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Linguistics assingment


LINGUISTICS AS A WINDOW TO UNDERSTAND THE BRAIN Steven pinker is the speaker who introduces the video who talk about of evolution of language, he explores why language is a fundamental part of social relationship, human biology and human evolution. He explains language is distinctive essential mysterious and practicing. This world has 6,000 languages; while Charles tells that men have instinctive tending to speak as children has a instinctive process of grammar phonology, semantic and pragmatic. How is acquired, how is processed he explains that language are rules, words and morphology. Chomsky’s contributions to the science as language is focus in creativity, language have syntax unrelated to meaning in the other hand. In conclusion there are many theories about human language the human properties are characteristics of it and animals are past important in the language because not only people can communicate among them, Animals can communicate through different kind of gestures, for example dogs can communicate other dogs moving their body feet and heads that way they transmit messages the other also there are evidences from studies, animals produce no instinctive language and acquired an language of environment although some animal can imitate that action or words human can do, this are not human characteristics . 7

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