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Southern California’s Guide to Conscious Living Continuing our 23rd Year of Service with ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE ® PUBLISHER/EDITOR GRAPHIC DESIGN YOLANDA CHAPIN (714) 283-3385 EDITORIAL STAFF MICHAEL DIAMOND MUSIC REVIEWS 4. Kimberly Meredith Interview: Medial Intuitive Who Channels the Holy Spirit By Yolanda Chapin 6. Tom Porter Interview: Maverick Mustangs of the Salt River By Yolanda Chapin 8. GET RID OF IT... Leaf Blowers By Julie Newmar 10. Doctors Trained in Western Medicine Embrace Aromatherapy By Awareness Magazine 11. A Consciousness of Oneness By Judith Anne Winters, CSL, ALSP 8 4 12. Transcend Your Environment By Frank Daly 13. Russian Roulette with Planet Earth By Michael Klein 14. The Dazzling Jewel by the Sea By Ann Nelson 15. The Latest Thing By Jenna Rumer 15. GemSpot: Get to the Heart of the Matter — LOVE! By Margaret Ann Lembo 16. Creating an Environment with Intention By Ellen Angelica Pendergast 6 22 Feng Shui 23 Book Reviews 24 Music & Media Reviews 25 Reflexions 17 RESOURCE DIRECTORY 26 CALENDAR OF EVENTS 27 CLASSIFIEDS GARY A. MILLER BOOK REVIEWS ROBERT ROSS RELEXIONS CONTRIBUTING WRITERS FRANK DALY MICHAEL KLEIN MARGARET ANN LEMBO JENNY T. LIU, M.A ANN NELSON JULIE NEWMAR ELLEN ANGELICA PENDERGAST TOM PORTER JENNA RUMER JUDITH ANNE WINTERS, CSL, ALSP ADVERTISING SALES (714) 283-3385 PUBLISHED BI-MONTHLY Southern California’s Guide to Conscious Living M A ILIN G A DDRESS PO Box 491111 Los Angeles, CA 90049 (714) 283-3385 E-mail: The entire contents of AWARENESS MAGAZINE are copyrighted. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without prior written permission. Subscriptions to AWARENESS MAGAZINE are $24.00 per year. One issue can be purchased for $5.00. Please send check or money order to AWARENESS MAGAZINE at above address or call our Subscription Manager at (714) 283-3385. AWARENESS MAGAZINE reserves the right to reject any advertising or editorial which is not in keeping with the publisher’s standards. Advertisers must assume all responsibility and liability for claims arising from their advertisements. PLEASE RECYCLE ® ON THE COVER: KIMBERLY MEREDITH Photo by Larry Brownstein / Hair by Parvin Zandi AWARENESS MARCH / APRIL 2016 A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E / 3

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