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I woke up this morning saying again, This mummy

never plans ahead. she waits patiently till the night

before and starts fretting saying how on earth do I

show my amazing baby who is one in infinity how

much I love her.

How can I show her that when I look at her joy feels

my heart

How can I tell her that she is the most extraordinary

girl that has ever lived.

How do I let her know that she is the most talented girl

known to mankind.

How do I let her know that gifts sometimes makes you

the envy of many around you and they would want to

pull you down at the slightest opportunity but that,

should never make her look down on herself because

that’s exactly what they want.

How can I tell her that she is so special without

sounding like her mummy that would just say things

to please her.

Where she would respond because you are my

mummy that’s why you think I’m special. That’s what

all mummies say.

How can I tell her I love her with every bit of me

How can I tell her that my whole being cries out I LOVE


She makes me so proud that sometimes I want to jump out

of my skin.

How can I tell her that even when I shout at her it’s just my

way of trying to reach her so badly cos I know what the

world desires for her and I never want that to happen to my

beautiful extraordinary baby.

How can I let her know that she is so precious to me and that

I’ll do anything to make her everything she has been put in

this earth to accomplish

How do I tell her that I want her to love God cos there is no

other option in life. Every other thing is false and will come

to an end

How do I tell her that Jesus wants her so badly and he cares

about her so much.

How do I tell her that I never want her to be called the

wicked lazy servant and be cast away cos she did not love

God with her life.

How do I tell her that there are so many people in the world

that will die and go to hell if she does not fulfil her calling

That there are people in this world that would not listen to

anyone but her.

How do I tell her that time is precious. That the bible says we

should number our days. Don’t let them just go by.

Well my priceless extraordinary loving wonderful intelligent

Highly gifted baby I love you so much

You were born a star. Long before the world noticed you always

defiled the norm. when I say you are extraordinary I mean every

word of it.

You made life so easy for me. Nothing was ever difficult with you.

You were a small adult from babyhood.

For some strange reason I never had to tell you certain things you just

knew them.

You always made my life so easy and you still do.

You’ve always been a source of encouragement to me

You are so kind and never loose your kind heart.

Remain pure in hear for the pure in heart shall see God.

I don’t say I love you as often as I should because for some strange


I always think you knows I love you.

But I need you to hear it I LOVE YOU

I love you when I sit down and when I get up.

I love you when my face is squashed and when I’m smiling

I love you all the time.


I love you when I go out and when I come in

You make me happy.

Please make God happy by putting him first and by taking the talent

he has giving you seriously

Don’t become like another person cos you are so beautifully perfect





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