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Spring 2016

Avery warm welcome to our

stunning Spring issue.

As undpredictable as the weather

our magazine provides a varied mix

of reviews and features from around

the UK, but with a firm focus on

combining luxury and local

businesses from London, Surrey &


During the forthcoming months,

brunch becomes ever more popular,

with many of us choosing to dine alfresco

in London, Surrey and


We are blessed with many

restaurants serving up an array of

traditional favourites whilst

combining quirky and new dishes

for us to enjoy.

Brunch is an absolute pleasure, in

particular at the weekend, but more

and more of you are asking where

to eat during the week.

So, this is a starter for you to enjoy

as we explore and offer more and

more restaurant and brunch

reviews, over the following months.

If you have a favourite, why not let

us know and we can try, you may

even like to appear in our next issue!

Enjoy our brunch reviews.

The c’est luxe Lifestyle team

did yOu knOw..? You can pick this magazine up at the following key

locations; Waitrose, Tesco, Guards Polo Club, Wentworth Health Spa, 5 & 4 star

hotels, London Theatres, Tourist Information centres, golf and health clubs,

private members clubs, restaurants, cafés, shopping arcades, airports, train

stations and other luxury businesses.

Charity OrganisatiOns!

Do you have a forthcoming event and

need a little help with advertising?

Each month we give away a full page

to a deserving cause... interested?

Call us on 0333 200 58 58

COver image

London On-Water,

Yacht & Boat Show, 2015

The small print... Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, neither the publisher nor its editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim any

liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. lifestyle media Group south east ltd, publishers of c’est luxe

lifestyle is a registered, independent business and it’s publications are not associated in any way with other similar local publications. no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in

any retrieval systems or transmitted in any form-electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise-without the prior permission of the publisher. all artwork is accepted on strict

condition that permission has been given for use in this publication. adverts are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate. lifestyle media

Group south east ltd is registered with the Data Protection act and will not pass on or sell any customer details to a third party. © lifestyle media Group south east ltd. all rights reserved.

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Our selection of events to enjoy during April and May


Friday 1st april to

wednesday 6th april



Merchiston Castle School,


sunday 3rd april




thursday 7th april to

sunday 17th april


royal Academy of Music,


thursday 7th april to

sunday 10th april



United States of America.

saturday 9th april


Aintree racecourse,


sunday 17th april


GrAnD PrIx,


monday 18th april



United States of America.

saturday 23rd april


Trafalgar Square,


6 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

sunday 24th april

virgin Money



saturday 21st may


Wembley Stadium,


wednesday 27th april



Montpellier Gardens,


saturday 30th april to

sunday 8th may





sunday 1st may




Friday 6th may to

sunday 22nd may






sunday 15th may




Friday 20th may to

sunday 22nd may




Friday 20th may to

wednesday 15th June


Guards Polo Club,


sunday 22nd may to

sunday 5th June





tuesday 24th may to

saturday 28th may



Chelsea royal Hospital,

London .

tuesday 24th may to

sunday 29th may



Wentworth Golf Club,

virginia Water,


sunday 29th may


GrAnD PrIx

Monte Carlo.

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 7

8 l o o k i n l i f e s t y l e


5 Welcome

6-7 Events Guide

9 Contents

10-11 Creating Delicious

Memories with the Pudding Fairy

12-13 Share your photos, your

photos shared by you

14 Business - And the Award

Goes to...

16 Health & Beauty - Springtime

Hair Trends

17-21 Travel - The Lake District,


22 restaurant review - Hipping

Hall, The Lake District, Cumbria

24-32 Travel - from St Mawes to

St Ives

33 restaurant review - rick Stein’s

Fish, Falmouth, Cornwall

36 Brunch review - Ascot Grill,

Ascot, Berkshire

38 restaurant review - The White

Hart, Chobham, Surrey

40 Brunch review - Côte Brasserie,

Cobham, Surrey

42 Brunch review - The

Tablespoon, Sunningdale

44 The Best English Sparkling

Wines revealed

46-49 Health & Wellbeing -

Therapeutic Secrets of a Hot Tub

50-51 Health & Wellbeing -

Hypoxi - Weight Loss Innovation

52-53 Health & Wellbeing -

Memories Are Made With These

54-57 Three special events, one

great city

58 Business - A Celebration of

Town & Country


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Email sales@cestluxelifestyle.com

head Office

Lifestyle Media Group

South East Ltd

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with the Pudding Fairy

There’s an obvious common point between

school holiday activities with kids,

corporate events and birthday parties. no?

Oh come on. Whichever one you’re

organising, if you are anything like me, you’ll want it

to create great and long lasting memories. Whether

it’s family ‘souvenirs’ that your children will cherish

and hopefully talk about in many years to come; a

very personal touch that transforms an average

birthday celebration into a “Oh my God, my other

half (or family, or friends) have put so much thought

and details into this – with a little help, but you don’t

need to tell them that! I feel like the most loved

person of the planet and truly special.”; or a fantastic

customer experience that will make your corporate

guests spread the word about your business,

remember your brand and get attached to it. It’s

called evangelism I have been told. But I don’t do big

words like that (mainly since I still have trouble

pronouncing them with my French accent).

BE LUCKY! share your results – upload a picture of

your creation and your feedback on my facebook

wall (www.facebook.com/Puddingfairy) or on

twitter @lauremoyle, for a chance to win a half day

private baking/cake decorating/chocolate bespoke

lesson with me, for 2 people. Make sure to tag your

post/tweet with “#sharedeliciousness” to enter.


Of course there are lots of ways to achieve the

above. But for me, nothing says it better than the

perfect bespoke sweet treat.

It’s likely to be because most of my fondest

memories, the ones I can still picture vividly when I

close my eyes, are related to… cakes, chocolate and

all things patisserie that I have either received or

made for others: The giant chocolate éclair my

parents commissioned from our local Patissier for my

18th birthday; The all edible ‘Darcy Dog lookalike’

cake that Maisie, one of the most adorable 8 year

olds I know, discovered in her kitchen on the

morning of her birthday; the embossed, hand

decorated chocolate pebble favours created for a

couple sharing their wedding day with their friends

at their beach house: wrapped together with a

beautiful poem on love, pebbles and penguins; or

that really different ‘business card’ that happens to be

a delicious biscuit you scan for more info and… dunk

in your tea or coffee, enjoying a few minutes break,

whilst watching a short corporate video. Beats any

A4 brochure don’t you think!


Yes, this is what I do. Since I ditched years of (very

happy) corporate life for the one of an artisan

Patissier Chocolatier, I create delicious memories for

all sort of events. But since I am rather obsessed with

all things sweet, and holidays are upon us, and

summer (yes, it’s coming!), I have to get you involved

in it too. Trust me. It’s easy, fun and so rewarding.

1 0 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

c r e a t i n G D e l i c i o u s m e m o r i e s


I have picked 2 ideas for creating your own show stopper, Bake Off worthy treats that I have tried

and tested on many friends and family, very successfully. There’s even a no bake one

for complete beginners. So have a go for yourself, and create your own fantastic

food memories!

ADORABLE OWLS inspired by a picture i saw on Pinterest and school food tech

memories of ‘Roses des sables’, those owls are quick and easy to make, and so delicious they’ll

delight littles ones and big ones alike.

INGREDIENTS 300g chocolate chips; 340g cornflakes; 200g butter, diced; a punnet of

strawberries; a small ball of marzipan or white fondant icing or sugarpaste; orange food colouring;

50g cream cheese; 50g chocolate spread (nutella or other); a black edible pen (from cake shops

or online sites such as squires kitchen); Mini easter eggs (optional); a 12 muffin baking pan;

Greaseproof paper, large bowl, a spatula, a dessert spoon, a small pointy knife.

METHOD Cut 12 squares of greaseproof paper approx 3x3 inch; scrunch them to make them

more pliable, and use them to line the muffin tin holes. you can use a little butter at the bottom

if you find it helps the papers stick better • Gently melt your chocolate and the butter either in

a bowl over a saucepan filled with 1 inch simmering water, or in the microwave, in small bursts

of 30 seconds, mixing well between each burst, until liquid, smooth and just warm • Pour the

cornflakes in the melted chocolate and stir to combine • Using the dessert spoon, scoop

some cornflakes mix in each hole and press towards the edges to form little nests. Place in the fridge at

least 30 minutes to harden • Prepare your strawberries: Cut the tops off so you have a flat “bottom”, and scoop out a small

cavity of the inside with the pointy knife • Mix your cream cheese and chocolate spread well. Using the handle of the dessert spoon,

scoop a little of the mix inside each strawberry cavity • take the nests out of the fridge and remove them carefully from the tin.

Place a strawberry in the centre of each nest, and a couple of mini eggs in there too if you wish • to make the eyes of the owls,

make small balls of marzipan or sugar paste and add a dot of black with the edible pen. to make the beaks, tint a little of the

marzipan or sugarpaste with the orange food colouring. Roll out and cut small triangles. Use a little cream cheese to stick them in

place on each strawberries. Voila!

MINI DESSERT MUSHROOMS these are little more advanced but never fail

to provide a big WoW! effect. i use the swiss meringue method as i find it’s the most stable

to pipe the mushrooms.

INGREDIENTS 2 egg whites; Granulated sugar; ½ teaspoon vanilla extract; 100g dark

chocolate; 25g unsweetened cocoa powder; you’ll need a piping bag with a plain nozzle,

a small sieve, a large bowl, a pan with simmering water, small plastic bowl, greaseproof paper and a spatula. a stand alone

mixer is helpful (as the meringue mix needs to be whisked for several minutes) but you can achieve the same result with a hand

held one.

METHOD turn the oven on 100 degrees celsius • line several baking trays with greaseproof paper • to make the meringues,

place your egg whites and your sugar in a large bowl and whisk them briefly until they start foaming. Place the mix on top of the

pan of simmering water, and stir constantly for 2 minutes until you have a “liquid marshmallow” mix. remove the mix from the

heat, add the vanilla and whisk on maximum speed until completely cool. you should have a thick, glossy mixture that holds

firmly • transfer the meringue mix into the piping bag. for the mushroom feet, pipe tall columns of meringue about 1cm

diametre, lifting the bag upwards each time • Pipe the mushroom tops on different trays, this time pushing meringue mix close

to the tray to form half spheres about 2cms diametre. if the tops have a little flick on their head (from where you pulled the

piping bag away), use your finger dipped in cold water to gently press them down • Dust the tops with a little cocoa powder for

a more realistic mushroom effect and place in the oven for 1 hour, without opening the door. When an hour has passed, turn off

the oven but leave the trays in until completely cool. that’s why i like to bake those in the evening, so they can cool down

overnight • to assemble, melt the chocolate in bursts of 30 seconds in the microwave, mixing well each time, until smooth,

liquid and only warm. cut the top of each mushroom feet a little to get a flater surface, dip in chocolate and gently press a top

on. leave to completely cool and set before putting in little bags or on desserts.

My name is laure. i am a ‘franglaise’, born and brought up near lyon, living in the Uk since 1997.

After years in corporate roles, i came back to my first love of Patisserie and set up Pudding fairy having spotted a gap in the Uk market

for cakes that not only look beautiful but also taste fantastic. i now marry classic french recipes with elaborated chocolate work and

creative designs, often inspired from fashion, nature, movies and art. self taught, i spend all the time i can spare whilst running my

business and family life, training with some of the best pastry chefs and chocolate masters. i am on life long quest to pastry and

chocolate excellence.

e : wishforacake@puddingfairy.co.uk c : 07766 188 219 t : @lauremoyle v : www.puddingfairy.com

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 1 1



Enjoy our interactive feature and

share with us your magical moments

1 2 3

4 5

1 Harry & George enjoying a day

out in the Kent countryside.

2 Colourful Cornwall in Winter,

roseland peninsular.

3 Dexter has his own twitter


#dexspot. Photo taken during

the January sales curled up in

Moda In Pele, Windsor.

6 7

4 ryebeck Hotel, Windermere

dessert not for the faint hearted.

5 Windsor Castle shining brightly

this winter.

6 Original Dalek seen in

Sunningdale. As seen in the

lovely Peter ratcliffe gallery.

7 George seen with Grandma

Susan in rochester.


8 Stag in The Park.

Windsor Great Park

9 ruth with rugby World Cup

Winning Star Dan Carter.

1 2 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

10 Sunningdale Golf Club, 10th Hole

Old Course looking fine.

11 St Mawes in roseland, Cornwall.

12 Lake District signpost taken in

the beautiful town of Kendal.

13 Gizmo and Oscar just chilling.

14 Cheriff who always looks after us

in The Macdonald Hotel Windsor.

15 Mean & moody storm gathering

in north Cornwall.

16 Smile please Henry.

17 Harry with his ‘Man of the Match’


18 Perfect Sunday at Coworth Park,


19 Amazing double rainbow over

Padstow harbour, Cornwall.












s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 1 3

U s i n e s s

anD the aWarD


n r Group

natalia rotenberg and her hugely talented team have

demonstrated over the past two years that hard work, attention

to detail and delivering the highest quality interior design and

finishes to clients not only in the uk but also in europe and

russia have not gone unnoticed.

it is during the autumn, when the

design and construction industry

come together to celebrate and

recognise such companies and

projects at various ‘Oscar style’

awards ceremonies.

nr group specialise in high end

residential and commercial interior design from concept to completion -

from commercial properties to private residences, natalia and her team

provide the ultimate in luxury and functionality.

at Look in Lifestyle we have been privileged to be a part of the nr group

journey and it is a pleasure to see the

industry’s recognition for natalia and

nr group.

Back in september, the hurlingham Private Club was the venue for

‘the international design & architecture awards’ where nr group won the

‘residential swimming Pool Project award’ for a luxury project in Berlin,


Just weeks later it was on to the marriott

hotel, London for ‘the united kingdom

Property awards’ and espite facing the best

in the industry, nr group scooped 3 awards.

these included; winner of ‘Luxury Private

residence’ for a project in guildford, surrey; winner of ‘showhouse’ for

shaanti house, gerrards Cross and finally winner of ‘Luxury Private

residence’, saddlestones, st georges hill, surrey.

Later in October it was time for the ‘sBid awards’ at the dorchester,

London. here nr group

were nominated and

were finalists in the

‘Over £1m’ category.

the level of

competition is so high

and judged by leading industry experts so naturally natalia

is thrilled to be moving into 2016 with highly acclaimed

industry recognition.

Following on from the success of the closing months of

2015 the nr group already have a busy schedule to

embrace. 2016 starts with, what promises to be, a glitteringly

decadent, black tie fundraising event, which finds natalia

back in the elegant and familiar surroundings of

the dorchester...

1 4 C ’ e s t l U x e l i f e s t y l e

a P r i l 2 0 1 6 1 5

h e a l t h & b e a u t y



by our resident expert, Jeanne Van Zweel,

Director at Coupe Hair Salon, Sunninghill

What does Springtime mean to you? Longer days

and brighter mornings? April showers? Tulips

and daffodils? Lambs and fluffy chicks!

Springtime is all about rejuvenation which is

why it is the perfect month to reinvent yourself! You’ll see the

new season’s fashions hit the High Streets and some great

new make-up and hair trends will accompany these fashions.

So, how should you be wearing your hair for an on-trend look

this Spring?

Sleek Straight Hair Trend

If you’ve been looking after

your hair during the harsh

winter months then why not

embrace the Spring trend for

sleek, straight, shiny hair? Blow

dry your hair so that it is super

straight or apply some heat

protection serum before using

the straightening irons for a

sleek style.

For a change, sweep your

hair into a low ponytail but

make sure it’s poker straight for an on-trend look.

Even if you have wavy or frizzy hair, you can still make this

trend work for you. Consider having a revolutionary

Kerastraight Brazilian Blow Dry treatment – available at COUPE

Hair Salon in Sunninghill. This is a long-lasting smoothing,

straightening and repair

treatment all in one!

Pigtails and Plaits

Cute pigtails or plaits are big

news at the moment –

especially with teens and young

adults. Your plait can be as

simple or as intricate as you dare

but make sure it looks a little

messy. Pull out some strands or

from the actual plait… or you

might even consider sleeping in

your plaits if it’s not too


Short Spring Hair Ideas

Be brave and go as short as your

dare when it comes to your hair

this spring! The catwalks

showcased a lot of buzz cuts for

women – extremely short hair

that is either cut or shaved.

If the buzz cut is too extreme

for you, consider adding a short

fringe to a blunt bobbed hair cut.

Short fringes can either be cut

straight or in a more asymmetric

or jagged style. Your stylist can

advise you on which fringed look

will suit your face shape.

Scandi Wavy Hairstyles

If you’ve tried out the pigtail trend, you’re

already half-way towards achieving the

Scandi Wave look. This is a casual wavy

hairstyle where the gentle curls start a few

inches from your parting. This can be

achieved by removing your plaits and

raking your fingers through your hair to

reveal loose waves, or pop into your local

COUPE Hair Salon and we can create the

perfect waved hairstyle look using our

styling irons.

Whatever style you decide upon this Spring,

have fun with your hair!

For hair advice or to book an appointment,

please contact COuPe hair salon

or visit www.coupe-salon.co.uk for

further details.

1 6 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e


Enjoy our personal

reviews, previews and

experiences in our

travel guide.

s P R i n G 2 0 1 6 1 7

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W




1 8 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W


Discount for

C’est Luxe Lifestyle


s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 1 9

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W

2 0 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W




Lying in a leafy clearing above the

shores of one of Britains most iconic

lakes sits The ryebeck. A beautiful

peaceful and unpretentious

country house.

Don’t be mistaken this is a luxury hotel, in

the heart of the Lake District, where you can

relax with friendly, professional staff.

Enjoying beautiful views of Lake

Windemere, the charming ryebeck also boasts

five acres of gardens and grounds, individually

styled rooms and an award-winning


Spacious and bright bedrooms have been

elegantly decorated and furnished. Each room

features a flat-screen Tv and a private

bathroom, with some offering a private patio

or splendid lake views.

“Ruth & I very much

enjoyed our one night

stay at The Ryebeck

and look forward to

returning during the


The award-winning restaurant has two AA

rosettes and overlooks the gardens and the

lake, serving a menu that changes with the

season’s ingredients. Guests can unwind with

afternoon tea in one of the stylish lounges, or

on the terrace if weather permits. The

surrounding fells and countryside provide

beautiful walks, just moments from the hotel’s

doorstep. Beatrix Potter’s former home, Hill

Top Farm, is just a 30-minute journey over the

car ferry.

Guests of the ryebeck can use the leisure

facilities at the Old England Hotel in Bowness,

just a mile away.

Good food, fine wines and luxurious

accommodation have become their

trademarks. Let the staff at The ryebeck help

you unwind and show you why so many of

the guests return time-after-time.

the Ryebeck Country House & Restaurant

lyth Valley Road, bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria, lA23 3JP.

telephone : +44 (0) 15394 88195

fax : +44 (0) 15394 45986

Visit : www.ryebeck.com

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 2 1

e s t a u r a n t r e v i e W



Restaurant Review

Cumbrian Venison, Beetroot, Elder


Goat Cheese, sourdough, tomato

Riesling Generations, Axel Pauly, Mosel, Germany 2013

Pickled Mussels, Crispy leek

Savennieres, Les Vieux Clos, Nicholas Joly, Loire, France 2013

salt baked turnip, tunworth Custard, Granola

Dry Furmint, Dobogo, Tokaji, Hungary 2012

lemon sole,Pear, smoked Cabbage, Hazelnut

Fiano Paone Cantina del Barone, Campania, Italy 2012

Cumbrian Venison, beetroot, elder

Cru-Elles, Ludovic Engel vin, Languedoc, France 2014

bread and Milk

Chaudelune, Vin de Glace, Morgex, Italia 2012

Milk Chocolate, bay leaf, Quince

Pedro Ximenez, Gutierrez Colosia, Jerez, Spain

Coffee, Petit fours

Hipping Hall

Cowan bridge

kirkby lonsdale

lA6 2JJ

tel : +44 (0)152 427 1187

Visit : www.hippinghall.com

Hipping Hall, is a modern country

restaurant with 3 AA rosette

dining and luxuriously appointed


Sitting between the beautiful English Lake

District and the rugged Yorkshire Dales,

Hipping Hall is the perfect venue to explore

the very best of what the north-West has

to offer.

From the moment you park up at this

stunning Country House, you can feel the

stresses of every day modern life ebb away.

Hipping Hall offers the option to explore both

The Yorkshire Dales and The Lake District or

just stay and relax in it’s own beautiful and

tranquil surroundings.

Hipping Hall’s fifteenth century dining room

certainly offers a very unique dining

experience indeed and only serves to

enhance the menus on offer.

Head Chef Oli, and his team in the kitchen

take great pleasure in producing fabulous

food perfect for the rugged borders of

Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire. Dinner is

served every evening and Lunch on Saturdays

and Sundays.

The Dinner menu changes daily, but every

night a seven course tasting menu or a five

course table d’hôte menu is offered. Both

menus burst with local and seasonal flavour

and all dietary requirements are catered for.

It was the seven course Tasting Menu that

ruth and I opted to try, this reflects the

seasons and produce available, a centre piece

of wines and water served from the middle of

the dining room complimented the educated

and none intrusive service which was

impecable throughout, whilst providing drama

and theatre.

“I want people to sit

down and be blown

away by the food on

their plate but still be

able to identify what

the individual

components are.”

Oli Martin, Head Chef

For a truly different dining experience,

where you can enjoy real rustic flavours

combined with artistry and fine wines we

have chosen to award Hipping Hall our 2016

‘One To Watch Accolade’.

We must stress that Hipping Hall is not a

large hotel and with a small team and their

personal attention to detail, offers a unique

five star experience.

2 2 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

m a r c h 2 0 1 6 2 3

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W



North Cornwall


• Sleeps: 10 • Bathrooms: 3

• Change over: Friday • Bedrooms: 5

During our time spent undertaking

holiday reviews,we were lucky

enough to be invited to stay at two

differing properties both literally

next to the Atlantic Ocean on Cornwall’s north


In the summertime the beautiful turquoise

colour of the ocean blended with tropical

plants could create the illusion that you are in

The Caribbean. Perfect sandy beaches,rugged

cliffs and coves with tranquil areas of beauty

are abundant in this part of Cornwall.

However feeling brave and enjoying

exploring our wild side, we chose to

experience north Cornwall in Winter.

Yes, one of the many storms erupted and

created a 20ft Atlantic swell and 15ft waves

roaring and crashing onto the beaches. We

were not alone as many storm watchers and

walkers enjoy the raw beauty of this county.

Both properties we stayed in were alongside

secluded beaches and facing the prevailing

wind meaning fresh air was in abundance yet

only 10 minutes from beautiful Padstow or 20

minutes from newquay.

rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Paul Ainsworth

all have stunning restaurants nearby so fine

dining is the dish of the day...


Trevone is a great community with a local

store, surf shop, cafe and rather special

restaurant – and most importantly, two

fantastic beaches – one large and sandy, and

one rocky. Santa Marina is located right above

the beautiful sandy beach, the steps to the

which are within 10 metres of the front door.

The main sandy cove, which is ideal for sand

castle building, there are plenty of nooks and

crannies as well as great stretches of golden

sand. It is great for surfing also, with some

protection from south-west winds. You can

hire surfboards and wetsuits at Trevone at the

big beach shop. The Madrips cafe by the

beach serves good snacks all day and simple

good food in the evening during summer

months. Many consider Trevone a perfect

Cornwall beach.

Around the bay to the west is the rocky

beach, newtrain, which is perfect for rock

pooling or shell collecting and also features a

natural swimming pool. This is fantastic for a

swim away from the waves, particularly at

quiet times.

Up above the sandy beach there is fantastic

walking, past the blow-hole (a collapsed sea

cave) on round towards Hawker’s Cove, the

Camel estuary and Padstow. On the way, if

you are keen-eyed, you may even see the

‘smuggler’s passage’ hewn into the rocks of an



Padstow itself is very easy to visit from

Trevone – and for those who want to spend

many evenings in Padstow, Trevone may be

the first place to look for a suitable house. The

shopping in Padstow continues to become

more sophisticated and the choice of fine

dining or gourmet takeaway probably second

to none. There are boat trips to take from the

harbour – or just relax and watch the coming

and goings of fishing boats, locals and visitors.

A wonderful place for family summer

holidays, golfing breaks, amazing walks along

the coastal path, or easy journeys to many

places of interest, such as the Eden project or

King Arthur’s Castle at Tintagel.

There is a ban on dogs on the sandy beach

between 1st May and 30th September, but the

rocky beach remains dog-friendly. The cliff

walks and public footpaths also remain perfect

for exercising your hound, and we

consequently get plenty of dogs staying with

us in Trevone.

2 4 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W



North Cornwall

Alarge and luxurious house right by

the fantastic beach at Treyarnon

Bay, with aga, sauna, whirlpool bath

Two living areas and two balconies

with amazing views allow you to make the

best of this superb location, while a private

rear terrace and lawn are perfect for relaxation

and plenty large enough for ball games. A

short and easy walk to both Treyarnon and


The beach has a large expanse of sand with

a huge area of rocks and pools on one side,

popular for surfing but is most renowned and

enjoyed as a family beach. You will always

find shelter from the wind or sun with

hundreds of small caves and gullies. This

beautiful bay has small pools for shrimp

fishing at all tides with rocks to explore and

the well known natural swimming pool in the

rocks on the north side of the beach. To the

south of Treyarnon, pools run down the side

of the beach – perfect for learning to swim

and games.

In the car park over the summer is Gary’s

shop – almost a ‘tardis’ supplying most of

what you may want. It’s particularly good for

morning paper, bread or croissant and milk –

but really is always worth checking for

anything you may be after! On the short

causeway down to the beach, there is often an

ice cream van.


• Sleeps: 12 • Bathrooms: 4

• Change over: Tuesday • Bedrooms: 6

For more extensive shopping, you can walk

through the campsite up to Constantine Bay

Stores at the Des’ surf shop next door in about

10 minutes. Here you can buy a range of

quality foods and provisions as well as renting

or buying any surf equipment you want.

Surfing can be good at Treyarnon –

receiving plenty of waves, but with a little

more protection than Constantine alongside.

It is best at mid to high tide and the sea is

usually full with children and adults of all ages.

In conclusion holidaying in any of raintree’s

luxurious properties in this part of Cornwall

takes the whole experience to the next level,

as a company they work hard to ensure their

guests have the best of times, again and again.

ruth & I enjoyed spending a big part of the

Winter in Cornwall.

We look forward to sharing our experiences

about both contrasting properties in our next

issue. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate

to ask us about any of our reviews or


Raintree House Holidays ltd.

the old Airfield, st. Merryn, Padstow, Cornwall, Pl28 8PU.

telephone : +44 (0) 1841 520228

email : enquiries@raintreehouseholidays.co.uk

Visit : www.raintreehouse.co.uk

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 2 5

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W



North Cornwall

The Scarlet, located perched

overlooking Mawgan Porth beach

along the rugged north Cornwall

coastline between newquay and

Padstow, an eco-friendly hotel and spa.

We had been told about breathtaking views,

cliff top locations but nothing could have

prepared us for what we would encounter

during our visit during the Winter time. We

chose to book a day at The Scarlet during a

particular bad day when ‘Storm Abigail’ hit

the UK.

Upon arrival you can instantly feel that this

is a different spa experience than most - The

Scarlet is an adults only, contemporary hotel

and chic spa.

ruth and I decided to visit the spa and

experience some of the treatments - we

booked the cliff top hot tub experience

followed by an ayurvedic massage treatment,

2 6 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W

“Imagine views of cliff, sea and sky at every moment, light

airy spaces designed to connect you to the outdoors. It’s

hard to describe the unique atmosphere of the Scarlet.”

with the idea to unwind and experience what

was on offer to the full.

We were not disappointed: Hot tubs with

unspoilt views located on the cliff top was our

starter, we relaxed whilst stormwatching

looking out to the Atlantic Ocean only to be

then called out to our hot tub!.

Oh my, ruth and I experienced Mother

nature at her finest, 50mph winds sending

waves crashing onto the beach below us,

whilst we sat in a 40 degree hot tub not

daring to reveal our shoulders. The wind was

too extreme to drink champagne but this

exhilarating experience was somehow very

pleasurable and we both felt that a new script

and chapter was unfolding as we had never

experienced anything like this before.

We headed indoors to enjoy more time

inside this amazing spa, entering rooms with lit

by lanterns. The feeling here was very spiritual

and gave a sense of freedom and tranquility.

We both enjoyed an ayurvedic massage which

not only eased away stresses and strains but

balances your dosha energies.

Time is certainly forgotten here, you are

transported into a world away from normality -

not a clock insight, spa staff just appear

discreetly advising you when lunch is served

or to show you to a treatment or relax area.

With breathtaking ocean views, indoor and

outdoor pools and very unique rooms and

seating areas, The Scarlet successfully

combines Cornish and Eastern tastes and a

‘Spa Break’ is definitely recommended!

The wildness of north Cornwall added

something that will live long in the memory

and personally, we cannot wait to return.

the scarlet Hotel & spa,

tredragon Road, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, tR8 4DQ.

telephone enquiries : +44 (0) 1637 861 800

email : stay@scarlethotel.co.uk

Visit : www.scarlethotel.co.uk

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 2 7

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W



West Cornwall

Ruth and I recently enjoyed visiting

West Cornwall, being out-of-season

we managed to enjoy a true taste of

all it had to offer.

St Ives and Carbis Bay are some of the most

photographed parts of the UK, stunning

beautiful turquoise seas and evergreen

clifftops provide amazing coastal views that

look somewhat tropical all year round.

West Cornwall and in particular St Ives has

drawn the bucket and spade brigade for many

years, whilst many families do visit to enjoy

some of the best beaches found anywhere in

the world, Cornwall and in particular St Ives is

now adapting to attract visitors for alternative


Many of us remember visiting Cornwall as

children and what seemed like an endless

journey stuck in traffic jams, thankfully with

vastly improved road and rail links including

by-passes to major bottlenecks and towns,

both road and rail can leave you arriving in

Cornwall in less than five hours.

nearby newquay airport also offers daily

flights from Gatwick and London City Airport


ruth and I discovered huge changes been

made at The Tate, St Ives which re-opens this

coming May, drawing in artists and visitors

from around the world.

The town now boasts a plethora of

restaurants and tearooms, many awardwinning

and serving fresh, local. fish caught

that very same day.

Beach-side cafés such as Porthminster,

Porthgwidden and Porthmeor offer breakfast,

lunch and dinner overlooking the beach and


We enjoyed walking down the steep

pathway from Salt House to Porthminster

Beach café for a well-derserved breakfast

overlooking the beautiful town of St Ives and a

stunning half mile beach of perfect, golden


The town itself boasts galleries exhibiting

many local artists works, The Tate St Ives and

the world renowned Barbara Hepworth

museum which must be on your Cornish

bucket list.

St Ives has many beaches and each one

faces a different direction, so whether you are

looking for a sheltered spot or a beach to

enjoy watersports including surfing, St Ives

hits the spot everytime.


Our accommodation was luxurious and one

thing that Carbis Bay Holidays do understand

is that visitors expect more from their holidays.

Whether it be a quaint cottage in the town

or a detached rural retreat, Carbis Bay

Holidays have the experience and knowledge

that a family run business can offer.

2 8 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W

We were advised on days out, local attractions and hidden gems such

as the nearby Lizard peninsular to enjoy.

Salt House is a spectacular, award-winning exclusive retreat sleeping

10+ in five spacious bedrooms with four stunning feature bathrooms. It

boasts breathtaking panoramic views across St Ives Bay to Porthkidney

Sands, taking in Godrevy Lighthouse and miles of sandy beaches that

stretch up the north Cornish coastline. Located in the prestigious

Treloyhan area, this exclusive modern and unique home exudes style

and luxury, each room has been individually designed with furnishings

from Conran, Calligaris, Alessi and Heals, stylish feature bathrooms from

victoria & Albert, touches of Orla Kiely and Ligne roset with original

local artworks. All this is just a short walk to the beaches of St Ives and

Carbis Bay.

As soon as you walk into Salt House you are wowed by the

panoramic ocean views in front of you through the floor to ceiling

glazed doors that make up the entire seaward wall of the house.

Throughout the house these full height doors allow you to constantly

view the changing seascape outside, it has been cleverly designed to

allow you to wander in and out from balconies or the fabulous

landscaped terrace garden so that you are never far from the beautiful

surroundings. Every thought has been given to allow the sense of

complete peace and tranquility as you relax in this home from home.

Inside the beauty continues with a modern kitchen with high gloss

units, an expansive living area with contemporary ribbon fire, designer

furnishings and beautiful modern bathrooms, and all the gadgets any

discerning family could desire on a self catering holiday to this award

winning destination.


• Sleeps: 10 +2 infants

• Bathrooms: 4

• Bedrooms: 5

• Change over: Saturday

st ives Road, Carbis bay, st ives, Cornwall, tR26 2Rt.

email : enquiries@carbisbayholidays.co.uk

telephone : +44 (0) 1736 630 015

Visit : www.carbisbayholidays.co.uk

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 2 9

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W



South Cornwall

St Mawes located in the stunning roseland Peninsular of

Cornwall close to Falmouth is quite unique in that it gives a

feeling of being part of an island rather than being part of the


rolling hills, quaint cottages, a stunning harbour, a twinkling

lighthouse and a beautiful castle all make for a stunning backdrop.

St Mawes has some amazing properties and some amazing prices

to match so comes a reputation of being a playground for the richand-famous

also attracting royal visitors from time-to-time.

St Mawes Retreats can concierge your

holiday for you including; exclusive

motor launch, private dining and award

winning chefs cooking at Stargazers

just for you.

We chose to stay at a property perched above the town yet only

10 minutes walk into the pretty harbour and small town.

We made our stay at ‘Stargazers’ a contemporary, detached

property, one of five luxury holiday homes of differing sizes, available

to rent through St Mawes retreats. Stargazers offers breathtaking

panoramic sea views, nestled in beautiful landscaped gardens.

The property sleeps ten and is perfect for couples, large families or

family groups due to vast layout and style.

3 0 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W

Whether you are

looking for a short

weekend break of 3

nights, midweek break

of 4 nights or a week or

two week holiday we

would be delighted to

welcome you to

St Mawes Retreats.


ruth and I stayed during the Winter months, but still appreciated

the stunning views amongst the mild climate once settled in.

A gated driveway sweeps down and upon arrival, WOW! were

our thoughts and our words - the house is elevated, so the sea

views are truly amazing.

As we walked through the door of ‘Stargazers’ and through the

hall, instantly you are drawn into another world as this property

offers luxury with panoramic views across the estuary and the bay.


In the Master Bedroom, the huge bed was piled with silk cushions

in lime, crimson and fuschia overblown roses on a crisp white

cotton pique duvet. In front of the window were two leather

recliners separated by a coffee table of glass on a base of tangled

driftwood, the perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee and take

in the view, or the flat screen Tv on the wall, but why bother with


Bathtime is equally indulgent with a deep, oval bath, only

ehanced by the sparkly border tiles, his- and hers- sinks and to

compliment a huge walk-in shower.

A further pink bedroom with a deep magenta velvet headboard,

pretty crystal bedside lights and curtains covered with oversized

pink and purple peonies, truly a girls haven.

A teenage pad upstairs, under the eves with four beds was

decorated with purple crushed velvet, spangly curtains and silver

sequin cushions on the bed. With a bathroom across the landing

and a little balcony to look out on the stunning seaview. This

being on a separate floor means that teenagers can get away

from grownups and make as much noise as they like.

As if one huge living room was not enough, there is a second

sitting area, with cream covered sofas and so many cushions,

that there was barely room to sit down - but they did come in


The views from within Stargazers living areas have to be

experienced to be believed. A feeling of floating above St Mawes

and the sea as if one was captain of a ship as you look out at this

stunning vista.

Ships do pass by in the night and even a lighthouse twinkles

and offers a romantic sparkle to this amazing five star property.

All around the house are lovely art-works, including driftwood sculptures

and ink drawings of boxing hares. The living areas looked out onto the

beautifully landscaped garden, with shrubs, grasses and spiky plants. There

are paved areas where you can sit on wicker loungers and soak up the sun,

with paths among the foliage where children might play hide-and-seek.

St Mawes does differ somewhat from what you would expect in Cornwall

that has an abundance of luxury hotels, restaurants and even a chef that can

come to your property to cook dinner for you and your guests.

If your holiday experience and emphasis is on luxury then St Mawes and

the properties that St Mawes retreats offer should be your choice.

Despite ruth and I holidaying in the Winter, we still enjoyed a little

al-fresco dining and as for the most part, this corner of Cornwall remains

much more sheltered, so to allow such pleasures.

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 3 1

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W



South Cornwall

Moonrakers - sleeps 10 Dreamcatchers - sleeps 10

mOOnrakers is a luxury self catering home with a stunning interior

and features. Set in magnificent gardens and with breathtaking sea

views Moonrakers can accommodate up to 12 guests in exclusive style.

All bedrooms are fully ensuite and the property has a dedicated

Games room.

dreamCatChers is a fabulous luxury house, spacious, light and

modern with stunning sea views, and a private garden situated 200

yards above the waterside. Dreamcatchers commands magnificent

views of the harbour, the headland and out across Falmouth bay to

Manacle point and Helford river.

Sunseekers - sleeps 6

Shellseekers - sleeps 4

sunseekers is a beautiful, modern, 3 bedroom apartment situated

on the Esplanade in Fowey with stunning views of the river, Polruan

and out to sea. The property is furbished to a very high standard

and includes parking.

sheLLseekers is a fabulous two bedroom modern house, ideally

situated with private parking in the centre of St Mawes, Cornwall.

Shellseekers is the perfect house for couples and families who enjoy

luxurious, modern, high quality surroundings and require spacious

self catering accommodation!

st Mawes Retreats

luxury Cornish Coastal Houses

telephone Amanda on : 08000 88 66 22

Visit : www.stmawesretreats.co.uk

We have been taking family holidays in st Mawes for the past

12 years so we know what makes the perfect holiday house!

i am passionate about the quality of your stay and whether it is

a personal chef, concierge service or arranging childcare i can

arrange the perfect break or event with you.

3 2 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

e s t a u r a n t r e v i e W



Restaurant Review

Amritsari Fish

Rick stein’s fish

Discover Quay


tR11 3xA

tel : + 44 (0)1841 532700

Visit : www.rickstein.com

Rick Stein’s Fish

is a seafood


and take

away located in the

historic and maritime

town of Falmouth,

Cornwall. Falmouth is a

romantic port and boasts

one of the worlds best

natural harbours. An

atmospheric town that is exciting

and vibrant all year round, it was a

pleasure to be invited to enjoy dinner.

“It’s great to be in Falmouth... It has fabulous

fish and is a pretty and atmospheric.”

Rick Stein

During a very mild and windy Cornish

Winter evening, ruth and I were shown to our

comfortable seating which boasts a great

view and was also excellent for people


We knew this must be a good restauant as it

was mid-week and packed with all sorts of

colourful, local characters.

An obligatory white wine whilst we perused

the menu certainly gave us an appetite.

A sharing platter of a mix of freshly caught

fish was our starter which did not disappoint.

A mixture of flavours and cooking styles

meant that this tasted as good as it looked.

For our main course, ruth opted for good

old fashioned haddock, chips and mushy peas

whilst I was more daring and ordered the

Goan fish curry served on light and fragrant

fluffy rice.

neither of us could fault our meals, the fish,

freshly and sustainabily caught was perfect,

whilst the curry was spicy but did not

overshadow the taste of the cod.

This restaurant is simple in design and has a

menu that does not offer huge choices but

works well and offers an atmosphere and level

of service that is second to none.

We have been lucky enough to eat at many

of rick Stein’s restaurants and this certainly is

one of our favourites.

Despite enjoying fine wine, a starter and a

main, the weather outside was getting wild,

so we agreed that more more comfort food

was required. Sticky Toffee Pudding with

clotted cream was too good to miss, so we

both opted for this dessert and enjoyed this

very much whilst discussing and planning a

coastal walk to burn off the calories the

following day, maybe the whole Cornish

coastal path!

We would recommend this restaurant to

couples and families who want to go out and

enjoy a welcoming atmosphere, as there was

a mix of diners enjoying a special occasion

and others just out for a good, simple meal.

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 3 3

3 4 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

m a r c h 2 0 1 6 3 5

u n c h r e v i e W



Brunch Review

“A place for people

to meet, and enjoy

quality food, for

business or pleasure,

during the week or

on a weekend.”

As many of you have probably

experienced, Ascot Grill located at

the end of Hermitage Parade in

Ascot is renowned, both locally and

further afield, for lovely lunches and the place

to eat in Ascot for dinner.

A modern brasserie, perfect for dining with

friends, family or business colleagues, yet with

a stylish and refined atmosphere has now

dared to challenge others in the area in

serving up brunch.

nOw OPen daiLy FOr BrunCh

Brunch is now growing ever more popular

with not just the weekends to enjoy brunch

but weekdays becoming more social too.

Loic from Ascot Grill explained that he

wanted Ascot Grill to be enjoyed by people

either wanting to meet for business or

perhaps mums or dads wanting a place to

socialise after the school run or a trip to the


Put tO the test

We chose to try a Saturday morning, to really

put the guys to the test.

As we were greeted and showed to our

seats, we chatted with locals who we knew

and also to a table of four who were already

enjoying a hearty breakfast before heading off

to Ascot races.

ruth opted for potato waffle, smoked

haddock, poached egg and leek and

hollandaise sauce. This dish looked like it

belonged in a gallery, such attention to detail

and presented beautifully - the fish was

cooked to perfection and the sauce did not

over power it’s delicate taste.

A real Saturday treat and as brunch can be

enjoyed between 11am and 2pm this savoury

dish was an excellent way to awaken the


I tried to go for one of the healthy options

but was enticed in to trying the full English

breakfast. Again this meal was of an excellent

quality, with carefully sourced meats and

amazing black pudding.

All-in-all a substantial breakfast and an

excellent weekend treat and one of quality.

The menu does have a range of options

with healthier choices combined with

traditional favourites but with an added

Ascot Grill twist.

why ChOOse asCOt griLL

If you are looking for excellent service and

not a plate full of piled high food, but brunch

with creativity and quality then this is the

place for you.

A combination of diners, couples and larger

groups add to the ambience and music

combined with great acoustics means that we

feel that this is how brunch should be done.

Thank you to Loic and the team - we look

forward to spending some warm summer

days enjoying brunch in this stunning


Ascot Grill, 6 Hermitage Parade, Ascot, berkshire, sl5 7He.

telephone 01344 622 285

email : reservations@ascotgrill.co.uk

brunch : tuesday to saturday 11am-2pm and sunday 9.30am-2.30pm.

Within easy walking distance of Ascot train station.

3 6 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 3 7

e s t a u r a n t r e v i e W



Restaurant Review

the White Hart

High street



GU24 8AA

tel : +44 (0)1276 857 580

Visit : www.whitehartchobham.co.uk

The White Hart is located in arguably

the culinary capital of Surrey.

Chobham is a beautiful village and

one of its oldest buildings dating

back to the 1500s adds to the character.

We chose to review dinner here because

many of you have asked us "Have you tried

eating here since its renovation and name


“Rustic charm combined with a local

friendly feel and excellent food

means that this pub and restaurant

should be a must visit.”

The bar area has been moved and

restaurant changed but with a real fire and

prominent bar area as you walk in,a more

homely and rustic pub charm is instantly felt.

We chose to book a table in the charming

restaurant but did manage to enjoy a

refreshing and unique Gin prior to our meal.

A gin from Menorca made from grapes, no


ruth and I dined on a Saturday evening and

enjoyed olives before descending on Scallops

with a little twist, and a Salmon and Crab

starter. The healthy portions, which were

nicely presented, carried lovely flavours.

Service was knowledgeable and very

pleasant as we discussed Surrey walks and

even discussed ‘The voice’ during service.

For mains, ruth chose Sea Bream and I

opted for Pan-Fried Lamb. Both courses were

served piping hot and with an abundance of

seasonal vegetables.

Many restaurants choose now to offer

vegetables as an additional side order, so this

was a pleasant and most welcome change.

The fish mains was succulent and served

with a medley of Mediterranean vegetables

whilst the lamb served pink, with a pesto

crust dominated dauphinois potatoes, kale

and julienne carrots perfectly.

A new zealand Sauvignon washed down

our meals and a busy restaurant was

atmospheric without being too noisy or


Our puddings were Cheesecake and the

obligatory Sticky Toffee Pudding. Simple and

uninspired you may think, but taste and a little

modern twist meant we really enjoyed our

sugar rush.

In answer to our readers who asked us

about The White Hart, we heartily

recommend a visit here, so much so, we are

booking for when family visit us during the

coming months.

Without doubt the staff and surroundings

are lovely and match perfectly the charming

Chobham ambience and class, that this

village has.

3 8 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

a P r i l 2 0 1 6 3 9

u n c h r e v i e W



Brunch Review

“The staff and restaurant

thrives when busy and the

service and quality does

not decline in any way.”

Côte is located conveniently midway

along Cobham High Street.

Cobham has an abundance of cafés

and whether it be a weekday or

weekend, café culture is embraced in this part

of Surrey.

Finding a car parking space is

never easy in Cobham as we all

can testify, we advise to use

Hollyedge road Car Park, pay and

display. There are usually plenty of

spaces and it’s only a few minutes

to walk to the High Street.

We chose to dine on a Saturday

morning, armed with newspapers

from nearby Farrants mega

newsagents, we meant business.

Upon arrival we were met and greeted and

offered a choice of tables. A large restaurant

but yet, still intimate enough and although it

was only 9:30am a nice buzz and vibe was

instantly felt and appreciated.

Cappucino’s were served piping hot

although quite small, still strong enough to

hit the spot.

We both opted for a natural yoghurt pot to

start and then ruth decided to try scrambled

eggs and salmon whilst I opted for the full


We noticed that pastries appeared to be the

Saturday treat for many, whilst we devoured

our way through our chosen breakfasts. A

french twist added to these dishes did make

our dining experience feel a little bit unique.

One thing we do like about Côte Basserie is

the fact that the staff and restaurant thrives

when busy and service and quality does not

decline, as the staff seemed genuinely

interested and keen to please.

Whether you live in Cobham or are visiting

we would certainly recommend a stop here,

this restaurant is suitable for families, couples

and those wanting to start a special day with

a Bloody Mary or two. A balance of healthy

dishes alongside not so healthy treats with

gluten free options, make for a pleasurable


needless to say, Côte Basserie has to be

good as Cobham is blessed with a varied

choice of places to dine.

Côte basserie, 21 High street, Cobham, surrey, kt11 3DH.

telephone 01932 590 055

email : cobham@cote-restaurants.co.uk

opening times : Monday to friday 8am-11pm, saturday 8am-11pm,

sunday 8am-10.30pm

4 0 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 4 1

u n c h r e v i e W



Brunch Review

45 Chobham Road


sl5 0Ds

t: 01344 873105


Open daily every day

Monday to saturday

breakfast 9am-11:30am

lunch 12noon-3pm

Dinner 6pm-10pm


breakfast 9am-11:30am

lunch 12noon-4pm

No matter how many times we dine

at The Tablespoon in the beautiful

leafy village of Sunningdale, we

are never failed to be impressed by

the friendliness of the welcome and those of

fellow diners.

This modern brasserie located along

Chobham road looks striking and inviting and

does actually have a hidden space inside. A

secret small open air courtyard adds a unique

and quirky twist and transports you to the

feeling of being in a foreign country, even on

a colder morning, lovely blankets can wrap

you up warm and the fresh air combined with

a bucks fizz or bloody mary can help you

overcome a heavy night before!

There is limited off street parking, but we

would recommend you use the pay and

display located just off London road and walk

the very short distance past the lovely

independent shops that adorn Sunningdale.

Tables can be pre-booked or you can just

walk in when the mood takes you. Breakfast

is now served every day 9am-11:30am

The menu is varied with an emphasis on

quality sourced produce providing the

flavours, combined with pastries that are

baked on-site, daily, provide a real treat.

We dined for breakfast on a beautiful Spring

day and both opted for healthy carrot juices

before I tackled a stunning full English whilst

ruth opted for smoked salmon, poached eggs

and avocado.

We were feeling brave - and hungry so even

chose to have a side order of the buttermilk

pancakes. The sugar rush combined with

carbs did, for a short time, leave me with lots

of energy which soon evaporated half way

around virginia Water on our customary walk!

The Tablespoon has built up a reputation

that continues to get deservedly better and

breakfast here is a real treat and very

enjoyable experience.

now The Tablespoon is open during the

week, we often enjoy many breakfast

meetings here and our clients instantly fall in

love with this serene restaurant.

Credit to the owners and all the staff for not

having over complicated menus and, more

importantly, always serving up a smile.

should you wish to be selected for

review please call 0333 200 5858.

4 2 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

a P r i l 2 0 1 6 4 3

W i n i n G & D i n i n G



Laithwaite’s Wine

Laithwaite’s Wine have

always invested in

English Wine

production, and

nothing highlights this more

than our ever increasing

number of English vineyards

focusing on producing the

very best English Sparkling

Wines possible.

Over a year ago we were

approached by one of the

organisers of the

International Cool Climate

Wine Symposium (ICCWS) to

be held in Brighton this May,

who asked if we would

consider supporting the

event. Of course we jumped

at the opportunity to support

something that is very close

to our heart.

the tiers vineyard is in the second coolest and the wettest location in south australia,

the Piccadilly valley.

COOL CLimate wine

You may ask what a cool climate

wine is...? Well to answer that, it’s a

very broad definition and loosely

encompasses all wines that are

produced where the weather can

limit ripening and offers a serious

threat to damaging vines during

the winter months. This definition

includes regions such as

Champagne (France), Germany,

Alsace, new zealand, Tasmania

(and some other areas of

Australia), parts of the USA and of

course the UK to name but a few.

The ICCWS was first established

in 1984 and is designed to give

wine producers the opportunity to

come together and discuss the hurdles facing

them in cool climate regions, as well as all

other aspects of the wine business

surrounding these wines.

For a number of years now English Sparkling Wines have rivalled the

very best that Champagne and the rest of the World have to offer and my

top recommendations are as follows.

wyFOLd vineyard 2011: £29.99 per bottle

The latest vintage in the multi-award winning elegant sparkler from

the tiny Oxfordshire estate, it’s a classic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot

noir & Pinot Meunier, and delivers a rich toasty, apricot finish. Who

needs Champagne when you have an English sparkler this good?!

sOuth ridge Cuvee merret Brut 2013: £24.99 per bottle

Sparkling Wine fit for a Queen (and indeed was enjoyed at Her

Majesties 80th birthday celebrations), produced by the roberts

family in Sussex and named after the Englishman who

discovered the traditional method of producing sparkling wine

some decades before the Champenois in 1662. It’s a true crowd

pleaser and I haven’t met anybody who hasn’t fallen in love with

it when it’s been tried!

Further information and information about attending the

international Cool Climate wine symposium this may please go to


laithwaites Wine, london Road, GU25 4Qe (next to Piccolino’s Restaurant)

01344 840267 or email us virginawater@laithwaiteswine.com

laithwaites Wine Windsor, 121 Arthur Road, Windsor, sl4 1 RU

01753 866192 or email us windsor@laithwaiteswine.com

4 4 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

t r a v e l f e a t u r e & r e v i e W

am Pa ricl h 2 02 10 61 6 4 5

h e a l t h & W e l l b e i n G f e a t u r e



with Pools and Spas Direct

Warm water therapies have

proven effective throughout the

centuries. Greeks enjoyed

mineral and thermal water

baths as early as 500BC. The ancient romans

were so convinced of the therapeutic value of

thermal water that for 600 years their medical

treatments were almost exclusively centered

on the Baths. Spas and bathhouses have long

been popular in Egypt, Finland, Germany,

Spain and Turkey.

Massage works to relax muscles and

relieve pressure on nerves. It also boosts

circulation and accelerates the body’s natural

healing process. It’s used to promote

relaxation, release accumulated stress, and

gently stretch connective tissues.

Hydrotherapeutic massage is delivered in a

hot tub through an intricate and powerful

system of jets and jet formations.

Hot tubs today are used to alleviate stress

and aid sleep The jet-driven force of water

enhances circulation, digestion and skin

tone. Medical studies indicate that hot tub

therapy may also be helpful in treating heart

disease, arthritis, diabetes, lower back pain

and sleep disorders.

Spa and hot tub water therapies are highly

valued for their relaxing, rejuvenating, and

naturally rehabilitative qualities, and hot tubs

remain a favourite social setting.

All over the world, people are tapping into

the healing benefits of water in more ways

than ever before.


Approximately 10 million people in the UK

suffer from some form of arthritis pain. The

good news for these victims is that there are

safe and effective ways to both minimise the

discomfort and prevent further damage.

According to The Arthritis Foundation.

"Regular sessions in your hot tub help keep

joints moving. It restores and preserves

sttength and flexibility, and also protects your

joints from further damage. A hot tub fulfills

the need perfectly providing the warmth,

massage and buoyancy that is so necessary

to the wellbeing of arthritis sufferers. The

buoyancy of the water supports and lessens

stress on the joints and encourages freer


In a hot tub, three

key elements

combine to create

a therapeutic,



heat, buoyancy,

and massage


Did you know that relaxing in a hot tub can

help ease your body into a deeper sleep?

According to research the number of healthy

people suffering with sleepless nights is on

the rise.

Sleep researchers believe that many cases

of insomnia can be traced to hectic, stressful

lifestyles. The results of sleep deprivation are

varied and can include battered nerves,

grogginess, lapses in memory, depression,

and even erractic mood swings. rather than

reaching for the over-the-counter sleeping

aids, a simple solution to this dilemma may

be relaxing in a hot tub before bedtime.

Studies suggest that soaking in hot tub just

betore bedtime can ease the transition into a

deeper, more restful sleep. This may be due

to a temperature shift, since the body’s core

internal thermostat drops after leaving the

water, which signals the body that it’s time to

sleep. Or alternatively, the sleep improvement

may be related to hot water’s relaxing

properties - the buoyancy of water reduces

body weight by approximately 90%, relieving

pressure on joints and muscles, creating the

sensation of weightlessness. The hot swirling

water leaves you feeling both mentally and

emotionally relaxed.

4 6 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

a P r i l 2 0 1 6 4 7

h e a l t h & W e l l b e i n G f e a t u r e

Turn on the jets and

the pulsating water

massages the skin,

causing blood

vessels to dilate,

thus increasing

blood flow which

allows muscles to

loosen and relax

status (as measured in pain duration and

intensity and back flexibility) of the spa

treatment group than of the medication-only

group. After six months, significant

improvement continued in the spa therapy

group. In addition their use of analgesics and

anti-inflammatory drugs had decreased.


recent studies give new hope to the

thousands who suffer from diabetes. It simply

stated that hot tub therapy "helped a group of

Type 2 diabetics reduce their blood sugar

levels and improve their sleep patterns”.

The group of Type 2 diabetes patients

were studied for three weeks. The patients

were required to soak in a hot tub for thirty

minutes a day, six days a week, for the

duration of the study. The results were

astounding! The patients’ average blood

sugar levels were reduced by an average of

In addition, hot tub-induced sleep is a

natural remedy, unlike alternative sleeping

aids such as prescription drugs, over-thecounter

remedies and alcohol - all of which

can make you feel groggy and have adverse

side effects.


Ask anyone who owns one and they will tell

you that they feel better after using their hot

tub. And there’s always been anecdotal

evidence that the hot water and jets of a spa

relieve back pain.

A study published in the British Journal of

rheumatology offered evidence that hot tub

therapy has both short- and long- term

benefits for people with lower back pain. A

further study, by a group of researchers in

France, showed that after three weeks of

consistent hot tub therapy, examinations

showed more improvement in the health

4 8 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

h e a l t h & W e l l b e i n G f e a t u r e

13%, and one of the subjects was able to his reduce his daily dose of

insulin by 18% after only ten days of the study.

In reference to these findings, it would seem that hot tubs are

especially helpful for patients who are unable to exercise.


The link between stress and illness should be of interest to anyone

concerned with their health. We all have stress in our daily lives

relating to work, family and society. Mental tensions, frustrations and

insecurity areamong the most damaging types of stress.

Affected by stress, the heart works harder, breathing becomes more

rapid and shallow, and digestion slows. nearly every process of the

body is degraded. researchers have estimated that 80% of disease is

stress related. Since we usually can’t avoid it, the key to dealing with

stress is relieving it.

A soothing and relaxing soak in a hot tub can help counter act the

causes of stress and its effects on the human body - it is the perfect

antidote to a hectic and stressful lifestyle.


Both professional and ‘weekend’ athletes can use their hot tubs to

aid in repairing sore muscles and injuries. neck and back pain, sports

injuries, muscle pulls, spasms and soreness are often eased simply by a

quick dip in your hot tub.

Your hot tub can also be used as preventive medicine. When you

immerse yourself in the hot water of a whirlpool, the temperatute of

your skin and muscles rise, causing blood vessels to dilate and thus

increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles. Tum on the jets and the

pulsating water massages the skin, increasing blood flow even more.

The result? Your skin and muscles loosen and relax from the increased

blood circulation.

So, you can improve your athletic performance by using your hot

tub both before and after you exercise:

Before you exercise soaking in a hot tub relaxes your body and

loosens muscles, making exercise easier and reducing the risk of injury.

A pre-exercise soak will also help improve your performance.

After exercising soaking in a hot tub is a great way to wind down

and relax your muscles. The hot, swirling water embraces you...

massaging your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves and feet. But

most importantly, hot tub use after you exercise will greatly reduce or

even eliminate the stiffness typically felt the next day.


Then there’s those times where you just want to shut the entire world

off. Imagine escaping to your garden at night, by yourself and just

soaking the stress away, while you stare up at the stars? We promise,

you’ve never experienced anything like it.

numerous independent studies have proven that a warm water

massage stimulates the release of endorphins - the body’s natural ‘feel

good’ chemical. Your hot tub will enhance your sense of wellbeing,

and leave you feeling fresh, clean and ready to tackle life’s daily


Pools & Spas Direct Ltd, Windlesham Garden Centre (rear car park)

London Road, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6LL. Tel: 01344 873323

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 4 9

h e a l t h & W e l l b e i n G



Weight Loss Innovation

“An incredible weight loss innovation

that targets stubborn problem areas and

converts fat into energy without the need

for a strict dieting regime.”

Hypoxi®Studio Sunninghill

For many the new Year often consists

of a new exercise regime or plan with

the ultimate goal of acheiveing our

dream figure.

For me, no matter how many times I walk

around virginia Water Lake, there are still areas

of my body that I would like to work on and

improve. We all see celebrities such as

victoria Beckham and Cheryl Fernandezvercini

(pictured) looking amazing in figurehugging

dresses and naturally think ‘why can’t

I look as good as they do?’

Ruth baker is a professional

relaxation therapist, Reiki

and seichem practitioner,

based in sunningdale,


07590 984915




Well, their secret lies within the lovely village

of Sunninghill, close to Ascot.

A stunning studio located discreetly off the

High Street is now entering its second year

and building a reputation for a revolutionary

method of body shaping. I was given a

personal tour of the studio and felt instantly at

ease and relaxed in this environment. I even

spoke to some of the ladies who were

enjoying treatments at the time - many of the

ladies I spoke to and the owner (who is clearly

passionate and very hands on) explained that

HYPOxI® treatments are now a regular part of

their exercise regime which they have

embraced and enjoy.

5 0 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

f e a t u r e

“I lost an unbelievable 17cm from

my hips, buttocks and thighs in just

under 3 weeks. So excited to be

able to redefine my figure in such

a natural way. At first I was quite

sceptical but now I know HYPOXI

definitely works!”

Mikki, 38, Wentworth


Problem zones affecting women around the thighs, hips,

bottom and stomach are particularly stubborn, as

metabolism is extremely sluggish here due to poor

circulation. The revolutionary HYPOxI-Method combines

high and low alternating pressure treatments with

moderate training thus increasing circulation in problem

zones. Fatty cells from these particular areas are thereby

carried by the increased circulation and are used as energy

by the moving muscle.



Women going through menopause will know-what used to

disappear after a few days with a bit of sport and selfrestraint

when eating suddenly presses very stubbornly

against the waistband of their favourite jeans. During this

time overall metabolism slows down and the production of

female hormones drops significantly. This results in

unfamiliar fat deposits on the stomach and the surrounding


This is where the HYPOxI-Method comes in-activating

circulation in the most natural way and thus bringing the

metabolism back to it’s peak giving millions of women

around the globe their confidence back!



A beautiful body is enhanced by beautiful skin. The

HYPOxI-Dermology machine is specifically designed to

tone and smooth the skin. This treatment takes place in

comfort while lying down. 400 activation chambers, which

are incorporated in a special suit, massage the skin with a

foR Use only AtSUMMARY

HyPoxi®-stUDio, sUnninGHill

gentle intensity. The persistent change in pressure

bridge Works, bridge Road, sunninghill, • berkshire Targeted fat sl5 burning 9nl from tel: bums, 01344 hips, 566280 thighs / and 07807 stomach

strengthens and tightens skin and connective tissue. What’s


• Firming and toning

more, toxins and built-up lymph can email: be better info@hypoxisunninghill.co.uk Visit: hypoxisunninghill.co.uk

• Improving circulation and metabolism

removed, whilst the regeneration * A choice process of treatments the skin and are available - offer valid during February 2016 only

connective tissue is activated.

Be own creator of a beautiful body with HYPOXI!

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 5 1

h e a l t h & W e l l b e i n G



Boots Opticians, Ascot

An eye check can give a good indication

of the health of your eye, and can also

sometimes spot the signs of underlying

health conditions such as diabetes or high

blood pressure.

Anyone can develop sight problems, but

some people have a higher risk of eye

disease. It’s especially important to have

regular eye checks if you are above 60 years

old or from a family with a history of eye


In our social media world it’s clear that a

good proportion of our memories would

be made up of images, so looking after

your eyes is really important.

It’s easy to neglect your eyes because they

rarely hurt when there’s a problem. visiting an

optician and having an eye check won’t just

tell you if you need new glasses or a change

of prescription, it’s also an important eye

health check.

It not only helps identify potential problems

with your eyesight before they develop but

also provides a window to your overall health,

before you’re aware of any symptoms – many

of which can be treated if found early enough.

having reguLar eye CheCks

It’s important to check your vision regularly, as

your sight changes throughout your life, but

eye checks reveal much more about your

general health, than just how well you can see.

Your eyes play a vital role throughout your life,

so it is worth caring for them.

Getting an eye health check at least every

two years is a simple step you can take to care

for your eyesight. And if you have children,

they could be entitled to a free nHS funded

eye check.

PrOteCting yOur eyes

Your eyes are exposed to light from a range

of sources but in some cases this can be

harmful to them.

uv rays - Your eyes are up to ten times

more sensitive to Uv damage from the sun

than your skin is. never look at the sun

directly, even when something exciting is

happening, such as an eclipse. Doing so can

cause irreversible damage to your eyesight

and even lead to blindness. Several studies

also suggest that sunlight exposure is a risk

factor for cataracts.

Protecting your children’s eyes, as well as

your own, is particularly important as a large

proportion of the eyes’ lifetime exposure to

Uv can happen before the age of 18.

Look for glasses carrying the CE mark,

which ensures they offer a safe level of

ultraviolet protection.

Caring FOr yOur ChiLdren’s eyes

As a parent you’ll want to give your child the

best start in life, which is why looking after

their eyes is important too, especially because

they are still growing. Here are some simple

ways to look after your child’s eyesight:

• Children do not usually complain about

their sight, but may show signs of not

being able to see properly.

• Things to look out for include sitting close

to the Tv, holding objects very close to

their face, blinking a lot, eye rubbing, or

one eye turning in or out.

regular eye checks are particularly

important in childhood because they:

• Check how well your child can see

• Look at how healthy their eyes are

• Help identify problems early to prevent

them developing a lazy eye.

5 2 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

f e a t u r e

“In the same way as

you go for a check up

at the dentist every

six months, so you

should have your

eyes checked

regularly, usually

every two years. We

only get one pair of

eyes and we need to

look after them.”

Boots Opticians

BOOts OPtiCians, eye CheCk

Having an eye health check is a key part of

keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

At Boots Opticians, Ascot we want it to be easy

and affordable for you to take care of your eyes.

your eye check with us will include:

• An eye health check including digital retinal

photography, which helps us to monitor the

health of your eyes.

• Checks on your eyesight and advice from our

professional optometrists on whether you need

a prescription or if your eyesight has changed.

• Advice from our team on all the options

available to you.

BOOts PrOteCt Lenses

At Boots Opticians in Ascot if your eye check shows that you need glasses to see better, the

optometrist will work out your lens prescription. They offer a choice of lenses and finishes

to help protect your eyes, keep your glasses in tip top condition and to suit your lifestyle and


Boots Protect - Boots Protect lenses are scratch resistant and reflection free.

Boots Protect Plus - Include the benefits of Boots Protect, and are also dirt, water and

smudge resistant for clearer vision and easy care.

Boots Protect Plus Blue - Include all the benefits of Boots Protect Plus and selectively filter

out 20% of the blue violet light which is around us every day.

Boots digital enhance (single vision only) - For everyday use these lenses include all the

benefits of Boots Protect Plus Blue. They also help eyes feel less tired and more comfortable

when using digital devices and can make smaller characters easier to read.*

ChOOsing yOur PerFeCt Frames

The right pair of glasses can make a real difference to how you see, look and feel, of course

the lenses are a big part of finding your perfect pair, but so too are the frames. With our

Boots Opticians Personaleyes Frame Consultation we’ll make sure you find the perfect

glasses to suit your style and budget.

• expert knowledge - Our fully-trained optical consultants will guide you through the entire

range, which has thousands of frames including designer brands like Ray-Ban and Police

(frames which are not usually stocked in Ascot can be ordered in).

• Feel in control - We know choosing glasses can be overwhelming, so we’ll take the time

to answer your questions.

• your comfort - Once you’ve found your perfect pair, we’ll make sure they fit properly.

BOOts everyday OFFers

At Boots Opticians we give you great value without compromising on quality, currently we

have some great savings for over 60s:

• Save 25% on your first pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses.

• Plus get every additional pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses half price**.

* Based on a consumer study of 76 subjects. ** Terms and Conditions apply - see website for further details.

boots opticians, 61 High street, Ascot, berkshire, sl5 7HP.

telephone 01344 622913 - call charges apply

open Monday to saturday 9am-5.30pm

Visit www.boots.com

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 5 3

three sPecial events



With just under four months to go,

preparations are already well

underway for ‘Prestige London', ‘The

London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car

Show’ and the nEW ‘London On-Water Yacht & Boat

Show’ which will all take place at Old Billingsgate

and St Katharine Docks in London, between 4th-

6/7th May.

With much of the space at Old Billingsgate already

sold and with berths selling fast at London On-

Water, this will be a truly extraordinary event.

With fine exhibits, seminars, fashion shows,

stunning on-water displays and exclusive cocktail

receptions, whatever you are doing at the beginning

of May, be in London and come to this extraordinary



Show tickets are now available to purchase online,

with up to 50% discount off the ‘on-the-door’ price.

To visit ‘Prestige London', ‘The London Yacht, Jet &

Prestige Car Show’ and ‘London On-Water’ and to

receive regular news updates in the lead up to the

Show, please visit http://londonyachtjetandprestige


5 4 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e


Held alongside The London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show, ‘Prestige London’ features an

exclusive presentation of companies engaged in the following luxury industries:

* Prestige real Estate

* Interior Design

* Luxury Furnishings

* Fine Art and Sculpture

* Exclusive Audio visual Technology

* Fine Watches

* Jewellery

* Objets d’Art

* Fashion (Haute Couture)

Presented at the beautiful Grade II listed Old Billingsgate building, located on the banks of the

river Thames, just a few minutes from Mayfair and Knightsbridge, this event is designed to

appeal to those who enjoy the finer things in life. Supported up by a superb selection of Thames

side champagne bars and restaurants, this is a wonderful event to visit with friends or clients,

during the day or of an evening. There is something to suit all tastes and wonderful displays to


s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 5 5


One of the major attractions of this event is the participation of

nearly all of the world’s top super yacht builders: Lürssen Yachts,

Amels, Abeking & rasmussen, Blohm + voss, nobiskrug,

Fincantieri, Sunrise, Westport, Princess and Azimut among others

will all be exhibiting at the event, showing guests the latest yachts

launched, such as Lürssen’s exquisite 298 ‘Lady Lara’ and a wide

variety of designs of the future.


Building on the fantastic display of prestige cars at The London

Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show 2015, this year’s event will present

even more superb cars, including for the first time Ferrari and

Lamborghini. Possibly the most special car at the event will be the

ultra-exclusive ‘Ferrari LaFerrari, the fastest road-going car ever

built by the famous Italian brand. However, we have several more

very special surprises, which you may well think tops even this!


Getting from A to B with speed, comfort and safety has never been

more important and an ever-growing part of this prestigious event

is dedicated to private jets and helicopters. From the world’s

leading private aircraft manufacturers to the companies who sell,

charter and lease them, this event puts you in touch and helps you

to understand the options available. With a supporting Seminar

also planned, this part of the event at ‘Old Billingsgate’ is not to be


5 6 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e


Luxury real estate investment in London is

hitting new heights, with record prices paid

for properties seemingly every week.

Entering this market blind, however, is

fraught with dangers so if you are thinking

of investing in London property, come and

see the experts exhibiting at the Show, such

as Harrods Estates, who can advise you

where and when to invest.



With entertainment and client networking

an important factor the event will feature

enhanced facilities to accommodate this.

With several areas to drink, eat and enjoy

the company of friends, this event offers the

perfect venue to socialise, where fun and

enjoyment is very much the word. With the

addition of the beautifully stylish Upper

Gallery at Old Billingsgate to the event, plans

are well underway to host a series of highly

informative seminars on Luxury Assets, while

a full-scale Fashion Show, in association with

Fashion Tv and featuring some of the world’s

leading designers, will add even more to this

unique occasion.



running alongside ‘Prestige London’ & ‘The

London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show', this

event will run over four days from

Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th May at St

Katharine Docks, London’s premier marina.

Held for the first time in 2015 this event has

been rebranded, significantly developed,

expanded and extended.

In addition to a collection of the world’s

finest new yachts and powerboats, St.

Katharine Docks will now host a vibrant

marketplace of pre-owned 10m-40m boats

for sale, all shown in their natural habitat -

on the water. These yachts and boats will be

presented by professional yacht brokers and

boat dealers from all over the globe.

To develop the event to greater heights,

London On-Water is delighted to announce

a partnership with YachtWorld - the world’s

largest online marketplace of boats for sale.

For more information on London On-

Water, please visit www.londononwater.com.

“With entertainment and client networking

an important factor ... ‘Old Billingsgate’ is

the perfect venue, where fun and enjoyment

is very much the word.”

s P r i n G 2 0 1 6 5 7

u s i n e s s



Crowne Plaza, Gerrards Cross

Ruth and I often get asked from our

readers, both online and in person, if

we could recommend a good

quality hotel for business, complete

with conference facilities and spa, close to

Heathrow but not located in London.

With so many choices we thought we

would give the newly renovated and

refurbished Crowne Plaza in Gerrards Cross

a try. Described as “a celebration of both

town & country” the 138-bedroomed four-star

hotel, spa and events centre is set at the base

of the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding

Beauty and is just 17 minutes from the centre

of London providing the ideal weekend

retreat for city dwellers seeking an escape,

or business trip base.

Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross Hotel,

oxford Road, south bucks HP9 2xe.

Visit www.cp-gerrardscross.co.uk

telephone 01753 893891

The hotel has totally been transformed from

its previously dated predecessor having been

inaugurated into the Crowne Plaza portfolio,

the hotel promises to deliver the quality and

trusted service synonymous with the Crowne

Plaza brand, and now clearly looks and feels

like a swish, central London hotel.

The Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross boasts an

impressive list of individual parts adding up to

one unforgettable experience.

The restaurant is modern and is rare in that

it actually does not feel like a hotel restaurant

but like a stand alone eatery.

With a lovely gym and spa area, large

conference facilities and close proximity to

The Chilterns and London, the location of this

hotel is going to prove popular.

a great CaPitaL aLternative

We were impressed with the style and feel

of this hotel, efficient and very business like

and one that we would recommend to those

wanting to conduct business in excellent

surroundings, close to the heart and

convenience of the Capital.

5 8 c ’ e s t l u x e l i f e s t y l e

m a r c h 2 0 1 6 5 9

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