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After abortion, a female

After abortion, a female may suffer several adverse effects like cramps, muscle pain, abdomen pain, and pain in the pelvic region, inflammation of vagina, drowsiness, fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. Female should take care herself after abortion for at least next 48 hours- If you feel unbearable pain and fever then take a single painkiller, Ibuprofen. Do not insert intrauterine device, weapons and tampons after abortion as it may cause vagina contamination. Avoid intercourse strictly as it may increase the risk of getting pregnant. Avoid swimming and bath in open area as it may cause pain the pelvic region. Avoid intake of alcohol and use of illicit medicines. Eat healthy diet and iron containing meals after abortion as it may recover blood loss and anemia. Women, who are looking to purchase safe and effective abortion pill then she can choose Cytotec pill without any doubt. Buy Cytotec online from our online drug portal at great discounts.

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