Caribbean Times 94th issue - Thursday 21st April 2016


Caribbean Times 94th issue - Thursday 21st April 2016

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Thursday 21st April 2016 A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a

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The police have issued

a widespread caution to the

general public, to be extremely

cautious when utilizing the

internet to conduct any type

of financial or business transaction.

According to the police,

several well-known businesses,

companies and prominent

individuals reported that

their business and personal

email accounts were hacked

into, and considerably large

sums of monies were fraudulently

diverted to overseas

accounts, otherwise intended

for local businesses and professionals.

Police investigations into

the matter so far have confirmed

that these hackers\

fraudsters have targeted and

successfully hacked into a

number of online email accounts

using the

platform. Apparently, what is

being done is that the hackers

used another recognized

email platform and intersect

these email accounts.

Further investigations also

revealed that when certain

keywords such as, “bank”,

“account”, “wire”, “transfer”

and “invoice,” are used in a

transaction, it triggers the

hackers to send instructions

to other companies abroad.

These companies in return

would cause the wire transfers

to be diverted to overseas

bank accounts, unknowing to

local businesses, who should

receive these monies.

The police are currently

conducting further investigations

into the matter, and

are urging residents to pay

particular attention as to how

they conduct online business

transactions, so as to avoid

becoming a victim of cyber-crime.

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Thursday 21st April 2016

Hunte urges drivers to adhere to the rules of the road

Joanna Paris

Head of the Traffic Department,


Mclean Hunte, called on

drivers to observe the rules

of the road when maneuvering

their vehicles around the


He said that there has

been an increase in vehicular

collisions from January

to March this year when

compared to the same period

last year.

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Hunte revealed that there

were 440 traffic collisions

and five road fatalities from

January to March 2015,

while in 2016 there were

565 collisions with no road


“In January of last year,

there were 163 collisions

that took place, this year in

the same month there were


“In February, there were

130 last year and now this

year, we are looking at 198,

which is a huge jump of 68.

In March 2015, the records

show that there were 147

collisions in comparison to

194 this year”, Hunte noted.

The traffic head further

explained that the country

has not seen the construction

of new roads in recent times,

so it is the same road network

being utilized today,

which was utilized 40 years

ago with one differencemore


He commended the officers

within the traffic department

and the traffic wardens

for the work that they have

been doing in streamlining

the flow of traffic around the


“I have to give kudos to

the members of the Royal

Police Force of Antigua and

Barbuda for keeping the rate

of collisions at its minimum.

In Antigua we are looking at

over 45,000 vehicles utilizing

our road ways.

“We have person passing

their driving test every day

and each week there is a boat

that brings in vehicles down

at the port and those vehicles

end up on the road. So we

are trying our endeavor best

to keep collisions at its lowest”,

Hunte emphasized.

He also urged drivers to

adhere to the speed limits.

“Drive your vehicles

safely, drive within the

speed limit. Do not at any

point in time test the speed

of your vehicle because

there is where you are going

to go wrong. We do not have

any highway, which runs

for over 2 miles, every 50

yards there is a curb or there

is a junction and you really

should be careful as to how

maneuver these areas”, advised

the head of the traffic


Hunte stated that the police

have been made numerous

arrests for dangerous

and reckless driving and the

failure to observe the red


He said that these are

considered traffic offences,

which have consequences.

“Once you are approaching

that line at that intersection

and it is within a second

that it moves from green

to amber to red, you have

to stop at that line because

you won’t have enough

time to cross for the green.

This is why the law clearly

states that once the amber

light is on, you stop”, Hunte


He added that the traffic

department will enforcing

the laws of the land to make

sure that the amount of traffic

collisions are minimized.

National Heroes package finalised

The government is honouring a commitment

to the country’s living National Heroes

that it will provide them a package of benefits

worthy of their status.

An announcement said the two living National

heroes, Sir Lester Bird and Sir Vivian

Richards, will both receive free utilities, appropriate

housing assistance, transportation,

household staff and due recognition as part of

the protocols at official functions.

The announcement said this move represents

a fulfillment of a commitment made by

the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party while

it was on the campaign trail prior to the 2014

general elections. According to the announcement

both Sir Lester and Sir Vivian had made

outstanding contributions to Antigua and Barbuda

and that by virtue of their elevation to National

Hero status, they must both enjoy a standard

of living commensurate with their status.

The announcement said the new proposals

will go into immediate effect.

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Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 3

Antigua and Barbuda records major growth in the tourism sector

Joanna Paris

The twin island state’s

tourism sector continues to

see significant growth and development.

The Caribbean Journal has

reported that the twin-island

state “is firing on all cylinders

– from a wave of large-scale

resort development deals to a

brand-new airport that has already

become one of the best

in the Caribbean”.

According to the online

publication, the country is

showing extremely strong

growth in arrivals this year,

with visitor arrivals for the

year at 84,566, an overall increase

of 13.5 percent over the

The building that houses

the School Meals Programme

has been earmarked

for major repairs; but this

will have to wait until the

summer vacation before they

will begin.

The Cabinet has decided

to make provision for the

repairs after a major leak

developed in the roof during

Monday’s heavy rains that

forced the closure of the facility

for at least two weeks.

A government source

says temporary repairs will

be carried out immediately

to ensure that the facility can

return to preparing the nearly

four thousand meals daily

for primary and pre-school


According to the source

during this period parents are

being urged to take up the

same period in 2015.

In response, Tourism Minister,

the Hon. Asot Michael

explained that the renewed focus

and direction of the government’s

tourism marketing

and airlift policies are now

reaping huge dividends.

The tourism minister issued

words of congratulations

to his entire team within the

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Authority and Ministry

of Tourism, whose hard work

and dedication, he said, has

been pivotal in achieving the


The journal suggested that

the numbers were boosted by

last November’s launch of Jet-

slack by providing lunch for

their children. Programme

Manager, Andrew Solomon

said arrangements are being

made to prepare daily snacks

for the children, but that

Blue flights to Antigua from

New York’s John F Kennedy

International Airport, service

which is now beginning to

have a significant impact.

For two years, the country

has placed a focus on attracting

high-end investors, from

Hollywood legend Robert De

Niro, who is planning a hotel

on Barbuda, to the Yida group,

a Chinese outfit which is planning

a multi-billlion-dollar


Most recent on the development

slate was the major

planned redevelopment of the

legendary Half Moon Bay by

Replay Resorts.

Replay Resorts is planning

during the repairs no cooked

meals will be prepared.

On Monday, gallons of

water gushed from the roof

flooding out the prep area

and according to Solomon

Tourism Minister, the Hon. Asot


a branded beachfront hotel,

oceanfront villas, ocean-view

cottages and a retail village,

among other features.

According to tourism officials,

it’s all part of what has

become the Caribbean’s next

big tourism hotspot.

Major repairs planned for School Meals programme

he was advised to cease all

operations because the water

penetrated the electrical

boxes and there were concerns

about the possibility

for electrical shocks.

4 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Stem Cell research coming

Representatives of

a company engaged in

stem cell research has approached

the government

with a proposal to conduct

this type of research in the

country that will serve as an

avenue for medical tourism.

The team met with the

Cabinet on Wednesday

where the representatives

put forward proposal to

conduct stem cell research

in the country as well as to

provide this type of treatment

to people who will

visit the country especially

for that purpose.

Cabinet spokesman Lionel

Max Hurst said the team

noted that since Antigua

and Barbuda does not have

The Caribbean Utilities Employees

Association (CUEA) is celebrating 27


It continues its purpose by fostering

Caribbean unity among utility workers

and has members from Antigua &

Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada,

Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St.

Martin, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

and Trinidad & Tobago.

At the Annual General Meeting held

in Barbados on 24 March, 2016 a new

executive was installed.

The Association members gave the

vote of confidence to our very own Ms.

Veronica Yearwood (APUA Hydrologist)

– President and Mr. Vere Richards

(Power Plant Operator) – Secretary.

They will hold office for the period

2016 to 2018.

The other members of the Executive


any current laws dealing

with this subject area, the

team is recommending that

specific legislation should

be adopted to govern this

type of activity.

“The representatives offered

to assist the government

by providing copies of

legislations that have been

enacted in both the Bahamas

and Israel dealing with

this time of research.

“Neighbouring St Kitts

is already looking at similar

legislation,” Hurst revealed.

He said the object is to

establish a treatment centre

utilizing stem cell research.

He disclosed that the

team reported that stem

cells have been successfully

used in the treatment of

some cancers but it is also

used to assist with the rejuvenation

of humans.

According to Hurst two

members of the team were

87-year old men who provided

testimonials about the

usefulness of the treatment.

One is said to have reported

that he is able to

climb hills and engage in

other physical activities that

he was unable to for several


The team is currently

looking at one of the former

US Base buildings

southeast of the runway as

well as some surrounding

lands at Burma Road where

they will spend in excess

Vere Richards

•Mr. Ken Smith - Vice President


•Ms. Kalene Baptiste - Public Relations

Officer (Trinidad)

•Ms. Ressa Mason - Treasurer (Grenada)

•Ms. Sheena Clyne - Trustee (Grenada)

of US$5 million to upgrade

and readied for the centre.

Hurst said if established

the Stem Cell Research centre

will provide treatment

for several hundred people

annually and serve as a

source for medical tourism.

Hurst said the proposed

legislation must get parliamentary

approval before the

centre can begin operations.

He added that the team

will return for a follow-up

meeting accompanied by

a renowned leader in stem

cell research who currently

operates a facility in Israel.

He said in all likelihood

the government is inclined

to give the okay for the


APUA strongly represented at the CUEA

Veronica Yearwood

•Mr. Anthony Reece - Trustee (St.


•Mr. Leon Elliot - Immediate Past

President (Trinidad)

Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 5

Former beauty queen

encourages a healthy lifestyle

Joanna Paris

Former Antigua and Barbuda Home

Coming Queen and a former delegate

in the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant,

Stephanie Winter has called on persons

to embrace and live a healthy lifestyle.

Winter recently launched her own

vegan and yoga lifestyle blog dubbed


As a vegan, Stephanie follows an

entirely plant-based diet.

With her new eating habits, Winter

said that it did not take a long time for

her to begin experiencing the benefits.

Wadadlivity believes that the mind

has tremendous influence over the body

and yoga is a great way to harness the

powers of both.

The Antiguan beauty said that she

has become more creative with her

cooking and would post pictures on her

personal Instagram page.

Joanna Paris

The sister isle of Barbuda

is preparing to host its highly

anticipated cultural festivities-

Caribana 2016.

It will be five days of

calypso, soca, pageantry,

fun and jamming under the

theme, “Culture and Revelry

in Extreme Barbuda’s Caribana


The event will begin on

May 12 th and culminate on

May 16 th .

Public Relations Officer

for the cultural extravaganza,

Cleopatra Issac, indicated

that current efforts are focused

on sensitizing the public

about the various activities

that will be taking place

over that weekend.

The contenders in the

soca and calypso competitions

will be singing at various

tents around the island

so that persons can become

familiar with their tunes.

Issac encouraged residents

to pay attention to the

media to hear where the activities

will take place.

She added that participants

in the major shows

are currently practicing their

skills and talents.

“All of our contestants are

engaged in their recordings

and trainings for the upcoming

weekend. We are going to

have three competitions.

“They are the Barbuda

Talented Teen Competition,

the Soca Monarch Competition

and the Calypso Monarch

Competition”, explained


The opening parade, she

said, will feature some of the

T shirt mass troupes from

Antigua as well as those from


“Right now these groups

are reaching out trying to get

residents to participate in the

bands and have a good time”,

the PRO stated.

Asked about the potential

highlight of the festivities, Issac

said International night,

which will feature renowned

reggae and soca artistes.

She indicated that there is a conscious

shift that occurs with adopting a

vegan lifestyle.

Winter has been living in Canada

for the past eight years, while studying

and working in the field of Information


She is currently pursuing a Master’s

degree in Technology Entrepreneurship

and Innovation at Saint Mary’s


Preparations for Barbuda Caribana in high gear

She encouraged everyone

to take advantage of the

special rates which will soon

be announced by the Barbuda

Ferry, “to come over and

enjoy the activities against

the backdrop of a perfect getaway”.

6 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Samuel sentenced to 18 months in prison

Alecia Mc Pherson

Courtney Abdul Samuel

and Alrick Oliver both of Potters

Village, jointly charged of

House breaking and larceny,

receiving and malicious damages

appeared at the St. John’s

Magistrates court yesterday to

answer to the charges.

Medical Benefits employee

Christina Watkins returned

to her Potters home from

work on May 01, 2015 at

about 3:15pm to find it broken

into, ransacked and a number

of her valuable items missing.

She noticed four louver

Alecia Mc Pherson

Randolph David of Potters Village

charged of dangerous driving appeared before

Magistrate Wason to answer to the

charge.David, the driver of a Toyota bus

registration number Bus 272, was arrested

on September 23, 2015 and given the said


At about 6:30pm on the said date, Officers

from the traffic department while conducting

a routine traffic check at the junction

of American, Bendals and All Saints roads

window panes removed from

one bedroom window, two of

which were broken and where

it is believed the perpetrator

gained entry into the home.

An air bed, reported to

be valued $405.00EC, which

was it its place directly below

the mentioned window, was

also damaged by the broken

pieces louver glass. A number

of items were reported stolen

to include one IPad, one silver

wedding ring, one titanium

wedding ring one pair of

gold earrings and a Sony digital

camera. All stolen items

were reported to be valued at


A report was made to the

Criminal Investigation Department.

Investigations led

police to the home of Oliver

on May 15, 2015 where they

executed a search however

nothing was found, and again

on May 19, 2015 to the home

of Samuel, during the search

of the home the stolen silver

wedding ring was found.

He was arrested on suspicion

of house breaking and

larceny. He reportedly told

police that Oliver sold him

David fined for traffic offence

Alecia Mc Pherson

Kenneha Marcel aged 22 of Green

Bay was convicted of battery and malicious

damage and threatening language

when he appeared at the St. John’s Magistrates

Court yesterday.

The charges were as a result of occurrences

which took place on Sunday

March 20, 2016 at about 4:00am at the

Drunken Skunk Bar located on Old Parham


Leslie Denis age 32 and Crystal Martin

aged 23 were at the mentioned bar

when an argument ensued between them

and the defendant, as a result Marcel

observed when the defendant went through

the traffic light when it had already changed

to red thus signaling oncoming traffic in that

direction to come to a stop.

The defendant was followed by officers

and signaled to stop; he was cautioned about

the offence and was then given a copy of the

charge. He pleaded guilty to the charge and

was convicted and fined $1,000 to be paid by

May 18, 2016, failure to make this payment

will result in a one month prison sentence at


poured the contents of what was left in

his Guinness bottle on Martin’s dress.

The couple trying to avoid further

confrontation with the defendant exited

the bar and walked to their parked vehicle.

Apparently, Marcel followed the

complainants and allegedly said to them

“ah shoot me fuh shoot the two a ah you’’.

He then reportedly took the Guinness

bottle and dealt Denis a blow to the head.

A report was later made to the police and

Marcel was subsequently arrested and

given the mentioned charges.

He was found guilty of all charges,

the ring for which he paid

$5.00EC, Oliver however

denied the allegations. Both

men were arrested and jointly

charged for the offence.

In court, Oliver maintained

that he is not culpable

in this matter. Both defendants

pleaded not guilty to the

charge of house breaking and

larceny, no evidence was presented

in court therefore this

charge was withdrawn against

them both.

Both men again pleaded

not guilty to the charge of

malicious damage, this charge

was also dismissed against

them as no evidence was offered

in this matter either;

Samuel pleaded guilty to the

charge of receiving and was

convicted and sentenced to 18

months at HMP, Oliver was

free to walk as all charges had

been dismissed against him in

this matter.

Samuel is known to the

courts on previous offences.

Apart from the ring found at

Samuels home, none of the

other stolen items were recovered

in the matter.

Marcel convicted of battery threatening language and malicious damage

for the charge of battery he was convicted

and ordered to pay compensation to

the complainant in the amount of $500,

in default of payment he will be sentenced

to two months in prison.

He was also ordered to pay compensation

in the amount of $100 for malicious

damage caused to Martin’s dress,

in default of payment he will be sentence

to two months in prison.

For the charge of threatening language

he was ordered to pay a fine to the

court in the amount of $500 or one month

in prison. Sentences are to run concurrently.

Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 7

Dixon convicted of five charges, fined $2,500

Alecia Mc Pherson

Kevin Meade of Villa

charged with armed with

offensive weapon had the

charge withdrawn against

him by prosecution when he

appeared at the District ‘A’

Court yesterday.

Apparently, Meade who

is very well known to the

courts had become a constant

nuisance to many as

Police have received numerous

reports of complaints

against him in the past.

It is said that Meade was

usually under heavy influence

of drugs and alcohol

during these instances.

Reports of directing lewd

language toward tourists,

behaving in a disorderly

manner and spitting in plain

sight of beach goers, and insulting

tourists and vendors

are just a few of the reported

Alecia Mc Pherson

Reyana Dixon of Cassada Gardens

was slapped with five charges after she

refused to heed police warning and pursued

attacks against Navine Francis of St.

Johnson Street.

The charges were threatening language,

armed with offensive weapon

with intent to commit a felonious act, and

two counts of battery were the charges

incurred. She appeared at the St. John’s

Magistrates Court yesterday to answer

the said charges.

The court heard that the two women

have been friends for a number of years

but the relationship has recently turned

sour and on Wednesday April 06, 2016

at about 5:45pm the defendant went to

Francis’ place of business, where an argument

ensued between the two.

Apparently, the defendant was then

asked to leave the premises but she allegedly

pushed the complainant’s forehead

and stated “I come from Tortola to

beat your ass”.

The defendant then reportedly pulled

a knife from her pants waist and made

attacking advances toward Francis, the

weapon was reportedly taken away by

other persons present and the defendant

was pulled outside.

Seconds later the defendant reportedly

rushed back into the building and

again attacked the complainant, as a result

a fight ensued between the two.

The complainant then went to the St.

John’s Police Station where she made a

report of the matter and requested that the

defendant be warned to stay away from

her. Investigations were conducted into

the report and Dixon was then given a

formal warning.

However on Monday April 11, 2016

Dixon went again the complainant’s


The latest, from which

the mentioned charge

stemmed, was an incident

that took place at Tony’s

Restaurant and Bar located

at Dickenson’s Bay Beach

on September 6, 2015.

Meade was reportedly

brandishing two cutlass

while apparently angry, using

offensive language and

saying “somebody guh dead


business place where a scuffle ensued

between the two, this time she reportedly

pulled a cutlass from her pants waste and

again attacked the complainant.

Another report was made to the police

and Dixon was arrested and had the

mentioned charges brought against her.

In court, the charges were read to

Dixon and she pleaded guilty to all.

She was therefore convicted of and

fined on all five charges: threatening

language convicted and fined $500 to be

paid forthwith, in default of payment she

will be sentenced to one month in prison;

armed with offensive weapon convicted

and fined $500 to be paid forthwith,

in default she will be sentenced to three

months prison; for both battery charges

she was convicted and fined $500 on

each charge to be paid forthwith, in default

she will be sentenced to two months

in prison.

Meade had charge dismissed against him for good behaviour

An officer who was on

the beach at the time took the

weapons from the defendant

and cautioned him about his


Minutes later, he reportedly

returned to the bar and

took up a pool stick and resorted

to conduct in the same

manner he had been warned,

and as a result was later arrested

taken into custody

and charged of armed with

offensive with intent to commit

a felonious act.

In court, the prosecution

offered no further evidence

against him.

The court heard that since

this Incident Meade has be

abiding by the law and has

not conducted any further

infringement thereof, and

has been exhibiting orderly

conduct in public as well as

on the beaches. As a result of

these revelations the charge

was dismissed against him.

Duo fined for breaching Labour Act

Deborah A Parker

The proprietor of Harbour Miracle South

Coast Bar and Restaurant was recently fined

for breaching sections of the Labour Act.

The Guyanese national also had a partner

in crime, in the form of one of her employees.

Both parties were ordered to pay a fine

of $500 each.

During one of their routine checks, officers

from the Labour Department reportedly

discovered that the necessary permits for

operating the business, and for employment

were not in place.

The duo was subsequently summoned to

court. Marilyn Williams prosecuted on the

Labour Department’s behalf.

The matter was heard before Magistrate

Ngaio Emanuel in District B.

8 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

More than $10 million in drugs seized in Caribbean Sea

FLORIDA, United States

– Three separate international

and inter-agency counter

narcotics operations, in the

past week alone, resulted in

the seizure of approximately

325 kilograms of cocaine,

600 pounds of marijuana and

the apprehension of 15 suspected

drug smugglers in the

Caribbean Sea.

The drugs seized represent

a total wholesale value

of over US$10.1 million.

The operations that led

to the seizures were carried

out by the US Coast Guard,

in conjunction with the US


Timothy Antoine, who in

February took the helm of

the Eastern Caribbean Central

Bank (ECCB), met with

Prime Minister of St Kitts

and Nevis Dr. the Honourable

Timothy Harris and

Cabinet members on Monday.

The meeting was the

first one in a series that will

be held between the Cabinet

and the new Central Bank


Governor Antoine told

the Cabinet members that

his meeting with them was

the first leg of a road show

he is embarking on throughout

the Eastern Caribbean

Currency Union (ECCU).

The Central Bank Governor

said that, in St. Kitts

and Nevis, “I am going to be

meeting with the Leader of

Opposition, the Chamber of

Drug Enforcement Agency,

other US law enforcement

officials, the Royal Bahamas

Defence Force, Royal Bahamas

Police Force and a Bahamian

Drug Enforcement


“This is a great example

of how the Coast Guard

collaborates across multiple

agencies to counter the efforts

of drug trafficking organizations,”

said Lieutenant

Ken Franklin, operations officer

for the Coast Guard Cutter

Dependable whose crew

carried out the drug bust.

“This past week’s success

was the culmination of ongoing

cooperative efforts across

international borders and organizational


The US Coast Guard said

the vessels carrying the illicit

cargo were likely headed to

the United States.

ECCB governor meets St. Kitts cabinet

Industry & Commerce, and

the social partners – the media,

churches, etc.”

Governor Antoine’s presentation

to Cabinet focused

on the fiscal health of St.

Kitts and Nevis in relation to

the ECCU.

According to the Governor’s

PowerPoint presentation,

the key target pertaining

to financial stability is having

well-capitalized banks

with a Currency Adequacy

Ratio of at least 10%. CAR

– capital to risk-weighted assets

ratio – is a key measure

that assesses a bank’s financial

strength and risk of insolvency.

The Governor disclosed

that, as at December

2015, the CAR for banks in

St. Kitts and Nevis averaged

22.46% compared to 14.8%

for banks in the ECCU as a


Growth in private sector

credit rose to 3.17% in St.

Kitts and Nevis, but registered

a decline of 6.1%

throughout the ECCU last

year. “This probably explains

partly why you are

the fastest growing country

in the OECS,” Mr. Antoine


The ECCB Governor

added, “We are concerned as

a Currency Union. We want

to see private sector credit

turn positive for the Currency

Union. Until such time,

we would be hesitant to say

that we have fully turned

the corner because, yes, the

growth is up but you are not

seeing enough private sector

credit expansion. That is an

important metric, so at every

ECCB Monetary Council

meeting we are going to be

reporting on this.”

GDP growth as at December

2015 in St. Kitts and

Nevis was 6.64% compared

to 2.62% in the ECCU.

The ECCB target for GDP

growth is 5%.

Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 9

Where you come from?

Dorbrene E. O’Marde

Chairperson / Antigua

and Barbuda Reparations

Support Commission

It is not about the Privy

Council. It is about respect

for yourself and your children.

It is not about Lord

Neuberger who has been

its President since 2012

– something that I do not

think many people know. I

could be wrong but for four

years he did not let us know

that the Privy Council had

changed its mind and was

glad to have us.

It is not about the Observer

case or PM Gaston

Browne or the ‘Not Yet

Now!’ stupidity. It is about

respect for your race. Think

about it. All that said however,

I am going to make

this about African me, Antigua-born

Caribbean citizen.

I come from a region that

has produced Rev Philip

Potter who was the chairperson

of the World Student

Christian Federation and

who for twelve years served

as the General Secretary

of the WORLD Council of

Churches; a man considered

a leader in world religion.

I need not go to literary

and performing arts to describe

the brilliance of the

region where I was born

and live. Walcott, Naipaul,

our own Kincaid, Salkey,

Lamming, Braithwaite, Nettleford?

I need not go to

culture. I need not go to the

international entertainment

industry and talk about our

presence there.

The Olympic Games

called design artist Peter

Minshall for its opening ceremony;

the first WORLD’s

fair called our own Paul

Richards (King Obstinate)

for its music; there are few

WORLD stages and hit parades

that our Poitiers and

Holders and Marleys and

Rihannas and Sparrows and

Kassavs and Montanos have

not graced.

I come from a region that

has changed the thinking of

this world through its scholarship

– in the economics

thought of Dr. Arthur Lewis

and the history of Dr. Eric

Williams and Ivan van Sertima

and the race analysis of

Marcus Garvey and Stokely

Carmichael and the Reparations

demand of Professor

Hilary Beckles and the Caribbean

Reparations Commission.

It is not only in the arts

and humanities. The region

I come from produces more

scientific papers per 1000

population than the USA.

(1.02 vs. USA/0.99)

I shouldn’t have to mention

sports. But I wish to

remind you that it is not

just-come Usain Bolt and

Shelley-Ann Fraser and

Kirani James - but that

Olympic medalists McDonald

Bailey and Arthur Wint

and Herb McKenley and

Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie

and Donald Currie and

Veronica Campbell-Brown

and Hasely Crawford and

Pauline Davis-Thompson

and Ato Boldin were before


I hope I am repeating

well known facts that Emile

Griffith and our own Maurice

Hope are internationally

titled boxers and that Tim

Duncan has followed in the

footsteps of Adonal Foyle

and Patrick Ewing in basketball;

that Dwight Yorke has

topped the soccer world and

that we (Antigua and Barbuda)

have produced a Mr.

Universe in Paddy Winter.

There are so many more to

mention - including the Jamaican

bobsled team. No, I

will not talk cricket.

Of similar collective

achievements, no other region

in the world with a population

of eight million can

so boast. None! I come from

a region of world-beaters!

But that is far from all.

My world also revolves

around the unparalled contributions

of the Haitian revolution

to democracy and

freedom, to the resilience

of the Cuban revolution led

by the fighting spirits of Fidel

and Che and Jose Marti

and its contribution to world

medicine and education and

sports and music; and the anti-French

colonial condemnation

of Aimé Césaire and

Frantz Fanon.

So why can’t we establish

and run our own independent

final court of appeal and deliver

justice that is culturally

and socio-economically fair

and relevant? Seems we can

do everything else!

YES, YES, YES to the

CCJ. It is about respect for

self. It is also about respect

for your race. It is about respect

for this Caribbean region

and its brilliance.

Who you? Where you

come from?

Editor’s Note: The opinions

expressed in this Op-ed

are those of the author and

do not necessarily reflect the

views of Caribbean Times.




A. D. 2016


In the Estate of CLAUDE

EARL KING, deceased


GIVEN that at the expiration

of fourteen (14) days from

the date of this Notice, Application

will be made to the

Probate Registry of the High

Court of Justice by GRIFFIN

KING of English Harbour,

St. Paul, Antigua and KRYS-


KING of Bethesda, St. Paul,

Antigua for Grant of Letters

of Administration of the


KING , late of English Harbour

who died on the 26th

January, 2016.

Dated this 19th day of April,




Attorney for the Applicant

10 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Youth and racing fleet boom at Ant

With over 100 yachts racing

at the 49 th edition of Antigua

Sailing Week, including

an impressive 76 yachts in

the CSA Racing Classes, the

Caribbean’s longest running

regatta is set for another fascinating

chapter. With 28 yachts

50ft or over and teams from all

over the world, Antigua Sailing

Week 2016 is a cosmopolitan

event that will showcase the

awesome sailing conditions

and famous party atmosphere

to the sailing world.

Top of the bill in CSA Racing

is a mouth-watering showdown

between three high performance

yachts with a wide

variety of crews. Piet Vroon’s

Ker 51, Tonnerre 4 is a proven

winner with a multinational

and largely corinthian crew,

including three generations of

the Vroon family. Principle

driver will be Volvo Ocean

Race exponent, Paul Wilcox.

Bernie Evan Wong will be

proudly flying the Antiguan

flag, but not from his usual

boat. Bernie has chartered

TP52, Conviction for the regatta

and will be sailing with a

talented Antiguan team including

his daughter Mei Ling and

youth sailors Rhone Kirby and

Janield Smith. Both Tonnerre 4

and Conviction will be looking

to beat Tony Langley’s professional

team, racing Gladiator,

one of the latest TP52s.

Gladiator will be racing in

the 52 Super Series this summer

and Antigua Sailing Week

is part of their build up. Gladiator

Sailing Team Project Manager,

Tom Wilson has also con-

Gladiator 2

tacted Antigua Sailing Week

explaining that owner Tony

Langley is keen for a good upand-coming

Antiguan sailor to

join the crew. More news on

that soon!

“We have our second boat

on this side of the Atlantic and

the team is keen to get as much

time on the water before the

52 Super Series kick off in Europe.

Antigua Sailing Week fitted

in very well with our very

busy schedule,” commented

Team Gladiator Project Manager,

Tom Wilson.

“Tony (Langley) has been

very keen to come back here as

Antigua is a place he loves and

where a lot of his addiction for

the sport originated from.

“We won’t have the full

Super Series Team on board

as we also like to give some of

the young lads a chance to sail

with some of the best guys in

the world. It’s something Tony

is very keen on and gets a lot of

satisfaction from. That said, we

will have a few of the key players

on board including British

Volvo Ocean Race Winners Ian

Walker and Jules Salter. Racing

at Antigua Sailing Week is

going to be a real thrill - a bit

like a turbo-charged uncomfortable

hot tub on wheels!,”

continues Wilson.

One of the most famous

yachts racing this year is the

S&S 78 Maxi, Kialoa III,

which was last seen at Antigua

Sailing Week (then called

Antigua Race Week) in 1979.

Kialoa III set a record in the

1975 Sydney Hobart Race

which lasted for 21 years, and

also completed the infamous

1979 Fastnet Race. Kialoa III

has been recovered and restored

to its high performance

racing condition by the K3

Foundation. After its debut in

the Rolex Big Boat Series in

San Francisco last September,

the yacht has sailed over 8,000

miles to Antigua to try to emulate

her win back in 1979.

Kialoa III’s Boat captain

is Jorge Madden from Spain

and the skipper is Volvo Ocean

Race legend, Roy Heiner

from the Netherlands. “It wil

be very interesting to race a

42-year-old vintage racing ma

chine versus modern yachts

on racing courses and weathe

conditions that are perfect to

develop Kialoa’s full poten

tial,” says Madden.

Antigua Sailing Week has

always been a super competi

tive regatta and although class

splits are still to be decided

looking at the scratch sheet a

clutch of boats around 40 fee

are likely to have a real ding

dong on the water.

British sailor, Chris Body

has chartered J/122 El Ocaso

for the regatta and has bough

over a top crew from the UK

American King 40, Hot Ticke

owned by Peter Corr is in out

standing form, having won a

highly competitive class in St

Barths this month with straigh


Three First 40s are bound to

have a close encounter on the

race course. Chris Jackson’s

First 40, Lancelot II is back

and will be racing against Firs

40, Southern Child with Puerto

Rican tactician Jaime Torres

Jeremy Thorp’s British team

will be racing Arthur to com

plete the trio of First 40s. Five

First 40.7s will also be in the

mix with former class winner

Grand Soleil 43 Quokka, being

chartered by Richard Matthews

and will be highly competitive

There will be many stand

out skirmishes within the fleet

none more so than Ross Apple

bey’s British Oyster 48, Scarle

Oyster, Carlo Falcone’s Anti

guan one-off Caccia alla Volpe

Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 11

igua Sailing Week

























Kialoa 2

and Andy Middleton’s First

47.7, Performance Yacht Racing/EH01.

The two Oyster 82s,

Starry Night of the Caribbean

and John McMonigall’s Zig

Zag are also expected to have

a close battle over the five days

of racing.

There are also several 2015

Class champions returning

to defend their titles: TP52,

Conviction, chartered to Bernie

Evan Wong (with his TAZ

team), Alan Edwards’ Swan

65 Spirit, Ross Applebey’s

Oyster 48, Scarlet Oyster and

Jonty Layfield’s Sleeper (now

a J/11s).

After the highly successful

inaugural Royal Southern

Yacht Club Inter-Yacht Club

Challenge last year, eight

yachts have already entered the

2016 competition and several

more are expected.

The criterion for entering

is that at least 50% of the crew

must be members of the yacht

club they are representing. No

less than five of the teams entered

are from Antiguan yacht

clubs including Jolly Harbour

Yacht Club and Antigua Yacht


Through initiatives made

by Antigua Yacht Club and the

National Sailing Academy of

Antigua, many Antiguan teenagers

and even younger will be

taking part this year alongside

the older generation of Antiguans:

Rhone Kirby (17) who

represented Antigua and Barbuda

and Antigua Yacht Club

at the Youth Olympic Games

in China; and Jules Mitchell

(17) who participated in

the 2015 ISAF Youth Sailing

World Championship in Malaysia.

On board Jonty Layfield’s

Sleeper II there are five

young Antiguans: Vincent Anfi

(15), Joshua Daniel (14), Maleck

Patterson (14), Morrison

(13) and Shannoy Malone who

is just 11 years old.

Antigua Sailing Week kicks

off on Friday with the Guadeloupe

to Antigua Race, the

Round Antigua Race on Saturday

23 rd April and the first

race of the 49 th Antigua Sailing

Week starting on Sunday, April

24 th .

12 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Godly leadership

The expansion of God’s

kingdom in history has not

only changed hearts. It has

also changed minds.

Where Biblical ideas

have advanced, liberty,

prosperity, justice, and virtue

have advanced as well.

These principles have

changed nations and benefited

all men, not just

Christians. Biblical truth

has exposed tyrants and oppressors

in government and

religion. It has provided a

great contrast between true

religion (Christianity) and

the false religions of man.

Having access to the

teachings of Jesus, and

comparing them with the

teachings of Mohammad,

is turning Muslims to the

Lord in unprecedented


Although Christianity

is advancing rapidly today,

there are still billions of

evil people in the world.

However, the more we

teach the liberating principles

of the Christian faith,

the more this will serve as

deterrent to evil behavior,

since such teachings will

bear witness to the Godly

conscience of all men.

Work to place Godly

leaders in government

who understand the nature

of man.

Saving grace transforms

individuals, giving them a

nature of obedience to God.

Teaching more Biblical

truth guides converted men

By Bishop Rolston S.M. Jeffrey

Ph.D;D.Min.,DRE., M.Div

to acts of lawfulness and

promotes a culture of Godly

morality that helps abate

evil actions of all citizens.

In addition to preaching

Christ and teaching truth,

God has given us another

means of dealing with evil,

which is the divine institution

of civil government.

We are to overcome evil

in the heart of man by the

truth of the Gospel (Rom.

12). We are to overcome

evil in society by Godly

civil government (Rom.


As followers of Christ,

what should be our attitude

and involvement with politics?

Throughout the world,

there is a serious call for

Christians (Born Again Believers)

to be involved in


While the Book of Proverbs

is often consulted by

Christians for words of

wisdom and various matters,

few tend to turn there

for guidance concerning

our political involvement. I

believe there is a good reason,

however, why Proverbs

is especially pertinent

to the subject of politics.

The Book of Proverbs

was written by Solomon

was intended to prepare

son to rule in his place over

Israel. Proverbs, then was

written to princes.

Here was a king not

only instructing his “son”

about wisdom in general,

but also wisdom as it related

to governing a nation.

If Christians are to “reign

with Christ” (2 Tim. 2:12),

should we not also prepare

ourselves to reign in a righteous


David and Solomon authority

to govern Israel was

highly centralized, and it

was virtually the king alone

who determined the course

of the nation, established

the standard for men’s conduct,

and saw to it that the

law was enforced.

Such is the case today in

many parts of the world. In

our country, we say we are

a democracy?

But really is democracy?

Abraham Lincoln describes

democracy as “a

system where no man is

good enough to govern another

man without that other’s


More famously, on

another occasion, he described

it “as government

of the people, by the people

and for the people.”

If in Proverbs (and the

New Testament as well cf.

Rom. 13;1-7) the king was

responsible before God to

punish evil doers and to reward

the righteous, it is every

Antiguan who bears the

responsibility in our nation.

Our government is representative

and so we elect

officials to act on our behalf.

While some Christians

may be called of God to

run for political office, we

all have the right and responsibility

to help elect

those who will govern righteously.

When our elected representatives

fail to keep their

promises and break the

trust, we have an obligation

to seek to change their

minds or to work to replace

them. For those who are responsible

to rule, the Book

of Proverbs offers much insight

on the subject.

Editor’s Note: The

opinions expressed in this

Op-ed are those of the author

and do not necessarily

reflect the views of Caribbean


Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 13

UN chief seeks fast-paced

ratifications for climate change treaty


Over 150 countries, including

Caribbean nations, are

expected to sign the Paris

climate change agreement

on Friday, but the historic

treaty will not come into

force until it has been ratified

by 55 countries.

United Nations Secretary-General

Ban Ki-moon,

who has hailed the agreement

as “a landmark of

international cooperation

on one of the world’s most

complex issues”, is hoping

for fast-paced ratifications

– perhaps before the end of

the year so that it will also

be considered as one of his

lasting political legacies

before he steps down in December.

And he may not be far

off the mark.

“Early ratification and

entry into force will send

a strong signal to Governments,

businesses and communities

that it is time to

fast-track climate action,”

Ban said last week.

The real challenge lies

ahead, he declared, describing

it in a single word: “Implementation.”

Dr Palitha Kohona, a

former Chief of the UN

Treaty Section, told IPS

although signatories are

important, the more significant

aspect of any international

treaty is ratification

– some of them long drawn

out because that action has

to be taken by domestic legislatures.

The Paris Agreement

(PA), he pointed out, will

enter into force when 55

countries that produce

at least 55 percent of the

world’s Greenhouse Gas

(GHGs) — “ratify, accede,

approve or accept it.”

Signatures alone, even

by a large majority, will not

bring it in to force, he added.

He said there are other

treaties with similarly complex

entry-in-to force provisions.

The Comprehensive Test

Ban Treaty (CTBT), he noted,

has still not entered in to

force despite having been

signed by over one hundred

countries on the first day it

was opened for signature at

a glittering ceremony at the

UN headquarters over 20

years ago.

President Clinton was

the first to affix his signature

on behalf of the US, he

said. That treaty has been

ratified by 157 countries,

but the holdouts include the

US, China, Egypt, India,

Iran, Israel, North Korea

and Pakistan.

“The critical element

to entry in to force (of the

Paris agreement) will be the

key GHG producers. The

US, China, Brazil, Russia

and the European Union

(EU) account for over 75

percent of the world’s GHG

emissions and they could

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

provide the main impetus

for bringing the agreement

in to force,” said Dr Kohona.

Asked if it is realistic to

expect the treaty to come

into force early, Meena

Raman, Legal advisor of

the Malaysia-based Third

World Network, told IPS:

“Well, if the United States

and China both ratify early

or even this year, then about

40 percent of the global

emissions would have been

covered but the remaining

countries would have to

account for the balance of

the 15 percent of the emissions

and at least 55 countries

must have ratified the


So it is not completely

unrealistic for the early ratification

of the agreement

before 2020, said Raman,

who was been monitoring

all of the climate change

negotiations as a member

of civil society.

However, what is more

important to consider, she

argued, is the effect of the

early ratification and entry

into force of the agreement.

The contributions that

Parties will make (referred

to as ‘nationally determined

contributions’) – as

to how they would contribute

to emission reductions

and adaptation actions will

only be effective from 2020

onwards, as that is what

countries have stated they

will do in their intended

nationally determined contributions

(INDCs), prior to


So, even if the PA comes

into effect say in 2017 or

2018, the actual effect of

actions by Parties will begin

to materialize from

2020 to 2025/2030 onwards

cont’d on pg 14

14 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

cont’d from pg 13

only under the agreement,

she noted.

It is well known that

the aggregate emissions

reductions from the existing

INDCs that have been

communicated by Parties

thus far which will translate

to their contributions under

the Agreement is grossly

inadequate to keep temperature

rise to well below

2 degree Celsius, let alone

1.5 degrees, she said.

“Predictions are that the

emission reduction pledges

under the Agreement would

lead to rise in temperatures

beyond 3 degrees Celsius,

which would be catastrophic

for the world.”

So, while the early entry

into force of the PA may

send some positive signals,

the real issue is whether

governments, especially in

the developed world step

up with their emission cuts

even more ambitiously now

and provide the necessary

financial and technology

transfer resources to developing

countries to also act

with urgency in the pre-

2020 time frame – and not

wait for actions after 2020,

as they had agreed under

the various decisions of the

UNFCCC (UN Framework

Convention on Climate

Change) and the Kyoto Protocol.

Eliza Northrop, an Associate

in the International

Climate Initiative at the

Washington-based World

Resources Institute, told

IPS the Paris Agreement,

with the required ratifications,

could enter into force

in 2017 or even earlier.

It certainly will happen

faster than previous comparable

agreements, such

as the Kyoto Protocol, she

pointed out.

“Not only is there greater

political momentum behind

the Paris Agreement

but the conditions for entry

into force are different to

Informative, reliable, enriching!

Think you have a good news story; did you witness

anything that is news-worthy; did you take that

valuable picture; things happening in your community

but there is no outlet or voice for you? You can

earn just by telling your story.

Call Caribbean Times at (268) 562 8688



Reach us now with that breaking news!

that of the Kyoto Protocol”.

Although the Kyoto Protocol

followed a similar “55

Parties/55 percent of emissions”

approach to the Paris

Agreement – in the case

of the Kyoto Protocol, the

“55 percent of emissions”

threshold was only based

on the carbon dioxide emissions

from developed country


By contrast, she said,

the Paris Agreement takes

into account all greenhouse

gas emissions from all


“Entry into force will require

the support of a broad

constituency of countries

and broad support for climate

action from the largest

emitters to the most

vulnerable island nations,”

Northrop added.

Dr Kohona told IPS the

policy of the US would be


While its past performance

in this area of global

law making has not been

encouraging, and climate

sceptics exert a disproportionate

amount of influence

on US policy making, it is

to be hoped that the threat

to the very existence of the

human race that climate

change poses will influence

its decision making.

“Any dilution of the

leadership provided so far

by the US could provide

the excuse for others to lose

their enthusiasm”.

The commitment of the

administration of President

Barack Obama to address

the threat of climate change

forcefully must remain unabated

if the world is to

deal with this problem effectively,

he declared.

Meanwhile, the provisions

of the agreement include

reaffirming the goal

of limiting global temperature

increase well below 2

degrees Celsius, while urging

efforts to limit the increase

to 1.5 degrees.

At the same time, the

Paris Agreement calls for

establishing binding commitments

by all parties

to make “nationally determined


(NDCs), and to pursue domestic

measures aimed at

achieving them; commits

all countries to report regularly

on their emissions

and “progress made in implementing

and achieving”

their NDCs, and to undergo

international review and

submit new NDCs every

five years, with the clear

expectation that they will

“represent a progression”

beyond previous ones.

Additionally, the agreement

reaffirms the binding

obligations of developed

countries under the UNFC-

CC (UN Framework Convention

on Climate Change)

to support the efforts of developing

countries, while

for the first time encouraging

voluntary contributions

by developing countries

too, and extends the current

goal of mobilizing US$100

billion a year in support by

2020 through 2025, with a

new, higher goal to be set

for the period after 2025.

Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 15

Three dead, dozens injured in blast at chemical plant in Mexico

MEXICO CITY - A massive

explosion rocked a major

petrochemical facility of

Mexican national oil company

Pemex in the Gulf state

of Veracruz on Wednesday,

killing at least three people,

injuring dozens more, and

pumping a cloud of noxious

chemicals into the sky.

Luis Felipe Puente, head

of federal emergency services,

told Reuters that three

people had died in the blast.

The governor of Veracruz

state, Javier Duarte, later said

105 were hospitalized, including

58 Pemex workers,

according to his official Twitter


Pemex said the explosion,

which sent a huge, dark

plume of smoke billowing

upwards, occurred just after

3 p.m. (2000 GMT) at the

facility’s chlorinate 3 plant

near the port of Coatzacoalcos,

one of the company’s top

oil export hubs.

Local emergency officials

said hundreds of people had

been evacuated from the site.

Television footage showed

an initial burst of flames followed

by a tower of thick

smoke. A company official

said local oil exports were


What caused the blast was

unclear, but Pemex warned

local residents to keep away

from the site due to what it

described as a dissipating

cloud of toxic fumes. TV

footage showed rainclouds

gathering above the plant as

evening fell.

Pemex Chief Executive

Jose Antonio Gonzalez was

traveling to Coatzacoalcos

late on Wednesday to oversee

the response.

Petroquimica Mexicana

de Vinilo, or PMV, a vinyl

petrochemical plant that is

a joint venture between Pemex’s

petrochemical unit and

Mexican plastic pipe maker

Mexichem was the facility

hit by the blast.

Operated by Mexichem,

the plant lies within Pemex’s

larger Pajaritos petrochemical

complex. Mexichem said

in a statement the explosion

occurred in an ethylene unit

at the plant. The company

could not be immediately

reached for further comment.

In February, a fire killed

a worker at the PMV plant,

which makes vinyl chloride

monomer, also known as

chloroethene, an industrial

chemical used to produce

plastic piping.

The incident occurred just

weeks after three workers

were killed and seven injured

when a fire broke out on a Pemex

oil-processing platform

in the Gulf of Mexico.

It also came as Pemex

implements deep cost cuts

FAA grounds Trump’s business jet for expired registration

WASHINGTON — The top speed of

Donald Trump’s business jet? Currently 0


The billionaire GOP candidate’s 750 Citation

X — in use lately to travel to campaign

events — is grounded because its registration

has expired.

Federal Aviation Administration inspectors

have contacted the jet’s chief pilot

about the plane’s registration, which expired

in January, the FAA said in a statement


The plane’s owner “is currently working

with the FAA’s aircraft registry and will

re-register the aircraft before further flight,”

the statement said.

The plane is registered to a limited liability

company whose sole member is Donald

Trump. The plane’s identification number,

N725DT, also includes Trump’s initials.

The Republican presidential candidate

has been using the jet to travel to campaign

events. It seats up to eight people. Trump

also owns a Boeing 757 airliner and three


Trump’s campaign declined to comment.

to cope with the rout in oil

prices, and seeks to stem a

slide in output. Mexico is in

the midst of a historic push

to lure private investors to revive

its oil industry.

Pemex, which enjoyed a

decades-long monopoly over

Mexico’s oil and gas industry

until an energy reform

opened up the sector in 2014,

has experienced a series of

high-profile accidents.

In 2013, at least 37 people

were killed by a blast at

its Mexico City headquarters,

and 26 people died in a fire at

a Pemex natural gas facility

in northern Mexico in September


A 2015 fire at its Abkatun

Permanente platform in the

oil-rich Bay of Campeche affected

oil output and cost the

company up to $780 million.

Pemex said last year it

had reduced its annual accident

rate in 2014 by more

than 33 percent.

But a Reuters investigation

found that Pemex was

reducing its accident rate by

including hours worked by

office staff in its calculations.


16 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Wednesday’s Sudoku Solution




1. First name among classic

TV husbands

5. Diamond topper

9. Shelves

14. Karenina of literature

15. Hurler Hershiser

16. It may lie around the


17. Apothecary’s measure

18. Capri or Moselle, e.g.

19. Mozart offering

20. Chickpea

23. Fill with optimism

24. Lustrous fabrics

28. Washington and McKinley


29. Tardy

32. Gangster’s weapon

33. Rock salt

35. Tiny bit

36. Cold soup?

40. Coagulate

41. Strauss waltz river

42. Terminals

45. Overstuff

46. Maui-to-Hawaii dir.

49. Evening get-togethers

51. Creates a glaze

53. Cookie ingredient, sometimes

56. Radar O’Reilly’s quaffs

59. ___ avis

60. Lollobrigida of films

61. Dawned

62. State point-blank

63. Congressman Trent

64. The media

65. Miami team

66. Gaelic


1. Cotton-pickin’

2. Transported by delight

3. Traffic jams

4. Poetic feet

5. Rumors or gossip

6. Mex. neighbor

7. Gambling city

8. Naval Academy freshmen

9. Prefix with sphere

10. Not centered

11. Pay taxes on

12. Espoused

13. Pitch preceder

21. Company with a spokesduck

22. Barber’s obstruction

25. Earth science (Abbr.)

26. Do, re or mi

27. Azov is one

30. Bound together

31. Lab burners

33. Inconsistent

34. Sicilian resort

36. Singer Laine

37. Kachina doll makers

38. Hornswoggle

39. Dagger symbols, in printing

40. Modern records

43. Tantalizes

44. Fraction of a min.

46. Next year’s alumnus

47. David Blaine’s specialties

48. Jefferson’s Monticello,


50. Abraham’s wife

52. Golfing feat

54. Columnist Barry

55. Surface measurement

56. Hour of down time?

57. Goof

58. Farm tool

Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 17

Today’s weather forecast

Antigua and Barbuda

Cloudy with occasional rain


High - 82ºF/28ºC

Low - 76ºF/24ºC

Wind: East North East 12 mph

Sunrise 5.47 am; Sunset 6.24 pm

Wednesday’s Crossword Solution


ARIES (March 21-April 19).

You’ve been trying to nestle

yourself into a niche, but

maybe it’s not as complicated

as you’re making it. You

know what you’d like to see

and what you want to happen.

Therein lies your niche. You

don’t have to invent anything.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20).

The simple courtesies you

extend are what make people

feel warm and comfortable in

an environment. Experience

has taught you which ones:

Trust yourself. Bonus: Your

social graces are contagious.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21).

You’re drawn to and inspired

by talented people. Their skill

brings them so wholly into the

present moment that you become

immersed in it, too, just

by being audience to them.

CANCER (June 22-July

22). You feel like you’re being

pulled in five directions

at once. Unplug for a while.

When you turn off all the

glowing screens in your life

and opt for just breathing,

nothing else, it’s remarkable

how much this helps.

Education is your engine.

As long as you’re learning,

you’re moving forward.

When the learning stops,

ask a different question. One

good question is all it takes to

change everything.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21).

All gifts come with responsibilities.

Sometimes the responsibility

is as small as a

gracious reception or a tacit

agreement to keep the item.

Even that is sometimes more

trouble than it’s worth.


Dec. 21). The sun shines

down on everyone around you

in equal measure. Some bask

in the warmth, and others flee

from the radiation. Your life

experiences have taught you

how to protect yourself. You

have metaphorical sunscreen.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.

19). Ask for what you need,

even if the right people aren’t

around — even if no one is

around! Ask anyway. Asking

helps you articulate more exactly

what it is you want to

happen next. Also, invisible

forces are listening.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).

There’s a bit of show business

to pull off today. The hype

and excitement are half of the

fun. Without them, this is just

“business,” and that wouldn’t

be nearly as lucky or profitable

for you.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).

There’s no reason to try and

push the action along — and

it wouldn’t work anyway. Sit

back, relax and watch. Things

will happen naturally and in

their own time.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.

18). It will be slow going at

first, but once you commit,

you’ll soon find yourself in

the zone. In fact, you’ll kill it!

You’ll be particularly good at

tasks that require verbal, social

and athletic skill.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).

There’s no such thing as being

permanently excited or permanently

bored. You’ll pass

through many states of mind

today — twice as many as

usual. Whatever state you’re

in, acknowledge its temporal


18 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Ovals vs Stingerz - Going for glory

By Carlena Knight

The division one finals

of the Antigua Barbuda

Basketball Association has

been set as F and G Trading

Cuties Ovals Ojays and L J

Northside Stingerz face off

in a best of five finals starting

on Sunday at 8 at JSC.

Never before has their

been so much on the line for

both teams.

Defending champions, F

and G Trading Cuties Ovals

Ojays will look to cement

themselves in the history

books along with the greats

as they fight to clench the

double for the second consecutive


Captain Bryan ‘Hollywood’

Matthew will lead the

charge with assistance from

the dynamic dunker, Kareem

‘ Macky’ Edwards, the skipper,

Marlon ‘Buju’ Charles

and the sharp shooter , Derricion


Being the oldest team in

the league, the Ovals men

did not let the odds deter

them and now are just one

step away from the title.

While their opponents,

L J Northside Stingerz have

a different story to be written

in the history books as

they hope to claim the title

in their first year in division


Being the rookie team,

the men in green battled

their way into the finals and

gained much deserved respect

and love from the basketball


The Davis brothers will

lead the troops into battle

with high flyer, Coy Quinland,

the Cuban Giant, Abraham

Cruz and sniper, Chaz

Samuel helping along the


Both teams with so much

on the line but so much to

gain will leave it all out on

the court as they go for the


Thursday 21st April 2016 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g 19

Devon ‘Booby’ Thomas withdraws

from the National Cricket team

By Vanroy Burnes

National, Leeward Islands and former

West Indies wicketkeeper batsman Devon

“Booby” Thomas has withdrawn from the

national Cricket team to participate in the

Leeward Islands 50 overs aside competition.

The former national and Leeward Islands

captain who played for the Jamaica Scorpions

in the just concluded WICB, Professional

Cricket League four day competition

made his unavailability known to the Antigua

& Barbuda Cricket Association earlier

this week without any reason.

The Leeward Islands 50- overs competition

will bowl off on Wednesday 21 st in

St. Kitts &Nevis and Antigua & Barbuda,

St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Maarten, Anguilla, The

USVI and the BVI will all be competing.

The PIC Insurance Liberta Black Hawks

opening batsman Kadeem Phillip will replace

Thomas. The full team reads Jamaul

Fernandez, Karima Gore, Orlando Peters,

Rahkeem Jimbo Cornwall, and Tyrone Williams

Jr. Hayden Walsh Jr. Deran Benta as

Wicketkeeper, Gavin Tonge, Stanny Simon,

By Vanroy Burnes

Caribbean Union Bank

Bethesda Golden Eagles

ran circles around Jennings

in the second round of the

ABCA Two-Day Cricket

competition over the weekend.

Playing at home in

Bethesda, the home bundled

out Jennings for 60 runs in

their first innings with Jamaul

Fernandez picking up

four for 23, Gavin Tonge

had two for 7 and Anthony

National, Leeward Islands and former West Indies

wicketkeeper batsman Devon “Booby”


Alzarri Joseph, Jermaine Otto, Nino Henry

and Damian Lowenfield.

Former West Indies Wicketkeeper bastman

Ridley Jacobs as head coach with his

deputy Pernell Roxy Joseph who will also

serve as Manager. Dane Gustave is the statistician/scorer.

By Carlena Knight

A number of local cyclists will compete

in the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds

Circuit Race on Sunday.

The event which is put on by the Antigua

Barbuda Cycling Federation will begin at

I roots Martin also two for 7.

Caribbean Union Bank

Bethesda Golden Eagles in

reply made 75 runs in 49.3

overs with Gavin Tone hitting

57 and Winston Noble

40. Morton Browne of Jennings

had 4 for 39 and Nicholas

Tappin’s had 3 for 35.

Jennings with a deficit of

215 runs was bowled out for

143 in their second innings

in 42.2 overs with Morton

Browne 68.





By Carlena Knight

The Cool & Smooth

Inter-school basketball

games were postponed

yesterday due to the ongoing

inclement weather.

Coordinator of

school’s basketball, Carl

‘Bowlie’ Knight, stated

that ‘we will continue to

monitor the weather for

the rest of the week.

Sadly we had to postpone

our games for today

but they will be played

once the weather holds up

as we look to wrap up another

year of school basketball’.

Bethesda mauled Jennings in

ABCA Two-Day Cricket Competition

Anthony I roots Martin

bowling a second time

picked up four for 52 and

Jamaul Fernandez had three

for 26 to give Bethesda victory

by an innings and 75


Cyclists to compete in circuit race

2:30pm with 6 categories on the road. Elite,

Masters, Juniors/Youth, Elite Females, Junior

Females and Sports.

The participants will begin at the North

side of the stadium and ride around the

grounds in the required laps.

20 c a r i b b e a n t i m e s . a g

Thursday 21st April 2016

Krunal, Rohit reinvigorate

Mumbai’s campaign

MUMBAI - Rohit Sharma returned

to a familiar batting position which has

brought him considerable success to

thwart Royal Challengers Bangalore’s

designs on a flat Wankhede deck, in the

process helping Mumbai Indians revive

their campaign with a six-wicket win.

Promoting himself to open, Rohit made

a 44-ball 62 as Mumbai overhauled

Royal Challengers’ 170 for 7 with 12

balls to spare.

The manner in which he slid back

into the crease to direct the ball with

his wrists behind point, used his powerful

forearms to flick, and danced

down the track to pull the ball into the

stands at long-on and deep midwicket

with minimum effort showed he was in

fine touch. He took charge of the chase

along with Ambati Rayudu, who was

anything but elegant yet equally effective

during his 31.

The second-wicket stand of 76 in

55 balls laid the platform for Mumbai’s

chase, before Iqbal Abdulla gave

Royal Challengers a new lease of life

by dismissing Rayudu and Rohit in

quick succession, both to slogs. Mumbai

were 109 for 3 then, needing 62 off

seven overs - well on track as dew took


Jos Buttler and Kieron Pollard, who

replaced Martin Guptill, flexed their

muscles by hitting five sixes between

them. While Buttler was out for 28,

Pollard remained unbeaten on 40 off 19

balls as Mumbai recorded their second

win in five matches.

Halfway into the first innings, Mumbai,

who opted to bowl, were staring at

a 200-plus target as Virat Kohli and AB

de Villiers feasted on some friendly

bowling during the course of a 59-run

stand, before the unheralded players

Rohit Sharma plays a big shot on the leg side

rose to the occasion in what was billed

as a battle of two heavyweight teams.

Krunal Pandya’s twin strikes to get

rid of Kohli and de Villiers in the space

of five deliveries stunned Royal Challengers,

who had made as many as six

changes to their XI. Shane Watson fell

not long after, but Travis Head, on IPL

debut, and Sarfaraz Khan lifted Royal

Challengers from 99 for 4 to 170 for 7.

Frenetic action highlighted the

first 20 minutes of the game. KL Rahul

- opening in place of Chris Gayle

who was away on paternity leave - was

put through a short-ball test in a hostile

burst by Mitchell McClenaghan,

during which he was hit hard on the

helmet. After the early jitters, though,

he ramped and slapped his way to 23

before being caught in the slips. Kohli

and de Villiers then counterpunched

before the cluster of wickets resulted in

a complete breakdown in momentum.

Head took his time to settle in,

the nervousness clearly showing as

he pushed and prodded his way for

nine deliveries before exhibiting his

ball-striking power to swat Hardik

Pandya for six over deep square leg in

the 15 th over. Sarfaraz showed there is

more to his game than just scoops and

paddles as he milked the spinners. He

saved his best for the final over, clubbing

two sixes off successive deliveries

from Jasprit Bumrah.

Mumbai lost Parthiv Patel in the

second over of the chase, but Varun

Aaron’s third over, which went for 19,

brought their innings back on track.

Once Royal Challengers’ uncapped Indian

bowlers were summoned, a game

that was only marginally tilted in Mumbai’s

favour turned decisively in their

direction. Abdulla’s wickets injected a

touch of excitement, but any possibility

of a close finish was firmly snuffed out

by Pollard’s charge. (ESPNcricinfo)

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