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Serv e Up Delicious Foods on Your Dream Wedding

“Food has always been at

the center of hospitality”

– Wendy Pashman

One of the most fun and delicious part of your fairy

tale wedding is choosing the wedding menu for your

reception! Here are a few catering trends that would

be appropriate for you dream wedding.


This idea works well for cocktail style reception or if

you are about to hold your reception in an upmarket

urban hotel. Set up numerous food stations that

stocks marvelous collection of cuisines around your

venue. Have a specialist assigned at each station to

give ideas to your guests on combining their food.


Cocktail bars are suitable for outdoor summer

wedding and particularly an evening event. Erect

cocktail bars with a variety of drinks, various types of

champagne or sparkling wine, liqueurs and fruit

juices to mix them with, and a selection of fresh fruit

and garnishes.


These menus are very trending now and include

catering terms like organic, sustainable, free trade,

seasonal, and locally produced foods. Eco menus

work well with garden events, or weddings held at

country venues such as farms or country estates.

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