school cultures. For example we have Ms. Hensley that has been a principal at Strasburg and at Central

High School. She knows her students, ask her. The teachers and students have concerns about their student body being

disrupted as well. Many teachers are afraid to speak up. They have concerns as well. Have we considered that students

have purchased class rings, coats with school logo, made schedules for college based on their particular school. How about

sports teams and clubs where students have worked hard to get an office or a position. These same students will be taking

care of us one day when we are old. What lesson do we want to teach them? These students should have a voice. How

about the students? Have you interviewed any students that will be affected by this transition? All levels should be considered.

I feel that we would be better off to table this boundary line decision and work on adding schools or additions where

appropriate in our future. The boundary lines will not solve the issue at hand. More time needs to be allowed to study the

boundary changes. I understand that change may have to happen at some point. Change could be done gradual as not

to hurt students. Gradual would be a better technique. If we are concerned about students not having transportation then

have Central drop off points through out the County or towns. Most students in the country areas probably drive any way.

Has a survey been done to find out that information. No study has been presented to show voters what percentage of students

already drive and their locations. To my knowledge we have never enforced boundaries. Is there a chance we could

ask for volunteers? There may be students that are happy to go South? Please table this decision to enforce boundaries. I

am not in favor of any choices. The wording of the survey above does not allow you to express that you are not happy with

any options.

I have a letter approved by the school board stating my child can attend the school he is in due to my work and daycare has


been since day 1. I dont feel as though teachers should be allowed for their children to attend the schools if I’m being told my

child can't even though it was previously approved.

I have been involved in this process since the SPACE Committee started their work a year and a half ago. The whole purpose

was to reduce overcrowding at WWRE and SHE. However, this seems to have turned into more of an opportunity to build the

southern campus. None of the proposed boundary changes really alleviates overcrowding at those schools. In the proposals,

WWRE would lose about 70 students (roughly 12 at each grade) and SHE would lose about 50 (roughly 8 at each

grade). I don't feel that having 8 or 12 fewer kids in the cafeteria during a lunch shift really helps anything. I don't feel that

having basically one student less in each classroom will make double gym classes any safer (particularly at SHE with the small

gym that was part of one of the additions). No, my own child will not move in any of the options. I am ever so glad for that.

This is a major change for the children and families involved. We are asking them to leave the peers and teachers with which

they are familiar and comfortable. The School Board repeatedly says that they do what is in the best interest of the students,

but I don't think this redistricting is really in their best interest, even in the long run. It will not significantly reduce overcrowding

at WWRE or SHE, and is causing a great deal of anxiety and heartache for those directly involved. I think that the real solution

is building more schools. I would really like to see the School Board step up and say that.

I have no personal investment in what boundary is selected. Our children graduated already. However, I do strongly believe

that should uprising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who have younger siblings who will be entering high school during

these older students high school years, the younger siblings should also be allowed to attend the high school of their older

sibling. This is particularly important for the families involved. Take sports, for example. How sad it would be for a family to

have two high school kids, each in a different school. I know from experience how difficult it is to keep up with more than one

child in high school at a time participating in sports. Imagine different locations for pick up from practices. And, how sad it

2/17/2016 16

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


would be to have two siblings on opposing teams. You could potentially have that. Grandfather in these students in number

6, but allow their younger siblings a choice.

I honestly do not feel any of the three options listed will provide a long term solution. Furthermore I believe there should be an

Option D-No Boundary Adjustment listed on this survey. Choosing the "best" option out of three that you do not support, is in

no way a true representation of the public's opinion.

I personally feel that all rising juniors and seniors should be granted exemption unless they can't provide transportation. Further,

younger siblings of these students should also be given an exemption to relieve the burden to the parents. If the younger

siblings would happen to reach junior or senior status immediately after the older sibling graduation then they too could be

exempt as long as they provided transportation. If the younger siblings were not juniors or seniors or they would be unable to

provide transportation, then they would follow boundaries. All other students would not be granted exemption. I don't feel

strongly on 10th graders but I would think the same standard could apply.

I realize that restructuring the boundaries is the best solution to an over crowding problem. If this situation would have arose

when my child was at the elementary level, it would have been an easier adjustment. Now my child is a freshman at Central

high school and may need to move to Strasburg High School. She has completed that first semester of adjustments from elementary

education to secondary education and is beginning to find her own path and settling in. Next year if moved, she will

have to endure the adjustment period all over again. Also my daughter is involved in after school activities throughout the

entire year. Because she is not quite old enough to drive, this will cause additional time for me away from work in order to

provide transportation. Class rings and letterman's jackets have been purchased for one school and if moved, will not suffice.

I am also a SCPS employee who appreciates the opportunity that I have had over the last 16 years of my children attending

school where I work. I hope this extra privilege for employees of the school system will continue.

I really feel that if you choose an option that option C would provide the children with the least amount of bus time. I think this

should definitely be a consideration. I also feel that if parents should be inconvenienced by there children attending school

out of their way or in a direction away from work so should the teachers.

I strongly feel as if students already present in high school should have to ability to stay enrolled because they have already

attained their lettermans jackets, their letters in their school colors, and class rings. Being an employee should have the privilege

to let their child go where they please. This has always been a privilege to them and shouldn't be seized from them.

I strongly recommend that all current high school students be allowed to stay at their current high school. I feel like them being

forced to change schools could affect their well being. I also recommend that children of employees be allowed to stay

on the campus that their parents work at. This would allow the parent to maximize their work time. It is also a small benefit as

an employee. Thank you for your time.


I think 8th graders should be grandfathered, too. Dr. Raley once in a meeting suggested grandfathering 8th graders. At first

this surprised me, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. 8th graders are taking high school classes and are

participating in HS sports. If they have a functional social support group, that should not be disrupted before heading to HS.

The transition to HS is a major change; why add a stumbling block at this point? Regarding the 3 boundary options, I think the

center of downtown Edinburg should stay with the central campus and that Maurertown and Toms Brook shouldn't be

chopped up so oddly - move more from the northern campus towards the south.

I think 8th-12th should be included in this, as some 8th graders have already started playing sports for their campus teams.

You have people that order their class rings as early as 9th grade (if they order outside of Gentry like I did with oldest child).

You have these kids in high school who are vested in playing for their teams, have their letterman jackets, have their FFA Jackets,

and they should not have to be torn from teams due to lack of planning. It was stated that it has been known for the past

30 years that this would be an issue by 2015, then why didn't this board, and previous boards, get off their arses THEN and preplan

this. This is NOT what is best for the students, it is what is BEST FOR the taxpayers or what you THINK is best for you. ALSO,

if this HAS to be done, it should NOT start until the 2016-2017 school year to give parents and kids time to adjust to it. You are

giving them time to adjust to a new school calendar (that I don't agree with) so this should have the same time frame. Do

you know that if you don't grandfather in the 8-12 grades, that most sports teams at CHS and the FFA will loose a bunch of

their players? Who have vested all the time and money and their hearts into what they do? Does this bother anyone? I have

a grandchild who will be starting school in a few years, and now my oldest is trying to figure out if they should buy the house

they are looking at or not due to this. They want him to go to CHS just like they did. This is going to really screw up the housing,

and people may choose to sell and MOVE to stay in their districts. That is more upheaval. Some may even decide to pull

their kids and homeschool, vs having to go to another one. Is that what you want? Don't the schools get money based on

how many there are enrolled? And a few years ago when the Christian school closed down, that would have been a GREAT

2/17/2016 17

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


location for a preK, that would have freed up more space in the schools for K-5. When you built PMMS, you knew it was going

to be over crowded eventually, it should have been BIGGER and kept 5th grade in there, then more room at WWR. SO many

things that should have been differently that we can't change now, but you can change this. PUT It off for another year and

consider some other options. I'd gladly pay more in taxes to keep kids in the schools they want to be in.

I think it is very unfortunate that it has come down to this and these options needed to be created. My husband and I purchased

our home in Edinburg because it is where we have a lot of family, it is where I am a volunteer firefighter for the community,

and it would still allow our future children to attend Central High School; the school that we both attended and graduated

from. My husband and I were both active in school events and were members of the National FFA Organization all 4

years. We wanted our children to be able to have the same opportunities that we had in the same place where we had it. I

am in no way disrespecting the Southern Campus, but it comes with a sense of Falcon Pride as we both attended Central.

Option B is the only option that allows us to remain in the boundary line for the Central Campus. This affects our future children

as well as us, as we only purchased our home last Spring knowing we were still part of the Central Campus boundary. The

Central Campus is 10 minutes from our home and the Southern Campus is 25 minutes. I know this is a difficult decision and it is

hard on the community and I pray for everyone involved.

I think it needs to be done, but with consideration and intelligence.

I think option A will not provide much relief. I believe you need to keep the towns in tact. I also strongly believe that employees

should have their children attend with them. I stay after hours to give my students and parents the best of me. If I have my

children going to Ashby Lee I will have to leave as soon as my hours are up to be able to pick them up. I leave 5 minutes from

WWR and my children will have at least a 20 minute ride straight there. Having my children with me will make it easier to stay

after school and if they are sick it is easier for me to get them. I could go to another county and make more money and have

my children with me. I want to teach in this county but I have to do what is best for my children.

I think parents who live and work within the current boundaries should not have to completely re-arrange their lives and

schedules to get children to a different school especially when this is only a temporary fix to the current situation.

I think Stoney Creek is a good natural boarder between the Central and Southern campuses. This leaves Edinburg intact to

go where it has always gone and is only four and a half miles from Central campus. It is almost twelve miles from south and is

far too north to be pulled down there. The little bit of Edinburg that crosses the creek can join as long as its in the town limits.

Also the catchments can be adjusted if needed around the boundaries because the old boundaries do not need to be part

of the new catchments. I also feel that this should be implanted at the 5th grade level and go up each year with that class if


I think students already attending high school should be allowed to stay in high school because some students have already

purchased class rings and lettermens jackets. Central also has more duel enrollment classes for students in high school looking

into receiving college credits. Also, children of an employee should be able to go where they please because its always

been a privilege.

I think students should be allowed to stay where they are until they finish there so I didn't answer the two questions I left blank.

I think that ninth, tenth, and students who's parents work at the school should be exempt from policy because it's hard

enough going into high school let alone being moved after you've started and gotten used to it there. Also the kids who's

parents work in the school have a ride and it makes the teachers life easier also you won't risk losing some really great teachers.

I think that no matter what boundary option is selected, teachers/employees should still be able to take their children to the

campus they work regardless of where they reside. I've heard many teachers state that if this policy changes, they will leave

the county. I honestly don't blame them. We certainly don't pay them enough to have the added expense of finding after

school care, and we had enough employees leave the division last year so we don't need to go through such turnover again.

I think that we should leave the 11th graders that will be 12th graders next year there because they have been there the

whole school year so I dont think its right to make them move schools.... THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO STAY WHERE THEY ARE.

I think the boundaries should stay the same, and the schools make individual adjustments to accommodate the students. A

lot of people are talking about removing their children from Shenandoah County Public Schools because of this issue, which

will cause a huge loss in funding and grants. Changing the boundaries is a very poor decision on behalf of our school board

members. Just to add....the boundary decision does not effect my children one way or another, they will continue their education

at the Central campus.


I think the school board is doing a good job getting the opinions from people.

2/17/2016 18

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


I think there needs to be a phased-in approach to the boundary change that targets the elementary school first. I think families

with kids currently in middle or high school should be allowed to finish at the campus where they are currently placed and

begin the changes at the elementary level only.

I think this is very pointless, overall I have nothing to say, but everyone should stay at their school. Things go back normal.

I think we need to slow down and take a look at what the true costs of this proposal are and verify the facts that are being

used to make the decision. It has been said that over 300 students are enrolled in the wrong schools. It is important to verify

student addresses and have good information prior to making these decisions. Sending out a notice and asking students/

parents to contact you if their address information is incorrect is laughable. It is the same as having a mailbox at the exit ramp

from I81 and asking you to put in money if you were speeding. Those who falsify their addresses are not going to volunteer

that information. The county certainly does a great job of finding people to get them their property tax bill. Is it not possible to

cross reference that information? It would be a shame for a select few students who are doing the right thing and are providing

the correct information to be forced to move and be separated from classmates whom they have spent many years with.

Lets keep in mind, this is a separation, not a merger of students as in the past (such as when the Edinburg students joined the

Woodstock students as we went on to High School in years past). Lets remember, we are a small community and these are

kids, not just numbers on a piece of paper. Lets slow down.

I think we should let the kids finish the years of high-school that is left but if they are moving from middle-school to high-school

next year they should move. It's easier to move at the beginning cause it will be easier to fit in and get to talk to people cause

everyone makes new friends on the first day of school.

I understand that allowing children of employees to attend the schools that their parents teach at, allows Shenandoah County

Public Schools to draw good teachers from other localities to work at our schools. This is a wonderful practice; however, if

the schools are already overpopulated, then allowing children outside of their residential district to attend the schools causes

more burden to the already overpopulated schools, which has now resulted in having children to move to a new school without

moving to a new residence. This is not fair to the community and the children who do not have the benefit of their parents

working in the public school system. This practice actually seems like a punishment to the children and families of the children

who CHOOSE to live in this community and not work in the school system. With this option allowed, then people who work in

a certain area of the county could argue that because they work or own a business on a specific campus but live in another,

their children should be allowed to attend the campus they work at, not live. I feel allowing the children of employees of the

school system to attend school where they work is not fair to all the other members, children, and families of the actual community.

Their children get to attend school here; however, none of their tax money is put into the school system that their children

attend because they pay taxes where they actually reside. I feel allowing high school students to be grandfathered in

should be allowed, children in high school should not be forced to leave a school system they have attended all or most of

their lives during the last few years of school. This option will be difficult for parents who have children in high school and middle

or elementary schools. If this is allowed the School Board should make sure that all schools in all campuses communicate


when it comes to planning functions so parents will not have to choose which function they attend, for example: Central High

School Orchestra has a concert the same night North Fork Middle School does and a parent has a child in both functions due

to this boundary change. Families should not feel divided because they live in the same house but have children attending

different school campuses. This is a hard and difficult transition. Honestly, I feel extremely sad for the children who will have to

change schools. As a parent of 2 high school children and one elementary school child, I will say that before I make my children

(who are bi-racial) attend southern campus schools or northern campus schools (due to the awful sexual and physical

assaults, I feel my children would not be safe there), I will move out of the entire county. If my children have to change

schools, we might as well move into a new house, then the change of schools would feel justified and I would be able to

choose which school district that I feel is the safest environment for them to grow and get the best education.

I understand that an update needs to happen and I appreciate that citizens are able to be heard through this process. I understand

there is no way to please everyone but I do think that a few exemptions need to be made. The highest on my list

would be that rising seniors be able to stay in their current high schools until they graduate. By the time children have gotten

to be juniors they have invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in not only sports but clubs they have been involved in. Some

children have held positions within their class/school and I feel that all this effort and time should not leave them with a diploma

from a school they may only attend for a few months. Depending on how many classes they actually need in their senior

year, they may only need to attend the first couple months of their senior year leaving them with a diploma that does not

show the school name that they have put so much pride into for over 12 years. Thank you for your time.

I understand the new method for address changes includes the requirement that two address verifications along with a driv-

2/17/2016 19

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


er's license is required. This same method should be applied. It is my understanding that many parents are using addresses

other than their real home address to register their children in their school of preference. Don't allow this practice to continue.

I would like to echo the comment I have heard again and again- this is a band-aide fix. It will not move enough students from

any location to alleviate the current issues of over crowding nor will it assist the southern campus as much as anyone hopes

unless someone really pushes and finds funding for it. It's just going to uproot families who have already established their children

at a particular campus. I suppose that, given the difficult climate and politics in our county, the only way to show that

building a new school is the only true "fix" is to exhaust and disprove all the other ideas and options first. But I feel that it will be

doing a disservice to many children who will leave the faculty and staff that are familiar with their stories. I hope with all sincerity

that special education students are exempt so they can go where they are comfortable and established.

I would like to know what our hurry is to complete this boundary adjustment before the 2016-2017 school year. We've been

overcrowded for YEARS and I'm not denying the issue, I just think that for some reason that I have yet to figure out, we're rushing

to complete this. Many of the catchment areas are absolutely ludicrous, with no regard for roads or bus times. I understand

you changed 2 because of long bus ride times, but no others have been driving. One of your criteria for choosing a

boundary option is bus times. Wouldn't you think you would like to take the time to complete this BEFORE making a decision?

I was told it takes 30-40 days to put the routes through the system. Again, because we are RUSHING things, we can't do it.

Clearly it makes more sense to choose the catchment areas near 11 - its a much straighter shot than the extremely large, rural

areas that you aren't going to be able to "grab" as many kids. Look at these areas - where are the ones that young families

are going to move to? Not the farm land because most are put into conservations where no one can build. Now lets talk

about the number of teachers at ALES. There are 5 K-3 teachers and only 4 4th and 5th grade teachers. Let's use option C as

an example. Let's look at the current 4th grade class as they become 5th grade students. There are 6 5th grade teachers at

SHES and 8 at WWR. In option C you will move 10 from SHES to WWR. This will decrease each class by roughly two students at

SHES, but not enough to transfer a teacher all together. You will be moving 28 students from WWR to ALES. If you do not get

funding to add a 5th grade teacher, you will be increasing class size by 7. SEVEN. In the end, you are at a net -18 at WWR. If

you transfer a teacher, you're increasing class size by roughly 2.5. How do families feel about this. They have no perspective

because they do not know. I bet if you tell the southern campus parents their children's class size may increase by 7, regardless

of whether or not they get more classes offered, they will not be happy. The thing is, no one has seen these numbers.

Super transparent there. I ask that you please take a step back and do this the right way. The way where you don't underhandedly

change policies re: citizen input, participation in meetings, and public records PRIOR to getting what you want.

Talking with many school board members, administration, and their super supporters - this isn't necessarily about the overcrowding,

it is about utilization at the southern end so you can get new schools. Guess what, that's not happening any time

soon. And, IF we were to build - where would it be? NOT in the southern end. Do those parents know that? Nope.

I would like to see all policies enforced. Allow no exception. Have no opinion on faculty children. But I feel that only seniors

should be exempt, along with special ed. Was mentioned that maybe all high school exempt but said it wouldn't be fair, families

have 1 car, etc...it is discrimination. No difference between rising 8th grader from 7th grader.

If children of employees are granted attendance at the school where there parent works, as long as it is open to all employees

and not just teachers I would support that. I do not support having to make special busing arrangements for any of the

students. I only support the 11th graders being allowed to complete and graduate from their current HS without having busing.

Having to cross attendance boundaries and allowing families to choose the school of attendance for the last 40+ years

has resulted in the current situation. We are short on the buses required to transport the current student population now, this

will not be successful and will increase the cost of transportation.

If lines have to be moved, then option B is the one.


If one goes all goes, move 5th grade to middle and use the charter house for the special needs students. This is going to have

a tremendous effect on all families. I think this should be postponed and considerable amount of more thought put in to this

plan. There are some families who are divorced and parents will live in two different boundaries

IF students fail to thrive at the new schools, what is the school system willing to do to help them?

If teachers are allowed to transport their children with them to the school area they teach in, then the county office school

employees have no right to bring their children in also. Its a convenience for the teachers and staff at the school. Which really

isn't fair either because those kids are favored. But there is clearly no reason behind the employee at the school board office

bringing their kids to the central campus just because. No way. FYI-Yes everyone is lying about their address. Everyone

wants to go to the central campus. Address verifying should have been done first before the boundary adjustments were

made. That was not a good management decision at all to set the boundary first. Honestly, if you pay less than 7,000.00 in

2/17/2016 20

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


property taxes you shouldn't be able to have an opinion.

If there is going to be exemptions allowed for all parties, then teachers children should also be considered. The main reason I

have issues is that rumor is no exemptions. My wife is a Central grad and I am a Stonewall Grad. We have no preference to

which school our 6th grader goes to. Our other daughter is a Senior this year and will not be affected. However, we live in Mt.

Jackson (Stonewall) and we have a current exemption because of several issues. 1) We lived in Central campus when our

children first attended school. 2) our day care is in Woodstock with family members. 3) I work in Loudoun and commute and

my wife works in the courts in Woodstock. 4) our Doctors are in Woodstock. 5) We drive our children to school 6) if there are

issues my wife is across town and can handle in minutes not hours. 7) my daughter attends eye therapy in Winchester and

that would cause huge issues with getting her to he doctor. 8)my daughter has a tutor once a week which is located in

Woodstock. I understand the need to move students to the Stonewall Campus...but there are those with needs, child care,

and jobs, such as teachers, who live in areas outside of their teaching area that would cause hardships. I think you could ask

for volunteers first. Others may choose due to their family situations. Then an implementation phase as mandatory, but leaving

the door open to adjustment. Anytime you shove change, it is not going to go well. New students would have little options

vs. those who have bene established. Students who attend Tripplet Tech could then attend Stonewall, Governors

School as well. That does not mean for sports or graduation they could still graduate from their normal HS. As students move

from middle or elementary schools or begin elementary schools there would be fewer exceptions. There is no cut and dry fix

as has been submitted. If you allow exemptions to teachers children, you will have begun a discrimination that will not sit well

with the general public, who faces the very same issues. These items discussed have not even touched on the extra activities

after school. A huge hardship for many, especially my family.

If there must be a change then option A is best due to less children and families lives disrupted.

If we have to move our kids, then teachers and high schoolers should have to too.

If you are going to disrupt the students then this should be made fair and effect everyone, especially the boundary lines. It

seems that there is some doubling up on some route and areas that should not be changed. This is going to effect a lot of

people. We have to take our child to day care and we work to the north so anything that we would do involved with the

school would mean added time/mileage for us. This is going to mean children are going to be on the bus longer and and

have to get on earlier of the morning and getting home later. Our child gets on the bus between 7:10 and 7:20 every morning

and does not get home until 4:15. This is already a long time/day.

If you are going to go through with this and disrupt all these kids lives for no reason whatsoever then, there should be NO exemptions

especially for kids of teachers. If the teacher is at the central campus and their kid is supposed to go to the southern

campus then that is where the kid needs to go, no exception they are not above the other children forced to change schools

just because their parent is a teacher at a different campus. You seriously need to leave things alone and first try putting the

5th graders back in the middle school and 8th graders back in the high school. You need to think about how this is going to

affect a lot of kids mentally and academically. The reason the central campus is so full is because the schools in that area are

far better than the southern campus and the teachers seem to care more. For once you need to consider the children and

how they will be affected. However, I seriously don't think any of you care at all about the kids who will be displaced.

If you are going to make a change, go big. This isn't a long term solution, but making the biggest change you can will hopefully

last the longest.


If you won't let parents take there kids to and from what school they want to attend because of the boundary lines then employees

should not be given the luxury of being able to bring there kids to whatever school they are working at! It's not fair!

I'll start by saying I think this needs to happen as a first step towards equalizing the use of space available at our schools and

for creating a level playing field as we move forward with the master plan development. I think the results from the Feb 10

mtg are likely skewed heavily to folks that attended because they will be impacted and wanted to voice their frustration and

displeasure will all the options rather than accept that one of the 3 will happen and objectively evaluate those. Since these

changes will not impact me (other than making my daughter's school at ALE overcrowded which is not appealing but I understand

why) I can hopefully be more objective. I do not like option B. I do not like how it splits Maurertown by moving

catchments 15 and 19 rather than 17 and 19. Moving 17 and 19 would be my preference for the catchments that move from

northern to central. I also do not like how option B splits the Town of Edinburg. I think catchments 37 and 36 should stay together.

In Option A I think catchment 48 and 46 should be considered as 1 catchment, because the western portion of 48 is

all national forest with no kids. All the kids are concentrated in the very lower corner of 48 against catchment 46. With very

few kids there I think 48 should stay in the central campus the impact is minimal. I think this one could work. For Option C I

also think this one could work with 1 change. I would split catchment 39 in half running east to west and put the southern half

2/17/2016 21

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


with catchment 41 and the northern half with catchment 38. Here's why: It looks like for the few kids that live in that catchment

they either live along Hunter Ln that feeds off Palmyra church road or they live on Mash Lane which feeds of Edinburg

Gap Rd. Mash and Hunter do not connect. Palmyra and Edinburg Gap Rd do not connect. It would make no sense from a

transportation standpoint to keep catchment 39 as is. I support giving school employees the option to transfer their kids with

them. It is a no cost perk and should remain. Until our benefits package and pay catches up with other localities we have

little to offer. This is one small token. The high school grandfathering is much more difficult. I think the school system has to

offer transportation which means the more you grandfather the greater the cost, and money is something we do not have.

So I'd be in favor of just grandfathering the 11th graders. Which I know is going to be very unpopular.

I'm a grandmother and live in a subdivision where this affects. I hope you are ready to receive letters asking for exceptions to

this. No one should be exempt except special ed and maybe seniors. I ask for no others to be allowed. As a elder tax payer,

this has to be done right and to be enforced all the way regardless of who you are. So us taxpayers don't have to pay for this




It seems as many parents are taking this as each section against the other. This is one county and we should be focused on

the students in the county as a whole. This boundary issue has been dividing the community for many years. It seems in many

aspects it is each one against the other, as if we have not gotten past the whole high school sports thinking. If we could all

come together and do what is best for all students involved as far as space, travel time, give the best academics, and the

best of all we can to all the students. We need to continue to think of ways to better improve the situation due to the buildings,

lay of the land, and population groupings. It seems as though this is a difficult task that each generation puts off and

hopes not to have to deal with because that is the way it has always been.

It would be nice to have more time to prepare our children for this change .

Kids need to go to school in their area.

Kids that are in high school currently shouldn't have to up and change schools when they only have a couple of years left

when they've been going to the same school their whole lives. I personally think that children of teachers should be able to

attend where their parent works. Also I would consider contacting parents whose children are specifically affected by the

boundary change. They may have bought their house or be renting a home in a district they planned on their child going.

Best of Luck.

Let's talk about your committee for a minute .... How is it fair to have such a hand picked committee. 9 of your members are

school employees - so they're not affected, 4 are PASS board members (or a spouse to one) and there is only one (maybe)


who is affected by boundary change. How is that a fair and just committee? Second, many of these members also served in

the SPACE and stakeholders committees. Why not change it up? And, there was misrepresentation of the central campus as

one of your members (listed as a central campus parent) is actually a southern campus parent. That's transparent.

Lot's of children have already purchased class rings and have letterman's jackets so if they get moved who will reimburse the

parents for those purchases. Leave the Juniors and Seniors where they are and move the others

Middle school should also be grandfathered if they provide transportation. Should require proof of residency this year then

enforce boundary lines next year. Sad that you already made up your mind and me taking survey is a waste of my time

Middle School should be able to be grandfathered with there own transportation as they are not the over crowding issue.

The school board should take the community seriously, how can we do this without moving children from campuses? We are

a different demographic than most school divisions that do this. Employees that live outside the county should not be able to

bring their kids where they teach.... they don’t pay personal property taxes here. Provide at least 2 forms of residency for all

students before redrawing the lines to make sure numbers are accurate. If we are going to assess this every 3-5 years make

sure we are not just moving the honest people. Middle school is very clicky do you have a plan to make sure drugs, alcohol,

and violence percentage are not going to increase. Why have we not run bus routes for all options to get the best plan? The

options above are 9, 10, and 11th graders have you considered if someone has a letterman jacket, class ring, etc? Are buses

still going to have Elementary, Middle, and High school with only one bus driver? Not many options for daycare at the southern


Middle School should be grandfathered in and stay at their current campus as these kids are clicky and prone to drugs, alcohol,

and depression. Plus, they are not the ones that are overcrowded. Do not allow Dr. Raley to grant exemptions. Only let

teachers take their kids where they live. If you allow teachers to take their kids they should only have 2 options not 3 like they

2/17/2016 22

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


currently have. Live or Work. Employees that live outside the county should not be able to bring their kids to work. Options

should be equal at all campus this really does not matter how many kids go to each school it starts with the budget so stop

blaming it on the amount of kids at a school.

Move 5th grade to middle school and 8th grade to high school.

Move the county office building to southern campus. Take the kids with them south. Verify addresses. Over 500 are lying.

Some from wva are coming to central campus. Bascye kids need to go southern campus. Make it simple . That being said if

no one is smart enough to confirm false addresses, move all with the biggest (C) change yet stupid boundary or move none

at all or we will be doing all this again in a few years.

Moving the lines as proposed will not solve the problem. Move 5th up to middle and possible 4th. Move 8th to high

Moving the most students makes the most sense. The southern campus has been steadily declining while the others are over

crowded. Seems pretty simple to save money and delay spending money on new schools for as long as possible. It seems

the only issues are the preference of what school the parents went to or want their kids to go to. Sometimes a tough decision

must be made that not everyone likes but it is good for the students and taxpayers. The students get the benefit of smaller

class sizes which typically leads to more successful students. If any person can ignore their personal feelings this just makes


Must require at least 2 proofs of residency for all students, not just transfer and those who change there address. Middle

School should be allowed an exemption as they are not overcrowded. Teachers who live in different counties should not be

allowed to bring there kids to our schools Those of you who have kids that are on the school board would you want your kids

to move schools? It is easy for you to answer as none of you are affected.

My children live in the Catchment #48 and I have done the route and from our house and it takes 45/50 minutes to get to

Southern Campus, when you add the stops on there my kids will be on the bus for almost 2 hours. They already ride the bus for

1 hour and 15/20 minutes. The way I see it my kids would have to get up 5/5:30 to get on the bus around 6/6:15. This is a concern

for me because then they will not be getting home until almost 5 pm in the evenings and that will pretty much make it

where my kids will not be able to do any after school sports or activities. At this present time both my kids are in sports and my

one child is in chorus after school. Which you are saying well you can just pick your child up after school. I don't have a Monday-Friday

job like most people. I work 12 hours a day and don't get off til 6 pm. If my child is at school when I work there is no

one that can get her to Woodstock. So this will limit my child doing anything. But my main concern is that my kids will be on

the bus for almost 4 hours a day just to go to school, that is not fair to them.

My concern is transportation times. I think extending the southern boundary closest to Rt 11 would make more sense than

moving the boundary on the western areas that already have a long trip to WWR, and would have an even longer trip if they


have to go to a school even further away. Teachers should be able to bring their children to the campus where they teach.

That's a benefit of being a teacher, and it allows them to be more flexible in the times they are able to be available at the

school- instead of having to rush out the door at the end of the day to go pick up their children and/or having to find & pay

for childcare. I do not work at the school, but I still think it will benefit all involved if this policy stays in place. High schoolers

should be grandfathered as much as possible, as long as equal transportation is provided to all. I am also concerned that

the southern campus does not have enough childcare options to accommodate the large influx of children that will be moving

to the southern campus.

My daughter is a 10th grade honor student and athlete at CHS. She has spent 11 years building strong relationships with the

faculty and other students of the Central campus. She has participated in the athletic program on the Central campus for

the past 4 years, and for the last 2 years she has proudly been a Falcon. We can't even fathom the thought of her being deprived

of the opportunity to finish her remaining two years of high school education at CHS because of which side of the road

we live on. CHS is the only school with the educators and friends she has come to love and depend on. As sophomores in

high school, she and her friends have already done class ring orders as well as letterman jacket orders. We strongly favor

Option B of the boundary adjustment options. Option B differs from A & C because it includes moving the students from

Catchment 15 in the Northern district. These students live 8.1 miles from their current school SNMS. Option B would move

these students to PMMS which is 10 miles away increasing their distance to school a mere 28%. Option A & C both include

Catchment 44 which is the Catchment we live on the edge of. Both of these options move us from the 6.6 miles we travel to

PMMS to the 15 miles we would be forced to travel to NFMS a 128% increase.

My family's only option is C. We live in zone 48, along with a minimal number of other children. We are all literally on the border

with catchment 46. Based on the reasons given at tonight's meeting on the reasons catchment 46 would not be moved, I

believe the same reasons should apply with 48. Driving time and distance to school along with the safety of theses children is

2/17/2016 23

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


of great concern. The roads that would have to be driven to the southern campus as opposed to the roads traveled to the

central campus vary greatly. This would also cause a significant increase in travel time which is already at 90 minutes. The

roads have several sharp turns and curves also with steep inclines and drop offs, as opposed to a fairly straight road to Rt. 42

to woodstock. The catchment map does not accurately portray the size of the area to the number of students living in that

area. The area shown is very big but 3/4 of that is woodland and national forest. The children are actually grouped very close

together on or very near zone 46. Also area 47 has zero children, based on that, the children in catchment 48 should be in

catchment 46 or at least classified the same way. I urge you to please look into the situation and consider my proposal as I

believe this would greatly impact these children negatively. Thank you

My main concern is having current Central High students be forced to change schools. My daughter will be a Junior next

year, it would be devastating at this point to force us to change schools. They need to have the option of graduating from

the school that they are already in. I just cannot imagine having to pull students from one high school to attend another

when they only have a year or two until they graduate.

My son attended the Southern Campus K-6 and did very well both academically and in sports. He continued going to the

Southern Campus even after we moved to the Central Campus district. We were grandfathered in. Just this past year has he

decided to attend the Central Campus as a seventh grader at PMMS. It is quite convenient as the bus picks him up at the

driveway. I will say academically he did better at the Southern Campus. I am hopeful that he will attend the Southern Campus

next year.

My student currently lives in Edinburg and goes to Southern campus and has done so for the past 3 years since we moved. I

received a letter from the superintendent before we moved approving this as long as transportation or attendance was not

affected. I would hope this does not affect us what ever is decided.

My suggestion is to implement this new boundary for kids newly entering the school systems. Relocating to this area and kids

starting pre-k and kindergarten.

Needs to be slowed down and thought about!!!!!





No exemptions should be made regardless of grade level. That is one of the problems we have now. Allowing students to

choose where they want to go to school. Attend the school within the assigned boundary. No exemptions.

No matter what way you slice it, it isn't fair to send someone who is within minutes of a school to another one further away.

You're hurting those you will be moving. Take and put fifth grade back into middle school.

No one to be grandfathered in EXCEPT special ed, teachers children and seniors..... I’m for seniors to be allowed but no other

grades. With this process, there is no different from a 15 year old and 10 year old. and please, don’t allow this process to split

up families. I saw the video and mentioned if high school grandfathered in, it isnt fair and I agree with him. Also, grandfathering

students is expensive and I’m not sure how effective that policy will be towards this hard, enduring process.



None of these options really seem to solve the problem of over crowding at wwr. This disrupts the lives of nearly 400 parents

and students for no solution. It adds unnecessary stress and anxiety on children. Starting a new school and trying to make new

friends is a scary thing. And everyone would agree that this process is going way to fast. Too much is at stake to rush this process

that you guys assure us is necessary. There is too much room for error and then whats done is done. Im sorry but when my

family's way of life and happiness is at stake I want it done right. No oops we made a mistake, sorry. That is unacceptable.

Already I see a mistake with Liberty Furnace Road and Supinlick Ridge Road. They should be in catchment 46. The catchment

they are in would be moved to the southern campus in option A and B. That would cause a much longer bus ride than what is

acceptable. Also the roads they travel are more dangerous. So in option A and B where the bus would stop and turn around

at Dellinger acres, should instead go to top of the hill, turn left down Supinlick Ridge Road, go down the hill at Dellinger Gap

and come right back out on Liberty Furnace and go to the central campus. That and along with the fact that the rest of

catchment 48 is national forest land, and this is just one example of a mistake that was made where my grandson lives. I wonder

how many more were made that I don’t know?

Only seniors should be exempted. Anything more will lead to gerrymandering. Regarding students who are children of teachers,

what efforts are being made to assign teachers to the campus closest to where they live? The annual shuffling of adminis-

2/17/2016 24

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


trators also is contraindicated if the goal is to create more geographical cohesion.

Option B is the only one that makes sense.

Option B should even be an option. It has the least advantages and the most challenges. Also it affect the most kids. As far as

the exemptions it should go from K - 12 to keep it fair to everyone.

Option C appears to have the best outcome to address overcrowding and does the best equalization of student population.

It's nice to see the board tackling the difficult problem for the County as a whole. Not an easy task, but a necessary one.

Options B and C prove to be horrible decisions in my eyes. We live in section 42 of the county according to your map (South

Ox Road, Edinburg). I can see the potential zone line from my front yard. The Central campus is LITERALLY 6 minutes from my

house, but the Stonewall Campus is nearly 20 minutes from my house. If my son misses the bus right now, I am out maybe 15

minutes to drive him to school and get to work. If he were to miss the bus going to Stonewall, I am now out closer to an HOUR.

My son has regular doctor appointments in Woodstock. I normally can get him in and out within 30 minutes on a normal day

and have him back to school without missing too much of his class time. With a campus transfer, he will now be out well for

almost an hour and a half. This also means that I am out of work for approximately 2 hours. My options for after-school have

now become limited, as I cannot have my son ride a bus to his grandmother's house if needed (Fort Valley). I now have to

make special arrangements for my son every day, as he will no longer be able to attend Seven Bends after school due to his

age. We moved from Mount Jackson approximately 6 years ago, and I chose my house location to be in the Central campus

for a reason- I preferred the school system and the location. I liked the fact that my son would have teachers that I had

growing up. I preferred the options available to him. He has come to love his time in the Central campus, and has been in

tears over this potential change. He has established relationships with his peers, his teachers, and his local community groups.

These are now being taken away from him. I feel that being THIS close to a school and being told that we can no longer

have our child attend is awful. Regarding last night's meeting, from my experience, that felt like chaos. My specific table was

drawn very differently. Two different sets of three attendants at my table were from one specific road. The only consensus

we could come up with was that the options presented were non-satisfactory. With this being a "short-term" fix (a term that

was bounced around by a few of the committee members last night), I feel that it is going to have negative long-term effects.

Middle school children that have been working so hard to prove themselves for JV teams now get to move to a new

school and start over (and that's a maybe- not too many Rams will want to come play for Central, and the same goes with

Stonewall). This may be a superficial item, but it goes a long way- middle school and high school students being forced to

change may not want to participate in extra-curricular activities for their remaining time, and even if they do, children/teens

are cruel, which could open up bullying or more future hazing issues. Honestly, I would have been glad to have my taxes

raised if it would have meant improvements to the schools. I realize I only speak for myself, but I'm sure I'm not alone in my

statement. I pray that this statement is read and at least considered in the long run. Please reconsider moving this zone to

the Southern Campus.

Please consider Middle School to be grandfathered in. Would prefer none of the options as I bought my house to go to the

school we currently go to.

Please make sure people attend the school they live in. The only grandfathered kids should be rising seniors. Also, pleas

make school programs equal or comparable.

Route 779 ridge hollow road would result in a very long bus. Well over an hour and closer an hour and forty minutes with stops

and winding bus routes. That is unacceptable. Build an elementary school in Toms Brook and actually FIX the problem. This is

not a short term solution, as those that get moved will be permanently moved not temporarily moved. I know temporary refers

to the numbers solution but my children are not numbers they are members of a community. We attend church, do business,

bank, and have family in our current area. We do absolutely nothing in the proposed areas of change.

Seniors and Juniors should be exempt from moving so they can stay and graduate from the school they have been in their

whole educational career.

Should allow a $$$ amount to stay at current campus Should map bus routes before deciding Should consider different


options rather than moving these poor kids Allow middle school age to be grandfathered in Keep the kids in your decisions

they did nothing to deserve for their lives to be turned upside down

South high school needs kids to make a variety of lasses offered. This is affecting their college application process and therefore

their lives and earning potential. If classes are not offered at Stonewall then stop offering at other two schools.

Special ed and seniors should only be grandfathered in, NO other exceptions... I need to change childcare so does everyone

else. If my kids have to move, so does all my other neighbors. I have neighbors who will write letters to ask for exemptions,

2/17/2016 25

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


none should be allowed to stay at old school. If so, I will write to and then we are back to the beginning. Please do this right

and enforce it so my first grader doesnt have to experience this again.

Stonewall Jackson needs as many kids as possible. The school would greatly benefit from more kids. The other two campuses

get more opportunities because of their size and the southern campus needs the same opportunities. More classes would

offer a better education at the Southern campus. It is also extremely inefficient to continue having unequal sport classifications.

This causes the southern campus to go far away for every sporting event.

Strongly believe that the option that affects the fewest students is the best option. - Families who made the decision to live in

less remote areas shouldn't be penalized so that we can avoid long bus rides for those who choose to live in remote areas.

Take the pre-school kids out of county schools & put eighth grade back in the high schools or add portable classrooms. Our

grandson has went to the Southern school from the start and our family drove him everyday until this year. He resided in Mt.

Jackson when he started school until they built in Edinburg. He just started going to the Central district this year. It is such a

better routine for him and his family and he likes it a lot better. The commute is cut in half for him from 21 miles round trip down

to 10. Now you tell me, does it make sense to ride a bus twice the distance when he resides in Edinburg now? Please, listen to

everyone’s opinion before making the wrong decision.

Teachers should be able to take their kids with them because it is a benefit for employees that costs the employer nothing to

provide. I support high schoolers being able to stay, but at their own family's choice and transportation expense.

The children with written granted permission to attend a school outside their boundary should be considered for exemption

from the policy. I believe the parents and children that took the time and went through the correct channels, to do the right

thing from the very beginning, should be considered. Thank you.

The decisions are being made too quickly. There are still too many unanswered questions and a lot of things that have not

been considered. Why are we in such a rush to have this done? I understand there is a problem and we need a solution,

however I don't believe this plan has been studied enough. A lot of children and families will be affected and not all things

have been given enough serious thought. Please reconsider and let's give this more time and more thought.

The greatest concern that I have is that this is causing a tremendous amount of turmoil for families with very little impact on

the two schools that are overcrowded. I assumed that when the decision was made to move forward with adjustments, that

we would move at least 100-200 students move from WW and SHES. Taking a handful of kids out of each of these schools who

are disbursed through 5 grades will accomplish nothing. Will it free up even one classroom? Will it allow students to eat lunch

at an actual lunch hour and not at 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning? I don't see how it could. If all children were coming from

one grade, then maybe. First and foremost, I am against the adjustment period. But, if you are going to do it, go big and

make some real impact. I say this as my home sits literally on the border of the north and central campus with all three options.

We are not affected with any of the options. Any further adjustments and we would have to go central which I am

against. I am not against this simply because I am a Strasburg girl. I say this because of the impact it would have on the drop

off and pick up of our child. My husband and I work north of Strasburg and it would be a serious inconvenience to have to

drive to Woodstock every morning and evening. We choose to take our son to school (SHES) because we do not want him on

the bus with middle and high school kids. If our county had a different bus structure where the little kids were separate then I'd

be willing to use the bus. But at this point, absolutely not. He attends Seven Bends after school which is a wonderful program.

Obviously as an elementary school child, getting off the bus at our home at 4:00 with no one home is not an option. With

that being said, I still feel that if you are going to adjust boundaries, have it make a real impact. Deeper adjustments would

send us to Woodstock, which would stink as outlined above, but we would find a way to make it work. My bigger concern is

the fact that none of the current options are making a real impact and should enrollments grow in the next 3-5 years, are you

going to adjust again? If so, then my child is in middle school. My opinion is that if at any time my child is going to have to

change schools, I would rather it be now, than when he is in middle school. I think the transition at that point point would be

far more difficult because at that point, kids are involved in clubs and sports.

The largest amount of students in the smallest area makes sense.


The more kids we have at Stonewall the better the sports programs because there will be more competition for spots on the

field. If there are not a lot of kids at Stonewall there is less opportunity for kids to get better. If you are back up for someone

then you want to get better and you push yourself and that's how you make a sports program better.

The people who work at the school do a great job so I think they should have the privilege of having their children on campus

with them. Also, I am a junior and I have been at central for three years now, it would be wrong to make me move for my

senior year. As for the freshman and tenth graders, they haven't gotten the privileges of being an upperclassmen yet, and

2/17/2016 26

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


haven't really invested as much time in the school, so for them to move would not be as bad, although I think making any

high school student move is the wrong decision.

The proposed policy changes do not include an option to allow current 10th and 11th graders to continue at their current

high school if impacted by a boundary adjustment with transportation. If only given policy changes Option A or Option B. I

would have to strongly support Option A. I strongly support the exceptions provided in policy changes option A and B. I do

not believe the division is allowing enough time to get good data and proceed with boundary adjustments. Please ask

Dejong-Richter how long does a typical boundary adjustment process last? I do not believe 3 months is typical. I believe the

last boundary adjustments were made around 1985. This school division just went from allowing a wide open policy to barely

allowing finding a needle in a haystack approach. The school board should consider prior practices and allow an orderly

transition. Forcing current high school students affected by a boundary adjustment to another school is not in their best interests.

Below is one of SCPS division belief statements. All decisions are based on the best interest of our students Long term, I

believe boundary adjustments will provide more even population distribution and equity among campuses. In the short term,

how SCPS division gets to this point is very critical. I hope the school board hears very clear, with emails, public speakers and

overwhelming majority in allowing current high schools students the opportunity to finish their high school careers in the school

they started with transportation provided. I would like to thank the school board for their effort in reading emails, listening to

the public and ultimately making the best decision for SCPS division students.

The school campuses are about 15 miles apart, each. I think there should be a 5 mile radius around each school that is a safe

zone because it makes no sense to make a child who lives five miles from one campus travel 10 miles to the other instead.

The value of my home will be affected it is in a school zone that is 3-times farther away than the closer school. Why did the

catchment maps use the old school lines as borders for catchments? Shouldn't those have been eliminated and new catchments

drawn from scratch? By including the old boundary you eliminated the ability to draw accurate catchments along

those lines - it skews the catchments in the Central zone that are along the old borders Why is the town of Edinburg cut in half

when you were not supposed to cut towns and neighborhoods? The primary residential district is cut right down the middle at

the train tracks Did you consider homeowners vs. renters? What is to keep a renter from moving back in to the zone they prefer

so their kids don't have to move? That is not equitable to homeowners and it neutralizes the purpose of the boundary

change Why are you spending so much time and money on such a short term fix? Why is this suddenly an emergency and

have to be done in three months time? If things haven't changed this long what is wrong with phasing in a redistricting, drawing

new boundaries that will create a significant and long term difference?

The teachers work hard to teach and take care of their own family. They should have the one benefit to take their child to the

campus they work on.

The way that you are going about this process is completely backwards. Who in their right mind would adjust and develop

any boundaries before any policy was decided and voted on. Your numbers will be completely wrong if some of these kids

are allowed to be grandfathered in. Second, when looking at the distances from the schools I think that option B is the best -

they can take the kids from 37 right up 11 and no back roads. I also believe that catchment area 36 should be taken to the

southern district because it will grab a large number of children without the long bus ride times.

We were presented with options a,b and c at the February 10th meeting and yet the committee representative at my table,

Seth Coffman, told us that Option B was not a viable option since a peninsula basically cut Edinburg in half. So what now?

What about those that chose option B? Why is this being shoved down the citizens of Shenandoah County's throats without

first at least opting for some of these level headed peoples approaches such as, now that tax season is here having each

student provide the school with a current tax form with current, correct address. Not their grandparents address or the address

of another building their parents own. If the students currently being bused from Red Banks, Conicville, Basye and those

others crossing boundary lines were made to attend the correct schools it would amaze the board at the difference in the

numbers, but you are not willing to try the common sense approach. We had to spend taxpayers money on a firm and buying

a new computer system to get routing for buses. Never mind that all of this seems to be a band-aid approach. Never

mind the length of time that these kids will spend on a bus.

There are a good number of people who are dishonest about their addresses. I believe they should have to produce solid

documentation like a tax return if they want an exception.

There should be no exemption


This is a lot to do about nothing! You are disrupting a lot of families and really gaining nothing at all at WWR or SHE. These

school will be just as overcrowded as they are now. The ground work should have been done first, proof of residence from

every family attending Shenandoah County Schools. Return all student with wavers to their correct attendance zone. I am

2/17/2016 27

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


asking you to do your ground work and postpone this until the 2017/2018 school year. Prove to the residents that you want to

do this correctly. This being said my choice is option B. I have run some address through Map Quest and it shows that students

in the rural areas of Western Edinburg would have a much longer bus ride than the catchment areas closer to the town of

Edinburg. When talking about policy I have a real problem with employees taking their children with them. If you have a true

over crowding issue then you don't move 60 to 70 kids to just put 20 kids back into that over crowded situation. You are just

sending the message that this is not a true problem. Stop playing with peoples lives.

This is a short term solution that is convenient for the board to put a band-aid on this, what is the long term plan? Will you be

moving the kids again? What is the criteria for becoming exception? What happens to the kids that have already have an


This is an expedited, absurd and ridiculous solution for a net gain of so few children. The data shows attendance declining. If

you move people to their correct district, wait a year this won't be an issue. Why is this being rammed down our throat when

it was the sixth option selected on the survey? Why was the initial community public comment meeting held on a night that

most parents were taking their kids to orientation? Why was it so quietly publicized? Do you even have the accurate data to

make these decisions? Do you know how many children are going to a school outside the district in which they live? Do you

really believe people live at an address that is a business? There are other viable solutions....however, no one wants to hear


This is being rushed and should be held off until more information can be given. This is way too disruptive to the children. This is

a VERY costly decision. I don't feel that the citizens have all the information about on what this is going to cost.

This is not a solution to the over crowding. This is a quick cheap bandaid to the situation. People will do whatever they have to

do to get their children in the district they prefer. This is a huge factor in buying a home or even selecting where to rent a

home. Stupid.

This process seems to be a smokescreen for some other motive (athletics most likely). The two reasons that are continually

pushed is program equity and easing elementary overcrowding. None of these ease the overcrowding. Please would someone

provide where the program inequity is??? There is none in the high schools (see the course offerings guides) and if all of

this is for part time art and drama in the middle school then this is insane. This process has been pushed through entirely too

fast and will cause some major political repercussions.

This whole situation has been executed very poorly. Did we even stop for a moment and try and resolve all of the "fake addresses"

that were brought up before uprooting entire families whom have provided accurate documentation of residency?

This alone could have possibly alleviated the overcrowding issue without changing anything. The numbers are not even consistent

from one presentation to the next. The public has been misinformed and rushed into making a decision that should

have been slower paced, more thought out, and most importantly with more accurate data.

To bus my grandchildren to another area away from their home would be unacceptable. It takes 5 minutes to get to them in

an emergency. There mother even less. All our other children went to Central, and our grandchildren. We don't want that to

change. Especially when it would only be a few kids on our road. We strongly disagree, we don't want our grandchildren to

change schools. Our youngest grandson already has a problem sitting still on the bus ride home. He has too much energy to

sit on a bus for any longer. Please don't change his school.

Uprising seniors in good standing should be allowed to graduate at the school they have attended for 4 years.

Verify each address for the student attending, not just those who want to change. Also I, after reading more, changed my

option selection from a previous survey I participated in online.

Very important for the rising Juniors and Seniors to stay with their graduation class. A lot of the upcoming Juniors have already

received their class rings and Letterman's jacket so who will pay for those.

We bought our house knowing we would be going to Strasburg, northern campus. Also, this is being rushed. When the vote

takes place those that are effected will have only FIVE months to make arrangements to get moved or anything else to keep

their kids in the school they want to attend. I think you will force people to lie about their residence or home school their children

if they are affected by the choice and don't want their kids to attend a different school. I also believe those that are

currently having their kids go to school in a different boundary then where they are supposed to be should have to move their

kids accordingly. These boundary changes are a very short answer to the issues they are supposed to alleviate. New schools

should be built or the current ones added on to now. This would be a long term effect and would cost less now than building

5 or 10 years from now.


We have great schools on the Southern Campus with caring and dedicated teachers. We offer unique programs from Desti-

2/17/2016 28

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


nation Imagination to a Science Fair with a mentoring program! We also benefit from proximity to the Governor's School,

JMU, and EMU. Change can be upsetting and frightening, but wonderful experiences can happen. I hope everyone will be

open to the possibilities.

We just moved here last year and had to transfer my daughter to w.w. Robinson! I do not want to transfer my daughter again

that will just be to confusing to her, she is only in the 1st grade and already have to transfer again! I do not think this is right!!

We live on Stoney Creek Road and are only 6 miles from the Central campus but 2 options move us to the Southern campus

which is 16 miles from us. We should remain at the central campus. I do not understand why some roads that are a couple

miles south of us are included in the Central campus in all the options. I would like to know how much longer my daughter's

bus ride would be. Living as close as we are she has to be on the bus at 7:20 now. I am also concerned how my daughter is

going to handle starting middle school without many of her friends that she has been with the last six years. She is very shy and

this really concerns me. I understand that the number of students at each campus is being determined by their home address

but many students do not get on the bus at their home. Is childcare being considered? I know kids who get on the bus at their

home in the morning but get off the bus somewhere else in the evening and with the changes these places are in different

boundaries. I support Option B. It would be a shame to be that close to a school and not be able to go there.

We need equality.

We need to act in the overall best interests of our students and our schools. Boundary adjustments are a common occurrence

in other divisions. Our resources and academic and athletic offerings need to be equitable across the division. All students

from SCPS need to have the same access to programs, activities, and courses. We need to do whatever it takes to

make that happen. These same parents who are opposed to boundary adjustments would have the same issues if new

schools were built. Our system is antiquated in that few changes have been made in the last 40 years (with the exception of

new middle schools and updated gyms). Change is ever occurring in our society and our schools and our school system

need to reflect that as well. How can we claim to have a dynamic school system when we insist on operating the very same

way, year after year. Our salaries for our employees will never keep pace with our surrounding counties (especially to the

north), so if we can offer that additional perk of allowing employees kids to attend outside of their attendance area, we may

work to attract teachers who live outside the area if they are permitted to bring their children as well. Thank you for all of your

work. There will be growing pains, but people will learn to adapt and will see that this change will bring benefits to the students

(a more reasonable school size, equitable resources and offerings, etc)

We purchased our house specifically because of the school the children would be attending. It is very important to our children

and ourselves that our children remain where they have found an extended family. It is discouraging that this process is

taking place and it is a short term band aid that may only briefly help a problem.

We understand these changes need to be made, but why in 2016? Please give families time to make needed changes. If

these started in 2017, the resistance would be less.

We were not provided proper information in a timely fashion. This process was forced upon us way too fast. We were told 12-

18 months to complete and now it's being forced through in 6 months. This is NOT going to solve the overcrowding issue. If

this is something that is going to be pursued, first the lines should be enforced so we are certain on the numbers. I'm concerned

that all schools are so close to the capacity, any small changes in the numbers will skew the results and make this entire

process pointless. Please above all consider giving this process more time to develop. The community still has many unanswered

questions. With the impact this is going to have, it needs to be given the proper amount of time.

Well I'm a 6th grade student and do not wish to be moved from my current school. I have already been moved to a different

school once in 2nd grade from CCS because of closing. I don't want to be moved again. Barely any of my friends will be affected

and it's hard adjusting to a whole other school and I've been through it and it's not fun. I'm going to be really upset if

you change it. The worst part is I live on Wakemans grove and one of the options is right there. Can't you adjust it so that

Wakemans Grove is on there? Please, if not its going to be really hard not seeing my best friends and my favorite teachers

next year. So please consider this for me. For the kids who are going through the same thing.

What a tough decision to be made. 1st you need to get the kids to the right schools AND enforce it 100%! If you grandfather

in juniors and seniors, that is fine, however, high schoolers in the wrong school should NOT be grandfathered in. It is not fair for

those to attend where they want. Also if employees want to take their child, they need to attend the campus that their parents

are employed at. Example, you shouldn't get to drop off children at central campus, but teach at Strasburg. Please pick

the option that will put this to the most use. Make sure each school is being utilized to the fullest. This will be a hard decision to

make, and people will be hurt and angry. But being in the county all my life, I know each campus will be welcoming to all



2/17/2016 29

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


What about children who live 10 minutes from their current school, but half an hour from wherever you would move them to?

What about families with multiple children in different grades? Are you really proposing to break these families up? What

about children who have been going to the same school with the same familiar faces all their life--how is it justifiable to take

that all away and throw them into an inconsistent, stressful environment? Where they are no longer on the same baseball

team or drama club? Where their friends or high school sweethearts aren't there anymore?? This boundary change is a horrible,

horrible thing. These are children and parents--these are people who are individual and unique and are NOT just statistics.

YOU have a DUTY to make ethical and moral decisions for the better of this community and for our kids. It is only right that you

look at all the different exceptions that would have to be made. And the bottom line is that these exceptions add up, and

they add up FAST. So is this really the best option here? Anybody in their right mind would say no. It's your job to find creative

solutions to problems, and this, my friend, is not the solution at all.

What about kids that were given permission to attend outside their school boundary? And high school students that have

been on the same campus and with the same kids since kindergarten? Both of these groups should be allowed to stay on the

campus they currently attend. To move a teenager would be very difficult and to move to a rival campus. Have you considered

bullying, fights and all the other issues when you are in a school with no friends, no support system? To have people

making decisions that have no impact on their children but impact on someone else's children. Seems like a very slippery

slope foe the school system. This is also very unfair. When verbal or written permission is given it would be unfair and wring.

When you have to work full time and you have a babysitter for your children in a school they have been in for awhile don't

move them don't move kids who all they know is one school. Say a 1st grader who has attended Sandy Hook for preschool,

kindergarten and first, you know how bad that will traumatize them? Or high schoolers that have been there forever or 6th

graders who have known that school their whole life and made friends and play sports.

While I understand the benefit for employees to choose which school their child (ren) will attend, it should be the same for

everyone. If I can't decide where I think my child will have the best education and thrive the best then neither should they.

Keep the entire process fair. I think all high schoolers should be allowed to finish where they are currently attending school.

High school is hard enough without having to be pulled into a new social situation. If they identify/are connected with their

current school then leave them at their current school.

While in theory the exemption seems like an easy thing to do, the coordination of busing and the expense would be cost prohibitive.

In addition, this gives the appearance that the inequitable distribution of students at the high school level does not

matter and that it is not detrimental to the situation at Stonewall to allow four years for the student count to be fully equitable.

A one time shift in student body and then a consideration for curriculum changes and staff changes that will be necessary is

much more cost effective. The one time shift also makes the long term study easier to complete in a timely manner rather

than drawn out over the course of 3 years.


While there certainly need to be adjustments to the existing boundaries in order to best utilize resources at SHES and WWR, the

problem of overcrowding has not impacted the high schools. I ask that rising high school students (current 8th through 11th

graders) be left "untouched" by the process. For the high schools, how will this impact athletic teams that have an eye toward

continuously building for the future? What about staff positions? Will teachers be shipped to other schools, and when

will they know? What if a student has been working towards a specific scholarship or a career path at the Central Campus

(the JROTC program, for example)? Will they be able to continue on? Master Schedules are designed around this time for

2016-17, yet we won't have any idea what can or should be taught since we don't know how many students are impacted.

We thus do not know how many teachers will be needed in content areas. The consultant noted that people intentionally

"lie" about their address to go to other schools. Will that happen to an even higher degree next year? Who's going to be

responsible for proving where kids live? My biggest problem with all of this is how "rushed" it has become. The administration

seems to be set on doing it and doing it now, diving headfirst into a solution without flushing out all of the repercussions. The

best path forward would be to table the boundary adjustments until the start of 2017-18. Allow the schools and community to

prepare for the inevitable, but don't rush through anything until all of the unknowns are known. By jamming this down our

throats in such a short amount of time, the school system is creating needless anger and resentment across the community.

Whole entire thing is going to cause more harm than benefit, majority NOT in favor of any action at this time!

Why are you pushing for this change for about a 5 year period until enrollment goes down. This is poor leadership. How will

you get all other class schedules, teachers moved and adjusted before the start of the contracts? You say the southern campus

offers less, provide that information for the public - this is all about sports not academics. How can moving a small amount

of students actually help? In 2 of the options you admit it will not so why are they even an option? What purpose does this

really serve?

2/17/2016 30

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


Why do this cause so much dissatisfaction and confusion??? This is just a short term solution. If the northern end and central

areas need more schools - build. I feel sorry for these young folks basically having to start over - this affects every area of

there life. I really don't feel this is the answer.

Why not ask for volunteers to move schools? Based on where parents may work, they may be happy to transport their kids to

a school closer to their work. Someone working towards Harrisburg might be very happy to take their child to the southern

campus, even if they live in Edinburg. Just ask! Give the community a chance. You may get enough.

Why not start with the 230 children who are attending outside of their school district first? It is a free solution; then evaluate the

capacity issues again. I personally have changed schools as a high schooler, and it is very tough - moving the current high

school students should be left up to the parents. Why rush to make drastic boundary changes when the predicted enrollment

numbers show a downward trend? Start with the 230 children first (but let them complete this year where they are at,

don't disrupt in the middle of the school year). Are there teachers from WV working in our school district who are allowed to

bring their child/children to school where they work? I hope not being as they don't pay Shenandoah county taxes.

Why should a student be told that they have to move to another high school after they have invested ALL of their years of


Why would I vote for any of these options? My family is in all 3 maps to change schools. I would have never moved to switch

my children's schools. Why do my children have to give up their seats at the Central campus for Strasburg children? It makes

no sense at all. If my children have to switch schools, well then, so do employees. I don't care what your job title is.

With the numbers set to decrease, enforce current lines and let it ride, why upset families? Require 3 forms of proof of residency

for all grades and enforce it.

Would like to see you keep it the way it is and enforce the current boundary. Middle Schoolers should not have to be penalized

and should be exempt.

You are trying to put a "bandaid" on the problem with any of these options. None of them will actually be a noticeable benefit

to the central campus. We need additional schools built in this county. It has been needed for years. Letting high school

students continue at their current school should be allowed. However, younger siblings will have to attend a different campus.

This makes sitter arrangements very difficult for parents as a lot of the older children babysit younger siblings. Bus rides are

going to be extremely long for some students. The school system is going to have additional wear and tear on buses as well as

higher fuel bills because of the longer routes. If option C is chosen, it will triple the time that it takes for my children to get to

school! Boundary lines have not been enforced in the past. The new boundary lines will just cause more parents to lie about

their addresses.

You should definitely allow employee's children to be where the parent is teaching. I wouldn't want my kindergartener riding


the bus to an empty house because the parent works at a different campus and cannot make it home before the bus.

2/17/2016 31

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


1- How will the busing be arranged? 2- What additional costs will be involved with this additional busing? 3- Length of bus

rides? 4- All 3 plans do not relieve the stress of Sandy Hook and WW Robinson - so why move the boundaries in the first


1. Build a new school. 2. Look into the Charter House School. 3. Bring trailers back

9th graders I believe should stay along with 10th and 11th graders because high school is hard to get used to. Yes 9th graders

could get used to a new school easier, but in any high school grade you start continue memories. Students buy or already

bought letterman's jackets and class rings. They also have adapted to the school, classes, teachers, classmates, and even

sports. High school is a very important time for students so making them change would put a big impact on students and their

major life events.

AII 3 options would affect us and we don't even really have a good say. My daughter is currently in 10th grade and involved

in extracurricular activities with Central. To take her and put her in the Southern campus where they don't have the programs

or the level of education that she is currently doing will not have the options there. This is not fair to her. She should be able to

finish at Central. We also have a 4 yr. old starting Kindergarten and that will make it hard for him but it's understandable. As

long as they don't change the boundaries every little bit so he can stay in one school district.

All high schools should be able to stay in their current school due to some 10th graders already having class rings, letterman's

jackets, etc. Option A affects fewest families and disrupts the least number of kids, so it is the best option. If current boundaries

are enforced, I realize that some would still have to move, but could we move fewer catchment areas and affect less


All high school students need to be able to stay. All teachers kids must be able to go with parents to their school.

Allow teachers' children to stay at the school that their parents work at as a benefit. Not sure how I feel about teachers bringing

their children with them as they are not residents of Shen. Co. - if they pay some tuition, then maybe okay with it.

Allowing children of employees the corresponding schools is a no-cost perk that should be allowed for employees. Its just a

perk like any other job related perk for any job. Whether its a discount for a sprint employee or allowing an employee to bring

their child with them to work. By not allowing employees to bring their children will only impose additional costs them money,

where it costs no one anything to allow this perk.

Are the students that have letters in a sport and/ or have letterman's jackets considered for exemption? Are the students that

have been granted permission considered for exemption ex. - lives in Southern campus boundary but has permission to attend

central campus (greater approval written).

As a current resident of Turner Ashby Lane in Edinburg, the drive time is a drastic change from the Central Campus to the

Southern Campus. Also the residents in catchment area 46 and the area of Turner Ashby Lane (45)will have the same bus

route and as stated by the DeJong Richter representative will be around 2 hrs. at some points.

As far as teachers being able to take their kids to their assigned schools, I feel this is a huge perk for our teachers. 1. Not all

teachers take their kids with them. 2. Teachers are not paid enough to afford after school care. 3. Due to lack of funding -

teachers are paying for supplies needed for their students out of pocket - not asking parents to pay for them. 4. If teachers

have to leave to go get their kids they will not be available to students for after school tutoring, meetings with parents, and

assist students with making up assignments. In addition, I do not feel travel time is being considered for the kids who are

being moved from Edinburg to the Southern campus.

Beginning Nov 2015 my realtor contacted the school board about a property I was thinking of buying. I was looking to stay in

the Central Campus due to health issues. One has a soy and one has an IEP. I was told the boundary would not be changed.

I now am under contract (legal and binding) to purchase a house later this month. Had my children not had issues and just

moved here 2 yrs. ago it may be different. My son has therapy one day a week and has to be taken out of school for it. This

will be at least until Dec/Jan 2017. With this being said , my 6 yr. old will have to be taken out of school also if we are moved

to the Southern Campus. All of my babysitters and family friends are in the Central Campus. The Board Office had better not

send me letters if my 6 yr. old misses too much school and not having a Dr. excuse. All of this could have been avoided. I

would have never bought this house if I knew there was an issue with boundaries. My kids are afraid to move because of issues

they had at their previous schools. However, when I purchase my house it will be possibly in the Southern.

Build a new Primary School; Pk-2.


Can you ask for volunteers for people to switch schools. People who live in Strasburg, but they work in Edinburg may love to

take their kids to the Central campus. At least poll the community for interest. People may jump to the idea. Then the ones

2/17/2016 32

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


needing to move actually get a benefit from it.

Catchment area 48 needs to be classified with are 46. This better utilizes the schools and only affects a few number of children.

Then drive for the school buses would be longer and more treacherous to change from Central to Southern campus. All

the children that live in zone 48 are very, very close with 46 and should be treated the same for logical and safety issues.

Changes on boundaries do not help populations enough to make a big difference. Need good numbers on kids in each

catchment areas before you can do anything right.

Children of employees should be allowed an exemption but only if they go to the campus of the employee. I.e., reside in

Central Campus employee works at Sandy Hook. Child should be given exemption to attend North Campus schools, instead

of Central campus - South campus is not an option.

Children with "disabilities" regardless of what should be allowed to stay where they are. Anything from downs syndrome, ADD,

ADHD, etc. should stay. * Spend money building more rooms, instead of wasting money to rezone and ride around on busses

to see how long kids will be on the bus. * Take PK out, change Edinburg School to a PK school instead of worrying about making

$15 hr. off renting out a room. * I bought my house knowing I was inside the WWR school area, now 2 of the 3 options will

move my kids. * I am 12 mins from WWR and 21 mins from Stonewall. * Making kids move will cause bullying due to rivalry. * I

can't afford to change sitters being my grandmother keeps my children and I don't pay her. I am currently right on the

boundary line and have to prove where my house was & that I was inside the WWR campus. Had it approved and showed

that I was on the Central Campus before buying my home.

Define short term. Can catchment be changed? (change shape?) Core areas at elem. have been relieved, correct?

Do children of employees only include teachers or does it also include administrative, custodial, and other facility? If it only

includes teachers then this question about children of employees is misleading.

Due diligence needs to be done on addressing the people who are not attending the correct school now. It's more than the

250+ that are approved transfers. Until you have real, accurate data, it's not right to make any decisions. Get the real data


Due to no overcrowding within the Middle and High school; it should be available that all middle and high school students

should have the choice to stay at their current school opt move to the recommended school.

Every household with students should have to show proof or residency.

Even if my children do have to change schools, I still strongly support children of employees being able to attend schools

where their parents work. I do not work for the schools. Daycare is a serious concern - or lack thereof, in the Southern campus

area as 100+ children are being moved into the school zone. Transportation times also are a concern if children who live

further from Southern campus are going to be moved into the school zone. Transportation times also are a concern if children

who live further from Southern campus are going to be moved there. Our bus comes at 6:50 to go to the school closest

to out house. How early will it have to come if we have to go to a school that is further away? I think at least the 11th graders

should be grandfathered in to their current schools, but only if all students can be equitably provided with transportation. Not

"you can stay if you can provide your own transportation."

First choice do not change.

Give 9th -12th option to stay or go to new school. If they are out of school boundary and prefer to stay in the school they are

in then they must provide their own transportation.

Have you thought about the children at all and what it is going to do to grades, attitudes? Being moved at a high school

level to another school losing friends. High schoolers need to be able to go where they are going now or are supposed to

starting next year. Parents or siblings can drive them to school so that would take care of transportation problems. Please take

into consideration of my child and a lot of others and go w. Option A.

High school students should not move. We've purchased class rings, letterman's jackets.

High school students should not move. I have already purchased a CHS class ring. My daughter already has a CHS Letterman



How can we exempt teachers and not exempt other parents who are working in the central campus area but may live in

another campus area but may live in another campus? Perks? For teachers? Please- how many jobs have perks?

How does this benefit my elementary school students at WW Robinson? Will the class sizes be significantly decreased so that

my child receives more one on one time? Will lunch times still be at 10:30am for kindergarten students? Has anyone considered

the mental health issue for children who are already at a crucial point in their lives? Have studies been done on other

2/17/2016 33

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


counties who have done boundary changes showing the results of how the students adjusted - did grades drop, did mental

health issues increase, etc.?

How many state and federal laws do you think you have broken? Zone 48 needs to be classified the same as 46.

How often will these changes be received? Juniors should not move - should be grandfathered. They should graduate with

the same kids they have been with for 12 years. Moving them now would be detrimental.

I agree with the 8th graders moving into the high school. 9th graders 2016-2017 so that they continue to grow with their friends

and school that they have attended with. Rather than ripping them apart. If the distance is very far lets say Edinburg to

Stonewall will there be a late bus for the students athletics if not there is a large burden on the parents that work on don't

drive? Kids will be up earlier to be on time to school and get home even later.

I am a teacher at WWR and stay here to teachers to give back to my community. If my children are not allowed to go with

me I will have to leave earlier than 3:45 to get my child. I can go to another county make more money and take my child.

Seniors would be hard to move them with it being their last year. I think Option B is best. I think you need to keep the towns

together. I believe using Stoney as the boundary & Toms Brook best way to divide.

I am affected either way. It is not fair to make upcoming freshmen and undergrads move schools when they are close to


I appreciate the challenges and issues facing the county school system ; however, were hybrid options considered from

among all of the options? In addition, the core areas of two schools remain stressed for all of the chosen options. What about

looking at a more comprehensive, longer-term solution that would include asking the citizens for money to fund the solution?

This appears to be another "Band-Aid", which will be implemented with a lot of "pain" across the county.

I believe MS should be able to go to their current schools long as they provide own transportation. (I know that was not a recommendation

of the firm but we have left out other suggestions of the firm). * I also believe that we should enforce lines first

requiring all students to provide proof of residency and then reevaluate the lines at the beginning of the school; therefore

taking the firms recommendation of 12-18 months process. Even though live in utilization rates will still give one above 100%

you have to consider home-school & private. * I absolutely do not think teachers that live outside of Shenandoah County

should be able to bring kids to our schools with out tuition. * I also believe you should do drive times from George's as that is a

long ways. * Make the 308 (Not special needs) go where they are supposed to otherwise we are doing this for nothing. * We

cannot continue to move these lives every 3-5 years we will come to the "Stakeholders" meetings in the future.

I believe the taxpayers of Shen. Co. have once again bore the cost of an expensive study to determine the location of approx.

300 students and whether they need to go to one school campus or another. The # of students have not increased in

30+ years and there is no indication of a tremendous growth in the near future (i.e.., building, new employment, etc.) in this

county, I think the study lacks in "real numbers" and is being railroaded into action without enough "facts" to back it. All options

only make a minimal adjustment and causes a lot of upset to the people/ children who must travel the furthest to a new

school campus. Why split the roads w. double busing if you are going to change boundaries? Makes no sense.

I bought my house in the Central area because that's where I wanted my kids to go. I sub at WWR and have for the past 3


years, so this will affect my job. I have an upcoming 8th grader that's has anxiety issues. Drive time to school now is 11 minutes.

If changed, now it will be 25 to 30 minutes with interstate driving. There is a lot of preschool classes, do we really need 4 and 5

classes & move the kids that don't leave in the right area to the schools they are suppose to be at. Numbers are going down,

leave 6th alone. By doing any of these options you are only moving 2 to 3 kids per grade, is that really worth all of this?

I currently live 5 minutes away from Central but by these options I will be required to switch to Southern Campus which is at

least 20 mins from my current location. * Instead of spending money on people to do boundaries add on to current schools. *

Children will have emotional problems. * More bullying among students because of the schools rivalry.

I do not support any boundary adjustment. I do not want my children moved from their present school. They are very familiar

with the school staff and they perform well at the schools they are presently at.

I feel that a student who has gone through the 11th grade shouldn't have to finish their last year at a different school. I don't

object to the boundaries being moved but I think some exemptions should be considered.

I feel very strongly that high school students should be given the option to remain at their attending school now. All 3 have my

child attending his last year of high school 20 minutes away and we live only 4 minutes form Central. Also feel that if exceptions

are made for teachers kids, then exceptions need to be made elsewhere.

I have a child in 9th and one in 7th. I wouldn't want one going to Strasburg and one going to Central.

2/17/2016 34

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


I have a child at PMMS 8th and 10th grader at Central

I have a current 9th and 11th graders. When registered starting kindergarten they/we were each given permission to go to

school outside school district. Have attended same campus entire school career (k-current grades). School division gave permission

for each of my children. We will have to rent property/ home/ room/ apt. or give custody to grandparents or sell

home and move or parents separate. But children (from 21yr old to 14yr old) have gone to central campus the whole time.

Would be wrong and stressful to make them switch to a rival campus - can you ensure they won't have problems with students

on that campus?

I purchased my home with the school attendance as part of my decision, now you are forcing me to sell my home. I am in

catchment 45, 9.8 miles to school and double the time. I coach little league and have formed my relationships, I do not want

to have to lose all of those that have been created. Especially those of my children. Move the preschool to another local

building, WW Robinson never had so many preschool classes before.

I strongly agree school employee children should be allowed to join their parents at the campus they teach. It is a perk / benefit

that is free. It'll be hard for teachers with children who cannot attend their campus, which could ultimately end in losing

some wonderful teachers.

I support the majority voice in regard to the new boundaries.

I think Option B is the best less travel times to schools which means costs in fuels and rides for students.

I want to be very clear that the boundary change does not affect my kids, however I still feel very strongly about this. My biggest

concern is for high school kids that have been with the same group of kids through their whole education experience

(including preschool). They have also played sports and built relationships with these kids for many years. That does affect my

child because his closest friends and family and teammates are being moved. I think if the change must happen they should

just start with elementary and the effect will trickle down over the next 3-4 years. I understand the conflict with bus routes, but

this would only be a temporary issue. Other notes: Not only are there the 200+ kids going to campuses where they don't live in,

but there are many that lie about their address. People are and will sell their houses and move to where they want to be. So

that will be an economic disruption itself. Please consider the high school kids that already have their letterman's jackets and

class rings. Who will get them new ones if they want them? When they didn't want to change in the first place.

I want to have something in place that decides how people prove their residency. Then what happens to the families that just

don't turn in paperwork? Do they stay home until turned in? Same as not having immunization they should not be able to return

to school until turned in.

I would be okay with any if you put Catchment #48 in Central Campus because from my house to Stonewall it is a 45 to 50

minute drive in my personal vehicle. When you add stops my kids will be on bus for almost 2 hrs. I am not wanting to put my

kids on the bus @ 6am. Plus I have to work. This is a problem. Thank you.

If a child moves, what about in 3 years could they change schools again? What happens if a child is moved but fails to

thrive at the new school?

If schools are not fully accredited is it not a law we don't have to send them to that school? What happen to the land that

was given to county to build public school on?

If the problem is in the elementary schools, then start the boundary change w/ K and let them start in the school they will continue

their education in. Moving a child from his/ her friends, sports, agricultural activities could be an upset to that child and

his/ her performance could be affected. My honest opinion is that all of this has been a waste of time, energy, money. No

changes should be made. This is causing tension , anger and an unnecessary uproar. Changing the boundaries will not solve

the issues. Taking some kids out of one boundary just to move others into that campus defeats the purpose. Parents will move

their children to keep them at the school they choose, therefore you will still have these same kids (or numbers as they seem

to be) attending their current school. God Bless.

If you are an employee at a campus, your child should be allowed to attend that campus. Period. Also, if you are a HS student,

you should not have to move. There are too many hardships in this move. Our family moved from CA to this area for a

better education; we chose Central Campus. We will homeschool again should you force our family out. *Our bus ride is 45

minutes. It's fine. Children interested in sports should also not be moved. Sports have started, and to uproot is troublesome. We

don't live in any of the boundaries. We should be able to stay at Central.

If you move all these children, do not exempt any child. No one should get special treatment because the root of this issue is

uprooting all children affected.


In my situation, if you grant an exception to high schoolers, I have 1 child staying and one child moving. That's ridiculous. My

2/17/2016 35

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


children have never known anything but Strasburg schools. When we moved a few years ago, we made sure to stay in the

Strasburg District. The comment was made at one of the meetings by one of the committee members, that if you don't like

which district you are in, then move to the district you want to be in. 1) I did exactly that when I moved a couple years ago. I

made sure I stayed in the district I wanted my kids to be in. 2) Now I am being forced to either send my kids to a school

where I don't know anyone and they will have to "start over" or sell my home, which I love, and "start over" in a new home/

town/ neighborhood. Simply, moving boundaries is a temporary fix to a long term problem. Until the money is managed and

the schools are built to handle the enrollment, this same issue will be going dealt with again in a couple years.

In opening, Dr. Raley claimed transparency for decisions made in November, however I do not agree. Many in the community

were not aware until after decision was made to redistrict lines. *Living 10 minutes away from the Central campus would

only make sense for my children to go to Central. With Option A & C my child would have a 2 hr. (or unknown amount of

time) bus ride to the


Southern campus. * Incorporate catchment 33 & 34 into the Central campus - dividing the Stoney Creek


Is this exemption teachers only - who qualifies as a teacher; aides, custodial, library, school board employees, bus drivers -

opposed to the exemption, it is fundamentally wrong - and not fair. Does not even come close to the problem - moving 60-

70 kids from WW Robinson is not going to accomplish anything. Also, the overcrowding; Dr. Raley was asked this and had no

answers. Anyone put a dollar figure on increase cost at Southern Campus - new teachers, admin, technology requirements.

If Board allows exemptions there is a good chance the numbers at Robinson may only be 40-50 kids - maybe even less- again

doesn't solve the issue of school overcrowding. If teachers can take their children to their school of choice then high school

students should be allowed to remain in their own school - those teachers take their children to school on days they are sick or

on field trips, etc.; and do not have public transportation so high school kids should be allowed the same consideration but

they have to provide their own ride to and from school. I feel you need to put the students back where they belong. Rescind

all past grandfather except for special ed students, put teachers kids back then evaluate your numbers - If boundary is still an

issue - after valid ID/addresses are confirmed - then re-evaluate. This is too rushed.

It makes very little sense of how catchment groups were made. It makes sense to me to start the catchments based on old

boundaries. Take the time that makes these make sense. How many renters are in the areas are moving? I am a renter and

will move if I have to go south. Class rings should not have been sold on site at the school if we weren't sure they would graduate

form the school; that is a $400 investment that is going down the drain; who wants a ring from a school you didn't graduate

from; goes with varsity jackets. By junior year I have invested well over $1,000 total in Falcons all that will go to good will. I

question the burden on Dr. Raley to make the final recommendation. It takes away from the Boards responsibility to make a

decision. Catchments should have been included on the option map. Short term put kids in appropriate schools including

teacher's children.

Middle schoolers should also be granted grandfathering. My main issues: * The line change will not solve any problems currently.

* Enforcement of the boundaries will be impossible, parents will move if they must. There are always loop holes. We will

not be able to force parents to take their kids to a campus the do not want to attend. * Why were we not notified about the

boundary change to start with? * Biggest issue is still transparency to start with the boundary change to start with. I feel like the

community is being included after the fact.

No exceptions should be made for employees. All students be treated the same. Exception should be given to High School

students since most of them are driven to school by parents or drive themselves.

No Exceptions. Did not listen back in September. Boundaries were not an option to be considered.

No real population growth. No real solution. Elementary schools still stressed. Make a lot of kids/ families upset. Get real numbers

of kids in each area and addresses them make boundaries. What is the hurry? Take a year to gather the data and do it

right when you do - too quick, haphazard if do now.

None of the boundary adjustments fix the overcrowding in the elementary schools. You are going to uproot children from

what they know and their friends. Think of the psychological damage you will do when these children get moved, they are

moving to rival schools. Any time Strasburg and Central get together, there are problems. Things need to stay the same because

it is only going to cause more issues.

None of them will help our child. All plans will send him out of our campus area. I don't think they should do away with Pre-K

but should take out of school and put elsewhere. When I attended WWR there was no Pre-K available that would help to free

up space. I feel we should start at moving those in wrong districts back to where they belong. For a start. 10th-11th graders

should be able to stay and not move.

2/17/2016 36

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


None of these options are fair to the kids - some are invested in sports and other school activities.

None of these options fix the core spaces at WWR or SSES - moving boundary lines does not give me a smaller class size - it

does not move classrooms out of closets - it does nothing to reduce overcrowding. The only thing it does it creates stress and

anxiety for the families of several hundred students. * These boundary changes have the potential to affect the property/ real

estate values of many families. * On Option C- why would students living on Edinburg Gap Rd go to Ashby - Lee when there is

a bus that comes down that road and goes to WWR. If the bus comes up there, where will it turn around?

One of my biggest concerns is the amount of time my children will be on the bus and the fact they could possibly be uprooted

from their friends and what they are used to.

Option A seems to be the best choice because it affects the least amount of children. With all three options still causing stress

at WWR and SHE the option that effects the least amount seems the only logical choice. I feel that this is a very serious decision

that is being decided very quickly. It seems like there should be more research out into this decision, a decision that will

change children's lives. On a side note, I feel that the Steering Committee should not have employees. What employee will

stand up to their employer? I understand the changes are necessary but its sad that something like this has to be done and

class sizes will still not be smaller.

Option B is my first choice as I have an upcoming freshman and would like her to graduate from campus as most of her family

did. As of now I'm about 10 minutes away from school . With changes would be 15-20 minutes extra and out of my way to get

there in an emergency. With family that could help in the pick up at Central location. Option A is my second choice; it is a

quieter school she would get more attention form teachers and not so overcrowded

Option C moves the most kids which allows for unforeseen issues to arise (moves, grandfathered in, etc.). Plus the most HS

students are moved. Option C is best choice.

Options A and B would place children in catchment 48 on school bus for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Parents don't live in this county or boundaries shouldn't be going to our schools.

Please force kids in the right boundary. Enforce 100%

Please make sure that students are going to a school where they shouldn't be are corrected first and foremost.

Policy allow seniors to be grandfathered. Teachers kids go to school. Enforce transfer policy. Catchment needs look at more.

Quite recently the taxpayers of Shenandoah County were strong handed into raised taxes to pay for a regional jail "RSW". I

would rather of had my tax dollars be spent on funds for a measly trailer. With that said, why don't we have the money for

school additions, but have the money for a new prison. Also school board members and teachers all those who have school

aged children must obey the new boundaries. Next I would like to say if you SC Board members have already made your

minds up, why even waste everyone's time with boring statutory? It takes me 4 1/2 to 5 minutes to get to the Central Campus.

I drove 70 miles an hour on I80 to Ashby Lee and it took 20 minutes. I just moved to this address just so my children will go to

Central Campus. This is not by any means all I have to say. Just keep in mind my daughters will be going to the Central Campus

2016-2017 most likely with me, their father as their escort.

Require parent to bring in tax revenue or other property ID verifying their physical address. If you do not hear from them within

10 day, they are lying and parents are driving them to school. So . . . put them anywhere you wish. The parents will drive them.

Make the wrong right. Don't penalize everyone else for those who 16 FYF. Approximately 500 are using false addresses.

Ridge Hollow Rd would take way over an hour on a bus to go to SJ. Too far.

Rising 8th graders (freshmen year 16-17) be exempt. 1- Already taking classes (honors) at high school. 2- Already involved in

JV sports.

Rising freshmen 2016-2017 exempt due to involvement in JV sports.

Shen. County Schools were past capacity before the additions to existing schools were complete; why is this a problem now?

People purchase their homes to ensure their kids can go to the school of their choice. None of the changes of boundaries

have addressed issues important to families; such as employment of parents, daycare, splitting children up in the middle of

their school years, transportation issues, stress on the child. Should leave here as is since pop. is slowly declining again. Separation

from life-long friends.

SHS is not overcrowded and moving a few students out of there will only cause personal upset to those students and not solve

a nonexistent problem.


Strongly disagree with how these maps were drawn up. No money to expand schools but $100,000 to research. So many projects

in this county for beautification but no money for schools. It's also sad when elected officials do not to the bidding of the

2/17/2016 37

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


constituents. This board does not have the best interest of the kids yet they put the $$ first over a quality education.

Student in Option B will have a longer bus ride in the other Catchment area. * This has been done too fast, should not be implemented

in such a short period of time.

Teacher should be able to take their children with them. Sometimes the Courts make the choice for where your children have

to go to school; no way around what the judge says.

There should be no movement of any kids other than 8th grade to high school, 5th grade to middle schools after all they all

ride the same buses. You all spent tax dollars on uselessly using a company that had no idea what they were doing. If one

student has to be moved all should rather it be high school students or teachers kids it's only fair.

These options all still have the elementary schools stressed. So what problems do they really solve? The class sizes will remain

same, schools lunches will still be served for 3 hours. It will also effect the middle school and high school kids that are at crucial

times and the transition will affect them greatly. It will increase anxiety and bullying. Why do this?

This decision is being made far too hastily. There has not been enough discussion regarding the need for boundary changes. I

feel the decision has already been made and the board do not want to listen to our opinion.

This policy of boundary needs to be enforced 100% - No exemptions except special ed/ seniors, neutral for employees.

Travel time is a serious issue. Cost of class ring and clothing. Our house was built because of the Central Campus. Why are HS

kids being moved, no campus is overloaded. What's the outlook 10 years down the road, be back moving kids again? Looks

like the WWR & SH are still stressed so why move? Extra cost of fuel for travel of the students. Daughter has 2 more years.

Unfortunately the largest number of students to be affected are on the Central Campus. 11th graders should be exempted

from this. They should be able to graduate from the HS they have attended for 3 years.

Uprooting children from the school, teachers, and friends they have gone to school with through their entire school attendance

is not beneficial to the children's well-being. They are comfortable and know who they can trust. Why not leave things

the way they are now and stipulate that newly enrolled students must abide by boundaries? We have had a bus from Strasburg

pick out children up, from our driveway, and that was not at our request. However, we now find out that we live on a

road south of the Northern Boundary.

We live 6 miles from Central Campus. If our child went to the Southern Campus, it would be a 16 mile ride, what time would

she have to get up? How long a bus ride? And after school functions, too long, to Southern Campus. Our child will be going

into 6th grade next year. Peter Muhlenburg is at 98.8% capacity, 6 miles away.

We need Option A. We prefer to stay at Central Campus. Generations of our family have all graduated from Central and

would be upset to have to be forced to switch schools. Uprooting families and children is not a solution. We bought our home

and started our family where we did for a reason. This is a small town and these other schools are rivals, that 's just the way it

always will be. I want my children to remain at the Central Campus. Don't split up South Ox Road at least go to the end of

South Ox Rd. It takes us 5 minutes to get to the Central Campus from our house. If we have to go to Southern Campus it will

be 15-20 min, we drive my daughter and our other daughter will be attending preschool in Woodstock. It makes sense to stay

in Central Campus area. Nobody wants these boundaries. Build a bigger Central Campus school.

We prefer (strongly) Option A. We have 6 children in the Central Campus - 4 in high school at CHS and 2 in elementary WW

Robinson. We support the grandfathered approach, however this would split up our family and this would be difficult for us to

build/ support/ continue a plan to be supportive of our large family. In addition my husband and I work North - we often travel

from Winchester 81 and Matinsburg WV (Federal Government esp..) to attend Central activities. We do not / rarely go to

Southern campus. This is further - out of our way. Creating a hardship for our family. Please consider Option A.

What happens when schools become full again? Add to Central Campus: Through trailers, through building new school on

schools property.


They will all affect honest parents and students who want a quality education - not to be moved into a school with their rivals

and be bullied. How much did you pay the people to draw lines on county map? Probably enough to start building elementary

school - since that's where the problem is. Being a current high school student at Central, I think that the boundary

change is not truly beneficial to this community. I observe the actions of the students every day and I know for a fact that no

one wants to be forced to transfer schools. You can not sit in an office, draw a few lines on a county map and assume that

they will drop all their friends at their current school and go to a rival school. They already have clothes and merchandise

with their school's logo/ name, there is absolutely no reason to move them. Even the young children don't want to move to a

different school. Young children handle things in an emotional way. Do you really want to make children cry? If you are a

genuine, true, and caring human being, you do not. So don't make them move. We are a caring school and we love our

2/17/2016 38

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


classmates, we don't want to see the people we grew up with move and go to school with the rivals. We have a great school

with wonderful caring teachers. The students are intelligent with some of the highest average SOL scores - which apparently

are far more important than the students themselves. We have wonderful athletes who bleed blue and gold - students form

the other schools are the same way- and they will not play for another team. If you asked us for our opinions instead of doing

what "looks good", you would change your mind. Stop feeding us statistics and give us quality answers from your heart, not

your dumb research.

You need to restrict students that are going to the wrong district, account for those 200 students. Feel that boundaries should

stay the way they are. What is going to happen in 2 to 3 years when this happens again? Students keep getting moved back

and forth to different schools and friends (not right). Why did you not account for this when you closed T. Brook and Fort Valley



2/17/2016 39

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results

Please provide any additional comments you may have regarding the Options presented.


11th and 12th grandfathered. Look more catchment areas. Written explanation of transfer. Equal opportunity/activities/


238 students attending outside current boundary lines; how many are elementary? Will the shift help if we don't know where

they are/what grades they attend? Teachers children - how many will be affected by the boundary change? Will the shift

help if we don't know where they are/which school they will attend? Catchment 36 could that be added instead of 43?

Would that save on bus and travel time? No consensus was reached because our table feels that boundary adjustments will

not truly help to alleviate overcrowding at the schools. 55 students will not change lunchtimes, class size, etc. We feel that

this is being done too quickly and that the 238 students attending the wrong schools should be fixed first and then go from


Accreditation issues with schools not being accredited. Will they be able to send their children to a different school?

Build. Take volunteers.

Everyone felt it is moving too fast and could not come to a consensus.

Exemptions also for rising 8th graders.

Exemptions play into the likeability of each option. Concern for split of family because of grandfathering. Why are we making

boundaries if we are just going to undo?

Feel that in the fall all should show at least 3 forms of ID.

How many kids will exemptions affect? Are all teachers including aids, cafeteria workers, etc. included in the exemption?

The amount of extras for kids if you keep exceptions in for 9th, 10th, and 11th grader. One exemption means all exemptions.

Was very upset about teachers getting exemptions.

No boundary changes. Children will be deeply affected by any change. What about bullying at new schools, friends forced

to move, ball teams lose players, school groups lose more of students. You need to consider our children.

No consensus from the group.

Option A is this groups favored choice because it effects the fewest amount of students. The group does not feel that the

school board is listening to the community. They believe the school board already knows where the boundaries are going to

move and this meeting is to save face with the community. They feel these meetings are a waste of resources and are not

meeting the desires of the community.

Our groups main concern was the quickness of which the effects would take place. If options are votes in March and school

starts in September, it doesn't allow for much time to relocate, sell, or buy a house. Daycare in Woodstock has a 1 year waiting

list. Also, siblings should not be divided. High schoolers should be allowed to stay in their current schools. Would prefer to

have the take effect in the 2017/2018 school year.

Really do not agree with any of it.

Siblings of HS students and MS students split.


2/17/2016 40

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results


Parental/Guardian/Student status (check all that apply)

Web (all)

Web (attended



Web (did not





(paper only)

Web +



Do not have children in the District 61 14 47 12 73

Parent/guardian of a child less than


Parent/guardian of a kindergarten


Parent/guardian of a 1st-3rd grade


Parent/guardian of a 4th-5th grade


Parent/guardian of a 6th-8th grade


Parent/guardian of a 9th-12th

grade student

Parent/guardian of a

private/parochial student

Parent/guardian of a former

student or graduate of the District

Grandparent of a current student

or graduate

69 16 53 22 91

43 11 32 12 55

112 42 70 31 143

105 39 66 23 128

148 65 83 38 186

168 62 106 54 222

5 3 2 2 7

79 22 57 18 97

45 16 29 10 55

Current student 84 11 73 9 93


Which school(s)/program(s) are you affiliated with? (check all that apply)

Web (all)

Web (attended



Web (did not





(paper only)

Web +


All 11 4 7 2 13


None 17 1 16 7 24

Ashby Lee Elementary School 58 9 49 0 58

North Fork Middle School 57 9 48 3 60

Stonewall Jackson High School 101 12 89 5 106


W. W. Robinson Elementary School 176 65 111 58 234

Peter Muhlenberg Middle School 137 59 78 34 171

Central High School 192 74 118 67 259

Sandy Hook Elementary School 57 14 43 8 65

Signal Knob Middle School 44 13 31 10 54

Strasburg High School 49 13 36 13 62

Triplett Tech 23 7 16 6 29

Other 5 2 3 2 7

2/17/2016 41

Community Dialogue Results Report

Questionnaire Results


Which campus boundary do you currently reside in?

Web (all)

Web (attended



Web (did not





(paper only)

Web +


Northern Campus 93 32 61 20 113


Southern Campus 153 22 131 4 157

Central Campus 297 102 195 111 408

Do not reside in the Division 9 1 8 1 10

Other 15 2 13 3 18



All children have gone to same school zone with no letter or notice that we were not in right zone, don't change midstream

when almost complete with high school

Former Woodstock resident that would like to return to the county someday, but only if an adequate education would be

provided to you children. That seems like a distant dream.

fort valley

Frederick County


my child attends the southern campus with her mother who is a teacher.

none of my children would be affected by any boundary change

Right in the line in Maurertown.

SCPS teacher

Stonewall Jackson High school

Teacher who lives outside of the district but see this as a necessary change

Teacher whose children go the campus where I work

We are on the current line in Maurertown. I would prefer that my child continue at the Central Campus

we have an exception

we were granted an exemption when we moved from Central Campus area. Reasons listed already.




Basye, VA

Bus goes by house for Strasburg and Central - had choice at time our children started kindergarten.

2/17/2016 42

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