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Happycow before you head

off and see what

vegetarian and vegan

restaurants you might run

into on your way, but also

look up vegan options at

chain restaurants before

you head off! That way,

you won’t get caught out

even at rest stops. Useful

apps to download on your

smartphone are the

Happycow app (which can

use your phone’s GPS to

show you the nearest

listings) and Vegan Xpress

(which has listings of vegan

options at fast food and

casual restaurant chains

across the US).

Travel with non-vegans

What if your travel

companions aren’t

interested in plant-based

eating? Introduce them to

vegan eateries before you

hit the road – make sure

you choose the best, most

delicious place in your train

to knock their socks off and

show them meat-free

dining is delicious! That

way, when you’re on your

trip, they’ll be more likely to

want to join you in

sampling vegetarian and

vegan restaurants.

If they’re adamantly

opposed to setting foot in a

meat-free establishment,

then make sure to choose

restaurants that cater to

both of you and have

plenty of vegan or

veganizable options – for

example Indian (ask them

to leave out the ghee/

dairy), Chinese (ask them

to leave out oyster sauce)

or pizza sans cheese are

great options that can be

found in most destinations!

Treat yourself

For a real treat, consider

spending your spring break

at a plant-based spa or

retreat like El Ameyal, a

holistic spa and retreat

centre in Cabo San Lucas,

Mexico, with a vegetarian

and mainly vegan

restaurant on-site or Under

the Lime Tree, a vegetarian

and vegan retreat in the

southwest of France.

About the Author

Caitlin Galer-

Unti is a vegan food and

travel writer originally from

the U.S. and currently

living in Barcelona, Spain

(after a 7-year stint in

London). She's traveled to

30 countries (and counting)

and blogs about the vegan

food she finds around the

world at

theveganword.com, which

has been featured on The

New York Times and

Yahoo!. The Essential

Vegan Travel Guide, a DIY

guide showing you the best

resources and methods to

find vegan food anywhere

in the world, is her first


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