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An Occasional <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Editor: Jan Gane<br />

<strong>August</strong> <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Postal Address: P.O. Box 66 Innaloo WA 6918<br />

Meetings: Anglican Parish Centre, Brompton Road,<br />

Wembley Downs.<br />

Viewing and acceptance of Sale-by-Tender lots 7.pm 7.30pm<br />

Meetings Commence: 7.45<br />

Contents:<br />

Page 2<br />

Page 5<br />

Page 6<br />

Page 7<br />

Page 9<br />

Page 10<br />

Page 11<br />

Page 12<br />

Editor’s Comments, <strong>Stirling</strong> Happenings<br />

President’s Report<br />

Stump the Experts<br />

Mail lost in Truck Blaze<br />

The Parcel Detectives<br />

Annual Competition Guidelines<br />

Syllabus, UK First Stage Postage Rates<br />

Committee Details

Editor's Comments:<br />

I'm indebted to Brian Austin for a<br />

good deal of copy for this<br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong>. Editing, and finding<br />

articles for the publication has in<br />

the past come quite easily this,<br />

the seventh for me, was a little<br />

more difficult. So thank you Brian.<br />

As mentioned elsewhere in the<br />

newsletter Dave and I went to the<br />

UK for a holiday and it gave us an<br />

opportunity to have a look around<br />

at various Stamp and Postcard<br />

shows and we were lucky enough<br />

to coincide the holiday with<br />

“Midpex” a biannual open day in<br />

Coventry, with 40 specialist<br />

societies and 41 dealers in<br />

attendance. There were some<br />

splendid displays put on by the<br />

societies, whose main aim of the<br />

open day is to attract membership.<br />

Dealers in attendance sold<br />

anything from the 20p box (not<br />

many of these I'm afraid) to the high<br />

ticket dealers selling upward of<br />

£500. Its difficult to judge how<br />

many people attended we were<br />

there the whole day and crowds<br />

really didn't seem to diminish at all,<br />

and at some stands it was those<br />

with the hardest shoulders who<br />

won out. It was interesting that we<br />

should travel 12,000 miles and<br />

come face to face with another<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Society member<br />

Brian Whittaker!<br />

Please feel free to submit articles of<br />

any length for this newsletter. They<br />

will be most welcome and<br />

acknowledged.<br />

Jan Gane.<br />

f<br />

2<br />

New Members<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Society has<br />

been very fortunate this past six<br />

months to see the membership<br />

grow.<br />

We welcome our new members:<br />

George Szekely<br />

Mike Clancy<br />

Hans Zommer<br />

Mary Kelly<br />

Jeff, Yvette and Rick Trinidad<br />

David Hartley<br />

S t i r l i n g P h i l a t e l i c S o c i e t y<br />

committee and members were<br />

saddened to hear of the death of<br />

Leonie Purdie, our sincerest<br />

sympathies go to Geoff and Allison<br />

Elliott and to Graham and Scott<br />

Purdie.<br />

John Hay, a long time member of<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong>, retired to Queensland in<br />

2000 passed away in May. John<br />

was a great collector of Australia<br />

and Christmas Island and was very<br />

supportive of junior philately. Our<br />

thoughts go to his family.<br />


January:<br />

VALE<br />

f<br />

Monster Sale by Tender, This event<br />

on the <strong>Stirling</strong> calendar continues<br />

to be an excellent means of<br />

revenue for the club. Although<br />

there were not as many lots this<br />

year as last, and with predicted<br />

temperatures in the high 20s, we

did not get as many buyers as last<br />

year. It was still a worthwhile<br />

evening for vendors and buyers<br />

alike with some excellent bargains.<br />

The committee has decided to<br />

continue with the monster Sale-by-<br />

Tender for another year.<br />

February, was the Frugal Philately<br />

Competition. The rules were<br />

simple: put together a display that<br />

costs as little as possible in a<br />

maximum of 5 pages. Trevor Lacy<br />

gave the vote of thanks and<br />

explained how difficult it could be to<br />

acquire modern postally used<br />

material. Those who displayed<br />

were Graham Berry, Peter Martin,<br />

Russell von Bergheim, Bernard<br />

Buckland, Rod Bowden, Brian<br />

Whittaker, Jan Gane. Rod Bowden<br />

made a compilation of the new<br />

postal rate (50c) introduced the<br />

previous month. The competition<br />

was jointly won by Russell von<br />

Bergheim and Peter Martin<br />

congratulations to all members<br />

who entered, as usual there was a<br />

tremendous variety.<br />

In March: those who displayed the<br />

Letter J were Geoff Elliott, Giles<br />

Harford - “Jamaica”? no she went<br />

by herself…, Brian Austin, David<br />

Wood, Jan Gane, Peter Martin,<br />

Mike Adams, Hans Zommer, Wally<br />

Bruijn, Bernard Buckland, Brian<br />

Whittaker and Russell von<br />

Bergheim. As usual there was a<br />

diverse range of material covering<br />

stamps, entires, postmark, slogans<br />

and postcards.<br />

In keeping with the last few years,<br />

April's display had military<br />

overtones and the membership<br />

was treated to 80 pages of splendid<br />

in-depth postal history by Gordon<br />

Darge, his “New Zealand Forces in<br />

the Great War”, showed us what<br />

gold medal material looks like a<br />

vote of thanks was given by Penny<br />

Wells.<br />

A fascinating publication<br />

for anyone interested in<br />

this subject is “Hospital<br />

Ships from the Great<br />

War” by Tony Allen and<br />

available from Chelwood<br />

Walk Holgate, York,<br />

England, YO26 4UH.<br />

May's display was Whales, Mike<br />

Adams gave us an insight into the<br />

social philatelic side of whales, and<br />

how their by-products are used.<br />

Russell von Bergheim displayed<br />

o v e r 2 0 s h e e t s o f t h e s e<br />

magnificent beings, Graham Berry<br />

also contributed to our knowledge<br />

of this remarkable mammal.<br />

The June meeting saw the<br />

erstwhile President, Jan Gane, off<br />

on holidays in England and the<br />

Vice-president, Russell von<br />

Bergheim down with a throat<br />

infection. Brian Austin chaired the<br />

meeting and we had the usual<br />

successful sale by tender and<br />

bumper raffle.<br />

This was the night for the results of<br />

the big treasure hunt. While only a<br />

handful actually brought along their<br />

efforts, others had tried but had not<br />

brought anything. This was<br />

because they thought they could<br />


not enter unless they had one of<br />

everything.<br />

On this score it was pointed out that<br />

the treasure hunt was about having<br />

a good time with your stamps and<br />

just because you did not have one<br />

of all the items did not mean that<br />

you should not enter.<br />

Even if it was just one stamp, it was<br />

worth putting it in and having a go.<br />

Stamp displays are about seeing<br />

other people's stamps and what<br />

they managed to get. It's a “Life,<br />

be in it” exercise and all members<br />

were encouraged to have a go for<br />

next year. The prize for the most<br />

votes went to Brian Austin's entry,<br />

even if some people thought that<br />

the Tuart Hill local post looked a bit<br />

suspect (?!) and Graham Berry<br />

won the draw from the hat. Points<br />

went to Hans Zommer for having a<br />

letter and photograph of his<br />

Indonesian friend Muhammad Ali.<br />

As usual what was there was<br />

enjoyed by all.<br />

July's Annual General meeting saw<br />

the President still off in England<br />

and the Vice-President off in Sri<br />

Lanka. This left it to the rest of the<br />

Committee to run the AGM which<br />

was chaired by Brian Austin. Jan's<br />

president's report was read out and<br />

reports were given by Brian as<br />

Treasurer and George Strickland<br />

as Circuit Secretary. Mike Adams<br />

stepped in as Returning Officer<br />

and a new Committee was elected<br />

with Russell as President and with<br />

s o m e n e w a n d s o m e o l d<br />

Committee members.<br />

Congratulations and welcome to<br />

4<br />

the new crew. As part of the<br />

Treasurer's report Brian gave a<br />

rundown on the finances and<br />

r e c o m m e n d e d t h a t t h e<br />

subscriptions for <strong>2003</strong>-04 be<br />

increased to $14.00 per annum.<br />

This was discussed and agreed by<br />

the membership. Thanks were<br />

given to the former Committee by<br />

the members and there was no<br />

general AGM business.<br />

After another full Sale-by-Tender,<br />

the display for the evening was<br />

President's Choice which the<br />

President had advised was some<br />

covers A to Z. Unfortunately not<br />

too many were able to bring covers<br />

A-Z but Brian Austin and Graeme<br />

Berry provided an interesting<br />

range of material for everyone to<br />

look at. Mind you Brian did point<br />

out that the letter X is a bit of a<br />

difficulty. It was as usual a good<br />

meeting.<br />

Ed's note: - Thanks to Brian Austin<br />

for reporting on June & July.<br />


The <strong>Stirling</strong> committee is encouraging<br />

all members to display in the WAPC<br />

Swanpex Club Class Competition all<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> entries will be paid for by the<br />

Society. Rules are easy and less<br />

formalised than the State competition<br />

rules.<br />

• From 5 to 15 sheets<br />

• Competitors must not have<br />

gained a Silver Medal or higher in<br />

State competition.<br />

There have been some wonderful<br />

displays put out at <strong>Stirling</strong> over the<br />

last year nearly all of which would be<br />

ideally suited to Club Class or Cygnet.<br />

Entry forms will be available at the<br />

<strong>August</strong> meeting

Presidents Report:<br />

I feel very honoured to have served<br />

as president of <strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic<br />

Society for the last three years.<br />

Particularly satisfying has been the<br />

increase in membership with 12<br />

new members this last year. Also<br />

very pleasing is the quality of Circuit<br />

sheets, and the diversity and<br />

balance each meeting brings with<br />

displays and the quantity and range<br />

of sale-by-tender items each night.<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Society extends a<br />

wealth of knowledge to its<br />

m e m b e r s t h r o u g h m i n i<br />

competitions, workshops and<br />

challenging displays where all<br />

members are encouraged to<br />

participate. Other than our invited<br />

display of New Zealand Forces in<br />

the Great War, no evening had<br />

fewer displays than three<br />

participants. The night with the<br />

most participants was the letter J<br />

were 12 people brought along<br />

displays. Our inaugural Frugal<br />

Competition brought 7 displays (8 if<br />

you include Brian Austin's late<br />

display due to his appendicitis).<br />

The two workshops this year were<br />

interesting and informative, with<br />

Censored mail in October and a<br />

Stump the Experts night in April.<br />

More than 18 people attended each<br />

workshop it is therefore rewarding<br />

for the committee to see that<br />

arrangements for extra evenings<br />

are worthwhile.<br />

Congratulations to everyone who<br />

displayed their collections, 20<br />

different members displayed over<br />

the year, whether it was one stamp<br />

or 80 pages that you shared with<br />

us, it is wonderful to see such a<br />

broad range of collecting interests.<br />

Special congratulations to Brian<br />

Whittaker on winning the Senior<br />

trophy, Bernard Buckland on<br />

winning the Novice Trophy, and to<br />

Peter Martin and Russell von<br />

Bergheim on being joint winners of<br />

the Frugal Competition.<br />

Sincere thanks should be extended<br />

to everyone who participates in the<br />

Circuit sheets and the Sale-By-<br />

Tender, whether as a vendor or a<br />

buyer your contribution adds much<br />

needed funds to allow this club to<br />

function.<br />

As this is my final term as president<br />

I would like to thank the committee<br />

for their guidance and friendship<br />

and the membership for their<br />

confidence. I'm sure that <strong>Stirling</strong><br />

will continue to grow both in<br />

members and in innovative ideas.<br />

Jan Gane, 18th June <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

f<br />


that <strong>Stirling</strong> has a<br />

comprehensive library,<br />

members may borrow<br />

books for the month.<br />

There are five new<br />

publications.<br />

The committee thanks<br />

Pat Milne for her kind<br />

donation of her research<br />

work on the Post Offices<br />

of the South West.<br />

These 5 publications are<br />

available to borrow.<br />


<strong>Stirling</strong> Stump the Experts<br />

Workshop: Some observations,<br />

A report by Brian Austin<br />

The <strong>Stirling</strong> workshop on "Stump<br />

the Experts" was a successful<br />

forum bringing together a range of<br />

the philatelic "know-alls" and<br />

showing just how much knowledge<br />

there is out there. A range of<br />

queries on all sorts of aspects of<br />

stamp collecting and philately were<br />

raised and answered. As in any<br />

attempt to stump the experts there<br />

were one or two items that left a bit<br />

of doubt but the majority received<br />

clear answers.<br />

The experts covered the field of<br />

Australia and states, British<br />

Commonwealth and foreign, postal<br />

history and markings, printings,<br />

papers and Cinderella items. I<br />

won't name them all - but suffice to<br />

say it was venerable brains' trust of<br />

philately.<br />

The format of the evening was<br />

based around a large table, around<br />

which the 20 or so attendees sat.<br />

Someone would table their item<br />

and raise the query about it.<br />

Various suggestions might be<br />

made on the spot from people and<br />

the item would then be passed<br />

around for closer inspection. This<br />

enabled everyone at the meeting to<br />

see all the items, why they were of<br />

interest and what the answer might<br />

be to the query. Items which you<br />

may not ordinarily look at when put<br />

on display become of interest when<br />

you know something about why<br />

they are of interest and end up in<br />

your hands as they are passed<br />

around.<br />

6<br />

Items offered led to some other<br />

related points for discussion.<br />

Vibrant discourse about stamps<br />

from a range of people, some of<br />

whom might be classed as experts<br />

and others as just collectors,<br />

showed at times that there is not<br />

that much difference when it<br />

comes to some items. When you<br />

do not collect in a particular area it<br />

is surprising how the most basic<br />

collector in that area can tell an<br />

expert in another field something<br />

about it.<br />

What’s your opinion? An item presented<br />

at “Stump the Expert” (reduced).<br />

In addition to the round table<br />

discussion, at one point the lights<br />

were turned off and a range of<br />

material was displayed under ultraviolet<br />

lights. I say lights as we had<br />

both a short wave UV lamp and a<br />

long wave UV lamp present.<br />

These show up different reactions<br />

on the phosphor bands of different<br />

stamps. It is amazing how some

comparatively dull stamps brighten<br />

up in hues of bright pink, blue,<br />

yellow and orange under the<br />

lamps.<br />

Some of the queries posed<br />

included: A block of 4 of Trinidad<br />

postmarked with an AIF CDS of<br />

1916 was noted as derived from<br />

the Australian squadron serving<br />

with the British navy in the West<br />

Indies during World War 1.<br />

expertising committee as the<br />

watermark looked right, the<br />

margins looked right and the<br />

general condition of the stamp<br />

looked right. The owner was seen<br />

to be smiling about this one.<br />

As they say, for all those who did<br />

not attend you missed a great<br />

evening. I personally would look<br />

forward to a similar event being<br />

held in the future. I am sure that all<br />

those who attended would be on<br />

the look out for something to bring,<br />

if not just to dig out that lurking<br />

oddment that they were never quite<br />

sure of. Check in your own<br />

collection - I'm sure that you would<br />

have something that you're just not<br />

that sure about.<br />

The real Macoy or forgeries?<br />

A cover from Australia to England<br />

with a 1d rate from the 1930's<br />

bearing no commercial markings<br />

as such, was noted as being<br />

commercial mail, as it was<br />

unsealed and so available for<br />

inspection. The 1d rate related to<br />

the unsealed nature and would<br />

have been the appropriate seamail<br />

rate within the British Empire.<br />

An undenominated label with an<br />

Arabic design on it was recognised<br />

as a Cinderella produced in France<br />

around the turn of the century<br />

probably as a demonstration of<br />

printing capability.<br />

A Ceylon 4d rose imperf (cat. 4,500<br />

p o u n d s ) w h i c h h a d b e e n<br />

purchased "as is" was considered<br />

worthy of submitting to an<br />

7<br />

Mail lost in truck blaze<br />

A truck carrying mail caught fire in<br />

Coolgardie yesterday, causing an<br />

estimated $1 million damage.<br />

Many Medicare claims cheques<br />

were destroyed.<br />

Australia Post will try to contact<br />

companies who sent mail<br />

destroyed in the fire.<br />

The fire is not being treated as<br />

suspicious.<br />

Western Australian Newspapers<br />

08-08-03 page 33<br />

f<br />

Exhibition Results:<br />

Jan Gane was the only exhibitor from<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Society to compete in<br />

the National Exhibition in Tasmania.<br />

Jan attained a Large Silver with<br />

“Sheqels 1980 - 1985”.

The Parcel Detectives:<br />

CAR parts, false legs and even<br />

parachutes, its amazing what gets<br />

lost in the post and ends up at the<br />

Parcelforce Worldwide National<br />

Hub recovery centre in Coventry.<br />

This is how the parcel detectives<br />

track down missing mail and return<br />

it to their rightful owners.<br />

Led by Paul Bastock, the team of<br />

four detectives has dealt with<br />

7,000 parcels since the recovery<br />

c e n t r e ' s r e l o c a t i o n f r o m<br />

Manchester in July 2002 - that's<br />

250 a week!<br />

"People probably think they have<br />

got lost,” he said, "but in fact they<br />

are usually just undeliverable:<br />

address incomplete, handwriting<br />

illegible, street name wrongly<br />

spelt, and sometimes no address<br />

at all."<br />

As well as parcels the centre deals<br />

with a number of suitcases and<br />

holdalls which are sent through the<br />

post. Many people at the end of the<br />

holidays have too much luggage to<br />

fly with, said Mr Bastock, so to<br />

avoid incurring excess baggage<br />

charges they just post their<br />

Card returned from UK to Lower King WA.<br />

8<br />

l u g g a g e b a c k t o t h e U K .<br />

"Unfortunately, some become<br />

separated from their address<br />

labels and this is where our<br />

problems start. When a package<br />

comes to the centre the team open<br />

it and try to trace the customer from<br />

its contents.”<br />

Sometimes there is hardly anything<br />

to go on,said Mr Bastock, it's<br />

mainly just clothes and you can't<br />

tell much from them. A note is taken<br />

of the contents and description of<br />

the bag and they are all put on a<br />

database.<br />

Australia Post Return to Sender green sticker PM181<br />

Some of the contents make the<br />

mind boggle like false legs and<br />

parachutes but the majority of<br />

contents are quite conventional<br />

such as books, computers and<br />

electrical equipment. If unclaimed<br />

these goods go to auction, with the<br />

money raised going back to<br />

Parcelforce Worldwide to offset<br />

compensation claims arising from<br />

loss.<br />

Many customers don't try to trace<br />

their lost items or can't provide<br />

proper details to customer service<br />

staff, so they have to make a<br />

compensation claim, and the<br />

money raised from the sale of<br />

recovered items helps offset this, h

Bernard Fitzpatrick, like the rest of<br />

his colleagues, has a few stories to<br />

tell: "We have become quite adept<br />

at detection work," he explains.<br />

"Last year we received a package<br />

of Aston Martin car parts, things like<br />

badges which I imagine are quite<br />

e x p e n s i v e . A D u t c h m a n<br />

purchased one of these cars and<br />

these antique items were posted to<br />

him. Enclosed were registration<br />

documents so we tracked him<br />

down through those. "Recently we<br />

opened a parcel from Japan, and I<br />

found a Japanese telephone<br />

number which I rang and left a<br />

message. Later I received a call<br />

from a lady who recognised a<br />

photograph of a baby l had found<br />

and described, and as a result we<br />

were able to return the parcel to<br />

Japan, complete with baby photos.<br />

"We always do our best to reunite<br />

items with the customer, but<br />

sometimes it's just not possible and<br />

that is very sad. I can't emphasise<br />

strongly enough that people should<br />

ensure that they package and<br />

address parcels correctly, and if<br />

they do send suitcases they should<br />

put a contact address inside. It<br />

really could save a lot of heartache<br />

and inconvenience," said Mr<br />

Fitzpatrick.<br />

Reproduced from Focus- May <strong>2003</strong> p11<br />

Ed note: We traveled over 3500 miles when we<br />

were in the UK and every trip without exception<br />

there was a Parcelforce truck. It would be<br />

interesting to know how many vehicles they<br />

have.<br />

f<br />

If you’ve never displayed before<br />

Give it a go in <strong>2003</strong><br />


Quiz Night<br />

A team from <strong>Stirling</strong> consisting of<br />

Brian Austin, Rod Kantor, Barry<br />

Ingram and (non member) Andrew<br />

Watson compiled the questions for<br />

this year's annual quiz night.<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Society was<br />

represented by one team this year<br />

team consisting of Peter Stewart,<br />

Graham Berry, Jan Gane and Dave<br />

Gane. However <strong>Stirling</strong> members<br />

were representing other clubs and<br />

had an enjoyable and profitable<br />

night every one went home with a<br />

p r i z e t h e w i n n i n g t e a m ,<br />

representing Wanneroo won the<br />

major prizes. Congratulations,<br />

Mike Adams, John McPhee,<br />

Graham Singleton and John di<br />

Biase. We look forward to some<br />

interesting questions next year.<br />

Home for Philately<br />

Dedicated members of the WAPC<br />

and PSWA are still pursuing a<br />

Home for Philately. Negotiations<br />

with the City of Nedlands have<br />

fallen through and a letter of<br />

proposal has been sent to the<br />

M i n i s t e r o f H o u s i n g f o r<br />

involvement with the Sunset<br />

Community Village<br />

f<br />

Don't forget if you want to receive<br />

the circuit sheets at home you<br />

must be in credit with the Circuit<br />

Secretary and have signed the<br />

circuit form. George Strickland will<br />

be happy to hear from you, his<br />

phone number is 9447 7801<br />


th<br />

Annual Competition <strong>August</strong> 27<br />

Novice Trophy<br />

Entry to the Novice Trophy is open to<br />

any club member who has not won a<br />

club or State Competition award.<br />

All participants will receive a<br />

certificate of participation. The<br />

overall winner will be awarded the<br />

Annual <strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Novice<br />

Trophy.<br />

Each entry is to be made up of 6 to 15<br />

sheets of which one may be the title<br />

or plan page and need not have any<br />

stamps or philatelic material on it.<br />

The subject of each entry is<br />

unrestricted.<br />

Judging points to be awarded as<br />

follows:<br />


35 points for writing and general<br />

layout.<br />



30 points for application of<br />

knowledge from any source.<br />


20 points Relative to the Title<br />

Page<br />

• APPEAL:<br />

15 points for general eye appeal<br />

to the viewer.<br />

All entries are to be handed to the<br />

c o m m i t t e e p r i o r t o t h e<br />

commencement of the <strong>August</strong><br />

meeting.<br />

All entries will be judged by an<br />

independent accredited philatelic<br />

judge.<br />

f<br />

Please bring a plate to<br />

the <strong>August</strong> meeting ~ this is<br />

our major social evening.<br />

10<br />

Open Trophy<br />

All members are invited to submit an<br />

entry for the annual club trophy,<br />

including past winners, but not<br />

previous winning entries.<br />

All participants will receive a<br />

certificate of participation. The<br />

overall winner will be awarded the<br />

Annual <strong>Stirling</strong> Philatelic Society<br />

Trophy.<br />

Each Entry is to be made up of 12 to<br />

15 sheets of which one may be the<br />

title or plan page and need not have<br />

any stamps or philatelic material on<br />

it. The subject of each entry is<br />

unrestricted.<br />

Judging points to be awarded as<br />

follows:<br />


30 points for writing and general<br />

layout.<br />



35 points for extra knowledge<br />

beyond the normal catalogue.<br />

• CONDITION:<br />

15 points Relative to age and<br />

availability.<br />


10 points Relative to the Title<br />

Page<br />

• APPEAL:<br />

10 points for general eye appeal<br />

to the viewer.<br />

All entries are to be handed to the<br />

c o m m i t t e e p r i o r t o t h e<br />

commencement of the <strong>August</strong><br />

meeting.<br />

All entries will be judged by an<br />

independent accredited philatelic<br />


SYLLABUS <strong>2003</strong> - 2004<br />

<strong>2003</strong><br />

AUGUST 27 Society Competition Night<br />

SEPTEMBER 24 All Members ~ Malaysia ~ Red Cross<br />

OCTOBER 22 All Members ~ Bugs & Butterflies<br />

NOVEMBER 26 All Members ~ Christmas Charity Night<br />

DECEMBER No Meeting<br />

2004<br />

JANUARY 28 Monster Sale-by-Tender<br />

FEBRUARY 18 The Letter S<br />

MARCH 24 All Members ~ A Treasure Hunt<br />

MARCH 31 Workshop<br />

APRIL 28 Invited Display: Dr Bruce Haynes ~ Military Mail<br />

MAY 26 All Members ~ 1990 onwards ~ Modern Postal items<br />

JUNE 23 All members ~ Western Australia 3 - 15 pages ($50 Prize)<br />

JULY 28 AGM ~ President's Choice<br />

Please note the February 2004 meeting will be held on the third Wednesday.<br />

Circuit Sheets be available each meeting except January.<br />

Members are requested and encouraged to bring items of interest each month.<br />

A Sale-By-Tender is held each meeting night.<br />

f<br />

Swanpex <strong>2003</strong> will be held at the<br />

University Guild Function Centre<br />

again this year on October 11th and<br />

12th.<br />

The venue is easy to find and the<br />

parking is free and plentiful. Entry<br />

forms for exhibiting in all State<br />

Classes and Cygnet (One Frame)<br />

can be obtained from the committee.<br />

Souvenirs are selling fast and<br />

details can be obtained from Peter<br />

Martin on 9527 3509 or Jan Gane on<br />

9447 5990.<br />

f<br />


Fremantle Passenger Terminal<br />

9-12 September 2004<br />

Full National Exhibition<br />

11<br />

f<br />

First stage postage rates for sealed<br />

letters - inland UK.<br />

1d 10 Jan. 1840 to 2 June 1918<br />

1½d 3 June 1918 to 31 May 1920<br />

2d 1 June 1920 to 28 Mlay 1922<br />

1½d 29 May 1922 to 30 April 1940<br />

2½d 1 May 1940 to 30 Sept. 1957<br />

3d 1 Oct. 1957 to 16 May 1965<br />

4d 17 May 1965 to 15 Sept. 1968<br />

Two-tier post from 16 september 1968<br />

all unpaid/underpaid mail was treated<br />

as 2nd class.<br />

4d 16 Sept. 1968 to 14 Feb. 1971.<br />

Decimalisation from 15 February 1971<br />

(note: postal strike)<br />

Information from the Postage Due Mail Study<br />

Group, May <strong>2003</strong>.

Committee contact numbers<br />

If you need to phone a member of the committee please remember that<br />

members are contactable as follows:<br />

We're happy to talk with anyone anytime about anything,<br />

but please not after 9pm.<br />

Russell von Bergheim 9247 3915 (President)<br />

Peter Stewart 9446 7186 (Vice President)<br />

Graham Berry 9447 7256 (Secretary)<br />

Brian Austin 9349 4214 (Treasurer)<br />

George Strickland 9447 7801 (Circuit Secretary)<br />

Jan Gane 9447 5990 (Librarian)<br />

Immediate Past President Jan Gane<br />

Sale by Tender Officers: John McPhee & Trevor Lacy<br />

Other Committee members:<br />

Dave Gane, Garry McBride, Penny Wells, Hans Zommer<br />

Life Members:<br />

Wally Bruijn, Geoff Elliott, Theo van Boheeman, Peter Stewart.<br />

A reminder that all members are invited and encouraged to bring along items of<br />

interest to supplement every evening's display.<br />

<strong>Stirling</strong> has a comprehensive library of philatelic material, as members you are<br />

entitled to borrow books on a monthly basis. If you would like to suggest a new<br />

publication let the committee know.<br />

Members of the Society can be contacted through jan_dave@iinet.net.au<br />

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the committee or members.

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