Press Release - Manotel

Press Release - Manotel

Press Release - Manotel


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<strong>Press</strong> <strong>Release</strong><br />

1. Company profile<br />

2. Hotels and restaurants<br />

3. Facts and figures<br />

4. Sustainable development<br />

A company charter based on ten points<br />

5. Profile of Paul E. Muller, President of the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group<br />

6. Overview of Geneva hotel industry<br />

<strong>Manotel</strong> is the leading hotel group in the canton of Geneva, with a capacity of 610 rooms in its six 3- and 4-<br />

star hotels. The company, with two equal shareholders – JER Partners and Finial Capital SA - employs 280<br />

members of staff. Between 2000 and 2010, an important investment programme amounting to CHF<br />

97,000,000.­ completed the renovation of the entire hotel group. The future holds further development in<br />

Switzerland and the acquisition of new properties. The group is managed by Mr Paul E. Muller, who is also<br />

the President of the Hoteliers Association of Geneva.<br />

Media contact:<br />

Philippe Eberhard 022 321 45 40 – eberhard@genevagate.ch<br />

Eric Benjamin 022 321 45 40 – benjamin@genevagate.ch

Company Profile<br />

_____________________________________________________<br />

Leader in the 3- and 4-star market in Geneva, the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group operates six hotels with a total capacity of<br />

610 rooms out of a total of 9,500 rooms available. The Royal, Epsom, Auteuil, Kipling, Jade and Edelweiss<br />

hotels each have a unique concept, clearly distinguished from each other, while sharing certain key values.<br />

Located on the right bank, between the lake side and the International Organisations’ district, the six hotels<br />

are grouped in fair vicinity thus promoting the benefits of synergy. Close to Geneva’s main railway station as<br />

well as the Geneva International Conference Centre, and only a few minutes’ drive from the airport, the<br />

<strong>Manotel</strong> Group hotels are frequented by a wide clientele looking for an excellent service in a central, easily<br />

accessible location.<br />

The <strong>Manotel</strong> Group presided by Paul Muller invested 97 million Swiss francs in its hotels between 2000 and<br />

2010. Each member hotel has been fully renovated, in order to offer not only an irreproachable level of<br />

quality, but also an original, carefully chosen identity: “Tradition on the move” for the Royal, “Hospitality<br />

and Design” for the Auteuil, “Contemporary elegance” for the Epsom, “A journey of discovery” for the<br />

Kipling, “Feng Shui harmony” for the Jade and “A mountain experience in the city” for the Edelweiss.<br />

The <strong>Manotel</strong> Group also operates three restaurants: “Le Duo” at the Royal, the “Portobello & Co” at the<br />

Epsom and the “Edelweiss” at the hotel of the same name. Presented with the same attention to detail,<br />

these three refined eateries serve their hotel guests as well as a local Geneva clientele. Bernard Loiseau, a<br />

highly acclaimed name in gourmet circles, helped create the à la carte menus of the restaurants "Portobello<br />

& Co" and "Le Duo".<br />

Dynamism, reliability, conviviality and creativity: the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group practises an active business culture.<br />

One of the prime examples of this active approach is <strong>Manotel</strong>'s partnership with ALINGHI, twice winner of<br />

the America’s Cup. The group has supported the Swiss team ever since 2001.<br />

Founded in 1978, the group is owned by two equal shareholders, Finial Capital SA and JER Partners. The<br />

latter began its capital participation in 2007 and specialises in finance and real estate management. This<br />

partnership’s objective is to double the number of its hotels in Switzerland, by acquiring, renovating and<br />

repositioning properties offering 60 to 150 rooms, in large Swiss cities, such as Zurich, Basel, Lucerne or<br />


The Hotels and Restaurants<br />

Hotel Royal **** superior<br />

The contrasting combination of heritage and innovation distinguish this traditional hotel. 202 rooms and<br />

suites inspired by a neoclassical architectural style the new Hotel Royal offers an extraordinary blend of<br />

noble wood, precious marble and plush fabrics.<br />

Our restaurant Le Duo has two concepts: Côté Resto, a sophisticated cuisine in a cosy setting and at the<br />

Côté bistro, traditional dishes in a friendly atmosphere.<br />

Hotel Epsom **** superior<br />

Located only steps away from the lake yet close to the main railway station, the Epsom features a<br />

contemporary decor. The hotel offers 153 rooms and suites, some with a view of Lake Geneva, a business<br />

centre, banqueting and seminar rooms. A fitness area and private parking complete the services of this<br />

highly appreciated establishment.<br />

The “Portobello & Co” offers a delicate alliance of food and exquisite Mediterranean olive oils.<br />

Hotel Auteuil ****<br />

Very close to the main railway station, the Auteuil provides a refined urban atmosphere and stylish design.<br />

The entirely renovated establishment situated on the rue de Lausanne features 104 rooms, a business<br />

centre, a fitness area and private parking.<br />

Hotel Kipling ***<br />

Only minutes from the main railway station, the Kipling is a perfect hideaway in the heart of the city and in<br />

the vicinity of the lake. Its interior decoration is inspired by exotic lands. The 42 rooms take you to another<br />

world, a profusion of fine woods and lush colours. A business centre and private parking complete the<br />

services available at this hotel equipped with the latest technology.<br />

Hotel Jade ***<br />

In the heart of the city, just steps away from the shores of Lake Geneva, the recently refurbished Hotel<br />

Jade has been designed according to the rules of Feng Shui. Clients discover a world which is both relaxing<br />

and revitalising. The hotel offers 47 rooms and junior suites, a business centre and private parking facilities.<br />

Hotel Edelweiss *** superior<br />

A mountain experience in the heart of Geneva. In the style of a genuine Swiss chalet… built practically on<br />

the lake side! The cosiness and comfortable furnishings of the 42 rooms and the presence of a business<br />

centre form an original and unique combination.<br />

The “Edelweiss” restaurant offers authentic Swiss cuisine in an alpine environment and live music every<br />


Facts and Figures<br />

_______________________________________________<br />

• Foundation date: 1978<br />

• Shareholders: Finial Capital SA 50%; JER Partners 50%<br />

• <strong>Manotel</strong> Group President: Paul E. Muller<br />

• Hotel portfolio: six<br />

4 star: Royal, Epsom and Auteuil<br />

3 star: Kipling, Jade and Edelweiss<br />

• Number of rooms: 610<br />

• Number of restaurants: three<br />

• Room occupancy (2010): 82.54% (77.9 in 2009)<br />

• Number of employees: 280<br />

• Group turnover in 2010: CHF 56.6 millions<br />

2009: CHF 52.3 millions<br />

• Investment between 2000­2010: CHF 97 millions<br />

• Website: www.manotel.com<br />

• Head office: <strong>Manotel</strong> SA<br />

Jean­Dassier, 8<br />

1201 Genève<br />

Finial Capital SA<br />

Tel. (0041) 22 909 81 11<br />

Finial Capital SA is a private financial company based in Geneva since over 30 years.<br />

It has been actively investing in commercial property for over 20 years, in private companies and alternative<br />

investments around the world.<br />

Equal co-owner of <strong>Manotel</strong>, Finial is responsible for the financing and the implementation of <strong>Manotel</strong>’s<br />

repositioning, which began in 2001.<br />

JER Partners<br />

JER Partners is a finance company founded in 1981. JER has 29 years of experience exclusively focused on<br />

real estate. To date, JER manages ten real estate funds with US$4.8 billion in committed capital and gross<br />

investments of more than $18 billion in 17 countries<br />

For further information, please visit: www.jer.com

Sustainable Development<br />

_______________________________________________<br />

A programme based on ten points<br />

In 2007 <strong>Manotel</strong> announced a programme of sustainable development. The group has decided to integrate<br />

the following three main priorities in its day-to-day management in a very active and tangible manner:<br />

Economic efficiency<br />

Social responsibility and<br />

Environment preservation.<br />

In order to achieve this, <strong>Manotel</strong> has made a commitment to respect ten measures grouped into 4 areas:<br />

- Clients: safety,<br />

mobility,<br />

information<br />

- Human resources: professional development,<br />

referrals<br />

men/women parity<br />

- Environment: monitoring of consumption ratios,<br />

Efficient energy usage (investment in upgraded insulation, solar<br />

panels, presence detectors, cold ceilings, economic light bulbs,<br />

minimise water usage)<br />

Optimisation of cleaning techniques.<br />

- Waste management: sorting and recycling<br />

Partly with the contribution of clients limiting their daily consumption of towels, energy savings have<br />

considerably increased, enabling <strong>Manotel</strong> to donate over CHF 65'000.- to the WWF since the start of the<br />

programme two years ago. This contribution has sponsored 14 students to carry out their internship through<br />

the WWF "Explore!" programme. 5 of them are now in Madagascar. This practical and on-site training<br />

enables the students to face concrete issues related to the environment.<br />

In 2008, the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group received the Canton of Geneva’s sustainable development award, the “Prix<br />

Suisse de l’Ethique”, and has been nominated at the International Hospitality Awards in Paris.

Paul E. Muller, President of the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group<br />

Paul E. Muller, graduate of the Lausanne Hotel School, managed several companies in Europe and the<br />

Bahamas before taking over the general management of the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group in 2001. At that time, the<br />

challenge was considerable. Together with Mr. Danial of Finial Capital, Paul E. Muller – in charge of the six<br />

hotels and the three restaurants – managed to give each establishment its own identity as well as<br />

coherence to the group.<br />

A vast renovation programme was undertaken between 2000 and 2008, which succeeded in creating six<br />

hotel concepts, acclaimed by professional experts. The portfolio comprises 3- and 4- star hotels.<br />

Extremely customer and service-orientated, Paul Muller naturally attaches great importance to the<br />

qualification and ongoing training of the 260 members of staff.<br />

In 2001 – at a time when the outcome was still far from decided – Paul Muller had the excellent foresight to<br />

sign a sponsorship agreement with Alinghi. The image of the double winner of the America’s Cup is<br />

therefore linked to the <strong>Manotel</strong> Group, which shares the same values: innovation, dynamism and team<br />

spirit.<br />

Paul E. Muller has been President of the Geneva Hoteliers Association since 2005. He especially<br />

distinguished himself through his decisive contribution towards Geneva’s candidature for the hosting and<br />

organizing of “Telecom 2009”. He is recognized for his negotiation skills and his qualities in the area of<br />

conciliation. Furthermore, he is a member of the administrative board of Geneva Palexpo SA, of the board of<br />

directors of the FER (Federation of Companies in the French-speaking part of Switzerland) and of the<br />

Foundation for Tourism committee.

Summary of Geneva’s Hotel Economy<br />

_______________________________________________<br />

The number of jobs generated by the tourism industry in Geneva amounts to 18,000, of which 10,000 are in<br />

the hotel business. The number of nights registered in 2010 totals 2.8 millions. After health and social<br />

activities, retailing and building, the hotel business is the next largest employment sector. The Geneva hotel<br />

industry has invested around 1 billion CHF since the beginning of the millennium.<br />

Income generated by tourism in Geneva is around CHF 2.5 billion per year, while the tax returns amount to<br />

around CHF 290 million.

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