Five Nights at Freddys



Fredbear’s Family Diner, 1973


eremy’s eighth birthday was supposed to be his happiest

day. He knew Mom and Dad would buy him the purple

bicycle he wanted so much, and he knew he would meet with all

his friends and eat cake together, but nevertheless he was very


Something about these Animatronics, with their sharp

endoskeleton teeth and nasty smiles, gave him the chills.

Ever since his first visit to Fredbear’s Family Diner, at Tom’s

birthday party, he could not forget how scared he was when those

Animatronics got on stage. For anyone else they were cute

singing mascots, but for him they were monstrous.

There was Bonnie - a lavender rabbit animatronic, with his

red guitar. Chica - a yellow animatronic chicken who carries a

pink cupcake. Foxy - a large red animatronic fox, with a hook for

his right hand, and an eye patch over his right eye. These hideous

creatures were orchestrated by none other then Fredbear - a

yellowish-brown bear animatronic, who wears a purple top hat

and a bowtie, while wielding a microphone in his right paw.


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