Get Active, Sit Less!

Exercise Guidebook for Kidney Cancer Survivors


Linda Trinh, PhD

Department of Kinesiology and Community Health | University of Illinois at


Guy E. Faulkner, PhD

School of Kinesiology | University of British Columbia

Kerry S. Courneya, PhD

Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation | University of Alberta

Jennifer M. Jones, PhD

Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program | Princess Margaret

Cancer Centre


“As a urologic oncologist with a particular interest

in kidney cancer, I treat many survivors at various

stages of disease and have felt that we need a better

understanding of the role of physical activity in

cancer and its relationship to health outcomes,

particularly in managing kidney cancer. As Chair

of the Kidney Cancer Research Network of

Canada (KCRNC), I have encouraged work in this

very interesting and potentially useful aspect of a

previously underappreciated approach to improving

the lives of our patients. This Guidebook will

become a valuable resource for kidney cancer

survivors and hopefully, will stimulate further

studies and research.”

Yours sincerely,

Michael A. S. Jewett, MD, FRCS(C), FACS

Farquharson Clinical Research Chair in Oncology

Department of Surgery and Surgical Oncology

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

Professor, Department of Surgery (Urology)

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario


We would like to acknowledge the health and medical expert

panel, exercise researchers, and kidney cancer survivors for

providing initial feedback on the guidebook content.

This guidebook was made possible through research funds

from the Kidney Cancer Research Network of Canada



For more information about this guidebook,

please contact Dr. Linda Trinh at


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