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1947150 1947156 Brought to you by: FREE POSTAGE to all UK club members Sky 343 Freeview 81 Youview 81 Freesat 306 CATALOGUE SPRING / SUMMER 2016 vo DVD Inlay.qxp_Layout 1 15/10/2015 12:08 Page 1 Bleed (min. 3mm) Anthony Steel Design Area (Logos and text have to be placed at least 3mm inside of cutting line.) Cutting line Folding line Jack Warner Robert Beatty 129,5mm 25,5mm 129,5mm BACK FRONT Starring John Bentley, Patricia Dainton, Valentine Dyall D MOTHER RILEY MP (1939) ly in 1939 the Lucans made their and last Riley film for Butcher's, Mother Riley MP. The film was sed in August and was a huge office success, with Mother Riley g the "Mother Of Parliaments" orm. MOTHER RILEY IN PARIS(1938) West's second script for Butcher's s, produced and directed this time far greater assurance, by Oswald chell. Filming took place far from s, at Nettlefold Studios, Waltonhames, and on location at wick airport. MOTHER RILEY'S VENTURE (1949) 949 it seemed clear that the s of films by music hall to cinema sover comedians had run its se. Made by Harry Reynolds uctions and the Renown ures Corporation, directed by Harlow with John Gilling. A nee adventure story, with pirates, ts, snakes and cannibals, and with table appearance from the young r Butterworth. 212 33:1 ection. ichael g e nt ltz nn bel nd ...” ES Albert R.N. for private home exhibiting, public ited. 1947140 MOTHER RILEY MEETS THE VAMPIRE 1952 Mother Riley was scheduled to meet a Vampire to be played by Bela Lugosi. As Richard Anthony Baker wickedly put it, "One horrific figure was replaced by another." OLD MOTHER RILEY HEADMISTRESS (1950) "Old Mother Riley Headmistress, was produced for Grand National Pictures by Harry Reynolds. John Harlow directed with John Gilling, and old faithful Con West was back on the script. Here, Mother Riley makes the transition from washerwoman to headmistress with the usual hilarious results. OLD MOTHER RILEY'S JUNGLE TREASURE (1951) The last film in which Lucan and McShane appeared together or rather "appeared to appear" together because in reality their interminable quarrels had by this time become so intolerable that George Minter decided to film all their scenes separately and edit them later, a fact that accounts for the rather strange atmosphere in many scenes in which Mother and Kitty seem to be talking not to each other but to someone just over each other's shoulder. THE OLD MOTHER RILEY COLLECTION otes adapted from Robert V. Kenny, The Man Who Was Old Mother Riley - The Lives and Films of Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, BearManor Media, 2014, JOIN THE RENOWN FILM CLUB BONUS FEATURE - DOCUMENTARY "Arthur & Kitty" Exclusive short documentary that gives a great insight into the lives of Arthur & Kitty with interviews from: Brian Murphy, Robert Ross, Robert V. Kenny among others. BRIDGET'S NIGHT OUT (1936) This was the first appearance of Lucan and McShane on film. Arthur wrote the sketch shortly before the couple's appearance at the Royal Command Performance in May 1934; it was filmed by Butchers late in 1935 and released in 1936. OLD MOTHER RILEY (1937) Previously LOST film. The first of a series of fifteen of the most successful comedies in the history of British film. SKY EPG 343 Freeview 81 Hanner the Toff Mr Pym of Scotland Yard Directed By Maclean Rogers Directed By Fred Ellis Starring Mary Clare, Edward Lexy, Nigel Patrick One of the “75 Most Wanted” films listed by the British Film Institute as “Missing, believed lost”. Hammer The Toff_Mrs Pym Presenter_DVD Sleeve Presenter Cover.indd 1 01/02/2016 12:12 3 DISCS 3 DISCS THE OLD MOTHER RILEY COLLECTION STARRING ARTHUR LUCAN AND KITTY McSHANE OLD MOTHER RILEY MP OLD MOTHER RILEY IN PARIS OLD MOTHER RILEY'S NEW VENTURE MOTHER RILEY MEETS THE VAMPIRE OLD MOTHER RILEY HEADMISTRESS OLD MOTHER RILEY'S JUNGLE TREASURE “ARTHUR & KITTY” DOCUMENTARY BRIDGET'S NIGHT OUT OLD MOTHER RILEY 183mm THE OLD MOTHER RILEY COLLECTION FULLY RESTORED 2K TRANSFER Directed by Lewis Gilbert “...Bags of charm and a degree of tension...” RADIO TIMES INCLUDES THE LOST FILM "OLD MOTHER RILEY" EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY "ARTHUR & KITTY" AND "BRIDGET'S NIGHT OUT" no material likely to offend or harm he copyright proprietors have licenced the cinematograph, film, sound recordings and packaging artwork contained in this video device for private home ll other rights are reserved. Any unauthorised use including but not limited to copying, editing, lending, exchanging, renting, hiring, exhibiting, public ce, radio or television broadcasting or any other diffusion, or otherwise dealing with this video device or any part thereof is strictly prohibited. "Arthur Lucan was a comedian of genius." RACHAEL LOW 284,5mm FREE PHONE ORDER HOTLINE 0808 178 8212 or 01923 290555

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