1. Foreword

2. International Students Service

3. Fırat University

4. Preparing for your stay in Turkey-Elazığ

5. Once in Turkey–How to get to Elazığ

6. Programme offer and study options

7. Application

8. Language requirements

9. Visa formalities

10. Dates organising the academic calendar

11. Grading System

12. Academic services

13. Health Insurance

14. Practical tips

15. Local attractions

16. Survival Glossary

17. Daily expenses

18. Important addresses and telephone numbers

Dear International Students,

Welcome to Elazığ, welcome to Fırat University!

As an Erasmus+ exchange student we hope you will have the

time of your life here, in our big family. This guide was designed

to be a support document during your adaptation period and to

answer some of the question marks you have on your mind related

to how your life is going be from now on.

We are very glad that you have chosen our university and we

wish you success. In the frame of a new culture we ensure you

that you will have unforgettable moments!

We look forward to meet you!




Exchange Students are offered information at

the International Relations Office:



23119 , Elazig , Fırat University, Engineering

Phone: ext : +90 424 237 0061

Mail: erasmus@firat.edu.tr

Visiting hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 17:00

Elazig is a city full of legends and has a very interesting history. The

city was built at the base of Harput Mountain, as in winter time the access

was very difficult. Harput is considered as a very old settlement, first

historical proofs about his existence dating from 2000 BC.

There are many legends about Harput and its Milk Castle. It is

thought that because of its height, during the construction, no water

resources weren’t found. That is why, the castle was made by milk. This is

considered to be a very good explanation for the fact that it resisted so

well in time.

Elazig is located on Euphrates Valley and the second largest dam in

Turkey, Keban is in its administration. The city is important at national

level as the dam produces a large amount of the total electric energy used

in the country. Tradition and modernity are mixed in Elazig. You will have

the chance to observe the real Turkish life, in a context not that much

touristic but still with many attractive elements.

You will have the chance to taste some of the most delicious meals

in Turkey, such as: Harput Köftesi, Orcik, Kelekös and Iskene. People here

are very warm and will do their best in order to make you fill like home.

Turkish people are famous for their hospitality.

How to get to Elazig?

By plane:

* Arrival at Atatürk/ Sabiha Gokçen Airport

and take a second plane to Elazığ. There are

several flights/day from Istanbul. This is the

easiest and less tiring way as Elazığ is situated

914 km far from Istanbul.




By bus:

* Everyday there are buses departing from

Istanbul with the destination Elazığ. It may

be cheaper but you have to be ready for

around 20 hours on the road.


By train:

* There is a direct train between Istanbul

and Elazığ. You may need to change the

train several times and the duration for the

trip may be longer than one day.


Programme offer


study options

In the academic year 2015/2016, the educational offer of Fırat

University was:

13 Faculties with 56 Bachelor Programmes

4 Schools (Post-High School education – 2 years)

8 Vocational Schools (Post-High School education – 2 years)

4 Graduate Schools (Master and PhD degree)

Exchange students

For the moment, none of our departments offers courses mainly

in English. Thus, all the incoming students have a tutor and all

the professors are able to work in particular with the students.

The educational offer can be checked online at: www.firat.edu.tr


If you are an exchange student, you can have your placement in

our university in the frame of an Inter-Institutional Agreement.

You can also send an individual inquiry and we will do our best

to find the best place for you!

Faculty of Education started its activity in 18.09.1998 but its first

independent building was opened in 2005-2006 academic year,

followed by a second one in 2007-2008 academic year.

According to the statistics, there are approximatively 2900

students, for all levels of instruction and a total of 89 academic staff.

The staff of Faculty of Education is involved every year in new

projects, attends conferences, symposiums, seminars and hosts

scientific events recognized worldwide.

According to a research conducted by Middle East Technical

University (Ankara, Turkey), in 2015 Faculty of Education of Fırat

University was evaluated as the 6th in Turkey and the 692nd in the

world, in terms of academic services quality.

Faculty of Education has 7 departments, which are:

Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies

Department of Educational Sciences

Department of Fine Arts

Department of Elementary Education

Department of Science and Mathematics Teaching

Department of Secondary Education Social Science Teaching

Department of Turkish Teaching


Faculty of Science was established in April 1975. The first

departments to be opened were Biology, Physics, Physics

Engineering, Statistics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Geology

Engineering and Mathematics.

In the base of a law promulgated it 28/03/1982, Faculty of

Science became Faculty of Sciences and Letters. The department of

Physic Engineering was closed and the departments of Chemical

Engineering and Geology Engineering became part of the Faculty of

Engineering. The actual name of the establishment is Faculty of


Faculty of Science has 6 departments:

Department of Biology

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Mathematics

Department of Statistics

Department of Actuarial Sciences .


The first official meeting of the Administrative Board of the

university was held in 05.12.1975, when it was decided that the first

department of the faculty should be Turkish Language and Literature. In the

academic year 1976-1977 department of Anthropology was opened.

In 1980 the university decided to open departments as: Archaeology,

History of Arts, Geography, Antic Asian Languages, Librarianship, History,

Social Sciences and Foreign Languages. In 1990 the department of

Geography enrolled for the first time students and in 2005 the department of

West Languages and Literatures started its activity with 30 students.

Nowadays, the faculty has six departments:

Department of West Languages and Literatures

Department of Geography

Department of Sociology

Department of History

Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures.

Department of Archaeology, History of Arts and Eastern languages

and literatures are open and are expected to start their activity in the following

years. There is a team of professors working to establısh a department of

Slav Languages and Literatures.


The faculty has a very modern vision and is ready to prepare

its students for being good specialists in the economical problems of

the world we are living in.

The aim of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative

Sciences is to be different not only in terms of teaching methods and

research but also when it comes about the quality and the knowledge

of the students who are going to graduate from this university.

In the same time, the students will gain important knowledge

and will be able to develop analyses, to discover the challenges of

the domain they are working in and to propose qualified solutions.

Faculty of Economical and administrative Sciences has

nowadays three active departments:

Department of Economy

Department of Business Administration

Department of Political Sciences.


Faculty of Theology was established in 1993 and started its

activity in the academic year of 1994-1995 with 54 students.

Since 2011-2012 academic year the Faculty of Theology started

to offer courses at distance as well.

The students graduating from this faculty have the possibility

to teach on the base of the Kur’an special courses or they can

become teachers, by adding to their base studies, Pedagogy


The faculty has departments as:

Department of Islamic Basic Sciences

Department of Philosophy and Religion Sciences

Department of Islamic History and Art.

For this departments the students have the possibility to

continue at Master and PhD level.


Faculty of Communication started its activity in the academic year of

2001-2002, with the department Radio, Television and Cinema. Later, in

2009, department of Public Relations and Advertisement began to enroll

students and since 2010, courses can be followed in this department.

In the same academic year, Visual Design department was opened.

The academic and administrative staff of the university is willing to

provide a large horizon to their students, based on cultural values

deep-rooted in the history and with respect to the principles left from


Faculty of Communication has nowadays 4 departments:

Department of Public Relations and Advertisement

Department of Radio, Television, Cinema

Department of Journalism

Department of Visual Design


The main aim of the Faculty of Engineering is to offer to its

students by the help of its academicians and administrative staff,

education at high and international standards. Fırat University is one of

the best in terms of Engineering and Technology. The students are

prepared as specialists by being taught with the most innovative

teaching methods.

Currently Faculty of Engineering has departments as:

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Bioengineering

Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Food Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Geodesy Engineering

Department of Geology Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Department of Software Engineering


The Faculty of Health Sciences is very new, as it has been

established only in 2015. Actually, its activity started in 1997-

1998 academic year, as a Post High School. The faculty and its

laboratories are well equipped and prepared to accomplish the

aims followed.

The students enrolled in this department are prepared to

become specialists in the medical field, by being taught not only

the related curriculum but also how to treat the patients from a

social point of view.

The activities undertaken within this department have the

key role of supporting team work, reactions on the spot and

unexpected situations.

The departments of the faculty are:

Department of Midwifery

Department of Nursing

Department of Dietetics and Nutrition


Faculty of Fisheries was established in 1982 as Post High

School and became faculty in 1992. The faculty has all the modern

means, necessary to support education at the highest quality level.

All the laboratories are equipped according to international


The students graduating from the Faculty of Fisheries are

able to work in both, private and public sectors due to their

academic preparation. The Faculty offers courses for Master and

PhD level as well.

At the moment Faculty of Fisheries has 33 academicians

and more than 200 students.


The department of Sport was opened in 1992, under the

frame of Faculty of Science and Letters. Later on, in 1997 the

department became a Post High School and in 2014 it was

established as faculty. The mission of the Faculty of Sport Sciences

is to provide the best quality of education, to realize continuous

research and to prepare the students at high standards for their

future career.

Faculty of Sports Sciences has departments as:

Department of Physical Education and Sport in Schools

Department of Sport Administration and Training

Department of Recreation Education


The studies that can be followed at this faculty last for 4

years. In the first two years all the students are following courses

related to the basis of engineering.

For the following two years of study, the students will be

able to chose their specialization. What makes this faculty different

from the others is the fact that in the students curriculum it is stated

that they should receive at least 1 year of practical education.

Faculty of Technology has departments as:

Department of Forensic and Digits Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Energy Systems Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Department of Automotive Engineering

Department of Software Engineering

Department of Digital Forensics


Faculty of Architecture was established in 2011 having as

main courses Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design and

Urban Planning. The faculty started its activity in the academic

year 2015-2016 with 64 students.

The main objective of this faculty is to form and train future

architects ready to compete at national and international level when

it comes to the services offered.

Faculty of Architecture has departments as:

Department of Architecture

Department of Interior Design

Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Department of Industrial Materials Design


Faculty of Medicine was established 32 years ago. This

faculty is always in a development process, being in the same time

one of the most important health research centers in the eastern

Turkey. The hospital, which belongs to the university has around

55 departments where intense care is provided.

Academicians of Faculty of Medicine are continuously

researching and participating at conferences and symposiums in

order to support innovation.

Beside the medical knowledge that the students acquire

during their studies, they are also taught to fulfill the needs of their

future patients in terms of social, psychological and personal



The Faculty of Dentistry enrolled for the first time students in

the academic year 2015-2016. The objective of the staff and

academicians of this department is to transform the faculty in a very

important one at national and international level.

The team of academicians working in this department is

young and dynamic and has will to improve in a quick and qualitative


An advantage may be considered the fact that the physical

conditions for medical care are very suitable, this fact being proved

by taking into consideration the experience of 32 years of Faculty of



Faculty of Veterinary Medicine existed even before the

official recognition of the university, being established in 1970

as an independent school. Nowadays this faculty is providing

courses at Master and PhD level, with the most modern means

and laboratories.

More than 800 students are enrolled in the faculty and

approximately 125 academic staff are responsible for the

educational activities.

The education offered in the Faculty of Veterinary

Medicine of Fırat University, provides to our students the ability

to compete with students of other universities in terms of

knowledge and career oriented skills.


Fırat University also has 4 Graduate Schhols, which are:

Graduate School of Science

Graduate School of Health Sciences

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Graduate School of Educational Sciences

In terms of Post High School departments we can mention:

High School of Foreign Languages


Civil Aviation

The Vocational High Schools of Fırat University are:

Baskil Vocational High School

Maden Vocational High School

Karakoçan Vocational High School

Keban Vocational High School

Kovancılar Vocational High School

Health Services Vocational High School

Sivrice Vocational High School

Social Sciences Vocational High School

Technic Sciences Vocational High School

For more details you can consult the general webpage from where you can

select the department you are interested in:


As an exchange student, first of all you should be

nominated by your home university. Further on you will

need to provide several details, as well as the study


As soon as we will have your Learning Agreement,

the document will be sent to the coordinator of the

related department and its content will be analysed.

After the coordinator’s approval and the necessary

signatures, we will return the document to you, as well

as the Acceptance Letter. From now on, you will be able

to apply for your Visa.

The International Office of Fırat University does

not request a language certificate from the incoming


We consider the nomination made by your university

as proof of your knowledge and as a certification

of your ability to follow courses in a foreign language.

The minimum level recommended is B1.

As Turkey is not part of the European Union

you need to have a Passport and to apply for

a Visa before coming to Elazığ.

Each country has different procedures and

you should contact the Turkish Embassy in

your country in order to find out details

about the application process you need to


For some countries, based on some political

agreements, no Visa is required. After your

arrival, you will need to apply for a Permit of

Residence, which has different fees,

depending on your Visa situation.

More details can be read on:


ECTS Grade Scale Grade


AA 93-100 Excellent

BA 85-92.99 Very Good

BB 71-84.99 Good

CB 61-70.99 Fair-Good

CC 51-60.99 Fair

DC 45-50.99 Faır-Poor

DD 40-44.99 Poor

FF 0-39.99 Fail




Fırat University offers free

accommodation for the first 20

students applying for Erasmus+


The flats are situated at only 3

minutes walking distances from

the Erasmus+ Office.

The living conditions provided

are modern and every year

improvements are being done.

For more pictures you can check:


Daily meals

To every Incoming Erasmus+

Student of Firat University, a free

lunch card is provided.

By presenting the above mentioned card at the University’s

Canteen, each student will be happy to enjoy the daily


The menu is realized monthly and you can check every day

on internet what meal will be served. Be prepared to get

used to the Turkish delicious plates!!!

Every Incoming Student should have a

Health and Accident Insurance. This is

compulsory and is requested by both

home and host institutions.

Once in Turkey, you will have to translate

your Insurance and provide the document

to the Migration Office.

We usually advise our Incoming Students

to prepare their insurances in their

country of residence as it is less


For details, please check our website:


One of the reasons Turkey is famous for is the public

transport. There is one bus going all around the campus

and going to the center. The price for students is 1 TL.

There are also the so called ‘’Dolmuş”, small maxi-taxi

which stop everywhere you tell them to. The price for

students is 1,25 TL.

For daily shopping, you can easily find in Elazig shops as

Bim, Şok, Carrefour or MMigros. The prices are not

higher than other European Cities. There are also two

malls in Elazığ where you could spend your free time.

There are several post offices in the city from where you

can by stamps or send letters. You are also able to send or

to receive small packages from abroad if needed by the

help of its services.



The legend of

the Milk


Harput is one of the oldest

establishments in Turkey. The city of Elazığ

was built at the bottom of the Harput Hill due

to the fact that in winter time the access was

very difficult.

For similar reasons, during the

construction of the Harput Castle, the

ressources of water were very reduced. The

legend tells that instead of water, people

used milk while preparing the concrete.

The Castle is very well preserved and it

can be always visited. In Harput you can find

as well a Museum, a traditional house and

many places where you can walk and have

barbeque, while admiring an amazing view.


Elazığ is similar to an island, being

surrounded by lakes. Hazar Lake is one of

them and is situated at the bottom of Hazar

Mountain (a very important ski ressort of the


Many nice and pitoresque villages are

along this lake, offering to the visitors a great

taste of authentique Turkish life.

There are many beautiful and

professionally arranged places where you can

have barbeque, swim, rent a hydro-bycicle and

enjoy time with your friends in the middle of the



Keban Dam is one of the most important

dams in Turkey, as it produces a high rate of

the total electric energy of the country.

The place is very interesting especially for

the amazing views and for the electrical

equipments that can be seen.

Few kilometres away from the dam, you

can admire a small but nice waterfall called

ÇırÇır. In the same place you can find a very

good restaurant where you can chose from

many kind of fish based meals.

General prices: Other prices:

1 bread 1 TL

1l milk

1,75 TL

10 eggs 10 to 14 TL

5l water

2,75 TL

1kg cicken chest 10,75 TL

1kg chicken (all parts) 6,99 to 7,50 TL

1kg white cheese 14 TL

250gr butter

5,50 to 8 TL

400gr honey 14 TL

380gr jam

4 TL

Fruits flavor yougurt 2,50 to 6 TL

1 black tea 1,50 to 2,50 TL

1 fruits flavor tea 5 TL

1 Turkish Coffee 5 to 6 TL

1 Cappuccino 7 TL

1 slice cake 8 TL

1 pizza 10 to 30 TL

1 soup 4 TL

1 cicken salad 8 to 14 TL

Entertainment prices:


10 TL/person

Cinema 6D


5 TL/person

Around 15 TL


Police: 155

Ambulance: 112

Fire Station: 110

County Police: 156


Police Station: Rızaiye, Çayda Çıra Sk, 23000 Merkez/


Migration Office: Gazi Caddesi Na74 Merkez

Fırat University Research Hospital: Yıldız Bağları, Araştırma

Hst., 23200 Elâzığ Merkez/Elâzığ

Post Office: Elâzığ, Çarşı, 23100 Elâzığ Merkez/Elâzığ

Survival Glossary

Moving in a foreign country is always

a challenge. You may meet people

who speak a foreign language that

you know or you can sımply try to

understand them by the help of the

body language.

We want to help you step foreward

and a small Turkish language guide

has been prepared for you.

Check out the list of words given

before starting your adventure. Be

sure. You will impress everybody!

Hello! = Merhaba!

How are you? = Nasılsın? / Nasılsınız?

Yes = Evet

No = Hayır

How much? = Ne kadar?

How can I go to ...? = ... nasıl


1 = bir

2 = iki

3 = üç

4 = dört

5 = beş

6 = altı

7 = yedi

8 = sekiz

9 = dokuz

10 = on

Bread = Ekmek

Girl = kız

Where? = Nerede? /Nereye?

I want = Istiyorum

I do not want = Istemiyorum

Water = Su

Bus = Otobüs

At what time? = Kaçta?

Boy = Erkek

Centre = Çarşı

When? = Ne zaman?

I do not understand! -


Tea = Çay

Coffee = Kahve

O.K.! = Tamam!

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