Viva Brighton Issue #39 May 2016




Dreamliner Arts Club

Camper Van Gogh

Who says you need to have a house to have an

Open House? A young group of artists called the

Dreamliner Arts Club are transforming this 1980s

Talbot Dreamliner Vogue into a multi-functional

art gallery on wheels. Cameron Lee, the owner of

the van, says “I always thought I’d love to have a

van, like a really cool VW or something, but this is

what I got.”

At under 150 square feet, it might be the snuggest

of the houses on the central trail, but the

group have big plans for this small space: “There

are going to be ten of us exhibiting; sculptors,

ceramicists, weavers, illustrators, print makers, film

makers... everything you can think of really.”

To accommodate this array of art works, the

Dreamliner will be divided into three main areas.

The back of the van, which houses the kitchen

and en suite, will be curtained off and will become

the ‘observatory’, displaying a fish tank filled with

glowing, neon pieces and some illuminated resin

jellies. The main living area will be transformed

into a gallery space where their prints and illustrated

pieces will be exhibited. During my visit – two

weeks before the Artists’ Open Houses kick-off

– three of the group are painstakingly scrubbing

and scraping clean some wooden boards which

will become the gallery walls, covering up the van’s

melamine units and retro upholstery. The driver

and passenger seats will be curtained off, creating

the third zone: a two-person cinema where the

work of the film makers will be screened.

It’s an impressive endeavour; even once the construction

is complete the group will have to face

the near impossible task of parking a 20-foot-long

vehicle in central Brighton on a weekend, five

weekends in a row. And this might be your only

chance to see it. During the next year the artists

will be off travelling around the world, but unfortunately

it seems like the Dreamliner is just too big

and heavy to come along for the ride. Cameron

says, “I’d love to do more exhibitions in it, but

then what sort of event really calls for a gallery in a

van?” Rebecca Cunningham

The Dreamliner will be parked near 92 Buckingham

Road. Weekends between Sat 30th April and 29th

May. Instagram:


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