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gfiii - Halton



Higher capture velocities, more efficient grease


• GFIII Filters are ULC and UL listed grease filters for

use with kitchen exhaust systems.

• GFIII Filters are rugged stainless steel throughout,

providing extended service life they can’t burn out,

they can’t wear out.

• GFIII Filters have more impingement area than

competitively priced filters, giving greater

grease-extracting efficiency.

• GFIII Filters drain holes provide far more grease

drainage into the grease-collecting trough below.

GFIII - Centrex

GFIII Filter Working Principle

GFIII filters contain a series of vertical air baffles

which change the direction of the grease laden air, and

efficiently diverts grease particles out of the air stream

by centrifugal action onto the vertical surfaces of the

internal baffles. The smooth No.4 finish of the baffles

provides thorough grease drainage down the face of

the filter. Strategically placed drain holes allow the

grease drainage from the filter to a collection trough

without re-entrainment. Stainless steel construction

permits the filters to be soaked in a sink or cleaned in

a dishwasher, without corrosion or rusting.


Filter Construction

Each filter is fabricated from 20g (1.0mm) stainless

steel grade 304 516 (EW 58E), satin finish No.4, being

fully formed and folded construction.

Technical Specification

The company has a policy of continuous product

development, therefore we reserve the right to modify

GFIII - Centrex


design and specifications without notice. Centrex is a

registered trademark of Halton Vent Master Ltd.

Halton Vent Master Ltd, 11 Laker Road, Airport

Industrial Estate, Rochester, Kent ME1 3QX U.K.

Tel. +44 (0) 1634 666 111, Fax +44 (0) 1634 666 333


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