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Housing the Future: Six Points

Six Points for Architects and Urbanists to Consider. Article published at the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter's CPD Event "How to House the Future", 11 April 2016. Text & illustrations by Amelyn Ng.

Housing the Future: Six

HOUSING THE FUTURE: Six Points for Architects & Urbanists to Consider BROADSHEET BY AMELYN NG FOR AIA CPD EVENT, 11 APRIL 2016 Beyond Affordability While financial viability is a major, if not primary driver of multiresidential housing affordability, good housing is not solely about square-metre rates and property value. Beyond the quantitative ($ and sqm) dimensions of affordability, let us concurrently consider the more qualitative civic and social dimensions of dwelling in the city. As the high-rise typology becomes the future norm, it is more important than ever to integrate collective civic and urban value into our long-term densification strategies. How might architects rethink socially sustainable models of housing for tomorrow’s burgeoning population? This broadsheet sets out some points of concern for architects and urban planners to consider, critique and evaluate for themselves in practice. By reflecting on the civic and social effects of housing density, existing precedents and potential future scenarios, this article hopes to provoke critical thought on future development and cohesive city-making. ‘Affordability + Liveability = Stability’ Future developments should balance both quantitative and qualitative solutions, considering not only short-term market viability but also long-term, community-positive urbanism. 1 OF 8