On the Edge



On the Edge:

From the margins to the mainstream

Developing Dramatherapy as a Practice and a Profession



9th, 10th and 11th September 2016

at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

How can Dramatherapy develop a broader and more accurate representation of

the society in which we live? How can we shift from a being a predominantly

white female profession to becoming more diverse in terms of class, race,

gender and sexual orientation? How do we explore and develop an

understanding of our prejudices, assumptions and racism in our own culture and

what is the likely impact upon our clients?

As Allied Health Professionals we are always looking to ensure Dramatherapy

practice is seen and acknowledged as a useful and effective psychodynamic

intervention in a range of settings. How do we develop this? Clearly, we have to

inform stakeholders, such as commissioners, health, education and social care

providers with a robust evidence base, but how can this be achieved?

Dramatherapy has its own theoretical and philosophical discourse. Does this

conflict with the evidence-based medical model some of us work with? Is it useful

to operate on the margins of the mainstream as a critique of the frames of

knowledge occupied by the medical and mental health establishment?

What are the models of success and excellent practice within our field, especially

with marginalised client groups, and how can we learn from them? The 2016

conference offers a wide range of workshops, papers, performances, open

space events, experiences and happenings that explore these themes and hold

the work of Dramatherapy practitioners, researchers and academics.

The venue for the 2016 conference is the Royal Agricultural University in

Cirencester, Gloucestershire which is set in the spectacular Cotswold

countryside. The historical site is in an inspiring location just one mile from

Cirencester town centre. The College has excellent road links to the M4 and M5,


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