Liquid Biopsy Market

Liquid biopsy is minimally invasive diagnostic procedure alternative to surgical biopsies. Liquid biopsy helps in collection of a wide range of information about a cancer/tumor through a simple blood sample. The procedure can help in exact detection of mutations in epidermal growth factor receptors in cancers such Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NSCLC). Furthermore, identification of traces of the cancer’s DNA in the blood could help in administration of precision treatments that could increase the probability of treatment effectiveness. Liquid biopsies are also helpful in residual cancer detection. This minimally invasive method can be performed with 5 milliliters of blood which would detect present state of metastases in various tumors. The liquid biopsy process is witnessing increasing adoption as it is easier to tolerate and much quicker than a surgical biopsy. The method is expected to emerge as a game changer in the field of oncology in the forthcoming years.

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