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Annual Report



CASE STUDIES Helen Stone — Oakwood Dogs Alongside working as a canine behaviourist and training advisor at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Helen recently set up her own dog behaviour and training business. She mainly deals with problem behaviour in dogs, such as anxiety and fear of being left alone. “Business Launchpad helped me right at the beginning, the brand essence, the logo and the name, they also provided some tips on the business as a whole. But also how to get my brand out there, helping me to promote myself in newspapers and magazines as well as online. With the accounting side of things I’ve also had support, I met someone at BLP who was setting up an accountancy business, so I am ready for the end of the tax year.” Claudine Adeyemi — Student Development Co Claudine is a full time property litigation solicitor and set up the Student Development Co in 2014, a non-profit organisation providing career support to young people primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds. They provide soft skills workshops, insight programmes as well as introductions to professionals who answer career-related questions. “For me, Business Launchpad, and in particular my business mentor, has always strived to give me a different perspective. Whenever I leave a business counselling session there is something that I see or think about differently, whether it be a new approach to take, a new idea to solve a problem or just general things I can be doing to grow The Student Development Co.” “ ” Go ahead and do it. Every idea is worth exploring. There is plenty of room in the market and many different avenues to take. Ramona Williams Eyes for Success 8

Ramona Williams — Eyes for Success Ramona founded Eyes for Success, a social enterprise with the aim to help visually impaired individuals. As visually impaired herself she understands the difficulties that they encounter and she wants to empower them to overcome the barriers that they face on a day-to-day basis. Her goal into the near future is to go into workspaces and raise awareness on the issue. “Business Launchpad helped me a lot. They helped me put a business plan together, carry out market research and build a customer base. The counsellors were a very important part of the journey and they helped me make my business successful”. Samantha Warren — Samantha Warren London Samantha is a born and bred South Londoner. Always had a passion for drawing and art and further developed this in her studies and continued to do a degree in Printed Textiles at university. This then led to her career as a print designer in the fashion industry and since graduating in 2007 she has designed for much of the UK High Street including M&S, Dorothy Perkins & Monsoon. She started her brand Samantha Warren London in 2013, which is a luxury printed accessories label. “Business Launchpad has helped me look at my brand as a business. I'm very happy and comfortable designing and making my products, but BLP has made me ask myself lots of questions like: What makes my brand special? why would anyone want it? who wants to stock my products? where am I sourcing my materials from and why? am I making enough money to keep this sustainable? if not, where can I make that money? How can I spread word of my brand? what are competitors doing? Endless questions which I have to answer to keep my business developing. I love it. It's helped me analyse cash flow, create spreadsheets & calendars which help discipline me and keep me focused. It's exactly what I need and I can't imagine my business without the support they’ve given me. It really is valuable.” 9

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