Introduction to LINX2Funds



Introduction to


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to offer a Unique Fund Raising

Program that provides organizations the

opportunity to generate upfront and residual

revenue simply by helping their members save

money on every day home, business,

entertainment, wellness products and other

needed services.

The LINX2Funds Difference

• Simple, Creative & Easy to Implement Fund

Raising Program.

• Provides Organizations the Opportunity to

Offer Every Day Services to Their Supporters,

Members, Employees & Customers.

• Program Focused on Generating One Time &

Residual Revenue for Organizations.

The Company

Direct Sales Marketplace

The Opportunity

The Opportunity- Products

• 5LINX Home Products

– Internet, Fiber Video and Cable TV

– Satellite TV

– Home Security

– Safeguard Services

– Tech 24/7

– DataVault

– ID Guard

– SafeScore

The Opportunity- Products

• 5LINX Business

– Payment Solutions

– Business Elite Services

– TextAlertz

– Security Systems

– Satellite TV

The Opportunity- Products

• 5LINX Wellness

– MontaVida coffee

– MontaVida Tea

– Hi5 Boost

– Hi5 Edge

– Hi5 Lean

– 5LINX enhancedcareMD

The Opportunity- Products

5LINX Wellness

The Opportunity- Products

5LINX Wellness

Who can participate?

• Any type of organization that wants to support a

cause in their community can apply to become a

LINX2Funds participant.

• We offer this revenue-generating opportunity to

a wide range of groups and do not discriminate

by size or type of organization.

• Our selection process focuses on the

commitment of an organization to raise new

proceeds and provide benefits to its supporters.

Who can participate?

Any non-profit 501(c)3 organization is eligible to

participate in the LINX2Funds program.

• Tax Exempt 501c3 Not for


• “Cause Based”


• Religious organizations

• Schools and colleges

• Civic groups & clubs

• Charities

• Fraternal organizations

• Youth sports

• Retirement funds

• And much more…

Benefits of LINX2Funds

• Supporters, Customers, Employees &

Members Save Money on Services that

Enhance Their Lives.

• Help Organizations Generate Sustained

Revenue Every Month.

• One Time Fund Raising Effort Generates:

• Short-Term Capital Infusion

• Long-Term Continuous Monthly Proceeds

Compensation Plan

Your organization earns a monthly residual

commission and/or an upfront commission on

every service signed up.

*Please refer to the most recent version of the LINX2Funds

compensation plan.

Compensation Plan


Compensation Plan


Compensation Plan



Your LINX2Funds organization can also acquire

another LINX2Funds organization.

• The sponsoring L2F representative will receive a 10% override

on all customers acquired by the newly enrolled LINX2Funds


Compensation- Bonuses

Your organization can earn additional one-time

bonuses by reaching these TextAlertz customer


• 25 Customers = $250 BONUS

• 100 Customers = $1,000 BONUS

• 500 Customers = $5,000 BONUS

• 2,000 Customers = $10,000 BONUS

• 10,000 Customers = $50,000 BONUS

Getting Started

• Complete & Submit the LINX2Funds

Application and Agreement.

• You will receive a customized sales web page,

as well as access to sample promotional

messages you can use to share the services

with members of your group/organization.

• There are never any fees or minimum

requirements to be involved in the program.

Getting Started

• Complete and Submit

the simple L2F



• Never Any Fees!

• Never any minimum


Getting Started


LINX2Funds is a Simple, Creative & Easy to

Implement Fund Raising Program.

LINX2Funds Provides Organizations the

Opportunity to Produce Revenue from Every Day

Services Used by Their Supporters, Members,

Employees & Customers.

LINX2Funds Generates One Time & Residual Fund

Raising Revenue for Organizations.

Thank You For The Opportunity to

Present the Linx2Funds Program

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