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34<br />

48<br />

74<br />


Explore Guwahati, Assam’s<br />

largest city, in 48 hours<br />


Varun Dhawan, only six<br />

films old, is here to stay<br />


Wishful thinking on who<br />

deserves the awards<br />

Volume 10 | Issue 02 | <strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

I N T R O D U C I N G<br />





FROM THE<br />

CMD’S DESK<br />

Dear Readers,<br />

At <strong>Spice</strong>Jet, our focus continues to<br />

be on reliability. In January again, we<br />

had the lowest cancellations of any<br />

airline in the country. We also recorded<br />

the best on-time performance at<br />

Hyderabad amongst all airlines and<br />

amongst the best at all other metros.<br />

We have launched a cool product<br />

called “Fly For Sure”. This service<br />

guarantees you a flight within 24 hours<br />

in case of a cancellation or a delay. You<br />

can buy this product for Rs. 299 only.<br />

Details are available on spicejet.com.<br />

Despite all our efforts, some flight<br />

disruptions will happen, whether the<br />

cause is weather, technical, security or<br />

any other reason. In such scenarios, we<br />

want to keep all of you well informed.<br />

We have fine-tuned our process to<br />

proactively keep you informed through<br />

various channels, both conventional<br />

and social media.<br />

To ensure that we are able to do<br />

this, may I urge you that for bookings<br />

done through a travel agent, including<br />

any online travel agent, you insist<br />

that they record your mobile number<br />

in the PNR. This will ensure that<br />

we can directly communicate with<br />

you, especially when there is a flight<br />

disruption or delay.<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Max, the best seat in the<br />

sky, not only provides you with extra<br />

legroom, but also a host of priority<br />

services. With lots more to discover,<br />

why not give yourself the best travel<br />

experience the next time you fly?<br />

We are now introducing this product<br />

on our entire fleet. All our Boeing<br />

aircraft are undergoing a retrofit to<br />

create appropriate legroom in the first<br />

three rows along with over-wing exit<br />

rows and the emergency exit rows.<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Max additionally entitles you to<br />

a complimentary meal and a beverage,<br />

priority check-in, priority boarding and<br />

priority baggage-handling. All this at a<br />

nominal cost of Rs. 1000 or less.<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet continued with its tradition<br />

of celebrating special occasions in<br />

January. Our country’s 67th Republic<br />

Day was celebrated with much spirit<br />

and passion. We played the National<br />

Anthem on all our Boeing flights<br />

and are delighted to say that each<br />

and every one of you stood up to<br />

pay respect to the Anthem – and,<br />

in an experience that gave us all<br />

goosebumps, sung the Anthem with<br />

much enthusiasm and fervour.<br />

The celebrations continue as we<br />

enter the Month of Love – <strong>February</strong>. I<br />

am sure you would have noticed all our<br />

staff – ground and cabin, ‘celebrating<br />

love’ with warm and friendly smiles. On<br />

Valentine’s Day, newlywed and elderly<br />

couples will be offered a surprise heartshaped<br />

cake as a gesture from <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

on select flights.<br />

I am delighted to share with you<br />

that for the period between October<br />

and December, 2015, our net profit<br />

has been a phenomenal Rs. 243 crores,<br />

the highest in our history. This also<br />

happens to be the fourth consecutive<br />

profitable quarter, which is also a<br />

record. I wish to thank all my <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

family members who have made<br />

this possible and who rightfully will<br />

be recognised and rewarded in the<br />

coming months.<br />

We also can’t thank you, our<br />

esteemed customers, enough for<br />

consistently choosing to fly with us<br />

and making us your very first choice.<br />

Our profits will further lead to lower<br />

fares for you and, of course, exciting<br />

new products and services. We shall<br />

also continue to invest more and more<br />

in giving you a world-class customer<br />

experience.<br />

Jai Hind!<br />

3<br />

Ajay Singh<br />

Chairman & Managing Director

Volume 10 | Issue 02 | <strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

Cover.indd 1<br />



09/02/16 11:47 AM<br />


Hot Dates 22<br />

Travel Buzz 26<br />

48 Hours in Guwahati 34<br />

Sri Lanka beyond Colombo 42<br />

Vanishing boat makers 80<br />

Travel Photo Jaipur 90<br />

34<br />

Varun Dhawan 48<br />

22<br />

48<br />

6<br />


34<br />

48<br />

74<br />

I N T R O D U C I N G<br />



Explore Guwahati, Assam’s<br />

largest city, in 48 hours<br />


Varun Dhawan, only six<br />

films old, is here to stay<br />


Wishful thinking on who<br />

deserves the awards<br />



<strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s new<br />

add-on service<br />

42<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

An intelligent and precise massage system based on the human body contours, combined with a<br />

strategically-positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection. Enjoy all the<br />

basic needs of a full-body massage with the OSIM uDivine S<br />

For Dealership & Enquiry<br />

Call # 9560770120,<br />

sales@osimindia.com<br />

uAlpine<br />

The air purifier for<br />

better respiratory<br />

well-being<br />

Most Suitable for:<br />

RespiratoryDisorders<br />

Bronchitis<br />

Asthma<br />

Dust<br />

Stale Odors<br />

Pollen<br />

Allergies<br />

Infants<br />

Delhi/NCR- Okhla - (011) 46436638, Kirti Nagar - (011) 42280444, 09711802077, Noida- 9560591068, Gurgaon-Ph: (0124) 4052666,<br />

9560591066/67, Ahmedabad Ph: (079) 40082552, 9724048821, 9724328821, Bangalore Ph:(080) 41710192, 9980075555, 9560770120,<br />

Simply Sofa 9886159999, Chandigarh Ph: 9888601278, Chennai Simply Sofa 044-28333666, Kochi-Simply Sofa Ph: 077 36474997,<br />

Coimbatore - Simply Sofa - 0959799996 Hyderabad Ph: (040) 40173360, 8686985009, 9560770120, Jaipur Ph: (141) 5119599, 09928888833,<br />

Lucknow Ph (0522) 4109378, 8756699901, Mumbai Ghatkopar 9619857872, Juhu Tara Road Ph: (022) 67085290, 09930682333, Atria Ph:<br />

(022) 67363324, 9167301112, 09560770120, Pune Ph: (020) 41280152, 8600018620, 8600018624, Simply Sofa 020-41280152<br />

Head Office / Corporate Showroom: OSIM India - A Division of Paramount Surgimed Ltd., 1, L.S.C., Okhla Indl Area, Phase-II, New Delhi - 110020;<br />

Tel: 011-46436631/32, Enquiry - 09560770120, Service - 9968011727, sales@osimindia.com, www.OSIM.com


Fennel, a bulb of goodness 52<br />

Dining on Valentine’s Day 58<br />

The mystical yogi 72<br />

Oscar predictions 74<br />

8 cars to look out for 100<br />

Goonj118<br />

118<br />

Prediction124<br />

Spotlight128<br />

8<br />


58<br />

74<br />

128<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


12<br />

Fly for Sure 30<br />


30<br />





Social media 14<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Vacations.com16<br />

<strong>Spice</strong> products 18<br />

Music123<br />

Mobile apps 126<br />

Republic Day celebrations 138<br />

News140<br />

Stars of <strong>Spice</strong>Jet 144<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet add-ons 146<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet fleet 148<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2016</strong><br />

EDITOR<br />


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KERALA<br />


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+91 98240 43072, sanjaychawda@gmail.com<br />



MW.Com (India) Pvt. Ltd., 401, 4th Floor, Todi Building,<br />

Mathuradas Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg,<br />

Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013., Tel: 022 67487777<br />

DELHI: 24/1, First Floor, Hauz Khas Village,<br />

New Delhi - 110016 Tel/Fax: 011- 26516071/72<br />

All rights reserved worldwide. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be<br />

returned unless accompanied by a postage pre-paid envelope<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

@flyspicejet<br />

BUZZ ON<br />


@flyspicejet SG 612 -Just reached<br />

Goa- Awesome experience it was.<br />

Love spice jet<br />

@Max20289M<br />

@flyspicejet National anthem after<br />

Landing which filled us with lots<br />

of diverse memories & left a very<br />

soulful impact on us. C4F Salutes<br />

u. Tri Color Scarf, National Anthem.<br />

Thank u @flyspicejet 4 making this<br />

day a meaning full one for all the<br />

passengers.<br />

Flying to Mumbai and they’re<br />

playing pink floyd on the speakers<br />

on the aeroplane wth?? #awesome<br />

#spicejet #unexpected<br />

@shrutihaasan<br />

@C4FINDIA<br />

Sunset at 35000ft. Somewhere over<br />

Bengaluru!<br />

@inexus6p<br />

14<br />

Hey @flyspicejet. Great job<br />

with in flight music. #foreigner<br />

#sg514<br />

@glenling<br />

@flyspicejet shoutout to the<br />

awesome pilot we had onboard<br />

SG3251 today, MAA-CCJ.<br />

@jaikesh<br />

@flyspicejet Enjoyed the meal<br />

aboard SG 190. Fresh, hot & spicy<br />

just like your tagline<br />

@sreespace<br />

Nyc trip!! Cheers @flyspicejet<br />

Recently flew <strong>Spice</strong>Jet.<br />

Wonderful experience. Great to<br />

observe turn around under your<br />

dynamic leadership. Congrats !<br />

@mgarg56<br />

Thank you @flyspicejet for a safe<br />

and very economic return flights<br />

to Goa. Keep up the good work!<br />

Jai Hind.<br />

@axelency<br />

@Chakra_Chanchal<br />

The smoothest touch down I’ve ever<br />

had. Thanks for the flight spicejet!<br />

@VishnuAM93<br />

That’s a huge cotton candy #☁️<br />

#cloud #spicejet #instagram<br />

#communityfirst<br />

@harish_frozen<br />

@flyspicejet Ground staff at Port<br />

Blair were so awesome! Sinith -<br />

Thank you so very much. You made<br />

our day, buddy! :)<br />

@TreshaGuha<br />

An incredible view of the #Himachal<br />

from my <strong>Spice</strong>jet window<br />

@DhritimanMishra<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Vacations.com<br />


Plan your holidays with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s unique initiative <strong>Spice</strong>Destinations.com, a plethora of<br />

end-to-end travel solutions, making your travels not just convenient, but also Red. Hot. Spicy<br />

16<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Destinations.com<br />

is a one-stop shop<br />

for customised travel<br />

packages offering services<br />

beyond the ordinary.<br />

Choose your pick from a vast network<br />

of domestic and international holiday<br />

destinations, and book your flights<br />

with the right bundle of services<br />

that will ensure an effortless journey.<br />

Specially hand-picked hotels, quick<br />

car rentals and travel packages<br />

created in association with local<br />

holiday experts – there is much to<br />

benefit from <strong>Spice</strong>Destinations.com.<br />

With this product, customers<br />

can make changes in their itinerary<br />

online, at every step of the trip.<br />

Such as, if a customer wants to opt<br />

for a bigger car even if the package<br />

entails a smaller one, he can do<br />

so, and with ease. Customers need<br />

to simply decide on the theme of<br />

their vacation, such as pilgrimage,<br />

honeymoon, heritage, wildlife, beach<br />

and hills, and the platform throws up<br />

a wide variety of deals in terms of the<br />

location, hotel arrangements, local<br />

sightseeing tours and car rentals,<br />

among others.<br />

A separate online domain, this<br />

product adds to the convenience<br />

of the traveller, and also acts as an<br />

information buddy. In the second<br />

phase of operations, travel experts<br />

will share their experiences,<br />

comments, blogs, etc., that can help<br />

Customers need to<br />

simply decide on<br />

the theme of their<br />

vacation<br />

customers plan their next trip.<br />

Reviews from fellow travellers will<br />

also help customers to plan right.<br />

With this unique initiative by<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet, customers will have the<br />

flexibility of booking a package<br />

with a minimal amount and can pay<br />

the rest later through various EMI<br />

options that will be made available<br />

along with other regular options,<br />

too. As the website will be powered<br />

by <strong>Spice</strong>Jet, every customer will<br />

enjoy great flight and hotel deals,<br />

culminating with smart, convenient<br />

and detailed travel packages. In<br />

keeping with the digital age, the<br />

new product will be connected<br />

with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s mobile app at a later<br />

stage.<br />

So travel the world with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s<br />

enviable travel packages and<br />

experience the perfect holiday. •<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />

18<br />



By prioritising the needs of customers, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet offers innovative products to<br />

make every journey a memorable one<br />

At <strong>Spice</strong>Jet, we believe<br />

that customer<br />

experience can always<br />

be improved upon.<br />

In keeping with this<br />

philosophy, we are constantly<br />

looking for ways to make travel<br />

not just a hassle-free experience,<br />

but also one that the passenger<br />

will remember. Our latest slew of<br />

innovations reflects this: a product<br />

that rewards travellers who travel<br />

only with hand-baggage; another<br />

one that makes life easier for those<br />

who are carrying heavy baggage, but<br />

not heavy enough to be checkedin;<br />

yet another that offers a bigger<br />

choice of meals onboard; and<br />

finally products to please those<br />

who are always on the lookout for<br />

extra legroom, and those who are<br />

particular about where they sit on a<br />

flight. It is no wonder that we are the<br />

country’s favourite budget airline.<br />


Making air travel even more<br />

convenient, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s ‘Carry More<br />

Onboard!’ is an optional service<br />

for travellers with heavier cabin<br />

baggage. It is targeted at passengers<br />

who carry cabin baggage heavier<br />

than 7 kg, and do not want to checkin.<br />

Fliers can carry bags weighing up<br />

to 5 kg extra, a maximum of 12 kg<br />

onboard, while paying a nominal fee<br />

for each kg above 7 kg.<br />

This helps passengers to save time<br />

and avoid waiting at the baggage<br />

carousel on arrival. As the current<br />

maximum size dimensions still<br />

apply, bags can be heavier, but not<br />

larger, and the standard fee baggage<br />

allowances remain as before.<br />

Customers can opt for this product<br />

during airport check-in and at the<br />

airport ticket counters, against a<br />

receipt. They can also pre-book<br />

and purchase it online. The scheme<br />

applies to all domestic flights, as well<br />

as international flights originating<br />

in India. The product is nonrefundable<br />

unless the entire booking<br />

is cancelled. It can be purchased<br />

with any type of fare such as the<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Saver, Hand Baggage Only,<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Flex, etc.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


This is another unique product that<br />

offers a discount to those passengers<br />

who carry only hand baggage.<br />

Available on most direct domestic<br />

flights (including via flights), this<br />

fare has a minimum 15-day advance<br />

purchase period and no free check-in<br />

baggage allowance is permissible.<br />

Bookings for this can be made on<br />

www.spicejet.com, at airport ticket<br />

offices, and through selected online<br />

travel agent portals.<br />

Passengers should keep in mind that<br />

hand-baggage allowance does not<br />

change. Those who book these fares,<br />

but later decide to check-in luggage,<br />

will have to pay more.<br />


A delicious meal onboard is like cherry<br />

on the cake, allowing fliers to rid<br />

themselves of exhaustion and hunger.<br />

Passengers can opt for either Indian or<br />

Continental cuisines. The airline now<br />

has an all-new menu, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet Bistro,<br />

that offers hot meals, sub sandwiches,<br />

meal bundles and special meals for<br />

diabetics and those preferring Jain<br />

meals. The airline also provides meal<br />

options for Navratras.<br />

With the new menu, all breakfast<br />

meals are served with an eggless<br />

croissant and a butter chiplet, while<br />

the meals served during the rest of<br />

the day are accompanied with an<br />

eggless dessert, whole wheat roll and<br />

butter chiplet.<br />

From Masala Frittata to Paneer Kathi<br />

Roll, Grilled Vegetables sandwich to<br />

Tex Vegetable sub sandwiches, a great<br />

variety is on offer.<br />

Fliers can pre-book a complete meal,<br />

i.e., choose their meals and drinks on<br />

the website. A standalone beverage<br />

can also be pre-booked. With the<br />

expanded online menu selection,<br />

customers who pre-book their meal<br />

will enjoy discounted rates compared<br />

to onboard prices and the meal of<br />

their choice. In another initiative,<br />


INSIDE<br />



20<br />

Pre-book your meals to<br />

make your journey with<br />

us a more comfortable<br />

experience. You can enjoy<br />

exceptional discounted<br />

rates, with meals starting<br />

from `140 to a full fledged<br />

meal at `275. The onboard<br />

hot meal prices have been<br />

reduced from `350 to `300.<br />

So pre-booking your meal<br />

makes purchasing food<br />

and beverage onboard an<br />

entirely cashless affair. You<br />

can pre-book your meals at<br />

the time of booking your<br />

flight, or add later through<br />

‘Manage My Booking’ on<br />

the website www.spicejet.<br />

com. Pre-book meals<br />

through the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet mobile<br />

app, and you can even get<br />

50 per cent off on meals.<br />

“<br />

”<br />

passengers can wish their loved ones<br />

mid-air by pre-booking a cake on<br />

select flights.<br />

A takeaway Kids’ Meal bags,<br />

shaped like a plane, is also available<br />

only on pre-booking. Reasonably<br />

priced, the meal includes a mini<br />

vegetarian burger, fruit juice, a bag<br />

of chips and chocolates.<br />

A meal of your choice from the<br />

expanded menu can be pre-booked<br />

up to 24 hours of your flight.<br />


Offering the ultimate luxury,<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s all-new <strong>Spice</strong>Max provides<br />

more comfort and convenience to<br />

customers. With the extra legroom<br />

and greater personal space to<br />

work or unwind, passengers can<br />

travel with ease. The airline has<br />

reconfigured most of its Boeing 737<br />

fleet such that the first five rows<br />

offer the best-in-class seat pitch.<br />

Apart from the significantly<br />

extra legroom onboard, fliers can<br />

also enjoy other added ancillary<br />

products such as priority check-in,<br />

complimentary meal and beverage,<br />

priority baggage handling and<br />

priority boarding (aerobridge gates)<br />

at dedicated <strong>Spice</strong>Max counters at<br />

the airport for a modest add-on fee<br />

per sector.<br />

The ease with which fliers can<br />

opt for this product enhances the<br />

experience even further. <strong>Spice</strong>Max<br />

seats can be booked by simply<br />

selecting this option during the<br />

booking process on www.spicejet.<br />

com, or any time after using the<br />

‘Manage My Booking’ option (this is<br />

applicable for booking even through<br />

travel agents), during online checkin<br />

and during check-in at the airport.<br />

When booking a connecting<br />

flight with a stop-over, passengers<br />

will have to purchase <strong>Spice</strong>Max<br />

seats separately for the two flights.<br />

Charges as per flight leg will apply.<br />


The next time you book a flight<br />

on <strong>Spice</strong>Jet, opt for <strong>Spice</strong>Flex, a<br />

uniquely crafted bundled fare that<br />

offers passengers immense benefits<br />

such as preferred seat choice at no<br />

charge, priority check-in and change<br />

fee waiver. Enjoy these benefits at a<br />

marginal premium only.<br />

Considered an ideal option for<br />

frequent travellers and business<br />

executives, these fares are valid on<br />

all direct, via and onward flights on<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s vast network. Customers<br />

can book <strong>Spice</strong>Flex fares only by<br />

logging onto the website, www.<br />

spicejet.com and via travel agents. •






The event will showcase<br />

the potential of design,<br />

innovation and sustainability<br />

across India’s manufacturing<br />

sectors in the coming decade.<br />

The week is aimed to spark<br />

a renewed sense of pride in<br />

India’s manufacturing – and<br />

take corporate and public<br />

participation to the next level.<br />

When: <strong>February</strong> 13-18, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Where: Mumbai<br />

22<br />

ART<br />


MUSIC<br />

MAHINDRA BLUES FESTIVAL <strong>2016</strong><br />

Known as Asia’s largest and finest blues phenomenon, the<br />

Mahindra Blues Festival brings together some of the best<br />

blues musicians in the world for two days of soul-trippin’<br />

action at the iconic Mehboob Studio in Mumbai. The lineup<br />

includes Keb’ Mo’, Joss Stone, Malina Moye, Soulmate,<br />

the Heritage Blues Orchestra and King King.<br />

When: <strong>February</strong> 13-14, <strong>2016</strong> | Where: Mumbai<br />

Art buffs will get to see 80 works of Jamini Roy, at<br />

Dhoomimal Gallery. The works represent Roy’s inspiration<br />

from the Kalighat and Pat traditions of Bengal. Done on<br />

cloth, board and paper, they feature simple images of sariclad<br />

women, village dancers and domestic animals besides<br />

the famed Ramayana series.<br />

When: Throughout <strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong> | Where: Delhi<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>



Surge is the first Indian tech conference<br />

from the people behind Web Summit.<br />

In four years, Web Summit has grown<br />

from 400 attendees to 30,000. The<br />

list of speakers at the event include<br />

Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), Rohit Bansal<br />

(Snapdeal), Luis Von Ahn (Duolingo)<br />

and Kavin Bharti Mittal (Hike<br />

Messenger).<br />

When: <strong>February</strong> 23-24, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Where: Bengaluru<br />



24<br />

The Surajkund International Crafts Mela is a celebration of Indian folk<br />

traditions and cultural heritage in an ambience specially created to represent<br />

the ethos of rural India. This is a sincere endeavour to pay homage to the<br />

traditional arts and crafts of rural India.<br />

When: <strong>February</strong> 1-15, <strong>2016</strong> Where: Surajkund, Delhi<br />

RIDE<br />


India Bike Week (IBW) is the<br />

largest gathering of leisure<br />

bikers and motorcycling<br />

enthusiasts in the<br />

subcontinent. From Pulsars<br />

to Harleys, the primary<br />

reason to organise IBW is<br />

to encourage bikers to get<br />

their motorcycles out and<br />

meet like-minded people.<br />

When: <strong>February</strong> 19-20, <strong>2016</strong><br />

Where: Goa<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


What’s New<br />


With expansion to 113<br />

countries and territories<br />

and availability at 16<br />

Indian airports, India<br />

issued a total of 4,45,300<br />

e-tourist visas last year.<br />

According to the Ministry<br />

of Tourism, the expansion<br />

of the e-visa programme<br />

led to a more than 1000<br />

per cent jump in the<br />

number of tourist visas<br />

issued, compared to 2014.<br />

December 2015 alone saw<br />

1,03,617 e-visas issued.<br />

26<br />


TOURISTS FOR GOA CARNIVAL <strong>2016</strong><br />

Goa Tourism is hoping to host around 4<br />

lakh tourists for this year’s Goa Carnival<br />

slated from <strong>February</strong> 6 to 9. The main float<br />

parade will be held in Panjim, and will travel<br />

to Margao, Vasco and Mapusa. For the first<br />

time, Goa Tourism has joined hands with<br />

European Commission’s Cultural Exchange<br />

programme to exchange artists among<br />

the three carnivals, i.e., Asia (Goa), Europe<br />

(Liverpool) and Africa (South Africa) to<br />

learn and adopt unique aspects of these<br />

carnivals.<br />


MTDC, along with Pawan Hans, formally launched Heli-Tourism<br />

aimed to attract tourists who have limited time to explore Mumbai,<br />

for a ten-minute joyride. This is the first time that something of this<br />

sort is being introduced in India. Initially, only Mumbai scenic tours<br />

will be introduced, followed later on by tours to Elephanta Island,<br />

Ajanta and Ellora caves.<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>







In its endeavour to bring<br />

India’s heritage to the world,<br />

the Google Cultural Institute<br />

and Mumbai’s Dr. Bhau Daji<br />

Lad Museum have joined<br />

hands. People from around<br />

the world will now be able<br />

to experience online 200+<br />

highlights from this rare<br />

collection of early art and<br />

design practices from the late<br />

18th to early 20th centuries.<br />


28<br />

Kerala’s tourism department will now receive a boost with the arrival of the crews<br />

of BBC World from the UK and NTV Broadcasting Company from Russia. The shows<br />

will be beamed around the world, informing the international audience about the<br />

abundant nature of the state as well as its culture and culinary delights. Both the<br />

shows, The Travel Show on the BBC World and Let’s Go, Let’s Eat on NTV, will be shot<br />

in different parts of Kerala, showcasing the state’s backwaters, homestays, village<br />

experience and culture.<br />



Madhya Pradesh is set to<br />

become India’s first state to<br />

organise Jal Mahotsav next<br />

month with a view to attract<br />

more tourists to the state.<br />

The ten-day Jal Mahotsav<br />

festival will be inaugurated<br />

on <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2016</strong>, in<br />

Hanuwantiya at Indirasagar<br />

Dam, one of Asia’s largest<br />

man-made water reservoirs.<br />

It will be an opportunity<br />

to experience the customs<br />

and traditions of Madhya<br />

Pradesh through art, craft,<br />

folk music, dance and<br />

cuisines.<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

3 & 4 bhk Airconditioned Apartments<br />

G U J A R AT ’ S<br />

1 st<br />


P L A T I N U M R A T E D G R E E N B U I L D I N G<br />

Genuine quality<br />

Seeing is Believing<br />

hardcore structure<br />

Ethical Practice<br />

price always worth<br />

Price @ CARPET +wall area<br />

@ Twincity Hub<br />

Close to AIRPORT ring road SG ROAD metro BRT riverfront GIFT IT education hub TCS<br />

Most spacious<br />

Drawing Room (3 bhk) - 23' x 20',Two M.Bedroom with Dress -Toilet<br />

1.25 Lac sq. ft. common development area among 88 flats<br />

Developers<br />

Possession shortly<br />

Site : S.P.Ring Road, B/w S.G.Road to Airport, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad<br />

Current Projects<br />

Motera DIAMOND(3 bhk ac) SILVER(3bhk) Chandkheda PURE(2bhk XL)<br />

G’nagar TERRACES (3bhk) GIFT JUNCTION(commercial) GOOD TIMES (plots)<br />

Gift City SMART LIFE 1,2,3,4bhk<br />



30<br />






<strong>Spice</strong>Jet once again<br />

cements its reputation<br />

as a pioneer in the world<br />

of Indian aviation with<br />

a revolutionary new<br />

concept called Fly For Sure. This<br />

new service will go a long way in<br />

making flying more stress-free for<br />

travellers, by reducing the impact of<br />

delayed, cancelled or missed flights.<br />

By paying an additional small<br />

amount when buying their ticket<br />

online, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet passengers are<br />

entitled to a guarantee of flying<br />

within the next 24 hours if their<br />

journey is disrupted for any of the<br />

following reasons: if the flight is<br />

delayed beyond 90 minutes; if they<br />

miss a flight because of reporting<br />

late at the check-in counter (but<br />

within 30 minutes from airport<br />

check-in closure time of the flight);<br />

or if the flight is cancelled by the<br />

airline for some reason.<br />

Flight disruptions are a major<br />

problem in the country, and<br />

form a large proportion of<br />

passenger complaints to the

DGCA (Directorate General<br />

of Civil Aviation). They<br />

constituted 27.3 % of the<br />

complaints lodged by passengers<br />

with the aviation authority in<br />

the period between January 2015<br />

and December 2015.<br />

The records show that as many<br />

as 1.16 lakh passengers were<br />

affected by cancellations, 7.3 lakh<br />

passengers faced delays, and 1,300<br />

passengers were denied boarding<br />

across airlines in the same period.<br />

Like a slew of other innovative<br />

products that <strong>Spice</strong>Jet has<br />

launched over the years, Fly For<br />

Sure is part of the airline’s constant<br />

endeavor to reduce the effects<br />

of unforeseen impediments on<br />

passengers, and make flying a<br />

seamlessly comfortable experience.<br />

Says Amit Srivastava – VP<br />

Business Development, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet,<br />

“Flight disruptions cause lots of<br />

inconvenience to passengers; hence<br />

putting customer convenience first<br />

we have introduced Fly For Sure<br />

which enables the passenger to<br />

complete the travel without any<br />

extra financial burden.”<br />

Fly For Sure which costs just<br />

Rs 299 (all inclusive per passenger<br />

per one-way) is sold as an addon<br />

product for travellers booking<br />

at least seven days in advance of<br />

their flight on the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet website.<br />

In case of any disruptions of the<br />

kind listed above, the airline will<br />

reimburse the amount paid by the<br />

passenger for the booking, or the<br />

price of a subsequently purchased<br />

ticket, subject to certain conditions.<br />

As with other products that<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet has launched, the initial<br />

response from passengers for Fly For<br />

Sure has been tremendous. They like<br />

its ease of booking, the simplicity of<br />

its rules, and most importantly, the<br />

fact that it provides them peace of<br />

mind. Missing a flight, they say, is a<br />

thought that has crossed everyone’s<br />

mind, particularly in large Indian<br />

cities, where unexpected traffic and<br />

other delays are always a possibility.<br />

The product’s success also goes to<br />

show that passengers are constantly<br />

on the lookout for services that<br />

make their flying experience better,<br />

even if it costs them a little more. To<br />

use an old cliché, it is yet another<br />

feather in the cap of the country’s<br />

favourite budget airline.<br />

For all those who are planning to<br />

avail this service please refer to the<br />

detailed Terms & Conditions on the<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet website.



Fly For Sure is part of a rich legacy of customer-friendly products from <strong>Spice</strong>Jet. The airline has built up a<br />

reputation over the years for constant innovations targeted at bettering passenger experience<br />


This uniquely crafted bundle offers passengers many<br />

benefits. These include preferred seat choice at no<br />

charge, priority check-in and change fee waiver. This<br />

option is ideal for frequent travellers and business<br />

executives. They are valid on all direct, via and onward<br />

flights on the vast <strong>Spice</strong>Jet network. Customers can book<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Flex fares through travel agents as well as on the<br />

airline’s website at www.spicejet.com<br />


No other airline gives its passengers a host of services<br />

and products designed exclusively to enhance customer<br />

choice and comfort level. A pre-paid product, Priority<br />

32<br />


<strong>Spice</strong>Jet reaches out to its flying guests in special ways,<br />

including celebrating their birthdays in air, in the process<br />

creating a friendly and positive ambience. During<br />

festivals, it stands out from the crowd in wowing its<br />

guests. In the past, there have been an impromptu inflight<br />

flash dance for Holi, Santa hats have been donned<br />

during Christmas and fliers have been greeted at Delhi<br />

airport with a musical Diwali performance.<br />


<strong>Spice</strong>Max offers significantly extra legroom. Along the<br />

launch of this product, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet re-configured most of its<br />

Boeing 737 fleet in such a way that the first five rows offer<br />

the best-in-class seat pitch. In addition, <strong>Spice</strong>Max offers<br />

other advantages like priority check-in, complimentary<br />

meal and beverage and priority baggage handling for a<br />

small add-on fee.<br />

Check-in, guarantees a comfortable journey. Another<br />

innovation has been discounts for passengers who<br />

carry only hand baggage and book at least 15 days<br />

in advance.<br />


The latest offering from the airline, the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet lounge at<br />

Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kochi airports, allows<br />

passengers to unwind and enjoy the comfort of <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s<br />

hospitality. The coupons for the lounge can be collected<br />

at <strong>Spice</strong>Jet check-in counters. They will be priced at Rs.<br />

600 per passenger per sector (for the domestic lounge<br />

service) and Rs. 1,200 per passenger (for the international<br />

lounge service). Passengers can also select the Lounge<br />

Access option while making their booking online and<br />

through the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet Reservation Centre.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Kamakhya Temple<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet offers direct flights to<br />

Guwahati from Agartala, Delhi<br />

and Kolkata and further easy<br />

connections from other cities<br />

across the network. For details,<br />

log on to www.spicejet.com<br />

34<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

ALAMY<br />

[ 48 HOURS IN GUWAHATI ]<br />

Gateway to<br />

paradise<br />

Connecting the northeast region<br />

to the rest of the country, Guwahati will wow you with<br />

its natural beauty, temple architecture, museums,<br />

markets and more<br />

Nirvana seekers or<br />

shopaholics, photo fanatics<br />

or history buffs, nature<br />

lovers or bird watchers,<br />

Guwahati offers much to one and all.<br />

Made up of two Assamese words –<br />

guwa (meaning areca nut) and haat<br />

(meaning market) Guwahati was once<br />

known as the ‘Light of the East’ or<br />

‘Pragjyotishpura’ in Assamese. Today it<br />

serves as the starting point to connect<br />

the whole of north-east region and is,<br />

therefore, aptly called ‘the gateway to<br />

the north-east’. The city is growing very<br />

rapidly, and is one of the 20 selected for<br />

the ambitious Smart City project (see<br />

last page). Guwahati is so big that the<br />

capital of Assam, Dispur, lies within<br />

the city.<br />

DAY<br />

1<br />

9:00 AM<br />

Kamakhya Temple<br />

Guwahati is well known for its<br />

legendary temples and has earned,<br />

along with its many other monikers,<br />

the title of ‘city of temples’. There are<br />

temples on virtually every nook and<br />

corner of the city. But visitors with<br />

limited time on hand must first visit<br />

the Kamakhya Temple which, in fact,<br />


is the identity of Assam. One of the<br />

most worshipped temples of India, it is<br />

also one of the oldest. Built in the 8th<br />

century during the Malechha dynasty<br />

and renovated many times since then,<br />

the majestic temple is dedicated to<br />

goddess Kamakhya. Perched atop<br />

the Nilachal Hill overlooking River<br />

Brahmaputra, the temple’s art and<br />

architecture reflect the characteristics<br />

of different periods, while the original<br />

structure is also preserved in some<br />

places. The exterior and interior walls<br />

represent the art styles of the Gupta<br />

period while the sculptures therein are<br />

closely associated with the art of Bengal<br />

and Orissa.<br />

You might feel a little tired visiting<br />

the massive temple complex but<br />

motivate yourself to see it entirely as<br />

only then can you seriously appreciate<br />

the temple’s beautiful architecture. The<br />

sanctity and merit of the temple finds<br />

mention in Kalika Purana that describes<br />

Kamakhya as the yielder of all desires<br />

and the giver of mukti (salvation).<br />

Having distinct domed roofs, the<br />

temple is surrounded by many other<br />

temples dedicated to several other<br />

deities. The temple is also regarded as<br />

one of the main centres of Tantrik cult.<br />

It is thronged by thousands of devotees<br />

from all over India during the threeday-long<br />

Ambubachi fair, also known as<br />

‘Mahakumbh of East’ or Fertility Festival<br />

and held in the middle of June.<br />

12:00 PM<br />

Navagraha Temple<br />

Dedicated to the nine planets of the<br />

solar system is Navagraha Temple<br />

on top of Chitrachal Hill. Each of the<br />

planets is represented by a ‘shivaling’<br />

which is covered by a coloured cloth,<br />

the colour representing the celestial<br />

body. Built by Ahom king Rajeswar<br />

Singha in the 18th century, the temple<br />

was almost destroyed by an earthquake<br />

but the sanctum sanctorum remained<br />

intact.<br />

2:00 PM<br />

Guwahati War Cemetery<br />

Unlike other cemeteries of the northeast,<br />

the Guwahati War Cemetery<br />

hardly finds mention on a visitor’s<br />

itinerary yet paying tribute to the<br />

known and unknown soldiers that died<br />

during the WWII might be a poignant<br />

experience. The well-kept cemetery<br />

has a total of 521 graves of soldiers of<br />

the Commonwealth countries. The<br />

cemetery also contains 24 Chinese war<br />

graves, and two non-war graves.<br />

Guwahati War Cemetery<br />



Sunset on the Brahmaputra river<br />

36<br />

3:00 PM<br />

Assam State Museum<br />

Assam State Museum is a mustvisit<br />

attraction in Guwahati even<br />

for those who have little interest in<br />

history or archaeology. As one of the<br />

biggest multipurpose museums in<br />

the country, its collections are simply<br />

fabulous. Housed in an imposing<br />

building, the museum is a major<br />

source of knowledge, education and<br />

research. With a nominal admission<br />

fee, one can see the collections that<br />

are displayed artistically in more<br />

than a dozen uniquely designed<br />

galleries. There are galleries devoted to<br />

numismatics, archaeology, epigraphy<br />

and iconography. Impressive sculptures<br />

are exhibited in terracotta, stone, wood<br />

and metal. There are separate sections<br />

of anthropology and folk tribal art,<br />

natural history and Assamese crafts,<br />

which display Assam’s glorious past.<br />

Many rare objects from the ancient<br />

You simply cannot end your<br />

first day without experiencing<br />

the majestic Brahmaputra.<br />

The mighty river meanders<br />

from Tibet to Bangladesh<br />

Assam State Museum<br />

dynasties and the medieval Tai-Ahom<br />

rulers are exhibited.<br />

The arms gallery displays royal<br />

cannons and various ammunition that<br />

thwarted Mughal invaders and also<br />

original Mughal daggers and shields.<br />

WWII relics such as Japanese bombs<br />

and armoury are also exhibited. Rare<br />

books on Assamese mythology, ethnic<br />

costumes and traditional musical<br />

instruments and astonishing historical<br />

items can also be seen.<br />

5:00 PM<br />

Brahmaputra river cruise<br />

You simply cannot end your first day<br />

without experiencing the beauty<br />

of the majestic Brahmaputra. The<br />

mighty river meanders from Tibet<br />

to Bangladesh, and is one of the<br />

widest in the world. Cruising leisurely<br />

on River Brahmaputra, the fastestflowing<br />

waterway in the world, can<br />

be an exhilarating experience. You can<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

www.seroapparels.com<br />

info@seroapparels.com<br />

/hvapparels<br />

trending now<br />


01.16<br />



38<br />

You can meet the rhino, the<br />

most prized inhabitant of<br />

Kaziranga, at the Guwahati Zoo<br />

see it in all its glory. There are many<br />

companies that offer the sunset cruise<br />

with dinner on board. Lower and upper<br />

deck options are available. The excellent<br />

views of the setting sun will definitely<br />

end up as golden memories.<br />

DAY<br />

2<br />

10:00 AM<br />

Assam State Zoo and Botanical<br />

Garden (Guwahati Zoo)<br />

A shortage of time may prevent you<br />

from visiting the Kaziranga National<br />

Park, four hours away and a World<br />

Heritage Site famous for its unique<br />

natural environment and for the Greater<br />

Indian one-horned rhinoceros – but<br />

don’t be disappointed. You can meet<br />

the rhino, the most prized inhabitant<br />

of Kaziranga and one of the rarest<br />

mammals in the world, at the Guwahati<br />

Zoo, which is home to more than 900<br />

The Guwahati Zoo is home<br />

to more than 900 animals,<br />

birds and reptiles from around<br />

the world<br />

animals, birds and reptiles from around<br />

the world. By sending the one-horned<br />

rhinoceros to other zoos, the Guwahati<br />

Zoo received exotic puma, jaguar and<br />

llama from Latin American countries;<br />

emus and kangaroos from Australia;<br />

and zebras, black and white ostriches<br />

and giraffes from Africa. Spread across<br />

432 acres, the zoo has conserved several<br />

endangered species after launching<br />

its Animal Adoption Scheme in 2005.<br />

A few pygmy hogs from Barnadi were<br />

conserved which later gave birth to four<br />

little ones.<br />

The zoo is a treat for avid birdwatchers<br />

who may spot a lesser<br />

white-fronted goose, Baer’s pochard<br />

duck and lesser and greater adjutant,<br />

black-necked stork and Asian open-bill<br />

stork. Most of these birds are water<br />

birds which you rarely see elsewhere.<br />

Migratory birds such as green pigeon,<br />

white pelicans and others come here<br />

from afar as the protected area has<br />

many small islands. The Royal Bengal<br />

tiger, swamp deer, wild boar and Asiatic<br />

elephant are also significant inhabitants<br />

of the zoo.<br />

1:00 PM<br />

Hajo<br />

You will be amazed to see the multicultural<br />

and multi-religious ethos of<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Hayagriva Mahadeva<br />

is a very well known<br />

temple in Hajo<br />

4:00 PM<br />

Guwahati Tea Auction Centre<br />

Assam is synonymous with tea.<br />

You can easily spend an hour or<br />

more watching live auctions at<br />

the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre<br />

(GTAC) – one of the world’s busiest<br />

tea trading houses. The varieties<br />

and categories of the tea that are<br />

traded here are simply amazing.<br />

Assam, Cachar, Organic, Green, CTC,<br />

Orthodox, Dust, Herbal, Bio-organic<br />

and many more – you name it and you<br />

will find it being auctioned.<br />

40<br />

Assam, when you pay a visit to Hajo<br />

which is usually on every visitor’s list.<br />

This is a very important pilgrimage<br />

centre for Hindus, Muslims and<br />

Buddhists. The place is scattered<br />

with temples dedicated to many<br />

Hindu deities, yet you see Muslims<br />

and Buddhist monks also coming<br />

in hordes. Hayagriva Mahadeva is a<br />

very well known temple where Lord<br />

Vishnu is worshipped in his Narasimha<br />

incarnation. Devotees believe that<br />

the image of Lord Vishnu here was<br />

made keeping in mind the one at Lord<br />

Jagannath in Puri, Orissa. Known to<br />

be constructed in the 6th century by<br />

the king of Pala dynasty, the temple<br />

is a fine example of Assamese art and<br />

architecture. The imposing stone<br />

temple has exquisite carvings on<br />

its walls, which is a rare display of<br />

reverence to nature.<br />

Finding a mosque here, named Powa<br />

Mecca (one-fourth of Mecca), will<br />

convince you that Assam is the meeting<br />

ground of all religions of India. The<br />

Muslim shrine built by Mir Lutufullahi-Shiraji<br />

in 1657 was so called because<br />

it was believed that the soil on which it<br />

was built was brought from the city of<br />

Mecca, and thus, the devout offering<br />

prayers at this shrine get one-fourth<br />

of the merits and piety of what one<br />

obtains from a pilgrimage to Mecca<br />

itself.<br />


A street in<br />

Guwahati<br />

It was a proud moment for the<br />

city’s residents when Guwahati was<br />

named among the first lot of top 20<br />

Smart Cities by the Centre late last month.<br />

(In all, 98 cities will be selected). Over 1.5<br />

lakh citizens contributed their ideas for<br />

a smart Guwahati. Among the proposals<br />

received:<br />

Development of lake fronts, streets and<br />

open spaces.<br />

A floating market in the Bharalu river<br />

and facilities alongside.<br />

Wi-fi powered bus stops with CCTV,<br />

USB charging, music / announcement<br />

/ alerts, kiosks and toilets.<br />

Beautification of markets.<br />

Revenue generation through<br />

advertisements on public toilets.<br />

The area surrounding Deepar Beel (a<br />

large lake) to be developed into an<br />

attractive picnic spot.<br />

6:00 PM<br />

Pan Bazaar<br />

The nearby Pan Bazaar will entice<br />

you to make your wallet a little<br />

less heavy. It’s a popular and lively<br />

(read overcrowded) market which<br />

has something for everyone. But<br />

you cannot leave without buying<br />

irresistible Assamese handicrafts or<br />

silk items. And, of course, tea. Assam’s<br />

muga silk is world-renowned. There<br />

are many shops and government<br />

emporiums that have exquisite handwoven<br />

muga silk sarees and silk<br />

garments with excellent embroidery<br />

and woven designs. You may want to<br />

buy a mekhela chador – the traditional<br />

Assamese dress which only married<br />

women wear.<br />

8:30 P.M<br />

Dinner at Maihang<br />

Though there are several multicuisine<br />

and fast food restaurants<br />

around Pan Bazaar, for a taste of<br />

traditional Assamese food, indulge at<br />

the Maihang family restaurant which<br />

serves ethnic Assamese and northeastern<br />

delicacies. Non-vegetarians<br />

can enjoy the lip-smacking charcoal<br />

grilled pork or duck cooked Assamese<br />

style while enjoying the local music<br />

played in the background. ‘Bhapot<br />

diya’ with a smoky flavour is a very<br />

popular dish here. <br />

•<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


42<br />

Sri Lanka<br />

beyond Colombo<br />

Colombo<br />

Kandy<br />

Nuwara Eliya<br />

There is more to Sri Lanka apart from its largest city<br />

Colombo. We take you on a whirlwind tour of some<br />

of the other fascinating tourist attractions in the<br />

beautiful island<br />

As the plane banked and<br />

began its descent, there<br />

was nothing for miles<br />

but the blue of the<br />

Indian Ocean stretching out to the<br />

horizon. The eastern sky was tinged<br />

with a faint pinkish-orange glow in<br />

preparation for sunrise. In the soft<br />

light of the early morning, the sea<br />

was a deep blue colour and seen<br />

from the plane, it seemed almost<br />

like a giant lake, calm and serene.<br />

The plane banked once more,<br />

lining up with the landing strip and<br />

I could see the bustle of Colombo<br />

on Sri Lanka’s Western Coast. Even<br />


from my height, the city<br />

seemed busy and restless when<br />

compared to the calmness of the<br />

sea, though the coastline further<br />

south from the city seemed both<br />

stunning and restful. I had been to<br />

Colombo a few times and on this<br />

trip had decided to head beyond.<br />

An hour later I had left behind<br />

the last vestiges of Colombo<br />

and taken the road southwards.<br />

The roads were fantastic and we<br />

coasted along, passing little towns<br />

and villages interspersed with<br />

lush green fields and tantalising<br />

glimpses of the sea.<br />

Induruwa<br />

Hikkaduwa <strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />


Trains are the best way to see the<br />

Sri Lankan countryside. Seen here<br />

is the Red train between Bentota<br />

and Induruwa in the south<br />


A bit of offbeat paradise<br />

Soon I was at Bentota, one of the most<br />

popular beachside destinations of the<br />

country, packed with hotels and resorts,<br />

but smaller and less crowded than<br />

Colombo. However, I headed past it to<br />

a lesser known place called Induruwa<br />

(92 km South of Colombo) on the west<br />

coast of Sri Lanka. More like a village,<br />

Induruwa was beautiful and had long<br />

stretches of stunning coastline that<br />

were devoid of people. It did not have<br />

large hotels or resorts but rather small<br />

homes facing the sea which doubled as<br />

homestays or could be rented entirely<br />

for small families. I checked into one<br />

such nondescript little house.<br />

Behind high walls it did not look like<br />

much from outside, but once I was<br />

inside, I was quite charmed by the cozy<br />

double-storeyed white building. It<br />

was fronted by a generous number of<br />

trees and an inviting swimming pool.<br />

An elongated patio faced the pool<br />

as well as stretched out towards the<br />

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back. Behind, there was a stretch of<br />

sandy backyard with a picket fence and<br />

inviting sunbeds under the shade of<br />

palm trees. Beyond the fence lay golden<br />

yellow sands and the unending sea. The<br />

whole scene was absolutely idyllic.<br />

Desperate to stretch my legs, I went<br />

for a long walk along the beach. Ahead<br />

The beaches of<br />

Induruwa are rarely<br />

ever crowded<br />

of me was a little fishing village and I<br />

sat on the sand to watch fisherfolk head<br />

out for the day’s catch. When it got hot<br />

and humid, I headed back to the house.<br />

The rest of the day was spent in blissful<br />

relaxation; I lounged out on the day bed<br />

in the shade, reading, while I was lulled<br />

by the sound of the waves.



Waterborne adventures<br />

44<br />

In contrast to the first day’s lethargy,<br />

I got up early the next day and<br />

headed to Hikkaduwa (41 km south<br />

of Induruwa, 120 km from Colombo),<br />

another little village but home to the<br />

fragile Hikkaduwa National Park, a<br />

marine biodiversity sanctuary. On the<br />

way I stopped at the sombre tsunami<br />

memorial at Peraliya comprising a<br />

towering Buddha amidst a pretty water<br />

body.<br />

Like Induruwa, it seemed like<br />

the crowds were yet to discover<br />

Hikkaduwa and I had just a handful of<br />

thrill-seekers for company. There were<br />

a few snorkelers and scuba divers on<br />

the beach, while the relatively calm<br />

waters were dotted with bobbing<br />

boats. I knew the whole area was full<br />

of coral reefs and perfect for snorkeling<br />

and scuba diving, so I hired a friendly<br />

service-provider to help me snorkel.<br />

For the next hour, I had a fabulous<br />

time as I became a silent spectator to<br />

life under sea. I saw corals in different<br />

shapes and colours amidst which<br />

swam and darted brilliant fish and<br />

other sea creatures. It was surreal,<br />

because there was no sound and it was<br />

like entering a dream. For a slightly<br />

different kind of experience, I went<br />

The stiltfishermen<br />

of<br />

Hikkaduwa<br />

on a cruise in the afternoon through<br />

the thick mangroves along the coast.<br />

That was an equally surreal experience.<br />

The boat gently glided along the<br />

undergrowth and through cave-like<br />

structures. It was eerily silent and<br />

mysterious and I felt a hundred eyes<br />

peering at me though I could not<br />

spot anything.<br />

Beautifully<br />

preserved colonial<br />

era building<br />

in Galle<br />

GALLE<br />

Stepping back in time<br />

Leaving aside the sea and seaside<br />

experiences, I went further south<br />

the next day to Galle (21 km south of<br />

Hikkaduwa, 130 km from Colombo)<br />

which is located almost at the<br />

southern tip of Sri Lanka. It had a<br />

distinct French-Portuguese flavour<br />

with its sprawling 16th century<br />

fort filled with French-flavoured<br />

structures. I wandered around for<br />

hours, despite the harsh sun.<br />

The fort, considered to be the<br />

largest remaining fort in Asia to<br />

be built by European occupiers,<br />

was sprawling and had tall walls<br />

overlooking the sea, some of which<br />

were eerily clad in moss and creepers.<br />

There were many ruined structures<br />

that were still standing including<br />

cannon enclosures and stables.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>







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46<br />


Hilly soujourn amidst<br />

tea gardens<br />

From Galle, I headed inland and<br />

embarked on a long drive to Nuwara<br />

Eliya (197 km east of Colombo) in<br />

the Central Province. On the way,<br />

I encountered scenic water bodies<br />

like the Devon waterfalls. As the<br />

road climbed higher and higher, the<br />

temperature began dropping. The<br />

road wound its way round tall hills<br />

and I finally arrived in the quaint and<br />

hilly town of Nuwara Eliya.<br />

I could not make out too much in<br />

the darkness. But the next morning,<br />

I realised it was a picture-postcard<br />

town in the highlands, full of tea<br />

plantations.The roads were dotted<br />

with beautiful colonial bungalows. I<br />

headed out a bit to see some temples,<br />

especially Seetha Kovil where<br />

according to legend Ravana had<br />

imprisoned Sita.<br />

The famous tea plantations<br />

of Nuwara Eliya<br />

KANDY<br />

Swirling amidst spirituality<br />

and culture<br />

After a delicious dinner comprising<br />

Sri Lankan delicacies such as sambal,<br />

The Buddhist Temple of the<br />

Sacred Tooth Relic is Kandy’s<br />

most famous landmark<br />

rice, chicken curry and dodol, a jellylike<br />

sweet, I had an early night in<br />

preparation for the early start for next<br />

day. A two-hour drive took me to the<br />

historic town of Kandy (95 km to the<br />

north of Nuwara Eliya, 115 km to the<br />

northeast of Colombo). Located on<br />

a plateau, surrounded by mountains<br />

and with a beautiful lake in the centre<br />

of town, Kandy is most famous for Sri<br />

Dalada Maligawa, the temple of the<br />

tooth relic of the Buddha. It is also<br />

the second largest city in the country<br />

and was hence quite spread out and<br />

crowded.<br />

I wandered around the city and took<br />

in other sights such as the royal palace<br />

and the lake that lies in the centre.<br />

Kandy is also a town rich in art and<br />

culture and in the evening, I went to<br />

see some traditional Sri Lankan dance<br />

performances before retiring for the<br />

night.<br />

The roads were empty and bare at<br />

dawn next day as I sped to Colombo<br />

and my flight homewards. Almost a<br />

week had gone by and I felt I hadn’t<br />

even scratched the surface of all that Sri<br />

Lanka had to offer beyond its capital. •<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


On a new<br />

high<br />

48<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Varun Dhawan has had six releases so far and has been appreciated in most of them. He<br />

shot into the limelight with Student Of The Year, Main Tera Hero and Humpty Sharma<br />

Ki Dulhania and followed them up with a smashing 2015 with a critically acclaimed<br />

performance in Badlapur. Then he danced up a storm in ABCD 2 before unleashing a muchappreciated<br />

chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale. But the 28-year-old is not in any<br />

extended party mood as he immerses himself in forthcoming projects like Dhishoom,<br />

Milan Talkies and Shhuddhi<br />

After having worked in solo-hero<br />

films like ABCD 2, Badlapur and<br />

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, why did<br />

you opt for Dilwale which is a twohero<br />

film?<br />

Why not? I liked the script a lot. This<br />

story is about two brothers and two<br />

love stories and about how a past<br />

love story weighs heavily on a young<br />

couple. How does a young carefree<br />

person deal with a situation that<br />

will be affected by his beloved elder<br />

brother - will he choose his love over<br />

his brother? I liked the cinematic<br />

potential of the dilemma.<br />

In real life if your elder brother rejects<br />

the girl whom you love, will you<br />

accept his decision?<br />

Yes, I will go with my brother (writerdirector<br />

Rohit Dhawan) 100 per cent<br />

after asking him to offer me a valid<br />

reason. I love my brother a lot; just<br />

like most people love their siblings.<br />

Dilwale was more special to me<br />

because it’s a tale of two brothers so<br />

I could relate a lot to the film. By the<br />

way, my brother doesn’t stop me from<br />

being with any girl.<br />

Was it intimidating to act alongside<br />

Shah Rukh Khan?<br />

No yaar. As an actor he is damn<br />

exciting to work with, his brain is<br />

constantly ticking and my dimaag<br />

is also like that. We were like two<br />

children on the sets. There was a lot<br />

of give and take between the two of<br />

us. I was very lucky in the sense I got<br />

to do a lot of comic scenes with him<br />

besides the emotional ones.<br />

During a promotion event<br />

with his Dilwale team<br />

“Shah Rukh Sir<br />

treated me like<br />

a baby during<br />

the making of<br />

Dilwale”<br />

Did you see a glimpse of an elder<br />

brother in Shah Rukh?<br />

Yes. Off-screen, I am naughtier than my<br />

elder brother Rohit. And in the film too,<br />

Shah Rukh played a very quiet person<br />

unlike my character who is a gunda.<br />

Thanks to my growing-up days, I could<br />

identify with the situations shown on<br />

screen. Shah Rukh Sir treated me like<br />

a baby brother during the making of<br />

the film. We bonded like a family. I had<br />

fallen unwell during the shoot and<br />

Rohit Sir (Shetty, the director) would<br />

meet me every morning before<br />

going for the shoot.<br />

Dilwale was your first film alongside<br />

major senior stars. And Kajol came<br />

across as a temperamental person.<br />

How was your equation with her?<br />

She is damn cool, yaar, and a very<br />

funny person as well. I get her<br />

humour and she gets mine, so when<br />



Main Tera Hero<br />

Humpty Sharma<br />

Ki Dulhania<br />

50<br />

we are together we are only laughing<br />

and giggling like children. I am very<br />

fond of her as an actor. She has never<br />

been angry with me but even if she<br />

does... she has the right to do so.<br />

Kriti Sanon is very tall, did that prove<br />

to be a disadvantage for you?<br />

Not at all, she was taller than the whole<br />

set. Whenever she would come on the<br />

set people would say: ‘Dekho dekho<br />

Bachchan aa gaya’. As you must have<br />

gathered, we nicknamed her Bachchan<br />

because of her height. She looked like<br />

a Bulgarian when we were shooting the<br />

song Man ma emotions jaage re.<br />

To what extent have you gone to woo<br />

a girl?<br />

In the film, I am wooing the girl in a<br />

BMW. But I would roam in a rickshaw<br />

before I became an actor. I always paid<br />

for the rickshaw but when we went out<br />

for a meal I would let the girl pay for<br />

the bill once in a while and I realised<br />

girls like that. When I told them I am<br />

out of cash they would pay the bill.<br />

You must have been in your comfort<br />

zone in the Man ma emotions song<br />

since it was choreographed by your<br />

ABCD 2 director Remo D’Souza?<br />

I was a tad nervous before the song<br />

but when I heard and saw it I was very<br />

happy. This was my 13th song with<br />

Remo D’Souza and I am very proud of<br />

it. We did as many as 11 songs together<br />

last year.<br />

Badlapur<br />

“I have learnt the<br />

ABCD of acting<br />

but I don’t have<br />

a PhD in it... still<br />

some way to go”<br />

Did you learn any dance form while<br />

doing a dance-based film like ABCD 2?<br />

For my song Chunar, I learnt dance<br />

in the sense that the emotion had<br />

to come through dancing. It was a<br />

contemporary dance choreographed<br />

by Punit. This is very pure dance. This<br />

film was very taxing. It tired me a lot.<br />

Contemporary dance is not easy to<br />

do, it is like poetry in motion. I treated<br />

myself to a big bite of chocolate<br />

after completing that particular song<br />

called Chunar.<br />

Can we say you have learnt the<br />

ABCD of acting now?<br />

I have learnt the ABCD of acting but I<br />

don’t have a PhD in it.<br />

ABCD 2 talks about second chances.<br />

What has been your personal<br />

experience?<br />

I believe in comebacks. Just because<br />

a man is down and out now, it does<br />

not mean he can’t come back. It<br />

happens with me - whenever I try<br />

something for the first time, it does<br />

not happen well; but the next try is<br />

good.<br />

You have done a variety of roles<br />

in your career. But did you have to<br />

work the hardest for Badlapur?<br />

I have given everything to each of my<br />

films, like I did with Badlapur. I sleep,<br />

drink and eat the film I am shooting<br />

for at the current moment.<br />

For Badlapur you beefed up your<br />

physique and in ABCD 2 you<br />

perfected your dancing. How is it<br />

immersing yourself in each film?<br />

It is not easy to bring the audience<br />

into the theatre as there is excellent<br />

programming on TV and there is<br />

also the internet. If you want the<br />

audience to come to the theatre, you<br />

have to make an entertaining film. So<br />

I give my all to a film. I finish one film<br />

before starting another.<br />

By Anita Britto (Bollywood News Service)<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

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52<br />

A BULB<br />


If there is one spice that is common across<br />

cuisines and is used in all forms – raw,<br />

cooked and in seed – it has to be fennel<br />

Chew on a fennel stalk!” This<br />

would have been the best<br />

weight loss advice if you<br />

had lived in ancient Rome or<br />

were a member of the King Edward I<br />

retinue. Old ledgers of the food-happy<br />

king suggest that fennel for a long<br />


time was the miracle pill to grow thin,<br />

stay stronger and ward off all evils.<br />

Little wonder that fennel was the<br />

most ordered condiment in the king’s<br />

household – 8.5 pounds for a month.<br />

Today, of course, fennel – fresh or seed<br />

– is an essential in every chef’s spice<br />

box, thanks to its unmatched versatility<br />

and interesting flavour/aroma profile.<br />

And it ends up in an array of interesting<br />

recipes to boot. Roasted fennel bulb<br />

and fig pizza anyone?<br />

Interestingly, for a herb/spice that<br />

has developed quite a few classics<br />

around the globe – fennel soup, fennel<br />

lamb chops, kebabs and roganjosh,<br />

among others – the history of fennel is<br />

curiously unknown, except for the fact<br />

that it is a Mediterranean plant that<br />

was widely consumed in ancient Rome<br />

and Egypt for weight loss and as a<br />

strength booster. In fact by 1300, fennel<br />

was also being used as an appetite<br />

Fennel plant in full bloom<br />




<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


depressant on fasting days. The rise of<br />

the herb for most part of ancient and<br />

medieval history was as a miracle pill<br />

that cured inflammations, was eye and<br />

heart healthy, could keep hunger at bay<br />

and the digestive system happy.<br />

Raw fennel can end<br />

up well in a salad and<br />

(below) fresh vegetable<br />

salad with bread, tuna<br />

and fennel<br />

54<br />


The health attributes of the herb could<br />

be the reason why in 812 AD, Emperor<br />

Charlemagne made it essential for<br />

every household garden – including the<br />

imperial ones - to grow fennel. When<br />

and how did the medicine herb become<br />

a kitchen essential is again shrouded in<br />

mystery. Though one story that perhaps<br />

explains the transition somehow is the<br />

one where a bottle of absinthe, which<br />

was develop to cure stomach troubles,<br />

accidentally fell into a meat caldron.<br />

The result of the faux pas was a<br />

delicious stew packed with flavour<br />

and fragrance. Such was the affect<br />

of the heady dish – which some say<br />

was the original beef curry – that the<br />

soldier was made the head chef of the<br />

army kitchen instead. A similar story<br />

is that of the herb lamb chop as well,<br />

where a bulb accidentally fell into the<br />

charcoal, thus making the first herbed<br />

lamb chops.<br />


This could just be hearsay, but gets<br />

credence in the fact that even today<br />

fennel – both raw and seeds – with<br />

meat or fish is a classic combination.<br />

Like the Ha Noi Style St Peters Fish. A<br />

Vietnamese specialty, it is perhaps the<br />

only Pan Asian dish that uses fennel to<br />

give the fish that delicate, distinct taste<br />

and aroma. Or, the Kashmiri Roganjosh,<br />

where powdered fennel powder is used<br />

to give the dish the balance, the slight<br />

after-bite sweetness and the aroma.<br />

In fact, the modern version of this<br />

iconic dish in Masala Library By Jiggs<br />

Kalra is served with an apple and fresh<br />

fennel salad on the side. The idea, says<br />

Dhwani Agarwal, Sr Sous Chef of the<br />

restaurant, is that it gives the crunch<br />

Raw fennel gives a clean<br />

crunch much like a carrot<br />

or celery stick, a factor that<br />

works beautifully for salad<br />

that complements the lamb ribs really<br />

well, while pairing down any spiciness.<br />

Yet another dish where fennel<br />

plays the role of the taste arbitrator<br />

is the Lahori Aloo at Made in Punjab.<br />

It is used as a powder here. Seeds<br />

are roasted first and then pounded.<br />

“Fennel cuts down the bitterness of the<br />

onion seed and mustard that is used<br />

to make the dish, and gives it a nice<br />

sweet-spicy taste,” says Zahir Khan, Sr.<br />

Executive Chef, Made In Punjab, which<br />

has branches in Gurgaon and Mumbai.<br />

In fact, it is fennel’s ability to play<br />

the supporting flavour well that makes<br />

it ideal for desserts as well. This is<br />

evident in the saunf (fennel) infused<br />

artisanal chocolates at Mister Chai<br />

at Shangri La Hotel, or the Malpualachcha<br />

rabdi in Made in Punjab, where<br />

the malpua batter has fennel added to<br />

it for the taste and aroma. That, says<br />

Neeraj Tyagi, Executive Chef, Shangri<br />

La – Eros, New Delhi, “is the beauty of<br />

fennel, which unlike other spices and<br />

herbs, can give you a whole gamut of<br />

different flavours, textures and aroma<br />

depending upon how you treat it.”<br />

So while the raw fennel gives it<br />

a clean crunch much like a carrot<br />

or celery stick, a factor that works<br />

beautifully for salad, when cooked,<br />

it takes on this liquorice-kind<br />

sweetness that makes it apt for<br />

adding that extra layer of taste with<br />

dishes of strong flavours like meat,<br />

fish and even cheese.<br />

This could probably explain why<br />

fennel was accepted so easily in various<br />

cuisines across the world. Of course,<br />

says Chef Tyagi, “the first usage of<br />

fennel was mostly in form of seeds<br />

since these could easily travel across<br />

continents as part of a wandering<br />

army medical kit or trader’s booty.” In<br />

Scandinavia and central Europe, the<br />

seeds were used in baking, particularly<br />

in rye breads and sweet pastries. In<br />

England and other European countries,<br />

it became the classic pair with beef,<br />

fish and other meats; and in Italy, it was<br />

incorporated into sausage mixture.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Fennel is an important<br />

ingredient in Aloor Dum<br />

<strong>Spice</strong> it with fennel<br />

56<br />


Interestingly, it was in India that<br />

fennel’s culinary versatility as a<br />

tastemaker was actually harnessed,<br />

says award-wining chef-owner<br />

Sabyasachi Gorai, “as it became a part<br />

of Kashmiri cooking, a key essential<br />

in the Mughal kitchen and of course<br />

the key spices in Panch Phoran, a base<br />

spice mix that defines Bengali and<br />

Oriya cuisine.” What gave fennel the<br />

pan Indian acceptance apart from its<br />

fragrance and flavour play was also the<br />

health properties.<br />

Back then, adds the owner of Delhi’s<br />

Lavaash By Saby, which boasts of<br />

a cocktail menu with fennel as the<br />

key spice, “<strong>Spice</strong>s with medicinal<br />

properties were selected so that the<br />

food cooked was good for general<br />

well-being. And fennel with its<br />

antioxidant, vitamin and heart and gut<br />

healthy properties fit the bill well.”<br />

“The fact that fennel also adds<br />

a certain delicateness to a dish<br />

made it a royal favourite, and hence<br />

sought by others,” says Dinkar<br />

Kashyap, Executive Chef, The Zuri<br />

Whitefield, Bengaluru. “Chefs and<br />

farmers were encouraged to grow<br />

fennel and use it innovatively, and<br />

that’s how fennel which began its<br />

journey in Medieval Rome reached<br />

Interestingly, it was in<br />

India that fennel’s culinary<br />

versatility as a tastemaker<br />

was actually harnessed<br />

various nooks and corners of the<br />

world, and their cuisines.”<br />

A perfect example of how fennel<br />

weaves delicateness into the waft of<br />

flavours are the iconic Bengali dishes<br />

Aloor Dom, fresh ground Kasundi<br />

and Salad Jhal Muri served at Masala<br />

Library By Jiggs Kalra. “One can,”<br />

adds Chef Agarwal, “actually feel the<br />

flavour foreplay that fennel indulges<br />

in with the dish.”<br />

Oddly enough, while fennel’s<br />

culinary conquest as a seed, stem and<br />

bulb spread far and wide with many<br />

dishes and desserts falling prey to<br />

the charm of the spice, including the<br />

modern ones where fennel’s fibrous<br />

nature makes it good for gluten-free<br />

desserts and as roasted sides to a pot<br />

roast, the one cuisine that stayed clear<br />

of it is Pan Asian. The reason, says<br />

Sahil Singh, Sr Executive Chef, Pa Pa<br />

Ya in Mumbai, “is that fennel, which<br />

is a part of Chinese medicine, doesn’t<br />

fit the flavours of the cuisine, which is<br />

subtle and extremely mild.” •<br />

Irrespective of its origin, fennel<br />

or saunf remains an integral part<br />

of our spice box - and in turn our<br />

dishes as well. While fennel in food<br />

is used mainly because of its health<br />

properties and aroma, there are a<br />

few dishes where it is chosen for its<br />

flavour.<br />

• Kashmiri Chilli Duck, Aloo Bukhara<br />

Qorma, Veri Crumbs: The rich dish<br />

uses freshly-ground fennel seeds<br />

to add flavour to the curry. Fennel<br />

is predominantly used in Kashmiri<br />

cuisine as a taste-balancing spice,<br />

and for aroma as well.<br />

• Mini Raj Kachori, Crisp Okra Salad,<br />

Chutney Foam: Here fennel seeds<br />

are used to give that pickle effect to<br />

the sweet and sour pumpkin mash.<br />

Pumpkin and fennel is considered<br />

a classic pairing just like lamb and<br />

fresh fennel.<br />

• Murgh Achari Tikka: Fresh fennel<br />

seeds powder add flavour and a<br />

slight tang to the dish.<br />

• Mutton Do Pyaaza: The dish gets<br />

its slightly sweet flavour from the<br />

use of fresh fennel seeds powder.<br />

• Mutton Achari Qorma: Fennel<br />

seeds are first lightly toasted on a<br />

grill before grinding them. This not<br />

only adds the sweet-sour-bitter<br />

flavour to the dish, but also the<br />

distinct pickle aroma.<br />

• Khasta Roti: The use of dry fennel<br />

seeds here is both for that sweet<br />

flavour and as a beautiful garnish.<br />

• Bebinca Flambe: A rather festive<br />

presentation of the traditional<br />

bebinca, the flambe uses sugar<br />

infused with fennel powder that<br />

leaves a lovely sweet aroma to this<br />

balmy dessert.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


At Grasshopper, in Bengaluru,<br />

candlelight and birdsong<br />

accompany each meal<br />


Valentine’s Day need not be a predictable affair this year.<br />

These restaurants disrupt the traditional dining experience<br />

through food that tell stories and décor that reflects the spirit<br />

of the day. BY BEVERLY PEREIRA<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

{Z‘m©U Eogm, J‹T> O¡gm<br />

Make your construction stronger and<br />

durable with Gujcon CRF and PRF<br />

Made from Virgin Nylon 6 fibres<br />

Highlights:<br />

• Effective protection against cracks,<br />

leakages and water seepage<br />

• For strong, durable and long lasting structures<br />

• Low maintenance guaranteed<br />

• Saves material, time and money<br />

• Just 100 gms Gujcon for 50 kilo cement<br />

P.O. Fertilizernagar -391 750,<br />

Dist. Vadodara, Gujarat, India<br />

To know more, log on to www.gsfclimited.com or call Toll Free on 1800 123 2636


60<br />

If music be the food of love, as<br />

Shakespeare put it, play on. Music<br />

as a soundtrack to Valentine’s Day<br />

celebrations is all well and good,<br />

but there’s a more intriguing,<br />

and inarguably time-tested, route<br />

to winning your way into a person’s<br />

heart – through their stomach. From<br />

delicious dinners in a serene setting<br />

far removed from urban environs, and<br />

dishes that trace the migratory routes<br />

of Indians to faraway lands, right up<br />

to restaurants that reinvent muchloved<br />

cuisines, we’ve got you covered.<br />

Even if you’ve perfected the art of<br />

non-conformity and have plans with<br />

a group of friends, these restaurants<br />

will give you a good enough reason<br />

to dine out on the world’s most<br />

romantic day of the year.<br />


The Asian dining experience is<br />

reimagined and completely turned on<br />

its head at The Fatty Bao, in Mumbai.<br />

Here, bonding over heart-warming<br />

Lamb tsukune ramen<br />

A hand-painted mural of a<br />

panda serving a giant<br />

bowl of ramen looks on<br />

as you dine in this lowlit<br />

space that’s big on<br />

whimsical décor<br />

baos and steaming bowls of ramen<br />

is a given. But it is mainly chef Manu<br />

Chandra’s innovative approach that<br />

lends a fun element to each dish. The<br />

char siu bao assumes the form of tacoshaped<br />

steamed buns, generously<br />

stuffed with tender pork belly and<br />

topped with a green apple kimchi.<br />

Although pork appears to be the<br />

menu’s star ingredient, vegetarian<br />

epicureans need not fret. The brie<br />

tempura small plate or the pineapple<br />

and eggplant curry, a main served with<br />

sambal, crackers, fried onions and<br />

peanuts, are just some of the many<br />

flavour-packed meat-free options. A<br />

Ramen, brie tempura<br />

and fried rice<br />

Tasty Asian bites in an<br />

offbeat ambience make<br />

The Fatty Bao a fun place<br />

to spend a romantic<br />

evening<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

'Sandhiya Mehhta received the 'WHRPA BHARAT GAURAV SAMMAN 2015' on<br />

10th december 2015 for her humanitarian work and professional achivements.<br />

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The curious case of 4 & 8<br />

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NRI is constantly experimenting<br />

with its menu, so you can<br />

expect a few surprises on V-Day<br />

62<br />

hand-painted mural of a panda serving<br />

a giant bowl of ramen looks on as you<br />

dine in this low-lit space that’s big on<br />

whimsical décor.<br />

The Fatty Bao, Summerville, Junction of<br />

14th & 33rd, Linking Road, Bandra West,<br />

Mumbai 400 050; Tel: 022 2600 5220<br />


The menu of Mumbai’s newly opened<br />

restaurant NRI (Not Really Indian) lists<br />

dishes like Caribbean goat masala,<br />

roti canai, Mombasa jeera chicken or<br />

paneer and South African bunny chow.<br />

They might sound like dishes straight<br />

out of an Indian fusion cookbook,<br />

but really, they are the dishes Indian<br />

immigrants took with them to the<br />

far corners of the British Empire and<br />

adapted as per the availability of local<br />

ingredients. For Michelin-star chef<br />

Atul Kochhar, who spearheads the<br />

restaurant, it is the stories that make<br />

food fascinating. “Each dish has a<br />

beautiful story, and I believe it’s a<br />

good time to bring them home,” he<br />

explains. Hints of colonial nostalgia<br />

emerge, whether you indulge in dishes<br />

based on recipes that left Indian<br />

shores, or desserts such as jaggery<br />

bread pudding. The warm space is<br />

Bunny chow<br />

For Michelin-star chef<br />

Atul Kochhar, who<br />

spearheads the<br />

restaurant, it is the<br />

stories that make food<br />

fascinating<br />

Grasshopper sources<br />

ingredients from a local<br />

garden<br />

dotted with Victorian lamp posts,<br />

a chic Indian food cart and seating<br />

reminiscent of 1920s railway stations,<br />

all of which only add to the unique<br />

dining experience at NRI.<br />

NRI (Not Really Indian), Maker<br />

Maxity, North Avenue 2, Bandra Kurla<br />

Complex, Bandra East , Mumbai 400<br />

051; Tel: 022 3000 5040<br />


The restaurant Grasshopper, an<br />

hour’s drive from Bengaluru’s city<br />

centre, has all the makings of a<br />

memorable evening. Surrounded<br />

by old fruit trees and verdant<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


With interiors reminiscent<br />

of a classroom, Social<br />

Odeon is the place to<br />

take your high-school<br />

sweetheart<br />

64<br />

foliage, the outdoor restaurant<br />

houses just five tables for a hearty<br />

lunch or dinner. By the soft glow<br />

of candlelight and with birdsong<br />

as a blissful soundtrack, the very<br />

act of dining instantaneously turns<br />

into an unhurried affair. Each day<br />

promises a new seven-course<br />

menu, brimming with flavourful<br />

dishes that utilise seasonal, locally<br />

procured ingredients, many of<br />

which are handpicked from the<br />

garden adjoining the kitchen. From<br />

the sample menu, an appetiser of<br />

prawns tossed around in wasabi<br />

cream, ginger, lumpfish caviar and<br />

toasted seaweed, and a dessert of<br />

lemongrass ice cream, with several<br />

sumptuous courses in between,<br />

are enough to give you an idea<br />

of Grasshopper’s refined, yet<br />

unpretentious, offerings.<br />

Grasshopper, No. 45, Bannerghatta<br />

Road, Kalena Agrahara, Bengaluru,<br />

Karnataka 560 076; Tel: 080 2659 3999<br />

Anda seekh parantha<br />

At Odeon Social, in the<br />

historic Connaught Place,<br />

it’s easy to slip into the<br />

past, to a time when<br />

socialising involved a<br />

good amount of<br />

conversation over food<br />


Depending on how you look at it,<br />

Social – the brainchild of restaurateur<br />

Riyaaz Amlani – is an urban hangout,<br />

a place for creative people to network<br />

or simply an all-day restaurant and bar<br />

that serves incredibly delicious food.<br />

Whether you step into any of the nine<br />

outlets across Mumbai, Bengaluru<br />

and Delhi, you’re sure to enjoy the<br />

food, presentation and décor that’s<br />

unique to each city. At Odeon Social,<br />

in the historic Connaught Place, for<br />

example, it’s easy to slip into the past,<br />

to a time when socialising involved<br />

a good amount of conversation over<br />

food. The only difference here is that<br />

your lasagne or hash brown tikki<br />

chat might arrive in a tiffin box that<br />

becomes a conversation starter in<br />

itself.<br />

Odeon Social, 23, First Floor,<br />

Odeon Building, Radial Rd 5, D Block,<br />

Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110<br />

001; Tel: 011 4565 2737<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Set in a rustic villa<br />

swathed in white<br />

accents and dotted<br />

with flickering candles,<br />

Olive Beach Bengaluru<br />

has been charming<br />

its patrons for over a<br />

decade<br />

Olive Beach Bengaluru<br />

exudes a Mediterranean<br />

charm<br />

66<br />


A Valentine’s Day dinner under<br />

the stars might sound a bit farfetched,<br />

unachievable even, thanks<br />

to India’s urban sprawl. But when<br />

a restaurant leaves you not only<br />

with a memorable evening but also<br />

an unforgettable meal, it’s easy<br />

to become a believer. Olive Beach<br />

Bengaluru has been charming its<br />

patrons for over a decade with a<br />

delightful menu that focuses on<br />

new Mediterranean cuisine. Set in a<br />

rustic villa swathed in white accents<br />

and dotted with flickering candles,<br />

the restaurant also offers ample<br />

opportunities to go al fresco. Among<br />

the signature dishes at Olive Beach<br />

are the grilled figs and orange salad,<br />

saffron gnocchetti, a selection of<br />

wood-fired pizzas and desserts such<br />

as Snicker Bar v.3.<br />

Olive Beach, 16, Wood Street, Ashok<br />

Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560 025;<br />

Tel: 080 4112 8400<br />

Exquisite edibles<br />

Ecuadorian<br />

chocolate box by<br />

The Chocolate<br />

Factory Ecuador<br />

chocolates made from cocoa beans<br />

sourced from cocoa-producing<br />

countries in South America. Chocolate<br />

lovers will revel in the delicate<br />

fragrance and nuanced flavours when<br />

they pop this miniature piece of art<br />

into their mouth. (Available via<br />

foodesto.com)<br />


Chocolates with character<br />

All Things, an artisanal chocolate brand<br />

that uses organic cocoa, has something<br />

for everyone, including a chocolate bar<br />

that celebrates childhood memories<br />

and another inspired by Barcelona’s<br />

free spirit. Our pick is easily the Date<br />

Night truffle box that includes white<br />

chocolate with champagne and edible<br />

gold. (Available via theallthingsshop.<br />

com)<br />

Steeped in love<br />

Love Pekoe by trusted Indian tea brand<br />

San-cha Tea is a beautiful, balanced<br />

blend of black tea and rose. Packaged<br />

in a fuchsia pink satin pouch, this<br />

medium-bodied tea with intensely<br />

floral notes makes for a special gift for<br />

tea drinkers. (Available at San-Cha Tea<br />

Boutique in Mumbai, Chanakyapuri<br />

and Gurgaon; Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery<br />

in Delhi; or via aapkipasandtea.com)<br />

An edible piece of art<br />

The Chocolate Factory Ecuador<br />

crafts intricately painted, full-bodied<br />

Brew love<br />

You can trust Blue Tokai Coffee when<br />

it comes to offering only the best and<br />

freshest single-estate Arabica coffees<br />

from farms across India. This artfully<br />

packaged gift box contains four coffee<br />

varieties and makes for a great gift if<br />

your partner is a coffee lover. (Available<br />

via bluetokaicoffee.com)<br />

Honest tea<br />

Teabox takes the crop-to-cup<br />

approach while making it easy to<br />

get access to, and learn about, tea<br />

from India’s popular tea estates. The<br />

minimal design of the packaging is a<br />

huge draw, but it’s also about Teabox’s<br />

gift boxes that feature selections of<br />

loose-leaf tea blends. (Available via<br />

teabox.com)<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


The Kocharekars<br />

pose with their<br />

marriage certificate<br />

68 68<br />

How deep is your love?<br />

“33 feet,” say the Kocharekars, the first Indian couple to be part of the Guinness<br />

award-winning Underwater Wedding Ceremony, held in Trang, Thailand. By Kiran Mehta<br />

T<br />

he tiny archipelago<br />

that makes up Trang<br />

(off Krabi), Thailand,<br />

comes with big<br />

surprises. A series of limestone<br />

caves, Tham Khao Kob come<br />

propped within murky waters and<br />

where only the brave sign up for<br />

a boat ride. An expert boatman<br />

leads you through the adventure,<br />

which seems deceptively easy<br />

until you are midway through the<br />

caves, where the cavity becomes<br />

so narrow that you must lie flat<br />

on the rickety dinghy to make it<br />

to the other side. Lift your head<br />

an inch higher than instructed,<br />

and you could lose the tip of your<br />

nose as it scrapes against the<br />

harsh, unforgiving stone. For a<br />

water adventure that’s a little less<br />

daunting, there is Tham Morakat,<br />

a much larger and wider cave that<br />

won’t trigger any claustrophobia as<br />

you can swim right through it. As<br />

you go deeper into the 100m cave,<br />

watch the water change colour as<br />

the sunlight fades: from glistening<br />

blue to emerald green. Follow the<br />

tunnel, and you will arrive at a<br />

hidden cove with powder-white<br />

sands, framed by intimidating<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


70<br />

rocks. If swimming isn’t your thing,<br />

there are plenty of markets to wander<br />

where you find everything from local<br />

delicacies to hand-embroidered<br />

garments. Or, simply say a prayer at<br />

one of the many age-old wats.<br />

Despite her many offerings, what<br />

really puts Trang on the map is that<br />

this is the venue for a Guinness<br />

event – the Trang Underwater<br />

Wedding Ceremony. Started in 1996,<br />

it made it to the book for the most<br />

number of simultaneous underwater<br />

weddings. And the annual event<br />

falls on the most romantic day of<br />

the year, Valentine’s Day. Last year<br />

was the first time an Indian couple,<br />

the Kocharekars, were part of the<br />

festivities.<br />


Shailesh Kocharekar is a deep-sea<br />

diver, and when he tied the knot<br />

with Pooja Raut at a traditional<br />

Maharashtrian wedding, everybody<br />

referred to her as his ‘mermaid’. That<br />

stayed with Pooja, and she then<br />

scoured the globe for destinations<br />

Shailesh Kocharekar<br />

proposes before the wedding<br />

where they could marry underwater.<br />

No strangers to travel – Pooja works<br />

with a destination-marketing firm<br />

in Mumbai, while Shailesh’s job<br />

takes him across the seven seas<br />

– they came across many islands.<br />

But the ease of a wedding in Trang<br />

determined their choice. “In some<br />

places visas were a nightmare; others<br />

required us to find a priest ourselves,<br />

convince and train him to dive,”<br />

says Pooja. Trang was closer home,<br />

visas are available on arrival, and the<br />

ceremony was taken care of by the<br />

event organisers. “All it took was to<br />

email a simple form, make a payment,<br />

and we were ready to go.”<br />

The underwater wedding was<br />

conducted according to Buddhist<br />

rituals. Pooja says, “The ceremony<br />

had us holding hands underwater,<br />

while our dive master, who was also<br />

a licensed minister, performed the<br />

Buddhist ritual of pouring water on<br />

our joined hands.” Since ‘pouring<br />

water’ posed a problem in this<br />

scenario, coloured sand worked as<br />

a substitute. Shailesh adds, “The<br />

highlight for me was being able to<br />

kiss my bride underwater.”<br />

The couple believe this experience<br />

cemented their relationship. “Usually<br />

Pooja is the calm, composed one. But<br />

in her initial moments underwater,<br />

I saw her vulnerability as she relied<br />

on me,” says Shailesh. An adrenaline<br />

rush has a way of bringing people<br />

closer. “I just held his hand and felt<br />

instantly calm,” says Pooja. The bride<br />

also appreciated that, “Unlike our<br />

traditional wedding, here the focus<br />

was on us. There were no guests to<br />

attend to underwater. In fact there’s<br />

no noise at all, no distractions. It was<br />

just us.”<br />

Addicted to the experience, the<br />

two have planned to marry a total<br />

of seven times in different settings.<br />

Pooja says, “We’re adrenaline junkies,<br />

so we’re looking at exchanging rings<br />

while sky-diving in Pattaya; a hotair<br />

balloon wedding over a vineyard<br />

in Hunter Valley, off Sydney; an<br />

Egyptian wedding since we’re both<br />

fascinated by Cleopatra; a Moroccan<br />

wedding conducted by a shaman;<br />

and a jungle-themed wedding in<br />

South America, that we’re saving for<br />

a big anniversary, like our golden<br />

jubilee.” With that they have their<br />

seven weddings sorted. Why seven,<br />

though? Pooja says, “Apart from<br />

being an auspicious number, we<br />

knew each other for seven years<br />

before we tied the knot.”<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet has direct flights<br />

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Mystic Eye<br />

An internationally-renowned<br />

speaker, Sadhguru is a<br />

yogi, mystic and visionary.<br />

In this series, Sadhguru<br />

clears several misconceptions<br />

about yoga, and offers<br />

refreshing perspectives on<br />

this ancient science<br />

72<br />

Shekhar Kapur: Why does everyone talk<br />

only about yoga’s physical aspects?<br />

Sadhguru: One aspect of yoga is towards<br />

ensuring your body isn’t an issue. The<br />

body is full of compulsions. It can be a<br />

terrible bondage. Or, it can be a stepping<br />

stone for something extraordinary that is<br />

beyond your imagination. If you yourself<br />

are an issue, what other issue can you<br />

handle in the world? Physical yoga is<br />

relevant to prepare the body, mind,<br />

emotions and energies so they are not<br />

an issue. But there are other dimensions<br />

and aspects to yoga, and to reduce it to<br />

an exercise form would be a crime.<br />

Yoga is not a practice. The word ‘yoga’<br />

means ‘union’. Yoga is the science of<br />

activating your inner energies in such a<br />

way that your body, mind and emotions<br />

function at their highest peak. When<br />

you function in a completely different<br />

state of relaxation and blissfulness, you<br />

will be released from so many things<br />

that most people suffer from. When you<br />

fine-tune yourself to such a point where<br />

everything functions so beautifully<br />

within you, naturally the best of your<br />

abilities will flow from you.<br />

Gladwin Jose (<strong>Spice</strong>Jet passenger<br />

from Coimbatore): Is there a career<br />

option of being a Guru?<br />

Sadhguru: Someone asked me,<br />

“Sadhguru, it’s been wonderful<br />

having you as our Guru. How do<br />

you feel having us as disciples?” I<br />

said, “Being a yogi is fantastic. Being<br />

a Guru is frustrating.” What is so<br />

simple, I have to speak the same<br />

thing in a million different ways for a<br />

lifetime and people still don’t seem<br />

to get it.<br />

And it’s not a career because you<br />

cannot guide people through certain<br />

dimensions of life if it is only a means<br />

to your living. Only if it is more than<br />

your life, it is possible.<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet welcomes its passengers to ask Sadhguru questions on<br />

yoga, health, well-being and other topics of general interest. Select<br />

questions will be answered in forthcoming issues. Please email your<br />

question to mediarelations@ishafoundation.org.<br />

For more of Sadhguru’s wisdom, visit http://isha.sadhguru.org.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


The Oscar<br />

Dream<br />

A little bit of wishful thinking on our part<br />

on who should get the Oscar this year.<br />


<br />

<strong>February</strong>s mean but one thing to me – no, not<br />

Valentine’s Day, but the Oscars. It’s that time<br />

of the year when there’s seldom anything I do<br />

that isn’t connected to this behemoth movie<br />

event. The 88th Academy Awards, which will<br />

take place on <strong>February</strong> 28, <strong>2016</strong>, is already<br />

mired in controversy. This one just happens to<br />

be the same as last year’s – both editions won<br />

the dubious #Ocarssowhite hashtag because<br />

of its total shutout of non-white talent.<br />

Personally, I do think that not nominating<br />

Idris Elba for his chameleonic performance in<br />

Beasts of No Nation was an oversight. I hope<br />

the Academy is more perceptive next time. For<br />

now, I predict who will win and should win in<br />

seven popular categories.<br />

74<br />

Best Picture<br />

Will Win: The Big Short<br />

The Big Short and The Revenant released as late as December<br />

2015, barely weeks before the nominations were announced.<br />

Yet, they’re the strongest best picture contenders. But<br />

after being crowned ‘best theatrical motion picture’ by the<br />

Producers Guild of America recently, The Big Short is the<br />

current frontrunner. It has a lot going for it – an impressive<br />

cast, with Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad<br />

Pitt; a story that captures the zeitgeist quite like no other<br />

movie in the running; and treatment of a subject as serious<br />

as the financial crisis with humour and style.<br />

Best Picture<br />

Should Win: The Revenant or Spotlight<br />

No film-maker has won the best picture gong two years<br />

in a row. That’s probably why The Revenant won’t win this<br />

year – Alejandro González Iñárritu won best director and<br />

best picture last year for Birdman. The Revenant is Iñárritu’s<br />

atmospheric, haunting survival drama, a masterpiece the<br />

like of which is seldom seen or made. Tom McCarthy’s<br />

Spotlight, which deals with a group of journalists uncovering<br />

child sex abuse in the clergy, would be my second choice.<br />

It’s a gripping drama anchored by great performances and a<br />

moving story about the real power of journalism.<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


76<br />

Best Director<br />

Will Win: Adam McKay for The Big Short<br />

As recently as 2013 not many people would have considered<br />

the man behind Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,<br />

Adam McKay, a real auteur. McKay’s oeuvre consists mainly<br />

of laugh-out-loud comedies and Saturday Night Live<br />

sketches. But the general goodwill for The Big Short and the<br />

awards traction the movie has gained recently bodes well<br />

for him.<br />

Best Director<br />

Should Win: Alejandro González Iñárritu or George<br />

Miller (for Mad Max: Fury Road)<br />

Tales have floated around The Revenant – how it was only<br />

shot in natural light, in chronological order, in the freezing<br />

wilderness of Canada and with minimal use of visual effects.<br />

All this has elevated Iñárritu to an almost demigod-like<br />

status. There’s unequivocal praise for George Miller as well.<br />

Miller captained the small army behind Mad Max: Fury Road,<br />

shooting in debilitating desert heat and crafting a visual<br />

spectacle, without jeopardising the story.<br />

Best Actor<br />

Will Win and Should Win: Leonardo DiCaprio<br />

Should the Academy do something as foolish as not<br />

recognise DiCaprio this year, they’re in for an overwhelming<br />

amount of social media outrage. DiCaprio has been<br />

nominated five times, and each of those losses shocked<br />

people into incredulity. When it comes to The Revenant,<br />

DiCaprio suffered brutal exertion, learnt two languages and<br />

delivered a tour-de-force performance. That merits high<br />

praise, above and beyond the righteous indignation of fans.<br />

Best Actress<br />

Will Win and Should Win: Brie Larson for Room<br />

Brie Larson plays a woman who is held captive by a<br />

psychopath for seven years. It’s a heart-rending performance<br />

that exhibits her full acting range. But the reason her win is<br />

a foregone conclusion is because of her competition – Cate<br />

Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence won recently; Charlotte<br />

Rampling’s performance in 45 Years is too subtle for the win;<br />

and Saoirse Ronan, though great in Brooklyn, just doesn’t<br />

enjoy the ‘it’ girl status Larson does currently.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


78<br />

Best Supporting Actor<br />

Will Win and Should Win: Sylvester Stallone for<br />

Creed<br />

There’s a surge of industry love for comeback kid ‘Sly’<br />

Stallone. His Golden Globe speech moved a lot of people,<br />

and he has been strategically working the room at many<br />

a Hollywood do – often cited as being as important for an<br />

Oscar win as delivering a good performance. But Stallone’s<br />

frontrunner status is seen by many as Hollywood absolving<br />

its guilt for not awarding him for the original Rocky.<br />

Best Supporting Actress<br />

Will Win and Should Win: Alicia Vikander for The<br />

Danish Girl<br />

In The Danish Girl, Alicia Vikander plays the titular role, the<br />

steadfast wife to Eddie Redmayne’s Einer, a transgender<br />

artist who opts for a sex reassignment surgery. Vikander’s<br />

face is a luminous canvas that reveals every high and low<br />

of the unfolding drama. Her only real competition in this<br />

category is Kate Winslet, who, admittedly, is brilliant in Steve<br />

Jobs. One just hopes that Vikander will prevail, especially<br />

considering hers is actually a leading role.<br />

Best Cinematography<br />

Will Win: Emmanuel ‘Chivo’ Lubezki for The<br />

Revenant<br />

History will be made when Chivo becomes the first<br />

cinematographer to win the ‘best achievement in<br />

cinematography’ Oscar third year in a row – he won last year<br />

for Birdman and the year before that for Gravity. His work on<br />

The Revenant is one of the main reasons the film stays with<br />

you long after seeing it.<br />

Best Cinematography<br />

Should Win: Roger Deakins for Sicario<br />

If DiCaprio’s Oscar tally is 5/0, Deakins’s is 12/0. It’s<br />

understandable then that some people are baffled that<br />

the man who shot The Shawshank Redemption, No Country<br />

for Old Men and A Beautiful Mind has never won an Oscar.<br />

Sicario is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, an immersive<br />

experience, thanks in large part to Deakins’s mesmeric,<br />

brooding lens that keeps you riveted to the screen.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


A cargo boat carrying<br />

sand. Oarsmen propel<br />

the boat using the oars<br />

in standing posture<br />




Typical shape of a boat. The boat is being<br />

constructed in a bamboo grove of Balagarh<br />

The boats made in the tiny village<br />

of Balagarh, 75 km outside Kolkata,<br />

were once the gold standard in<br />

India’s boat-making industry. But<br />

as people changed the way they<br />

travelled, the once-flourishing trade<br />

is now a fast-disappearing profession<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


The central plank rests in its proper position by putting different support structures. In<br />

Balagarh, generally one master boat builder is assisted by one helper<br />

The construction of the central plank is the first phase<br />

of boat building. Planks are simultaneously added on<br />

both sides of the central plank<br />

82<br />

The shell of the boat is built first. This explains why the technology is called ‘shell built’. The<br />

shell gives a smooth outer skin to the boat<br />

Mohak and his helper<br />

are the only two mistris<br />

or carpenters in this<br />

workshop. Together,<br />

they usually finish a<br />

boat in three months<br />

Come monsoon, the<br />

colour green parachutes<br />

down to this lazy<br />

hamlet of Balagarh in<br />

the Hooghly district<br />

of West Bengal. Creepers snake up<br />

tree trunks, draping the roofs and<br />

windowsills, wrapping themselves up<br />

telephone poles and latching on to<br />

wires. Frogs play hopscotch around<br />

puddles where worms make their<br />

homes in the rains.<br />

From a distance, a cacophony of<br />

axes and knives chopping through<br />

wood is carried by the wind and melts<br />

into this irrepressibly elating lilt of<br />

the rain as it dribbles on to the pots<br />

and pans through thick clusters of<br />

bamboo groves. Around monsoons,<br />

every canopy lining either side<br />

of this pathway in Balagarh turns<br />

into a boat-making factory and the<br />

400-year-old village of boat makers<br />

echoes with the sounds of their<br />

creation.<br />

Lore has it that there was once<br />

a big long river that gurgled down<br />

the Himalayan slopes and into these<br />

green valleys; on which thick willows<br />

of coconut trees bent over and a hot,<br />

yellow sun sank at dusk, giving way to<br />

thousands of stars that played by the<br />

night. Through the years, as the river<br />

traced its path to the Bay of Bengal,<br />

drying up in some places, creating<br />

new rivulets in others, it branched out<br />

like the thick roots of a banyan tree,<br />

intersecting the valley to create canals<br />

that flowed through cities and towns,<br />

and by the sixteenth century, into this<br />

little hamlet.<br />

Almost a century after Vasco da<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Lisa Haydon<br />

F A S H I O N A C C E S S O R I E S<br />

Corporate Address : 324, Udyog Vihar, Phase 4, Gurgaon, Haryana - 12<strong>2016</strong>.Tel.: 0124 2340203 / 4270486. E mail: commercial@linoperros.com. Website: www.linoperros.com.<br />


AT<br />




A workshop in Balagarh where big as<br />

well as small boats are made<br />

84<br />

Gama landed in India, European powers<br />

like the Portuguese, Dutch and French<br />

followed suit, using the riverine route to<br />

reach further inland. Bengal’s wooden<br />

boats often appear in the texts of this<br />

era, linking pieces of history. In Abul<br />

Fazl’s Aini-Akbari, they are mentioned as<br />

‘fine Bengali war boats’, employed by<br />

Isa Khan in his fight against the Mughal<br />

naval forces under Akbar’s illustrious<br />

general Raja Man Singh; and in another<br />

instance, as ‘a flotilla of 300 boats’<br />

used as naval warfare by Shaista Khan,<br />

the Governor of Bengal, bought from<br />

local majhis or fishermen in the year<br />

1666 and used to defeat the formidable<br />

Portuguese pirates.<br />

By this time, the Hooghly already<br />

had boats bobbing on it — boats that<br />

carried fathers, mothers, soldiers, dogs,<br />

cats, pots, pans, spices and fruits. From<br />

Dhaka and Calcutta and the Hague and<br />

Rio. And Balagarh, a small village on the<br />

Hooghly, beyond its reeds and weeds,<br />

turned into a busy boat-making centre,<br />

carving boats of all shapes and sizes<br />

and, sometimes, ocean liners too.<br />

A final shape is given to the outer skin of<br />

the boat to minimise water resistance<br />

A completed boat being delivered in a<br />

cycle rickshaw<br />

Mohak Chandok has been practising<br />

boat making for a living in this yard<br />

for the past forty years as a seasonal<br />

rigger. ‘I grew up around the waters,’ he<br />

murmurs, taking long puffs of his beedi.<br />

Mohak’s father was a Rajbanshi.<br />

With their place in the lower strata of<br />

the Hindu caste system, Rajbanshis are<br />

a fisherfolk community that claim to<br />

have been building boats for at least six<br />

generations.<br />

Killing the beedi against the rock<br />

that he sits on, Mohak lights another<br />

with a match. Taking a long drag, he<br />

continues. ‘When my father wasn’t<br />

passed out on the cheap chullu, he’d<br />

tell me, “Feel the wood beneath your<br />

fingers, every time you start working<br />

on it. Learn to hone the chisel first and<br />

feel its vibration against the wood —<br />

all kinds of wood: babla, segun, sirish,<br />

khirish, arjun. Some woods might want<br />

a sharper blow.” And when I would<br />

forget to sharpen my chisel, he’d smack<br />

me below my ear’—thaad—‘like this,’<br />

he says, slapping himself on the cheek<br />

and then laughing as he rubs the sting<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


A newly made boat being delivered<br />

on a three wheeler to the customer<br />

86<br />

away. ‘“Understand the quality of the<br />

wood,” he’d say. “Sal or the cheaper<br />

babla, and then understand the blade.<br />

Lastly, know how to govern your<br />

strength against the wood.”<br />

He stands up to join another boat<br />

maker working on the carcass of a<br />

boat, perched on stilts to the rear of<br />

the yard. They grunt to each other in<br />

acknowledgement and work without<br />

talking, each pounding on an end of<br />

this fifteen-feet long boat carcass, the<br />

sound of their hammering echoing<br />

through the village, alternating with<br />

the threatening, thunderous sky.<br />

For hours, they create the hull of the<br />

boat, pulling logs of wood towards<br />

themselves, hunching over them,<br />

measuring them to trim the plank and<br />

then heating them according to the<br />

arch of the boat. Wood chips have<br />

been burning for a few hours below<br />

the planks so that the rising smoke<br />

softens the timber. These planks will<br />

soon be joined by both the men and<br />

cotton thread will be beaten into the<br />

gaps. A composite of cow dung and tar<br />

will then be pasted over these joints of<br />

the boat’s carcass.<br />

Mohak and his helper are the<br />

A decade ago, there<br />

were more than<br />

45 boatmaking units<br />

in the area; today,<br />

there are just half that<br />

number<br />

only two mistris or carpenters in this<br />

workshop, while most others have five<br />

to ten workers at least. Together, they<br />

usually finish a boat in three months.<br />

After the boat is complete, they leave it<br />

to dry in the sun for a few days.<br />

Next, employing the ancient pulleywheel<br />

apparatus, they noisily move<br />

the boat, on a cot of oily logs, to the<br />

river—amidst angry outbursts and<br />

curses in Bengali—and submerge it in<br />

the shallow waters to make the wood<br />

sturdier and, according to Rajbanshi<br />

tradition, baptise and ceremonially<br />

consecrate it as a ‘boat’, before giving<br />

it away to the boat owner the way a<br />

daughter is given away in marriage.<br />

Around the year 1707, Raghunandan<br />

Mitra Mustafi, of Ula Birnagar in Nadia,<br />

migrated to Balagarh. The Europeans<br />

had made inroads in the incredibly<br />

navigable canal system, encouraging<br />

boat makers, but Mitra finessed the<br />

craft by establishing an indigenous<br />

boat-building industry.<br />

He would carve out large, fatbellied<br />

boats for the traders which<br />

would earn him a fortune while also<br />

encouraging migrants to swerve<br />

into this little hamlet, which soon<br />

turned into an industrial town where<br />

skilled craftsmen — both Hindus and<br />

Muslims — worked together in the<br />

hot, humid mulch. Mitra developed<br />

the wetland, building temples, a<br />

fort complex and homes. Soon,<br />

villagers dropped farming and took to<br />

carpentry, making Balagarh’s boats the<br />

gold standard in India’s boat-making<br />

industry.<br />

A decade ago, there were more than<br />

forty-five boatmaking units in the area;<br />

today, they are just half that number.<br />

As West Bengal has slowly developed,<br />

bridges and ramps have been<br />

constructed across rivers, changing<br />

the way people travel. A couple of<br />

years ago, the fisheries department<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


88<br />

gave loans to fishermen under a<br />

special scheme. Most fishermen used<br />

the loans to buy dinghies, which was a<br />

godsend for the boat makers.<br />

But the jubilation was short-lived.<br />

Their business depends on the Ganga<br />

and water levels in India’s longest<br />

river have been reducing due to the<br />

accumulation of silt. ‘Gangai maach<br />

hobe na. (There is no fish in the Ganga.)<br />

These woodworkers now work in<br />

paper mills in other towns. Or look for<br />

jobs in those modish boat factories in<br />

the coastal town, Digha,’ says Mohak.<br />

‘I work to keep the tradition of these<br />

wooden boats alive. But, niropta hobe<br />

na ekhane. (There is no security in<br />

this business.) We’ll make the boats.<br />

We have many hands. But who will<br />

buy them? Nobody knows about our<br />

boats outside Bengal. Middlemen are<br />

a nuisance. And if we can’t sell a boat<br />

in six to eight months, who will buy<br />

the termite-infested boat? I asked my<br />

sons to look for work elsewhere. One<br />

makes grilles in Burdwan and the other<br />

is looking for work in Jaipur.’<br />

As I sail on an engine-powered boat<br />

past the village back towards Kolkata<br />

that evening, our attention is pointed<br />

towards a half-made vessel. Its two<br />

columns are carved at the crown like<br />

a race boat, tipped up and sinking.<br />

They unite as we pass them and then<br />

move apart, as things and people do<br />

in the water.<br />

The sound of hammering in the<br />

workshops is soon deafened by<br />

the engine. Slowly, Balagarh and its<br />

picturesque bamboo-lined streets<br />

become mere specks on the horizon<br />

as we drift away, meandering through<br />

densely packed moorings of fully made<br />

boats, their sails unfurled to seize any<br />

stirring of the heavy monsoon air.<br />

(Edited excerpts from The Lost<br />

Generation: Chronicling India’s Dying<br />

Professions by Nidhi Dugar Kundalia,<br />

published by Random House India.)<br />

The rise of Balagargh as a boatbuilding centre<br />

Geographical reasons and an abundance of local skills transformed the<br />

little known hamlet into a prominent boat-making hub.<br />

By Swarup Bhattacharyya<br />

Semi finished boats at a<br />

workshop in Balagarh<br />

Balagarh is the most renowned<br />

boatbuilding centre in West Bengal<br />

and is the only commercial centre<br />

where traditional wooden boats are<br />

fashioned in the courtyards of boatmakers’<br />

houses, on riverbanks and in<br />

bamboo groves, or in the garden of<br />

the client. With other co-workers, the<br />

head carpenter is a special guest in<br />

the house of the patron or owner and<br />

starts his creation.<br />

There is limited historical data to<br />

inform on the rise of Balagargh as a<br />

boatbuilding centre. However, some<br />

speculation can be made about its<br />

later importance. After the decline<br />

of the ancient port of Tamralipta,<br />

in Bengal, Saptagram emerged as<br />

an important medieval inland port<br />

in eastern India on the banks of the<br />

rivers Saraswati and Hugli.<br />

It could have been around this<br />

period that boat and ship builders<br />

settled around the port to build and<br />

repair boats and ships. Saptagram<br />

eventually declined as a port, but the<br />

boat builders who had settled there<br />

remained. Perhaps Balagarh can be<br />

associated with the ancient port of<br />

Saptagram, although there is limited<br />

evidence to support this hypothesis.<br />

However, the tradition of boat<br />

building continues in the area and<br />

families retain their family occupation<br />

and craft the dingi popularly known<br />

as Balagarhi dingi. There are also<br />

geographical reasons that may have<br />

had an impact on the growth of<br />

Balagarh as a boat building centre. Its<br />

location close to the river promotes<br />

a riverine economy, and access to<br />

the raw materials used to construct<br />

the dingi. For example, the bamboogroves<br />

which also supply accessories<br />

(green bamboo sticks, bamboo pole<br />

etc.) for the carpenters.<br />

Nimai Barik, the owner of a<br />

boatbuilding yard, can trace back<br />

his genealogy over six generations<br />

of boat builders. The Rajbanshis<br />

are the fisherfolk community that<br />

occupy a lower rung in the Hindu<br />

caste hierarchy. In Balagarh the<br />

Rajbanshis are believed to be the<br />

first boatbuilders and they claim to<br />

have been building for more than<br />

five generations. The few people<br />

who decide to become boatbuilders<br />

acquire their knowledge from their<br />

neighbouring Rajbanshi community.<br />

They approach the mistiri or carpenter<br />

(boatbuilding is considered to be a<br />

part of carpentry).<br />

At present some of the important<br />

boatbuilding yards of Balagarh include<br />

Tentulia, Chandra, Chandra Colony<br />

and Sripur Bazar. The most important<br />

boat building centre at Rajbanshi Para<br />

has as many as 16 different families<br />

that are mistiris who practice boat<br />

making as their livelihood. Balagarh<br />

produces a number of boat varieties<br />

predominantly used for transportation<br />

of sand from the dry riverbed.<br />

(The author is the Curator of<br />

Maulana Azad Museum, Kolkata. His<br />

area of research is on traditional boats<br />

with special reference to Bengal. He has<br />

been an ethnographer on Bengal boats<br />

since 1997, after acquiring a Master’s<br />

in anthropology from the University of<br />

Calcutta in 1995)<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Travel in focus<br />

The first edition of Travel Photo Jaipur showcased Indian and<br />

international exhibits at well-known spots in Jaipur<br />


90<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Large size prints of houses in France, monarchs in Nigeria and flood victims in India, among other photographs shot globally,<br />

left Jaipur residents impressed recently. They formed part of the inaugural Travel Photo Jaipur exhibition (held between <strong>February</strong><br />

5 and 14) at various well-known tourist spots in the city. The works of Indian and international photographers attracted many<br />

visitors. “All images are the outcome of journeys. Too often, picture postcard-type images come to mind, and we hope to<br />

show that travel can take many forms, and photography can express these differences,” said Nikhil Padgaonkar, Producer of<br />

Travel Photo Jaipur. “What unites the diverse exhibitions is that in each case, the photographer is confronted with an alien<br />

environment or a culture to which they do not themselves fully belong.”<br />

Photographer: Laurent Chehere (France)<br />

The French artist was born in 1972 in Ménilmontant, a neighbourhood he<br />

explores with the same unceasing curiosity as he does in Bamako, Lhasa,<br />

Tokyo, Valparaiso or Srinagar.<br />

Exhibit: The Flying Houses (2007-ongoing)<br />

Chehere transforms ordinary homes into fantastical buildings presented<br />

as aerial still lives. Separated from their urban context and unchained<br />

from the anonymity of the street, these buildings narrate a story about<br />

the individual lives of their inhabitants. From afar, the houses appear<br />

whimsical and carefree, but upon closer inspection, the details of their<br />

dwellers reveal a more complex story.<br />

Venue: Jawahar Kala Kendra


94<br />

Photographer: George Osodi (Nigeria)<br />

Based in Lagos, Osodi studied Business<br />

Administration at the Yaba College of Technology<br />

in Lagos, before working as a photojournalist for<br />

Comet newspaper in Lagos between 1999 and<br />

2001. He was with AP for the next seven years.<br />

Osodi’s photographs have been published in many<br />

international publications like New York Times, Time,<br />

Guardian, The Telegraph and Der Spiegel.<br />

Exhibit: Nigeria Monarchs (2012-ongoing)<br />

In 1963, when Nigeria became a republic within the<br />

Commonwealth, the monarchy system was formally<br />

abolished. However, the royal families have remained<br />

relevant in the political landscape. Beyond the<br />

striking personalities, the full regalia and sense of<br />

fashion offer an insight into a fascinating material<br />

culture.<br />

Venue: Albert Hall Museum<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


96<br />

Serena Chopra (India)<br />

Chopra has shot extensively in Bhutan. Her first body of work from Bhutan was exhibited in solo shows in New Delhi, Bhutan<br />

and New York. A publication of this work, Bhutan, A Certain Modernity was released in 2007.<br />

Exhibit: The Ancients – Bhutan Diaries (2002-2006)<br />

Chopra has been travelling to Bhutan for more than a dozen years, photographing a community as it experienced a shift<br />

towards modernity, while preserving its culture. She trekked with a special permit to remote and restricted areas in high<br />

altitude regions as there were no roads that led to these faraway villages and nomadic communities.<br />

Venue: Jawahar Kala Kendra<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


98<br />

Gideon Mendel (South Africa/UK)<br />

Born in Johannesburg in 1959, Mendel studied Psychology and African History at the University of Cape Town. He began<br />

photographing in the 1980s during the final years of apartheid. In the early 1990s he moved to London.<br />

Exhibit: Drowning World (2007-ongoing)<br />

It all started in 2007, when Mendel photographed a pair of floods that occurred within weeks of each other, one in the UK and<br />

the other in India. This body of work would become one of most eloquent photographic statements about climate change,<br />

earning him the prestigious 2015 Prix Pictet.<br />

Venue: Hawa Mahal<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

(All photos courtesy Travel Photo Jaipur)

Blend Business Excellence<br />

with Divine Experience<br />

at Tirupati<br />

Hotel Fortune Select Grand Ridge Banquet Hall, Hotel Sindhuri Park<br />

Banquet Hall, Hotel Marasa Sarovar Premiere Front view of Hotel Marasa Sarovar Premiere<br />

Tirupati is the gate-way for ‘Tirumala’, the abode of<br />

the famed Lord Venkateswara, also known as Lord Balaji. It is a<br />

spectacular place of pilgrimage known the world over for its<br />

religious signicance, attracting 40 million domestic and<br />

International visitors per year. Now, Tirupati is all set to welcome<br />

even the biggest names in International business by providing<br />

infrastructure and world class facilities. It is poised to emerge as<br />

a preferred MICE destination with its world class convention<br />

centres and scenic resorts that have come up. e great thing<br />

about these hotels is that they are not only places for holding<br />

meetings and seminars but they are geared up to make the<br />

business guests feel at home and take a leisurely time out. Some<br />

prime convention destinations are Hotel Sindhuri Park, Hotel<br />

Fortune Kences, Hotel Fortune Select Grand Ridge, Hotel<br />

Minerva Grand, Hotel Marasa Sarovar Premiere and Hotel Best<br />

Western. Understanding visitors’ needs, these convention<br />

Host Memorable Conferences of Global Class<br />

Tirupati<br />

www.aptourism.gov.in<br />

centers also provide facilities for sightseeing tours and fun for<br />

families. APTDC will provide preferential Darshan to delegates<br />

attending conferences. With Tirupati’s immense potential as a<br />

tourist destination and immaculate infrastructure, it has all the<br />

makings of a global MICE destination.<br />

Renigunta<br />




The <strong>2016</strong> Delhi Auto Expo this month boasts of the largest automotive<br />

display in its history. Here are eight of the most anticipated launches<br />

within Rs 30 lakh. BY PARTH CHARAN<br />

100<br />

Hyundai<br />

Tucson<br />

Hyundai has been on<br />

a winning streak in<br />

India. They seem to<br />

have another winner<br />

on their hands with the<br />

Hyundai Tucson - which<br />

returns to India with an<br />

all-new design. Sitting<br />

right above the recently<br />

launched mini-SUV Creta,<br />

the new, third generation<br />

Tucson, in terms<br />

of design, appears to<br />

be a huge departure<br />

from the previous one,<br />

similar in design to the<br />

larger Santa Fe.<br />

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza<br />

The highly anticipated Maruti Suzuki Vitara<br />

Brezza is the brand’s first foray into the<br />

sub-compact SUV segment. The sub-four metre<br />

SUV will go toe-to-toe against rivals like<br />

the Ford Ecosport and the Mahindra TUV300<br />

and will be powered by the 1.3 litre diesel<br />

engine that can be found in cars like the Ritz<br />

and the S-Cross.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Honda BR-V<br />

Honda wants a piece of the<br />

compact SUV pie and with<br />

the BR-V, they’re about to<br />

get it. The car is based on<br />

the same platform as the<br />

Brio and the Mobilio and<br />

will go up against the likes<br />

of the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross<br />

and the Hyundai Creta but<br />

unlike those two, it gets a<br />

third row of seats.<br />

Mahindra<br />

KUV100<br />

Micro SUV<br />

The new Mahindra<br />

KUV100 is a properly<br />

unique car for two<br />

reasons - it’s Mahindra’s<br />

smallest SUV<br />

(dubbed micro-SUV)<br />

and also their first<br />

ever petrol car. It’s<br />

not really meant<br />

for off-roading and<br />

serves as a more<br />

practical alternative<br />

to small hatchbacks.<br />

101<br />

Toyota Innova<br />

The Innova has undoubtedly<br />

been Toyota’s greatest hit in the<br />

Indian market. Although the recipient<br />

of a few minor upgrades<br />

and tweaks, the faithful MUV has<br />

remained largely unchanged ever<br />

since it entered the Indian market<br />

in 2004. The all-new Innova<br />

claims getting a contemporary,<br />

swept back design and completely<br />

refurbished interiors which include<br />

automatic climate control,<br />

and touch screen infotainment.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


VW Tiguan<br />

The all-new, third generation<br />

Tiguan is VW’s first SUV<br />

to be based on the MQB<br />

platform that’s also found<br />

in the Skoda Octavia. It’s<br />

a little bigger and a little<br />

heavier than its predecessor,<br />

but that also means there’s<br />

more storage and seating<br />

space. The high-end variants<br />

also come with all-wheel<br />

drive technology, so rest<br />

assured, the Tiguan has<br />

what it takes to unsettle the<br />

likes of the BMW X1 and the<br />

Mercedes-Benz GLA.<br />

VW Passat GTE<br />

102<br />

The new Passat is a<br />

pretty slick looking<br />

machine, not that the<br />

old one was a minger.<br />

Given the success of<br />

cars like the Toyota<br />

Camry Hybrid, VW has<br />

decided to bring in a<br />

plug-in hybrid version<br />

of the car with a 50km<br />

electric range that<br />

supplements a 1.4 litre<br />

TSI engine.<br />

Tata Zica<br />

The Zica sits<br />

squarely between<br />

the austere Tata<br />

Nano and the larger<br />

Tata Bolt. It’s<br />

already reached<br />

Tata dealerships<br />

and will go up<br />

against cars like<br />

the Hyundai Grand<br />

i10 and the Maruti<br />

Suzuki Celerio.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Well-appointed food trucks are the latest addition to<br />

the culinary scene of some Indian cities.<br />


Bombay Food Truck<br />

ctor Jon Favreau plays a<br />

bored chef at a high-end<br />

restaurant in Chef (2014)<br />

when he gets into a Twitter<br />

fight and quits. He then starts a food<br />

truck, and goes on a road trip with his<br />

son, bonding over Cubanos and hard<br />

work. Even though the film had major<br />

draws such as Scarlett Johansson<br />

and Robert Downey, Jr., what stayed<br />

with the viewer was bread being<br />

generously slathered with butter and<br />

cheese and pickle fighting for space<br />

on it.<br />

Since the movie has come<br />

out, food trucks have gained<br />

prominence on Indian streets.<br />

Quietly yet strategically, dude food<br />

has commenced a silent invasion<br />

in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai.<br />

Snazzy, brightly-coloured trucks<br />

with eye-catching nameplates (and<br />

without the Horn OK Please signs),<br />

selling high-quality food from around<br />

the world at affordable prices, have<br />

sprung up. Currently, there are no<br />

fewer than ten such trucks selling<br />

their wares in Delhi and Bengaluru,<br />

and this number is more than likely to<br />

double over the course of this year. Of<br />

these, Mumbai has been late to the<br />

party, but it’s catching up pretty<br />

quickly.<br />

Ask the owners why they decided to<br />

get into this business, and the answer<br />

is pretty unanimous – the desire to do<br />

something with food. Ashish Sajnani,<br />

who co-started the Bombay Food Truck<br />

with Juspreet Singh Walia, says, “We’re<br />

very passionate about being in the food<br />

business. Mumbai, as an international<br />

city, should have a food-truck culture.<br />

It’s a cool concept, and we wanted to<br />

do something new in the F&B space.”<br />

The men behind Please Don’t Tell, Le<br />

Café and Eat Thai, they have stuck to<br />

corporate zones such as Kamala Mills<br />

and One BKC in the city. “We do not<br />

park on the road, but we do take it to<br />

events. We’ve been to Times Litfest,<br />

103<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


104<br />

Mumbai Film Festival, Enchanted Valley<br />

Carnival and Sunburn Goa. We will be<br />

in SulaFest in <strong>February</strong> this year.” One<br />

BKC, though, is their regular home.<br />

Their Force Motors truck is fitted with<br />

a griller, double-basket fryer, an oven,<br />

refrigerator, hot plate, sinks, a 350-litre<br />

water tank and a cold bain marie. With<br />

a menu that’s a mix of quick-to-whipup<br />

burgers and meatballs and crowd<br />

favourites such as pav bhaji and kheema<br />

pav, Sajnani thinks the food can be filed<br />

under gourmet. “We’ve done spin-offs<br />

from street food around the world. The<br />

food is simple – hot dogs, sandwiches,<br />

burgers. Easy to eat and food on the<br />

go.” On the difference between a street<br />

stall and a food truck, Sajnani says,<br />

“We’ve bridged the gap between a<br />

hawker and a standalone restaurant.<br />

We use the same ingredients in our<br />

restaurants; it’s very hygienic. For the<br />

same sandwich I could have charged Rs<br />

400 in my restaurant.”<br />

Bengaluru-based Siddhanth Sawkar,<br />

a 24-year-old with a master’s degree<br />

in hotel management, bought his<br />

truck second-hand from a commercial<br />

vehicles market, refurbishing it himself<br />

and naming it Spitfire. “I drive, I cook,<br />

I serve,” laughs Sawkar. He bakes his<br />

own bread; vegetables and meats<br />

are sourced from friends’ farms. His<br />

bestselling items are the New York hot<br />

dog, the BBQ chicken steak burger and<br />

a vegetarian coleslaw burger. “These<br />

trucks with their bright colours add<br />

to the novelty factor: it’s all about a<br />

food experience,” says Sawkar. He is<br />

convinced the food-truck phenomenon<br />

is “not just a fad” – he’s looking to<br />

expand his venture to Mumbai, Pune,<br />

Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. With<br />

prices ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 280,<br />

Sawkar says he averages about Rs<br />

6000-7000 a day, with around 35-40<br />

customers.<br />

On how Bengaluru has taken the lead<br />

in food trucks, Jasir, owner of Ya Habibi,<br />

says, “It’s very cosmopolitan, very<br />

open to new ideas. It is a great city for<br />

“We’re very<br />

passionate about<br />

being in the food<br />

business. Mumbai,<br />

as an international<br />

city, should have a<br />

food-truck culture.<br />

It’s a cool concept,<br />

and we wanted to<br />

do something new in<br />

the F&B space”<br />

From top:<br />

Bengalurubased<br />

Fuel<br />

Up serves<br />

a potpourri<br />

of cuisines<br />

— Mexican,<br />

French, Indian,<br />

Moroccan,<br />

continental<br />

and Italian; The<br />

owners of Fuel<br />

Up; Siddhanth<br />

Sawkar of<br />

Spitfire BBQ<br />

food truck<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


Spitfire focuses on<br />

barbecues and grills<br />

start-ups. There is a lot of acceptance<br />

for new things due to its international<br />

exposure.” The two-month-old Ya<br />

Habibi, much like Spitfire, is a one-man<br />

operation. “I’m young; I wanted to do<br />

something with food. This seemed like<br />

fun and didn’t require too much of an<br />

investment to start with,” he says. His<br />

day begins early, sourcing vegetables,<br />

marinating the meat and making his<br />

sauces. “The goal is to serve restaurantquality<br />

food,” he says. Ya Habibi’s<br />

popular items are chicken steaks,<br />

grilled beef, grilled chicken rolls, chilly<br />

cheese toast and sweet tarts. “Your<br />

budget determines where you park your<br />

truck,” says Jasir. He operates largely in<br />

Richards Town. “It’s a trade-off between<br />

the menu and costing. I try and lower<br />

my margins and keep the cost per<br />

person below Rs 150.”<br />

Jasir thinks the food-truck business<br />

will grow exponentially. “Right now,<br />

there is no law that governs this<br />

business, so we have to deal with<br />

minor harassment from the cops. We’re<br />

hoping that proper legislation can<br />

come into place, so this business can<br />

grow further.” The hunt for approvals is<br />

something many food-truck owners in<br />

Barbecued potato<br />

at Spitfire<br />

“We’ve bridged the gap<br />

between a hawker and<br />

a standalone restaurant. We<br />

use the same ingredients in<br />

our restaurants; it’s<br />

very hygienic”<br />

A meat burger<br />

at SWAT<br />

Mumbai, too, face. “People are scared<br />

to talk about it, as there are no clear<br />

guidelines,” says Sajnani.<br />

Social media has played a major hand 105<br />

in popularising food trucks. Sajnani asks<br />

us to mention his social-media handle,<br />

foodtruckbombay on Instagram, as<br />

they rely on word-of-mouth as much as<br />

passersby. The SWAT truck, based out of<br />

Bengaluru and started by Jimson Johns,<br />

Leoma D’souza and Vivek Cornelio,<br />

uses social media to reach its target<br />

audience. “We have not spent a rupee<br />

in terms of money for marketing,” says<br />

Cornelio. SWAT specialises in American<br />

kerbside gourmet food: its signature<br />

burgers include the all-American meat<br />

burgers and mac and cheese burgers.<br />

They also serve sloppy Joes, nachos<br />

topped with molten cheese sauce, corn<br />

dogs and deep-fried Oreos served with<br />

ice cream. According to Cornelio, the<br />

reason why the food trucks have been<br />

successful is that the locals “love to<br />

try out new and interesting food. The<br />

number of new eateries springing up is<br />

proof of this”. Street food, fast food or<br />

food on the move: whatever you may<br />

call it, it’s food with an attitude and<br />

seems to be here to stay. •





106<br />

Two years ago Mikael Vejdemo-<br />

Johansson, a mathematician at the<br />

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in<br />

Stockholm, Sweden, working with<br />

four colleagues, used the intricacies<br />

of arithmetic to conclude that there<br />

are 177,147 ways to knot a necktie.<br />

This number was 1,000 times more<br />

than what a landmark study by<br />

Cambridge University mathematicians<br />

had concluded in the year 2000. Of<br />

course, these numbers don’t mean<br />

much to most of us, who are quite<br />

content with fastening one’s tie in<br />

the same knot day in and day out. To<br />

make this seemingly daily mechanical<br />

task livelier, it might be worthwhile<br />

for each of us to know, at the least,<br />

the four classic tie knots, that have<br />

evolved over the last century. Four<br />

in Hand, Half Windsor, Full Windsor<br />

and the Shell Knot, are the knots<br />

most widely used by people around<br />

the world. Here’s a primer to help you<br />

with each of them.<br />

1. FOUR IN HAND<br />

The easiest one of the classics is the Four in Hand knot, which doesn’t<br />

take much time to learn. It looks alright and is a handy one to know. The<br />

negative thing about the Four in Hand knot is that it is asymmetrical,<br />

which gives you a slanting line at the top.<br />

Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end.<br />

Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end.<br />

Pass the wide end horizontally over the narrow end again.<br />

Take the wide end up and through the loop around your neck.<br />

Take the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the<br />

knot and pull it up to your collar.<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

107<br />


Full Windsor, as the name indicates, was conceived<br />

by the Duke of Windsor, one of the most stylish men<br />

in the first half of the 20th century. It looks great, it’s<br />

symmetrical and it suits almost all occasions and looks<br />

more businesslike than its cousin, the Half Windsor knot.<br />

This is the one to use when you go to<br />

the office or if you have a thin fabric tie.<br />

It looks best with a spread collar.<br />

Begin by crossing the wide end over<br />

the narrow end.<br />

Take the wide end back through the<br />

loop around your neck.<br />

Take the wide end over the narrow<br />

end in the same direction you<br />

crossed it at step 1.<br />

Fold the wide end underneath the<br />

narrow end.<br />

Take the wide end up…<br />

And back through the loop in the<br />

same direction as step 4.<br />

Fold the wide end horizontally over the narrow end.<br />

Bring the wide end up through the loop once more,<br />

like you did in step 2.<br />

Pull the wide end through the knot.



A variation on the Windsor, this knot looks<br />

fantastic, it’s symmetrical and it suits almost all<br />

occasions. This is your go-to knot most of the<br />

time. The Half Windsor works very well for ties<br />

made of thick fabric.<br />

Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow<br />

end.<br />

Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end.<br />

Pull the wide end up.<br />

Take the wide end back down through the loop.<br />

Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow end.<br />

Take the wide end up through the loop.<br />

Pull the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed<br />

to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.<br />

108<br />

4. SHELL KNOT<br />

The last of the classics is the Shell Knot, also known as<br />

the Shelby or the Pratt Knot. It was conceived by Jerry<br />

Pratt, an employee of the US Chamber of Commerce<br />

and popularised by TV reporter Don Shelby. It’s easy to<br />

knot, is symmetrical and doesn’t feel as imposing as<br />

the Windsor. This knot can be used almost at any time.<br />

In size it’s roughly between the Four in Hand and Half<br />

Windsor knots.<br />

Begin by crossing the wide end<br />

under the narrow end, while the tie<br />

hangs inside out around your neck.<br />

Pull the wide end up over the<br />

narrow end.<br />

Take the wide end down through<br />

the loop and tighten the knot.<br />

Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow<br />

end.<br />

Pull the wide end back up through the loop.<br />

Pull the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed<br />

to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.<br />

The author blogs at josefwigren.com<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


110<br />

A villa in the trees<br />

Enjoy home-cooked food, stroll through the vast estate or stay in rooms high up in<br />

the trees at this unique homestay in Wayanad<br />


Think Wayanad in Kerala and<br />

the imagery that unfolds<br />

is that of swaying coconut<br />

palms, pristine waters, jawdropping<br />

green foliage and essentially<br />

everything beautiful. Located on<br />

the border of Kerala and Karnataka,<br />

Wayanad district is all this and more – it<br />

is one of the leading locations in Kerala<br />

for homestays.<br />

Continuing with the trend is<br />

Amaryllis, a new boutique homestay<br />

in the district. It is a dream come true<br />

for planters Victor and Ranjini Dey who<br />

have built this property ground up<br />

converting an abandoned coffee and<br />

rubber farm to an oasis of uninterrupted<br />

peace and quiet. The property is named<br />

The Poinsettia villa is located at<br />

the lower end of estate<br />

Wayanad is 84 km from<br />

Kozhikode. <strong>Spice</strong>Jet offers<br />

direct flights to Kozhikode<br />

from Bengaluru and Chennai,<br />

along with convenient<br />

connections from other<br />

cities too. For details, log on<br />

to www.spicejet.com<br />

after the stunningly beautiful red<br />

Amaryllis flower that incidentally was<br />

the first shrub to be planted on either<br />

side of the driveway. Because the flower<br />

blossoms for a long time, it symbolises<br />

achieving success after a long and<br />

difficult struggle and perfectly matches<br />

the couple’s hard work and dedication<br />

to build this homestay.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Carpets For Life<br />

Pamir » Ahana Gold Maroon<br />

our partner stores<br />

Jagdish Stores<br />

Unit of J.S. Furnishings Pvt Ltd,<br />

Ring Road Lajpat Nagar,<br />

Ph no:- 011-42291100.<br />

1-H, Sarabha Nagar,<br />

Main Ferozepur Road,<br />

Ludhiana-141001<br />

Carpet Cellar Stores<br />

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Camellia is a<br />

luxurious suite<br />

112<br />

All the rooms are named<br />

after flowers that grow<br />

on the property. There<br />

are a total of five rooms<br />

here. In addition, there<br />

are two other unique<br />

accomodations in the<br />

form of tree villas. The<br />

experience is personal<br />

with warm hospitality<br />

and attention to<br />

individual needs<br />

Driveway to the<br />

main house<br />

The mist-covered mountains,<br />

Karapuzha Reservoir and Western Ghats<br />

make for great spectacular views from<br />

here. The Deys bought the property in<br />

2008, laid roads, sank wells, landscaped<br />

the area and planted a variety of new<br />

crops. “We decided to share our home<br />

with like-minded folk,” says Victor<br />

Dey. “Guests who were looking at a<br />

few days of peace and quiet in pristine<br />

natural surroundings, and who would<br />

like to enjoy the old world charm and<br />

luxury of a planter’s home – leisurely<br />

breakfasts, lazing around the pool,<br />

sleepy afternoons, tea on the verandah,<br />

evenings under the stars, followed by<br />

dinner and all this with an unmatched<br />

view.” The best part is that the<br />

experience is personal with fresh homecooked<br />

meals, friendly conversations,<br />

warm hospitality and attention to<br />

individual needs all of which are the<br />

hallmark of an excellent homestay<br />

experience.<br />


There are a total of five rooms in the<br />

property. In addition, there are two<br />

other unique accommodations -<br />

tree villas. The top tree villa (Solandra) is<br />

built at a height of 35 feet and is an<br />

all wood tree villa that you can access<br />

via a gradually inclined walkway that<br />

takes you to the split-level room,<br />

with a small lounge below. The<br />

northern verandah overlooks the calm<br />

waterbody and hills and on the right<br />

is an impressive view of the gigantic<br />

Manjapara Rock. The bottom tree villa<br />

(Poinsettia) is located at the lower<br />

end of the estate and can be accessed<br />

through an easy and short stairway. Set<br />

at a height of 25 feet the rooms have<br />

walls of bamboo and a wooden floor<br />

and comes with a wide verandah and<br />

a spacious bathroom with the same<br />

panoramic views.<br />

All the rooms are named after flowers<br />

that grow on the property. The Terrace<br />

Suite (Camellia), a super luxurious<br />

and elegant room with a view, has<br />

polished wood floors that accentuate<br />

the white cedar furniture. The large<br />

glass doors open up onto a spacious<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


116<br />

Victor and Ranjini<br />

Dey bought the<br />

property in 2008<br />

The homestay is<br />

recommended for<br />

nature lovers<br />

verandah, from where the views of the<br />

lush countryside below are unmatched.<br />

The L-shaped private terrace offers<br />

you the space to relax and unwind and<br />

enjoy the breathtaking view of the<br />

meandering waters of the Karapuzha<br />

Reservoir, with the Velaranmalai Hills<br />

beyond. The spectacular sunset is a<br />

must-see from here and the en-suite<br />

bathroom with its spacious jacuzzi adds<br />

to the luxe experience.<br />

The Annexe (Strelitzia) is situated<br />

adjacent to the main house and the<br />

all wood room comes with a private<br />

sit-out looking onto a tropical garden<br />

with views of the backwaters beyond.<br />

The Superior Garden rooms (Begonia)<br />

is located within the main house, but<br />

with independent access through the<br />

South garden and has a private sit-out<br />

filled with exotic plants. The second<br />

Superior Garden Room (Calliandra),<br />

is at the entrance to the main house,<br />

with a view of the garden on one side<br />

and the internal courtyard on the other.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


The property has been<br />

built on an abandoned<br />

coffee and rubber farm<br />

Furnished with old world rosewood<br />

furniture, this is the perfect space to<br />

de-stress and the verandah adjoining<br />

the room is an ideal place for you to<br />

reconnect with yourself over a cup of<br />

morning tea or coffee.<br />

117<br />


Located in the lap of nature, there is<br />

much to do on your stay here. Highly<br />

recommended for nature lovers is a<br />

walk amongst the various fruit and<br />

plantation crops or on the backwaters<br />

of the reservoir or simply stroll along<br />

the country roads above the property.<br />

For the more adventurous, a trek to<br />

Chembra Peak can be arranged. You<br />

can also relax at the black and grey<br />

rectangular swimming pool that<br />

seamlessly blends into the natural<br />

surroundings. The property has a wide<br />

variety of fruit, spice and flowering<br />

plants and trees. Apart from a wide<br />

range of birds that you can spot on<br />

the property, you will find a number of<br />

aquatic birds on the backwaters of the<br />

Karapuzha Dam.<br />


A 15 minute drive away is one of the<br />

The lounge<br />

for leisurely<br />

afternoons<br />

A tour of the property<br />

is highly recommended.<br />

It has a wide variety of<br />

fruit, spice and<br />

flowering plants and<br />

trees. There are also<br />

many different types of<br />

birds that you can spot<br />

on the property<br />

wonders of the Wayanad, the Edakkal<br />

Caves & Heritage Museum. The rock<br />

etchings in these caves date back to<br />

the Neolithic period between 5,000 to<br />

10,000 years old. You can also visit the<br />

Muthanga Wildlife Park as well as the<br />

Tholpetty Wildlife Park and the ancient<br />

Thirunelli Temple situated in the<br />

Brahmagiri Hills. The Banasura Sagar<br />

Dam and boating will appeal to families.<br />

There is also a ninth century Jain Temple<br />

here and the Chembra Peak, the highest<br />

peak in Wayanad. <br />


Dignity for all<br />

Delhi-based Goonj delivers a thousand tons of material to the<br />

needy every year, but not as freebies. By Mitali Parekh<br />

118<br />

Anshu Gupta, founding<br />

director of Goonj,<br />

interacts with rural<br />

women in Rupaspur<br />

F<br />

or all those associated with<br />

the NGO Goonj, 2015 was a<br />

good year – as well as a bad<br />

one. In July, its founder Anshu<br />

Gupta was honoured with the Ramon<br />

Magsaysay award. But just four<br />

months later, a stray firecracker burned<br />

down Goonj’s factory at Sarita Vihar in<br />

south Delhi. In an instant a large pile<br />

of clothes, toys and materials collected<br />

by the body since <strong>February</strong> 2015 was<br />

reduced to ash. But always optimistic,<br />

Gupta later told a reporter, “The spirit<br />

Goonj undertakes<br />

disaster relief and<br />

community development,<br />

though its most visible<br />

activity is recycling<br />

discarded clothes and<br />

household goods into<br />

products for the poor<br />

is strong. That is very important,”<br />

referring to the never-say-die attitude<br />

of his staff.<br />

Based in Delhi, Goonj undertakes<br />

disaster relief, humanitarian aid and<br />

community development. At present,<br />

it is active in 21 Indian states. Goonj’s<br />

most visible activity is recycling of<br />

discarded clothes and household<br />

goods into useful products for the<br />

poor. It operates through a network of<br />

500 volunteers and every year collects<br />

and delivers 1,000 tons of material.<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


120<br />

Gupta started Goonj in 1998 along<br />

with his wife Meenakshi to address<br />

the much-ignored need for clothing.<br />

He often says in public speeches,<br />

“Clothing is a basic dignity. If I don’t<br />

eat for a day, and you invite me to<br />

speak, I can still do it. But, if I don’t<br />

have clothes, I can’t.” The reason<br />

why it is ignored in government<br />

policies is because it’s rarely on our<br />

empathy radar. “Urban people may<br />

experience homelessness, perhaps<br />

superficially, when they travel or<br />

can’t afford a house. You could<br />

know what poverty is because you<br />

see it or experience it, but never<br />

do we go without clothes. Clothes<br />

are only seen as a relief material in<br />

the face of a natural disaster, but<br />

poverty is an ongoing calamity.<br />

How can you talk to people about<br />

hygiene when they don’t have clothes<br />

to change into after a bath?”<br />

Entrepreneur Venkat Krishnan,<br />

the co-founder and director of<br />

Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd and<br />

GiveIndia, has been friends with<br />

Gupta since 2001. He praises Gupta<br />

for his integrity and respect for<br />

the beneficiaries served by Goonj.<br />

Clockwise from top left: Women working at<br />

the Delhi unit of Goonj; Goonj’s awareness<br />

exhibition on menstrual hygiene in ‘Nirmal<br />

Bharat Yatra’; In Goonj’s processing centre,<br />

women sort cloth according to size, gender,<br />

etc.; People from various corporates,<br />

institutions and schools visit Goonj’s<br />

processing centre<br />

Krishnan says Gupta is hard-working<br />

and pushes himself despite his<br />

physical limitations (he had suffered<br />

fractures in both legs as a teenager).<br />

A conversation with Gupta<br />

challenges lazy presumptions. “So,<br />

Goonj collects clothes from the city<br />

and distributes them in rural areas?”<br />

asked the reporter quoted earlier.<br />

“Goonj is not merely a collection<br />

and distribution agency,” replied<br />

Gupta. “That’s just 50 per cent of<br />

our work. We are trying to set up<br />

a parallel trash-based, as opposed<br />

to a cash-based, sustainable<br />

economy.”<br />

Goonj collects, sorts and<br />

processes donated clothes into<br />

blankets, wearable clothes,<br />

undergarments, sanitary napkins,<br />

bags, etc., and then uses them as<br />

rewards to motivate developmental<br />

projects. It seeks to dissolve the<br />

condescending donor-recipient<br />

psychology. “What rural areas have<br />

is dignity; the victim psychology<br />

is an urban phenomenon. The<br />

developmental projects are chosen<br />

by the people and executed using<br />

local wisdom, local materials and<br />

local labour,” Gupta has been quoted<br />

as saying.<br />

According to Gupta, the work that<br />

Goonj is doing should not be looked<br />

merely as a donation from those who<br />

give, nor a freebie to those who get.<br />

Since city dwellers usually discard old<br />

clothing, utensils, footwear, etc., they<br />

are just giving it to those who need it<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

R<br />

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Whether your office space is big or small, we utilize your space efficiently to<br />

provide you good interior’s considering our product.<br />

Product Range<br />

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Contact Us<br />

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Address<br />

#1341/33, 32nd E Cross, Near Rajeev Gandhi Hospital, Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore 560041.<br />

Website<br />

www.frontierindia.in<br />

Email<br />



and hence should not be looked at as<br />

a donation, he insists. And it is not as<br />

if the needy receive support as mere<br />

hand-outs. Goonj’s Clothes for Work<br />

programme ensures that the needy<br />

get the material only after working on<br />

community projects such as digging<br />

wells, building bridges or paving<br />

roads. Towards this end, Goonj works<br />

with 250 partners. These include<br />

NGOs, social activists, youth groups<br />

and panchayats. The idea is to reach<br />

out to as many people as possible.<br />

Prakhar Bharati, the entrepreneur<br />

behind Youth Alliance in Delhi,<br />

considers Gupta a mentor and<br />

advisor. Youth Alliance aims to groom<br />

empathetic leaders for the future by<br />

Kudos all the way<br />

In the run-up to the Ramon Magsaysay award, which Anshu Gupta won<br />

in July 2015, the efforts of Goonj and its founder have been recognised by<br />

many important bodies<br />

122<br />

Goonj’s Clothes for Work<br />

programme ensures that the<br />

needy get the material<br />

only after working on<br />

community projects<br />

reforming higher education centres<br />

in Uttar Pradesh, which cheerfully,<br />

Gupta is a great example of. “He<br />

understands where a youngster is<br />

coming from. He’s aggressive in<br />

speech, but soft on the inside. There’s<br />

one incident that cemented our<br />

relationship,” Bharati has been quoted<br />

as saying. “Once when I met him, he<br />

silently took out a cheque and gave<br />

to me saying, ‘I’ve been where you are<br />

before. You probably need funding.’ I<br />

was touched because I had not asked<br />

for anything. Every six months, he’ll<br />

call me and check if I need funding or<br />

any other assistance.”<br />

This example clearly shows that<br />

success for Gupta is when people<br />

adapt, improve and replicate the<br />

Goonj model to turn victims and<br />

receivers into stakeholders of their own<br />

development.<br />

•<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

April 2004: Prestigious Ashoka<br />

Fellowship awarded to Anshu Gupta,<br />

for his innovative idea and its mass<br />

social impact.<br />

May 2007: Goonj’s sanitary napkin<br />

project ‘Not just a piece of cloth’ wins<br />

World Bank’s Global Development<br />

Market Place Award.<br />

July 2007: Goonj’s first initiative<br />

`Vastra-Samman’ recognised as one<br />

of ‘The Good Practices’ in Dubai<br />

International Awards.<br />

March 2008: ‘India NGO of the Year’<br />

award by Resource Alliance.<br />

March 2009: CNN IBN’s ‘Real Heroes’<br />

award to Anshu Gupta in women<br />

welfare segment.<br />

June 2009: Changemaker’s<br />

Innovation Award for the initiative<br />

‘Not just a piece of cloth’.<br />

Nov 2009: ‘Lien i3 Challenge Award’<br />

for the initiative ‘Cloth for Work’.<br />

March 2010: Jamnalal Bajaj CFBP<br />

Award for ‘Fair Practices’.<br />

May 2010: ‘Innovation for India’<br />

award by Marico for developing<br />

innovative solution by using old cloth<br />

and other material.<br />

June 2012: GDN-Japanese Award for<br />

Most Innovative Development Project.<br />

July 2012: Goonj recognised as ‘Game<br />

Changing Innovation’ by NASA and<br />

the US State Department.<br />

Nov 2012: ‘Social Entrepreneur of the<br />

Year’ award to Anshu Gupta, by the<br />

Schwab Foundation, sister concern of<br />

the World Economic forum.<br />

Feb 2014: Goonj gets a place among<br />

`The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative<br />

Companies in India’ in a listing by Fast<br />

Company.<br />

July 2014: Goonj chosen among 100<br />

leading Global Green Innovations of<br />

the prestigious think tank Sustainia.<br />

July 2014: Goonj is one among ‘The<br />

Purpose Economy 100 Asia’ list.

INSIDE<br />


<strong>Spice</strong>Jet plays soft rock music on its Boeing flights for boarding and landing.<br />

Here’s this month’s playlist<br />


Love Is All Around Me<br />

This song was a cover<br />

by Wet Wet Wet (the<br />

original was by the<br />

Troggs) for the movie<br />

Four Weddings and<br />

a Funeral. The band<br />

chose it over Gloria<br />

Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’<br />

and Barry Manilow’s<br />

‘Can’t Smile Without<br />

You’.<br />


A Groovy Kind Of Love<br />

The Mindbenders were<br />

the first to record this<br />

song, and Collins’s<br />

was a cover. Unlike the<br />

Mindbenders’ version,<br />

which was an upbeat,<br />

guitar-based pop song,<br />

Collins’s version was<br />

a slow ballad with<br />

prominent piano and<br />

strings.<br />


Lady In Red<br />

On the British TV<br />

series, This Is Your<br />

Life, Chris de Burgh<br />

said that the song<br />

was inspired by the<br />

memory of the first<br />

time he saw his wife<br />

Diane, and how men<br />

so often cannot even<br />

remember what their<br />

wives were wearing<br />

when they first met.<br />


Listen To Your Heart<br />

In 1998, Roxette<br />

received an award from<br />

BMI for this song being<br />

played over 2 million<br />

times on American<br />

radio.<br />

BEE GEES<br />

How Deep Is Your Love<br />

It won the 1977<br />

Grammy for best pop<br />

performance by a<br />

group. It was the first of<br />

four new songs on the<br />

Saturday Night Fever<br />

soundtrack to top the<br />

US Hot 100.<br />


Love Me Do<br />

John Lennon and Paul<br />

McCartney wrote this<br />

in 1958, when John<br />

was 17 and Paul was<br />

16. They made time<br />

for songwriting by<br />

skipping school. They<br />

had written songs<br />

before, but this was<br />

the first one they liked<br />

enough to record,<br />

making it the Beatles’<br />

first single.<br />


I Just Called To Say I<br />

Love You<br />

This song was featured<br />

in the movie The<br />

Woman In Red, starring<br />

Kelly LeBrock as the<br />

woman and Gene<br />

Wilder as the man<br />

mesmerised by her.<br />

Wonder wrote the<br />

score for the movie,<br />

and this song won the<br />

Oscar for best original<br />

song.<br />


All Out Of Love<br />

A song that deals with<br />

the unrequited love of<br />

a singer who feels lost<br />

without the object of<br />

his affection.<br />


You’re Still The One<br />

This song was remixed<br />

for its single release<br />

to sound less country<br />

and to appeal to pop<br />

audiences in the hopes<br />

of giving Twain a<br />

mainstream crossover<br />

hit. The plan worked,<br />

and Twain took home<br />

two Grammy awards<br />

that year.<br />

QUEEN<br />

Crazy Little Thing Called<br />

Love<br />

This was the first song<br />

on which Freddie<br />

Mercury played rhythm<br />

guitar. He was keen to<br />

keep the song minimal,<br />

despite his limited<br />

guitar knowledge, and<br />

producer Mack claimed<br />

that he rushed into<br />

the studio to record<br />

it “before Brian [May]<br />

could get there”.<br />


Every Breath You Take<br />

Sting wrote this song<br />

at the same desk in<br />

Jamaica on which Ian<br />

Fleming wrote his James<br />

Bond novels. It was the<br />

biggest hit of 1983 in<br />

the US.<br />



Unchained Melody<br />

Is there anyone who<br />

hasn’t slow danced<br />

to this song? The<br />

beautiful vocals and the<br />

soulful lyrics were also<br />

most famously used in<br />

Ghost.<br />


Have I Told You Lately<br />

Rod Stewart performed<br />

this on his MTV<br />

Unplugged special in<br />

1993 and released this<br />

acoustic version on his<br />

album Unplugged... And<br />

Seated. This version was<br />

a big hit, going to<br />

No. 5 in both the US<br />

and the UK. Stewart<br />

cried at the end of his<br />

MTV performance.<br />


When You Say Nothing<br />

At All<br />

Richard Curtis wanted<br />

a key song for his new<br />

film Notting Hill. He<br />

suggested this song to<br />

Ronan Keating, who<br />

was then still with the<br />

Irish boy band Boyzone.<br />

Keating is said to have<br />

said, “As soon as he<br />

mentioned the title, I<br />

was hooked.”<br />


Can You Feel The Love<br />

Tonight<br />

This was featured in the<br />

Disney movie The Lion<br />

King when the main<br />

character, Simba the<br />

Lion, falls in love with<br />

his childhood friend<br />

Nala. This version was<br />

performed by the voice<br />

actors in the film; the<br />

Elton John version plays<br />

over the end credits of<br />

the film.<br />


Baby Can I Hold You<br />

It is the third single<br />

released by the<br />

contemporary folk artist.<br />


Count On Me<br />

This country-tinged<br />

friendship tune was<br />

written by Bruno Mars<br />

for his debut studio<br />

album, Doo-Wops &<br />

Hooligans.<br />


(Everything I Do) I Do It<br />

for You<br />

This song is featured in<br />

the Kevin Costner movie<br />

Robin Hood: Prince Of<br />

Thieves, in which it plays<br />

over the credits. Adams<br />

said that initially, this<br />

song didn’t meet with<br />

Hollywood approval,<br />

as the film company<br />

wanted the song to have<br />

instrumentation in line<br />

with the films’ era –<br />

lutes, mandolins and the<br />

like. The film company<br />

relented, but still buried<br />

the song midway<br />

through the credits,<br />

apparently unaware of<br />

the huge hit they had on<br />

their hands.<br />

U2<br />

With Or Without You<br />

This was voted the<br />

best single of 1987 in a<br />

Rolling Stone magazine<br />

readers’ poll. It became<br />

the anthem of the<br />

characters Ross and<br />

Rachel on Friends after it<br />

was used in an episode<br />

in which he dedicates it<br />

to her on the radio.<br />


Lady<br />

Lionel Richie wrote<br />

this song especially for<br />

Rogers.<br />

123<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong><br />

*All information sourced from songfacts.com


FORECAST FOR FEBRUARY <strong>2016</strong><br />


ARIES<br />

TAURUS<br />

GEMINI<br />

CANCER<br />

LEO<br />

VIRGO<br />

124<br />

There is an increased<br />

networking on the<br />

social front. You will<br />

make new friends<br />

and move away from<br />

some old ones. New<br />

connections are from<br />

diverse backgrounds.<br />

Communication is<br />

very hectic. Children’s<br />

health need some<br />

minor attention.<br />

Students must focus<br />

on their studies, as<br />

their concentration is<br />

impacted. They should<br />

not let overconfidence<br />

shadow their path.<br />

You may undertake a<br />

long journey. Spend<br />

time and energy in<br />

improving relationships<br />

at home, which is prone<br />

to some disturbances<br />

and tension. Foreign<br />

travel plans are delayed<br />

a bit. There could be<br />

some danger due to<br />

accidents or arguments<br />

in a small fight,<br />

which may become<br />

a major issue. Watch<br />

your words carefully.<br />

Promotions may be<br />

delayed a bit in your<br />

case.<br />

A favourable month<br />

ahead for those in the<br />

fields of advertising and<br />

mass media. Writers<br />

are tempted to publish<br />

sensational stories,<br />

which will be very<br />

disruptive for society.<br />

Ensure the authenticity<br />

of your source, before<br />

proceeding on your<br />

stories. Short journeys<br />

are indicated. Children’s<br />

health is an area of<br />

focus. Some of you will<br />

embark on short study<br />

courses in the near<br />

future.<br />

Your sources of<br />

income multiply and<br />

new avenues open<br />

up. Be wary of quick<br />

rich schemes, as<br />

there could be losses.<br />

Renovations can be<br />

taken up at home.<br />

Mother’s health needs<br />

attention. Relationship<br />

is strained with your<br />

family members<br />

at home. Financial<br />

transactions could lead<br />

to gain if you invest<br />

wisely. Do not be<br />

worried - your spouse<br />

supports all the way.<br />

Be careful for there<br />

is the danger of you<br />

becoming very egoistic<br />

and self-centred. Some<br />

of you will tend to<br />

take actions which are<br />

completely contrary<br />

to your moral values.<br />

Hence think twice<br />

before you act. This<br />

phase will continue<br />

till mid-July. You are<br />

worried about your<br />

enemies. You put<br />

in lot of efforts to<br />

achieve your goals.<br />

Some of you will travel<br />

overseas.<br />

There are long term<br />

changes in store for<br />

you. Some of you<br />

might migrate overseas<br />

permanently. Luck is<br />

on your side and you<br />

should make the most<br />

of it. You have abundant<br />

energy and will create<br />

your own path. If you<br />

are looking for answers<br />

meditation is your cue.<br />

Learn to look within<br />

you. Work on your<br />

relationships. This is an<br />

extremely good time<br />

for those in the creative<br />

professions.<br />

LIBRA<br />





PISCES<br />

You will be<br />

participating in sports<br />

events. At office you<br />

will be able to execute<br />

key projects. You are<br />

inclined to make new<br />

friends and there is<br />

some secrecy too in<br />

this connection. This<br />

friendship may harm<br />

you and hence think<br />

twice before you make<br />

such moves, till the<br />

mid of July. This is the<br />

right time for pooja and<br />

yagna as you embark<br />

on a spiritual journey<br />

within you.<br />

You reach to a large<br />

number of people<br />

through social media<br />

or the mass media.<br />

Politicians and state<br />

government officials<br />

don’t have a smooth<br />

sailing for a few<br />

months. Don’t make<br />

sudden changes in job,<br />

as you may be thinking<br />

of drastic changes<br />

in your profession.<br />

Evaluate twice.<br />

Expenses are high<br />

this month. Matters<br />

of foreign affairs gain<br />

momentum.<br />

Financial gains are<br />

indicated for those in<br />

the acting field. Your<br />

focus this month is<br />

on communication<br />

and also beauty.<br />

Renovating the<br />

house is surely on<br />

the cards and plans<br />

are discussed. Some<br />

wasteful expenditure<br />

is also indicated, but<br />

you can go ahead. Your<br />

communication is likely<br />

to reach out to the<br />

masses. You should be<br />

careful in selecting your<br />

new projects.<br />

This is a month of great<br />

self-expression. You<br />

don’t stop yourself from<br />

speaking your heart to<br />

anyone. Recognition<br />

comes your way.<br />

Others appreciate your<br />

dynamic personality.<br />

You may be tempted<br />

to carry out some<br />

activity in utmost<br />

secrecy. Some of you<br />

will spend time in past<br />

life analysis. Take care<br />

in handling finances<br />

of others, as you may<br />

not be aware of all the<br />

pitfalls involved.<br />

You are very spiritual<br />

this month, Some of<br />

you spend time in<br />

meditation. You may<br />

a bit directionless,<br />

but things will turn<br />

out better. Lots of<br />

communications<br />

happen with your<br />

friends. You connect<br />

well with friends, who<br />

are younger to you.<br />

You appreciate the<br />

beauty of your friends<br />

and invite them over.<br />

Connections with<br />

overseas visitors will<br />

increase.<br />

Your enemies are<br />

making secretive plans<br />

to pull you down.<br />

Chances of accidents<br />

are high. Take<br />

utmost care. You are<br />

interested in astrology<br />

and other mystical<br />

subjects too. You<br />

are likely to connect<br />

with clairvoyants for<br />

knowing your past<br />

and future. Steady<br />

and persistence efforts<br />

are the key to your<br />

success. But don’t<br />

expect overnight<br />

results.<br />

(Astrologer Srinivas Iyer is based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He can be contacted on +91 98677 55116 and shrinivaasiyer@gmail.com)<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />


<strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s popular mobile app offers never before convenience<br />

and speed for customers on-the-go<br />

126<br />

With <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s<br />

new mobile app,<br />

customers will<br />

find it more convenient<br />

than ever before to make<br />

and manage bookings,<br />

check flight status, and<br />

receive exclusive offers on<br />

their mobile devices. The<br />

interface is so simple that<br />

even the origin of journey<br />

helpfully gets auto-filled<br />

thanks to inbuilt geotagging.<br />

The app also allows<br />

customers to book or<br />

add exciting <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

add-on products such<br />

as choosing premium<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>MAX seats, in-flight<br />

meals and Priority Checkin.<br />

Customers can also<br />

pre-book excess baggage<br />

at discounted rates<br />

through this app.<br />

The payment gateway<br />

of the app offers a variety<br />

of options like Quickpay,<br />

credit card, debit card<br />

and Internet banking. The<br />

Quickpay option ensures<br />

instant booking with just<br />

a single click.<br />

You can download<br />

the official <strong>Spice</strong>Jet app<br />

from Google Playstore<br />

and App Store.<br />

STEP: 1<br />

The main menu<br />

screen offers four<br />

options. To book a<br />

flight, select Flight<br />

Booking<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

STEP: 2<br />

Choose the required field. Fill in the<br />

details and click on the Search Flights<br />

options<br />

STEP: 3<br />

Flights options according to date of<br />

travel are displayed. The fare details<br />

are at the bottom<br />

STEP: 4<br />

On selection of the button, the<br />

detailed fare sumary is displayed<br />

127<br />

STEP: 5<br />

Once the required flight option<br />

has been selected, fill in your<br />

contact details<br />

STEP: 6<br />

Fliers can choose numerous add-on<br />

options that will make the journey<br />

hassle-free<br />

STEP: 7<br />

Customers can pay via Credit or<br />

Debit card. QuickPay option saves<br />

transaction time<br />


With <strong>Spice</strong>jet’s hot new mobile app, one can not only book flight tickets on the go, pre-book spice addons,<br />

check flight status and manage one’s bookings, but also get access to exclusive discounts. Book<br />

through the mobile app and get up to 7% discount on flight tickets and 50% discount on meals



128<br />



Let an enigmatic feeling settle on your skin. That comes<br />

to your from eras lost in time and space. Unravel the<br />

mystery of weightlessness that surrounds you as you<br />

don a breeze such as this. Offer up a silent prayer from<br />

the deepest recesses of your heart to the curator of this<br />

sensation. Classic cream, white, black, vibrant aqua, canary<br />

yellow, fuchsia and gold, Cadbury, coffee and ecru. Shop<br />

online at www.cdshirts.com or walk in to The Charagh Din<br />

Store at 64, Wodehouse Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400 005<br />

or call +91 22 6152 2300. Follow the brand on facebook at<br />

http://www.facebook.com/cdshirts<br />

Kosher, known for its genuine leather, started its amazing<br />

journey in 1995. Quality and comfort being the hallmark of all<br />

its products, it has never compromised along the way. Kosher takes<br />

pride in producing the best quality of leather shoes, which can be<br />

compared with the best available in the world market at genuine<br />

price. It has been regular in launching fashionable leather shoes for<br />

men emphasizing on the comfort and high quality. This time it has<br />

come up with an exquisite concept of fashionable leather “Brogue”<br />

shoes to enhance the personality of men.<br />

The new collection will impress users with its variety and<br />

ingenuity which cater to the taste of young and old alike. These<br />

smooth leather shoe offerings from Kosher with its elite style and<br />

debonair looks will be an amazing addition to any collection. Kosher<br />

shoes are made from processed leather which avoids foot fatigue<br />

and gives their wearers a comfortable feeling.<br />

“Kosher shoes are creating their own formal and casual line to<br />

keep up the curve,” said Mr. Manish Agarwal, Brand Owner. “We<br />

always see scope in our creativity. Our designers have combined<br />

the latest styles and premium materials to create this exclusive<br />

collection. The elegant collection promises to set a new dress code<br />

for all age groups.”<br />



C<br />

onceived and envisaged as an exclusive accessories<br />

brand, Lino Perros was founded by two veteran<br />

designers, Sanjay and Natasha, in 1999. It has culminated<br />

in high demand across all genres of fashion accessories.<br />

The timeless women handbags from the collection of Lino<br />

Perros renders a look worthy of a true lady. The colour story<br />

of the handbags is the epitome of elegance. The palette<br />

includes classic black and browns to earthy neutrals for<br />

minimalists, pastel hues for people who like to carry soft<br />

colours, and tint of stark<br />

yet classy colours like<br />

moss green, rose red<br />

and electric blue for<br />

people who like to play<br />

with colours. Lino Perros<br />

has also introduced a<br />

wide range of other<br />

accessories like scarves,<br />

mufflers, wallets,<br />

cufflinks, ties, belts and<br />

pocket squares.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>



AHS<br />

A<br />

dvanced Hair Studio’s USP is 45 years of<br />

experience and expertise in hair replacement<br />

and hair re-growth without diversifying to give clients<br />

a priceless experience. Having two research and<br />

development departments in the USA and UK, three<br />

state-of-the-art labs in USA, UK and Australia, massive<br />

studios equipped with world class facilities, and most<br />

importantly, four unique and advanced clinical and<br />

cosmetic procedures under the same roof performed<br />

by well trained professionals makes them the only<br />

company in the world to be able to perform not just<br />

one but a combination of two procedures in order to<br />

restore anyone’s hair.<br />

Being the industry leaders, AHS realized the<br />

importance and responsibility to be omnipresent to<br />

address the numerous concerns of the huge populace.<br />

To fulfill this yet again, AHS on December 12, 2015,<br />

launched its new creation. Gracing the occasion were<br />

Mr. Bevan Murray, CEO, Advanced Hair Studio (UK &<br />

Europe); Mr. Bill Young, Product & Development Head,<br />

Advanced Hair Studio Global; Mr. Sanket Shah, CEO<br />

& MD, Advanced Hair Studio, India Sub Continent &<br />

Middle East; and Gautam Gambhir, brand ambassador<br />

for Advanced Hair Studio.<br />

At the event, Gautam Gambhir talked about his<br />

experience with AHS and how this has transformed his<br />

personality and made him confident. He said, “Losing<br />

hair is a major setback for people like us who face the<br />

camera regularly. For many years I could not find a<br />

complete solution to my hair loss problems after trying<br />

everything under the sun. When I met the experts at<br />

Advanced Hair Studio, my six years long ordeal came<br />

to an end and I finally got the desired results.”



It is the art of tailoring which<br />

dictates the rules for Corneliani.<br />

While rigorous construction and<br />

exquisite materials – cotton, linen<br />

and silk through to the results of the<br />

highest textile technology – remain<br />

untouched, it is the volumes which<br />

are fashioning a new language. At<br />

the heart of the revolution lies the<br />

body’s centre of gravity, sending out<br />

concentric waves of elegance with<br />

opposite meanings. They are instantly<br />

embraced and taken to such heights<br />

of sophistication and synthesis that<br />

only the faintest hint remains of<br />

the original dichotomy: there are<br />

whispered tribal echoes, as seen in<br />

the neo-Prince of Wales patterns and<br />

flattened matting effects, and in the<br />

trousers with outstanding pleats, a<br />

nod to the sarongs worn by ancient<br />

man. More than a mere accessory,<br />

the longer waistband which clinches<br />

the waist becomes a frontal structural<br />

feature which celebrates the return of<br />

the high waist.<br />

The same non-conformist rigour<br />

is found in the new suit in the latest<br />

colelction, which now comes with<br />

Bermuda shorts too. Supremely<br />

elegant pinstripes trace vertical lines<br />

on linen designs, creating a degree of<br />

lightness which only the independence<br />

of inborn class can afford. Trench coats<br />

come with large pleats on the back,<br />

in lengths which fall gracefully to the<br />

calf, taking the pockets with them –<br />

sartorial details which are now filled<br />

with spontaneous style. Squared-off<br />

jackets are almost surgical in feel, while<br />

cuts are stripped down to a minimum<br />

in the ultra-simple loose leather<br />

T-shirts. Colours are never intense, but<br />

rather delicately powdery, suspended<br />

in the atmosphere of a desert sunset.<br />

Periwinkle sky blue, sandy beige and<br />

the palest stone grey are lit up by a<br />

sunshine maranth red.<br />

131<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>




The International Kite Festival<br />

coinciding with Makar<br />

Sankranti, was off to a flying<br />

start on the right bank of River<br />

Sabarmati with Gujarat Governor Mr. O.<br />

P. Kohli presiding over the function and<br />

Gujarat Chief Minister Mrs. Anandiben<br />

Patel inaugurating the show. A clear sky<br />

and a mild breeze with a nip in the air<br />

provided a perfect setting for thousands<br />

of spectators to cheer kit enthusiasts<br />

from 31 countries, from 27 Indian states<br />

and the rest from Gujarat flying kites<br />

of different size and shape and myriad<br />

colours.<br />

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Kohli<br />

described the festival as a unique<br />

experience to watch artistic kites soar<br />

high in the sky, taking the glorious<br />

culture of Gujarat to greater heights.<br />

He said the sport goes back to ancient<br />

times and represents man’s experiments<br />

with imaginations and reflects his tastes<br />

and culture. The governor extended a<br />

warm welcome to the participants, who<br />

went on to perform in various events on<br />

the riverfront of Ahmedabad. He said<br />

that kite festivals are now celebrated<br />

in other states along with Gujarat and<br />

Punjab as well.<br />

Gujarat Chief Minister Mrs.<br />

Anandiben Patel wished that the kite<br />

festival would help us realize our<br />

lofty goals and resolutions, and also<br />

catapult Gujarat to a proud place in the<br />

international tourists’ circuit. Talking<br />

about the magnificence of Makar<br />

Sankranti, she said the sun’s movement<br />

from the Tropic of Capricorn to the<br />

north typifies our ancestors across the<br />

length and breadth of India invoking<br />

the solar energy for the welfare of<br />

mankind. It is a festival to mark man<br />

mingling with Nature.<br />

Briefing about the role of the<br />

festival and how it became the<br />

financial support for the poor labour<br />

class families, Mrs. Patel said that by<br />

adding women in the kite making<br />

cottage industry the gross business<br />

of the industry has reached Rs 750<br />

crore. She was delighted that on the<br />

occasion public participation takes<br />

place in celebration of three festivals<br />

simultaneously at the riverfront -<br />

Flower Show, Sabarmati festival and the<br />

Kite Festival.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>



There are many mobile phones that are rich in features and are<br />

also easy on the purse. We look at some of the best<br />


Smartphones have become one of the most personal devices around. And with more<br />

companies looking at the Indian market, phones that perform really well but don’t<br />

cost a bomb are a reality. Let’s take a look at smartphones under Rs 25,000 that<br />

are great value for money and also not short on the bells and whistles<br />

134<br />

LG Nexus 5X<br />

When it comes to Android phones, the Nexus<br />

line-up still gets a thumbs up from power users or<br />

those who want every part of their OS to be latest<br />

Android version and bloat-free experience. The<br />

Nexus 5X comes powered by the Qualcomm<br />

Snapdragon 808 chipset along with 2 GB of<br />

RAM. It has a 5.2-inch screen that does a good<br />

job at handling videos and images. Even the<br />

new 12.3 MP camera performers better than<br />

any other Nexus device launched earlier, and<br />

is at par with most flagship handsets today.<br />

Price: Around Rs 20,000<br />

Moto X Play <br />

While the Moto E and G have been<br />

best sellers for the company, the<br />

Moto X sort of hit the sweet mark in<br />

terms of hardware and price. Its 5.5-<br />

inch full HD screen does a good job<br />

for games as well as high resolution<br />

videos. The phone also usually lasts<br />

a full day. On top of that, it has been<br />

updated to Android 6.0 with a few<br />

existing Moto services. The 21 MP<br />

cameracan take pretty detailed and<br />

sharp shots in daylight.<br />

Price is Rs 18,499<br />

Apple iPhone 5s<br />

Yep, this phone is still worth<br />

buying. Not only the phone<br />

still performs most functions<br />

fairly smoothly, the 5/5s design<br />

is still widely considered to be<br />

the best iPhone design till date.<br />

On top of that, the camera<br />

takes better still shots than<br />

many phones on this side of Rs.<br />

25,000, and has a bunch of third<br />

party accessories to go with it.<br />

Price: Around Rs 24,000<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

Lenovo Vibe P1<br />

Despite having features like a<br />

5.5-inch full HD screen and a 13<br />

MP rear camera, what really sets<br />

it apart is its 4,900 mAh battery<br />

that should comfortably last you<br />

over a day. The phone also has 4G<br />

LTE support for those states that<br />

have already got access to some<br />

4G services.<br />

Price is Rs. 15,999<br />


Get the best out of your phone camera<br />

with these apps on android and iOS<br />

ASUS Zenfone 2<br />

The Zenfone (ZE551ml) is a<br />

feature-rich phone thanks to Asus’<br />

ZenUI that offers plenty of options<br />

to customise your phone as well<br />

as have added functionality in<br />

pre-loaded apps from Asus. Be it a<br />

theme, icon packs, keyboard, caller<br />

or customising messaging app,<br />

the phone has got it all covered.<br />

Equipped with Intel’s Z3580<br />

chipset, this dual SIM phone can<br />

handle most games really well.<br />

Price is Rs. 19,999<br />

Coolpad Note 3<br />

Probably the least popular name in the list, but that certainly doesn’t make the Note<br />

3 less worthy. This phone has an accurate and quite fast fingerprint scanner on the<br />

back, and a nice 5.5 inch HD screen that is usable under direct sunlight. Its battery<br />

life is also satisfactory. Despite the budget tag, the phone handles most tasks well<br />

and doesn’t necessarily lag while switching between apps frequently. To add to that,<br />

it comes with two SIM card slots (4G supported) and a microSD card slot.<br />

Price is Rs. 11,999 image<br />

SNAPSEED: This is considered<br />

one of those essential apps<br />

for anybody who is into postprocessing<br />

photos on their<br />

phone.<br />

VSCO CAM: Often put in the<br />

same bracket as Instagram, the<br />

VSCO app and service give you<br />

a bunch of editing and sharing<br />

features.<br />

AVIARY: With this app, you can<br />

add text to an image, put stickers<br />

over it, do something fun like<br />

create memes, and try basic<br />

editing tools.<br />

PIXLR-O-MATIC: This is a onestop<br />

app for your image editing<br />

needs right on the phone.<br />

PICLAB HD: With this app, you<br />

can perform full layer-based<br />

editing including film and lighting<br />

effects to your images. You can<br />

adjust brightness, contrast and<br />

exposure in your image and add<br />

preset filters.<br />

135<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>




136<br />



The $2 trillion<br />

automotive industry<br />

is in the throes of a<br />

revolution. Its future<br />

will include cars that<br />

will drive themselves,<br />

won’t consume oil,<br />

and will come in<br />

radical shapes and<br />

sizes. But the path to<br />

that future is fraught.<br />

The top contenders<br />

are two traditional<br />

manufacturing giants,<br />

the United States<br />

and Japan, and a<br />

newcomer, China.<br />

The United States<br />

has always been an<br />

automobile industry<br />

leader. Team America<br />

has a powerful and<br />

little known weapon<br />

in its arsenal: a small<br />

group of technology<br />

buffs and regulators<br />

from California. The<br />

story of why and how<br />

these men and women<br />

could shape the future<br />

is an unexpected and<br />

fascinating tale.<br />




Travel the world with<br />

Eric Weiner, the New<br />

York Times bestselling<br />

author of The<br />

Geography of Bliss,<br />

as he journeys from<br />

Athens to Silicon Valley<br />

— and throughout<br />

history, too — to show<br />

how creative genius<br />

flourishes in specific<br />

places at specific<br />

times. The writer sets<br />

out to examine the<br />

connection between<br />

our surroundings and<br />

our most innovative<br />

ideas. He explores<br />

the history of places,<br />

like Vienna of 1900,<br />

Renaissance Florence,<br />

ancient Athens, Song<br />

Dynasty Hangzhou,<br />

and Silicon Valley,<br />

to show how certain<br />

settings are conducive<br />

to ingenuity. And,<br />

with his trademark<br />

insightful humour, he<br />

walks the same paths<br />

as the geniuses who<br />

flourished there.<br />


INDIA<br />



India is sitting on a<br />

demographic dividend,<br />

expected to become<br />

the world’s youngest<br />

country by 2020 with<br />

64 per cent of its<br />

population of working<br />

age. But our country<br />

cannot become a<br />

global powerhouse<br />

unless we resolve<br />

the contradictions<br />

and bridge the<br />

gaps. According to<br />

Nandan Nilekani and<br />

Viral Shah, the only<br />

way to do this is by<br />

using technology to<br />

radically re-imagine<br />

government. Rebooting<br />

India identifies a dozen<br />

initiatives where<br />

institutions can deliver<br />

low-cost solutions.<br />

The initiatives are<br />

based on the learnings<br />

of the authors from<br />

their work they had<br />

put in towards building<br />

Aadhaar, the world’s<br />

largest social identity<br />

programme.<br />



When veteran<br />

journalist Salil Tripathi<br />

began writing a travel<br />

column for a wellknown<br />

newspaper, he<br />

consciously veered off<br />

the beaten track and<br />

did not showcase the<br />

food and drink or the<br />

fabulous hotels and<br />

world class restaurants<br />

of a country that most<br />

travel writers end up<br />

detailing. Instead, it<br />

were his insights into<br />

a place that defined a<br />

country and its people<br />

when viewed from<br />

the prism of history,<br />

culture and literature<br />

that caught the notice<br />

of many. Culled from<br />

his extensive travel<br />

writings, Detours:<br />

Songs of the Open Road<br />

is divided into three<br />

parts. It is a remarkable<br />

travel diary of a man<br />

who holds your hand<br />

and takes you through<br />

fascinating journeys<br />

which you make your<br />

own by the end of this<br />

well-written book.<br />



The Mumbai bomb<br />

blasts of March 1993,<br />

a cricket match-fixing<br />

case in October 1999<br />

and the January 2002<br />

arrest of a Dubaibased<br />

don involved<br />

the sharp investigative<br />

skills of an Indian<br />

Police Service officer<br />

then serving in the<br />

CBI. In his 37 years of<br />

service, Neeraj Kumar<br />

neutralized several<br />

terror modules and<br />

decimated insidious<br />

organized crime<br />

syndicates spanning<br />

continents, working<br />

closely with Interpol,<br />

FBI, Scotland Yard and<br />

several national and<br />

international agencies.<br />

Much decorated and<br />

feted, he hung up his<br />

boots in 2013, after his<br />

last calling as Delhi’s<br />

police commissioner.<br />

This book is about<br />

some of the most<br />

fascinating crime cases<br />

that he helped solve in<br />

his career.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />

138<br />


<strong>Spice</strong>Jet celebrates in style<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet, India’s favourite budget<br />

airline, proudly commemorated<br />

the country’s 67th Republic Day<br />

on January 26, <strong>2016</strong>. The airline<br />

came up with a slew of initiatives to<br />

feature the spirit of patriotism for brand<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet - from ground decorations, to<br />

on-board music, in-flight announcements<br />

and crew uniform.<br />

Apart from showcasing tricolour<br />

decorations at <strong>Spice</strong>Jet ticket counters<br />

and check-in counters across all the<br />

airports, the airline’s ground staff<br />

displayed the tricolour flag badge on<br />

their jacket / shirt. They kept it on till the<br />

end of January, celebrating the flavour of<br />

oneness.<br />

Post landing and before disembarking,<br />

majority of the flights played the national<br />

anthem. Crew and passengers were joined<br />

by the pilots in paying respect to the<br />

anthem. The cabin crew sported their<br />

weekend uniforms with a tricolour stole<br />

draped around their necks. In addition,<br />

female members wore the orange kurti.<br />

Mr. Kamal Hingorani, Sr. VP & Head<br />

Inflight Services & Customer Experience,<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet, said, “It is always a pleasure for<br />

a brand to be associated with an event of<br />

national importance. National festivities<br />

are occasions when the spirit of patriotism<br />

rules the atmosphere. A people-centric<br />

brand like <strong>Spice</strong>Jet gets an opportunity<br />

to exhibit values that it stands for. We are<br />

extremely proud to celebrate the spirit<br />

of oneness and extend an invite to every<br />

Indian to be part of it. Jaihind!”<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />

NEWS<br />

140<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet posts highest ever<br />

quarterly net profit<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet reported a net profit of Rs 238.4 crore<br />

for Q3 FY16. This is the highest quarterly<br />

net profit the airline has reported in its<br />

history. This is the fourth consecutive<br />

profitable quarter for <strong>Spice</strong>Jet since its<br />

turnaround in December 2014. The airline<br />

recorded a load factor of 91.6 per cent for the quarter, the highest<br />

in the industry. “<strong>Spice</strong>Jet was back to near normal operations this<br />

quarter,” said Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

Limited. “The company will continue to work on reducing legacy<br />

cost and increasing efficiency.”<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet introduces new<br />

flights to Dubai from Jaipur<br />

and Hyderabad<br />

To enhance connectivity between India and Dubai,<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet has launched two new flights from Jaipur<br />

and Hyderabad. With this, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet now connects ten<br />

Indian cities with Dubai every day. With the launch<br />

of the Jaipur-Dubai sector, <strong>Spice</strong>Jet will be the first<br />

private airline to operate a direct flight on this route.<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet will also be the only airline to fly five times a<br />

week on this route.<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet launches ‘Fly<br />

For Sure’ to mitigate<br />

flight disruptions<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet has launched ‘Fly For Sure’ for<br />

greater customer ease in case of flight<br />

disruptions. It entitles a traveller booked<br />

on <strong>Spice</strong>Jet a guarantee of flying in the<br />

next 24 hours in case of a flight delay beyond<br />

90 minutes, missing a flight (no-show) not<br />

exceeding 30 minutes from airport checkin<br />

closure of the original flight or a flight<br />

cancellation by the airline. With ‘Fly For Sure’<br />

you get to fly, in spite of the above unforeseen<br />

circumstances. Passengers can purchase<br />

this add-on product at Rs 299 (all-inclusive)<br />

while booking for the flight and <strong>Spice</strong>Jet will<br />

reimburse the passenger for an alternate flight<br />

ticket (not exceeding double the price of the<br />

original ticket or the cost of second ticket,<br />

whichever is lower) on the airline of their<br />

choice in the same sector within 24 hours of<br />

the original scheduled booking with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet.<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet adjudged as Best Airline<br />

in customer service in Jammu<br />

Sakshi Khurana<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet has been adjudged the<br />

best in customer service for Jammu<br />

sector with Ms. Sakshi Khurana being<br />

awarded the best customer service<br />

staff of Jammu airport for the year<br />

2015. The airline was also the recipient<br />

of awards for badminton and chess<br />

championships organised by the<br />

Airports Authority of India, Jammu.<br />

Mr. Ashutosh Chandan won the men’s<br />

double badminton championship and<br />

Mr. Ravinder Partap Sharma was a<br />

runner-up in the chess competition.<br />

Ravinder Partap<br />

Sharma<br />

Ashutosh<br />

Chandan<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s<br />

latest<br />

offering –<br />

Lounge<br />

Service<br />

The <strong>Spice</strong>Jet lounge is a place<br />

for you to unwind and enjoy the<br />

comfort of <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s hospitality.<br />

Lounge Service coupons can<br />

be collected at <strong>Spice</strong>Jet checkin<br />

counters. The price for the<br />

domestic lounge service will<br />

be `600 per passenger per<br />

sector and for the international<br />

lounge service will be `1,200 per<br />

passenger. <strong>Spice</strong>Jet passengers can<br />

select the Lounge Access option<br />

while making their booking online<br />

and through <strong>Spice</strong>Jet Reservation<br />

Centre. <strong>Spice</strong>Jet has lounges in<br />

the airports of Delhi, Hyderabad,<br />

Bengaluru and Kochi.<br />

141<br />

The <strong>Spice</strong>Jet Free Store celebrates the joy of giving<br />

The corporate<br />

office of <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

collected warm<br />

clothes, toys, towels,<br />

blankets, vessels,<br />

artefacts, woollens,<br />

heaters and coils<br />

from <strong>Spice</strong>Jet staff<br />

to give to the less<br />

advantaged section<br />

of society. Free food<br />

stalls were also<br />

arranged at the<br />

venue.<br />

The <strong>Spice</strong>Jet team<br />

inaugurates the Free Store<br />

Food being served at<br />

the Free Store<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

142<br />




CROCS<br />



Get ready to put on those<br />

dancing shoes. Glamorous<br />

and full of fun, these party<br />

heels are all you want. These fun<br />

heels from Crocs will dress you up<br />

in anything from jeans to a black<br />

dress. Make a statement with black<br />

and pop colours, the staple this<br />

party season. Synonymous with<br />

comfort, Crocs are a must-have if you<br />

want to dance all night. Available in<br />

various patterns these shoes make an<br />

effortless statement. The collection<br />

of the wedges is specially inspired by<br />

monochrome trend. Black and white<br />

take over this party season. The shoes,<br />

a must-have in every girls wardrobe,<br />

are available at www.shopcrocs.in<br />

Cooking is a pleasure and<br />

stress reliever for many. It is<br />

therefore nothing better than<br />

having one’s own kitchen wherever<br />

you are, be it the office, studio or a<br />

hotel room. You can make a quick<br />

meal to satisfy your appetite or an<br />

exotic delicacy to pamper yourself<br />

in your super compact space and<br />

fully equipped cozy kitchen. Veneta<br />

Cucine brings to you another<br />

avant-garde and iconic product<br />

Ecocompatta designed by Paolo<br />

Rizzatto, which is a perfect blend<br />

of space utility and functionality. In<br />

addition to this, Ecocompatta comes<br />

with sustainability, innovative<br />

shapes, and a trendy design to<br />

impeccably suit your way of life.<br />

Ecocompatta is crafted and<br />

designed carefully to fit in to the<br />

limited space, yet is complete when<br />

it comes to functions and systems<br />

of the kitchen.<br />

The load-bearing frame of the<br />

kitchen, which consists of two<br />

elements with internal spaces<br />

for wires and cables, is made<br />

of antibacterial laminate, as are<br />

the bottoms of the drawers, the<br />

partitions and the shelves. The<br />

doors made of MDF are subjected<br />

to an engraving process that gives<br />

them an exclusive, distinguishing<br />

look. Ecocompatta comes in two<br />

colours, black and white.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>



IN HEAVEN, BUT...<br />

A<br />

wedding coming up in the<br />

family? Prepare for it in style,<br />

with Mebaz. The exclusive<br />

ethnic wear store for contemporary<br />

and traditional wedding trousseaus<br />

will meet all your requirements.<br />

Mebaz is one of the top three labels<br />

for exclusive and occasional affairs,<br />

to make weddings a memorable<br />

event and a grand occasion for your<br />

entire family. Their stores are always<br />

racked with an array of choicest range<br />

of traditional and western apparels,<br />

footwear and ornamental accessories.<br />

The Mebaz Men collection boasts of<br />

exclusive wedding sherwanis, designer<br />

suits, Indo-western wear, casual wear,<br />

pagdis, talwars, mojris, shoes, sandals,<br />

and wedding accessories.<br />

The Mebaz Bride collection has<br />

some of the most exquisite range of<br />

wedding sarees, gorgeous ghagras,<br />

stylish suits, premium dress materials<br />

and trendy ornamental accessories like<br />

kamarbandhs, maangtikas, armlets,<br />

payals and much more.<br />

It is therefore safe to conclude that<br />

“Marriages may be made in heaven,<br />

but they are certainly dressed at<br />

Mebaz.”<br />

Contact Info:<br />


Banjara Hills, Begumpet, Jubilee Hills,<br />

Himayathnagar, Kothapet, GVK Mall,<br />

Inorbit Mall and Forum Mall.<br />

Tel: +91 40 6666 2222<br />


M.G. Road. Tel: +91 866 6618 888<br />


C.G. Road. Tel: +91 79 2642 4848<br />

DELHI<br />

South Ex. II. Tel: +91 11 6565 0853<br />

143<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>



144<br />

Pride Plaza Hotel, Aerocity, New<br />

Delhi has won the award for<br />

“Best Emerging Luxury Hotel<br />

in New Delhi” at the World Travel<br />

Brand Awards 2015, held late last<br />

month. World Travel Brand Awards<br />

are the most renowned awards that<br />

recognize innovative businesses that<br />

have excelled in travel, tourism and<br />

hospitality industries. The award<br />

trophy was received by Mr. Pankaj<br />

Mathur (GM, Pride Plaza Hotel) and<br />

Mr. Jaideep Jugran (F&B Director,<br />

Pride Plaza Hotel) from celebrity Ms.<br />

Pooja Bedi and Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri<br />

(MP, South Delhi). Speaking on the<br />

occasion Mr. Pankaj Mathur said<br />

“It’s wonderful for our hotel to be<br />

recognized with such a prestigious<br />

award and I would like to thank my<br />

team members who have greatly<br />

contributed in receiving this award.<br />

This award confirms our commitment<br />

to delivering consistently outstanding<br />

service to our guests. This<br />

tremendous recognition brings us lots<br />

of confidence to perform and serve<br />

better to all our valuable guests in the<br />

near future,” Pride Plaza Hotel boasts<br />

of 385 designer rooms and suites,<br />

extensive banqueting and convection<br />

facilities, exclusive food and beverage<br />

outlets, a state-of-the-art wellness<br />

centre, spacious swimming pool,<br />

business centre and a crew lounge<br />

that ushers in new era of Indian luxury<br />

hospitality. Pride Group of Hotels are a<br />

hotel chain with pan-India presence.<br />


Take your speed to new levels with Skechers GOrun Vortex running<br />

shoes this season. The latest offering by Skechers is a part of its<br />

collection and features the latest technology that defines the<br />

mid-foot strike zone. The shoe is especially designed for all those who<br />

are fitness-conscious and running enthusiasts. The aesthetic design and<br />

casual appearance of the GOrun Vortex is inspired by organic elements.<br />

The latest GOrun Vortex is lightweight and breathable with twotoned<br />

mesh in a lace-up running shoe with visible shock absorption<br />

technology in midsole which is complemented by an outsole<br />

design featuring Resagrip for extreme traction control and abrasion<br />

resistance. Skechers Goga Mat technology insole accounts for highrebound<br />

cushioning, while Skechers M-Strike Technology in the<br />

bottom promotes mid-foot strike and supports running stride. In<br />

addition to these, GOimpulse sensors in the outsole offer flexibility<br />

and feedback for a more responsive experience.<br />

Whether you’re hitting the gym or running errands, these athletics<br />

inspired shoes are the perfect fit. Skechers GOrun Vortex come in<br />

exciting colour combinations for men as well as women.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>




145<br />

There is no turning away from<br />

the fact that kids today are<br />

born in an age of technology. It<br />

is but inevitable that they are<br />

growing up in an environment<br />

of tremendous opportunity and<br />

information, leaving very little<br />

space for the “joy of discovery’’<br />

and “the celebration of wonder”<br />

for both the child as well as for<br />

parents and caregivers. It is with<br />

this premise in mind that Dream<br />

Theatre conceptualized and<br />

created Beebop, India’s first home<br />

grown pre-school and infant<br />

brand. Beebop is a celebration of<br />

early childhood as much as it is of<br />

parenthood. The range of Beebop<br />

products includes toys, gift sets,<br />

sleep essentials and now a foray<br />

in to publishing in partnership<br />

with HarperCollins, India.<br />

The Beebop series of books<br />

bring alive a magical world where<br />

Beebop, the friendly bee takes<br />

Sarah, Jay, Zoya and Zubin on<br />

many marvelous adventures.<br />

Through the bottle-shaped tree,<br />

they enter a land where anything<br />

is possible and the only limit is<br />

your imagination! The books<br />

bring to light the element of<br />

wonder filled fantasies, make<br />

belief worlds and values of<br />

friendship, fearlessness and<br />

adventure. Beebop is a series of<br />

graded readers for three levels.<br />

The levels increase in complexity<br />

to allow for greatest success in<br />

ability and interest. The ratings<br />

take into consideration the<br />

following components: difficulty<br />

of vocabulary, sentence length,<br />

comprehension abilities, literary<br />

elements and subject matter.<br />

Each level consists of four story<br />

books and four accompanying<br />

activity books.<br />

Manasi Subramaniam, who<br />

acquired and edited the book<br />

at HarperCollins said, ‘The<br />

Beebop books are fun, they’re<br />

funny, they’re charmingly written<br />

and beautifully illustrated. I’m<br />

so thrilled that Harper Kids is<br />

publishing a homegrown gradedreader<br />

programme: not only do<br />

the stories fit into a larger<br />

narrative arc, they are set to<br />

match the child’s learning curve<br />

at a slightly accelerated level. So<br />

as the stories continue and the<br />

characters grow, the language<br />

too alters in vocabulary and<br />

complexity. The series has given<br />

us a lot of joy.’<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

INSIDE<br />

ST<br />

RS OF<br />

This month, we celebrate a few shining stars from various<br />




Internal appreciation: He is sincere and hardworking. A multi-tasking<br />

person, he gives on-time results. His efforts are well-coordinated and<br />

save a lot of time. He keeps his cool and concentrates on his work.<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: I felt proud when my sincere efforts were<br />

recognised by the management. It is a great honour to be chosen as<br />

a Star of <strong>Spice</strong>Jet. I am thankful to my seniors and colleagues who<br />

have supported me in the five years that I have been with the airline.<br />

We faced many ups and downs in the past but are now emerging<br />

as a shining star in the aviation sector. I will continue to handle my<br />

responsibilities with full dedication.<br />


DELHI<br />

Internal appreciation: I would like to appreciate the sincere<br />

efforts made by Vinay Kumar Rathi in recovering the AOG (Aircraft<br />

on Ground) from a remote station. He always effectively handles<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet maintenance as MCC Controller and makes quick recovery<br />

plans. Vinay makes <strong>Spice</strong>Jet a technically well-managed airline<br />

with a target of 100 per cent OTP (On Time Performance).<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: It has been five years with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

and by god’s grace I am still going strong. It is a great feeling when<br />

the management compliments you with the words, “Good<br />

job... keep it up.”<br />

146<br />


MUMBAI<br />

Internal appreciation: The AOG (Aircraft on Ground)<br />

situation handled by Dheeraj and his team was<br />

appreciable. They worked hard and showed great<br />

dedication. Recovery of the aircraft was accomplished<br />

before re-scheduled departure time and without<br />

causing any technical delay.<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: It has always been great<br />

working with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet for the last eight years. I feel<br />

immense pleasure to be a part of this organisation<br />

where my role is to maintain aircraft airworthiness and<br />

releasing them to fly. <strong>Spice</strong>Jet provides an atmosphere<br />

where everyone loves to work as a team.<br />




Internal appreciation: I would like to<br />

appreciate the sincere efforts taken by Sagar<br />

Joshi during a crisis period. He is an asset to the<br />

company who has stood like a pillar during many<br />

crucial times for his department.<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: I have been<br />

with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet for about three years now. I<br />

have seen that <strong>Spice</strong>Jet is full of opportunities<br />

and challenges. The company knows how to<br />

get the best out of you. I have learnt a lot from<br />

everyone and am proud to be part of<br />

this organisation.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>


departments who are keeping the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet banner flying high<br />




Internal appreciation: Menuka has proved to be an excellent<br />

employee by giving outstanding performance in customer service.<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: It’s been very interesting working here.<br />

I will be doing my best to meet all the expectations set by my<br />

department. I am thankful to all my seniors and trainers for their<br />

motivation and helpful attitude.<br />

Customer appreciation: Menuka dealt with my issue highly<br />

professionally, in a timely manner, and explained where I had gone<br />

wrong. She rectified the issue and got me the refund for a ticket that I<br />

had booked for an incorrect date.<br />



Internal appreciation: Vishal is a very good team player. He works<br />

hard, has a positive attitude and is simultaneously one of the star<br />

players in our cricket team. He is an asset to the company.<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: It’s been seven months now working with<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Jet. I am passionate to work here and also about being a part<br />

of the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet cricket team, which again gives me a platform for<br />

recognition. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I am getting.<br />

Customer appreciation: Allow me to say big thanks to Vishal<br />

who helped me resolve a ticketing issue in a well-mannered and<br />

professional manner.<br />

147<br />



Internal appreciation: Saikat is a very good performer and<br />

is often appreciated by customers. We are delighted to have<br />

people like him in our team.<br />

Experience with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet: It’s a great opportunity to be part<br />

of the <strong>Spice</strong>Jet team. Every day is a fun day. I enjoy working<br />

with Team Reservations in assisting customers.<br />

Customer appreciation: I would like to put on record my<br />

appreciation for your executive Saikat Biswas. I called your<br />

call centre and Saikat assisted me very well. He did a good<br />

job. He has a customer-centric attitude.<br />



MUMBAI<br />

Internal appreciation: Ajay Yadav worked very hard<br />

during the crisis period (December 16, 2015). He<br />

worked day and night with a positive attitude. Ajay<br />

has always been dedicated to whatever task has been<br />

assigned to him. He always performs to the best of his<br />

abilities and is an excellent team player. It is always a<br />

pleasure to have someone like him in our organisation.<br />

Another very good thing about Ajay is that he always<br />

manages to maintain his cool in all kinds of situations.<br />

I wish him all the best in <strong>Spice</strong>Jet in all his future<br />


INSIDE<br />

Boeing 737 - 700/800/900ER Series<br />

Interior arrangement of Boeing 737 - 700 (149 Passengers)<br />

Row 1 -26<br />

Entry / Exit<br />

Emergency Exit<br />

Entry / Exit<br />

Row 1 -31<br />

Entry / Exit<br />

Emergency Exit<br />

Entry / Exit<br />

148<br />

Row 1 -20<br />

Passengers<br />

(single class configuration)<br />

Engines<br />

(maximum thrust)<br />

BOEING 737-700<br />

149<br />

CFM56-7B22/3<br />

(22,000 lbs)<br />

20500 kg<br />

61988 kg<br />

6200 km<br />

BOEING 737-800<br />

186<br />

CFM56-7B24/26<br />

(24,200lbs/26,300 lbs)<br />

20500kg<br />

70987/79015kg<br />

5,600 km<br />

BOEING 737-900 ER<br />

212<br />

CFMI CFM56-7B26<br />

(26,300 lbs)<br />

20500kg<br />

75749 kg<br />

5000 km<br />


78<br />

PW 150 A<br />

(5071 SHP)<br />

5318 kg<br />

29,257kg<br />

2000 km<br />

0.79 M (840 km/h)<br />

8 years<br />

2<br />

0.79 M (840 km/h)<br />

5 years<br />

16<br />

0.79 M (840 km/h)<br />

7 years<br />

04<br />

666 km/h<br />

3.3 years<br />

13<br />

Speed unit M denotes Mach Number. 1 Mach is equal to the speed of sound.<br />

BOEING 737-700<br />

112 ft 7 in (34.3m)<br />

117 ft 5 in (35.7m)<br />

110 ft 4 in (33.6m)<br />

41 ft 2 in (12.5m)<br />

11 ft 7 in (3.53m)<br />

BOEING 737-800<br />

BOEING 737-900 ER<br />


93 ft 3 in (28.42m)<br />

107 ft 9 in (32.83m)<br />

24 ft 4 in (8.34m)<br />

8 ft 2 in (2.49m)<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

simply<br />

dynamic<br />

Transteel Group<br />

Sales enquiries: Bangalore +91 80 25568868, 25562580<br />

Chennai +91 44 28332595, 28332596 | sales@transteel.com<br />

Channel Partners for Large Projects invited, contact:<br />

+91 96770 48509 | ibrahim@transteel.com

Routemap<br />

domestic<br />

international<br />

effective from 16th <strong>February</strong>, <strong>2016</strong><br />

India connects with <strong>Spice</strong>Jet<br />

Flight schedules are subject to regulatory approvals and change.<br />

Map not to scale, graphic representation only.<br />

Content as on 25th January, <strong>2016</strong>.

INSIDE<br />


Know more about <strong>Spice</strong>Jet’s innovative<br />

products & services<br />





<strong>Spice</strong>Max* Seat (on Q400 Aircraft) M 500/- same as domestic M 400/-<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Max Seat (on Boeing/Airbus Aircraft) M 1000/- same as domestic M 900/-<br />

<strong>Spice</strong>Max Seats<br />

M 900/- same as domestic M 800/-<br />

(Non Reclining on Boeing/Airbus Aircraft)<br />

Preferred Seats – on Boeing/Airbus Aircraft M 300/- (ahead of exit row window or aisle) same as domestic Free<br />

M 100/- (ahead of exit row middle seats) same as domestic Free<br />

M 150/- (behind exit row window or aisle) same as domestic Free<br />

M 75/- (behind exit row middle seats) same as domestic Free<br />

Preferred Seats - on Q400 aircraft M 200/- (front half of cabin window or aisle) same as domestic Free<br />

M 100/- (rear half of cabin window or aisle) same as domestic Free<br />


5 kgs M 990/- M 1950/-<br />

10 kgs M 1,750/- M 3900/-<br />

15 kgs M 2,250/- NA<br />

20 kgs M 3,000/- NA<br />

30 kgs M 3,750/- NA<br />

151<br />

PRIORITY CHECK-IN M 200/- M 300/-<br />


1 Bag M 100/- NA<br />

2 Bags M 200/- NA<br />

3 Bags M 300/- NA<br />

Carry More Onboard<br />

(free allowance 7 kg; buy up to 5 kg more)<br />

Pre-book M 250/- per kg same as domestic<br />

At Check-in M 300/- per kg same as domestic<br />

At boarding gate M 300/- per kg same as domestic<br />

MY FLEXI PLAN 899/- 1099/-<br />


Fare type change fee if checking-in bag at<br />

airport after purchasing HBO fare<br />

Up to 15 kgs - M 400/-<br />

NA<br />

SPICE CAKE M 750/- M 800/-<br />

LOUNGE M 600/- M 1200/-<br />

*<strong>Spice</strong>MAX seats offer significantly more legroom, plus complimentary meal, priority check-in, priority boarding (at aerobridge gates), and priority baggage handling<br />

**NA stands for ‘not available’<br />

*The above mentioned prices and features are accurate as at the time of magazine printing, and are subject to change without prior notice<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2016</strong>

R.N.I NO:DELENG/2015/63282

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