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2016_HEP Annual Report 2015

Read the Heritage Education Programme report for activities in 2015 by over 80 heritage clubs in Uganda supported by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda

2016_HEP Annual Report

6o% of Ugandans are below 24. They are the caretakers of our cultural heritage The National Heritage Competition Congratulations to the 14 winners of the 2015 National Heritage Competition. 350 young people illustrated activities or objects that are important to their local cultures. Prizes were awarded at Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala to 14 competitors. The three best pieces were also auctioned, and the winners returned home with money, from Ugx 455,000/= to 520,000/=! CCFU thanks all partners including the Uganda National Museum, the Uganda National Cultural Centre, the Straight Talk Foundation, Ndere Cultural Centre, Community museums and schools for making the competition possible. Winners of the first three prizes (L-R): Muyinza Joshua, Sacred Heart Kiteredde SS, Kyotera (1 st ) ; Ntale Ivan, Archbishop Kiwanuka SS, Masaka (2 nd ) and Ampurira Roberta, Mt. St. Mary’s College, Namagunga (3 rd ). Welcome to the New Heritage Clubs! The Heritage Education Programme started in 2011. More and more young people are getting “back to their roots” and feel proud of their cultures. 80 schools across the country now have heritage clubs and more are being formed. We welcome new schools that joined the HEP family in 2015: • Archbishop Kiwanuka SS, Masaka • Bishop Angelo Tarantino Memorial SS, Arua • Bugungu SS, Buliisa • Divine Mercy SS, Rakai • Erusi SS, Nebbi • Kamuronko SS, Kabale • Mandela Comprehensive SS, Arua • Masha Seed SS, Isingiro • Mukitale Development Foundation SS, Buliisa • St. Paul SS, Mbarara Start or join a Heritage Club Starting or joining a heritage club helps young people learn, love and live their culture. Find a community museum in your area or ask CCFU to guide you on how to start a heritage club. You will: »» Gain understanding, self-confidence and pride in your cultural identity »» Appreciate other people’s cultures and live in harmony with them »» Gain and improve skills and talent to earn some income from culture »» Improve your academic performance in subjects like History, Fine Art, Music, Religious Education, Languages, Literature, Mathematics and others. »» Make friends with students in other schools in your area and across the country »» Interact with other lovers of culture on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms »» Prepare for the new secondary schools curriculum »» Be able to participate in the National Annual Heritage Competition »» Be visited and supported by CCFU with information materials At Jinja SS, club members play Omweso (traditional board game) to improve their skills in Mathematics! Performing the bul dance at Lotuke Seed SS, Abim Heritage Education Programme Get in touch with other Heritage club members on Heritage Youth Connect - Uganda 2015: Heritage Clubs in Action! “Our Heritage Club members at Kamuronko SS, Kabale make crafts and earn money!” The Heritage Club of Kashari SS, Mbarara, visits Igongo Cultural Centre “By tracing your family tree, you trace your roots and stand strong.” Acheng Kerine, Morulem Girls SS, Abim Club members of Kigulu College School, Iganga, showcasing traditional herbal medicine Heritage Club members from six schools in Kitgum learning how to prepare a traditional Acholi meal at the Cultural Night organised by the Museum of Acholi Art and Culture “At St. Joseph SS Kyotera, heads of ethnic groups in the club make up the club executive. Members come from Uganda, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania.” Ssemugabi Henry “We have traditional songs, drama; teaching on traditional marriage and dressing code. We aim at educating the community around the school; we are setting up a museum and planning to visit cultural sites,” Augutoko Kennedy, Manibe Public SS The Heritage Club of Nakigo SS, Iganga, makes mats and other crafts to earn income for the club Supported by Tel: 0393 294 675 Email: Website: Coming your way in 2016! L e t ’ s P l a y ! Ranking Heritage Club Members Starting in 2016, clubs will nominate members to be awarded heritage badges. Carry out activities in the tool kit and get a Heritage Badge! Be a committed member of the club; become a Take time to learn about your culture; become a Remain true to yourself, protect your culture and live peacefully with people from other cultures; become a Share your culture with other people; become a Participate in the 2016 Heritage Competition, by drawing or painting a traditional game or sport and explaining how it is played and its cultural significance to your local community. Submit your piece to the patron by 26 August, 2016 and win lots of Word Puzzle Challenge: Identify twenty words related to culture C R A F T S R V M W Z M I H E R B E F Y I O I A R N C H T W H N Q R E R C L A N T G N I K S D R U R U E N O C L X H E I M H G K W Q M U T I G A C U L T U R E D E P A G I G U H Z X B T N F T E S E U L A V A S O A I D I N O I T I D A R T R I O E G A U G N A L U E G N O I G I L E R M N H M Match the following cultural communities with the titles of their cultural leaders Iteso Ankole Buganda Busoga Bunyoro Kooki Bugisu Alur Rwenzururu prizes! Omusinga Rwot Omukuuka Kamuswaga Omugabe Omukama Kabaka Kyabazinga Emorimor

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