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CONTENTS Executive Summary 3 By the Numbers 6 2015 Trends Trend 1: David v. Goliath: 9 The rise of business disruption attacks Trend 2: This Time it’s Personal 16 Trend 3: Attacks on Enterprise Networking Devices 19 A Look Back, Trends Turned Constants Outsourced Service Provider Abuse 22 Windows Persistence 28 The [re]Rise of Red Teaming 36 FaaS – Real-Time Adversary Detection and Response at Scale 44 Conclusion 47 2 SPECIAL REPORT / MTRENDS 2016

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MANDIANT RESPONDED TO A LARGE NUMBER OF HIGH PROFILE BREACHES IN 2015, JUST AS WE HAVE EVERY YEAR. WE NOTICED TWO MAIN DIFFERENCES IN THE RESPONSES WE PERFORMED IN 2015: 1. More breaches became public than at any other time in the past (both voluntarily and involuntarily), and 2.The location and motives of the attackers were more diverse. 3

Carbon Black Threat Report