COMPANY PROFILE - Frenchline Industries

COMPANY PROFILE - Frenchline Industries



45 Jade Street, Maddington , Perth, WA 6109

Tel : +61 08 9452 0099

Fax : + 61 08 94520033


Website :


Established in 2006, a sole proprietorship named Frenchline Industries was formed

to provide Structural Steel and Communication Towers to various destinations in the

world. The man behind this establishment, Mr. Robert French has a vast knowledge on

the steel industries specializing in communication towers and structural buildings.

The main duties that were provided by Frenchline at the early stages was supplying and

fabricating Mast sections for their many customers.

After 2 years of growth, Mr. Robert French decided it was about time to step up the

next stage of advancement, By Founding a Proprietary limited company named

Frenchline Industries Pty Ltd.

Frenchline has now established relationships within the building industry and are now

able to provide structural fabrication of many building items such as steel trusses,

columns and beams along with communication towers worldwide.

Now managed along with son Shannon, Frenchline Industries Pty Ltd can provide

Drafting & Installation services making them one of Perth's best-up-and coming steel

fabrication companies. We are fabricating monopoles, Poles, Shopping Centres,

Warehouses and anything really to do with steel.

In order to equip the company for up and coming challenges, the management at

Frenchline will continue to work out further plans to place the company at better

competitive ground and provide services to meet their client’s satisfaction in a

timely and efficient manner not compromising their quality in their products.



Registered Address : 45 Jade St Maddington

Perth, WA 6109.

Factory : 45 Jade St Maddington

Perth, WA 6109.

Bankers : St George Bank - Australia

: HSBC - Malaysia

Directors : Robert French – Australia

: Mary French – Australia


Our corporate philosophy from inception has been and continues to be an

emphasis on client satisfaction through professionalism, quality and timely

completion of projects and on our competiveness through innovations and

appropriate technology.

Frenchline recognizes that our Client is our future. From this understanding,

the cornerstone of company policy is a total commitment to our Client needs.

This commitment leads to a service that is acknowledged as being among the


Frenchline aims to maintain and develop corporate relationships in a manner

that goes to enhance our client business and business opportunities to the

extent that our clients pursue us to work for them as a first choice. For this

reason the majority of our clients come to us through referral or personal


Directors Backgrounds

Robert (Bob) French

Managing Director

Frenchline Industries Pty Ltd

Bob opened Frenchline Industries in Novemebr 2006 with at least twenty five

years experience in the Steel work industry. He is a Boilermaker / Welder by trade.

Having worked in the building sectors in the United Kingdom and Australia Bob

entered the Shipyards in Belfast in 1972 leaving that company in 1975, where he

was a welder he returned to Australia becoming a sub contractor building

shopping centres.

In 1985, he joined Jennis & LeBLANC Communications, as a boilermaker / Welder,

for Communication and steel Industry. The name changed and so did Bob

undertaking his role as Workshop Manager of LeBLANC Communications

Australia. He decided to leave the company and start his own business

Frenchline Industries in 2006.

Mary French

Managing Director

Frenchline Industries Pty Ltd

Mary started in Belfast as a secretary and then decided to leave to travel to

Australia with her family. She decided it was about time to change her career as

she was now settled in Australian lifestyle and started with Telstra as a busy

switchboard assistant making new friends along the way. She then decided to

leave and set her ventures for Atkins Carlyle as a purchasing Clerk and stayed

with Atkins for a while until they started making changes in the office and was

employed by All States Diesel where she handled the store and Purchasing

queries. Mary then decided it was about time to strive for something new. With

all her knowledge in various field Bob and Mary decided to start Frenchline

Industries in 2006 where she helps out where ever she can taking on the role as

head administrator and Accounts contact.

Shannon French

Manger of Frenchline Industries Pty Ltd

Shannon started with Frenchline Industries in April 2007 with at least 14 years

experience behind him. He is a boilermaker / Welder by trade. Having worked in

Malaysia and Australia he has a vast experience in the steel business.

In 2000 he worked with LeBLANC Communications which sent his horizons


He was employed as a Boilermaker but learnt a variety of jobs while working there.

He was sent to Malaysia for 1 year and was workshop manager to 40 employees.

He then decided to return to Perth and was given the role as a Draftsman. He has

worked on various jobs with LeBLANC drafting towers and helping out in whatever

way he could.

He left LeBLANC to expand his horizons and help his father out running Frenchline

Industries In 2007.

Our Commitment to Our Staff

Frenchline Industries is a professional business and as we seek to grow, our success will be

determined by our ability to attract the best people in the industry. We offer Government

approved Apprenticeships and Traineeships to approved staff and also grant the right

person with an Australian Working VISA if they need one.

Frenchline is dedicated to hiring the right people as this is our long-term commitment. The

right team leader with the right experience then builds an experienced and committed

team. Strong leadership programs support our employees in the pursuit of excellence.

Frenchline’s approved training and apprentice programs are designed to attract and nurture

bright young talent. Our multidisciplinary structure provides broad experience within

Structural and communication roles, giving our employee individuals the career choice and

flexibility to become future leaders in their field.

Our people policies encourage a performance based consisting of personal responsibility,

accountability, risk management, learning and one consistent approach to do their best in

whatever field they choose.

Our Policies are a set of principles that sets the framework to support Frenchline employees

in every day endeavours and beyond. With a focus of flexibility, fairness this covers:


�Career Development



�Rewards and Recognition

�Staff behaviour

Bob French

Bob French


Frenchline Industries


Factory Address – Australia:

45 Jade St Maddington,

Perth WA 6109

Total Area: Approx. 3000m2

Office Area: Approx. 110m2

Covered Area: Approx. 600m2

Open Area: Approx.2290m2


Factory Facilities

Frenchline Industries Pty Ltd – Australia

Front View

Back View

Inside View

•Fabrication of 100t Spool Frame

A Few Projects we have


•Supply Fabrication & Galv for Waikiki Shopping Centre

•Supply and Fabrication of all steelwork (excluding hardware) for Fiji Sites 26 to 30 Headframes as per Fabrication Package.

•Supply Material, Fabrication & Galv For Site Wilson South

•Supply Material Fabrication of Steel Load Frame at Lockridge. Fab Drg's Included after site measure. Install Load Frame At Lockridge

Based on good Crane Access

•Fabrication of 6 x STD 750SM Mast Sections, 1 x 72m Non-Cyclonic Mast Foundation ( 3 x 15B & 3 x 15C Footings), 1 x 81m Non-

Cyclonic Mast Foundation ( 3 x 15B & 3 x 15C Footings), Mesh 1.8mx1.8m x 6 Off, 2.0mx2.0m x 6 Off & 2.3mx2.3m x 3 Off, 51m

Cyclonic Mast 750 F/W, Anti-Climb for 750 Mast, 51m Tower Accesories, 51m Foundation 3 x 15E

•Supply 32 x Headframes

•To Supply Material & Manufacture 20 x Headframes for 10 Monopoles for Fiji

•Design & Supply Stairs to the Load Frame at Lockridge Includes Footings, Handrails & Design & Supply top Flooring to the Load

Frame at Lockridge includes extra strengthening to Load Frame & Handrails

•Supply Steel and Fabricate 20x Headframes for 10 Monopoles Roam Job GJ87 Fiji (RJ4950 - RJ4959 Sites 57 -66)

•Supply Fabrication of Unit Developments for Complete Steel Projects by 3 weeks

•To Supply Steel and Fabrication for New Success Primary School

•Supply fabrication for Teaching Block at Success Primary School

•Install 107 beds at Acacia Prison, Install Access Ladder at Acacia Prison,

•Supply, Install, Fabricate and Design for new Warehouses at Lot 803 Victoria Rd Malaga.

•Fabrication of ECU South West Campus, Bunbury

•Supply Fabrication for MRD Midland as per Client's Instructions

•Supply Fabrication of Handrail & Balustrade as per Clent's Drg's Supplied

•Supply Fabrication for Lake Yangebup Steel including Purlins

•To supply & Fabricate Signage Walkway as per request. Prices covers Galv Cage Bolts and Foundation Reo

•Supply Fabrication for Hammond Rd

•Fabriacte & Supply Ropeguard and Kickplates.

•Supply Fabrication for Safety Bay High School - Learning Block 4

•Supply Strengthening Steel & H/W for Cowaramup includes Galv.

•Fabrication and galvanising for x 4 Screens at lot 981 Blackly

•To cut, prep, weld, mark and drill two sides for MESA Poles

•Supply Labour to Cut,Fab & Clean 13t of Steel Bracing. All Steel to be provided with Cleats processed & Supply Labour to Cut,Fab &

Clean 50 Pipe Ladders

•Supply & Fab steel- Incl M12 U Bolts, Cable Bkts, Galv, freight to Sydney for Artarmon

•Supply Fab for 46t of Steel - Port Kennedy

•Supply, Fabricate & Galv steelwork at Menora. Includes Hardware & Fabricate Template for Wall, Paint & Clean all Steelwork &

Shrouds & Supply 2 extra beams as required


Steel Stud Wall Fabrication


Power Pole Fabrication


Hammond Road Structural Building


Foundation Cage For Monopole


Custom Made Work Platform


Load Frame For 7m Antenna on Existing Bunker

& Custom Staircase to Suit.


Prison Beds For Acacia Prison


Residential House Extension


Site Refurbishment


60m Guyed Mast


100 Tonne Spool Reel


Custom Made Compressor Skid


Malaga Warehouses

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