Volume 12 Issue 3 April 2016



Volume 12 Issue 3

April 2016

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What’s Up At ICA Hall?


Community Hall

1740 – 24 Ave SE

Call the Hall: 403-264-3835

Inglewood Community Association


ICA Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

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(often open at other times too)

Phone: 403-264-3835

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ICA General Meetings


7 – 8.30pm @ ICA Hall

Next Meeting:

April 11 th

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

May 9, June 6, July 25, Sept 12

AGM – Sept 26


ICA Memberships

New & Renewal Memberships are

available at the ICA Office,

at ICA General Meetings

and Special Events

Memberships renew every September

Family - $20, Individual - $10

Senior - $5 (65+)

The Inglewood Community

Association is a non-profit society and

relies heavily on volunteer help to

meet its mandate of enhancing quality

of life for Inglewood residents.

Regular Programs at

the ICA Hall

Tuesday Evenings

‘Dawg Tired’ Dog Agility Classes

April 12 – May 17

7-8pm or 8-9pm @ ICA Hall

Fun physical obstacles & mental

challenges for your dog and you!

Kim: 403-561-8265


Wednesday Evenings


April 27 – June 29

7.30 - 9.30pm @ ICA Hall

Non-auditioned rock & pop choir for

adults of all ages and abilities.

Supportive, friendly & fun!

Jamie: 587-225-0321


Wednesday Evenings

**NEW** Positive Impulse Fitness

March 30 – May 25

7.30 – 8.30pm @ ICA Hall

Weekly fitness classes focusing on

strength & endurance training, using

a variety of equipment and fun

exercises for all abilities.

$80 (9wks) or $10 drop-in


Friday Evenings

Open Drum Circle

Every Friday 7 - 9pm @ ICA Hall

Drum away the stress of the week!

Djembe drums provided.

No experience required. $15/adult,

$10/senior, $5/kids (supervised)


Monday to Friday

Colonel Walker Programs

Before & After School Care

7am – 5.30pm @ ICA Hall

(Sept - June)

Including a delicious, healthy,

hot lunch program!



Upcoming Events

Hall Manager:

Angie Lovegrove

Building Safe Communities

Public Meeting for Inglewood residents

concerned about crime

Tuesday, April 5

7 – 8.30pm @ ICA Hall

Find out how we can take some

positive actions together to help reduce

incidents of crime in our


More info: www.icacalgary.com

‘Kitchen Party’ Fundraiser

Saturday, April 16

7pm @ ICA Hall

Annual fundraiser for Colonel Walker

Community School Association’s

Before & After School Care program.

Live band. Food. Silent Auction. Bar.

Parents, ICA Members & invited guests.

Tickets & info: 403-263-2151

Inglewood Kids Soccer Club

April 28 – June 23

6.15 - 7pm @ ICA Hall (outdoors)

Fun soccer for 2 to 5 yr olds.

Registration deadline April 3 rd .

Please e-mail Sabina at


for registration form and information

Mother’s Day Fair

Saturday, April 30

10am – 4.30pm @ ICA Hall

Family-friendly event with 30 vendors

selling a variety of wares plus a clown,

face-painting & balloon animals!

Yummy food truck fare too!

River Clean Up & BBQ

Sunday, May 1

10am start

Must be registered to attend BBQ

Limited spots. Registration deadline:

April 22. Rain date: May 29

To Register, e-mail:


Looking for Volunteer(s) to

help coordinate items for an ICA

table at the Parade of Garage

Sales - May 28. If you’d like to help,


Community Life

Minister Kent Hehr’s April


The Honourable Kent Hehr, MP

w. kenthehrmp.ca p. 403-244-1880

It has been over 100 days since I was appointed Minister of

Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence.

Each and every day I am honoured and proud to serve those

who wear—or who have worn—our nation’s uniform.

The opportunity to work with my caucus colleagues from across

Canada is rewarding, and being a strong voice for Calgary and

Alberta at the cabinet table is a tremendous privilege and

responsibility that I do not take lightly.

The Prime Minister has given me an aggressive mandate, one

that I plan to fulfill through stronger relationships with veterans

and the organizations that represent them.

During my first days, I participated in a number of Veterans’

Week activities, including Remembrance Day ceremonies in

Ottawa. This special day was humbling and concluded a week

of learning and listening. It reconfirmed my commitment to

ensuring that we get Veterans the care they need, when and

where they need it.

Within the first month, I travelled across the country to engage

with Veterans and Veterans’ organizations, and held my first

Veterans’ Stakeholder Summit in Ottawa in December. Next, I

travelled to Poland and Ukraine to meet our Canadian Armed

Forces troops during the holidays and to thank them for their

service on behalf of all Canadians.

Veterans will once again be able to access services in offices

closed in recent years. And, we have already re-hired more than

175 front-line staff to provide more support to Veterans across


I know that times are tough for Alberta and Canada. In the first

100 days as a government, we have quickly begun work on key

campaign promises that I believe will make a real difference in

the lives of Canadians.

We have already reduced taxes to the middle class. This will put

more money in to 9 out of every 10 Canadian pockets.

We have implemented a consultation process for pipeline

projects that allows for industry, communities, first nations

and people who are concerned about the environment to take

part. I truly believe we are on a path to build public trust in our

approach so that we can move forward in a thoughtful manner

that will see success for our industry in the long run.

The Prime Minister confirmed that $700 million in Infrastructure

funds would start flowing to Alberta in the weeks ahead. Those

investments in projects identified by our Provincial partners

and their municipal partners will create thousands of jobs and

generate economic benefits for our great province.

My first 100 days have been exciting and I look forward to

achieving much more in the future. My door, and my mind,

will always remain open to the input and ideas of Canadians.

We were elected on a mandate of real change, and part of that

real change is a commitment to evidence based decisions and

consultation with all of you.

President’s Report

By Sara Poldaas

Plans are well underway to replace the playground at the ICA

Community Hall. The Playground Committee has been working

with both Parks Services and the Parks Foundation to secure additional

funding and compile our wish-list. We expect to release

a Request for Proposals by the end of March and have a preferred

design chosen by mid-April. Installing the new playground

using volunteer labour means more money to spend on equipment,

so if you’re able to help us install, please let us know!

Project Managers for both the 12 Street Bridge and Zoo Flood

Mitigation Projects attended our General Meeting on March 7

to listen to concerns and answer questions about the impact of

both initiatives on our community. If you weren’t able to attend,

you can read the (draft) minutes from that meeting on the ICA

website, here: http://www.icacalgary.com/meeting-minutes/

We’d like to express our sincere thanks to Katherine Hikita and

Vivin Thomas for their continued willingness to meet with us as

these projects progress.

Finally, a focused effort to get the cob oven in working order in

accordance with fire, health and safety guidelines has resulted in

plans to fire it up for community-sponsored events this spring. A

huge thanks goes to Shayne Dube, our ICA VP, Angie Lovegrove,

ICA Hall Manager and Mieka West, Cob Oven volunteer, who

have been driving this project in the last stages!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or would like

more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at






$50K - $100K OFF





#102 63 INGLEWOOD PARK SE | 587.353.8955


Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Community Life

Parking Update

Submitted by David Thomas, ICA B oard


Here’s an update on parking issues at present. As was reported

at the general meeting of the ICA, the City and the Calgary

Parking Authority (CPA) are proceeding with “angled parking”

pilot projects. These will be implemented on 11th St between 8th

Avenue and 11th Avenue (to where it joins 12th St). Additionally

there will be pilots on 13th Street and 14th Street, between 9th

and 8th Avenues. Some final details are still being worked out,

and these will soon be discussed with us.

We asked the CPA what the duration of the project will be, and

how it will be assessed, and have been told that “We’re thinking

that the duration of the project will be until the end of Q2 2017,

that should give us enough time to collect several seasons worth

of data to determine how the changes are working. With that

being said, if there’s something that clearly isn’t working we’re

not hesitant to remove it right away. We won’t need to wait until

the end of the project to remove anything that isn’t agreeable.”

Our CPA contact person also noted that they are “still ironing out

a few of the final details for assessment of the pilot, but we’ll

be looking at occupancy data and doing visual inspections of the



Fax: 403-228-5373

Email: mikeheltay@remax.net



Mike Heltay


traffic and the parking throughout the period to determine the

impacts.” She also added, and this is important, that “As well

we’d really appreciate it if you keep the lines of communication

open with us and let us know how it is living with the changes

and what you’re hearing from residents.”

In terms of other parking issues, the future of the Rouge

parking lot is still being discussed within the larger context

of bridge and road construction. There have been concerns

expressed about the parking change process that led to the

changes on 10th by the Lantern Church, and we are trying to

makes sure that any future proposed changes are sent to the

ICA Board for information. This process is run by the City and

the residents who live on the affected street/avenue, but there

may be occasions when the Board can ask a key question, or

point out something that may have been overlooked, and it

simply will keep the Board up to date. The contact person at

the City who initiates and supervises parking rule changes of

this type is Minh Huynh (Minh.Huynh@Calgary.ca;). His office

handles requests for changes in the rules being applied and the

signage needed if things are changed.

Last but not least, we continue to be aware of the impact of

new buildings and the parking needs of their residents and

tenants on the community. LJ Robertson and her committee

are wrestling with this on a monthly basis, and we are trying

to ensure that we work closely with the City, the CPA, and the

BRZ, on a coordinated approach.

Sports Director’s Report

Submitted by Kevin Scott, ICA Sports Director

First, I would just like to thank all of our wonderful and

hard-working volunteers for making another memorable

season on our rink! You all truly make a huge difference to the

community! Now that the ice is gone we gearing up for the

warmer weather activities!


Kids soccer (ages 2-5) will be running Thursday evenings

(6:15pm – 7pm) from April 28th to June 23rd. The cost is $20

(includes a team t-shirt) with a current ICA Membership. Please

contact inglewoodkidssoccer@gmail.com for registration,

more information or if you would be interested in volunteering.

You can contact info@icacalgary.com to purchase/renew your



Inglewood has been selected to host a City of Calgary Mobile

Skate Park at our rink! The park will be open from Aug. 27th to

Sept. 8th, 7 days a week and 8 Hours each day.

I am always looking for more ways to keep Inglewood active

and engaged, so if you have any ideas that you think would be

great for the community, send me an email!



By Aditya Banerjee, IDI Chair, idi@icacalgary.com

The IDI met with City planners on March 1 to begin a dialogue

around a land use plan for the Inglewood/Ramsay Green Line

station. We brought up five main themes that the community

has identified as priorities to discuss in further depth:

Parks and open space, including recreation and natural areas.

Urban design and heritage preservation, to ensure new

development is sensitive to existing heritage structures.

A 9th Avenue urban design strategy and further information

on streetscaping, traffic and parking strategies.

Policy support, to help the IDI know about all of the policy

documents and tools available for planning.

Input into an amendment to the Area Redevelopment Plan

and the enforcement of planning standards.

We also discussed financial tools that may be used to

fund future growth and public improvements such as Tax

Increment Financing, Density Bonusing, and Off-site Levies.

These options are being currently reviewed by The City’s

growth strategies group for all established neighbourhoods

in Calgary.

The Green Line team recognizes that the community has been

“over-engaged” in recent years on a number of projects and

will look to test some of these ideas with the general public

at a future open house. A first draft of the station land use

plan will be completed by June, followed by an opportunity to

provide feedback before the final draft that will be completed

by December.

On other matters, the IDI conveyed our feedback on the

preliminary design of the 12th Street SE Bridge to the Mayor

and Councillors’ offices, along with our concerns about the

omission of design and commemorative recommendations

the community voiced through The City’s consultation


Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Community Life

Spring is in the Air

We are ramping up for spring and summer. Stay

tuned for our second annual Bowls n’ Bolos,

coming up in July; the date is to be confirmed.

Neighbour-To Neighbour

Make a difference in just a few hours, by helping

with small “fix-its” that can be done in a day.

We have possible garden project coming up and

could use some help.

Do You Have Skills or Equipment?

We can use your expertise of “handy” people, and

their stuff such as rototillers, carpentry expertise

and even access to raw materials.

Not an Expert?

Be a worker bee. Everyone can help! Bake some

treats, help organize, sing some songs on workday…

Here’s how it’s done.

1. Seniors put in a request for help.

2. The JLF Team assesses the project based on

difficulty, need, and volunteer base.

3. A selected group of volunteers shows up


4. Time to share a snack & chat.

5. Feel good! Be a Hero Neighbour!

Make someone smile!

Call us with questions or comments.



Turning a Goal into a New


by Geoff Starling , Geoff@GrizzlyPT.com

The concept of exercise serving as an effective method to

treat a wide variety of medical conditions is not a new one.

For decades studies have linked regular physical activity to

improvements in heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

Regular activity can also reduce the risk of falling, prevent

injury, speed recovery time after surgery and heighten

immune function. We all know that we should be more

active but unfortunately, that’s typically not enough to make

it happen. The missing component is often the ‘how’ more

so than the ‘why’, especially when you are dealing with

injuries or chronic disease.

If you ask your family doctor for advice they might deliver you

a copy of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines. The body

behind these guidelines, the Canadian Society for Exercise

Physiology, has recently updated their forms from a single

poster to a broader guidebook (www.csep.ca/en/guidelines)

which provides examples of appropriate activities for a

variety of age groups. The Alberta Primary Care Network

has also created Prescription To Get Active which can be

issued by any physician associated with the network (www.

calgaryareadocs.com). This slip provides access to most City

of Calgary recreational facilities and an increasing number

of other gyms around the city where eager staff are ready to

get you on your way to greater health.

Other resources for exercise advice include physiotherapists,

personal trainers and other qualified fitness professionals.

As with finding a family doctor who you trust with your

life, finding a trainer who you are confident will lead you

to better health can take some research. Quiz your social

network for recommendations then contact the facilities

close to your home and workplace, or the ones that lay

along your commute between the two. Most should offer an

initial consultation without any charge where you can get a

feel for their personality and approach before you commit to

any kind of ongoing relationship.

The health benefits of engaging in regular physical activity

are undeniable. Investing some time putting together a

team of qualified professionals and sound advice to guide

you through the process can lead to even greater success.

Find what works for you and stick at it, the results will soon



A concept to inspire your smile

Dr. Archie Tang, General Dentist






Merchant Law Building

Suite 600, 2710 - 17th Ave SE

Calgary, AB T2A 0P6











*Services are performed

by a general dentist





17th Avenue SE





Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Community Life


Happening in

April at Esker


Happily, April is definitively spring, which means it’s time to get out

and about! Don’t miss Esker in your adventures in Inglewood; we have

some fantastic events planned for this month.

Are you, or someone you know, a Lifelong Learner? Defined as experienced

adults whose appetite for arts and culture cannot be quenched,

Esker is pleased host a monthly event just for you! Join us for a tour of

the current exhibitions followed by a discussion over tea, coffee, and

cookies on April 6 from 2:30-3:30pm. Register on our website or by

phone at 403-930-2490.

Join us on April 21 at 7pm for a screening of the National Film Board’s

Jack Bush. Produced in 1979, this film includes an exceptional interview

with Bush, whose own words best describe his iconic paintings,

his fascinating career, and the development of art in Canada.

On Sunday, April 24 from 2-3pm Director/Curator Naomi Potter will

lead a talk and tour of the current exhibitions In Studio and Needles

and Pins, which will explore the use colour and materials in the paintings

of Jack Bush and Colleen Heslin, as well as the affinities and connections

between them. If you’ve wondered why these two artists

were chosen to exhibit together, this is not to be missed!

And, a reminder: the Lantern Library always has superb books, comfortable

seating, and free WIFI. Open during gallery hours, it’s a wonderful

place to spend time reading, daydreaming, or socializing.

As always, admission and programing at Esker are free. Parking for

your visit is complimentary at the Atlantic Avenue Art Block. For more

information and to register for programs, visit our website at www.

eskerfoundation.com. Follow us online on Facebook, Instagram (@

eskerfoundation), or Twitter (@eskercalgary) for more updates and

programming information.


Inglewood House for Lease - Do you know someone who'd love to

live in Inglewood?Newly renovated, n/s, 2 bedrm upper & 1 lower,

2 bathrm, garage, landscaped yard & garden. Energy & water

efficiency retrofit. 1 yr minimum lease. Email meadowbrook@

telus.net or text 403 265-9540.


Looking for the perfect space for your event?

Rent the Inglewood Community Hall!

Weddings • Classes • Family Celebrations • Meetings • Conferences • Fundraisers

Three bright, well maintained spaces are waiting for you! Ample parking, wheelchair accessible,

centrally located and an adjacent playground and green space make this the perfect venue

for almost any event! Inglewood Community Association Members, long term rental clients and

local businesses receive discounts on hall rentals.

Dave Marshall Room


$300/per Day

Main Hall


from $600/per Day

Board Room


(evenings only)

Skate Shack


$150/per Day

www.icacalgary.com • Contact us for a quote today! • Info@icacalgary.com • 403.264.3835

Marshall Drugs

family run since 1911 & Proudly Serving Your Inglewood Community since 1963

Our dedicated & Helpful staff are proud to offer the following services:

Inglewood’s Only Post Office- postage, money orders, parcel shipping and pick up, prepaid cellular, prepaid

visa cards, back checks, Puralator services and so much more…

Lottery Services

Fax & Photocopy

Senior’s discounts: 10% discount all day everyday on all non-prescription items (not Lotto or Canada Post services)

Our amazing pharmacy team is proud to offer the following services:

-Inglewood’s only Pharmacist with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree

-Prescribing Pharmacist

-Private one-on-one consultations

-Flu shots

-Unique compliance packaging system

-CertiÞed Injection Specialists

-iPhone/android re-order app for Rx reÞlls

-Home visits

-Anticoagulation monitoring/dosing protocol experts

-Handicap accessible

-Palliative & homecare specialists (ph:403-262-7704 fax:403-262-1201) -Free delivery city wide

we are proud to always offer everyone uncompromising, exceptional service!

1231- 9th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2G 0S9 Tel: 403-265-5766 Fax: 403-265-9933

email:marshallrx@telus.net hours: monday to saturday: 9am-6pm closed sunday & holidays


Community Life


We’ll be in Inglewood

this month! If you

have old cell phones,

laptops or computers

to donate call us

today for a free




Message from Honourable Joe Ceci, MLA Calgary-Fort

Dear friends,

I hope you have all had

a safe and comfortable

winter. It’s hard to

believe that nearly a

year has passed since I

was elected! As we

move into April, I’d like

to deliver you a

friendly reminder that

the deadline to file your individual income

taxes is April 30th, 2016. This is important

for making sure you are able to access all

of the credits and benefits you might be

eligible for. Even if you have no income to

report, it is still a good idea to file a return,

as you may be eligible for certain benefits.

As always, our office is available to assist you

with any questions or concerns you might

have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

the numbers listed below and/or drop by

and see us during regular business hours.

You can also email us at:


Wishing you all a happy and prosperous


Your Constituency Office:

Suite 151, 2710 17th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB

Canada, T2A 0P6

Phone: 403-216-5454

Fax: 403-216-5455


Dental care should

be as tailored


We all have our own style and we all have


that no two dental care strategies should be the








Every great picture deserves


Like surrounding a work of art with a beautiful frame, BOTOX® can help

to complement a smile makeover with a more youthful, relaxed, smoother,

wrinkle free appearance. Did you know?

• BOTOX® treatments are painless and quick, with no downtime. You can be

back at work right away, and nobody will ever know.

• Dr. Brescia also uses BOTOX® in the treatment of chronic headaches,

migraines, TMD, and tooth grinding habits.

• As a doctor that is trained in BOTOX® procedures, facial anatomy, and

smile design, you can be confident that Dr. Brescia will have you

looking your absolute best.

All services are provided by a general dentist.

#100,1809thSt.NE (403).294.1077 alpinedentalcare.ca

Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Inglewood’s 5th Annual



The 2016 Inglewood Parade of Garage Sales will be held on SATURDAY MAY 28 th from 9 am -3 pm. Hosted and

support by the Inglewood Community Association. The Parade of Garage Sales will go rain or shine.

What does your registration include?

All advertising costs for the Parade of Garage Sales: The Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Kijiji and printed maps

available throughout the community as well as on the community’s social media.

All registered homes, along with the community centre will be listed and mapped on a map of Inglewood.

Maps will be available online and handed out at various locations throughout Inglewood.

House Registrations- a Garage Sale sign with post to place in your yard. Several copies of the map for you

to give out at your sale as well as an emailed copy. Pick up these items on Thursday May 26 th , 6- 7:00 pm

@ the Skate Shack at the community centre.

TRUNK SALE- If you don’t have enough items for a garage sale at your home you can register a spot in the “TRUNK

SALE” at the Inglewood Community Hall parking lot. You will have to be in the lot by 8:30 am on the day of the sale

to set up otherwise you risk your spot being given to someone who needs the extra space. Space/tables are limited

so register early.

DEADLINE & SIGN PICK UP- Garage Sale Registrations deadline is Tuesday May 24 th Registered Homes (not Trunk

Sale registrations) can pick up signs, posts and maps on Thursday May 26 th from 6-7 pm @ the skate shack at the

community centre . When registering your home please indicate if your sale will be in your alley (garage) or out

front. If you have any questions about the sale please contact Cheryl at cheryl.myers@shaw.ca or at 403.208.8397.

There is a discount for Inglewood Community membership holders. If you would like to purchase a community

membership please go to the membership page on the website www.icacalgary.com or purchase one at the hall.




Email (for map):

ICA membership # (for membership discount)

Member Fee


House Registration

Non-Member Fee


Front house Back Alley Front house Back Alley

Trunk Sale Registration

Member Fee

Non-Member Fee



Must be in the parking lot by 8:30 am



Please drop off registration forms in my mailbox or mail above registration form to Parade of Garage Sales, Cheryl


Myers, 2028 9 th Avenue


SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0V5. Cheques payable to the “Inglewood Community Association”,

please do not mail cash. A Registration ends Tuesday May 24 th , 2016.





Inglewood Aquatic Centre

Information: 311

Program Registrations: 403-268-3800 (option 1)

1527- 17 Avenue S.E.

Effective until April 2016

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday








Lane Swim

6 - 9 am


9 - 10 am

Lane Swim

8 - 9 am


9 - 10 am

Lane Swim (Wednesday – Friday)

6 - 9 am


9 - 10 am


9 - 10 am


9 - 10 am

Lane Swim*

7:30 - 9 am


8 - 9 am


9 - 10 am

















Lane Swim

12 - 1 pm

Lane Swim*

12 - 1 pm


12:05 - 12:55 pm

Public Swim (Monday to Friday)

10 -12 pm

Lane Swim

12 - 1 pm

Public Swim (Monday to Friday)

1 - 4 pm


6:30 - 7:20 pm

Lane Swim*

12 - 1 pm


12:05 - 12:55 pm

Lane Swim

12 - 1 pm

Birthday Party



5:30 - 9:30 pm



11 am - 1:15 pm

Public Swim

1:15 - 3 pm

Birthday Party



2 - 4 pm

Family Swim

10 am - 12 pm

Birthday Party



11 am - 1 pm

Splash Swim

1- 3 pm**

Birthday Party



2 - 4 pm

Registered Programs

Inglewood Aquatic Centre offers registered programs for fitness,

preschool dance, summer day camps and more. Find program

listings at calgary.ca/recreation/programs.

Calgary Afterschool

Free programs for ages 9 - 12 years old.

Wednesday/Thursday 3 - 6 pm & Friday 1 - 5 pm.

Details at calgary.ca/afterschool.

* Shared pool (Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday lane swim and Tethered Deep Water Workout)

** Splash Swim: Child/Senior $1.00, Adult $2.00

Times are subject to change. Extra Swim Times can be found online at calgary.ca/pools.

D.W.W. = Deep Water Workout.

T.D.W.W. = Tethered Deep Water Workout.

2016 Admission Rates Tier 1









Drop In 6.00 1.50 3.00 3.00 13.20

10x 54.00 13.50 27.00 27.00 118.80

30x 144.00 36.00 72.00 72.00 316.80

Month 58.76 N/A 29.38 29.38 N/A

Annual 451.97 N/A 225.98 225.98 N/A


2016-0493 Inglewood Pool Schedule Q1 - Newsletter.FP.indd 2 2016-03-08 10:50 AM

Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Community Life

Blackfoot Girl Guides

It’s Cookie Time!!

Spring is here and that means those yummy sandwich cookies

are here. Our Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, Trex and

Rangers will be selling them the first weeks in April so look for us

in your neighborhood or at a local retail location. They are only

$5.00 a box and support our many activities.

The Spark units are eagerly looking forward to spring. The

change in the season will see them keep busy with a sleep-over

at the zoo, a visit to the library, potting plants and looking for

ways to be outside and celebrate Earth Day.

The Brownie units will be selling cookies, hold Easter celebrations

and be hopping around doing clean-up in their communities for

Earth day.

The Guide units made birthday boxes for the Calgary Interfaith

Food Bank, will be learning basic first aid and many 3rd year

Guides are finishing up work on their Lady Baden Powell Award

by preparing for tent camping and organizing service projects.

The Pathfinder, Ranger & Trex units attended Alberta Girls

Parliament in Edmonton, are going to the opera, having an archery

outing, prepping for backpacking and camping.

Guiding is a great place to build new friendships and experience

new challenges. Why not give us a try!

If you have any questions regarding Guiding or registration please

call Calgary Area Girl Guides at 403-283-8348 or email at



Crime & Safety Inglewood

In response to concerns about recent crime

and safety issues in Inglewood, we invite

you to attend two more community

meetings with the ICA, the Federation of

Calgary Communities and your neighbours.

We will discuss community-led crime

prevention and then develop a plan of action

together to help address identified

community issues.

‘Building Safe Communites’ meetings:

Tuesday March 22nd


Brainstorm ideas & solutions to

community issues

Tuesday April 5th


Develop a plan of action for

dealing with the issues

For more information, please email Cole ICA Safety Director at


Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Community Life


By Emily Firmston (member)

Breaking news! The Reality is Optional Creative Kids’ Programming

crew have successfully made their own broadcast news! Check

out our YouTube channel for the amazing newscast our members

wrote, recorded, and performed. Our movie night group sparked

a revolution after watching The Trotsky, our first Canadian

film in

the history of

movie night.

The Rogue

Poets have

their eyes

on the prize

as May, and

the final

poetry slam,


They’ve began

to write group

poems and

for training,

MJ Diva will

be coming in

to coach our

poets with

her extensive




of MJ and

theatre, we

are extremely

excited for


This spring it’s

all magic and

monsters with our Dungeons and Dragons inspired play.

Pen and Panel

debuts a new super hero: Panic Man! Saving the

world one anxiety attack at a time. Novel Writing Club presses

on in the reading of each other’s novels. The go getters in the

novel club are also 80% of the slam team, so they have proven

a bit overworked.

If you wish to join the insanity, enter a writing contest, or learn

about our RIO Calgary Public Library Pod groups, head on over

to the RIOCKP website.


Est. 2013

Fresh | Organic | Local | Natural

Produce | Grocery | Bulk | Supplements

Your neighbourhood

source for quality

supplements, healthy

food and friendly advice!

1419-9th Ave SE




View from City Hall

Gian-Carlo Carra, Ward 9 Alderman

If you’ve heard me speak you’ve heard my ‘Great

Neighbourhoods’ platform, the five-point plan that guides the

work I do at City Hall and in our communities every day:

1. Transforming Planning to increase vibrancy in our


2. Transforming Local Governance enabling citizens

to play meaningful roles in the evolutions of their


3. Transforming City Hall to make The City more

responsive to neighbourhood needs

4. Taking Control of our Future by establishing a Big City


5. Building a City That Pays for Itself

With the change in our City’s economy, my efforts have been

more heavily weighted towards lessening the blow for our

citizens by working to build a city that pays for itself. I have

long advocated that connecting revenue with expenses and

transforming taxation are essential. Here’s an update on some

of what I am working on, and what I have supported within the

last six months:

Supporting and voting for the Off-Site building levy. This

important vote affects future and current Calgarians, as

taxpayers will now recoup 100% of the cost to build new

communities - no longer subsidizing developers.

Supporting the 2016 budget adjustments. This lowered taxes

and provided more funding for infrastructure projects, putting

people to work and stimulating our local economy.

Diversifying our economy and supporting established and new

businesses. I am working to remove provincial and municipal

red tape, encouraging an environment that will create jobs

through commercial and residential development, and within

the service sector. I am doing this through Notice of Motions

regarding the Airport Vicinity Protection Area, commercial and

residential development along the LRT Red Line and Green Line,

and introducing zoning changes to increase opportunities for

businesses that deliver, or choose to deliver, child care services.

Reviewing the property tax assessment process. I’ve heard

primarily from flood-affected homeowners on the Elbow River

about their repeated successful appeals to the Assessment

Review Board since the 2013 flood. I am working to ensure

that the assessment process is fair and uses the best methods

to meet provincial law, while reflecting the realities faced by

property owners.

Through your calls, emails, tweets, and attendance at community

events, your voices are being heard, and I promise to keep acting

on them. Please continue to connect with me and share your

ideas on how we can emerge from this downturn even stronger.

Yours truly,

Gian-Carlo Carra

City of Calgary: Project updates - 12 Street SE Bridge replacement and Zoo Flood Mitigation

Zoo Road and pathway closures starting March 7, 2016

In order to begin construction on the Zoo Flood Mitigation Project

and the 12 Street S.E. Bridge replacement project, Zoo Road will

be closed from the west parking lot opposite the Zoo’s south

entrance to the Baines Bridge. Please see the Zoo Flood Mitigation

Project web page at calgary.ca/zoofloodproject for information on

Zoo Road and pathway closures and detour routes. Zoo Road and

pathway closures will continue until late 2017.

The 12 Street S.E. Bridge will remain open to the Zoo’s

Administration Building during construction. Please see calgary.

ca/12stbridge for updates on the 12 Street S.E. Bridge Replacement


Pathways on the north and south side of the river will be closed

during construction of the bridge and the Zoo Flood Mitigation

Project. The primary intention of the pathway closures is to

maintain safety for everyone. There will be construction in the

areas of the closures and large equipment moving in and around

these spaces.

The City also needs to make sure that any impacted pathways

have appropriate detour routes in accordance with City policy and

procedures. The City’s procedure is to detour existing pedestrians

along an adjacent sidewalk and an alternate road for cyclists. The

City cannot detour pathway users along a back lane or across

grass. Pathways are multi-use facilities and the detours must be

appropriate and safe for everyone to use.

Tree Removals - north and south side of river

On the south side of the Bow River and on St. George’s Island,

trees have been removed from City land in order to construct

the bridge in its new alignment and to install the Zoo flood


The City has minimized the number of tree removals. The

Inglewood Community Association also provided input to

further reduce the number of trees to be removed.

As is the case in all tree removal situations on City land, the

project is required to provide compensation for any trees


A dollar value is placed on the removed trees and this amount is

allocated to tree planting in the city. Trees may not be replaced

in the exact same location because the bridge and other

infrastructure will be occupying that space. Tree re-planting is

part of the landscape planning for implementation after the

bridge is complete.

There is also an extensive restoration plan for St. George’s Island,

which will be implemented when both projects are complete.

The City of Calgary is taking cuttings from the poplars removed

during reconstruction and will re-plant them.

The removed trees will be used in flood recovery projects, such

as for fish habitat and for projects in City parks.

Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.


Community Life

Heritage Committee Update: So Long

to the St. George’s Island Bridge

By Manfred Baum

All the recent activity around the St, George’s Island Bridge (also

called the 12th St or Zoo Bridge) is bringing the stark reality that

our beloved historic bridge will soon be removed and replaced by

a modernistic one.

The bridge’s history is intertwined with three islands in the Bow

River (St. George’s, St. Andrew’s and St. Patrick’s), and Inglewood.

Between 1888 and 1895, the islands were leased to the City by

the federal government. Various attempts were made to connect

them to land by boat or ferry without much success. In 1895, on

the suggestion of William Pearce, the islands were donated to

the City for park use on a condition. The condition was to build

a bridge to connect the islands to land. This condition was met in

1908 when the St. George’s Island Bridge was completed.

The bridge is a Parker Camelback through-truss bridge which is

one of four in the City. The steel apparently came from an easternbased

Canadian company, Algoma Steel Bridge Company. In fact,

the Algoma sign was on the bridge until recently. However, new

research has discovered that some of the steel may have come

from an American company. The bridge is a single truss. Similar to

the current bridge, there was a long approach but it was primarily

made of wood. Looking at the Bow River now, one wonders

why the bridge was a single truss with a very long approach. The

simple reason was that the single truss covered the water at the

time. Land covered the area from the bank to the steel bridge.

With the development of the bridge, the islands became a popular

leisure site. One of the first major structures on St. George’s

Island was a bandstand from 1912-1949. A collection of animals

started to be kept on the island resulting in the Calgary Zoological

Society in 1929 bringing even more people over the bridge.

Changes were done over time to make the bridge better for

the increased traffic and age. In 1972/1973, the Bow River was

widened on the south bank for flood mitigation. This resulted in

the current concrete approach. About a decade ago, the bridge

was upgraded for the last time. After the 2013 flood, the historic

bridge was deemed unsafe and the City decided that it along

with the Ninth Avenue Bridge should be replaced.

The bridge will remain open for local island traffic for some of

the time while the new one is being built. By the end of December

next year, the new bridge will be open and the old one

will be removed. Sadly, none of the historic elements of the old

bridge will be added to the new one, either real or faux. There is

a continuing discussion between the community and the City on

these concerns. Hopefully, some elements will be added and the

new bridge will have a great gateway into Inglewood. I will definitely

miss the old bridge that I walked across for many years.

An integrative approach to preschool education

Second location now in Inglewood!

Kinderhouse Preschool offers

preschool and jr. kindergarten

programming combining the best of

the curricula of Montessori, Reggio

and the arts for children ages 3-5 years

of age.

Guided by caring and highly qualified

educators in a beautifully designed

classroom environment with superb

materials, Kinderhouse Preschool

offers innovative programming for

young children, teaching to the whole

child and laying a solid foundation for

success in school and in life.

Our new location will be nestled in

the heart of Inglewood in the fall of

2016! Visit us and learn more about our

approach to early education.




39 Reasons to Renew Your ICA Membership

The ICA Customer Club is just one of the perks of purchasing an Inglewood Community Association membership. Below is a list of all the great shops in the

’hood that offer you a discount when you show your valid ICA membership card. You can renew your card online at icacalgary.com/ica-membership, at the

ICA Office, monthly General Meetings or Special Events. NOTE: 2015-2016 Membership cards are now BLUE (plastic cards no longer valid) #ShopLocal

4Cats Art Studio

10% off all art supplies



Adorn Boutique

10% off regularly priced

clothing & accessories


Ama Swiss

20% off all regular-priced

diamond watches and jewelry.

Free jewelry cleaning.


The Apothecary

10% off your total purchase


Art of Health

10% off services and retail


Boft Fine Rugs

10% off any purchase, service

or cleaning. boftfinerugs.com

Bite Groceteria & Cafe

5% off your total purchase


The Blues Can

10% off food and beverage.


Circa Vintage Art Glass

10% off regular priced



Cinquecento Cucina

10% off food and beverage

(excluding specials)


Eye on Design

Enjoy 10% off all regularly

priced clothing and



Festival Hall

10% off CFMF presented

concerts@ Festival Hall


Hose and Hound Pub

10% off all food and beverage.


Inglewood Beauty Bar

10% off product and services.


Inglewood CrossFit Kids

10% off 10 time punch pass

for Crossfit Kids classes,





Junction 9 Yoga&Pilates

10% off drop in and 5 & 10

class passes


Kane’s Harley Davidson

10% off clothing and general

merchandise, excluding sale



Kane’s Harley Diner

10% off all food and

non-alcoholic beverages. 403


Lemonceillo Home

Save the GST on all purchases


NAKA Photography

20% off headshots package

through Workstyle YYC


Midnightea Photography

10% off Family Sessions +

Wedding Collections


Moda Consignment

10% off entire store, including

already reduced items.


Moonstone Creation Native

Gallery & Gift Shop

10% off everything, excluding

consigned art.


ReWorks Upcycle Shop

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Goldgrass Home

10% off clothing, shoes and



Robinson’s Camera Foto


15% off all rentals and 20$ off

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Sage Plus Pharmacy

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Savour Fine Foods & Kitchen

Ware 10% off Kitchenware

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Shades of Sleep

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Shoulder to Shoulder

Militaria and Collectibles

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Smithbilt Hats

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Ty Renolds Video Services

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West Canadian Graphics

10% off services in digital

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Willow Natural Foods

5% off everything in the store.


Willow Park Florist

10% off all walk-in and

phone-in orders.


If you are a merchant and interested in joining the program please contact Customer Club Volunteer: David Frid e-mail: davefrid@gmail.com

Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.




PHONE: 403-264-3835 EMAIL: info@icacalgary.com

WEBSITE: www.icacalgary.com TWITTER: @ICACalgary

FACEBOOK: Inglewood Community Association, Calgary


The cost of a membership to the Inglewood Community Association is only $20 for a family, $10 for an

individual and $5 for a senior citizen. Memberships renew every September.

A membership offers you:

a vote on community issues (resident members only)

a way to support the Inglewood Community Association

the opportunity to demonstrate to City Hall that you care about our historic and dynamic

inner city neighbourhood

discounts at participating Inglewood Merchants (Customer Club)

15% Inglewood Community Hall rental discount (resident members only)

discounts on selected community programs and events

To purchase a membership:

1. Fill out the form (online or hard copy)

2. Send or drop off payment:

mail a cheque (1740 – 24 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1P9)

take payment and form to ICA Office (address above)

drop payment (cheque) and form in mail slot @ ICA Hall (after hours)

at the monthly ICA General Meetings (come at 6.30pm, meetings start at 7pm)

at the ICA Annual General Meeting (Sept 28 @ ICA Hall)

at Special Events (e.g. purchase an Early Bird Membership at SunFest on August 1 st )

- Make cheques payable to “Inglewood Community Association”

- If paying by mail, your membership card will be mailed to you

- ICA Office Hours: 9am – 3.30pm (Mon, Wed, Fri) and many other times – call first.

You will need to show your valid membership card if you wish to vote at the monthly ICA General Meetings.

Remember to bring your card with you! If you are purchasing a brand new membership, it must have been

valid for 30 days before you are eligible to vote. Associate members cannot vote at ICA Meetings.

The 2015/16 Community General Meetings are on the following Mondays at the ICA Hall at 7:00pm.

Please come at 6.30pm to renew your membership.

2015: Sept 14, AGM on Sept 28 (vote for Board of Directors), Oct 19, Nov 9 & Dec 7

2016: Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 7, Apr 11, May 9, Jun 6


Please follow us on social media and/or check your monthly ICA Newsletter for community discounts and

opportunities to get involved. Purchasing this membership supports your neighbours, your neighbourhood

and your local merchants!


1740 - 24TH AVE SE, CALGARY, AB T2G 1P9

PHONE: 403-264-3835 EMAIL: info@icacalgary.com

WEBSITE: www.icacalgary.com TWITTER: @ICACalgary

FACEBOOK: Inglewood Community Association, Calgary


Please return completed form to the Inglewood Community Hall.

Memberships renew in September every year.

DATE: _____________________

MEMBERSHIP #: ________________

Type of Membership: ❒ Individual $10 ❒ Family $20 ❒ Senior $5

Card Type: ❒ NEW ❒ RENEWAL Payment Type: ❒ CASH ❒ CHEQUE #_______








Would you like to receive community information via email? You can unsubscribe anytime.


If this is a Family Membership, please add your family members:




Are any family members willing to volunteer for any of the following: (Check all that apply)

❒Board Member ❒ Marketing/Communications ❒ River Clean Up

❒ Volunteer Coordination ❒ Bingos ❒ Hall Maintenance

❒ Newsletter Delivery ❒ Newsletter Collation ❒ Special Events

❒ Casinos ❒ Rink Maintenance ❒ Rink Concession

❒ Membership Sales ❒ Miscellaneous Projects ❒ Other (please specify)


Thank you for purchasing a membership with the Inglewood Community Association!

Follow us on social media or check the ICA Newsletter for community discounts and other ways to get involved.

OFFICE USE: ❒Card Provided ____


❒Entered in Member Database _____

❒Entered in Volunteer Database (if applicable) ____

❒Entered in Email Distribution Database (if applicable) ____

Exquisite House!

2031 ~ 8 Ave SE

11 Active Listings currently

$359,000 > $649,999

2 Sales for the Year

$528,000 > $575,000

It is shaping up to be an

Exciting real estate year in


Inglewood - voted the

BEST community in all

of Canada!

One of the nicest restored character homes with

stunningly perfect restorations! This bungalow

is fully developed and features 2 fireplaces 2 full

baths and Double garage on a quiet street!

Call to set Appointment to View!

Your home is unique and has its very own “Top”

market value. Call me for a complimentary,

confidential and up to date evaluation!

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