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<strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Blue Water<br />

Woman<br />

of the Year<br />

sushma reddy, m.d.<br />


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Dr. Sushma Reddy<br />

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Korissa (Kramer)<br />

Wilkins, left, the<br />

original cover gal on<br />

the first issue of Blue<br />

Water Woman,<br />

with editor/publisher<br />

Patti Samar, at the<br />

magazine launch<br />

party in 2011.<br />

from the editor<br />

Happy Fifth Anniversary to us!<br />

In <strong>2016</strong>, Blue Water Woman magazine will celebrate its fifth anniversary.<br />

Officially, that will happen in August. However, this issue celebrates the fifth<br />

annual Blue Water Woman of the Year Awards and what a way to kick off a<br />

milestone year!<br />

The annual awards program quickly grew to become my favorite work event<br />

of the year. It is inspiring and humbling to read the nominations submitted<br />

by the community each year. We have no shortage of amazing women in the<br />

Blue Water Area. Just flip through this issue and read about this year’s award<br />

recipients. We are so fortunate to have such caring, compassionate women in our<br />

community.<br />

I founded Blue Water Woman magazine five years ago purely as a business<br />

venture. But when I held a magazine launch party to celebrate its very first issue,<br />

almost 200 women attended the event. I was honestly surprised -- but thrilled --<br />

by the overwhelmingly positive response. Over and over I heard women say to me<br />

that “this is something we have needed for a long time.” On one hand I thought,<br />

“Well, how awesome that everyone thinks this is so neat!” and on the other hand,<br />

I felt kind of sad that so many women in our community were looking for a place<br />

to feel celebrated and valued just because, well, women are so interesting, smart,<br />

fun and funny and cool.<br />

I knew then that I needed to take special care of this publication and the women<br />

I feature in it.<br />

Editing and publishing this magazine has been, by far, the most personally and<br />

professionally rewarding project I have worked on in my 30-plus years as a writer.<br />

I must, of course, thank the advertisers who have supported this publication.<br />

They are the reason I can continue to publish this magazine for the community. I<br />

am especially grateful to McLaren Port Huron; Eastern Michigan Bank; Curves;<br />

Farm Bureau Insurance--Kim Judge and Tammy Hutchinson; Sonja’s Hair<br />

Salon; and Edward Jones--Cathy Wilkinson. These advertisers have been with me<br />

since day one and they are the reason I get to share these incredible stories with all<br />

of you.<br />

I cannot tell you how much it means to me when a <strong>woman</strong> opens up and<br />

shares her story with me so I can turn around and share it with the community. I<br />

am just a vessel moving words from these incredible women to the printed page,<br />

but I am ever so thankful for their honesty and their graciousness. It is an honor<br />

and a privilege to share their stories here with all of you each quarter.<br />

Peace,<br />

content<br />

Sushma Reddy, M.D. 5<br />

Kathleen Swantek 6<br />

Rebekah Smith 8<br />

Sheri Faust 10<br />

Jacque Rogers 12<br />

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volume 6, number 1 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Blue Water Woman is published quarterly by The Write Company,<br />

511 La Salle Blvd., Port Huron, MI 48060. Circulation 7,500.<br />

Editor & Publisher: Patti Samar, owner, The Write Company<br />

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Call Blue Water Woman at 810-987-1256<br />

Mission: Blue Water Woman is the premiere publication<br />

for women living, working and playing<br />

in the Blue Water Area of Michigan.<br />

Its stories and features are written and designed<br />

to be inspriational, motivational and encouraging.<br />

www.BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

© Blue Water Woman is the property<br />

of Patti Samar of The Write Company<br />

The Write Company is a writing, graphic design and marketing<br />

consultation firm. View our online portfolio at:<br />

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Patti Samar<br />

Editor & Publisher<br />

Blue Water Woman<br />

2 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com

<strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 3

Woman<br />

ELate last year, Blue Water Woman asked the community to nominate very special women who are deserving of<br />

recognition as we prepared to present the fourth annual Blue Water Woman of the Year awards.<br />

We then sent the nominations to a far away, cold and snowy place known as the Upper Peninsula, where a<br />

very distinguished panel of women from Marquette County sequestered themselves for an evening and emerged<br />

with five very deserving award recipients. “The selection process was very, very difficult as you truly have so<br />

many very distinguished women in your community,” said Chief Judge Amy Clickner, CEO of the Lake<br />

Superior Community Partnership, Marquette County’s Economic Development Corporation.<br />

Indeed, we are very fortunate in the Blue Water Area to be surrounded by so many thoughtful, smart and<br />

compassionate women.<br />

So in this issue, Blue Water Woman is pleased to honor five of the very best:<br />

Sushma Reddy, M.D.<br />

Blue Water Woman of the Year<br />

Kathleen Swantek<br />

Blue Water Woman NonProfit Executive of the Year<br />

Rebekah Smith<br />

Blue Water Woman Healthcare Executive of the Year<br />

Sheri Faust<br />

Blue Water Woman Government Professional of the Year<br />

Jacque Rogers<br />

Blue Water Young Woman of the Year<br />

4 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com

lue <strong>water</strong><br />

<strong>woman</strong> of the year<br />

sushma reddy, m.d., fort gratiot township<br />

passionate<br />

about the<br />

population<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Sushma Reddy, M.D. has spent her entire career trying to work herself<br />

out of a job.<br />

Reddy, an endocrinologist with seemingly endless energy, has dedicated<br />

her medical career to not only caring for those who are sick, but also to<br />

preventing illness in the first place.<br />

And while many physicians encourage patients to live healthier lifestyles,<br />

Reddy is passionate about preventing one of the fastest growing diseases of<br />

this century: diabetes. And she doesn’t want to just impact the patients she<br />

sees; she wants to change the culture of the entire community.<br />

“I’m very passionate about kids and obesity,” said Reddy. “They didn’t<br />

ask to be that way. We are somehow failing these kids. We know that 70 to<br />

80 percent of obese teenagers will be obese as adults.<br />

“If you can change that culture of a community and focus on prevention,<br />

you will have healthier communities.”<br />

And Reddy has done more than her part to change the culture of the<br />

Blue Water Area, even if it means changing it one patient at a time. As<br />

a result of her professional and volunteer efforts to make this a healthier<br />

community, Reddy has been named Blue Water Woman of the Year. She<br />

was nominated by Annette Mercatante, M.D., the public health officer and<br />

medical director for the St. Clair County Health Department.<br />

Through both her private practice over the past 20-plus years and in her<br />

more recent position as the director of population health at Lake Huron<br />

Medical Center, Reddy has seen too many children and adults struggling<br />

with the health consequences of obesity. She knew she needed to help<br />

children understand the importance of physical activity so in 2009, Reddy<br />

worked with Port Huron’s Cleveland Elementary School – where many<br />

students are considered “at-risk” due to a number of factors – to put<br />

together a pilot program to help students become both physically healthier<br />

and better readers. Teachers had noted that during the summer months,<br />

many students did not have access to books and therefore their reading<br />

skills suffered.<br />

The Walk for Summer Reading program was sponsored by the St. Clair<br />

County Medical Society Foundation. Students participated in school-wide<br />

walking activities for at least eight weeks during the school year. The more<br />

they walked, the more they “earned” books to take home and read during<br />

the summer months. The program was a hit.<br />

Not only did reading and physical activity participation improve, but<br />

classroom behavior improved, as well. “We noticed as these kids were<br />

walking their attention spans were improving in the classroom,” said<br />

Reddy.<br />

Since then, the program has grown to include 24 elementary schools and<br />

a number of other fitness related activities have sprouted from its roots,<br />

including walk-a-thons, running clubs and walking clubs. In 2012, Reddy<br />

received an award from the Michigan Department of Community Health<br />

as a “Hometown Health Hero” for her work with the Walk for Summer<br />

Reading program.<br />

Reddy is also sympathetic to the plight of adults who struggle with obesity.<br />

Through her involvement with the Community Services Coordinating Body<br />

of St. Clair County – a group of representatives from health and human service<br />

agencies across the county – she founded the Healthy Lifestyles Workgroup so<br />

that multiple agencies can work together to build a local environment that makes<br />

it easier for people to be active and healthy.<br />

Reddy noted that she has been fortunate as she has proceeded throughout<br />

her career in that she has received a lot of support from others. “I have a<br />

wonderful and supportive family and friends and I’m blessed with good<br />

health. And my husband is very supportive. It takes team work. It’s great to<br />

have someone supportive that way.”<br />

In her nomination, Mercatante noted that not only does Reddy make<br />

time for her family and to volunteer in the community at large, but she has<br />

been instrumental in organizing a group of women physicians in the area<br />

for mutual support and networking.<br />

“I think women physicians have unique needs,” said Reddy. “We love our<br />

careers, but at work, we’re dealing with people’s lives. But I really think that<br />

women need to support each other no matter what you do for a living.”<br />

<strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 5

nonprofit executive<br />

of the year<br />

kathleen swantek, st. clair<br />

6 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

making<br />

a difference<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

In December of 1976, a recent University of Michigan graduate<br />

begrudgingly passed up a trip to Florida with her girlfriends so that she could<br />

schedule a job interview with a new and very small nonprofit organization.<br />

In <strong>2016</strong>, Kathleen Swantek of St. Clair will help that organization celebrate<br />

its 40th anniversary and will shortly thereafter celebrate her own 40th<br />

anniversary with Maryville-based Blue Water Developmental Housing, Inc.,<br />

the majority of which has been spent as its executive director.<br />

Apparently skipping her vacation was a wise move.<br />

Due to her exceptionally strong leadership skills and her ability to take into<br />

account “the big picture” when guiding the organization, Swantek has been<br />

named Blue Water Woman NonProfit Executive of the Year.<br />

Over the past 40 years Swantek has grown the nonprofit from its grass<br />

roots beginnings to a full-scale human services agency that provides more<br />

than 300 people in St. Clair and Macomb counties with residential group<br />

home services, assisted living services, affordable housing services and housing<br />

services to low income seniors. She manages budgets that exceed $6 million<br />

annually.<br />

“Kathleen’s presence has resulted in thousands of lives being impacted in<br />

a multitude of positive ways,” stated the nomination submitted by BWDH<br />

staff members Kathryn Baker and Judith Morris. And what is more, those<br />

individuals, most of whom are developmentally disabled, are among the most<br />

vulnerable in the community at large.<br />

During her first year of employment with BWDH, Swantek was involved<br />

when the organization purchased its first group home. “The state was deinstitutionalizing<br />

developmentally disabled people,” she said. “We purchased<br />

our first home in 1977. I loved my job. I knew it was something I could do<br />

that would make a difference.”<br />

It wasn’t long before the organization grew at a more rapid pace.<br />

“We were expanding and money was coming from the state,” she said. “I<br />

became a supervisor of the homes and then became operations manager. I<br />

really liked managing and organizing and strategic planning and looking at<br />

the big picture and where we could take our organization.”<br />

And the BWDH board obviously liked what she was doing because by the<br />

end of her first year of employment, she was named executive director.<br />

“I’ve always had a passion for what we do, but you can’t get there by<br />

yourself,” she said, crediting the staff with the success of the organization over<br />

the past 40 years. “You have to bring a team of good people with you. And,<br />

there were a number of women who were supportive of me.”<br />

She found an early mentor in Louise Shier, a founding board member of<br />

BWDH. “She was my mentor, my second mom,” said Swantek. “She was<br />

the one that kind of stuck with me. I drew a lot of my passion from her and<br />

she taught me how to work collaboratively.”<br />

Swantek’s own mother was also a strong role model. “My mom worked as<br />

a teacher,” she said. “She had a master’s degree in teaching; she had five kids.<br />

She was such a great role model for me. I expected that I would do at least as<br />

well as she did. In 1940, not a lot of women went to college and not a lot of<br />

women went on to get a master’s degree.<br />

“I don’t know if I would have been as self-assured and independent in a<br />

career if she hadn’t been there for me and my sisters.”<br />

Swantek’s professional achievements have not gone unnoticed. She has<br />

been recognized by numerous organizations at the local and state level, most<br />

recently by the Michigan Assisted Living Association. She was presented with<br />

the MALA Spirit of Service Award which is given “for embodiment of selfless<br />

compassionate service and seeing not only what is but what will be.”<br />

After guiding BWDH so successfully for almost 40 years, Swantek<br />

summed it up this way: “If you don’t take risks, you lose opportunities…but<br />

you must take organized risks…and that comes with age and competence<br />

and experience.”

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<strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 7

healthcare executive<br />

of the year<br />

rebekah smith, port huron<br />

8 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

team<br />

effort<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Change is good.<br />

If that is, indeed, the case, then Rebekah Smith, RN, president and chief<br />

executive officer at Lake Huron Medical Center in Port Huron, has been<br />

surrounded by all kinds of goodness over the past year and a half.<br />

In that time frame, Smith guided the hospital through significant change:<br />

a change in ownership and a change in business model as the institution<br />

went from a nonprofit entity to a for-profit entity. Formerly known as<br />

St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron, the hospital was part of a large Catholic<br />

healthcare organization. Now owned for-profit by Prime Healthcare Services,<br />

the institution is poised to invest millions of dollars in order to provide<br />

enhancements and additional healthcare services to the facility and the<br />

community.<br />

Smith helmed the institution through the entire sale of the hospital and,<br />

for her exceptional leadership efforts during a time of great change, Smith<br />

has been named Blue Water Woman Healthcare Executive of the Year. She<br />

was nominated by Laura Cottengim, the director of marketing and strategic<br />

development at the hospital.<br />

“There were three things I tried to stay focused on throughout the transition,”<br />

said Smith. “First and foremost was the patient. We needed to ensure that<br />

quality care was not only maintained, but improved.<br />

“Secondly, I needed to be conscientious of the staff. They provide that care. I<br />

wanted them to feel assured that while they might not know all of the answers<br />

to all of their questions throughout the process, they knew they could trust that<br />

their best interests were in the forefront of my mind.<br />

“And third was the community. We are here to serve and we provide some<br />

economic stability. As a for-profit organization, that means we are paying taxes<br />

now which is good for the community.”<br />

As a registered nurse and healthcare administrator, Smith has spent her entire<br />

career caring for patients and caring about the staff that cares for the patients.<br />

But this hospital holds a special place in her heart as she was born there and<br />

grew up just down the street. She has a real passion for the institution and she<br />

wanted to make sure it was being properly cared for throughout the transition.<br />

“I recognized that this transition will be my legacy,” she said. “I told my staff<br />

that this will be history-making. We talked about that and how this is a journey.<br />

I knew it was going to take every single person in this organization to do this<br />

transition. It took a team to do this.<br />

“The staff kept the patient at the forefront throughout this. They lived<br />

amongst the noise and the unknown and I say that with the utmost respect and<br />

awe for the people who work here. They are the heroes, by far.”<br />

Improvements to the hospital planned by Prime include a new radiation<br />

therapy unit, which will further enhance the hospital’s oncology services. Smith<br />

noted that Prime focuses on preventative health in many innovative ways, as<br />

well.<br />

“They focus on population health by looking at the whole person,” she said.<br />

“It’s about preventing disease. Let’s make our community healthy.”<br />

She also noted that approximately 50 to 60 new jobs will be created as a result<br />

of the transition to being a member of the Prime family. “They ‘unregionalize’<br />

services,” she said, noting that large health systems often central services such<br />

as billing. “They believe that healthcare is local and that the business should be<br />

taken care of locally.”<br />

Though the sale of the hospital was obviously a huge undertaking, Smith<br />

believes the long hours and hard work on the part of the staff will be worth it for<br />

the community in the long run.<br />

“I knew I was in this place at this time for that reason,” she said. “There is<br />

nobody who could care about these people – our staff – more than I do. And<br />

when our community trusts that we are keeping them safe, then we’re doing<br />

our job,” she said.

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<strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com 9

government professional<br />

of the year<br />

sheri faust, port huron<br />

protecting<br />

the environment<br />

by Patti Samar<br />

Some people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what they want<br />

to be when they grow up. Sheri Faust of Port Huron was not one of those<br />

people. She just always knew she wanted to work in the sciences and work<br />

toward solving environmental problems.<br />

And so she does.<br />

Faust is the environmental health educator for the St. Clair County Health<br />

Department. She is responsible for promotion and outreach for the health<br />

department’s environmental health division. On any given day, her job might<br />

take her into classrooms, where she teaches children of all ages about the<br />

importance of caring for the environment, or wading into rivers and streams.<br />

Additionally, she spends her free time outside of work volunteering for a<br />

number of environmental organizations.<br />

Her passion for the subject is unmeasurable and for that, Faust has been<br />

named the Blue Water Woman Government Professional of the Year. She<br />

was nominated by her friend Chris Gearheart.<br />

Outside of her official work life, Faust serves as president of the nonprofit<br />

Friends of the St. Clair River, whose mission is to provide meaningful<br />

experiences that engage the community in the protection of their <strong>water</strong><br />

resources through <strong>water</strong> quality monitoring, stewardship activities and<br />

advocacy.<br />

Faust has also been instrumental in the establishment and organization of<br />

the Blue Water Sturgeon Festival, the anuual Earth Fair, the Stream Leaders<br />

(Adopt-a-Stream) program, and River Day, among many other volunteer<br />

activities.<br />

“Sometimes I get things done through a nonprofit angle and sometimes I<br />

get them done from a government angle,” said Faust regarding the overlap<br />

between her work life and her volunteer life. “But either way, I’m a better<br />

advocate for our <strong>water</strong> resources.”<br />

Faust also understands that the <strong>water</strong> in the Blue Water Area is not only<br />

critical for all of the obvious reasons, but that it impacts the “big picture” in<br />

the community as well.<br />

“All this <strong>water</strong> that we have is what draws people to this community,” she<br />

said. “So much of our economy depends on <strong>water</strong> and our lives depend on it,<br />

too.”<br />

And with a <strong>water</strong> crisis in Flint taking place not far from the Blue Water<br />

Area, Faust notes what she shares with elementary school students: “This is<br />

what I tell third and fourth graders: If we drink polluted <strong>water</strong>, we are not<br />

going to be healthy; if we breathe polluted air, we are not going to be healthy.<br />

“If our environment is sick, we’re going to be sick.”<br />

And the students soak up her words. “My focus is always on environmental<br />

education,” she said. “I have this real desire to engage girls in science. There<br />

are not as many girls interested in science and I like to encourage them.”<br />

A wife and mother of two young daughters, Faust involves her own<br />

children in many of her environmental endeavors. “I put them to work at the<br />

Earth Fair and I put them to work at the Sturgeon Festival,” she said.<br />

Faust noted “there is no other position like mine in any other health<br />

department in the state. In other counties, my position would fall under the<br />

drain commissioner.<br />

“I like the platform that the health department gives me to bring the<br />

environmental message to the citizens.”<br />

10 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com

CHAP Accreditation <br />

The Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) provided VNA/BWH with full accreditation in 2015. CHAP is a national, independent,<br />

U.S. not-for-profit accrediting body for community-based health care organizations.<br />

Five Star Rating for Quality of Home Health Care <br />

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services rated our home health care quality of care among the top 3% in the nation.<br />

We are one of only 10 home health care agencies in the State of Michigan to receive a five-star rating for quality of care.<br />

We are the only agency in St. Clair County to receive this five-star rating.<br />

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We are one of only 10 home health care agencies in the State of Michigan to receive a five-star rating for quality of care.<br />

We are the only agency in St. Clair County to receive this five-star rating.<br />

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lue <strong>water</strong> young<br />

<strong>woman</strong> of the year<br />

jacque rogers, marysville<br />

an extraordinary<br />

young <strong>woman</strong><br />

by Patti Samar<br />

12 <strong>spring</strong> <strong>2016</strong> BlueWaterWoman.com<br />

S“Still <strong>water</strong>s run deep”: proverb. A quiet or placid manner may conceal a more<br />

passionate nature.<br />

If Jacque Rogers, 18, a senior at Marysville High School, is the proverbial<br />

<strong>water</strong>, her passion is running deep…Grand Canyon deep.<br />

Though she has a quiet and humble demeanor, Rogers’ mind is clearly<br />

thinking deeply about the world around her and the things that matter to her.<br />

And while many her age are just learning to observe the world around them,<br />

Rogers has already learned what many do not learn until much later in life: the<br />

best way to change something or to help someone is to take action.<br />

Over the past two years, Rogers – an exceptional student carrying a difficult<br />

course load while maintaining a 4.345 grade point average and a star student<br />

athlete – started her own charity called “Every Day People.” The purpose? To<br />

help provide special holidays to every day working people who might work two<br />

or even three jobs – and do not qualify for government assistance or are too<br />

proud to ask for it -- just to make ends meet.<br />

For her efforts to take the initiative to start a charitable organization, fund<br />

raise and provide something special for those who might not otherwise be<br />

able to celebrate holidays, all while excelling in her academic life and sporting<br />

endeavors, Jacque Rogers has been named the Blue Water Young Woman of<br />

the Year.<br />

Nominated by her teacher, Christine Shigley, Rogers is the first to deflect her<br />

accomplishments.<br />

“I couldn’t have done this without my peers at school…and my teachers…<br />

who have been helping with bottle drives and donations,” said Rogers. “It’s<br />

been very helpful to have that pool of people who have helped me help others.”<br />

Over the course of the past two years, Rogers has raised more than $6,000<br />

and has put all of that back into her charitable endeavors, providing gifts to<br />

others in the Blue Water Area who may not have the resources or support to<br />

provide anything “extra” to their families during the holidays.<br />

“I have been very fortunate,” said Rogers. “Through church and through my<br />

faith I feel like I can help people and I feel like it’s my job to help others if I am<br />

able to.”<br />

In her nomination of Rogers, Shigley wrote: “This (past holiday season),<br />

Jacque shopped for about 20 children to the tune of $200 each, purchasing<br />

both needs and wants for them. But here is the best part: she asked for her<br />

giving to remain anonymous…because she does not believe that one should<br />

shout from the rooftops that they did a good deed.<br />

“The highest compliment you can give to someone is that you hope your<br />

own children grow up to be just like them. In a career in which I’ve come to<br />

know a great many students, I can say without a doubt that if I had to choose<br />

one for my 11-year-old stepdaughter to emulate, it would be Jacque.”<br />

And at a time in her life when many of her peers prefer to distance themselves<br />

from parents and family members, Rogers cannot say enough kind words about<br />

her parents and siblings. “Knowing that my family is there for me is important<br />

to me,” she said. “They give me support and they are there guiding me to make<br />

decisions that allow me to be myself. They’re a huge part of my life and my<br />

success in everything I’ve done.”<br />

An ice hockey player since the age of four, she noted: “I always wanted to play<br />

hockey because my older brother did it. I wanted to play with him because he<br />

was a huge role model in my life.”<br />

And though she now plays on the Farmington Hills-based Honey Baked<br />

Girls 19U team, she grew up playing hockey on teams consisting of almost all<br />

boys.<br />

“I never thought I was any different because I could compete with them,” she<br />

said. “And no coach has ever treated me differently. I was always a full member<br />

of the team.”<br />

With regard to her philanthropic endeavors, Rogers is wise beyond her years.<br />

“If you do things for recognition, you are doing them for the wrong reasons,”<br />

she said. “You do good to help others, not to help yourself.”<br />

Following her high school graduation, Rogers plans to attend Lake Forest College<br />

in Illinois. She plans to play hockey there for the women’s team and she has received<br />

academic scholarships.

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Experience<br />

matters<br />


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2009, Women’s Wellness Place maintains high<br />

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and technology in mammography, breast<br />

ultrasound and breast biopsy procedures.<br />

You trust us with your breast health, why go<br />

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Well Woman Care at Women’s Wellness Place<br />

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Well Woman Care with Dr Peter Tseng<br />

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Dr. Tseng is seeing patients for routine:<br />

> General physical<br />

> Pap smear<br />

> Breast exam<br />

> Pelvic exam<br />

> Family planning counseling<br />

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