Breckenridge Summer Travel Guide

Make the most of your next Breckenridge summer vacation with our Summer Travel Guide!

Make the most of your next Breckenridge summer vacation with our Summer Travel Guide!


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Breckenridge’s rich history will be apparent as soon as you see Main Street. Most of its

buildings are over 100 years old. Throughout the town, there are more than 350 historic

structures, making Breckenridge one of the largest historic districts in the state. All of these

buildings have been beautifully preserved, giving the town an Old West feel that’s

simultaneously quaint and quirky.

The town got its start in 1859 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Gold was discovered in the area, which

brought a number of fortune seekers to town. As with many mountain mining towns, Breckenridge

experienced quite a few population busts and booms over the years due to new mining discoveries,

changes in the mining industry, and the effects of wartime economies during the Civil War and both

World Wars. By 1950, Breckenridge’s population had declined to fewer than 300 people.

A decade would bring a dramatic change to the area, though. The Breckenridge Ski Resort opened in

1961 and started another boom for the town. In the early 1970s, the Eisenhower Tunnel opened on

I-70, making travel from Denver easier and helping to fuel Breckenridge’s growth. Presently, the town

has a population of over 4,500 and it’s become a world-renowned destination for both winter and

summer recreational activities.


On average, Breckenridge receives 300 inches of snow and has 300 days

of sunshine every year.

Both “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “Dumb and Dumber”

had scenes filmed in Breckenridge.

Breckenridge was the first major ski resort in Colorado to allow snowboarding.

There are three mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation in Summit

County, all of them visible from Breckenridge.

Every year, the resort sees approximately 1.5 million skiers.

The resort’s longest trail is Four O’Clock Run at 3.5 miles.

There are 2,908 skiable acres in the ski resort as

well as 25 acres of terrain parks.

The largest gold nugget ever discovered in Colorado was found outside of

Breckenridge. Known as Tom’s Baby, it weighed in at almost 13.5 pounds

and then went missing for about 70 years. When it was re-discovered,

the nugget was about 3 pounds lighter.

The town was originally named “Breckinridge” after then-Vice President

John C. Breckinridge. This was in an attempt to get a Post Office established

in town (which was successful). When the Civil War broke out

in 1861, Breckinridge aligned himself with the Confederates. However,

the town supported the Union Army and soon after, changed the

spelling to what is now.

The Gold Pan Saloon, located at 103 North Main Street, is the oldest operating bar

in the county and it has one of the oldest liquor licenses west of the Mississippi.


From mouth-watering steaks to cheese-covered nachos, there are restaurants aplenty

in Breckenridge to please every type of palate.



130 South Ridge Street,

Hearthstone provides

guests with top-notch food

offerings, wonderful service,

and an eclectic and inviting

atmosphere. Open for

dinner every night, their

menu includes naturally

raised beef and game as

well as sustainable seafood

and more than 220 types of

wine. Vegetarian and gluten-free

options are also


MODIS: You’ll find a winning

combination of contemporary

cuisine and

prohibition-era cocktails at

Modis. The menu items are

fresh and flavorful with

gluten-free and vegetarian

options, too. Modis is open

nightly for dinner and has

two happy hours, one

starting at 3 p.m. Reservations

are recommended.

The restaurant is at 113

Main Street.

EMBER: At Ember, you’ll

enjoy inventive and intriguing

menu options that

boast unique flavor combinations.

Of particular note

is the restaurant’s cocktail

menu, which features a

number of drinks that

you’re unlikely to have ever

enjoyed before. Vegetarian

and gluten-free options

are available. The restaurant

is open every night

but Sunday and it’s located

at 106 East Adams




There’s no shortage of

friendly service, good

food, flat-screen TVs, or

arcade games at Downstairs

at Eric’s. It’s an especially

great atmosphere

for families. Their menu

has a little bit of everything,

from soups and

salads to pizza and burgers.

There are also 30

beers on tap and even

more in the bottle. The

restaurant is located at 111

South Main Street.


at 500 South Main Street,

Empire Burger is a must

after a long day of hiking

or biking. They offer a

wide selection of filling and

delicious burgers (complete

with an amazing

array of sauces) as well as

sandwiches and salads. A

variety of margaritas,

beers, and cocktails are

also available.

MI CASA: If you find yourself

craving some Mexican

food while in town, you’ll

definitely want to head to

Mi Casa, which is located

at 600 South Park

Avenue. Featuring

hand-shaken margaritas,

their menu also includes

traditional Mexican favorites

as well as some new

twists on familiar recipes

(like their mango duck



If you’re on the prowl for even more delicious food and drink, make sure you

don’t leave Breck without hitting up some of these wonderful establishments!


South Main Street and treat yourself to some

mouth-watering crepes. Whether you’re in the mood for

sweet or savory, you’ll find something on the menu to

enjoy. You can even craft your own crepe if that’s what

strikes your fancy. A word of warning, Crepes a la Cart is

very popular, so be prepared for a bit of a wait during

peak times.


caffeine pick-me-up during your vacation, head to

Cuppa Joe on the second floor at 118 South Ridge

Street. They offer a wide variety of craft coffee

drinks (including their famous oatmeal latte) as

well as tea, bagels, and huge breakfast burritos. It’s

a great place to relax a bit before you start your


BEST SMOOTHIE - LOLO JUICE: Whether you’ve been

hitting the trails hard or maybe the high altitude has hit

you hard, a smoothie from LoLo Juice will help you feel

right as rain in no time. Their smoothies are made with

fresh, organic ingredients and served in recyclable containers.

In addition to smoothies, they serve juices,

wraps, oatmeal, and more. They’re located at 505 South

Main Street in Suite B4b.


and delectable breakfast, you’ll love the Columbine

Cafe. Located at 109 South Main Street, the restaurant

is known for its hearty portions, reasonable

prices, and homemade corned beef hash. Even

better, it’s a cozy restaurant with great service!


Throughout the summer season, you’ll be treated a number of fun festivities and

events that are sure to make your Breck vacation that much more memorable.

Here are our 5 favorite events that you can (and should!) attend while you’re in


KINGDOM DAYS: Celebrate Breckenridge’s colorful history with an assortment

of events and festivities. This heritage festival highlights Breckenridge’s early

days and offers a number of walking tours, vendor booths, and even gold

panning at Blue River Plaza. One of the festival’s main events is the Outhouse

Races, where teams build their own wheeled outhouses and compete to see

who can pull or push them across the finish line with the fastest time. Typically

Kingdom Days happen in mid-June.

BRECK DEMO DAYS: If you’re a bicycling enthusiast, you’ll love Breck Demo

Days! For several days in late June, Breckenridge becomes home to a number

of cycling clinics and group rides. You can participate in a bike crawl down Main

Street and tour some of the town’s best bars. Or you can try out the Strider

bike track or any number of the newest demo bikes from several different


FOURTH OF JULY: Spending Independence Day in Breckenridge gives you the

chance to experience small town Americana at its finest. One of the first

events of the day is the Main Street parade, which is complete with homemade

floats and lots of unique costumes. There are two arts festivals in town,

one of which primarily showcases graffiti art, chalk art, and 3D pavement

drawings. And, at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a professional fireworks display

set off from between Peaks 8 and 9.

BRECKENRIDGE SUMMER BEER FESTIVAL: This festival is one of Breck’s most

popular events. In addition to offering samples from dozens of breweries

from Colorado and around the world, there’s also live music and great food.

It’s held in the parking lot of the Beaver Run Resort, so you’ll enjoy world-class

views, too! The festival changes dates from year to year, but may be held

anytime from early July to late August.

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS: Relatively new to the Breckenridge festival

scene, the International Festival of Arts brings a unique and eclectic mix of

visual arts, dance, and musical performers from all over the globe. Typically

held in late August, the festival lasts 10 days and is held in venues throughout



If you’re coming to Breckenridge with the family, you won’t be disappointed!

There are plenty of fun activities to keep everyone entertained for your whole

trip. Here are some of our picks for our favorite kid-friendly activities.

PEAK 8 FUN PARK: The Fun Park typically

opens for the season in mid-June and

it’s a great choice for kids of all ages. It

features the Gold Runner Coaster, which

boasts 2,500 feet of elevated track complete

with hairpin twists and turns. There’s

also the Alpine SuperSlide, with three

2,600-foot long tracks. An all-day tickets

gives you access to these rides as well as

the bounces house, miniature golf, and

more. You can add other activities like

zipline rides or guided segway tours.

HIKING & BIKING: There’s no better way

to experience the natural beauty of

Breckenridge than by getting out there

and seeing it firsthand. There are hundreds

of miles of hiking trails in Breckenridge

and Summit County, lots of which

are great for family outings and close to

Main Street. If your kids are more into

bicycling, there are a number of road

biking routes and mountain biking trails

that are perfect for beginners and pros



long day of adventure, your kids still have

plenty of energy to burn, head to the

Breckenridge Skate Park. It’s located next

to the Breckenridge Rec Center. The park

covers 0.4 of an acre and it boasts beginner

and advanced bowls, plus features for

skaters of all abilities. If your kids don’t

know how to skate, a number of programs

are available.

GOLDMINE TOURS: You’ll find three mines

that are close to Breckenridge. Their

opening dates vary, but are typically in

late May to early June. Each of these

mines offer tours where you and your

children can learn more about the role

that mining played in the town’s history as

well as how the mines worked. Everyone

can also try their hand at gold panning

and, if you find anything, it’s yours to keep!


You’ll have a variety of options when it comes to places to stay in Breckenridge.

We’ve broken down some of the more popular neighborhoods, so you can get a

better understanding of your choices before your trip.

DOWNTOWN: If you want to be right in the thick of things, downtown Breckenridge is

for you! You’ll be within walking distance of all the great shops, bars, and restaurants

on Main Street as well as a number of hiking and biking trails. There are free shuttle

stops all throughout downtown to take you wherever you need to go should you

want to explore a bit more. In downtown, you’ll find a mix of condos, townhomes,

and private homes.

PEAK 7: Those of you who prefer to stay somewhere a bit more private will love

staying in the Peak 7 neighborhood. You’ll be surrounded by forest, so you’ll have no

problem experiencing Breckenridge’s natural beauty. There are a number of large,

luxury homes in this area. Many hiking trails are easily accessible and some homes

are within walking distance of the Gondola. The more secluded your location, the

more likely it is that you’ll have to take a short drive to get to Main Street.

PEAK 8: If you want to stay in a location that’s convenient to both the Peak 8 Fun

Park and Main Street, Peak 8 makes a great home base. Hiking and biking trails are

nearby and Main Street is just a short shuttle or Gondola ride away. In this area,

you’ll find a broad mix of property types, from cozy condos to expansive chalets.

PEAK 9: As with Peak 8, Peak 9 offers easy access to hiking and biking trails as well

as Main Street. In this area, you’ll predominantly find hotels and condos, although

there are some homes available for rent, too. Many of the hotels in this area offer

amenities like pools, hot tubs, and fitness centers, too.

WARRIOR’S MARK: This neighborhood is between Peaks 9 and 10 and it includes a

diverse mix of condos, townhomes, and luxury homes. Most properties are either

within walking distance of the trails or on the free shuttle route. Main Street is also

easily accessible. This neighborhood is very picturesque, with many properties boasting

lovely mountain views. Wildlife is also prominent in the area thanks to nearby

ponds and streams.

HIGHLANDS AND HIGHLAND GREENS: These neighborhoods are located on the north

end of Breckenridge. The Highlands is located right on the golf course, while the Highland

Greens are across from the golf course. Both of these neighborhoods are quite

beautiful with newer constructions. You’ll find gorgeous properties in both areas. The

Highlands includes homes, while Highland Greens has condos, townhomes, and duplexes.

Main Street is just a short drive away.


The more information you have on hand prior to your Breckenridge vacation the

better. It’ll be much easier to enjoy yourself on your trip when you’re armed with

all the facts. Here’s the need-to-know info that might help to make your experience

just a little bit smoother.

THE FREE SHUTTLE - You’ll find free

shuttle stops all over town. They vary in

style from poles to bus shelters, but

they all show a Free Ride sign. If you get

to a shuttle stop and want to know

when the next bus is coming, you’ll find

a unique identifier code at each stop.

Text that code to 41411 and you’ll

receive a text back telling you the estimated

time of arrival of the next bus

(any standard message/data fees may

apply). You can also find shuttle schedules/routes

at Breckenridge Station or


The Orange Route is best for exploring

downtown Breckenridge as it has stops

up and down Main Street.


Gondola station is located at 170 Watson

Avenue. It typically opens for the summer

in mid-June, when the Peak 8 Fun Park

opens, with hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When the Fun Park closes for the season,

usually in early September, so does the

Gondola. The Gondola is free to ride.

There is free parking near the Gondola

base and all free shuttles stop at Breckenridge

Station, which is also at the Gondola

base. You can take your bicycle on the

Gondola, but you will have to pay a bike

haul fee. If you’d like to take your dog hiking

with you, the Gondola is dog-friendly.

PARKING IN BRECKENRIDGE - You most likely won’t have to worry about parking while

you’re in town since many properties are just a short walk or shuttle ride from area

attractions. But should you find yourself in need of some in-town parking during your

stay, summer parking is a breeze. There are a number of free, three-hour lots and

parking spaces along Main Street. You’ll also find several lots close to Main Street that

offer free all-day parking.

WILDLIFE - Breckenridge is a haven for wildlife and, during your Breck trip, you’re

likely to come across at least some of the area’s native species. In addition to

about 50 species of birds, you might also see marmots, porcupines, foxes, deer,

and elk. While most animal encounters will pose little danger, always remember to

respect every animal’s space, keep away from their young, and always properly

store/dispose of food.

The most dangerous large mammals you might see in the Breckenridge area are

black bears, mountain lions, and moose. While these animals tend to shy away

from humans, sightings are not uncommon. If you’re out hiking, make noises as you

go so that you don’t startle any animals. If you come across one of these animals,

keep your distance. Talk to the animal in a soft yet assertive tone, don’t make eye

contact, and back away slowly while making yourself look big or spread out. If a

moose feels threatened (by unleashed dogs, for example), it may charge. Most

charges are bluffs, but you should still seek protection from trees or boulders.


thunderstorms are a common occurrence

in Breckenridge. You’ll want to

plan your outdoor activities for the

morning with a return by late lunch.

Mountain weather is fickle, so check

weather forecasts often. Thunderstorms

can sneak up on you. So, while

you’re out and about, keep an eye on

the horizon for clouds. If the clouds

start to build, watch them for lightning.

You should head back or get to shelter

as quickly as possible if the clouds start

to build and/or you see lightning. The

storm will get to you faster than you

think it will and lightning strikes pose a

real danger, especially above treeline.

ALTITUDE SICKNESS - If you’ve never been to

a high elevation before, you may feel some

effects of altitude sickness after you arrive.

Drink plenty of water before your trip and

keep that habit up after your arrive. Dehydration

can make the symptoms of altitude sickness

a lot worse. Focus on eating healthy

foods and not overexerting yourself once in

town. Symptoms of altitude sickness are usually

mild and can include headaches, problems

sleeping, nausea, and a loss of appetite.

In rare cases, altitude sickness can be more

dangerous. Symptoms like fever, confusion,

excessive drowsiness, or coughing up a frothy

saliva could indicate a severe form of altitude

sickness and you should seek medical treatment



You’ll have more than enough to keep you busy while you’re in Breckenridge. If,

however, you find yourself wanting to explore even more of the beautiful Rocky

Mountains during your stay, there are several options for some amazing day


FRISCO: Frisco is about 9 miles north of

Breckenridge on Highway 9. Chances are, you

passed it on your way into Breck. It sits on the

shores of Lake Dillon, where, during the

summer months you can go fishing or rent

canoes, stand up paddle boards, and more.

The Frisco Adventure Park features mountain

biking and disc golf. In town, there are plenty

of great shops, restaurants, and museums to

keep you busy all day long.

COPPER MOUNTAIN: Copper Mountain Resort

is a great summertime stop. You can go hiking

or mountain biking, play some golf, or maybe

enroll your kids in one of the summer camps.

There are a number of music festivals, too,

which tend to bring some great regional and

national artists. From Breckenridge, take

Highway 9 north to I-70 W. Take the interstate

to exit 195. Copper Mountain is approximately

19 miles from Breck.

KEYSTONE: You’ll find even more opportunities

for hiking and biking in Keystone, which is about

15 miles from Breckenridge. For family fun, the

Keystone Adventure Park has mini golf, a

bounce house, a climbing wall, and more. There

are two golf courses, stables, boat rentals, and

scenic lift rides. To get to Keystone, take Highway

9 north to Swan Mountain Road and turn

right. Continue on to US-6 E and take another

right. Keystone will be about a mile up the road.

Thanks to Breckenridge’s central location, there are a number of incredible destinations

within a short drive (way more than we’ve listed here, by the way). So,

get out there and explore. You’re bound to discover something amazing on your


VAIL: If you’re interested in hitting up

some world-class shops and restaurants

on your trip, Vail is a wonderful destination.

It’s full of incredible establishments

with everything you might ever want.

There’s also no shortage of great outdoor

activities, either, including horseback

riding, rafting, and fishing. Vail is about 40

miles northwest of Breckenridge. To get

there, take Highway 9 north to I-70 W

and continue on the interstate to exit 176.


among you who are feeling lucky should

head to Black Hawk or its sister city, Central

City. Between the two towns, which

are located less a mile apart from one

another, there are over 20 casinos. From

Breckenridge, take Highway 9 north to

I-70 E. Take the interstate to the Central

City Parkway, which will take you directly

into Central City. Continue through the

town to get to Black Hawk.


will love a day trip out to some of Colorado’s

amazing vineyards and wineries.

Many vineyards are located near Grand

Junction, which is about a three-hour

drive west of Breckenridge on I-70. But

you’ll find wineries throughout the state

(there are over 80 of them). If you take a

tour of any of these, you’ll discover that

Colorado’s brisk nights and warm days

make for some delicious wines.


For lodging options, give us a call at: 866-213-0547

or check out our site: BreckenridgeLodging.com



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