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Sika-Design Affäire

The Affäire Collection from Sika-Design


PRODUCT INFORMATION TABLE TOPS For our Nicole table base we offer a versalite, rubberwood or teak top. Our teak tops are from reclaimed teak wood. TEAK TOP VERSALITE TOP RUBBERWOOD TOP RUBBERWOOD TOP AVAILABLE IN: Ø: 80 CM - PCØ80 70X70 CM - PC70X70 AVAILABLE IN TAUPE: Ø: 80 CM - PVØ80 70X70 CM - PV70X70T 80X80 CM - PV80X80T AVAILABLE IN NARURAL: Ø: 80 CM - PKØ80U 70X70 CM - PK70X70U INDOOR USE ONLY AVAILABLE IN ANTIQUE: Ø: 80 CM - PKØ80A 70X70 CM - PK70X70A INDOOR USE ONLY TABLE BASE Nicole table base is made of aluminum. TEAK ITEMS To complement our collection of rattan items we have developed an original series of teak products. All our teak items are made of old reclaimed teak from old houses, fishing boats and railroad supports. The rustic teak items will appear with repairs and fillings and the general characteristic that old wood will have. TEAK FOR INDOOR USE: LUCAS DESK - 9470D L110 D60 H73 LUCAS BENCH - 9222D CHARLES COUNTER STOOL - 1054D CHARLES STOOL - 1053D ROGER STOOL - 9125U L100 D26 H45 W48 D30 H68 W48 D30 H49 W40 H51 (MAY VARY) 30

MICHEL TABLE - 9452D Ø120 H73-74 MICHEL TABLE - 9458D Ø80 H73-74 SHELLY SHELVES - 4055D W100 D40 H211 LOW SHELLY SHELVES - 4054D W100 D40 H100 LUCAS MIRROR - 4990D - 4970D W90 H180 - W70 H100 LUCAS CONSOLE - 9471D L140 D40 H90 ALEXANDER COFFEE TABLE 9465D L130 D66 H40 ALFRED COFFEE TABLE 9462D L140 D55 H40 ALFRED COFFEE TABLE 9468D W80 D80 H40 ALFRED COFFEE TABLE 9467D W60 D60 H40 LUCAS EXT.TABLE - 9474D L200(280) D100 H73-74 LUCAS TABLE - 9444D L240 D100 H73-74 LUCAS TABLE - 9472D L180 D100 H73-74 TEAK FOR OUTDOOR USE: GEORGE ROUND TABLE - 9446U Ø160 H73-74 GEORGE ROUND TABLE - 9442U Ø120 H73-74 COLONIAL TABLE - 9475U L200 D100 H73-74 COLONIAL TABLE - 9460U L160 D100 H73-74 JULIAN TABLE - 9464U L140 D40 H54 GEORGE EXT. TABLE - 9480U L200(280) D100 H73-74 GEORGE TABLE - 9440U L240 D100 H73-74 GEORGE BENCH - 9240U L220 D40 H45 31