Perspectives on Helping Low-Income Californians Afford Housing



ong>Perspectivesong> on Helping Low-Income

Californians Afford Housing

February 25, 2016

California Home Prices Have Grown Much Faster Than U.S.

Inflation- Adjusted Median Home Prices in 2015 Dollars

Housing Construction Has Slowed in California’s Coastal Metros

Annual Growth in Housing Units in Major Metros

Housing Construction on California Coast Was Flat During Housing Boom

Average Number of Building Permits in Major Metros

Building More Housing Would Have Slowed Rising Housing Costs

Average Annual Number of New Housing Units Built by County, 1980-2010

Crowding Rates Higher in California

Percentage of Each Household Type Living in Crowded Housing, 2013

Homeownership Rates of Young Households Have Fallen

Homeownership Rate, California

Rising Rents Have Hit Young Households Harder

Share of Income Spent on Rent by a Median Household, California

Coastal Metros Adding More High-Income Households

Net Household Migration by Income in California’s Major Coastal Metros, 2011-13

Many Low-Income Households Moved Inland From Expensive Coastal Metros

Former Place of Residence For Low-Income Households That Recently Moved to California’s Major Inland Metros, 2011-13

Housing Becomes Less Expensive As It Ages

Percentile Rank of the Rent for Housing Built Between 1980 and 1985

Places With More Building Saw Slower Growth in Rents for Poor Households

Rents Paid by Low-Income Households in Urban Counties (In 2013 Dollars)

More Housing Construction Linked to Lower Chances of Displacement

Percent of Low-Income Bay Area Census Tracts That Experienced Displacement Between 2000 and 2013

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