Different Types of Business Signs - Pick the Best!


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Different Types of Signs for Business – Choose The Right One!

Outdoor business signs are an integral part of

promoting and maintaining the branding of your

business. If you're confused about which types of

signs you might need or what your signs should look

like, this article tells you all you need to know. Let us

discuss about the different types of business signs.


Pylon Signs:

These signs are very tall and are meant to be seen

from a distance. Hotels, gas stations, and restaurants

along a highway or freeway frequently use these types

of signs. These signs can advertise a single business or

several businesses.


Pole Signs:

Pole signs are just a single pole and they are used in

the same ways pylon signs are but usually have only

one company listed. The one in the photo has a

secondary section for changeable-copy letters to

advertise special promotions.


Monument Signs:

Compared with other signs, Monument signs have a

low profile. These signs are typically placed at the

entrance to a parking lot or the entrance to a

building. They may have one company name on

them or list all tenants in the complex.


Window LED Signs:

Add excitement to your storefront with an Outdoor

window LED sign! These indoor LED displays are sure

to attract attention and inform everyone passing by.


Sidewalk Signs:

The ultimate in storefront sign messaging, Sidewalk

Signs are ideal for temporary messages. It’s an

efficient and cost-effective way for businesses, schools

or churches to promote short-term messages.


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